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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 15, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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is she or isn't she? we are keeping a close eye to see if tai an is pregnant. >> it will be amazing ift tha happens! >> there hasn't been one this year. >> true. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist >> i'm eun yang. it's monday, july 15th, 2019. first 4 traffic melissa mollet is standing by with a look at your traffic. >> chuck bell is off today by l laur ricketts is here with your weather. you'll walk outside today and feel a little less humidity out there today. the sun just came up fiveut min ago. it will be be a beautiful day. you can see it right there. yeah, it's going to be a beautiful day out there. plenty of sunshine. blue skies all day long. 73 degrees is our temperature right now. we go through the 7:00 a.m. hour
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we tve back into mid-70s and then upper 80s for day time highs today which is about normal for this time of year. dry out there. low humidity. also patchy fog in some spots but we are dry and quiet out there this morning not quiet everywhere. we continue to track this moisture and it's a lot of moisture moving in from barry. take a look at the rain moving into louisiana and jackson, pp mississi we will continue to see heavy rain push into the mid-atlantic. we will talk about that and talk about the heat and humidity heading our way and some of the hottest temperatures we have seen yet this year is coming up. first, let's talk to melissa with traffic. good morning. connecticut avenue at university boulevardhopper 4 over this. sounded like an unconscious person in a vehiclehere. they have rescue there on the scene so a ttle bit of a southbound delay on connecticut
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avenue there at university boulevard. inner loop express lanes add dd bk road have opened but ride of the roadway a slow down because of earlier crash reponse. outer loop at river looking okay but the left side a tiny slow down. earlier car fire that they said was a crash so now we have a little bit of a delay outer loop near river. rest of the beltway you can see where the trouble spots are. inner loop/outer loop nearbr ddock crash in the express lanes and road work that did not clear in time. immigration raids are under way in the >>country. the planned sweeps started yesterday in at least ten major cities, including baltimore. news4 justin finch joins us live now near the ice headquarters in d.c. >> reporter: the raids began sunday but no much also is known beyond that. nbc news citing a trumpdm
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aistration source is reporting a handful of arrest so far have been made and that had set off protests here nationwide. new york city, thebackdrop of one of those anti-raid demonstratios we saw. we know more are planned throughout the week. even seeing some here closer to home in the d.c. area. faith leader taking a stance in all of this, many opening the doors of their sanctuaries to welcome undocumented immigrants and their families who are n at risk for deportation. that same white house source also telling nbc news that raids that began on sunday at a slower pace but that could change as the days go on and the raids are set to continue. at least 2,000 undocumented immigrants nationwide are at risk now for final deportation. these actions taking place in ten states across the country. baltimore close to us. also on that list. word back out live t aboutse arrests. the white house officials
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telling nbc news only a handful they know of have ade at this time but that number could grow over the comingdays. a precise number not yet given about these ongoing raids that are talked a lot about the president in recent weeks. back inside to you. >> justin finch, thank you. we know there is a lot of concern and confusion when it comes to t immigration raids. we are working for you. news4 and our sister station telemundo 44 are holding a phone bank today and take place from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. experts will help answer any questions you may have about the operation and will connect you toesources and service that are available. now some breaking news. a sitting republican member of congress weiing in on president trump's tweets and telling democratic congresswomen to go back to the countries they came from. >> jummy olabanji has that response. >> reporter: many on the left hadic cred members of the gop for not condemning the
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esident's tweet. the president tweeted that four minority freshmen congresswomen should go back and fix the country they came from. he didn't name anyoneut b clear he was targeting four democrats. ocasio-cortez, pressley and omar and tlaib. at least one member of his party is speaking out this morning. texas representative chip roy said in his own tweet the president was, quote, wrong in saying that any american citizen has a home besidesed the unit states but roy added he agrees with the president that ci nonzens who abuse immigration laws should be sent home immediately and believes that new lawmakers who reuse to defend america should be sent home next november which is the next general election. from the news courtroroom, jumm olabanji. >> a routine traffic stop
