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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  July 13, 2019 12:37am-1:37am EDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight -- adam sandler u.s. representative from texas will hur featuring the 8g band with valerie franco ♪ [ cheers and applause ladies and gentleren, seth mey >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. how is everybody doing tonight [ cheers and applause let's get to the news. the white house celebrated the national day of prayer, today,
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with a christian band performing worship songs in the rose garden and it's nice to know that every once in a while he's suffering, too. [ laughter ] according to a new survey, 89% of americans are able to recite the first three words of the constitution said one american, "i believe it's 'me, the person.' ] [ light laughter [ applause ] president trump announced in a tweet today that his federal reserve nominee, stephen moore, has withdrawn himself from consideration following criticism from some republican senators oh, why is that, republican senators are you afraid he was unqualified? din'you think, maybe, he didt understand the job [ light laughter ]yb mayou thought he would do permanent damage to the institution? [ light laughter ] or maybe you thought that just because someone was on t mfor a while didn'tn he could responsibly handle a complex and difficult job with repercussions for the world economy. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause in any case, way to dodge that bullet, republican senators. officials in california have
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warned that a woman infected with the measles virus attended a midnight showing of "avengers: endgame" last week, and may have exposed the crowd to the virus meanwhile, a guy with tu rculosis went to see "hellboy", but thankfully he was the only one there [ laughter and applause researchers in england have discovered trace amounts of cocaine in several samples of freshwater shrimp. apparently the shrimp got the cocaine from blowfish. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause according to reports, huggies may debut a line of smart t diapers this summer,t can text parents when the child needs to be changed. [ light laughter ] though, for somegeabies we alreadtext alerts for when they need to be changed. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause an elderly couple in australia yesterday mistakenly signed for a package containing 44 pounds
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of methamphetamine said the couple, "yeah mistakenly." [ light laughter ] and finally kellogg's has released "toy story"-themed eakfast cereal it's called morning woody. [ laughter and applause ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight he's is a multi-talented actor and comedian he is hosting -- hard to believe, but he's hosting "snl"e for the first tihis weekend. one of the all-time greats adam sandler is here, you guys [ cheers and applause he represents texas's 23rd congressional district. rep. will hurdt.s with us tonigh [ cheers and applause i'm so excited to talk to him. so happy he's wre beforeget to that, the president threatened to go to war with congress and now he and his attorney general are doing exactly that for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ chrs and applause >> seth: for the first two years
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of his presidency, trump enjoyed complete immunity and freedom to do whatever he wanted. because republicans in congress let him get away with itbu then, after democrats won back control of the house in november and gained the power to investigate him, trump threatened to go to war. ga>> if they start investing you, can you compartmentalize that and still continue to work withhehem for the benefit of t rest of the country -- >> no. >> or are all bets off >> no. if they do that, then it's just -- all it is is a war-like posture. >> seth: i can't exactly imagine trump in a war-like posture. mehe spends most of his tin a duck-like posture. [ laughter ] if he were at "the battle of winterfell", he wouldn't have been on the front lines or fighting a dragon. he would have been sitting under a in his golf cart. [ light laughter ] [ applause ] but now, tru and his team are showing us their war-like posture, after his attorney general william barr refused to show up for a hearing, today, in the house judiciary committee to answer questions special counsel robert mueller's report. barr refused to show up specifically because the committee wanted to let lawyers ask him questions. >> william barr informing the l
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house panel he wilt testify as scheduled he had been scheduled to testify to the house judiciary committee about his handling of the mueller report but barr rejected the committee's plan to have one of its staff lawyers question him alongside lawmakers. >> we cannot permit the admistration to dictate to congress how we operate. he is terrified of having to face a skilled attorney. s >> seth: and i'me he is. usually when you work for trump, the only attorney you have to face is this guy and he is definitely not [ lilaughter ] he looks like he can't believe he's the president's lawyer. [ laughter ] frame of a clip from "america's funniest home videos." [ laughter ] if you tuned in late and saw this, you'd immediately say,st "oh, that guy juot hit in the nuts by a seesaw." [ laughter ] so with barr refusing to show up, democrats decided to make a show of his cowardice by holding a hearing with an empty chair where barr would have been sitting. and then immediately after the hearing, democrats used the opportunity to slam barr for refusing to show up. >> i don't feel that i can trust anything that the attorney general is saying.
