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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 15, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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nearly hit by that gunfire. >> reporter: yeah, leon and pat, first, i want to set the scene. we're standing here on fif street. this is where the shooting happened. this is añi r(burq'tial neighborhood, an then just yards away is the entrance to howard university's hospithospi here. the bullet went inside a÷ windo, narrowly striking, almost missing, missing rather a mother who was holding her newborn baby.qm >> kind of shocking, but, you know, just somhing you deal with living in a city. >> reporter: shocking and scary moments unfolding just m ning commute whereq/ neighbor and even kids areal wking around. my desk faces the howard hospital, and the next thingou know i hear a couple of pops. >> reporter: brett porter was inside his home when d.c. police say two suspects started hasing and shooting at a man who was running away on fifth street right near the entrance to howard university ospital. one of the bullets struck a window. a nurse who works in the ob-gyn
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office at the lpital sent us these pictures and said the bullet went through the wall oft her departmenust missing this woman who is sitting down with jt for an appointment. wieesses say campus polich>d responded quickly. >> oh, that'sh"bk fast. hey were throwing on bulletproof vests and running outside. >> jason is in charge of the dialysis department at the hospital and saw the suspects taking off through the parking lot. >> by the time i seen the two kids running down across. >> reporter: he says he rushed outside to help his7r patients, manyqñ ofom wh were crying. >> we had patients on the metro access bus and had to get them off, back inside and a into lockdown area. >> reporter: d.c. police say no one was injured, but many employees at thefma%q1 are calling this man a hero. >> you don't thinkx ÷ during the time, you know. you just want to make sure that everybody is safe. >> now police are still looking for the suspects. they are asking anyone with right away. coming up at 5:00, i'm speaking with the mother of tat newborn
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who described to us what happened. back to you. >> wild and justjfin fright thanks so much. now to breaking news from baltimore. two people are dead and a police sergeant injured after a t shooting a a methadone clinic. police say one of the dead is the suspect who fired at that police serget. another person was discovered dead inside the clinic. police sayhxy the suspect was looking for methadone and fired shots after being buzzed into the facility. officers say they tried to de-escalate the situation but afterorced to return fire the suspect fired at them. theúpn officer is identified a billy shiplett,äa 25-year vet ran of the force. after undergoing surgery. is coming in from charlottesville. illed a woman and he plowed his car rather into protesters. james fields-dj killed heather heyer during a unite the right rally two years ago. a short time ago, a judge accepomd the jury rndation
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and sentenced fields to life in prison, plus 419 years for her death fields is already serving a life sentence on federal hate crime charges. a former herndon high schooh drama teac is out of jail shis afternoon after being held for month on child porn charges. the man isxd accused of secretl recording dozens of students at herndon high as well as nannies as they undresd. only news 4 was there as he stepped out of jail today after posting bond. northernñr virginia bureau chie julie carey joins us live from the courthouse with wo onfs? where he's headed next. >> reporter: pat, under the supposed to be entering a treatment center in pennsylvania. now, he's been neld in the fairfax county7sob adult detent center since early may facing a growing number of child porn possession charges. r to stay there, but he appealed aopc÷ de
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of bond anúi won o friday. today shortly before noon he :ãt fairfax county adult.defenceop ounter keeping his silence as i asked him abt theq allegations h against im. why did you secretlyecord your students andr@tw teenage
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the judge was told he's entering the keystone extensive care unit in pens pension. its website describes it as a treatment ceer for sexually compulsive behavior. >> now i tried to reach his attorney by email and phone. he's due back in court on august 9th for aok preliminary hearinba ck to you now in the studio. >> thank you, julie. julie carey reporting(?r live there. were watching in thenewsroomcu( here. chopper 4 over a massive fire in howard county. flames broke out in a barn on route r97 in.otm glenly. good news here is there are no animals or÷on# chemicals in then miles. in fact, there's so much of it that it showed up on storm team 4