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quickly turned into a wild police chase in the northeast. that chase ended when the driver of the suv lost control causing the vehicle to flip. firefighters had to free the driver from the suv on v street near lincoln road. the driver was arrested. a dog was also in car but was not hurt. this morning, the fairfax county sheriff's office is hoping an autopsy will explain -ow an 18-ye died in custody. kez amir green was found sun unconsciousin his cell. he died the next day at the hospital. authorities said they found no signs of foul play. we are tracking the latest images from tropical depression barry. take a look at the rainhat barry leftn baton rouge, louisiana, over the weekend. water was everywhere. >> jummy is ck with more on this. >> reporter: even though the storm did not unleash
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catastrophic flooding it did ack a punch for folk in the gulf. take a look at the video of a u.s. coast guard that shows a rescue inm louisiana f saturday. the governor of louisiana says dozens of rescues like that one had been mad thankfully no storm-related deaths have been reported and no serious damage reports either. st will have a lot to repair. the storm surge there involved some louisiana neighborhood. in alabama, major roads were consumed by water and workers are struggling to restore power to thousands left in the dark. in new orlns, there is a sigh of relief this morning. >> we absolutely made it through the storm. beyond lucky, we were spared. >> reporter: forecasters say many folks across the gulf coast are still facing threats of tornadoes and flash flood warnings today as the depression
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moves north and continuing to dump rain and a small sign that things are getting back to normal as flights at the new orleans airport did resume last night. >> a first responders in ourea are ready to head south, if r(t&ho recovery. montgomery county tweeted out these pictures over the weekend. maryland task force one has its bags packed now. team leaders are monitng the storm. fema will decide whether this urban search andescue team is needed along the gulf. th morning, officials in new york city still do not knowu what csed a five-hour blackout r manhattan over the weekend. first respondcued people trapped in elevators. >> our heroes! >> new york mayor bill de blasio toured the conedison control center yesterday. he said the outage was not a cyber attack or act of terrorism. saturday's outage affected 73,000 power customers and it included times square and broadway. no one was hurt. coming up on the "today" show,
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we will get a look at the power grid and its vulnerability. air billiona excused of sexually abusing young girls is expected in court. a bail hearing was scheduled for jeffrey epstein who has been held in jail since his arrest more ton a week ag prosecutors want to keep him in wail while he awaits trial but the defense is nting house arrest and a court-appointed ho trustee w would live with epstein in his mansion in manhattan. it is th black friday of summer. today, millions of people will lock to amazon's website f prime day amazon is rolling out two days of deals. the sales bonanza features thousands of electronics, entertainment, and tech items, and shipping is free. last year, the company sold 100 million products on prime y. one hitch. the sale is open to prime members only. walmart, target, and kohl's announce their own sales and giving you options.
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they have announced t own sales including ipad and smart tvs and furniture. a new warehouse in prince george's county is expected to be more than a million feet t largern first planned. set to be at a town center in upper marlboro. some think the residents is too sú@stalk about that later today. a meeting is held this evening at the colony south hotel in clinton. amazon's arrival could accelerate some improvement plans in crystal city. according to our news partners at ktop, the arlington countyb rd has proposed to close the tunnel for the city sector plan. it ns route 1 and connect t underground mall to area restaurants. the board is asking vdot to formally support the plan. once approved, removal of the tunnel is expected to begin this
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d.c. residents can take r k immunizations. an event is held on georgia avenue in northwest and it starts at 11:30 this morning. the mayor will be there and remind you that immunization forms are now a part of the enrollment forms for d.c.u pic schools. the first day of school is august 26th. pandas. >> yes! >> people are watching this morning. there could be a new panda on the way. >> please, please, please. the national zoo says tai s han is starting to build a necessary which could be a sign she is getting ready to have a baby. they haven't seen any other pregnancy behaviors so far. it is still early. shwas artificially inseminated back in march. do you know the names? bei bei and bow bow and the dad is tian tian. the proem with watching pandas you won't know until she is
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close to giving bshth whether is pregnant or not. >> that would be amazing. >> really? the fourth time? >> yes! lots of celebrating to do! >> there is another one! good luck, kid. hope you make it! still ahead on "news4 today," we are working for you. you may be paying fees and you don't know about it. we will take a look at some hidden fees. we ha b got someutiful weather out there right now. the sun just coming up right now. at 5:55 if you're getting the kid ready for camp, plenty of sunshine and lower tyhumidi but the heat comes back with a vengeance and some of the hottest temperatures we have seen yet this year and we will talk about that coming up. i decided tory the wheel. this is what is going on here in the middle of the rockville town square along with the other tour doing their pottery here.