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because i don't know who the attorney general works for >> attorney general bill barr is now one of the most dangerous men in washington, d.c >> the so-called attorney general is abrasive, evasive and unpersuasive >> seth: man, this confirms everyo's worst fear. if you don't show up to a party, the people who do are gonna talk [ bleep ] about you. a [ laughter alause in rhyme but democrats didn't stop at just calling out barr. congressman steve cohen decided to moc chicken in barr's place and bringing out a bucket of kfc and then he brought out the chicken statue again, during an interview after the hearing, to ally hit the point home. >> rep. steve cohen of tennessee started eating a bucket of morning while lawmakerd the press waited to see if barr would show >> tenne democrat steve cohen then placed a chicken statue and a bucket of kfc in front of the empty chair, poking fun at barr's refusal to appearhi
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>>en barr should have shown up today and answer questions. [ laughter ] >> we are lookatg at images of you hat committee hearing, today, with what appears to be a bucket of fried chicken. [ laughter ] o and there it is you brought props, i see, with you here what is the message you're trying to send >> the message is that bill barr is a chicken [ laughter and applause >> seth: oh. is that the message? i'm -- [ light laughter ] i'm not sure we got it, pal. [ laughter ] also, dude, if you want kfc, just order kfc it's finti you don't need tit into the hearing. [ light laughter ] "and he's probably not here. because he knew we'd be hitting him with a mcflurry of questions. [ laughter ] [ applause ] so barr decided not to show up and yet republicans on the committee still wanted time to complain not about barr, but about the democrats. like congressman matt gaetz. gaetz tried to interrupt the committee chairman as he wasap wrng up the hearing. but he was only able to get a few words in before his mic was cut off. >> we need the information without delay. the hearing is adjourn >> mr. chairman, i -
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>> and we'll do so with trampling minority rigs. >> it's gonna be, mr. chairman, where there's not going to be a recognition of members who seek legitimate inquiry as to the procedures [ light laughter ] >> seth: wow, forget muting someone on twitter turns out you can mute him i real life. [ laughter ] seriously, can we please try that next time trump holds a rally? >> look, it's a rigged system. okay if i told you how -- [ light laughter ] [ cheers and applause >> seth: so, that was it that was it. barr just refused to show up ans answer questiobout how he handled one of the most highly anticipated reports in modern political history. and that might be because when he fed skilled questioning from experienced senators in a hearing yesterday, he often had no answer. like when senator kamala harris asked barr if anyone in the white house had ever asked him to open an investigation into anyone and barr clearly did not want to answer the question. >> has the president or anyoneus at the white hoever asked or suggested that you open an investigation of anyone? yes or no, please, sir >> um --
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the president or anybody else? >> it seems you'd remember something like that and be able to tell us >> yeah, but i'm trying to grapple with the word "suggest." i mean, there have been discussions of matters out there that - they have not asked me to open an investigation but -- >> perhaps they've sw.gested >> i don't k [ light laughter ] i wouldn't say suggest >> hinted? >> i don't know. [ light laughter ] >> inferred? you don't know okay >> seth: if it takes you that long to answer something, the answer is "yes." if you go in for your performance review at chipotle and your boss says, "just one last question, brad. have you ever wrapped your genitals in a tortilla?" [ light laughter ] and brad says, "uhh -- light laughter ] i'm trying to --ht [ light laug ] trying to grapple with the word 'wrap.'" [ laughter ] [ applause ]s yes. brad wrapped his [ bleep ] in a tortilla
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that happened. so barr lied about mueller's ndings before anyone else got to see them. that's why mueller sent his letter to barr complaining as.ut the proces a letter he sent in march, but which we only found out about this week. and when he was asked about that letter at his hearing, yesterday, barr basically just shrugged it off and specifically complained about theone. >> this letter was an extraordinary act. a career prosecutor rebuking the attorney general of the ta united ss. i know of no other instance of - >> but he was also political appointee.ic and he was a polit appointee with me at the department of justice. i don't -- you know, the letter is a bitnitty. and i think it was probably written by one of his staff people >> seth: sorry, did you call it snitty ar oyou the attorney general the dowager countess [ laughter ] also, you know, of course he was snitty he spent two years working on a 400-page report about a criminal conspiracy to interfere in a presidential election. and then you wrote a four-page summary lying about it i'd be snitty, too it's like if michelangelo unveiled the sistine chapel and
