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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 14, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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ni toght, the rain keeping coming. escoastal communi as barry lingers over the south, new fears tonight of tornadoes and millions under the threat of flash flooding. blackout. major parts of new york city plunged into darkness, the lights go out on broadway. >> times square is like half -- the entire billboards are completely off. >> peopl trapped in elevators. >> our heroes. >> now the investigation into what went wrong. the uproar over a tweet from the president saying progressive hocongresswoman sd go back and help fix the countries they came from. murder mystery, a civil rights activist
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found deb in the trunk of a car. the community now mournings a prominent mechanic. >> she's a jewel and will be desperately missed. p>> christmas in july. amazonme day starts tonight, competitors tryin to match their deals, and warning to oatch for fake customer reviews. and come together, the surprise moment live on stage. l♪ >> pau mccartney and la ringo starr pying together for the first time in years. >> announcer: this is nbc "nightly news" can kate snow. er>> there are still conc about flash flood ing as tropical depression barry slowly creeps northward testingy levees, swelling rivers and fraying nerves. 12 million people are der a flash flood watch tonight. there's a possibility of tornadoes as well. all weekend long the
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rain has not stopped, flooding parts of louisiana, the coast guard rcuing residence near the coast. our kerry sanders is in myrtle grove tonight. what's it lk like now? >> reporter: the floodwaters on the street are much lower than they were, but that doesn't mean the troubles associated with what was hurricane barry are r faom over. in louisiana today -- >> >> oh. >> reporter: barry still making a mess. ominous skies, multiple tornado warnings. baton rouge took a beating as the storm lingered for several hos. ile no longer a hurricane, the weather system is still dang lutz. what's left of barry is nowwl slo kraulgts north, also impacting mississippi, alabama, arkansas. little even as far east as florida, the storm revealing its sustained power.
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a large wave shattering ae rescu boat window, leaving a deputy with cuts on s face. more than 24 hours since landfall, and there's still more drenchin today, a first look at that levee problem in southern louisiana. myrtle grove overwhelmed. the rushing water threatened to submerge homes, some five miles around. >>ind of scary, kind of sad. >> reporter: residents who evacuated came home today with a hademand that they repeated for years. they want government to build a new, stronger levee. >> i'm tired of hearing we got to do a study, we got to do a study. >> reporter: along the gulf course the coast guard rescued 12 people, includes this man and a dog, stranded by floodwaters. while in southeastern louisianatoday, highway 23 therepl uemines parished reopened. one side still under water will likely be dry by tomorrow. with snakes and alligators spotted in
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the waters, and sewage backup, health officials are urging people t the water as they make their way back to their homes, often wading through this to get to their front door does that depends. >> kerry sanders, thank you. to washington now and wha become a familiar pattern, the president puts out an fl inmatory tweet that offends democrats, but thi e is striking a deeper chord, with many decrying this as racist. hans nichols has more from the without. >> reporhe president trying to stoke conflict with nance pelosi and four nority liberal congresswoman tweeting -- go back and held the totally broken and cr e-inphetted flateses from which they came. he added so interesting to see the progressive congresswomen who originally came from countries whose governments - representative omar is only one of the four congresswomen born outside the united
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states. >> i'm looking at this omar from a.minnesot she shouldn't even be in office. >> reporter: speaker pelosi denounced mr. trump's tweets as xenophobic, while omar accused the president of stoking white nationalism, because you are angry people like us are serving in congress. others rallying to their colleagues' defense. atd field of 2020 democr hopefuls piled on. >> what he's trying to do is make america hate again. >> he's doing something that's so anti-american. >> this country is facing another bigot who is trying to divide us again. >> while trump may have united democrats today, clear division pelosi between and the progressives in his caucus. late news tonight on the threatened raids on undocumented immigrants. they he begun in major cities, but as a slower pace than
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expected. pete, we were told there would be 2,000 people targeted. ht>> reporter: we m still get there. senior administration officials say so far bethe num are much lower this weekend than what was expected and feared in immigrants communitie the officials say that goal of 2,000 could be reached over the coming days. some of these operations appear to lbe mostly overal ready, some are yet to come, but here's what's different about this one. it's not simply the mber. it's who's to be deported. in past roundups like this, in both republican and democratic administrations, the targets were adults who committed crimes. this time there's -- petelliams, thank you. new york city is back in business after a blackout last night. broadway took a hit as other well-known landmarks across the popular midtown manhattan area. kathy park has the latest. he>> reporter: when t
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power went out in new york city saturday, alan mcvay and six others found themselves stuck in an elevator, for four hours. relief came in the rk form of new yo's bravest. >> our heroes! >> the new york fire department broke through a brick wall, because we weren't tar a floor to ge us out. >> reporter: the outage stretched from mid town manhattan to the upper west side. from above you could see thehe shadow of t skyline. in times quare the usually vibrant billboards went black. underground, some subway trains were disabled, leaving many passenge tranned. thousands rushed outside with broadway shows canceled. impromptu performancesp led onto the streets. j.lo's concert add mattison square garden, cut short. 30 renk also w daschle. >> oh, wha just happened?