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radar. >> today the trump administration announced new asylum rules that would basically end most protection for central american migrants. the rule would deny asylum to any migrant who did not seek asylum in a country they passed through first. for most central american migrants, that cntry would be mexico. ¤%áueát has exceptioned forse tho denied asylum in another country or should the migrant be ablepr to ove they were a victim of humanñ&r trafficking. mexico has not agreed to this. immigration actinu/ts are already promising to sue. >> the president's new policy i. meder way across the country to remove undocunted immigrants from the country. the raids are targeting majoro6 so far they appear to be smaller cf1 o days. over theko weekend many people ÷ raids. others patrolled the streets looking for i.c.e. officers. all of this s.ájjt as outrage o intensifir the conditions
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at some overcrowded detention facilities at the border. we knowth e's a lot of concern and confusion when it comes to the immigration issue so we're working for you. nbc 4 and telemundo are holding a phone bank. this will i startabout an hour from now at 5:00 p.m. the phone lines will be up and running until 70 p.m. tonight. experts will be here to help answer any questions you may have about the operation, and we'll also connect you with resources and services that are available. h also today president trump doubled down on attacks on a of congress. many democrats and some republicans criticized the president after a tweet storm over the weekend. he said the coner go back d help fixhe totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came. democrats say the president implied they should go back to other countries, even though all but one were born right here in the u.s. today the u.s. went after them again during anpãevent outside f
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the white house. >> these are people that in my now, y y can say what want, but get a list of all of the statements that they have made and all i'm saying is if they are not happy here, they can leave. a growing number of congressional republicans are criticizing the president'sds wor we'll have new reaction from the hill ahead at 4:30. right now tropical deprsion barry,once a tropical storm and hurricane, is moving north and with it=)ñ mase amounts of rain. barry hases causedpread flooding in louisiana and mississippi. ñ sport though from the brunt of the storm. there's still some 3,000 soldiers activated from]çkr the louisiana national guard, mostly in south louisiana, and e good news isdr(a that no one has be killed from barry. we'll feeling a bit of the impacts from the remnants ostthe -@r(t&háhp &hc% here. let's go to storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper tow get the latest on that.
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this? >> what's leftqhá of barry may touch or some showers and thunderstorms on thursday, but it won't be a bigçó deal. we won't have anything like a tropical storm out there. again, it would just be some hit-and-miss showers and thunderstorms. right now let me get you through your evening. we're at 90 deyeargrees and as head through the evening hours, humidity levels are running low. pretty comfortable for this time of year and we'll haveg plenty f sunsntuz out there so as we head to the graphics we'll be falling into the 8í-káo@s.úf$ by 900go8 p.m. 83 degrees and 90 p.m. 79. really nice tonight, taking theo really nice ítjght for a yard a playing in the yard. make sure to enjoymy it becaust does not last. i'm tracking some dangerous heat in thesémjgn forecast, especia we head to the weekend. we'll have heat advisories and i'll have more on how to the will feel this upcomingeek and the storm chances that accompany
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humidity. >> thanks, amelia. if you had damage from lt week's flooding today is your last day to report that to montgomery county. the county says you're responsible for damage to your own property.ñ however,%q reporting the damage determines whether your area is eligible for receiving federal help. we have a lnk on the nbc washington app where you can submit your documentation. if you live in fairfax, you have until wednesday, july 24th, to send in a disaster damage or rep can fall road, meanwhile, is open again after being shut down by the flood emergency last week. corked through the weekend to patch up axd sinkhole betwee reservoir andl foxholeat roads. they managed toómr getçó all th work done and get it donuysñ fo days early. >> se neighbors in maryland are happy aboutnb news that amn plans to build a fulfillment center in prince george's county. the new warehouse up inner milon square feet larger than planned.