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then the pope just put a plaque under it that said "two dudes touching fingers." [ laughter ] so barr lied to the american people and to congress and now he's just not showatg up to hearings ll which means the next thing congress should do is call mueller himself to testify so we can actually hear from the guy who wrote e report democrats in the house - [ applause ] democrs in the house have said they want to do that but in the senate, republican senator lindsey graham, chairman of the judiciary committee, said flat-out he definitely will not call mueller to testify. >> why not call for mueller to testify? >> because i'm not going to do anymore. enough already it's over. >> seth: no, it's not over just because you said it's over we should hear from mueller, because for one thing we never do i mean, i don't even know what his voice sounds like. maybe he sounds like bobcat goldthwait from "police academy. >> and i'd like to discuss with you something that would be vital for you to know -- [ laughter ] >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause we'll be right back with adam sandler, everyone [ cheers andpplause
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: welcome back, everybody. give it up for the 8g band over there. [ cheers and applause al sitting in with us all week, we've had the fantastic drummer from pop artist hayley kiyoko who will be
12:53 am
performing at lollapalooza and osheaga this summer."b her new podcast ind the beat" is out now and be sure to follow her on youtube and instagram. valerie franco, everybody. [ cheers and applause thank you for such a great week, valerie. it's been awesome having you our first guest tonight is a very funny comedian and actor who you know from such films as "happy gilmore," "50 first dates," "grown-ups" and of course his work on "saturday night live." f he returns for thest time to host this weekend and musical guest shawn mendes please welcome back to the show, the one the only, new hampshire's favorite son adam sandler, everybody. ♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: welcome back. >> hi, everybody [ cheers and applause nice to see you. >> seth: i'm so happy to have you here >> i'm very excited. hi, guys, nice to see you all. you look great
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[ cheers ] >> seth: thank you for taking time out of this busy week >>an, yes of course. i wanted to see you. i wanted to see you -- >> seth: yeah. >> ever since you said some nice stuff about my special >> seth: your special. and i want to talkiabout your specis "100% fresh." >> yes, yes. >> seth: is a good a comedy special as i've seen -- it made me so happy. >> thank you so much and thanks for saying the nice stuff. all my friends sent me your tweet and all the nice stuff you said, so thank you >> seth: and that's good i mean, i got to honest, i think a tweet from me is going to be real good for you. >> i think it's healthy. it's healthy [ laughter ] >> seth: why - it's been 20 plus years, maybe almost 25 years since you left "snl." >> right>> seth: i mean, i haveo imagine you've been asked to host over the years. what made now the right time >> it was a mistake. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> they caught me at a weak moment no, those guys are great i -- the special came out. and then some guys from "saturday night live" called me and said, "come on, come host" and blah blah blahd aney were talking about, you know, watching the special together i said, "yeah, yeah, yeah. you're right, man. t me come do it. and i love lorne
12:55 am
and i wanted to see lorne and do it with him and be on the show and bring back se nice -- but i've got to tell you it's knocked me out i'm so knocked out right now >> seth: yeah. 'cause you know i went back this year as well they asked me like a week before hand >> oh yeah >> seth: so i didn't have -- 'causeou've had some time to think about it >> yes, yes, yes >> seth: have you had stress coming in? 'cause it's been months that you've known >> yess. ye i've been very -- i've been watching the show. and i've been laughing and i was, "oh, man, that guy is good." or "she's good." and i'm nervous about me d now -- [ laughter ] but i just -- it's really been -- this week -- >> seth: it's so hd. >> it really is a knockout i should have -- first of all, i should have come back to the show before there was hd [ ughter ] because now i'm like, "good lord, i waited a long, long time i don't really loonylike adam sandlerre." but that's all right [ laughter ] but -- but i'm just -- yeah, no. i am -- i'm going to - >> seth: have you -- i know backstage i saw some of the guys you used to write with - >> yea seth: back in the day you came back. >> yes >> seth: has that been nice having them around >> yeah, yeah, yeah. herlihy and smigel and
12:56 am
steve korn and all my guys thato werethe show with me back then and wrote a lot of stuff i did. the writing staff is very nice to them.d. it was goo they feel like me. when i went there, and they're so good and so young and so you do go, "oh, my god. i don't belong here. [ laughter ] >> seth: i would assume, like me, you would stay very late on tuesdanights writing >> yes >> seth: did you try that at all this time or were out of there pretty --? >> i did >> seth: oh, you did >> i did one night the tuesday night one. y >> seth. >> when you do "saturday night live," you write the skits monday, tuesday kind of thing. and a lot of guys stay late tuesday or the women and i stayed 'til 4: >> seth: oh, that's pretty impressivead >> it wasn't b >> seth: yeah. >> i came back i was delirious. i was nasty. [ laughter ] nasty to the hotel guy when my i was like, "come on, [ laughter ] i was a little psychotic but i'm good i have not bounced back from that yet tonight i've got to sleep though >> seth: that's good and i would imagine that you're -- i feel like everybody at this point has like a very bad adam sandler impression. [ laughter ] >> yes
12:57 am