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matt hutchison on austic guitar with me. when we come back, we will talk about summer freebies going on and part of this art and the create program on "news4 today." when i wth diagnosed with ms, thg i thought about
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was my family. i came home and cried. but, as i've seen my disease progress, the medicine has progressed right alongside trying t medications more affordable is important, but if washington isn't careful we might leave innovation behind. let's fix the system the right way. innovation is hope, and the lastn hing you want to losefe is hope.
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welcome back. work you for you this morning. it's one of the most aggravating partsodf buying a pruct or service. talking about hidden fees. >> they can pop up when you buy tickor paying a phone or cable bill. it's become so bad, legal action is now being taken. here in d.c., the attorney general sued marriott, accusing the hotel giant of charging deceptive fees. experts say it's not just about
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one case, it's out fixing the system. >> if you're running out of fun things to do for your family this summer we have a new alternative for you. >> molette green is live at rockville town square and she has details on summer in the square. good morning. >> good morning to you. i decided to try e wheel myself right here in the middle of the rockville town square with all of my classmates. you know he?ot i'm noing a bad job thanks to ryan who is an instructor. summer is not over and having an acoustic guitar playing while we are creating kind of helps get you in the mood here of creating the morning. i want to bring in executive director of this is alice to talk about this being a really cool cyss for everybod to be able to take advantage of. >> yes he. this is part of create, which a hands-on art lab. it is running here in the summer. we have 13 sessions on wednesda
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nights. and it's all about bringing people to the square and letting hem try their hand at art. >> yes. >> yeah. >> reporter: this is what you guys do. you're all about bringing in the creativity and capturing that and having the free attached to nice. akes it really >> yes, yes, yes, yes. these are different programs that we do. a couple of these are called try the wheel. we have one called pendulum painting which is the intersection of science and art. we did a program in honor of the matie stepanek foundation. omes is a way for people to in and, you know, try something creative and then they can want wanderer around thear squ
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i feel like in that movie with demi more and patrick swayze, remember that? >> looks like a lot of fun. thanks so much, molette green.'s let turn to lauryn ricketts now. good day to be outside? >> this morning is gorgeous out there. low humidity and comfortable. 60s and if you're in e shenandoah valley, temperatures in the upper 50s and lower 60s. you may need a jacket out there, believe it or not. you can shed that jacket this week because we are heading into temperaturesottest we have seen yet this year. sun coming up before 6:00 a.m. a beautiful morning out there. blue skies out there today. we are going to have plenty of sunshine and on the comfortable side all day but the humidity pours back in. overnight hot and humid for your tuesday. about 30% chance of afternoon and evengstorms. now wednesday hot throughout the day. that heatl index w over 100 degrees on wednesday but rain late and that is from barry and we will continue to see some shower and thundorms through at least the first part of the
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day on thursday.tu temperares now at 73 in washington. will be in the mid-70s by the next hour and then headed to the upper 80s for day time highs today. with more comfortable conditions out there. tomorrow we are in the low 90s. as i said that humidity comesac bk and overnight, we are dry today but we have that 30% chance of seeing showers and thunderstorms pop tomorrow afternoon. that will be ahead of barry. just that isolated chance tomorrow. better chances of scattered showers and storms late wednesday. alooks to be overnightnd lead into at least the firstpa of thursday if barry slows down a little bit, we could have showers and thunderstorms lingering into thursday evening. right now i have a lot of that moving out ptty quickly. not a lot going on as far as radar is concerd. here is the moisture from barry which is now a tropical depression. wind 30 continues to churn up the mississippi river valley there. eventually it will move to the east. here we go. throughout the day today, we are dry. there goes that moisture finally
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exiting out of louisiana.rr ahead tomo of the moisture from barry, we could have a little disturbance pass through region. about 30% chance of some showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. and then most of that moisture moves through late wednesday night and through day on thursday but gone by time we get into your friday looking a lot better on friday. boy, is it hot. heat index frid through the weekend well over 100 degrees. big delays on the beltway this morning. chopper 4 over this inner loop at route 50. just getting by. outer loop they are picking up the cones so some real slow downs inner loop and outer loop at 50. drash car fire on the left side of the road an you can see the
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beltway as low as spot is outer loop as you approach 50 this morning. travel times. remember to listen wtopou03.5 fm whenop can your car today. still ahead, we are working for your health. what you need to know to slow the signs of aging and lower our risk of skin cayn