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actual6ru more than 1 million news 4's tacey wilkhas more on a community meeting tonight to address those concerns. >> reporter: there are rumord( that amazon may a haven 800,000 square foote1u fulfillment cent coming to9dbh upperhrñj mara westfhalcommunity. >> reporter: bradleys7 hurd sa residents have been misled. >> they promised a mixed usean vibrtown center with offices and retail, and"8% what they ar football fields. >> reporter: all around #l r westphaliaesidents haveñma1ó[ letters on doorsi] teachingñ.' neighbors about zoningxd lawsqñ informing them of the upcoming process. more than 4 million( fulfillment center could mean for theirq community.yvg
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amazon is the tenantm-m they ar preparing for but the one that's coming will make thisgc8y aco% community. residents still have lots of 6 this proposalg[kp r(t&háhp &h% and there are pley of people &h% opposed to, it some who are in3 favor. to mee tonight to answer some questions. another one is planned for late they are week, all before the developer heads back to the planning board on thursday for a hearing on this proposal. in upper marlboro, tracey wilkins, news 4. >> just rahead here f amazon's arrival to its biggest shopping event of the ye-$ er(t&háhp &hc% >> on news 4, an importantçoirt alebout scams on this amazon prime day. >> zxlus, redskinsot.x quarterb ith hitting a major milestone on his road to vrj recovery. >> and goats to the rescue. fourth grader ór$u is helping to keep her city clean. >> go goats. ♪ we buy any car dot com♪
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today a major step in smith's recovery. his wife posting this picture o1 instagramxd today. aftereight months there, he is.b the quarck no longer needing to wear that externaá fixator as it's called. it g]$sjjju like a giant halo a it's said. ' that brace to promote healings in the bones he broke last year. he's still a long way from eturning to the football field, but this is certainly a step in the rightdirectio >> good for him. >> all right. >> x$well, this is a story aboua tribe of goats.
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leesburg. ayla8hñ mcgregor discoveredosr chemical-killing weeds along h favorite creek may be+++?( i think the next thing that i do want to is talk to the -- talk to the county to see if they can stop usinit in our school system. >> now we're told it will will take a couple of days for the
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tgoats to doeir job. they have got a lot to eve. anyone who wants to watch them work is welcome to do so. more information is available on the town of leesberg's facebook page. that's a cute idea. >> and it works. >> and an effective idea. >> absolutely.pi hel the environment. >> yeah. >> and they don't complain about the heat. >> they might be this week. it's going to get hotter. b going to get hotter. >> it's going toe the hottest that we've been so far this year. i have a 100-degree day on our d teny forecast. >> yeah. >> does this include the feels-like temp? >> the feels-like temp will be closer to 110. that's for the weekend with somh dangerouseat laded our way. e> that's mott. >> we'll humidity build in tomorrow and with that late-day storm chances tomorrow, wednesday and thursday. could be under heat advisory ot there on wednesday and potentially moreer the weekend as we track dangerously hot weather in the forecast. here's the latest right now ons rm team 4 radar. storms both south and west of the area.
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we're dry out there tonight. here's the latest on barry now cented down in arkansas. you can see it'sspinning around here. what's left of it could touch off some thunderstorms here later in the day on thursday. the allergy report coming in today, it's all over the place. wanted to share it with you. so if the allergies are bothering you. trees and grasses and weeds are moderate and currently our temperatures are in the 80s to 90s. 88 in frederick. 91 in manassas. tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m., we're starting off the day at about 74 we wup quickly though. we hit 90 degrees by noon. a high tomorrow of 94, so today was comfortable and tomorrow it's humat, and th94 is going to feel more like 100 with the humidity and the storm chance around during the afternoon and evening hour. at 40% to 50% that you're dealing with torrow and some of the storms could be on the strong side. check out the temperature versus the heat index. this is just wednesday, thursday and friday. i'm going to have more on the