>> seth: and i always found that was a fun week to write on the show christopher walken, everybody has a bad one. >> right, right. >> seth: and i remember when he would host, if you would walk down the hall, you'd hear every writer typing and doing it in walken's voice you'd be like, "oh, my god everybody is talking like christopher walken this week." >> yeah, yeah, yeah. yes, that happened at the show i did hear thrgh the door on occasion -- "oh ya wa ya boy." i was like, "oh, come on." [ laughter ] >> seth: you know, switch it up. we've got to show my range >> yeah, i do other stuff. no, i actually don [ laughter ] >> seth: did you go -- your office, i know this from legend is realla murder's row sort of mt. rushmore of that era >> yeah. >> seth: you, farley sspade and rock allred an office. >> right, yes. we were in the back. i went and visited - it's not -- we're not there anymore. iit's "weekend update" isour office >> seth: yeah. >> so yeah, i was really -- it was nice to see. but i did look at farley's old deskth and i ght of the crazy -- just him being funny there and just the fun times we had. and i know the "weekend update" guys who were sitting are a lot
12:58 am
smarter than we are. [ laughter ] and a lot of different conversations. >> set was it -- i mean the level of filth in some of the offices is stunning. >> yesn >> seth: certainly i era, too. >> yes >> seth: was yours -- and by filth, i mean a lack of cleanliness. >> yes, yes, yes >> seth: were you guys an uncleanly -- >> nobody picked up much farley, you know he didn't pick up muc [ laughter ] and spade, you know, he wasn't as filthy as farley or me. ck kind of took care of himself a little bit better than us but we did hit mcdonald's a lot. did you guys used to do that >> seth: yeah. >> we walked out - >> seth: own?ou go out on your 'cause i do feel bad 'cause my memory is we would maybe send interns out to mcdonald's yeah >> you did no, we went there. we got excited to be in mcdonald's i think we were excited to get recognized back then [ laughter ] >> seth: okay. >> it was like, "oh, man, i think the lady gave me extra cheese or something. [ laughter ] i don't know seth: so you would go out fishing for -- you were like one of those people who put your hood up and sunglasses yeah >> no, that just happened this year [ laughter ] i s definitely walking dow the street after a saturday
12:59 am
show if i did well on the show and i was, you know, 23-years-old, my god, was i was walking down the street and staring people in the eye. like "that's right it's me, man." [ laughter ] >> seth: i remember every now and then they would give you, like, the christmas gift welld be, like, a duffag that they'd give to the cast. it would be a duffel bag with "snl" on the side. you'd have to say, "i can't use this." >> right, right, right >> seth: 'cause i feel like if i wear it, it's like me desperately trying to get people to -- like, eh, eh [ laughter ] seemed like you would have jumped at that duffel bag. >> i'd be all over the bag back then [ laughter ] w >> seth:ve talked a lot on the show about "second chance theater" sketches that killed at the table -- >> yes >> seth: and then died in front of the audience. >> oh, right right >> seth: you had the reverse happen >> yes >> seth: which is very hard to i don't quite understand how -- how did you get a skdnch on that di have to go to the table >> this was an incredible moment i'm pretty sure thisappened. i don't remember everything. it was a very long time ago. [ light laughter ] but "the herlihy boy." >> seth: yeah.pp >> okay so what ed was i was starting to -- people were
1:00 am
starting to like some of the stuff i did. and lorne -- i wasn't on the t sht week and lorne said to jim downey, "adam's light. ask him if he has anything." and so after -- you know, usually you've got to read in front of the whole cast and the ole crew and if they laugh, you get it on if they don't, a lot of times my stuff didn't work. but "the herlihy boy" somehow i was asked to be on i wrote it late on a wednesday night and did it and that was the sneakiest thing ever >> s and for those who don't remember "the herlihy boy" defini on youtube and look it up. >> yeah. [ laughter ] that's -- yeah >> seth: i mean, in 'se end, you know, it really a sketch about farley >> yea yeah, yeah. yeah, yeah, yeah that was the - >> seth: you're "the herlihy boy. >> right >> seth: but you definitely -- you handled the best stuff off>> i had the title role. but i knew the man the man -- that was a big move in my era. if you wrote farley into a skit, you knew it was probably going to get on. and it was probably going to be a great time>> seth: you guys, this was growing upat i remember wching this sketch
1:01 am
and enjoying "the gap girls" a great deal >> yeah. [ ch srs and applause >>eth: was it as - >> that was fun, yeah. that was spadesp e used to write those. >> seth: spade wrote those >> yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. we had a great time doing that i used to -- i don't know. me and farley didn't look as good as spade. spade kind of fit that stuff better than us ki>> seth: yeah, spade doe of look -- [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah, spade has a nice little body on him. d -- >> seth: yea [ laughter ] >> me and farley were a little bigger we didn't make sense in the outfits. >> seth: and spade keperit because i remembhen spade came back and hosted in my era, he -- i think he played martha stewart right away. >> oh, right, right, right >> seth: yeah, so he's managed to maintain that yeah [ laughter ] >> the thing about spade and "gap girls" is he's just talking >> seth: yeah.[ laughter ] >> everyone else would put on like a little higher, weird things's he just like, "hey, what's up everybody? [ ughter ] >> seth: when we get back, i want to talk about the special but one of the things i want to say is, you know, and i think this is true of your work overan your career why people care about you so much and your work is it's really funny but it's also really sweet