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welcome back. we all know the importance of sunscreen. wbut for those of us whoear makeup, we may think because some of it has spf it's enough to protect us. >> we are working with your health this morning with help that may decrease your risk for skin cancer and slow down the sign of ages. news4 doreen gentzler reports. >> reporter: scan the aisles of department stores and you'll see most of the makeup and tinted moisturizers have spf built in, so are you one of those people who think you're covered like
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me? dermatologists say we are probably noand makeup should never be a substitute for sunscreen because you're simply frt using enough of it to protect your skin om the sun'sarmful rays. >> you should be using one whole teaspoon for your face and neck. that is a you pbly will not be able to apply that much foundation without looking like you're wearing a makeup mask and, chances are, you're not going to reapply it every two hours. >> reporter: instead, your morning routine should start with a road spectrum of sunscreen. the american academy of dermatology recommend 30 and some say spf 50 isest and suggest looking for ingredients like zinc d titanium for the best protection. apply the sunscreen and wait for utit to dry before you p on your makeup and then finish with a setting powder to help absorb any layering or shine. remember, layering spf 15
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sunscreen over spf 15 foundation or makeup does not add up to spf 30 protection. it's not cumulative. it doesn't work that way. back to you. ahead, less than a week lo after flash foding ripped up road across our region, an encouraging update on the repair work being done. >> deal struck. a local man accused of arson and causing thousands of dollars ine damag to local public utility equipment learn his fate. how about the weather? >> not too bad. r you want to wash the today, do it. we have rain chances this week tomorrow and then tracking barry and big time heat heading
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good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. it's monday, july 15th, 2019. first 4 traffic melissa mollet is standing by with a look at the road. >> let's start with lauryn ricketts and the forecast. >> right now looking gre out
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there. plenty of sunshine. the sun kacame up at 5:55 and clear skies and a beautiful plorng arthis mong and we are in the low to mid seventh. some areas in the shenandoah valley in the low 60s. north wind keeping that humidity on the lower side out there this morning. it will be pretty low throughout the lhumid this yesterday. blue skies all day long and as you wake up this morning by 9:00 a.m. that temperature is 80.roaching it's not going to be too hot out there today. temperatures will be right around seasonable but wait until get through therest of this week and it's very, very warm. some of the hottest temperatur we have seen all year and, of course, we turn to jummy. >> reporter: the hot temperatures. d.c. mayor murie bowser activated the emergency's heat plan. that mean the cool centers are open for anyone hoping to get
6:31 am
while this week. here is a look at the shelters that will be helping out. the mayor also suggests if you or your family need to cool off at any point check out a library or rec center during norl business hours. call 311 if you're looking for more information. it's suggested everybody stay inside as much as ossible and drink plenty of water and use that sunscreen. also be sure to check our elderly neighbors and any pets outside to make sure they are staying safe as well. the good news is everyone shoulo stay s this week. let's turn to melissa mollew >> good morning. outer loop express lanes at braddock road just reopened and a lot of delays this morning from an earlier crash. also a situation here near braddock outer loop and inner loop with construction that did
6:32 am
not clear. crash on the left side of the roadway on the left side of the shoulder. he beltway is looking okay right now. aaron? >> melissa, tnk you. neighbors in maryland are not so happy about amazon's plan to built a fulfillment center in prince george's county. >> aimee cho is live now in upper marlboro how the public is weighing in goday. d morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are at town center. e frustrated. they thought they were getting a grocery store and retail shops but a lot of that extra space could be a massive new amazon supply center.
6:33 am
there has been a lot of mixed reaction and some neighborsay hey are excited about the possibility new jobs, but other say they didn't sign up to live near a giant you who when they bought homes in thisea specifically because they wanted a more neighborhood feel. last week, news talked to a developer for the project and he said he think the project wl attract more stores to open up nandorra. heot confirm if it is amazon moving in but he described what the project will look like. >> the footprint of the building itself is about 800,000 square feet and maybe more than that. it will be about four stories tall. almost all of the employees will be on the first level.s the second, third, and fourth level are all robots, conveyer belts and different chutes and elev around. ove product >> reporter: there is a meeting tonight at the s cthlony hotel in clinton for neighbors to share their thoughts and another meeting later on this
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week. live iner upp marlboro, aimee cho, news4. today, james fields jr. will be sentenced in virginia on ge state char fields was found guilty of intentionally driving his car into a crowd of counterprotesters during a unite the right rally in charlottesville in 2017. heather heyer was killed and dozens others were hurt. this morning a bowie man accused of arson knows his fait. fate. >> joseph clark will spend more than a decade in prison arter stting fire on utility vehicles. he accepted a plea deal on charges he set multiple vehicles on fire at the bowie public works facility. you can see some of what was left behind on these photos from the prince george's county police department. clark will be locked up for more than 13 years.
