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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 15, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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man a hero. >> reporter: going to think about it at the olice the two suspectse whost may have seen something to contact them ght away. >> leon, back to you. >> meagan fitzgerald reporting live. a massive fire creates quite a stir across the region. take a look at this scene from chopper 4. this happened around 3:00 this afternoon. flames broke out here destroying a barn and a greenhouse on route 96. firefighters say th e weren't any chemicals or animals in thee barn, and were no ins ries. there'ill no word on the cause here but the thick blao smke could be seen for miles around. it even appeared on our storm team 4 radar. >> a man danding methadone killed a person and wounded a police sergeant before he was shot and killed by police.
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baltimore's police chief says the sergeant who was injured is5 ear veteran billy shiflic who isab in st condition before undergoing surgery. the man who plowed h car during a white nationalist rally in charlottesville will spend the remainder of his life in prison. a judge upheld the jury's recommended sentence for james n field i the 2017 attack that killed heather heyer and injured several others. the judge called the video ofc hi driving into the crowd one with of the more chilling and disturbing things he had ever seen. as part of his sentence fields will have to pay nearly half a million dollars in restitution. four freshmen female members of congress firing back after a seriesf tweets and on-camera remarks by the president. many have called the president's words ralsts. he cad on the members, all of whom are minorities, to go back to their countries. that's despiteleave it them being born here in the united
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states. pat lawson muse is in our newsroom with ak. closer loo >> reporter: wendy, today reporters tried to have the president clarify what he meant, but instead mr. trump used his e podium to pil on to his previous comments saying he believes theour members, which he calls the squad, hate america. they are fee to leave if they want, and if they want to leave, that's fine, and if they want to stay that's fine. >> ds it concern you that many people saw that tweet as racist and that white nationalist groups are finding common cause with you on that pot? >> doesn't concern me because many people agree with me, and all i'm saying they want to leave theyan leave. >> reporter: president trump ignored multiple questions about where exactly he wanted thes women to go. all four are u.s. citizens and three were born here in this country. the lawmaking a new conference that we'reeholdrsre monitoring. earlier we heard from alexandria
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ocasio-cortez. >> he relies on racism, division and anti-immigrant sentiment to consolidate power because he does not have a positive vision for the future of america. i think there'sgy stto divide the country because the more this country ism viit.di >> reporter: now the response from most republicans on the hill has been fairly muted.w only a lawmakers challenging the president's remarks. again, we're going to be monitoring that news conference from the ur members, and we'll bring youd pdan watle uo n,e ba >> thanks, pat. president trump is intensifying the battle on the border. today his administration rolled out a plan to end asylum protections for most central american migrants. asylum seers who pats through another country before reaching the u.s. cannot seek a asylum the southern border. they have to provide a credible fear of returning to their home country and children will be restricted as well. immigration advocates tell news 4's chris gordon this proposal
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won't get through without a fight. >> it's preposterous, number one. it's nothing more thannother race-baiting attempt to real the base. >> reporter: george escobar represents the immigration g advocacup and says the new rule is causing confusion and fear. it requires asylum seekers from central america who pass through oanother countryn the way here to apply for asylum in that country. they are ineligible forlu asy in the united states. >> for the government to just say, well, youtoad cross other borders to get here. you had to cross mexico and guatemala, you should have asked for asylum there, ridiculous, and completely illegally. >> reporter: the new trump administration restriction on asylum seekers is expected to go into effect tuesday, but the american civil liberties union is already taking action trying to block it. the aclu says the trump administrationis trying to