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weekend coming at about 4:45. wednesday again the potentialr eat advisory,ing feels-like temperature of 105 and feeling out 2,100 out there on thursday and then potentially another heat advisory on friday with the heat index at 110 grees. here's your storm team 4 four-day forecast. i have the ten-day forecast coming up at about 4:45, 4:50. 50% chance for storms later in the day tomorrow. maybe a heat advisory on wednesday wi a high of 96. there's a chance for late-day thunderstorms on wednesday during the evening, but the day is looking maybe showers and thunderstorms out there on thursday from barry. the risk only at about 40% thoughen 93, and th we're near 100 on friday with dangerous heat back in the forests, guys. >> all right. we're bracing ourselves. could be a mess. >> thanks, amelia. when school is outor summer, it means a break from all the homework. >> ah, but that's not always good for the kids. still ahead,ar a former teacher tell us how to prevent
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anticipation is building for the next big james bond adventure. re yeah. now w learning who is going to be playing oo 7 in the up coming bond 25 film, and this person is somebody who is making history on more than one front, folks. >> you can say that again. >> scott evans joins us from "access." so scott, how is this going to work? >> reporter: pat and leon, just say it with me. lashauna lynch. she is the new 007, the actress is going to be taking over the 0 0 7 code name fro daniel craig in "bond 25." he'll remain james bond for now. but she is, of course, going to be taking over. she's female. she issh british. is black. she is beautiful. she's talented. she's everything that we've been waiting for to shake up the bond franchise. now, remember, we just saw he in "captain marvel" and the training for that film was so intense we know she going to nail it in this role. >> i worked were two amazing
4:25 pm
female fighter pilots. we'll do a couple of maneuvers, we'll do it now and we'll do a quickarrel roll and i'm literally upside down, sure. >> if she can handle that, she can handle daniel craig. he ain'te going to bothing compared to being upside down in a plane, but i am so pumped. a new day. the spider-man that just won an oscar was a black character and now halle berry is now "the new little mermaid." we'rout here. we're out mere. >> so she's not replacing bond. she's just the new agent with that number. >> she's the new 001. he retires. james bond retires and is brought out of retirement and w meets the ne 007 and tries his little, you know, bond, james bond thing, and she's like void, please. it's gonna be good. it's gonna be good. i already got popcorn. >> can't wait to see it. thanks, scott. >> all right, my man. take care.
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>> next on news 4, go back attack. president trump digging in after lashing out at democratic congresswomen. coming up after critics claim his latest tweet is raceist. >> and for week we've been telling you about pat collins' cret project. now it's time for the big reveal so don't miss this still ahead at 4:45. honey, this gig-speed internet
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president trump is used to getting a rise o of emdrats, off b some rare republican pushback. er the issue of those tweets yesterday that w widely denounced as racist, but mr. trump is not backing down. if anything, he's doubling downt on controversial comments he made that appeared to be directed at four members of congress who are women of cor. >> susan mcguinnes joins us now to break it all down for >> reporter: pat and leon, that's right. members of both parties have opntnly condemned preside trump's remarks, but the president shows no regret. ♪ president trump defiant in the face of widespread criticism of his weekend tweetsge tarng four democratic congresswomen, today driving only a controversial mes tge. >> ifhey don't like it here, they can leave. all they do is explain, so allm i'aying is if they want to leave, they can leave.
4:30 pm
>> reporter: the double downll foows these tweets telling four lawmakers to go back to the countries from which they came. >he relies on racism, division and anti-immigrant sentiments to consolidate power. >> reporter: alexandria ocasio-cortez one target along with three other freshmen democrats, all women of color, all u.s. citizens, three born ia ameri the fourth minnesota representative ilhan omar born in somalia was singled out. >> she's somebody talking about how great al qaeda is. pick out her statement. that was omar.ow hreat al qaeda is. >> reporter: omar quickly tweeted she will never inck down he face of these attacks. on capitol hill, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle calling the tweets inappropriate. >> they are race-baiting. they are rates of and are meant to divide people. >> reporter: several republican senators issues statements oppose the attack on fellow lawmakers. >> i think they are american citizens who are duly elected and running on an agenda that's disgusting. er >> house speakancy pelosi