6:35 am
and also placed on five years probation when he is s leased. rning, a 42-year-old e man is recovering after being hit by a policcar in reston. this happenedne the intersectionf reston parkway and sunset hills road on sunday morning. the woman was hit after stepping off the sidewalk into the road there. she is expected to be okay. we have learned the fairfax acounty school board hasroved changes to the way students are disciplined. our news partner at wtop report the new students rights and handbook includes mor two dozen changes. one change says schools are now required to notify parents of the situation before the studen is questionedministrators or signs a statement about the incident. we are told the changes are meant to streamline the way indiscipline is handed dowhe school system. your time is 6:35. here is a look at t other story this morning. police arrested the driver of an suv after rescuing him from the suv overturned. he icers say yesterday driver took off during a traffic stop on v street lincoln road.
6:36 am
a dog was also in car but was not hurt. electrical o age on saturday in new york city put nearly75,000 people in the dark. blocks were impacted, including times square and broadway. mar bill de blass io said an attack of cyberor terrorism has been ruled out.> a billionaire excused of sexually abusing young girls is expected in court. a bail hearing was scheduled for jeffrey epstein who has been held in jai since his arrest more than a week ago. prosecutors want to keep him in jail while he awaits trial but the defense is wanting house arre in his manhattan home. wimbledon wrapped up over the weekend and hi on the line. >> serena williams was on the verge of winning her 24th major but not to be, at least for now. despite a confident start, l wiliams would eventually lose to the 27-year-old romanian star
6:37 am
hale she won her second grand slam title. a wild finish in the men's final. it took novak djokovic nearly five hour to beat roger federer. k. came down to a tie brea first in men's final history. joke djokovic has five wimbledon titles and this was his second in the ro i was rooting for the losers but that is okay because they are both superstars in their sport. a new study shed light on the effectiveness of gun control lawshen it comes to children. news4 molette green is live in the community and she joins us live. what are you working ? >> reporter: we are trying the wheel. a class full of first timers here, right? we are at rockvilletown square. ryan is here and we are trying to create the scene from "ghost." okay, yea! we will talk more about how yous can take three class and all
6:38 am
of the things out there still for you this summer and it's coming up on "news4 today." good monday morning. this week, we are focusing on .reventing your kid from getting summer brain dra today at 4:00, i'll show you fun and easy ways to keep your kids mentally activity how to get them back on track before the new school year starts. >> engaging kids and even signing them up for your local good old-fashioned library program where they can be incentivized and motivated to read books that they love. >> join us today at 4:00. >> join us today at 4:00. we kic [ up-tempo music plays ] we don't just ay music in d.c. ♪ we make songs that celebrate life... and love and living. they're d rn in our souls anhearts.
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and the beat travels up through our bodies until there's nowhere else for it to go but out. that's the way it is her that's the way we like it. ♪
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this morning stricter gun laws have been linked to fewer firearm related deaths in children according to researchers with children's national medical center here in d.c.
6:41 am
they examined data from more than 21,000 children who died from a guteinjury. stas with stricter gun laws had fewer deaths and places with longstandinkguniversal bund checks had 35% fewer deaths. ending gun violence was the goal behind a weekend event in the district. >> a southea community held a gun violence prevention block party. it was set up at v street. d.c. police report 85 homicides so far this year. there was plenty going on, including music. several of the musicians involved took the chance to release a new song and music videoalled "peace and sitivity" to raise awareness about gun violence. >> well, we are here right now today kicking off a violence-free for the sr, we are launching eoace and positivity. it's a music vid but it's also an effort in the city helping fire peaceful healthy communities. >> one common unity organized this event. the group works to bring p together peo from all backgrounds to help end violence and poverty.