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unilaterally reverse our country's legal and moral commitment to protect those fleeing danger. this new rule is patently unlawful, and we will sue swiftly. but othersre support pdent trump's efforts to restrict immigration. freddy burgos is with the republican national hispanic assembly of virginia. >> 90% of those who are applying for asylum do not f qualify asylum, and, unfortunately, they are being released into our country and iurerior of o nation and this is a way to stop illegal entry into our country. >> after a confusin weekend which threatened i.c.e. raids and deportations apparently didn't materialize this, new asylum rule is further dividing opinion over u.s. immigration policies. chris gordon, news 4. apply asylum restrictions to adults, families and children who cross the border alone. attorney general william barr said the u.s. is a generous country, but he says the country is being completely verwhelmed
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by the apprehension and s of ssing of hundr thousands of migrants at the border. let's turn now to the forecast. storm team 4 tcking some warmer weather heading our way. amelia draper standing by in the storm center with more. keeping an eye on barryth headi way. >> we can see the emrants from barry impact us on thursday with a chance for showers and thunderstorms, but more so i'm tracking some dangerous heat in the forecast, something that we've not seen since august of 2016. now, currently our temperature is coming in at 90 degrees. beautiful sunshineut there and the humidity levels not that bad today. so hopefully you enjoyed it because they are going up toorrrow and after tw. the humidity is going to be oppressive through the weekend. but for the evening hours we'll find g temperaturerally in the 80s. 88 at 7:00 p.m. and by 9:00 we're to 83, dry conditions out there, clear skies. 11:00 p.m. we're at 79 degrees rond starting off tomor in the upper 60s to mid-70s, our average high is now about 89.ry
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notice eveay through saturday we're running above normal. we could see a heat advisory out there on wednesday, friday and saturday. i'm going to let you know how hot it feels when you factor in the humidity come up at 5:25. >> some neighbors inmaryland are not happy about amazon sees plans to build a fulfillment center in prince george's couey. thew warehouse in upper marlboro is expected to be much larger than had been planned and some people aren't happy about having something that big going into their neighborhood. news 4 tracey wilkins has more on a community meeting tonight that's going to address the concerns. >> reporter: this is what residents of westphalia were promierd, a thriving town cen and so far this is what they are, a an empty field with a sign asking for etailers. but the developer in this upper marlboro community says they need a catalyst to lure retail and sources tell news 4 th the catalyst will be a new 800,000
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square foot amazon fulfillment center. the developer wouldot confirm that amazon is the tenant they are prepping for but says the business that's coming will make westphalia a better community. >> this is very clear to us tha0 1,5 new jobs coming into this community will be the catalyst that will spur the retail development. >> i know that many of the residents are shocked. >> reporter: attorney and prince george's county development blogger bradley hurd says residents have been misled. >> they have promised a mixed se vibrant town center with offices and retail, and what they are left with is a -- a huge warehouse that's the size ll fields. >> all around iawestph residents are sharing lett and teaching about soepg laws and the oming process. many are concerned about whato square 4 million foot project could mean for their community. hurd says they should be concerned. >> when you're fundamentally
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changing the character of the community as you are withhis development, you should considey whetherou need to have a more inclusive community planning process. >> there are a series of community meetings including one tonight and then on thursday thl deer heads back to the planning board for a hearing on his proposal. in upper marlboro, i'm tracey wilkins, news 4. >> tonight's meeting with amazon officials and developers will be at the colony south hotel in clinton starting at 6:00. as jeffrey epstein continues arguing for bail, two of his accusers are fighting to keep him behind bars. one accuser told a manhattan federal court that she was 14 when the millionaire financier started abusing her. she called epstein scary, said he needed to be enied bail protect other girls. also today, prosecutors said they found abogus passport, cash, diamonds at epstein's home in his safe. the passport listed as saudi
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arabia resident. epstein's lawyers want him released on house arrest. still ahead here, a former high school drama teacher held for months on child porn charges walks out of jail this morning. our julie carey reports on where he's headed next. it has been eight months since a devastating injury for redskins quarterback alex smith. just ahead, the important ac milestone ed in his recovery. >> see why he's smiling. >> see what he's holding. >> and working for your health. doreen gentzler reports on makeup with sunscreen protection and whether