1:02 am
and you had -- you sort of chose to do a song about farley in the special. >> yes >> seth: and it seemed like such a thing that everybody wanted to hear was it -- when you first started doing it, obviously when you were working on your special, was it nice to know that everybody still wants to connect to farley that way >> aw. aw, yeah, man. i sang -- i remember the firstng couple of times i sat. and it was a nice electric feeling in the audience.yb and every loved farley so much and any time i said his name, people would cheer it was great >> seth: it's really great and we're going to come back and talk more about e special. that's adam sandler. we'll be right back after this >> all right right on [ cheers and applause ♪ -keep it down there. i have a system. -keith used totre great to road-ip with. but since he bought his house... are you going 45? -uh,eses. 55 is a suggtion. -...d of like driving with his dad. -what a sign, huh? terry, can you take a selfie of me? -take a selfie of you? -yeah. can you make it look like i'm holding it? -he did show us how to bundle home and auto at and save a bunch of money.
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thirsty thursday [ laughter ] thirsty thursday come by, you know,l ou help the kids feir water bottles. like my father literally came to school one [ bleep ] time my whole school career. [ laughter ] he opened the door in the middle a [ bleep ] test. and i hear, "where did y put the rake?" [ laughter ] i'm like, "what? "did you put it on the nail? "i think i did." "y think?" "it's not there. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause >> seth: welcome back to "late night. we're he with adam sandler that was a clip from your fantastic special, "100% fresh." i've heard you talk about your dad before >> yes >> seth: he was obviously really important to you and that was -- you know, you guys asked and there were 100 clips i could have picked, but that was really my favorite moment of the special. >> so cool >> seth: was he supportive of the idea of you embarking on comedy >> yeah, yeah, sure he wanted meo put an end date on it though if it didn't pan out. [ laughter ] >> seth: what did he think was a fair time to call it over?
1:08 am
>> man, i think, if i remember correctly, i started when i was 17 doing stand-up. and then i think it was like -- no, no it was when i graduated college. he said, "give it a year if it doesn't happen in a year, you work for me. that kind of thing w it smart and then my -- everybody was saying, "you could be a doctor" and all that stuff and i know that i couldn't have. [ laughter ] but that was not a fallback plan but, yeah, yeah.s ev would alway he still,ys he say, you know, "all right, it's going alright. but just -- you know i'm here for you if you need the company. you can come back and work for me if this doesn't --" you know he just was nervous about me getting enough money to live life >> seth: that's very sweet was there -- did he -- was there ever a time where he reached a level of comfort where you realized, "oh, it's good now?" >> yeah. yeah, ye i mean, never 100% because he would always go, "well, the way you spend --" [ laughter ] but he wouldatet nervous about th but i remember one time i was in a trailer.
1:09 am
i was with my dad at -- we were shooting "billy madison. and my father was in the trailer with me. they got an offer to dmovie that -- it wasn't a thing i did. but i read it. and i didn't like it that much and an the trailer, there was agent there who goes, "you know, they offered you $2 million. and blah blah blahr my fathees, "do it!" [ laughter ] i go, "no, no, dad, it's not --" he goes, "it doesn't matter. every actor makes bad movies." i was like, "no, no, no. he's like, "do the movie!" he's getting madder. [ laughter ] >>eth: that's fantastic. [ applause ] >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: there's a lot of wonderful stuff about yourwe family as is it your youngest daughter or your oldest daughter having a bat mitzvah coming up. >> oh, yes, my -- she's going to be 13 on monday. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> she's having a bat mitzvah, yes.ot >> seth: is it a lf planning going into this? >> oh, man my wife and my daughter are planning the whole thing every time i mention anything,
1:10 am
i'm shut down. [ light laughter ] they're just ready to have -- the bat mitzvah are different nowadays these kids have a pretty damn good time. mine was new hampshire >> seth: yeah. >> in my basement. the party was in my basement it was the first time bajammed ever with a >> seth: really? >> my guitar teacher -- guys, i played "my sharona" with the band [ light laughter ] i jammed gathered round. i sang "my sharona." but, yeah, that'not flying today. [ laughter ] they got some good high-tech stuff coming >> seth: you talead -- there's a grthing in the special about how you are very enthusiastic when your kids play sports >> yeah. >> seth: i believe its basketball >> yes, yes. >> seth: you are the kind of dad who makes some noise when your kids are playing >> yes, yes.nd >> seth: ao they like basketball is that something they enjoy >> my -- yeah, they do they do. i mean, they're so busy. there's so many things to do 'cause my kids dance >> seth: oh, they're dancing >> they're dancing they're dancing now. >> seth: what's it like being a dance dad?m >> i do -- ike a dance dad. i don't know that much what's going on i drop them -- i bring them to dance.
