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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  July 15, 2019 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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the center in upper marlboro. >> panda watch 2019 is here, everybody. he?she or isn't we are keeping our eye on the girl who is working hard to see if she is pregnant. >> she had a baby. >> has she? she has been poked and prodded. >> what animals do, have a lot of babies. >> not in captivity. >> still an animal. it's monday, july 15th, 2019. good morning. i'm aaron chgilrist. >> i'm eun yang. welcome, melissa. >> thank you. >> chuck bell has the day off and lauryn ricketts i here with your forecast. >> it wasn't a ad he had a few showers and thunderstorms to t south but it really wasn't that bad. right now looking at clear skies
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out there. sun coming up in about 5:55 so about two hours before the sun comes up. should be a beautiful sunrise given the clear tempures in the 60s and 70s. really not feeling that bad out there. humidity will continue to drop as well as we head through the day. temperatures back into the eight right around seasonable for this ti of year. i think we will top it out at 90 degrees for daytime thing happening on the radar but we are tracking barry. look at all of that moisture and still it's got that tail on it where it continues to see some of that heavier rain moving through louisiana right on now. lot of that rain headed up toward the nashville area and it's moving into the midwest. all of that moisture has to go somewhere and looks like it will sweep in the mid-atlantic so we will let you know when you can expect rain out of that and the major heat that is coming our way. first, let's talk traffic with melissa.
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happy monday. good morning. >> happy monday. good morning. in the district cl road between reservoir and foxhall a reminder the lanes a blocked because of the sequel that all ofd last monday with of those storms and a delay probably through friday. southbound on 270 nothing in your way. northbound the local lanes are affected because of that situation nr montross. construction couldse a little bit of a challenge for you. immigration raids are under way around the country. >> the planned sweeps began yesterday in at least ten major cities, including baltimore. d.c. is not one of those cities. immigrant communities and their supporters remained on edge and angry about theroundup proposed
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by president trump. montgomery county is reminding undocumented immigrants of their rights if ice sws up at their home. the county does not ask about anyone's immigration status. in prince george's county the police are telling their officers they are barred fromvi ser immigrants with federal civil warrants and that includes deportation order.d . police have a similar policy. >> we are here to build trust on a aily bays and safged yeguard and the community. the bottom line is mpd does not enforce federal immigration laws. >> the white house is defending the raid saying ice has deported fewer people under president trump than it did under president we know there is a lot of concern and confusion when it comes to the immigration raid so we are work for you d news4
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and our officer station telemundo 44 on holding a phone a thon today. experts may answer the questions you have about the operation and connect you to resources and services that are available. a controversialweet from president trump has many calling him a racist again this nim. the president tweeted that the four minorities freshmen g congresswomenback and fix the countries kae came from. the president didn't name anyone but it was clear he was naming four congresswomen, amir green, ocasio-cort ocasicortez, pressley and tlaib. we will have more in the next half hour. d.c. police say a wild traffic stop turned a wild police says. the driver lost control and
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causing the vehicle to flip. firefighters had to free the driver fromsuhe on v street near lincoln road. driver was arrested. a dog was also in car but was not hurt. this morning, the fairfax count shoves ieriff's office is trying to explain how green ordied. authies said they found no signs of foul play. we are trackinthe latest imag from tropical depression barry. water was everywhere as you can see in these imes. >> news4 jummy olabanji is in the newsroom. >> it did pack a bunch.