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ensure, for strength and energy. manthought alex smith's career might be over after that devastating leg injury last fall, but eedskins quarterback isn't ready to call it quits and dave johnson joins us from the newsroom about today's big step on sth's road to recovery. >> reporter: indeed. it's a big step on what has been a long road. last november,ou'll remember
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against the texans, alex smith right leg turned the wrong way. he suffered two broken bone in that leg. multiple surgeries followed and a brace was needed to stabilize the brace. finally today that metal contraption known as an external fixator was removed from smith's leg. in fact he captured this on instagram and last month has been nothing short of crazy and though it's not over day, it's a big milestone. we're shedding the weight that erallyas been carrying l and figuratively. it's one step closer to the goal. the resilience and mental fortitude of this man is unmatched. smith credited the fixate ore with allowing him to hale and walk again and keep fixated on his goal of returning tthe playing field. >> look forward to seeing him back there. >> thanks, dave. hall of fame boxer purnell
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swea" "sweet whitaker has died. it does not appear that drugs or alcohol was involved in the crash. he was regarded as one of the world's greatest defensive fighters ever. a world champ in four different weight classes. he was 55 years old. closing arguments in a lawsuit being closely watched around the country. a judge in oklahomaill decide whether to hold johnson & johnson responsible for fueling the opioid epidemic saying the company knew the drugs were addictive and downplayed their drs while promoting them. johnson & johnson said their products made up a small share of opioids prescribed in that state and carried labels with warnings. this is 1 of 2,000 cases accusing drug manufacturers of contributing to this epidemic. and doctors may one day be able to diagnose alzheimer's
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disease and other forms of dementia with a blood test. it was presented at alzheimer's ssociation international conference. researchers presented result on various experimental tests, and that includes one that seems 88% accurate at indicating the risk of alzheimer's. doctors are hoping for something to use during routine exams so they can gauge who needs more extensive testing. experts caution more research,rs of cou is needed. the millions of children that are not getting the vaccines that can save their lives. srld health expertay 20 million kids worldwide were not vaccinated against diseases like measles and tetanus last year this. report comes as the cdc reports that theeasles outbreak in the u.s. has grown to over 1,100 cased in 28 states now. the majority of people infected were there haven't been any reported cases of measles in the district by mayor muriel bowser says children still need to get
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their shots and today she talked mportance of children and teens who are attending d.c. schools and getting vaccinated. mayor bowser said vaccinations are the best way to protect kids and families from serious diseases. the vaccination rate at d.c. public schools and charter schools is 93%. >> well, we all know wearing sunscreen can reduce our risk or cancend help slow down the signs of aging, but is wearing makeup or a moisturizer with anh spf, is t enough to protect your skin? doreen gentzler joins us withw neresearch from "consumer reports" that could change your morning beauty routine, and we're talking to the guys here,o o, aren't we? >> and in a word no, it's not enough. there's a surpriseyou, eight? scan the aisls of any drug store or department storks and you'll see most makeup foundations and tinted moisturizers, they have spf built in, so are you one of those peopnk who thi you're covered by that, kind i of like was? well, dermatologists say you're probably not, and makeup should
5:17 pm
never be a substituteor sunscreen because you're simply not using enough of the product to protect your skin from the un s's harmful rays. >> you suld be using one whole teaspoon of sunscreen for your face and neck and that's a lot. you probably won't able to apply that much foundation without looking like you're wearing a makeup mask and chances are you won't apply it every two hours. >> instead your morning routine should start with a layer of broad spectrum sunscreen, start with that. the american academy of dermatology recommends an spf of at least 30 while some medical experts say spf 50 is best and suggests looking for ingredients like zinc and titanium to get the best production. allow for the sunscreen to dry before putting on your setting wder. laying a sunscreen does not add