1:11 am
i watch them in the studio i sit and i seglthrough the s. and they do stuff. and you know, they look at me and wave and i wave back. i don't know they're doing gok. at it, i thin i don't know [ laughter ] but we do -- they set up -- these things are really longn you go like 6:00 ie morning to a tournament or whatever. i'm not sure what it's called. [ laughter ] but you go and you sit and you watch. daughters. like -- i have two so one is on at like 7:10 in the morning. and i'm like, "oh, god, that's early, man." we got to drive somewhere. and then she does her thing at 7:10. and then the older one is on at 10:20th so we got to sit in theater. and i watch the other kids they are all nice kids but i don't know them. [ laughter ] and they are all good. everybody can dance good, by the way. >> seth: yeah. >> that's what i noticed about this generation, man these kids are all good at dancing. [ ughter ] they all got very flexible legs. my daughter -- my daughter all day long just grabs this leg and pulls it up to the side. i'm like - anyway [ laughter ] but, yeah.
1:12 am
they're long and my wife, we sit and hang out and have fun and watch the kids. >> seth: you mentioned like your ds hooking up. 'cause you know now i have -- my 3-year-old goes to ballet class by the way >> oh yeah >> seth: yeah. >> yeah, that's good >> seth: it's the best i mean, it's not danoung yet it's just, ynow, pretend to be a horse and run around the room [ laughter ] >> right, right, right outfiteth: but it's a danc >> right right >> seth: and you know, that's -- for me, that's the money [ light laughter ] but you know that thing, i think now, there's a chance your kid is going to look up while you're there. right? >> right >> seth: so does that mean you never take out your phone? >> oh, that's a good oman. yeah, yeah >> seth: 'cause i'm just worried about that moment of, like, you know, i don't want to have them say, like, "i was doing the leg thing. and i looked over. and you were on the phone. >> yes >> seth: "and now i'm going to carry that with me for the next 20 years." so how -t' >> tit >> seth: are you good? >> here's the move you can look at your phone the whole time if they look at you and they give a look like, "hey man, what are you doing? you just go, "i just video'd you. and i was looking at it back [ laughter ] look how good you are. [ laughter and applause >> seth: you're going out on the road >> yeset >> s is it exciting now that you -- obviously you know it all
1:13 am
works. i should say -- you made this really cool directorial decision you shot your special everywhere >> right, right. >> s rooms.big arenas, tiny and it cuts together so well so now though that you know it works, is it fun to go out on the road - >> yes, yes. >> seth: and just be like, "the hard work is done, this is jy.t going to be enjo >> absolutely, man i can place songs that people know already i do a pretty -- i don't do the special. i do a couple of tecngs from the l. and then we do long shows, like hour 45, two-hour shows. >> seth: wow, that's fantastic >> it's fun, yeah. it's great we have the best time. and it is good that the audience kind of knowthat i do stand-up again and the songs and all that stuff. yeah so we're going on tour all of june i can't wait >> seth: that's great. anmiyou got another movie co out on netflix with jennifer aniston >> yes yes, yes >> seth: "murder mystery." >> yes, she's excellent in it. and i'm in it, too [ laughter and applaus she's the best she's a great girllw >> seth: hey, it as means
1:14 am
the world to me anytime you stop by >> me too. [ cheers and applause >> seth: break a leg on saturday adam skedler "snl" this wee with him and shawn mendes then his film "murder mystery" begins streaming on ne lix we'll be right back with representative will hurd [ cheers and applause ♪ [text tone] [text tone] ♪ ♪nice ♪ ♪mmmmmm ♪ ♪so nice ♪ ♪nice but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my ♪ car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, n no, no, no... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ not ecan match the power of energizer.tery
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: our next guest represents texas' 23rd congressional district in the house of representatives please welcome to the show representative wilhurd, everybody. ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ congressman.come to the show, >> tnk you thanks for having me that 8g band and valerie right? you know >> seth: they're fantastic right? >> you know? [ cheers and applause >> seth: so, you are an interesting character in the world right now. you are a republican congressman from a border district in texas, a gigantic district. >> that's right. >> seth: bigger than many states you are in opposition to trump's plan for a border wall you are also an ex-intelligence officer for the cia, which is something that obviously, the president is also taking issue with geyou were an undercover a in the cia. >> i was
1:20 am
>> and when you left the cia, you had -- how do you tell people that that's what you beeo g? 'cause you hadn't been able to tell anybody that. right? >> i hadn't. it was a little awkward. because -- and i e-mailed like,y 10,000 of avorite friends and said, "hey, guys i'm running for congress oh, and by the way, i actually i workthe cia. [ light laughter ] and so, it was -- i had some awkward conversations after that >> seth: by the way, i can't from 10,000 friends.ret [ laughter ] i -- i have like seven friends and i can't keep anything from them k >> yeah, iw. exactly. >> seth: so, you know, speak to the fact that you -- again, you are on in the real -- on the front lines of this border situation. and you are against the president's wall is it frustrating to you that so many of your other republican colleagues, because you voted against it when you wanted money for the wall, thato many republican colleagues have chosen the president, as opposed to you, who are actually on the front lines? >> look, here's myty responsibiis to explain what's really going on, on the border so i have 820 miles, t 29 counties, twoe zones. it takes 10 1/2 hours to drive
