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tv   Today  NBC  July 15, 2019 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good onmorning. the move. the remnants of hurricane barry still soaking the south and slowly pushing inland. tens of millions face the flew threat of downpours and flooding today. l has the latest on what to expect. backlash.nt the preside accused of blatanter racism a his latest twe storm seeming to suggest four democratic congresswomen, all of them american, should, quote, go back where they came from. >> it is absolutely racist and un-american. he president is a sick man. >> ovrenight, the psident doubles down. fellow republicans so far silent. raids under way. those immigration round ups begin in major cities coast to coast, but at a much slower pace
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than anticipated. what's expected today, just ahead. >> all that, plus missing camper mystery. the despera search for a california woman who vanished without a trace. >> i was gone. no more than five to seven minutes, and i came back over here and she was gone. >> what her husband suspected foul play. >> america's power problem. new concerns surrounding the power after the massive blackout in new york city. >> and match for the ages. novak djokovic tlouts roger federer in an epic record-shattering wimble. the lgest men's singles final in wimbly,on histor and one of the greatest of all time. today, monday, july 15th, 20 >> from nbc news, this is "today," with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in
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rockefeller plaza. >> morning, everybodlc wee to "today." nice to have you with us on a monday morning. if you're wondering about the wimbledon match, it is too soon to talk about. >> as soon as the match wrapped, i thought how is my friend savannah doing? >> not great. it's great for tennis fans. what an epic finale. they played near perfect matc i can't be expected to be neutral. i was devastated roger lost, but we move on. to the u.s. open. let's srt with our top story and the remnants ofrr ba the first hurricane of the season to make landfall in the u.s., pushing inland now, causing new problems and soaking the coast. we're going to get to al's forecast in a moment, but first, kerry sanders joins us from louisiana the latest there. good morning. >> good morning. much of louisiana is now drying out b this is the bayou state and even a little rain can cause a flood, you can see the stres her behind me, the homes there are built up on
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stilts. authey do that bec they know when it rains or there's a hurricane, this can happen. so while there is a moment now a where people waiting for the waters to finally fully recede, very few homes if any are waterlogged this morning. this morning, in louisiana, evacuate residents are heading home. >> it's been very tiresome. i'm very tired. >> some finding theirs neighborhoodnder water. >> i'm happy to be home even though there's water in our rd. might come up some more, who knows, but i'm happy to be home. >> barry blew in as a category-1 hurricane on saturday, making landfall along louisiana's central coast. dumping up to 15 inches of rain in some spots. flooding streets, uprooting trees, and knocking out power t nearly 200,000 customers. but louisiana's governor is glad it wasn't worse. >> i for one am extremely grateful that the forecasted
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rains and flooding did not materiale. >> state-wide, just over 90 people needing evacuation, including the coast guard rescue of a dozen people and their pets stranded by the rising waters on saturday in terrebonne parish. the fire chief there saying water rushed over the levees. >> theedower startoing out, people started panicking. s parish.of low-lying plaque flooding could still be a threat. >> is it over? >> it's not over. >> bbecause? >>ause the water is coming south. going to have to get out to the gulf of mexico some kind of way. >> this morning, local governments will spend their way calculating how muchhe t storm cost so they apply to the federal government, fema, for financial assistance. savannah, craig. >> kerry sanders, thank you. >> so kerry is in plaquemines.
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we saw the water behind him. the initial impact wasn't as bad as we were expecting, but thes flood i starting now. >> it's starting to crop up once again. we have flash flood watches and warnings. there's a feeder band coming into lake charles and on up into mississippi. heavy rain falli at this hour. tropical depression barry, 80 miles west of little rock, but a lolot of fing going on here. high water rescues. this system pushes slowly up to the north, heavy rain throughsi the misippi river valley today, and isolated tornado threat tomorrow, heavy pockets of rainacrom indianapolis b down into little rock. we'll be watching that as the afternoon and tomorrow wears on. rainfall amounts gener1ly about to 3 inches, but locally, down through louisiana and on up into arkansas, uards of 5 inches of rain. so the threat not quite done yet. >> we'll check back in in a moment. in the president is under fire for a tweet storm
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aime at several democratic congpwomen. some have branded his comments racist, but this morning, he's doubling down. we'll start with hallie jackson. good morning. good morning. top republicans have been mostly silent on this so far, as the president defends himself, and again this mosing, goe after the group he's calling the radical left congresswomen. it comes after a tweet telling some democrats americans, to go back to their home countries. triggering a furious response from those who believe he's targeting four freshmen lawmakers with offensive and racist attacks. the fallout coming fierce and fast this morning after a presidential tweet his opponents are blasting as ignorant and hateful. >> it is absolutely racist and un-american. >> the president is a sick man. >> right now, we have a racist president who is demeaning female members of the house of representatives based on the color of their skin and their cultural heritage. >> it started when the president on sunday referenced progressive
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democrat congresswomen who he says originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and total catarerophe. the pdent then suggested they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from wch they came. then come back and show us how it is done. he is seeming to single out thee so-cal squad of freshman progressives,, alexand ocasio-cortez, ilhan omar, and rashida talib. asio-cortez firing back, saying you're angry because you includes us.e of an a in the words of esley, this is what racism looks like, she writes. we are what democracy looks like. while the president smed to try to exploit the divide between the four women and nancy
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pelosi, it may have donehe opposite, unifying democrats against him. pelosiin tweet the president's plan to make america great again has always beet making america white again, adding our unity is our power. on defense, the president is now tweeting it's so sad to see the democratic speakingpor people who speak so badly of our country. whenever confronted, they call our versaries racists. the president argues, if the emocrat party wants to condone such disgraceful behavior, we look even more forward to seeing you at the ballot box 2020. >> all of thisoms cg as we're getting a new poll, 2020 matchups with various democrats. what's it looking like? >>ur latest poll shows some of those democrats pulling ahead of president trump in hypothetical head-to-head matchups. specifically joe biden, elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, who would all beat t esident, according to these new numbers. just about a dead heat with kamala harris. while it's still early,
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president trump isperforming worse than former president barack obama did at the same time during histi re-elec in august 2011. savannah. >> hallie jackson, thank you. also this morning, the trumi administ's much debated raids targeting thousands of undocumented immigrants are under way, but there's beente a lahange with how that operation is being rolled out. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in atlanta, one of the cities where the raidsre expected. good morning. >> craig, good morning. the round-ups have begun, but a senior administration official says they have started ow. we don't have solid numbers at this point, but so far, they appear to be much lower than what was initially anticipated and feared in immigrant communities. after protests this weekend across the country, today, planned round-ups by immigraon and customs enforcement are under way, though apparently smaller and quieter than what was widely >> p come into our country illegally. we're tabing them out legally. very simple. it's notng somet i like doing,
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but people havin come our country illegally. we're focused on criminals. >> arrests had been expected ia least ten major cities inuding los angeles, chicago, atlanta, miami, and new york. nall raids were reported in two new yorkeighborhoods on saturday, but it's not clearthf were part of the wider crackdown. several mayors are defiant, refusing to cooperate. >> what we are working on is doing everything we can tous back against what the trump administration is doing. >> volunteers in north carolina even patrolled neighborhoods looking for i.c.e. officers. >> we are out today doing i.c.e. watch. >> on sunday, a t immigration official refused to say whether children caught up in deportation raids would be separated from their parents. >> i'm not going to say yes or no to anything like that because then certain people out there can write themselves off the list or find a way to play a loophole. >> it all comes as the battle over the border intensifies. this video inse a detention
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center in mcco texas drawing outrage. migrants shouting they had no showers as ice president mike pence toured the facility. one journest on the tour described a horrendous stench. >> you're at your capacity here. >> a second facility in texas near was less crowded. >> i couldn't be more impressed with the compassionate work you're doing at this facility. >> a senior administration official says the goal of arresting 2,000 undocumented immigrants can still be reached in the coming days but it's importantno note i 2012 under the obama administration, there were more than 1,000 i.c.e. arrests across the country on averbee, so a num of that high is not unheard of, still, back then, families were not being targeted as they are >> gabe gutierrez, thank you. or> another maj story we're following this morning. a key court appearance for jeffrey epstein tied to his arrest on sexrafficking charges. and prosecutors are detailing
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steps that the billionaire allegedly took to cover his tracks. nbc's stephanie gosk is at the courthouse here in new york for us. hey, steph. good morning. >> good morning. there is, as you say, a lot at stake here with thi jhearing. thege will decide whether or not jey epstein has tore in in as he waits for trial. j if hel isai convicted on these charges, he could be in jail for the rest of his life. this morning, jeffrey epstein is hoping to trade a jail cell for his multimillion dollar mansion. a judge expected to decide whether the convicted sex offender will remain behind bars until his trial. epstein's attorneys argue he poses no flight risk. suggesting house arrest at his luxury $77 million new york city home. electronic monitoring and even offering to ground histe priva jet. but prosecutors who want him to stay in prison say this is woefully ngadequate, calli epstein a serial sexual predator
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who tried to influence possible co-conspirators by payinghem $350,000 just days after the miami herald published a bombshell expose on him last year. epstein is accused of sexually abusin underaged girls between 2002 and 2005. and paying some alleged victims recruit others. >> many of the underaged girls that epstein allegedly victimized were particularly vulnerable to exploitation. >> a description jennifer arose told savannah fit her when she says she was lured into epstein's world and raped by him. >> when you think about that yearsgirl, and you're 14 old. you're still a little girl. >> yeah. i was. for sure. very impressionable. i cared so much about what people thought at that time. i had,, like i guess daddy issu, you could say. you know, so i was very easily manipulated.