5:18 pm
up to spf 50. another area to remember is your lips. don't use glossyroducts because those will attract the sun. i just added ten minutes. >> how are we goingtobsorb all that have sunscreen in you're faces? that's a lot, with the zinc stuff. >> the zinc stuff doesn't get there. >> we'll need makeup to cover all the white zinc. >> here's theti alterna. just stay indoorhe >> in t air conditioning. >> there we go. >> just use peanut butter. >> wouldn't work for you, sorry. >> might attract bugs. >> wouldn't work foryou either, sweetheart. >> all right. >> thanks, doreen. >> thanks,doreen. it was a milestone that inspired a nation and now 50 years later it inspires a
5:19 pm
future. ahead, a man who worked on apollo 11 and whose son is now following in his footsteps. >> and storm team 4 is flowing scorching temperatures and a chance of storm
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boy, you've got some really high numbers on that ten-day
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that are kind of terrifying right abo now. >> yes, and dangerous actually in the forecast. wednesday, fratay, sday and sunday, i think wre goingo be under a heat advisory. each one of those days it will b feel t so 5 degrees or hotter out there. ah. >> before we talk more about the heat, i want to show you the allergy report out for today because it's kind of all over the trees and weeds coming in moderate. grasses and mold spores are coming in high, i so your seasonal allergies are bothering you, that's explaining it right there. currently our temperatures are in the 80so around 90 degrees. 190 in washington and frederick and 86 in gaithersburg. we're at 90 in leesbg right now. tonight.out there the humidity is not that bad an we're notacking any showers or thunderstorms across the area, but i am keeping an eye on bear, and it could potentially impact us. this is what's left of it.ul this potentially impact us with showers and thunderstorms on thursday. not a b deal and actually it will help to keepour temperatures down a few degrees on thursday which will make a big difference. speaking of showers and
5:23 pm
thunderstorms, tere is a chance for some late-day showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. between 4:00 and 10:00 p.m. ot everybody is going to se them. only about a 0% risk that you're dealing with some rain, but any storms that do develop could be slow moving with really heavy rainfall. that could lead to some flooding issues. that's the biggest concern i could see tomorrow and also seeing strong gusty winds, not a strong threat for hail or w isolatedk tornado. all about the heavy rain. you'll see future weather is pretty anemic with the storm chanceand here were at 8:00 p.m. the notice some cloudiness across the area and do start off nswith generally more sune and clouds. clouds and humidity increase throughout the day. the area is still maybe showers and thunderstorms back around i-81 and back into northern virginia. that risk for showers andt hunderstorms doesn't head into the d.c. metro area until 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, anee can you s how meager future weather is without that storm chance, but it's still there. something to keep in mind if you're going to beout and
5:24 pm
about. also sething to keep in mind. that 49 with higher humidity levels, it's going to feel more like 100 degreesre out the tomorrow afternoon, so if you're heading to the pool, you have the right idea. wednesday we'rede likely un a heat advisory with dangerous heat in the forecast. 96 for a high. the risk though low at 90%. again, we could be being traing showers and thunderstorms on thursday with what's left of barry and then dangerous heat is back in the forecast on friday with a high temperature of 99. here's the weekend, and if we hit 100 saturday, it will be t first time we've hit 100 since august 2016. again, these are all heat s advisory dayhrough the weekend with a chance for some thunderstorms later sunday. coming up at 550, i'll show you how hot it feels when you factor in the humidity, because that 96 is going to feel a lot hotter. i have that uprecast coming again at 5:50.
5:25 pm
>> thanks, amelia. >> mm-hmm. >>ve we ha a new era for the washington capitals tennis team. we'll be live from the new rooftop arena that will host stars like venus williams this career. >> and amazon's prime day brings out the porch pirates. >> how to protect your purchases from theft. >> ande're there as a teacher who was jailed on charges of child pornography and secretly recording underage girls walks out we're the slowe,ys. we like drip cofayovers- -and waiting on hold. what we don't like is relying on fancy technology for help. snail mail! we were invited to a y2k party... uh, didn't that happen, like, 20 years ago? oh, look, karolyn, we've got a mathematician on our hands! check it out! now you can schedule a callback or reschedule an appointment, even on nights and weekends. today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesom.