1:21 am
across my district at 80 miles an hour, which is actually the spd limit in most of it. >> seth: right >> i found out it recently this weekend that's not the speed limit in all of it [ laughter ] so, and -- look, i spent almost a decade as an undercover officer in the cia as you said i was the dude in the back alley at 4:00 in the morning collecting intelligence on threats to the homeland. i chased baduys all over the world, russian intelligence officers, terrorists, nuclear weapon proliferators and so i have some experience on how you stop bad folks and building a 30 foot high concrete structure from sea to t shining sea is most expensive and least effective way to do border security. and part of that is there's parts of the border where boer patrol's response time is measured in hours to days. and so, if your response time ia measured hours to then guess what a wall is actually not a physical barrier so, let's have technology. let's -- every mile of the border is different from every other miles so, let'ke sure we're using the right tool in that place so, we should be talking about a strategy
1:22 am
but let me tell you this what's happening at the border, right now isdeed, a crisis last month, 100,000 people -- 103,000 people came in here illegally. and to give some context to that number, all-of-last year was 400,000 people but the root cause of this probm is lack of economic opportunity and violence in the northern triangle. that is el sald dor, guatemala, annduras we need to have a marshall plan for that region. we should have a special representative, which is a senit diplomat to work in tha region this is not a problem just for the u.s. and mexico. ir's a problem for the ent western hemisphere and we should be working together to solve that problem >> seth: that all sounds gre t don't you think that's a nonstarter with who's currently in the white house >> i don't know if it's necessarily a nonstarter rythink -- i think secreta pompeo understands those -- those root causes. he can select and appoint a special representative or special envoy, whatever you like to call it again, what i try to do is i try to bring many of my members down to the border to see it,
1:23 am
understand the perspective of federal law enforcement. 'cause the men and wom, in border controle men and women in customs, those are the people that are on the bridge, the folks at i.c.e., they are overworked and this is -- my fear is at someone's gonna die in custody, that something's gonna happen, it's gonna start getting hot in texas. and that's gonna cause tensions to flairbe so we need to oing -- let's be smart about how we attack this problem >> seth: in 2016 you said you uscould not, in good consc vote -- support president trumps you had you will support him in 2020. what has changed for you to go from a position that -- this might shock you - - i agree with to the one you're taking now >> what i've said is i'm still gonna support whoever the reblican nominee is. >> seth: okay. >> and so for me, you know, my goal and what i'm trying to do is make surehat when folks look at me, they're not like, "hey, you're the outlier." right? that the looks like the party that
1:24 am
brought me to it right? i ben eve the future republica party -- it's crazy when you talk to folks, if you're under 40, a lot of people have to whisper, i'm a republicangh >> seth: yeah. >> and that shouldn't be the case right? a lot of people that i knew that were republicans were inspired by ronald reagan or they saw george w. bush with the megaphone here at, you know, the twin towers when they were collapsed. and so, for me i'm tryhag to takemessage to different parts of my state. and that what i've been -- ve been working on >> seth: but -- you can appreciate that like, the whispering is because of the head of the republican pty and the fact that is doesn't seem like there are not many in the republican parties -- you are an outlier, certainly amo elected officials in congress right now who are speaking out against the president. >> the party is larger than this one person right? and -- >> seth: but he -- i mean, sure. >> it's an important person. >> seth: it's not -- >> it's a largvoice. seth: yeah. >> right but there's other people and there was a republican party before and there's gonna be a and so, that's why we to make sure that we're inspiring
1:25 am
people in order to understand, you know, what my flavor is. right? and that flavor is i'm a republican because i believe the way we've always going to solve problems and the way we're gonna solve problems is by empt ering people and powering the government i actually believe that we should - you can clap for that. [ cheers and applause right? >> seth: you got them. >> right look, i believe we shorkd be, you know, wog hard to make sure everybody is prosperous and everyone can move up the economic ladder. and i actually believe the way you achieve peace is by speaking softly and carrying a big stick. and the reality is that it's more than just other republicans that believe tha there are independents there are democrats that believe those things too and are concerned with where things are going in their party, as well. and so, a lot of the focus is on just one person and tweets but it's a much broader rty. and that's what i'm trying to do i represent a 50/5district, 50% republican, 50% democrat it's a 71% latino district and everybody's like, "how'd the black republican represent a right? district?