4:31 pm
telling democrats our unity is our power and calling on gop lawmakers to join them in voting for alu resotion condemning the president's statement.te >> reporr: four democratic tcongresswomen known ashe squad are holding a press conference at 5:00 p.m. to respond to president trump's remarks. pat. >> susan mcginnis, thank you, susan. police and the sheriff in fairfax county are investigate the death of an 18-year-old inmate at the detention center. authorities say shaqqes amir green was in hospital care since being found nsunrespoe in his cell a week ago. police were notified yesterday that he had died. green had been at the jail since last december. an autopsy will determine how he died. investigators say there's no signs of foul play. if you're just joining us at 4:31, let's get you caught up wih four things you need to know. police say two men started firing a another man at the
4:32 pm
entrance of howard university hospital this morning. photos show w bulletnt through a hospital wall and nearly struck a woman lding her newborn as she was waiting for an appointment. no one was shot and the suspect was not arrested. life in prison for a man who plowed his car into protesters and killed ama w james fields killed heather heyer during a unite the right rally two years ago. a judge accepted the jury recommendation and sentenced fields to life in prison, plus 419 years for her death. fields is also serving a life sentence on federal hate charges. a former herndon high school drama teacher is out of jail after being held for months on child porn charges. neam 4as were there when he was released. he's accused of secrcoly reing dozens of children at herndon high and the nannies at his home as they undressed. and tonight community members will voice their concernswith
4:33 pm
amazon's plans to build a fulfillment center in prince geoe's county. tonight's meeting with amazon fficials will be at the colony south hotel in clinton at 6:00 and coming up at 5:00, news 4's tracey wilkins will have more on why residents are u et with those plans. leon and pat, back to you. >> thanks, wendy. if you are running out fun ideas for you and your family for the summer, we have a new alternative for you. >> news 4's mollette green has details on rockville summer in the square. >> reporter: look at us. we got upea ly this morning to try the wheel. we're makingptery, and it's for beginners or folks who are really out of it and creative. ryan is the insuctor here, and check out his wheel. going to try to destroy it like in the move "ghost." >> the go for it. >> reporter: i did it. we're in the rockville town square with acoustic guitarist
4:34 pm
alex hutchins right here and the director of arts. this is one of the many things you can do, and it's free! >> it's free. one ofhe many activities we have here in the center at rockville town center. can you do fitness, salsa-stylea dancing listen to music. we want people to come and be creative. > reporter: try the wheel is what it's called. back to you. >> coming up tomorrow on "news 4 today,"llur mote green will be going back to her childhood to see how women here in this area are joining a national movement to bring back double dutch. >> oh. tomorrow on ing up "news 4 today." check it out and have some fun. >> that takes some serious skill. >> and mollette is goodat double dutch. >> you've seen it before? >> oh, yes. i've seen her in action. >> check h out double dutch game tomorrow. >> still ahead here on news 4, forget the snow stick, find out what our pat collins is up to now. >> and we're working for your
4:35 pm
family's health. how to keep your kids mentally sharp even in the summer's month. e first 's wrath, damage estimates ater the slam comes ashore after the storm in louisiana. >> and after tomorrow the weather will be icky. i'll let you know how hot it will feel when you factor in th
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most kids savor the summer and enjoy that much-needed break from homework and tests and all that stuff. >> but experts say a summer free of learning c erase months of progress in the classroom. >> news 4's doreen against sler here to tell us how parents can prevent traditional summer brain drain. >> kids savor the summer but on parents d, not the whole thing. it can be a real challenge for parents to keep their kidsie occ and busy during summer break. we spoke to a former teacher turned tutor to find some simpln and ineive things that you can do starting tonight to keep your kids mentally active. >> it's called summer brain drain. as kids unwind fm school and settle into summer vacation mode. >> research shows that kid can lose up to two and a half months of progress in language arts and math if they don't do anything. >> reporter: anne dolan is former fairfax county schoolteacher and mother of two. she's also the founder of educational connections, an