6:42 am
now here is your cnbc business report. amazon prime day is officially under way. annual shopping event n o stretchesr 48 hours. amazon promising more than 1 million sales and hopes to avoid the website crash that hampered them last year. lots of other retailers are mpnning sales to coete with amazon. walmart summer savings event runs throubi wednesday. discounts on electronics and everyday items. target's deal days runs today and tomorrow. with be morning's cnbc report, i'm rahel solomon. in thepper 80soday which is seasonable for this time of the year but comfortable conditions out there right now and throughout the day.ra we have on the way and unbearable and dangerous heat heading our way. we will talk about those numbers coming up. head braddock road
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> . welcome back. it's 6:45. president trump is no stranger to causing on twitter. over the weekend he caused a re storm when he attacked democratic lawmakers. >> many women the subject of his tweets are women of all colors. he suggested they first came fromntther ces and then wrote, quote. nbc hallie jackson joins us from
6:46 am
white hse with reaction. >> not much reaction from top republicans who are mostly silent on this. but democrats are not. calling the tweets racist and un-american. talking about the tweet you read from the psident on sunday talking about the congresswomen who he said originally came from countries where governments are a cplete and total catastrophe. the president suggests they go back and help the broken and crime-infested places where they came and come back and show us how it's done. he didn't mention them by name t seemed to talk about these four. all four are u.s. citizens. all four are women of color. three of them were born here in the u.s. only congressman omar was born outside of thent coury in somalia. the president on defense doubling down and tweeting so bad that the democrats pick up for people who speak to badly
6:47 am
for our country. we will have more reaction today on "today" or maybe the guy mowing the lawn behind us here. >> you're a true professional. thank you. live at the white house for us and make sure you check out her full report coming up next on "today" show. vice president mike pence spent part of his wend visiting border patrol stations in texas. the vice president said he and president wanted the public to see firsthand how the detains are being treated. he said the conditions are inhumane, but the vice president said the migrants he spoke with had no complaints. the administration's handling of the border facilities has been controversial, along with the practice of separating childrent from their par there were reports of from guards. two allegations of sexual abuse are under investigation.
6:48 am
news4 justin finch is live in front of the ice headquarters in d.c. with more. >> reporter: we know details have been larg wraps and we know the raid are now under way but a trump ti administ official is telling nbc news that a handful of arrests so far have been made the focus is much wider set. at least ten u.s. cities are now being targeted in these ice raid. baltime is on that list. at least 2,000 undocumented immigrants are the focus of those raid and could face final deportation order as these raid enter a second day. we have also seen demonstrations against these ice raids erupt across the country as well including new york city and some here closer to our area. faith leader also drawing their lines in the sand, open the ers s to their worship ce who welcome in those undocumented families as well as others who could be at risk and
6:49 am
even providing service to them as well. closer to home, baltimore on that listh of te ten cities. we have reached out to our nbc station in baltimore. so far, they have no record yet of any ice raid as a result of this action but we are now entering day two of that and it could hang. live in southwest, justin finch, "news4 today." back to you. this morning, we are continung to keep an eye on tropical depression ba that storm which had been a category 1 hurricane hit the gulf coast over the weekend. much of lisiana was drenched in rain bringing up to 6 inches in some place. the threat f oflash flooding lingered all weekend and hundreds of road became flooded and nearby ceks and rivers breached their banks. new orleans is breathing a sigh of relief. the city says it managed to make it through the storm without much trouble. the d.c. region may not have been hit by a hurricane but some
6:50 am
of us are still cleaning up from last week's flash flooding. >> it took out a big chunk ofl best road in potomac, maryland, creating a sinkhole that caused problems for dozens of familyheho lived on wrong side of the wash-out. one lane reopened s morning. crews are working on a permanent fix to the road but that work should not require another complete closure. let's turn to your storm team 4 forecast with lauryn ricketts. >> we are dry today and actually comfortable today. humidity dropped overnight and we are looking a lot better out there today. sunshine. not as humid out there today but the heat is coming and it's starting to build overnight tonight. at and humidity will be with us all the way in to next weekend. we are tracking rain from barry so we are dry today. could have small shower chances tomorrow and that moisture will roll through here from barry late wednesday into thursday. temperatures out there right now 60s and 70s. e little chilly out in the shenandoah vall
6:51 am
you may need a jacket out there in martinsburg but seasonable this year which is 89 and hit that the middle part of the afternoon. temperatures fall but a nice day out there. if you want to go ahead and e rcise, not as humid. pool time, perfect with full sunshine and blue skies. that commute probably with sunshine delays for both of those. here is a gardening tip for the day. as far as what we are looking at, you might want to garden rlier than later. look at this. number on the left is the temperature. daytime high for that y. the number on the right is what it feels like. in fact, that number at 106 on friday will get higher as we head into next weekend.g 93 es feeling close to a hundred. a chance for storms tomorrow night. not today. we are dry out there today. atere is th moisture from now
6:52 am
tropical depression barry scooting its way up the mississippi ley. we are dry out there today. a little piece of energy may break off tomorrow afternoon and warm front lifts thr the area, we could have showers and tomorrow afternoon through tomorrow evening. otherwise we are dry for a good part of wednesday before that moisture edges closer to us by wednesday night and then we will have rain around on thursday. we are dry on friday. we will show you the temperature on that ten-day forecast coming ow. first, let's sh you traffic with melissa. good morning. beltway near braddock road the inner loop seeing delays and a crash near the express lanes here. kind of slower than would typically be. outerayoop is looking ok at this point so thank you, chopper, for that. outer loop and river road not bad. a delay on the left side because of an earlier accident there. rest of the beltway is okay.