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>> reporter: a generator kept us on the air during our broadcast last night. officials still don't know the exact cause of the issue. >> the one thing we are as certain as we can be about this moment about ihis was not a cyberattack and not an act of physical terrorism. >> reporter: what does this tell us about the hevulnerability of grid? >> we think the grid is sound. we certainty wl learn everything we can about. >> reporter: it light. >> i applaud all new yorkers. they were at their bestonight. >> reporter: a city ought back to life five hours later. tonight a busy sixth avenue here in midtown manhattan. a much different scene from last night with keverything hits bac up. fortunately no injuries were reported as a result of saturday's outage. kate? >> it looks like back to normal.
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kathy park, thank you. a murder mystery sun folding in baton rouge. police are investigating the death of a beloved civil right advocate. >> reporter: tonight the city of baton rouge reeling from the loss. sadie roberts joseph, aivil rights activist, killed in a suspected homicide. police say they don't have a suspect, much less tive. >> it's taken a lot of us back, because she was a jewel for this community. everybody knew her. >> reporter: roberts joseph a community leader for decades. she founded the african-american museum, then city eve spotlighted h work, including a campaign for visit baton rouge, which makes wt happened last week disturbing. >> reporter: when officers arrive, they found the body ohe t beloved 75-year-old insides the trunk. they dedicated a team
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to track down leads. the news of her loss hitting the city hard. >> she never showed up without smiling and saying here's a si pove way to deal with something. >> repter: the loyal naacp branch call her an icon. rest in peace sadie robertsse jo. now police are turning to the public and hope someone knows something. a> it is a tremendous loss, i believe the community is going to step up and -- and do their part to help us identify this person and put them behind bars. >> reporter: justice for a woman who spend her life fight fog it. morgan chesky, nbc news, bat baton rouge. such a loss. we will take a turn now. it was a record-breaking day when novak djokovic defeated swiss player roger federer in a marathon match. >> reporter: it was perhaps the most am
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dric singles final ever, and certainly the longest. four hours, 57 minutes. it just kept going. and going. and going. in the end, it came down t a thrilling final set tiebreak. novak djokovic er defeating rog federer and getting that trophy from duchess kate mileton. >> they used to make the trophies out of the different materials in my room and imagining one day i would be standing here. >> reporter: this is th instituted the tiebreaker designed to avoid marathons like the 2010 match that lasted 11 hours over three days. >> i gave it all i had, i still feel all right. >> reporter: for players and fans, a wimbledon final to remember. sarah harm, nbc
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with the capital one savor card ♪ you earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. so when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet? ♪ . in just a few hours amazon wil release massive students for highly anticipated prime day. this yea competitors are also getting in on
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the action, offering big deals of their own. not everyone is on board. somemazon workers are preparing to strike. jo ling kent hasre mo >> reporter: the black summer of starts tonight. >> i do my shopping. it's a lot more convenient. >> it's a huge incentive. >> reporter: amazon is rolling out of two days of deals 40 percent off top headphone brands prime dade is now a national event. last year the e-commerce giant sold over 100 million products, enlists taylor swift with a concert. for other retailers, it forces them. target is $100 tvs, and slashing prices o
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google smarthome devices. kohl's unveiling 60% off swimsuits and 25% off adid i had das. target was jumping in plus perks like same-day in-store pickup all across the country more than 7400 retail stores have closed their doors so far. >> amazon has created a new spike, with a massive impact on retail. retailers have to have their share of wallet. oeif it just gs to amazon, we'll s sarget, walmart and othefer more. >> reporter: expert advice, shopping with caution. data shows that fake product reviews rose to 28% on prime day last year. fake reviews of bluetooth headsets spiked a whopping 56%.