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>> arose never contacted authorities to tell her story and is not part ofny criminal case against epstein. epstein's attorneys have question arose's credibility in previous discussions with her legal team. their client has pleaded not guilty to charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy to traffic minors for the purpose of sex. >> steph, last week, prosecutors asked other women who may have been victimized by epstein to come forward. t havey heard from anyone, do we know? >> you know, craig, they say this case is growing stronger by the y. several new women have actually responded to their call. each one of them is a potential new witness against epstein. llys, back to you. >> we'e watching today. thank you. we have an update on the grounded boeing 737 max planes. there's increasing speculation they may not return to the skies again this year.c' nb tom costello has been following the story from the start. tom, what's the latest? >> well,ou mayecall that this all follows the two fatal
7:15 am
plane crashes overseas that killed nearly 350 people and the plane has been grounded since march. the latest now is the airlines are now looking at the very real possibility they will not have fleets for in their the thanksgiving and christmas travel holidays, and that means le to fly fewer passengers. american airlines and united airlines have now canceled the max flhehts, say t don't think they can rely on the max, at least untilly ear november. southwest expected to do t same. the problem, boeing needs to submit a list of software and potential hardware fixes to the faa for approval that would hopefully come at the earliest in september. the faa, however, will take some time to certify the plane and its list of concerns continugr to . so the airlines are saying listen, we know that it's going to take time to train our pilots at the earliest, best case scenario, this plane is back in our fleets in early november, but aviation sources we talk to regularly say listen, this is now likely to impact
7:16 am
thanksgiving and christmas travel rush. which means thene pla may not fly again until january. craig. >> wow. tom costello for us. thank you. 7:15. let's get the rest of our fo'scast. >> letee what we have going on around the rest of the countr you' see we have plenty of sunshine in the northeast, on intoan new engl on into the southeast as well. the flood threat from there ants of barry. southwest heat will be building and building across the rest of the country. but in the meantime, we'll get into your local forecast coming up in the [alarm beeping] {tires screeching} {truck honking} (avo) life doesn't give you many second chances. but a subaru can. (dad) you guys ok? wow. you alright? (avo) eyesight with pre-collision braking. standard on the subaru ascent. the three-row subaru ascent. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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well, we have nice conditio out there right w. plenty of sunshine as we continue through the day. blue skies, and again, it's urally comfortable out there. o way to the upper 80s for a daytime highto y. that's about normal for this time of year. what's not normal is theow humidity. enjoy today. it rolls back in overnight. so 89 degrees today. we're dry. chances ofrain, small ones, return late tomorrow night. >> tha ls yourest weather. savannah. >> thank you. coming up, overnight developments in the desperate search for a california woman who disappeared during a camping trip and while her children suspect foul play. >> also ahead, the b in the wake of that weekend blackout that plunged a large swath of new york city into darkness on saturday. are u.s. power grids prepared to prevent theext big blackout? first, this is "today" o g bla? n first, this is "today" on nbc.
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still ahead, a match for the ages in the record books. inside the excitement and fanfare and yes, depression, surroundingyesterday's epien men's final at wimbledon. >> also,arry smith goes hollywood with the all-star cast of one of the year's most buzzed about movies. first, your loca wn ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a-- ♪ drifter i was ♪born to alone! you're a drifter? i thought you were kevin's dad. little bit of both. if you ride, you get it. geico motorcycle. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. [upbeat music ♪]
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hurry into the mercedes-benz summer event today for exceptional offers.30 lease the glsuv for just $419 a month at the mercedes-benz summer event. going on now. this is a news 4 "today" news bre >> 7:26 is your time now on this monday, july 15th, 2019. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. nationwide immigrationaids are happening in at least ten major cities including baltimore. nbc 4 and telemundo 44 are openin a phone bank starting at 5:00 this evening for those with questions about theseraids. u can head to the nbc washington app for theumber and more details. today, d.c. residents can take tir kids to receive free immunizations. the event starts at 11:30 at the mary's center on georgia avenue. immunization forms are now part of the enrollment forms for d.c. public schools.
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now let's checkn your commute with melissa moll. >> centreville near 28, the crash is cleared out of the way, but we have delays headed inbound. e street, a crash there in northwest. hillcrest heights nilr sr hill road, broken down vehicle causing some delays there, and right now, on 395, we have a problem as well. that siation, hov lanes before the pentagon disabled vehicle. >> thank you, lissa. >> we'll take a break and check your for.
7:28 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist lauryn ricketts. a dry day out tre today. slight chance of rain tomorrow afternn. better chances of rain late on wednday through the d on thursday. dry on friday. this will be from barry. today, 74 degrees. our temperature right now. by l move into the mid 70s 7:00 a.m., through the 7:00 a.m. hour. upper 80s for daytime highs.
7:29 am
hot this week. more chances of rain late wnz into thursday, but d this weekend. >> thank you. another local news update here in about 25 minutes. >> for w, back to the "today" show after
7:30 am
♪ >> so, how do you handle things when the light going out on broadway? well, the cast of several musicals took their act to the streets during sat night's blackout here in manhattan. >> the sw must goon. that was the cast from come away, doing an impromptu performance when the lights went dim for a moment. >> we'll have more on that and the concern it's raised for the country's pider gr >> let's get a check of headlines. tropical depression barry is headg north and threatening to
7:31 am
drench parts of arkansas and missouri. in louisiana, evacuated residents are heading home toda and someinding their neighborhoods underwater. barry made landfall on saturday as a category-1 hurricane. dumping up to 15 inches of rain in some spots. flooding streets, uprootingee trs. barry is the first storm of thes hurricane se. most of those storms come between mid-august and october. >> there's more fallout over comments from president trump that his opponents are blasting as ignorant and hateful. on sunday, in a series of tweets, the president referenced progreive democrat congresswomen who he says originally came from countries whose governments are a complete and tot catastrophe. the president then suggested they go back and help fix these totariy broken and infested places from which they came, then come back and show us how it's done. several democrats fired back including freshman congresswomar ayannasley, who says this is what racism looks like.ha we're democracy looks like.