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i'd rather not
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herndon high school drama teacher accused of secretly recordin his students free on bond. >> and raphael schklowsky stepped out o the jail and was reunited with his wife. > julie dearee has more on what's next for him. >> reporter: wendy and leon. this is my first chanceto ask himying questions ever since rdril when i was digging through courthouse reco
5:29 pm
sclou schklowsky appeared and he left carr his belongings in a as i asked about the allegations against him. why the did you secretly record your ttudents andeenage girls? >> reporter: his wife waiting for him. she, too, declined comment. slous sclousk schklowsky was first arrested after an au pair found a tiny recording event in h room and more charges were added whenig investators had a look at some of the videos and seized more than 40 recording devices. finally last month police broke the news. many of the girls in the videos peared to be herndon high school students. >> we have a lot of digital in evidence this case and we're not done yet. >> reporter: just today police telling us that they have now e counted s 8,000 vide on hklowsky's devices. prosecutors initially opposed bond but schklowsky appealed. under the terms of the supervised release just approved
5:30 pm
he had to post their 25,000 bond and is barred from contacting viccing times and is not allowed on any school property. schklowsky may not use the internet or camera devices, and the judge was told he's entering the keystone extended care unit in pennsylvania. its website describes it as a treatment center for sexually compulsive >>behavior. n case you're wondering about his status as a fairfax county public schoolteacher schklowsky remains suspended withoutckpay. o you now in the studio. >> thank you, julie carey. >> we're learning how a teenage inmate died after being found unresponsive in his cell in the adult detention center. police say green was unresponsive in his jail cell last month and he was taken offt life suppoust yesterday. tonight the medical examiner has ruled his death a suicide from hanging, and there is a gofundme
5:31 pm
page set up to help the green family with his funeral. the photo shows his mother, by the way, signing documents so that his organs can be donated. green's 19th birthday would have been this thursday. if you would like to learn more about this fund-raising effort go to the nbc washington app and search gofundme. >> an update now on an outbreak of respiratory illnesses at a northern viiniaenior livinge. h residents at the green spring tirement community in springfield have gotten sick. two deaths are associated with the outbreak. 23 people have had to go to the hospital. health officials say that what's strike begun this outbreak is the number o residents who have been impacted and the fa that people are getting sick during r instead of during the winter. >> i'm scott macfarlane at the live desk. four freshmen u.s. congresswomen have started a press conference thments ago responding to tweets by president trum seemed to be targeting them for
5:32 pm
criticism. the controversial tweets from the president included a emark that they should go back where they came from if they don't likea. americ the congresswomen gathering nown to respd to the president's ouweets. the congresswomen women ilhan omar of minnesota and alexandewa ocasio-cortez of n york and darash tlaib of minnesota and ayana pressley, the freshman congresswoman from >> i encourage the american people and all of us in this room and beyond to not take the bait. this is simply a disruption and a distractionrom the callous and chaotic corrupt culture of this administration all the way down. >> congresswoman ayana pressley moments ago at u the. capitol visitors center. even stronger criticism from ilhan omar who said the esident was blatantly racist and adopting the agenda of white nationalists. the showers back in session for one of its final weeks before the august recess.
5:33 pm
i'm scott macfarlane. wendy, back to you. >> t, scott. well, yay, if you take canal road it's back open. that road has been shut down sinceast week's flash flood emergency. crews worked to patch up the big sinkhole between reservoir and foxhole roads and managed to get the work down four days early so there you go, literally. >> all right. >> good for them. >> well, if you're looking for something to do this week, we recommend union market. and not just for the food. tennis anyone? more live from the rooftop of the northeast hot spot and the washingto castles are getting ready to kick off a brand-newa sen. tell bus it. >> reporter: what better time than to kick off professional d.c. tennis than right nowte af an incredible wimbledon final where we saw roger federer and novak jokic spark interest in their five-hour match. up here we won't see a five-hour
5:34 pm
match but we'll see plenty of tennis fireworks behind me. this brand-new 700-seat multi-million dollar stadium, the cap toll overlooks it and if you're unfamiliar with the castl and world team tennis. the league was created in the '70s by billie jean king, a totally different vib than what you see at the grand slam, like rock 'n' roll tennis and proof, as you've guys have heard of the lmfao, party rock anthem, one of the membersstis an assit coach on the opposing vegas team. here's the team owner on what separate thecastles' experience. >> you'll have amazing food because the vendors in the food maet are serving the food up s here, this will be hands down the best food anyone has had at any sporting event in history and you're on the roof of union market, one of the coolest spots in d.c. can look out at the whe city, a nice breeze and truly it's never been done anywhere in the world so we can't wait for washington to come and check it out.
5:35 pm
>> so you just heard the owner talk about theo fod. you know, doug carpal remember, we had to bring the food out right here, taco, korean, and then the village cafe. i mean, this is all justal a sm sample what have they have got over here at the market here, and it's going to be fantastic. all the action kicks off at 7:0 p.d later on in sports we'll actually talk about local star about why the castle is so important to him. >> the food is important but the breeze even better. that going to really be a factor. >> all right. good deal. bonappetite. see you in a bit. a day of giving back to those who may deal with the sacrifice just ahead. a day of renewal and remembrance atte arlington national ce. >> plus, as we get ready to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 t walk onhe moon we'll meet a man who worked on the apollo 11 mission and inspired his son tofollow in
5:36 pm
his footsteps at nasa. >> and the humidity levels today over the weekend not that bad, but themi hudity goes up tomorrow and then wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, the humidity levels are oppressive out this is fred.