4:39 pm
in-home tutoring service and says one of the best ways to keep kids mentally sarp is by reading. >> that is really the start. engaging kids, even signing ther up f your local good old-fashioned library program where tey can be incentivized and motivated to read books that they love. >> reporter: if you have a reluctant reader, audio books are a good option, too. >> in fact, studies show that's just as positive and helpful in reading books independently. >> reporter: and teaching your child a new skill over the summer, like cooking, is an easy way to integrate math into their day. >> so even if 's, oh, can you measure half a cup or, w at's half of a half a cup, getting them engaged and asking them to measure out ingredients and mix it up and be super happy with the outcome is a great way t incorporate math. >> and look for creative ways to bng the clag room into your home with flashcards. >> any timean you c have that
4:40 pm
sight learning rather than just reciting facts you're more likely to seer it into your memory. >> how about a multiplication fact beach ball. where their thumbnela they have to recite the fact to us. kids learn 30% more wn they are up and moving rather than just sitting down. and don't wait until the last miute which is often hat happens oh, my child hasn't read book and i forgot the mathd pact at the beginning of summer. >> the math packets, theme sumr reading, i've been there as aen par letting kids postpone t.teachers spend four to eight weeks every fall reviewing material kids have forgottehe over t summer so putting in some time fw will pay of
4:41 pm
later. coming up tomorrow on-in-the-news 4, screen time. it isn't always a bad thing when it comes to learning. how cell phones and tablets c actually help your child mastery new skill over the summer. we've got some great ideas tomorrow on "news 4 at 4:00." >> love that ball idea. kills two birds with one stones, gets them physical activity so yore physically and mentally healthier after that. >> we've got great libraries all over our region. that's areat placeo start and take advantage of some of the programs that they have. >> absolutely. w that's what we did as kids. >> before had cell phones. >> before tablets and cell phones. >> library. >> thanks, doreen. >> good stuff. >> thanks, doreen. >> now to the moment that we've all been waiting for. >> that's right. drum roll, please. here's the snow stick challenge every ye andnow our pat collins has something new up his sleeve. >> all right. pat. tell us about it. >> hey, pat.
4:42 pm
well, stanley has the cup and the nfl has rings, but i, i have a special bowl. i'll tell you how to g o of i'll tell you how to g o of
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each year nbc's clear the shelters campaign helps animal shelters and rescue groups find new hom p fors. >> yes, and ahead of this year's adoption initiative, we would like to fill theof dog days summer with something a little special. >> and who better to help us with something like this than pat collinwho is ready to ditch the snow stick for a brand-new challenge. right, pat? >> reporter: i've been looking forward to thisor weeks and weeks and weeks. look, watch this. hi, five. clearly this is going to be a challenge.
4:45 pm
let's get on with t. ♪ >> it's pat's prize. >> it's come to my attention that the's about a gazillion pets in and around the washington area, not counting these guys. >> oh. >> reporter: we're looking for that pet with that special talent and special trick, omething that gives you goose bumps, so let's get on with it. >> pat's prized pets. >> so youre have the dogs? >> mm-hmm. >> pporter: and they sleewith you? >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: and your wife -- >> she moved oute to next bedroom. >> reporter: you're okay with that? >> look at these beautiful babies. >> reporter: pet lovers and their pets have a special relationship. >> when they are sad i'm sad. >> reporter: and when tey are happy. >> i couldn't be happier. it might be a cliche to say that they are family, but that's what
4:46 pm
it boils down to. >> dogs just fill in a l of your life. they are friends that are there foryou. >> i don't have kids so that's my, you know, like my kid. >> reporter: doggone, it some petso out of their way to say i'm your buddy. i'm your pal. i'll do anything you ask me to do. >>hake. >> reporter: now that's the pet we're looking for. that's the trick that's prize worthy. the person with the best pet trick gets a -- oh, not that. leon. tell them what they are going to get. >> your pet will be the envy of th neighborhood with this brand-new limited edition pat's owl.e pet every meal will become an adventure. it's dishwasher safe and gluten free. yeah, it's so nice you mayust want to keep it in a display cautious and it can be all yours if you are one of pat's prize pets. >> reporter: we have rules. one.number