7:32 am
>> a group of white water rafters found themselves heading right for a waterfall. >> oh, my god. >> no. >> six people onboard apparently did not see a sign that said danger beyond this port. they all had their life jackets on. they were rescued within minutes. some had scrapes and bruises but no one was seriously injured. >> now to a massive multiagency search under way in central california this morning for ar- 60-yeaold woman whose been missing since friday afternoon. this morning, her children are pleading for more resource and more time to help find their mother. nbc nationa correspondent miguel almaguer has the latest. what do we know? >> good morning. sheryl powell was last seen on friday byt her husband a a camp site about an hour away from the california/nevada border. investigators say this is an acve search and rescue as well as an active investigation. but as of now, they say, they have no leads, as her family
7:33 am
fears time is running out. 's been three days since sheryl powell's husband says he last saw his wife at a remote camp site in the bristol cone pine forest in central if she had an injury, if she would have fallen, bumped her head, we would have found her by now. >> crews are combing the rugged tendain from the groundai the the missing woman's children joining their father and authorities in the search, deerate for answers. >> they questioned some people in t area and got gas station footage, but i don't know what else is being de from that standpoint. >> poll's husband of 40 years, joseph said both his wife and dog disappeared while he was turning their jeep around to set up camp for the weekend. >> i was gone no more than between five to seven minutes and i came back over here and she was goneav i been through this a million times in my mind. how could somebody absolely disappear like that. >> after searching for his wife
7:34 am
on his own for almost an hour, he contacted authorities with a ortellite phone to rept her missing. >> at this time, we don't have any evidence to point directly to criminal activity. >> the huntington beach couple is described by friends as loving and caring with a close relationship. those whonow her say sheryl, who is 5'2", is an experienced hiker with a good sense of direction. and that she and her husband spend manys weeke camping and hiking. her children suspect foul play. >> we think that the likelihood of her being abducted by somebody else is very high. >>t thistime, authorities have ruled out joe powell as a . suspec >> they're a model of what perfect marriage relationship should be. >> i don't understand any part of it. i'm destroyed personally. i'll trying to stay strong because that's what i have to do right henow. >> t powell family and officials eager to find answers and sheryl soon. >> miguel, as w see ere, this looks like pretty forbidding
7:35 am
terrain. how are they doing this search? >> it's definitely difficult work. the search resumed this morning by foot and air. they're also using drones with satellite imagery available. the family is also encouraging eeople to reach out to the governor's officnd the sheriff's office to request additional funding and to broaden that search out, savannah. >> thank you. keep us posted. all right, 7:35 now. some folks dealing with rain and flooding. other folks dealing with heat. >> that's right. make sure you get your a conditioning checked in the next day or two, especially in the midwest and on into the northeast. hottest days of the year this ek. kansas city, cincinnati, by friday, 96 degrees. detroit, 93. that will be the hottest day so far. for washington, d.c., hottest so far, 96. by friday, 97 same in philly and new york city getting up to 93, beating the temperature currently of 91 being the hottes barry gets the heck out of here. big heat dome builds throughout country today. look at the temperatures today. minneapolis, 91.
7:36 am
green .y, des moines, 92. and for tomorrow, we expect that warmup to move into the northeast. boston, near 90. sa in new york city. pittsburgh, bangor, 87 degrees. that 6 degrees above average. going into this weekend, 93 in new york on friday. d.c., 97. 91 in cleveland. st. louis will see temperatures flirting with triple digits. that's ws g on around the country, here's what's happening in yher neck of t woods. >> on the heels of what al just said, the temperatures this weekend could be pushing towards 100 degrees. i'm not talking about the heat index. heat index ts weekend, well over 105. enjoy today. the humidity is low. we'll top out at 89, which is seasonable for this time of year. dry today wiy of sunshine. the humidity rolls back in overnight. we'll have ahance for showers and thunderstorms tomorrow, but it going to feel close to 100 degrees for your tuesday. >> that's your latest weather.
7:37 am
>> thank you. just ahead, inside a big f weekend the royal family. from wimbledon to the london premiere of "tn lio king" including the parenting advice beyonce and jay-z had for meghan and harry. >> then, harry smith sitting down with hollywood royalty. sitting down with the cast of once upon a time in hollywood. >> the big stars answering and being added to the list for hoda's dance or donate challenge. >> first, lingering questions after that massive blackout iw nerk city over the weekend. could it happen agwhn? did it happen at all? we'll get into that righ. s] oh she's hungry. snack attack. open that fridge! go, bullseye, go! ♪ hunger calls. make way for the big cheese! for a chance to nen an adventure's by disy vacation, visit babybeladventure.comix see disney p's toy story 4, now playing.
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-they're very tasteful. thisng mor on in-depth, today, the blackout that plunged parts of new york city into blackness saturday night, including right here add 30 ro . >> thewidespread outage led to a lot of commotion, w disrupted kend plans of lots of residents and tourists. cathy park was in the middle of it in the dark with everybody elrn. >> good mog. right here in the building, guys, that utility company appaologed for the widespread disturbance but offered little clues how 73,000 customers stayed without pow for five hours. officials say the power grid is sound and wasn't overloaded but the fallout is just the beginning with o lawmaker calling the situation unacceptable. >> mass confusion in manhattan, minutes after a power outage flipped the off switch on the city's bright lights.
7:42 am
times square iconic billboards lifeless. some subway trains brought to a screeching halt. leaving manyassengers stranded. the widespread blackout causing more tha 400 elevators to get stuck. including this one carryingn alle mcveigh and six others. >> new york fire department broke through a brick wall because we weren near a floor to get us out. we're so relieved. it was pretty traumatic. >> esaturday's stretched 30 blocks from midtown manhattan to the upper west side, leaving n the 3,000 customers dark for several hours. >> you just can't have a power outage of this magnitude in this city. it ida too ngerous. the potential for public safety risk and chaos is too high. >> in a statement, the utility company tconeilson bdie conducting a diligent and vigorous investigationo determine the root cause of the incident.
7:43 am
some experts attributing the outage to urcountry's aging power grid. >> we need to invest money to reduce the probability of these thgs. and to modernize this grid is going to require a lot of funding. >> the scene reminding many of the massive power oute from hen 50 million people across the unite03d states w an canada were hit withca casng blackouts after a tree branch fell in ohio tripping breakers. that blackoutwake-up call hwithdreds ofed sensors add across t grid and congress beefing up legislation. also, 42 years to the day of the new york city city blackout when the city lost power for 20 hours, that caused by a lightning strike and known as a defining moment for the city with massiveoo lting taking place, nearly 4,000 arrests and millions of dollars in damage. things much calmer this time around, but a new concern,
7:44 am
hackers. while investigators don't believe foul play was involved in lsaturday, nationa security experts say the blackout should serve as a wake-up call. >> complex systems that have been p in place and built upon over many years, they're going to be vulnerabilities. our advearies know whahose vulnerabilities are and they will look to exploitthem. >> new yorkers now waiting fors answo shed light on their moment ofdarkness. >> cathy, i'm going to ask you a question. i think i know the answer to it. are we prepared as a country to handle something like this? are we prepared for a large scale blackout? >> based on our conversations with the experts, obviously, there arels protoco in place at the local, state, and federal levels, but the big keaway is how dependent we are on power and how crippling it can be when we don't have it, even for five hours. just a good reminder from this weekend to have tse batteries, chargers in hand, just in case it happens again. hopefully it doesn't happen again. antiquated r of how our infrastructure is.
7:45 am
>> up next, are you ready? >> no. >> we're going to go to wimbledon. >> too soon. >> epic, epic men's final. decided by a historic tiebreaker. it left even the royals speeless. . this is not jueadache. this is not just a fever. thiss not just the flu. it's meningitis b... and you're not there to help. while meniitis b is uncommon... once symptoms appear,
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♪ throw my hands up to the ceiling. ♪ oh sky won't you give me a sign. ♪ tell me will the world one day ever be mine? jeep wrangler. freedom to do it all. we're back. 7:48. sheinelle joins us. we're talking about the historic men's finalt wimbledon. >> it was epic. the joker, novak djokovic, defeated roger federer in a tch for the ages. and the record books. keir simmonsnds in loon. keir, this was a heck of a match. >> it was, craig. good morning to you. hey, savannah. i'm sorry.