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we want to show you video from the u.s. coast guard this morning a shows a rescue that happened saturday in louisiana. the governor of louisiana says dozens of rescues have bn made there. thankfully no storm-related deaths have been reported. the gulf coast will have a lot to repair. the storm surge there in southern louisiana neighborhood and in alabama major roads were consumed by war. workers now struggle to restore power to those left in the dark, there is a little bit of a sigh of relief this morning. >> we absolutely made ithrough the storm. beyond lucky, we were spared. >> reporter: forecasters say many folk across the gulf coast are having flash flood warnings
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across the southeast. maryland task force one has its nogs packed w. team leader are monitoring the storm. they will determine whether thin earch and rescue team is needed. this morning, official in new york city still do not know what caused a fire-hour blackout in manhattan over the weekend. new york mayor bill de blasio toured the outage center yesterday. saturday's outage affected 73,000 customers andcl it ied times square and broadway. coming up we will get a closer look the power grid and its vul vulnerability. jeffrey he stein pleepstein not guilty. prosecutors want to keep him in
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jail while he awaits trial but the defense wanting house arrest. it is the blaay frid of summer. today millions of pople will flock to amazon's website for prime day. amazon rolling out two days of deal. it feet t it. >prthe sale is open to ime members only. don't worry. walmart, target, and kohl's have announced their own sales and each offering major discounts on ipad and smart tvs and furniture. later in the hour, susan hogan takes a closer look at the sale and how youut don't miss o on them. it takes a lot of times to go through the items. >> i've never seen anything i've
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wanted over the years and not looking this yyear. >>'ll save money. maryland residents are not happy about amazon's plan to building c anter in prince george's county. the new warehouse is expected to e 1 million feet larger than first plannedd set to go in upper marlboro. even though thewi warehouse bring hundreds of jobs to the area, some rpts think the facility is too big. they have a chance to tell amazon official andop develers what they think later on tonight in clinton. arlington county board has voted to close 23rd street opedestrian tunnel t make sure for the crystalty sector plan. it runs route 1 and connect thee unround mall to area restaurants. the board is asking vdot to formally support the plan. once approved, removal of the
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tunnel is expected to start this fall. free immunizations are today at 11:30 a.m at school. >> i can't believe it. >>tt a li over a month away. high school the state is le adding eronic sports as a school competition. the virginia hgh school league has approved a one-year pilot program for east board. several teams they can compete withferent set of rules. most teams have between three and five members to trav, if necessary. since the competitions are online. kids still need to get up and move around! letter or no letter if you're
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doing a sport from a screen on top of everything else! if you are a panda lover there could be more pandao for t stay away from. >> the national zoo saying the a giant pands building a nest which could be a sign he is is having a baby. aside from the nest building they haven't seen any pregnancy behaviors so far. they say still very early. me mei-xiang was infertilized last year. they have baybay and boa boa. it's hard to tell until the end with pandas. >> pseudopregnancies? see? you know. >> who knew they would start
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building a nest. >> it's 12 minutes after the hour! ,till ahead we are working for you. you may be paying fees and you don't know abt it. we will take a look at some hidden fees. a ceremony had severalpe le dressed in white at the lincoln memorial. we will take you to this rare sight happening in select cities around the world. it's a nice day out there right now to start off your monday morning. a lot better than last morning. 77 is t ouremperature right now and we will dip to the 7:00 a.m. hour and heading into the eight today. more seasonable out tatre today but s coming our>>
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we are working for your health this leadi a healthy lifestyle is ye most effective wa to prevent dementia. researchers found people who make healthy choice like to diet, exercise, not sm ing and not drinking alcohol or drinking it in mot radiation are less liky to develop dementia. one said following four healthy lifestyle factors could cut dah men ma -- dementia by 50%. researche at cincinnati children's hospital followed 180 injured teens when underwent a battery of leg strength and fitness tests. those who scored less than 90% before returning to play were three times more likely to suffer an acl injury within two
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years compared to those who scored higher and if you continue to injure it, thatco uld be a career ending injy. u got to take it easy. one of the most aggravating parts of buying a hod is cost hidden fees. >> they could crop when you buy tickets. legal action is being taken. here in washington, the attorney general sued marrit, accusing the hotel giant of charging deceptive fes. experts say it's not just about one case, it's about mixing the system. >> not jost oneany acting badly. it's a marketplace where consumers are losing power. >> advocates say they want retailers to provide full disclosure up. some are lobbying official to come up with an enforcement policy. >>. do you know how to ride an electric scooter? fsterday, people in fairfax
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attended thisee e scooter safety. people learned the basics of balancing, starting, stonding, aow to use theapp. the pilot training prog tm will runrough next summer. >> i'm waiting for an accident to happen. >> some don't care. if you happen to be walking near the lincoln memorial you y have seen a rare sight. baptisms took place there. the light of the world church held aus religioceremony yesterday. the church is following 5 million people worldwide and located inguadalajara, mexico. wow. a sight yousaon't necesly see a lot of the time in