4:47 pm
don't do any trick that puts you or your pet in harm's way. rule number two, don't use any effect or filter that exaggerates the trick. rule number three. no employees of nbc are allowed to enter. i'm sorry, buddy. i'll make it upou to next time. >> oh. >> reporter: guys, tell people how they can enter and get one of these. >> oh, pat. we'd be happy to. entering is so easy. can you use twitter. you can use facebook or instagram. all we want you to dot is pos knows photos or video and tag us at nbcwashington and don't forget to use the #pat'sprized pets. >> so the dog is getting paid? the dog is an employee? the dog's a paid employ?at >> th why he tucked his tail. >> i've got to check with the
4:48 pm
interns to see if they are getting grades on oh, my gosh. our annual clear the shelters is set for august 17th, and we invite you to learn more about that in our nbc washington app. >> we know there are l a of talented pets out in. >> we're about to find out. >> and you'll get a bowl. >> turning to the weather, it was really nice and so pleasant today. low humidity, but that's going to go ba up. as the humidity is going up the temperatures are going . we could hit 100 degrees over the weekend. year, en't done that this and when you factor in the humidityha we'll dangerous heat around for the weekend. we have a few more hours of some nice weather out there. low humidity. check out your hourly planner until just before midnight. t temperaturesis evening generally in the 80s if you're heading out. we drop into the 70s by 11:00 p.m., and tomorrow it's hot and humid, and we could see showers and thunderstorms during the late afternoon and evening
4:49 pm
hours. ae biggest risk withy storms that we're seeing tomorrow would be some heavy rainfall. the storms could be slow-moving. there might b some flooding concerns out there. obviously something i'll be monitoring. we could also see some strong nd gusty wi or an isolated tornado. tomorrow really all about that potential for heavy rain with morediumid contions in the area. here's future weather putting it into motion. clouds build throughout the midday hours and wre still dry. 2:00 p.m., storms firing back around the mountains. the rest of us are dry so if you're heed to the pool no, worries of storms there. 4:00 p.m., the chance now around the i-81 corridor, and then we see that storm chance kind of move into the metro ar , more so during the evening hours than the afternoon hours. you can see though future weather isn't going crazy with the storm chances tomorrow. only at maybe 40 % that you're dealing with a late-day shower or thunderstorm. otherwise it's hot and more humid. that 94 feels more like 100 degrees when you factor in the mugginess out there, and clouds do increase throughout the day.
4:50 pm
here's the storm team 4 four-day forecast. we could see a heat advisory on wednesday. that 96 will feel like 105 degrees and maybe some late-day thunderstorms on wednesday. that riskis pretty low at 30, and as we look to thursday a 40% chance for rain and thunhierstorms. tcould be earlier in the day as well. that risk on thursday will be from the remnants of barry. no heat advisory butlt's st hot and humid with a high of 93. 99 on friday. we could see a heat advisory on friday, saturday and sunday. look at the temperatures that i'm going for highs saturday and sunday. we hit 100 degrees likely on saturday. when you factor in the mugginess, it will feel more like 110 out there. there's a chance for thunderstorms on sunday and 98 again. we'll feel closer to 110. could see heat advisories wednesday, thursday, friday and sarday and don't fall back into the 80s until next wednesday. i'll leave you with the ten-day forecast, and, yeah, we're looking at wednesday, thursday,
4:51 pm
friday, saturday and sunday for dangerous heat out there and storm chances as well and, again, some of the storms could be on the strong to severe side out there >> beats sweeting it out. >> for sure. >> next weekend is a good weekend to go to the movie. >> enjoy the air conditioning. >> yeah. >> wow. saturday was not a bad day and we want to wish the city of alexandria a happy 270. what a wonderful celebration there. i was honored to be there and serve asee. saw the mayor, justin wilson, and members of the city cocil and the town cryer of the city lauriat.t did you know that? >> i did nots. >> lof folks enjoying a fabuthus day in park. it was very hot but it was nice. highlights washe orchestra shot as they played the 1812 overture. >> and nicenight for a sunset.