7:49 am
i'm p feeling yourn over here, but what a historic match. the longest men's singles final in first time that a tiebreak has been used in the final deciding set of a men's final at wimbledon. and there is some controversy savannah, i'llnd be interested to hear what you think about this. some controversy over the way the wimbledon crowd was so much pportingfederer, cheering him at every point. and at times, even booing djokovic. a history making match between two champions. with both players reaching for the record books n forrly five hours, 37-year-old federer falling just short of his ninth wimbledon crown. the players so closely matched the first set decided by a tiebreak. going to novak djokovic. federer storming back to takeec the sd set 6-1. the wimbledon crowd overwhelmingly supporting him. he lost again in the third s winother tiebreak before a stunning turn of fortune to take the fourth set.
7:50 am
then, a marathon fifth set with nerves frayed, federer coming just one point from winning, losing two championship the men battling through 24 games before a third tiebreak. again, the crowd backing federer, even booing dkovic when he questioned a decision. djokovic finally breaking through, taking the last set by a stunning 13o games t 12. federer looking stunned but always a sportsman. >> i gave it all i had. i still feel all right. i still stand. he>> it's not t most exciting and thrilling finals i was ever part of, then definitely top two or three in my career. >> at times, the weekend's championship matchuc was as m about who was watching as who was playing. royal sister-in-laws the duchess of sussex and cambridge sitting together with kate's sister pippa for the final.
7:51 am
and kate was back for the n's final, a man handing her a pair of signed baby shoes, while jeff bezos ming his first appearance with girlfriend lawrence sanchez since his $38 billion divorce. d sea t for a weekend remember on wi and federer's fans proud and disappointed, including one savannah guthrie. i think savannah, you tweeted, five el like you playe sets. >> yes, i did feel physically exhausted. yeah, i love roger. i was really, really proud of him. i think he was incredible. and novak sedjokovic, of cour, deserves credit for hging in there. the crowd is always for roger. it's just the way it is, and djokovic is used to that, but it was so intense. if you love tennis, you had to be excitedut this match because it just doesn't get any better than that. the stakes so high, but yes, i'm depressed. >> how gracious of you. i'm trying to be, but i'm not. i just texted my husband, i said i'm depressed.
7:52 am
hesaid, about roger? yes. yes. >> price of love. it's how you feel about the eagles. you love your team. you love who you're following. >> he'll be back. >> he'll be back. >> u.s. open. >> here's the thing, wimbledon was just one of the highlights is weekend for the royals. >> i like this. with kate and william at the men's final, their eldestil chdren had a blast with kate's mom and dad. the duo attended a summer festival in birk shire, playing games and enjoying time on inflatable bouncy slides. i would say it was a good weekend had by all. >> last night, british royalty met pop yalty, prince harry and meghan markle made their first red carpet as a royal a coupthe european pe of the new "lion king." they mingled with beyonce, y-z was there, and apparently, jay-z was overheard telling the royals, quote, the b it advice can give you, always find time for yourself. >> harry smith and the stars of
7:53 am
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this is a news 4 "today" news bre. >> 7:56 is your time now on this monday, july 15th, 2019. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. nationwide immigration raids are under way now. they're happening in at least ten major cities including baltimore. nbc 4 and telemundo 44 are starting phone bank tonight at 5:00 for those with questions about the raid. let's check on your commute with melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. >> eastbound icc h crash, on the right side of the road now. so no major delays here. memorial bridge inbound, aftera memo circle, right side is blocked this morning, as you look at e street and 20th, still have that accident. and can road, reminder, still shut down between reservoirnd foxhall. >> thank you. ak and check b your forecast .
7:57 am
7:58 am
well, there's tempetures in the 70s in win chster right
7:59 am
now, but it's beautiful. it's going to be nicetoday. we're all headed towards that 90 degree mark, stopping shyf it, 89 will be your daytime high. the good news is the humidity is on the low side. rolls back inovernight, though. temperatures is what you see on the left. heat index or the feel-like factor is on the right. oh,yeah, it's going to be warm. we have chances of rain. a small one tomorrow. better chance late wednesday into thursday, and tt will be s barry right there. it's going to be continuously hot this week after todayith at and humidity. in fand, this weeke feeling more like 110 degrees. >> that is hot. thank you. >> another local news update for miyou in 25 tes. now back to the "today" show after th ngs thatelebrate life... and love and living. they're born in our souls anhearts. ♪th and e beat travels up through our bodies till there's nowhe else for it to go
8:00 am
but out. celebrate your d.c. with new scratchers from the d. lottery. there's over $1.6 million in cash prizes to win. it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, picking up the pieces. louisiana residents rurning home after hurricane barry flooded parts of the state. >> it's bee very tiresome. i'm red. >> the slow-movin storm still soaking the south. where is it headed next? al has the latfot cast. plus, prime we're baking down the hottest deals of the summer at amazon prime day kicks off this morning from electronics to the lightning deals. what you need to know before filling up your cart. >> and going hollywoo harry smith sits down with the stars of "once upon a time in hollywood" to talk about show biz and sharing the big screen. >> i'm always -- you look at the trajectory and careers of some of the greatest actors i have
8:01 am
admired, and they ebb and flow. there's good times and bad times. hopefully you can just be in the race as a long distance runner. they onl hope. >> yeah. >> how the a-list actors came together for one of the most highly anticipated films of the summer. today, monday, july 15th, 20 >> from orange county, california. >> for my 17th birthday. >> my 13th birthday. >> and our 14th anniveary. >>irst time in nyc. no place we'd rather >> to our sister caroline, we love you. >> greetings from fredericksburg, virginia. >> where moms run the town. >> after 37 years of education -- >> happy retirement, n
8:02 am
>> and morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." nice to have you with us on a monday morning. nice sunny day out on the plaza. going to be hot this week. >> a heck of a crowd. we'll get outside in just a bit. by the way, we so areciate those shoutouts. keep them coming. record a message, post it on twitter, put it on instagram, and there's the #mytodayplaza. >> let's get to the news at 8:00. tropical depression barry heading north after drenching but thankfulot devastating the gulf coast. al has the latest forecast in a moment. let's wech kerry sanders in louisiana surveying the damage. hi, morry. good ing. >> good morning, savannah. residents here in louisiana realize this could have been so much worse. tropical storm w barry,ch yes, did become a category-1 hurricane, but the storm forecasts were really kind of off on this one. there was a suggestion of upwards of 24 inches forecast. and that the mississippi river was predicted to hit 20-plus feet in storm sue, but in theas
8:03 am
end, there wnly 17 feet on the river and in some places the rainfall amounts were down, down as low as 8ch in, which is good news, of course. authorities say they're pleased with t way most people reacted. this morning, life is returning to normal. busiensses are op the airport in new orleans is back in business. and few communities where the levees did actually get overwhelmed like here in myrtle grove, you can see the water on the street isng recedi it had been this high. thes communities are built up on stilts. i guess you can say this early into the hurricane season, barry is a good dress rehearsal for what potentially may come. savannahlu >> absoly. kerry, thank you. the storm may have been downgraded, but it's still giving a lot of fol t plenty worry about as it moves inland. what are we looking at? >> right now, we're looking at areas that radar indicate just
8:04 am
to the north of lake charles, upwards of 15 inches of rain in the last several hours. so l there's a of flooding going on right now. we have flash flood asrnings, fl flood watches. we've also got flood warnings as well that are going on right at this hour. right now, bry is a depression. 80 miles west-southwest of little rock. 25-mile-per-hour winds, moving to the north at 9. this system is going to be bringing more heavy rain in to texas, louisiana, on into arkansas, the mississippi river valley today there's an isolated tornado threat, and tomorrow, heavy pockets of rain will continue from indianapolis into little rock. rainfall amounts right now, we have to grade these. we have seen locally five inches of rain, but as we said, we have seen some areasp picking u a foot of rain, and as you get to the mississippi river valley, could be 5 to 6 inches as well. guys.o you >> thank you so much. president trump is defending his attacks on democrats, but some critics called it racist.