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>> you can compare though instant pot on target, on amazon, at a walmart, so take the time. you may find that all is not as gd as it seems. >> reporter: but it won't just be discounts on prime day. here at this fulfillment center, some workers are telling us these plan to strike tomorrow for better, safer conditions on the job. we are back in a moment with the apology to parents from the ceo of a big e-cigarette maker, ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend ally tellie how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little nfused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out. p onlyay for what you need.
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don't wait. talk todyour child's doctor t. we're back n th a rare look inside one of the
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country's fastest-growing industes and critics say one of the most troubling -- e-cigarettes. juul dinates the market. carl quint nilla takes us up side. r >>eporter: on a factory floor in wisconsin, juul labs runs a production line day and night filling some of the 60 million pods in the u.s.very month. the ceo has opened up the doors to us, aware of the firestorm the company has ignited among families. >> if we didhis tour with a family of a en who was using or addicted,ow would you defend this? >> first i'm sorry their child is using the product. it's not intended for p them, as thearent of a 16-year-old, i'm sorry and have empty think for them and the
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challenges they're going through. >> reporter: in the face of public pressure, jones has removed some of the av ors, shall rink its social media vamped t and the ads. >> ads were targeting young people. >> reporter: the latest campaign is focused on adult smoker,rying to escape the risk of lung cavernser. >> it was a friend of mine who said why wouldn't you just try the juul. >> reporter: but researchers have the impact of chronic vaping. a study says mike suffer from hardening of their blood vessels. >> i think it's no safer than smoking. like saying the knife is safer than the gun, p y with the knife. it's not harm free. >> frankly we don't know. we have not done the wlong-term testinge need to do.
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>> reporter: challenges to try to eat parents' concern while convincing others that they can kick the habit. carl a.quintanill you can watch "vapori "vaporized" airing on cnbc tomorrow night. overseas in france, the annual boo steel day, but most eyes were looking up. a frenc inventor hovering overhead with what he calls a jet-powered fly board. he says it can fly as fast as 120 miles an ur his next extend, flying over the english channe stay tuned. when we come back, music to our ears, when we come back, music to our ears, ♪ i want it that way...
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a new film opened this weekend. it asks -- when is it right to lie? >> what's wrong, da please tell me. >> the farewell is a new movieased on lie. >> the family thinking it's better not to tell her. >> why is it better? >> when people get cancer, they die. >> reporter: it tel the story of a family the grandmother only has a few mons to live. they conspire to stage a fake a wedding asn entire for the family to get togesner. it wrong to lie? >> it's a good lie. most families in china
6:56 pm
would choose not to tell her. >> i wanted to el it the story, it was an incredibly g heartbreakin but hilarious experience. >> reporter: "the nafarewell" is perso for lualua wong. born in china but raised in america, it's her story. >> i was the lone weste western er, are time i would say this is crazy, no one agreed. >> reporter: did you ultimately accept she was happy just to see you ande around the family, be focusing on potential death? >> what i say her truly livin as opposed to dying. so to think that actually maybe truth isn' the greater moral value in some situations. >> reporter: lie "crazy rich asians" the film relies on an all-asian cast.
6:57 pm
what do you he an american audience will take away from this? >> i hope they walk away with a greater sense of grace. i see so many families torn apart by differences of those become greater than the love. >> reporter: a true story about one family's lie about the inevitable, encouraging all of us toxamine our own uth. raheema elis, nbc news, new yo. paul mccartney was closing ute his cross-country tour in l.a. when he made a stunning announcement. >> we have a surprise for everyone. ladies and gentlemen, the o o andy ringo starr! >> the crowd loving it. for the former band mates that led a music revolution in the '60s, this reunion was something special. nthe last time they were iront of a
6:58 pm
crowd, 2014, on the anniversary of the beatles u.s. invasio 50 years before. last night, a warm greeting. >> i love you, man. >> and then a journey back in time. he performing tlassic "sergeant pepper's lonely hearts club band." then the edgier dhelter-skelter." the back in sync. >> thank you, paul. it's been a thrill for me. i've had a lovely night. it's a great show. i love you man. >> peace and love, ngo, forever. love t beatles. that is" "nightly news ern a sunday night. lestolt will be back with you
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