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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 14, 2019 10:00am-10:19am EDT

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ias diagnosed with ms, the first thini thou i came home and cried. the medicie important, but if washington isn't careful we might leave innovation behind.le t's fix the system the right way. innovation is hope, and the last thing you want to lose in life is hope. >> announcerws4 toy starts now. barry pushes north. but rainave the latest rds across t that could be happening as we d.
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power goes out for tens of thousands of people in new york city. the latest on the outage that quickly went viral.e s is outmorning. it is an a >> the heat is --h impressive. sounds like it's going to get worse, lauryn ricketts? >> oh, yes. wait until mid ht index so get ready now,guys, because we are really hea of this the exception little le humid and more blue skies out there. we are seeinges blue skiight now. we just have that haze out to there rightow. temperatures will continue to rise. in fact, temperatures are in the
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80s. we will continue to take those temperatures in the 90s today. low-to-mid 90s. look at in. already 88 degrees here in the district. you know it's going to be a warm day. low-to-mid 90s will be the ig daytime i think we will top out around 94 degrees. we are dry. a chance of an isolated shower or storm later this afternoon. farm market is going to be a little on the muggy side, an pool, go for it. we havefo got inmation on barry. how it's going to impact us and let's t lk aboutw hot it's going to get and when. that's coming up in that tecn-dy fort in 20 minutes. >> y know you will sta on top of it as we continue to track tropical storm barry this morning. the slow-moving system is dumping rain and threatening communities from florida to alabama. >> nbc's jay gray explains why louisiana is getting hit right now. reporter: barry announcing its arrival with gusting winds, rain, andin mandeville, louisiana, a violent storm
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surhi. waves pus over the banks and into this neighborhood. >> look at this. that's the area of tropical orm-force winds. it will take a few days for this to get out of there. >> reporter: in low-lying parishes trees and powerlines are down, roadsnd communities overrun by the water. 1the coast guard pulling stranded residents and two pets to safety. the unorthodoxed and unorganized system ldshing alabama mississippi where even this alligator seems to be searching for higher ground. forecasters warning the storm will continue to slowly push inland bringing flooding rains in some areas 20 inches or more as the water continues to pour in. jay gray,c nbws, new orleans. >> and meanwhile, first responders in our area are ready to head south if needed to respond to tropical storm barry. montgomery county fire tweeted out these pictures yestereey. you canhe team there getting ready to deploy.
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they are called maryland task force one. gs are leaders are mo ones in harm's way. some of the slt louisiana are coming to gulf coast. sharing these pictures of the ve arri storm zone a bracingge for dama we will continue to trac tropical storm arry from the orm team4 weather center. stay with news4 and open the nb coverage and get through theirne4's derrick
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more. a rter: oh, indd. a lot of folks see this as s of an isolation th thankful g and athe progress hase, been because this roadbl they haverko do later. take a look at some video from ar a rescue co making sure this passable beus they ha get their equieommunity if luckily it was closed. but again they are going to have to do
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th they wi pipes underneath down here. we are on a steep downgrade that bottoms out get a though there may be some enough of thisone to behandle it and f. libayou. >> thank you very much. in thousands ndd immigrants fear they could bed. president trump hasor. so round criminalraidsas could lt blasteg undocumented immigrants a s opening thei doo thosre
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not new. the obama enforcement agencieay they are prepared for today's raids. prince george's county police o y officers are not allowed cooperate deportation order o icers are not retc. those i.e. raids will be a big topic this morning ontodd along with an exclusive intervi c see that interviewhtf news4 today. >> yeah, shehe news4 studios almost buzzing. absolutely elect speaking of electricity, the onn
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new york city after that massive blackout yesterday. manhattan, parts of midtown plunged into darkness evening. thousands left without in their homes. >> i got my cousin from new yorkit was a blockout it situation. they were coming home from cyse we are talking about traffic lights tre out. o scramble to ad get people who were stuck in elevators. the blackout stopped subways and aeven haltedow, >> yeah, thi madight. the outage is believed to be g w caused by a transformer fire. is is an 42 years frcity's b >>re outcome back in '77 th wod to hear.
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here inheavy artillery out. yesterday morning. you know we, needed a helicopter to get it done, as you do. watching us using a tvo yorescb need toangerous news. people from all over ore world .