8:05 am
he tweeted yesterday that progressive democratic congresswomen who originally o came froer countries should go back and help fix the crime insted places from which it came and show us how it was done. he was referring to alexandria ocasio-cortez and three other house members. three are u.s. citizens. only oneas born in another country. democrats on the campaign were quick to react. >> absolutel racist and un-american. >> right now, we have a racist presiden demeaning female members of the house of representatives. >> the president fired back, so sad to see the democrats sticking up for people who speak so badly of our country. >> police in baton rouge, louisiana, are searching for clues in the death of a unngtime commy activist and historian. the body of the man was found friday. she had apparently been killed. here's morgan chesney. >> this morning, a mystery deepens in baton rouge.
8:06 am
>> our detectives are working overtime. they'reve exhausting e investigative lead. >> a community mourning the loss of one of its heroes. 75-year-old civil rights activist sadie roberts joseph, the victim of a suspected homicide. >> she had a heart and a passion around education and culture. but she just had a heart and ve for the people of this community. >> police say the call came friday, a suspicious vehicle parked on this dend only when officers arrived, they found a body of the beloved d 75-year-ol inside the trunk of that car. police say they don't currently have a suspect or a motive. >> we will find the persons responsible for this. >> we're all god's children. >> roberts joseph, a community city's african-american museum. the city even stlighted her work, featuring her in a campaign to visit baton rouge.oc the lal naacp branch calling ar an icon, writing, we lost cultural legend yesterday.
8:07 am
rest in peace, sadie roberts joseph. >> she wasrecognizable. people knew her. her smile was infectious. >> she never showed up without smiling and saying here's a positive way to deal with something. >> w, police are turning to the public in hopes that someone may know something. >> it is a tremendous loss. and i believe the community is going to step up and do their part to help us identify this person a them behind bars. >> justice for a woman who spent her life fightingor it. morgan chesney, nbc news, baton rouge. >> we'll continue to follow this story. more setbacks for airlines trying to get their boeing 737 x jets back into service. the "wall street journal" reporting the planes are not likely to carry passengers again until 2020. the paper says a growing number of officials believe it will take at least that long to fix c the flighttrol software
8:08 am
issues and address other problems. in the meantime, american airlines said it's extending 737 ancellations into early november. the planes were grounded worldwide in march after two catastrophic crashes overseas. >> all right. 8:08 now. got the news covered. a little morning boost. >> time for a boost. what is better than babies and puppies and how about when they're together? you cannot go wrong. look what happens when this little puppy, looking like snoopy, see the baby resting comfortably. she snuggled up right alongside the baby. would you take a look at these two. now it's cheek to cheek. incredibly cute. that.k at >> a happy little spot for those two buddies. >> good monday boost. >> almost helped with the loss. almost, but not quite. >> coming up, prime day is yre. howou can score the best bargains on amazon and other retailers this morning. >> first, though, the all-star cast of "once upon a time in hollywoo" >> really important to me, the
8:09 am
people i spend my time with and the artists i respect. so i don't know what went wrong on this one. >> sharing a few laughs with brad, leo, margot, quentin. also the story behind one of the year's biggest films right[b tle opens] yay! [aahhh] [label tearing] [bottle opens] [aahhh] [label tearing] [bottle opens] [aahhh] so kim, you going for our big drive safe & save discount? yup, using the app. i've been quite vigilant. sharon says step on it. the meeting's started. ok, write her back 'deit sharon, don't mess wmy discount!'
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8:12 am
[upbeat music ♪] you got this. you got this. you got this. you got this. > 8:12. today's talk, you know it's going to be a good one was harry smith is here. >> he scored a sitdown with just
8:13 am
brad pitt, leonardo dicaprio, margot robbie, and quentin tarantino to talk about their new movie, once upon a day in hollywood. >> how do you do it? >> by the y, where is carson daly? >> i know. he's going to be bummedo miss this. >> he'll get over it somehow. think about this. in the pantheon of movie stars, io s biggerrs in a movie at the same timen a buddy movie, r maybeert redfort and paul newman. very kind of equivalent matchup here in a brand-new quentin tarantino classic. >> y n guys hader been in a movie before. >> no, but we did start on the same television show. >> growing pa>>s. '89-'90. >> '91-'92. >> we're talking decades ago, but we were on the same television show. >> did you eve do a scene together? >> no. >> no, no, no. >> wait no lo,er. l.he summer of 1969.
8:14 am
the city of dreams is going through seismic changes. fo some in hollywood, modernity means opportunity. i for others,t feels like the last picture show. >> cliff here needs to help carry the load. >> is that how you describe your job, cliff? >>what? carrying his load? yeah, that. >> once upon a time in hollywood is a buddy movie. >> here i am. >> afh clifanger, a horror film, and a tarantino master class in story telling. >> don't you forget it. >> can you give meva the eler pitch? >> i don't know if i can do the elevator pitch. um -- >> about anything. >> leonardo dicaprio is the fading tv cowboy actor. brad pitt, his stunt double. >> we get into a fight, i accidentally kill you. i go. >> anybody accidentally kills anybody in a fight, they go to
8:15 am
jail. >> friends inseparable. >> they're working class guys trying to survive in a changing industry. guys with the pomp adores were fading out and the hippieti revoluon was coming into play. >> did you have these guys in mind when you wrote it well, ye- >> and a few others. >> here's the thing, though. you can't -- the answer is yes, i did, but i couldn't be arrogant enough to think i'm going to get them. all right. >> that's nice. >> was there any trepidation whatsoever when oh, him, you, me? you guys are really famouswe an regarded. but had never worked together before. was there any trepidation? >> hell no, man. you know, youon't have to carry, you know, the whole thing. you can -- these other great people who are the best of the best, and they're going to help carry that load. it'sactually a relief. >> i don't think -- i'm not speaking for you, but i don't
8:16 am
ink either of us thought about it in that context. it's what's best for the film. i have admired the choices he's taken through his reer, and you know, if you start to think in that realm of big actor, big actor, what' the dynamic? you're trying toie create a pce of art here. >> you're talking about something from an outside perception, and i mean, just a couple idiots on a couch here. i had to change my shirt because i got toothpaste on it on the way here. we see it from the inside ou >> margot robbie plays sharon tate, a real-life actress who wa murdered by the manson family. in the movie, leo andt margo are next door neighbors. >> wherever i heard her name, i only really thought about her death. i was nev really exposed to the parts of her life whenshe waalive. >> tate's sister debra gave her blessing for the film and provided margot with some of sharon's jewelry. >> it was kind of sometimes very sad to be that closely connected
8:17 am
with real le sharon. yeah, kind of hit you at moments, and suddenly, the tragedy of it all would kind of hit you, and you would be tremendously sad, and other times, it made me feel so happy, but yes, tre were moments where it was sad. >> an eerie reality in a story from tarantino's imagination. both pitt and dicaprio have some stunning scenes. >> embarrass yourself like that in fnt of all those people. >> the t hng wheres in his trailer, the jumping scene and everything, that was all improvised and not written in the script. >> i will go on record to say it's one of the best meltdowns laid on film. >> tarantino's films are idiosyncratic and often spectacularly violent. >> anybody order fried sauerkraut? >> you guys have worked withis uy before. was there ever a moment in the films you worked on or on this one where you said you want me to do what?