1:26 am
>> seth: yeah. >> part of that is, guess what show up. right? engage there's a town on the border called eagle pass. the first time i went, i literally -- it was a big -- [ speaking in foreign language ] it's an afternoon party. there's about 400 people there and the ba was part of the city council and state representative everyone was democrat. and they literally stopped playing and people came up to me i told the person -- what they count how many times people asked me this question it was "why are yonshere?" and my ar was, "because i like to drink beer and eat -- too. [ light laughter ] all right? and the send time i showed up, people would shake my hand third time i showed up, people walk by and be like, "i'm a republican." right? [ light laughter fourth time i showed up, they told me their problem. fifth time, i came back and be like, "hey, that problem you told me, i sorted it out." right? and that'sltimately what i try to do. >> seth: now you got to worry about when you go and they're like, "you've got to stop coming here all the time -- [ laughter ] beand drinking all of our ." >> right, exactly. >> seth: "we have you figured out. we see right through you now." >> seth, here is what i've
1:27 am
learned. way more unites us than divides us right? and -- thank you [ applause ] >> seth: i really appreciate and i think that's a n sentiment. and certainly people agree with it it, you know, it is -- it must be strange for you to be in a byrty that is represented somebody who does nothing that is uniting and is a divider in rhetoric and act so just -- i guess -- it must be very hard for you to be in a t party that i believe mos your representatives support, sort of, 100%. anwant to ask -- not to ch the subject real quick, but what for -- for the muellert? step do you think -- do you agree with lindsey graham that something that should be left out or what do you like to hear from robert mueller? >> i'm gonna to burst your bubble real quick. and i'm sorry about this but bob mueller doesn't sound like bobcat goldthwait >> seth: he doesn't. you've met him [ laughter ] >> i've met him. i've met him he doesn't
1:28 am
he has - >> seth: that breaks my heart. i mean, that's the one thing i was holding out for, man an>> i know, but i don't wto be disappointed. >> seth: no, no. i appreciate your honesty. >> i don't want you to be disappointed >> seth: it's nice to have an honest politician. >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: thank you >> look, mueller needs to show uph: >> sm-hmm. >> and let's hear from him right? i've - [ cheers and applause i've supported the mueller investigation. i said, "he should always -- he should be able to turn over every rock. he should be able to pursue every lead let's hear from him. right now, it's a dudea alking about a thinde wrote let's hear from the dude that actually wrote it. >> seth: sure. >> and hear what's going -- and what i would do when i was chairman of a committee, and i knew it was gointo be a little contentious, and someone's was gonna be like, "it's not my fault. 's that guy. let's bring them all up. >> seth: mm-hmm. >> right let's put both of them together and let's have this conversation right? and see where it goes. but also, before mueller sho up, the folks on that committee should go in read the unredacted report >> seth: mm-hmm. r >>ht that unredacted report is available and they should read that [ applause ] and not everybody has who's gonna be -- who's gonna be hearing it >> seth: i agree with you on both counts. i really appreciate you making the time thank you so much for coming
1:29 am
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[ chee and applause >> seth: every wednesday and friday we release a podcast soedition of "late night" ou can catch up on the go it's audio from the showa nd includes "oser look," comedy
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now that's simple, sy, awesome. get started with xfinity for $79.99 a month for 2 years. plus, add xfi advantage for enhanced network security. click, call or visit a store toda [ cheers and applause >> seth: my thanks to adam sandler that's rep. will hurd, everybody. [ cheers and applause valerie franco and, of course, the 8g band. stay tuned fyo "carson daly. see tomorrow ♪ cheers a applause ♪ ♪ ♪ >> carson: welcome t


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