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washington. >> hi, girl. >> we have our blue on. >> melissa said you guy have the same dress on. i think so! i like it! >> great mind think alike. >> of course! i like your tie! >> i don't know what to say. >> will talk about your meeting with megan lapino?no >> i k you have the forecast too. >> this weekend was beautiful not only because megan w in the house but it was a great weekend. ave plenty of sunshine. you may have seen a passing shower late last night. for the most part just very nice conditio over the weekend. today the humidity falls again. a beauful morning out there. we are seeing that sun coming up about five minutes to 6:00 a.m. four things to know. we have got sunshine today. and lower humidity when you walk outside. so it's not feeling quite as bad. tomorrow, h and humid. the humidity comes back and we
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continue with that heat wednesday, thursday, feday, all ay through the weekend. we have an isolated chance tomorrow for showers and storms. a better chance this weekend and to your latewednesday night into thursday. that will be directly from barry. current temperatures out there right now, wecan see we have got 70s out there right now. you wake up this morng, those temperatures are in the 70s but plenty of sunshine out there by 9:00. thatshemperature puing near 80. we will be seasonable. 9 is about average with skies there.t as humid out exercise looking good for that pool time, absolutely, if you have off today. that commute we could see sunshine delays on both end. the morning and the evening. penothing hapng on the radar right now but a lot of rain going down to the deep south. louisiana continues to get filtered wh a lot of that heavy rain from some of those outer band of what is now
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tropical depression barry. the rain is heading our way. we are dry today but here come that swath of rain going through the mississippi valley. out ahead of it on tuesday, there could be a little disturbance that push out ahead of it and could bring some shower and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night and better chance the moisture moving in late wednesday night and thursday and it will push through pretty quickly. could have are of heavy rain but for the most part we are dry by friday morning. let's take a look at a traffic with melissa. you can see this purple closure point on the screen baugh because of a sinkhole from last week's rain on last monday and
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manot be totally fixed until this friday. top of the beltway, no problems into or out of town. >>e still ahead,re working for your health. what you need to know to slow the signs of aging and lower your risk ofkin cancer. we are talking about sunscreen in your makeup. watch "ellen" at 3:00, followed by news4 at 4:00. >> all this week on news4, video game the brain drain. we will show you simple andfun things parents can do to keep their hits mentally sharp to make sure students are prepared when school returns in thwfall. stay h us.
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we know the importance of sunscreen but for those of us who wear makeup, we may think because some of it has spf it's enough to protect us. >> we are working with your health this morning with help that may decrease your risk for skin cancer and slow down the sign ofes. >> reporter: scan the aisles of department stores and you'll see most of the makeup and tinted moisturizers have spf built in so are you one ofhose people who think you're covered like me? dermatologists say we are probably not and makeup should
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never be a substitute for sunscreen because you're simply not using enough of it to protect s yourkin from the skin's harmful rays. >> you should be using one whole teaspoon for your face and neck. that is a lot.ob you prly will not be able to apply hat muchfoundation without looking like you're wearing a makeup mask and chances ,are you're not gnoing o reapply it every two hours. >> reporter: your morning routine should start with a broad spectrum of sunscreen. the american academy of dermatologists recommend 30 and some say spf 50 is best and suggest looking for ingredients like zinc and f titaniumor the best protection. apply the sunscreen and wait foo it to dry bere you put on your makeup and finish with a setting powder to helpbsorb any layering or shine. remember, layering spfnd fouion over makeup does not
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add up to spf 30 protection. it's not cumulative. it doesn't work that way. tck to you. >>hank you, doreen gentzler, for that info. meghan markle and harry had a date night. they left archie home and dressed up for the london premiere of "the lion king." beyonce and jay-z were there and had a meeting so to speak. queen b is a part of he cast. on john was there. after flash flooding ripped up road across the region, encouraging updates on the repairs being done. arson deal struck. we have got temperatures out there right now on the comf temperatures are headed into the upper 80s today but more rain is
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on theway, alg with heat. on
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z3d2uz z16fz y3d2uy y16fy
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4:30 is your time right now. gooaamorning. i'm n gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. >> we may see hot temperatures this morning. jummy olabanji is taking a look at how the district is trying to prepare to help keep people cool. > let begin with a look at the etrecast with meorologist lauryn ricketts. >> a warm on as wead through the week. today is a bonus day. temperatus around normal which is 89 degrees. we are leroking at humidity out there.'s itgoing to be a beautiful sunrise. the sun is coming up in over an hour. 5:55 is the official sunrise in d.c. we are experiencing temperatures six to 70s. not too bad when you step outside. not too humid when you step 7 outside. 7re in the district. dulles at 67. baltimore up to 69 degrees.


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