8:18 am
>> no. no. you know what you're getting into. >> yeah. the hullabaloo t scene. >>hat is true. >> the film tells us fame is a capricious mistress. she can be cruel and unfair. >> it'sofficial, old buddy. i' a has been. >> have either of you ever had that sense where the train is stopped or maybe i want to get off? >> i have always, you know, you look at the trajectory and careers of some of the greatest actors i have admire and they ebb and flow. there's good times and bad times. hopefully you can just be in the race as a long distance runner, is the only hope. and not, you know burn out. >> i think we're all aware there's a shelf life on this, but you know, it's really important to me, the people i spendh my time wit and the artists i respect. and so i don't know what went wrong on ts one. >> would you do it again?
8:19 am
>> of course. >> you want to work together again? >> we talked about doing jerry lee lewis and dean martin's stories. >> he wants to do ahristmas album. >> and i want to do a christmas >> i'm here for it. >> no fun hanging out with those guys. >> so you saw the movie. >> yeah. >> what did you think? are you at liberty to say? >> talk about secrecy about this film. like, you almost had to sign a nondisclosure agreement to say there's a big secret in it. that i can't talk about. >> okay. >> but it's 1969.r the yea i graduated from high whool. a lot of scenesh guys in cars with their windows down and the music is playi j from los angeles. you're like, whoa. and he -- >> harry, this is like a'60s retrip for you. no s unturned because it's all authentic, no cgi. what he t didmake this
8:20 am
authentic, l.a. becomes a huge character. >> so much of that time in l.a. still is there. >> rotting. sorry. >> they seem to have a lot of chemistry, brad and leo. >> sorry? >> a lot of chemistry. >> where is carson to save me? >> same year as the moon launch. >> once upon a time in hollywood next friday, jul. 26th >> quick look to show you what's happening out there. we do have the remnants of barry out, but make its way we also have heat in the southwest, rain in the pacific northwest. that flood threat through the lower mississippi river valley plenty of sunshine in the northeast and into the mid-atlantic states. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in y >> well, not looking too bad out there and not feeling too bad out there. in ct, pretty darn comfortable with low humidity. plenty of sunshine, the way it's going to be all throughout the
8:21 am
day today. tues the humidity comes back, heat comes back. feeling close to 100 degrees with afternoonstorms, about a 30% chance. wednesday warm with the heat index in the lower to mid-100s. rain late on wednesday into thursday. that's from barry. friday through the weekend, we're dry, but hot and humid. that's yourwe latest her. best time of the morning. >> that's right, mr. roker, fcause it's pop start. >> i'm in carson this morning, but we have a good one. are you ready? first up, we're starting this morning with an extra one, i guess, because we're starting this morni with our burger battle on the plaza. last thursday, savannah, craig, jenna, and carson went head to he with their choice of what makes the perfect burger inside. let me review. savannah sold us a bacon cheese burger with doritose. craig upped hge b with pepper jack cheese and hand cut fries. jenna shows off her tex roots with the spice. andarhen cn went classic with the american cheese burger and beer. okay. sults are in. and thein wner is --
8:22 am
>> uh-oh. >> w need some effects. >> they're playing music. >> it is jenna. >> of course. >> watch your step, little missy. >> is this dramatic enough for everybody? >> exciting. >>s. congratulation >> congratulations. you have jalapenos on there? >> jalapenos, queso, and ol guacam >> jenna crushed it with 55% of the votes, savannah took second place, followed closely by cr tg. >> i don'think this is right. >> yes, this is right. >> the graphic right? >> carson was last. >> carson was last. >> look a the percentages though. >> so here's the thing. carson isn't here. he's last. we wanted to give him a chance to respond. >> he's going to be upset. >> in a written stat " show, carson wreets, quote, while i was disappointed over this outcome, i must congratulate my colleague on her wi and i'm certain victory
8:23 am
will be mine in the breakfast there will be a next time, by the way. we have a new battle in the works. >> this time, we know it's a battle. >> so you know what, you come to play even if you're not going to win sometimes. >> what do you lik a on burger? i don't know. avocado. >> even if you're not goi to win. >> you put quac and jalapeno and queso, the most important. >> now let's get you the rest of pop start. first, beatles fans were treated to an epic performance saturday night at siraul mccartney's final tour stop in dodger stadium. during the encore, he announced he had a special guest to close out the show.d >> ladies anntlemen, the one and only ringo starr. >> yes. >> unbelievable. >> wow.
8:24 am
>> you can tell the crowd went nuts when they heard ringo's name. the pair went on to few songs together. they still have it. >>ook at him on the drums. >> the lyt time the performed publicly together was in 2014. al, i know you recently sat down with accartney to chatut the singer's new ildren's book. we'll have that interview coming up soon here. >> awesome, and i got to interview ringo a couple months ulgo. >> of course, you oedid. al d it all. >> finally, it looks yummy. sdm waiting for this to be over. finally, last th, we announced what's we hope will become the next viral challenge. daer do or donate. ite goal is to raise money for the cancer fund, all while posting a 15-second video of yourself dancing. hoda kicked things off for us. take a lk. >> get ready. ride the horse. ready? ♪ gonna take my horse to the old town♪ road ♪ i'm going to ride until i
8:25 am
can't no more ♪ >> i love it. >> sooda called out jennifer lopez, thomas rhett, and savannah guthrie. thomas rhett stood up to the plate. take a look. >> i was challenged by my good friend hoda. any hoda fan so in this next bit, i'm going to dance. it woulde amazing if you would dance because you're probably going to end up on the "today" show. ♪ >> wow. >> wait. that is my new favorite thing, right? he has moves. >> he did the way, in front of 20,000 people. at his concert in pittsburgh saturday night. no pressure. >> he looks so good. al>> he cled out bruno mars, charlie puth, and luke combs to take on the challeng.
8:26 am
savannah, i don't know how you top it. >> i don't think i can. >> she also cllenged j. lo, but you're savannah guthrie. >> i don't know what to do. >> we'll get to the dance toairrow. >> strght ahead, amazon's prime this is a news 4 "today" news break. >> good morning, everybody. 8:26 now on this monday, july 15th. i'm aaron gilchrist. let's get to melissa mollet with a look at our traffic. >> good moing. right now, chevy chase outer loop near connecticut avenue, crash on the left side. silver spring outer loop at university, broken down vehicle ere. northbound branch avenue, the ramp to the outer loop, a brand-new accident. looking at tacoma park, westbound 410 and henly av, a crash along east-wt highway, and the toll road, a crash there on the ft. >> all right, melissa, thank you. we'll have a check on your .orecast when we c
8:27 am
8:28 am
i'm lauryn ricketts and we're looking at nice conditions out there. now, it's going to be warm.te eratures in the upper 80s today, but the humidity is on the low side. 89 degrees will be our ytime high. that's about seasonable for this time of year. again. over the next 12 hours, w looking at nice conditions. now the humidity rolls in overnight. hot and humid tomorrow with a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. better chances l into thursday. that's going to be remnants from barry. all this weekend and into the
8:29 am
weekend, the heat index well over 1. >> thank you, you can get the latest news and weather any time on the nbc we're back here in 25 mi
8:30 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] we are back now. july 15th, 2019. we're kicking off -- that is great crowd. all the way around. >> good looking bunch, too. >> great crowd, big crd. okay, big crowd, tiny little fan. can i introduce you to my new friend avery.