5:37 pm
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hurricane barry has been downgroided to a epopical dression now as the slow-moving storm heads north and it's already left much of
5:39 pm
louisiana and louisiana underwater after days of downpours there. today louisiana governor john bel edwards toured the damaged areassa and where the water overtopped the levees in myrtle grove. at least 2,700 people are without power outside of new orleans and in alabama a sewer system was overwhelmed spilling several thousands of gallons of kewer in the neighborhoods. >> and this wee we'll celebrate the apollo 11 moonwalk. it took countless people for a that to hen and even the tiniest details. today we met one of the men who worked on a critical part for the astronauts on that mission. news 4's corey smith is live the mall with more on how that also inspired that gineer's son. hey, cory. >> reporter: wendy, this is going to be a great week to celebrate what is one of the most remarkable feats.
5:40 pm
we're on the mall where tomorrow, wednesday, and thursday a rocket will be projected on the east face of the monument, all part of the celebration for this week, a celebration that for one father and son will be a family affair >>i always -- i'm always told thh- >> rerter: this is a faher-son trip that got noel hooked on science and space but one trip standsut. one of mankind's most remarkable feats. >> we saw a model with a ck bapack that the astronauts wore on the surface of the moon hand that's what my dad told me. i built parts of it. >> back in the 50 of 0s noah's dadas an enginee in the apollo program and while mission was to get man to the moon his job was to keep th alive. that backpack was known as the port lal life system. >> that's one small step for man. >> reporter: witht it neil
5:41 pm
armstrong can't take those first steps and utter these words. >> one giant leap for mankind. >>gr one of the test explorations of mankind and my dad was a part of it, holy cow. >> reporter: dad is a little oumble about the whole thing. >> before that i wld see that in my office. >> as the country marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing the feelings of pride arein comg back. >i hadn't thought about that for 50 years. that's the thing that kept them alive. >> reporter: like father and soon noah is now a lunar scientist withasa and is not satisfied with simply following's he's looking to leave him own imprint on space exploration. >> it brings back all the memories and really inforces the great decisions that you made in exposing that to me and also how valuable it is to learn from what we did 50ears ago. >> reporter: you know, i asked r the doctohat he thinks about
5:42 pm
when he sees the footprints left on the moon surface, and he says he d sn'tcessarily think about the astronauts, but he thinks about the o 400,000 so people that helped get all of them up to the moon. that's very important as we continue to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. >> what's very cool when i was a kid and able to watch it as it happened is that 50 years later new things learning about it that we didn't know before. just as were you telling us in this report, and that's also really cool. it's great to kind of relive it and feel like we'reen getting e more out of it now. thanks, cory. >> yeah, even the people who were a part of it are. >> 11 million products on sale as amazon and several other s retailerttle it out for your bucks. >> just ahead, susan hogan on how to protect your purchases once they are headed to your door. >> stanley has the cup, the nfl
5:43 pm
has rings and me, i have bowl a
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
swrurks we may look forward to barry to cool things down because the numbers that you have on that forecast did notlo very welcoming. >> i think we'll have a heat advisory wednesday. >> if we hit 100 on saturday it will be the first time since 2017 we've hit 100 degrees. we do have some chances as well in addition tohe heat morrow, wednesday and thursday. plenty of dry time though. the heat advisory is possible wednesday and then it's just dangerously hot for your weekend. right now temperatures around 990 degrees. 90 in washington and college park as well. 92 in rookville and 90 out in
5:46 pm
there d clear skies o andes temperatur throughout the evening. we'll be in the 80s. and humidity not that bad. moving towards midnight we start off in the upper 70s and we start off at 74 deg ees. gettint in your garden early it's looking really nice. we see the humidity and heat building in throughout the day at lunchtime. we're likely at 90 with a high temperature of 94. that 94 feels more like 100 with th humidity and a 40% chance for some scattered showers and thunderstorms out there tomorrow afternoon as evening. mainly between 4:00 and 10:00 p.m. now the experts at the garden enter say conside fertilizin your flowers, tropical plants right now to help them bloom even long c. >> as weck out the feels-like temperature for wednesday, thursday and friday look at this. wednesday it's feeling about 10i whicha heat advisory in our area. feeling about 100 degrees on thursday and friday. feeling about 110 degrees. yes, when you factor in the