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a militant grou in somalia
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claiming r car bomb attack on 26 people onriday. elders and politfials say thes five of the militants. in new zealand dozens of gun owners happily handed overns weapon exchange for cash. this was the first of more than 250 planned gun by back events around the country. government gu at two christc aid me say they $134,000 to ownerser the nowhoties say yest plane careened into a commu center pool.
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o the only one no word yet on what led uphi t wh growingigh in h thousands of activists whohi's e fight to the border. mainland c. police were seennstrators. this is just the later i demons today was t would you run with the >> no, i would not. >> i would consider it. of course, somebody always ends up getting hurt. the red cross says eight theal u
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gtting crazy. i mean, just t i you expect?nedt part in the centuries old traditio around each i fast enough, they are n's stres. > have a glass of winend >>wow. >ll right. >> to each his own. a live look t at white house. ing to be hot. lauryn rickettis go suppok
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i'd rather not.
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ay> welcome back. i.c.e. agents mbe conducting immigration raids as we speak. agents are expected to make thousands of arrests starting today. we are joined by moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. you have the visit to the on detenti centers. now you have raids happening. that would be a tough thing to announcing the raids fees m to would announce after it's beenan done d you would say, oh, we got rid of these dangerous
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criminals. i don't think he cares about implementing policy here. this is ato send a message to the base. especially after a week where he lost a high-profile battle over theensus. again tied to this immigrationo. handed the keys to the republican party. it was his tough rhetoric and polarized on this issue.ugt. wet i rtalks, the farther we hope to clean up the condition. >> and we got a brand new "stres race is shaping field is7 candis
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warren, and sanders. nominee. y,it betweenrid liberals others who prefer biden. the top li now it and warren. let's see where we wod be if w didn't mention the -- >> there's somebody in the room? >> yeah. a woman named megan pinoe. >> iink i have heard of her. she is pretty good at soccer. >> yes. trying to get pictures of her. she is so gracious. >> like i said, it was amazing today.rk today od there is just a you know,
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that she celebrates too much. a lotth woman as well. handling this moment s. that is for sure. >> a rock star. >>k, little bit. 10:30 right after news4 and, just -- >> we were -- >> they have a sunny disposition for a reason. >> i posted one picture of megan rapinoe. you would have thought i -- so many controversial comments about her. she is a contrersial character. i completely get it. from a sports aspect, i played soccer through college. >> we are both atweetes. >> ent to see the world cup. >> yeah. k ge.ople are losing their minds i am like, it's a nice day weatherperson.
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> wanted say, there is a special level of pride when yeah. ntry wins the world cup. >> i think that shoulded. whatever your ss killinagin thet something that's weather. li when talking about climate we have got this great thing on climate change. you've got to check it out, especially given the flooding that we have had the last couple of weeks, even through north --. they are still floodingconcerns. some great stuff in the afternoons on our changing you information a it's certainlyffecting us. nshine bringing us some very hot temperatures. could have an isolated shower or thunderstorm later on this afte goon as we into this evening.
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20% chance that you will see is where you are. then we get into your monday and we have got dry conditions. another isolated chance on tuesday, and then we are trackine next four days hotday,f people were askingut me abo concerts tonight. i think noz is playing. a small chance of a passing shower. blue skies tomorrow. comfortab t wednes tuesday. current temperatures right now some spots and we are headed to the low-to-mid 90s e continu le the mid-to-uppe youry art muggy butry. u you lath one thing ctinuously o yey.ur tomorrow upper
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pop up later thisbarry. tropical storm, miles an hour. 60 to 90 we are dry here. the deep i. still at 8:30 on tuesday morning still out in the midwest. now look at this little piece of right that could 20 to 30% chance for a shower tuesdedsday dry as we cl be agets close to us. direct affe from barry inur area. by friotetter on friday. it's going to get hot. temperatures in the 90s starting tuesday all the way through the weekend. heat inde the triple
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if theme heat a friday, butma it tow dry aseemperatures.
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so, why isn't education? raise your hand if you could use an education h well, straye. in storm is
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several inches of rainmuties fr florida to alabama. president tru i.c.e. so round up 2,000 immigrants beginning today. check for updates on the nbc away.ine shoppin 48 hours. for tips search amazon prime if in our nbc washington app. and keep it here on news4 for "meet the press" this morning. world cup champion megan rapinoe sitting down for and that starts at miss it. >> hot? >> hot. a humid. pretty much all this pretty much all this for16
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