8:31 am
good morning. lisa and joe, where are you fro? >> st. louis. > how old is avery? >> ten months. >> hi, sweetie. i'm a little bit baby ucrazy. yo have heard? >> i have. >> can i hold avery. i'm going to trades card and a little onesie. and i'm going to hold avery. i'll told her. hi, sweetie. can i introduce you to america? say good morning, everybody. hell thank you so much. >> uh-oh, jea's getting teary. won't be long. >> thank you so much, guys. talk to you soon. >> wt do we have coming up? >> isn't she cute? >> coming up, we're going to gep the sco on getting the absolute most out of amazon prime days whi started overnight. also the deals you can find at competing retailers as well. not just amazon. >> and seth rogennd his wife lauren speak out on the new phase of a cause that's deeply
8:32 am
personal to this. ory. >> plus, cooking with an olympic champion, natalie caughtman, who is out with a new cookbook, on the third hour of "today," thism weekarks 50 years since the apollo 11 moon landing. we'll meet two of the scientists leading the charge in the search for life beyond earth. >> good stuff. >> still holding avery over here. get a check of the weather. >> so cute. >> hard to give her up. >> i know, but you have to. >> let'sot get the authorities involved. let's show you what's happening for your week ahead. we are expecting to see a lotf wet weather, flooding rain through the gulf. because of barry. plains.torms in the we get into the midweek period, avy rain moves into the ohio river valley with remnants of barry. summer sizzle in the midsection of the country, and by the time we get to friday, summer heat in the northeast. oppressive through the midwest. lot of wet weather through the
8:33 am
southeast. sunshine out through the western what's going on around the country. here's what's happening inck yo nef the woods. >> outside our neck of the woods, not looking too shabby. 78 degrees right now. at 79 by 9:00 a.m. and you can see, we take those n temperatures to the mid to upper 80s today. it's comfortable out there, but the humidity rolls back in overnight.da we're dry but again, we do have some rain late tuesday and then late to wednesday in thursday. hursday into -- wednesday into thursday will be barry, but you can see temperatures on the left. the feel-le factor, it's going to get pretty hot around here >> don't forget, you can always get the "today" show any time you need it. go to "today" sho sirius xm, and check out the new sirius xm app. show all the people. all right. >> the roker run on a monday thyou, sir. morning. up next, we'll get you primed for the deals that are being rolledut today by
8:34 am
amazon. and other stores. we have consumer report's elliot wilder in the house. first, this is "today" on
8:35 am
8:36 am
and welcome back. millions of americans poring over inte tet dealss morning. of course, amazon prime day kicked off overnight. this year, competitors are also recognizing the day as a shopping holiday as their own. elliot wilder of consumer reports is here to break it all down. first of all, to be clear, this is a completely made-up day. amazon completely made this thing up. this is not holiday. this is a made-up day for amazon to get sales in what is n tmally a sloe of year. julyn people are o vacation, they're outside. it's even early for back to . scho they wanted to drum up business in july and this is what they have done. >> started may of 2015. now it'ste become
8:37 am
significant. 75% o u.sconsumers will shop. >> started at 3:00 a.m. eastern this morning and will conclude in 48 hours. july 15th and 16th. amazon says over a million dealr y five minutes, they're w deals. >> let's talk about how folks can take advantage. tips and tricks. >> it does take some work. these are coming out all the time. one thing, if you're using a mobile device, download amazon's app. that will make it easy. you can sort by category there. comparison sites. consumer reportsme ca camel, cowell. crazy name, but it will give you a price history to give you some good is this really a deal. we'll look at the amazon history of that price to make sure on prime day you're getting the best price there. and one click ordering allows you to speed through the checkout, because again, these deals come and go with limited quanties. if you really have your heart set on something, that's one way to make checkout aksier. >> me sure the one click is
8:38 am
on. let's lk at deals to watch here. this is according to consumer reports. >> what cons rep did because there are so many deals, we went through our testing of products in the labs and picked some good ones. these are what some competitors are offering because they want in on this too. the hello nest video doorbell, a lot of competitors have this sale. $230 down to $1. a good price. oftentimes free shipping for these items too. that's a good one to look at. also a nest thermostat that is available. one of the smart thermostats. the nice thing here, lowe's and walmart throwing in a free $50 google home mini. one of the smart speakers, the connected devi to help you around the house, it will also work, not surprisingly, with the nest ermostat. >> of course. >> this is probably the best deal we have seen so far, and we should mention, these deals are updatingnghroughout the morni here. apple products rarely go on sale. this is a $450 savings at best by for a mac book pro.
8:39 am
$850. that's a very good deal. >> now,os of these are until supplies run out. >> that's correct, so if you want it,in get onle now because they're changing throughout the morning. apple products do very well in consumer reports ratings. now for the amazon deals, not surprisingly, most of the discounts many are on amazon products. gets you in the ecosystem. the fire tv a smart streaming device. $70, so a nice price there. it will also work with the echo devisos there. hat's a very nice price for amazon there. if you're not looking fo amazon product,ne of these smart locks th works with apple and your phone, this august smart lock did well in consumer reports testing. $280. today, $165. a very good deal. >> a lock for your use? >> yeah, not the traditional put the key in. this smartens it up and works with other connected devices in your home. l that would seeme a significant savings. >> they are. you have to do a little homework, but there are deals out there. shop what you need.
8:40 am
back to school is also on sale. speets, eakers, coffee makers, if you need it. some of these holidays i just said it, they get you to spend money when you don't necessarily ne to or want to. but there are deals out there. >> always learn something from you. ank you. >> thanks. >> for more deals and how to get those deals, go to op >> coming up, very serious work from seth rogen, shi ng a light on ways to prevent brain disease. maria shriver is going to join us right after this, but first, th is "today" .
8:41 am
8:42 am
nearly 6 million americans sthggit wlzat pnts are older adults, research suggests it may start developing at a much younger age. >> now there's a growing movement of young people trying to stop the disease in their own brains before it's too late. special anchor maria shriver h
8:43 am
been following this story. this is really interesting. >> it really is. good morning, guys. most millennials think i don't have to worry about alzheimer's until i'm much older, right? but new research out at the alzheimer's associate conference in los angeles, w finds outt we do when we're young may have a huge impact on our risk for the disease. now young people are taking action to protect their brains for the future. this is the new face of fighting alzheimer's. young people in their0s and 30s, even famous millennials like funny man seth rogen. >> you start seeing the signs of alzheimer's in your 60s. you're actually starting to develop it in your mid 30s. >> the actort is now par of a new study on educang teens about alzheimer's. >> that's why we need your ney. >> seth and his wife lauren also created the alzheimer's fund-raiser hilarity for charity wter her mother diagnosed with the disease. >> illnesses of the brain are
8:44 am
heavily stigmatized. people just don't like talking about them. >> what we try to do with hilarity for charity is destigmatize it, to make it part of the conversation, to make it fun and friendly, to take of your brain as a young person. >> in fact, more and more young people are making radical changes to theirle lifes now so they won't get alzheimer's decades later. comprehensive new research out this week suggests habits like a healthy diet, regularse ex, sk i older age.mulat may in some cases, by up to%. 60 the three of you, you're all in your 20s and 30s. when you go out with your friends, is brain health on the table? >> no. >> so max decided to do something aboutit. after his mom was diagnosed with dementia, he started looking up research about how to reduce his own risk. last year, he wrote a best-selling book about diet and the brain, and now uses
8:45 am
instagram to teach young people brain healthyha bits, like eating foods high in antioxidants andood fats. avoiding processed carbs and sugars. doing regular high-intensity workouts, and pushing your brain with exercises like learning a new instrument. you say you want to make dementia sexy. that's your focus. >> rather than writing the dementia prevention book, i called my book genius foods, because who doesn'tant to be more genius in their everyday life. i knew if i was going to call it the dementia prevention book, millennials weren't going to buy it. >> to educate his peers, haul started a nonprofit in college called the youth movement againstal eimer's. in addition to working out and eatingright, he meditates every day t reduce stress and tries to get eightours of sleep a night, all habits linked to better brain health. >> lifestyle really has to be viewed as a medicine in and of itself. >> and making these changes can have an immediate impact on how