6:53 am
remember to listen wtop 103.5 fm r when you hop can your caday. molette green is live in rockville town square with details on the summer happenings there in the square. good morning. >> reporter: we are creating. i tried the wheel earlier in the hour. i wanted to get up and walk around and see what my classmates have been doing with their crea franco over here is very proud
6:54 am
of these two little bowls. you proud? >> yep. >> ed yep. okay. as we walk down, this class is ee and it's somethingor you to do this summer and ryan here has been very patient with me. k r. t sno, justi artkidding. ha ha! the fun part is wrecking it like in the movie "ghost." re you okay? >> i'm perfectly fine with that. >> see what i did? you do this in class too. let's talk to the executive director of this art about all that is offered over the summer here. alice, we have ethis guitar in the middle of us. >> these are activities in rockville town square. there is salsa dancing also happening and check it out at rockville down for more events being thank you for
6:55 am
music. >> my pleasure.mi >> reporter:le of the thick of it. come on, aaron. you can try this. >> did he fix the pot or is it still leaning over there? >> reporter: yeah. >> look at that! >> reporter: he is an instructor so he knows how to make it work. >> good deal. >> that looks fun. here are four thingsow to this morning. president trump is under fire for a series of weekend tweets that many presume were directed at four freshmen lawmakers. the tweets suggested that the democrats, quote, go and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came. chow out "today" sh for reaction. nationwide immigration raids are happening in ten cities including baltimore. news4 and telemundo is opening n phone btonight at 5:00 for people with questions about the
6:56 am
raid. our area still feeling the flooding from last week ande creato sinkhole on belfast road and the stre reopened yesterday morning and crews are working on a more permanent fix as well. today is amazon prime azon is offering more than a million deals online this year. but the offers don't end there. other retailers are joining in on the fun and offering their own deals in hopes to compete with the online giant. stay with us for the most to . lp with the sales out there being offered temperatures in the upper 80s and blue sky out there. 30% chance of storms tomorrow. hot and humid throughout the week. late wednesday into thursday we are tracking barry and doesn't i look too much rain but a lot of moisture heading our way. looks like on we clear out late. thursday friday is dry. heat index into the weekend well
6:57 am
over 105. >> wow. that is rm. beltway near braddock road, chopper 4 showing you delays from an earlier crash and construction that hung around a little too long. >> thank you. that is the newt for ay. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> "today" show is next. iee you in 25 minutes for weather, traff local news. enjoy your day until then. >> make it a great day, everybody. enjoy your monday! we're the slowskys.
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good onmorning. the move. the remnants of hurricane barry still soaking the south and slowly pushing inland. tens of millions face the flew threat of downpours and flooding today. l has the latest on what to expect. backlash.nt the preside accused of blatanter racism a his latest twe storm seeming to suggest four democratic congresswomen, all of them american, should, quote, go back where they came from. >> it is absolutely racist and un-american. he president is a sick man. >> ovrenight, the psident doubles down. fellow republicans so far silent. raids under way. those immigration round ups begin in major cities coast to


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