4:52 pm
>> look at you will >> a lot of nokes turned out there. >> good time had by all. >> we'll see what's coming up next hour at 5:00. what's coming up? >> hi, you guys. it's going to be a big week of events commemorating the 50th anniversary ofhe apollo moon landing. we'll be meeting a land who worked as an engineer on the apollo 11 mission, and he has inspired his son to follow in is footsteps at nasa. we'in also work for your health, so should you apply sunscreen under yourupmake even if sunscreen is blt into your makeup? doreen gentzler joins us to explain what you need to know about that in just a couple of minutes. leon, i understand you're joining me today on "news 4 at 5:00. ". >> i'm being getified moving from here to there. >> moving on up. >> or moving on over. >> or moving on over. see choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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now that's a win-win. switch to geico. it's a win-w. investigators in new york city are trying to shed light on saturday's power outage that darkened 30 city blocks in manhattan. signal lights went out, subway trains came to a halt and people got stuck in hundreds of elevators. the lights on broadway even went dark. officials were, course, immediately concerned about public safety, but so far no injuries have been reported. the utility company is still trying to figure out what caused the power failure. >> louisiana residents are trying to dry out this afternoon
4:56 pm
after tropical depression barry caused widespread flooding across the state. barry was a category 1 hurricane for a few hours. the storm brought up to 15 inches of rain in some places. nbc's dan sheneman takes us to some of the hardest hit areas. >>louisiana's governor looking firsthand at the damage in the southern part of his state. myrtle grove overwhelmed with water after barry blew through. >> we're very, very thankful that the mississippi river stayed wiin its levee of. >> reporter: those levees now a point of contention with local residents who say they have been waiting for years for new stronger levees. >> we're working throuome issues that relate all the way back to the title of the land that the levees will be constructed on. >> anything i can ever do to help you. >> reporter: the state's lieutenant governor says the levee of issue has been in the southern parrish and rests squarely on the shoulders of the
4:57 pm
local governor. >> they cannot repair the levees. >> reporter: a storm dumped as much as 15 areas of rain in some areas and far less than what was forecast. >> it fell in t amounts that they had predicted did over the gulf. >> reporter: crews are now restoring electricity to the thousands still without power while statewide officials are breathing a sigh of relief. >> we absolutely made it through thetorm. yond lucky, we were spared. >> repter: spaurd but prepared, for when the next storm hits their way. dan sheneman, nbc news. >> and there are a whole lot of folks drying out now in louisiana. that does it for "news 4 at 4:00." "news 4 at 5:00" continues now with leon and wendy. >> right now at 5:00, a woman and her newborn nearly caught in
4:58 pm
the crossfire. >> a shooting steps away from d howarniversity hospital sent patients running for cover this morning. se >> and a nur snapped these pictures to show where the bullet went into the hall at that hospital. >> reporter: news 4's meagan fitzgerald is live at the scene with the very latest. meagan? >> reporter: this all happened at 9:45. we're talking abo broad day light. police tell us the suspect is running along fifth street here. a bullet went into a window right here at the howard i univers hospital. it was inches away from striking a mother hol wb ba. hedi snghoing. h it so close to home, so just weird to say. >> reporter: it was an unsettling and scary way to start the week for neighbors who live along fifth street in northwest. >> i woke up, started working. my desk faces the howard ta hospi and the next thing you know i hear a couple of pops. >> reporter: brett porter was inside his home when d.c. police say two suecspstdar te running away on fifth street
4:59 pm
right near the entrance of hoitard university's ho. one of the bullets striking a seindow. a nur would works in the ob-gyn office at the hospital sent us these pictures saying the bullet went throug the wall of her department just missing this woman who is sitting down with her newborn baby waiting for an appointment. i spoke with the new mother who says the bullet nearly missed her house. she was too shaken up to go on camera but survived the ordeal as terrifying. witnesses say campus police relyonded quick >> oh, it was fast. they were throwing on bulletproof vests and running diaide. s en> t at > othe hospital and said he saw te suspects taking off through the parking lot. >> by the time i've seen the two kids running wn. >>reporter: he said he rushed outside to help of his patients, many of whom were crying. >> we had patients on the metro access bus and had to get them olf of that. >> d.c. pice say no one was injured, but many employees
5:00 pm
e hospital are calling this man a hero. >> reporter: going to think about it at the olice the two suspectse whost may have seen something to contact them ght away. >> leon, back to you. >> meagan fitzgerald reporting live. a massive fire creates quite a stir across the region. take a look at this scene from chopper 4. this happened around 3:00 this afternoon. flames broke out here destroying a barn and a greenhouse on route 96. firefighters say th e weren't any chemicals or animals in thee barn, and were no ins ries. there'ill no word on the cause here but the thick blao smke could be seen for miles around. it even appeared on our storm team 4 radar. >> a man danding methadone killed a person and wounded a police sergeant before he was shot and killed by poli


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