8:46 am
you feel. >> i am a completely different person than what i was. >> to stay thin, student christina used to diet all the time. leaving her feeling cloudy and exhausted. >> were you starving yourself and then hence starving your brain? >> yes. i was comparing myself to those girls around me, and i wasn't eating enough. once i started to eat again, my anxiety went away. my depression went away. and i ampe orming much better than i ever have throughout my entire life. >> these young trail blazers with an urgent message. start protecting your n brain before it's too late. >> when you're in your 20s, i get it.hi the last t you want to think about is what is my health going to be like in my 50s and 60s. lead a more brain healthy lifestyle now, you will also feel better an be happier for longer. >> what areat message. what a great movement, too. here's the thing, though, for folks like us, like above0 or 30, can we have brain healthy
8:47 am
habits, can they still potentially help reduce the risk? >> absolutely. doctors andesearchers say it's never too late to start fighting for your brain and caring for it. another big thing is social engagement. interacting with people who make you happy. interacting with a purpose, a sens of purpose. actually getting up at 3:30 this morning, coming here, interacted with everybody here, this whole village that put this together. good for my brain this morning. >>good. >> and maria, you're always good for our souls, too. >> thank yonk >> thaou so much. well, coming up next, a breakfast for champions by an olympic champion. we're going to cook with natalie coughlin. first, this is "today" o
8:48 am
8:49 am
we're back with today's food and we're cooking like a champion. really, are. yoois u.s. olympic swimmer
8:50 am
natalie houte c n favori recipes from cook to thrive. i don't know if i saw you since haeondon olympics in 2012. much has ced including you have a new baby. >> an 8-month-old daughter. she's amazing. le's at home with daddy right now. >>k at her, so cute. she's in her swim gear. >> yeah, grumpynittle lady o the beach. >> no, cutie pie. there she is. i heard you're back in the pool. >> kind of. >> starting to get back into competitive swimming? >> a little bit. not thinking tokyo. >> we're not talking anything like tokyo. i'll be there as a spectator. but yeah, just to get back in shape after having a baby >> it feels good to be in? >> yeah. >> tell me about these recipes because they sound delicious, but i will admit, i'm intimidated. tell us what we're making. >> traditional filipino recipes. this is my grandma's lufia. she makes them every
8:51 am
thanksgiving, like a spring roll. exactly. what we have here is we ground pork. it's so good. i onlyav gave you two because ii put 20 in front of you, you'll eat them all. so good. we just take ground pork, and then we phe in t onion, water chestnut, garlic, whitepe er. and then you just mix it up. you know, and so we'll mix this up. pretend we already did that. and then we have it over here. where it's already mixed. >> is this what is that? >> it's seasoning. it's similar to soy. if you don't have maggie, you could use soy. whatever. maggie is part of grandma's recipe, so we use it. >> this seems like the tricky part. >> is it, but it isn't. it really isn't. we have a wrapper, which was cored with aet paper towel because it will dry out. so we'll just take some of the me meat mixture and put it in the center like this. then we hav a cornstarch/water slurry.
8:52 am
you whisk this up. this will ask as the glue that helps everything come together. then you can use the brush or your finger and you know - you' wrapper. >> the edges of the wrapper. then you fold it over like that. and then you fold in the sides. then you roll it. >> okay. >> so you want to aim forhe size of a cigar. that's like the size and shape that you really want. so we have some right here.d an we have the hot oil. so be careful. this is very hot. >> i'mcl standing r. >> so one of the ways you test hot oil is put the spoon in. a wooden spoon. you see the bubbles, you know it's hot. >> i didn't know that technique. >> that's a ne trick. >> what kind of oil is that? >> just vegetable oil. canola oil. whatever -- you could do peanut oil if you li. andhen so you stick these in until they're golden brown. and then we have them over here. then you serve it with the sweet chili sauce. traditionally, it's a banana
8:53 am
sauce. but sweet chili is easy to find. >> i'm going to try it. what do you think, guys? >> love it. >> they're lovingit. what's our next recipe? >> i shouldn't have triedit. >> it's good. goally . >> so we have breakfast fried rice. and right here, i have collard eens. so you want to stack them up, and then just slice through them like this. ke nice little ribbons. and i use collard greens, but youould use -- they're so vegetable form. but you could use kale, broccoli, whatever leftover vegetables you have, great. what we do is add the oil in our hot pan, then we add in our garlic. a lotf garlic because it's garlic fried rice. so you cook this down. and pretend that we cooked it. we add our collard greens. then add o soy saucend water. you let this cook for, you know, five, eight minutes.
8:54 am
not too, too long. then add in -- you cook it down, add in the rice. let that all marry and you make these wells. >> show us how you did that. we call it breakfast fried rice. presumabes you could eat it for breakfast, or lunch or dinner. >> this is one of the great ost of the have stuff in your pantry. what you have on hand. this is what i would always eat before a swim meet. my mom wouldake me fried rice and eggs before every swim meet. this is comfort food for me. >> the breakfast of champion, it really is. how hot should your pan be to d this? >> fairly warm, but we're going to stick it in a broiler afrwards, so itoesn't really matter. you just put a little oil in there. you put the egg in. and then you stick itn the broiler until it's cooked to your liking. i like mine where the whites are cooked but the yolk still runny. you have to love a runny yolk. there you hav >> and you served it in these little trays. guys, what did you think? >> really good.
8:55 am
>> two thumbs up. >>natalie, thank you so much. and tell me the name of the book again. oo>> the b is cook to thrive. >> is it all stuff that's supposed to give you energy or what's the theme of the book? >> the whole idea of it is that eating healthy is a lifestyle. so yes, you could have some fried rice, but you can balance it all. and sohis is stuff that i eat growing up, while i was training, all of it. >> i love it. thank you so much. congrats on the book and o everything so good in your life. we appreciate it. if you want the recipes, dpe to, and if you want more on the cookbook, check out >> coming up, our fourth hour special delivery for mark wahlberg. >> you know who else will be there? >> who? you. >> that's right. filling in. that's right. thank you so .much we'll see you straight ahead after your local n
8:56 am
this is a news 4 "today" news break. >> 8:56 is your n timeow on this monday, july 15th, 2019. good morning, everyone, i'm eun yang. let's get right to a check on your cmute with melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. >> good morning. vienna eastbound toll road between hter mill and wolf trap, we still have delays, and toll road before 7, crash blocking the leftside. woodbridge, northbound 95, a
8:57 am
vehicle hire, inner loop, outer loop of the beltway, no major complaints, jut slowing in the typical spots. disabled island, a vehicle there. >> we'll take a break now and checec. did you know comcast business goes beyond fast with a gig-speedetwork. complete internet reliability. advanced voice solutions. wifi to keep everyone connected. video monitoring. that's huge. video monitoring. did you guys know we did all this stuff? no. i'm not even done yet. wow. business tv. cloud apps and support. comcast business has the solutions you need. get start with fast, reliable internet for just $39.95 per month. it's everything a small business owner needs.
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call 1-800-501-6000 day.
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i'm meteorologist lauryn ricketts. a it's not humid out there today. if you haven't been outside yet, that's the takeaway for today. we have dangero heat moving into the region and we're tracking moisture from barry, likely wednesday night into thursday is when we'll see that. 70 and low 80s right now, heading into the upper 80s today. be n, it's going to beautiful. less humidity. small chance of rai tomorrow. better chances late wednesday into thursday. look at those temperatures, it's going to be hot, even into
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. this is the third hour of "today."mo >> good ing, everybody. welcome to the third hour of "today." i'm al, of cour with sheinelle, craig. lester holt. >>lester. >> you're rocking that jacket, man. >> thank you. >> really loving it. >> johnny carson calnd wants it back. >> johnny carson called. >> it is a joke, for god's sake geez. >> we like it, we do. >> lots going on this week. the lights went out on broadway. >> literally. >> blackout imptsting parf new york city. we'll talk about that in a minute. actually, affected not only everybody in broadway but mr. holt ev , aswell. >> luckily i was -- >> that's right. anyway, down south, hurricane barry, interesting thing


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