5:47 pm
humidity, and it continues to el like 110 degrees over the weekend. both saturday and sunday. tomorrow wedsday no issue with the storm chances. can't rule out a shower or thunderstorm during the day thursday but i would still head to the pool. the kiddos might have to get out if the thunderstorm does roll in. here's the storm team 4 ten-day forecast. 99 on friday, again, feeling like 1 so, there's 100 on saturday. if we don't hit, it we'll extremely close. we keep theus dangero heat around for sunday with a chance for thunderstorms on sunday, monday and tuesday as well. we don't see our highs rern to e 80s until next wednesday when we have a high temperature of 87 degrees, but, again, tomorrow,he heat and humidity are building in throughout the day with some scattered showers and thunderstorms. storms tomorro moving with heavy rainfall so maybe some localized flooding issues. something obviously i'll be keeping an eye on with storm team 4 radar. >> thanks, amelia. >> each year nbc's clear the
5:48 pm
shelters campaign helps animals from shelters and rescue groups find forever homes. >> and we wanted to get into the spirit of this year'ig event with a bit of fun during the dog days of summer. >> and who better to help with that than pat collins with a new challenge for all of you. away. ke it >> reporter: wendy, wendy, wendy, wendy. you know, it takes a lot of ractice and work to win something like this. hey, sit. come on, sit. please, sit. maybe if i brought a treat it would work out better. you know, this is a big challenge, and, well, we better get on with t. ♪ >> it's pat's prize pets. >> reporter: it's come to my attention that there's about a gazillion pets in andhe around t washington area, not counting
5:49 pm
these guys. >> oh. >> reporter: we're looking for that pet with a special talent, that special trick, something that gives you goose bumps, so let's get on with it. >> at's prize pets! >> reporter: so you have three a dogs, they sleep with you. >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: and your wife sleeps? >> she movedut to the next bedroom. >> reporter: you're okay with h.that? >> y look at these beautiful babe is. >> reporter: pet lovers and their pets have a speal relationship. >> when they are sad i'm sad. >> reporter: and when they are hadnpy. >> coul't be happier. >> reporter: it might be a cliche to say theiare famly but that's what it boils down to. >> dogs just fill in a lot of your life. they are friends that are there for you. >> i don't hve kids so that's my, you know, like my kids. >> reporter: doggone, it some pets go out of their way to say i'm your buddy. i'm your pal, i'll do anything
5:50 pm
you ask me to do. >> shake. >> reporter: now that's the pet' that looking for. that's the trick that's prize worthy. >> the person with the best pet trick gets a -- not that. leon, thel them what tare going to get. >> your pet will be the envy of the neighborhood with thi brand-new limited edition pat's prize pet bowl. every meal will become an adventure. it's dishwasher safe and gluten free. it's so nice that you maybe want to keep it in a display case, and it can be all yours if you are one of pat's prize pets. rules.rter: we have rule number one. don't do any trick that puts you or your pet in harm's. way rule number two, dot use any effect or filter that exaggerates the trick. ru number through. now employees of nbc are allowed to enter.
5:51 pm
i'my, sor buddy. i'll make it up to you next time. >> oh, come on. >> a lost dog right there. >> i think i saw that dog in the cafeteria. >> he wasn't eating out of that bowl. >> no. >> reporter: i should tell you a couple of things. you have until friday, so this goes onuntil friday and then the judging begins, and we announce the winners next week, but, hey, you guyso have t tell people how they did enter, how they can win one of these. come on. >> all right. >> you've got it. >> we'll get right on that. so we would love to seyour photos, especially your videos of your pet tricks, and entering really easy. you can do it on facebook, twitter or instagram. tag us in your post @nbcwashington, and use the
5:52 pm
market pat'sprizedpets. >> and if you would like to learn more about the clear the shelters initiative, check that out on our nbc washington app. this year's adoption event is all set for august 17th. >> that's great. we're saying, you know, we hope you'll -- you'll send your stuff in because we're looking forward to seeing it >> should be fun. >> evidence that anyone can make a difference no matter their age. >> go, goats. >> ah. a leesburg fourth grader ayla mcgregor is anir inspion behind these goats that are now feasting on the weeds along tom branch creek. she noticed the fire flies had all butfr disappeared the creek where she liked to walk, and she learned it could be that the weed killer the town was using was killing them, and that is -- that has inspired her to get to work. >> me and my friend, we both live on this road.
5:53 pm
we decided we're going to talk to the council about this, so we talked to the council about this. we discussed the alternatives, and they went with the goats. >>sa ayla s it will take a couple of days for the goats to do their job, but anyone who wants to watch them work is welcome to come on around. more information is available on the towns o leesburg's facebook page. >> they look some prized pets to me. >>t' and thaa cute trick. >> yes, it is. amazon's prime day today creates a primetime for thieves. porch pirates are likely to be out there lurking in neighborhoods waiting to steal your package offfr thent doorstep. consumer reporter susan hogan is waiting for you with ys to protect your purchases. >> susan. >> that's leon. we don't want that great deal that you just got snatched up by individuals looking to get caught up on prime day and look to catch on an amazon locker. tha ton of se around our area and super easy to us
5:54 pm
amazon sends you a unique code to retrieve your pacge and this is always free. another thing that's also free is in-car delivery. this is news to me. love this idea. if you own a connected cars that allows remote lock and unlock features amazon delivery drivers can leave your package inside your car for you. check the app to see whether the rvice is available to you, and ask a neighbor to grab it it for you. that's another good idea. make sure youave your amazon notifications turned on so you know your package is delivered. just send your neighbor a quick text when it arrives or have it delivereto your office. this is a great alternative if your workplace actuallyow all personal delivery and considering ins of mllions of people actually phadkages stolen last year, this is certainly not a bad idea to come up with, a plan before you actur ly place youorder. >> yeah, right. >> because that's frustrating. >> it is. >> it is. >> for sure. >> thanks. . good stuff
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
today landscapers from alla ross the u.s. came together to make sure our nation's war eroes have a properly maintained resting place. these landscape remembers sprucing up arlington national cemetery alring the annu renewal and remembrance news 4's aimee cho shows us this small act of kindness that's making a big difference. s> yeah this. day i real all about serving
5:58 pm
those who have served us. that's why about 400 volunteers are here at arlington national cemetery today to donate their time and help do landscape work and make the place more beautiful. now some. work they are doing it today include presentla pnting flowers and fixing the talks and pavements of the idea is to honor the veterans who are resting here as well as their family and friends who have come to pay their respects and volunteers have come in from all around the country and many of them veterans themselves. the volunteers tell us they feel honored to be here. >> gives us the opportuni to y thank you to those who are buried here and who have paid the ultimate a sacrifice also gives us a chance to help the families care for a place and what the cemetery does. >> i'm very impressed. i'm impressed they come from all over to do this for one day so we're just happy tth have here. >> this day of service has been a tradition here in arlington national cemetery for 23 years
5:59 pm
now. in arlington, aimee cho, news 4. and tonight there's going to be ainner held to honor those 23 years of service. military magicians and musicians uld rather be performing and congressman mark green will be speaking at that event. "news 4 at b6:00"egins right now. now at 6:00, dangerously close. >> next thing you know i hear a couple of pops. >> a shooting in the streets, a put into a hospital window narrowly missing a new mom. mpand an eyee who jumped into agion. doublindown. if you're not happy here, you can leave, a sitting president invites americans to leave as the world reacts to a tweet that many people goes too far. i encourage the american people in all of us to not take. the ba >> plus, the amazon effect. a giant new facility could be coming into prince george's county. theixnew reaction from the community and how you can weigh
6:00 pm
in. >> now at 6:00, too close for comfort. a stray bullet hit a window at howard university hospital this morning narrowly missing innocent people inside. >> and that includes a newborn. d.c. police swarmed theas area police had just arrived for work. >> news 4's meagan fitzgerald explains who rush to the aid of patients and who was nearly hit by the gunfire. meagan? >> reporter: yeah, doreen and wendy the shooting happened in broad daylight just before 10:00 this morning. amother and newborn child, they were inside the howard university hospital when a this almost dismisses woman's head, but tonight the employees here are saying it's one of their own that's hero. >> this is not a site neighbors who live in this shaw rh neighbod thought they would wake up to ond


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