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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 15, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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in. >> now at 6:00, too close for comfort. a stray bullet hit a window at howard university hospital this morning narrowly missing innocent people inside. >> and that includes a newborn. d.c. police swarmed theas area police had just arrived for work. >> news 4's meagan fitzgerald explains who rush to the aid of patients and who was nearly hit by the gunfire. meagan? >> reporter: yeah, doreen and wendy the shooting happened in broad daylight just before 10:00 this morning. amother and newborn child, they were inside the howard university hospital when a this almost dismisses woman's head, but tonight the employees here are saying it's one of their own that's hero. >> this is not a site neighbors who live in this shaw rh neighbod thought they would wake up to on monday morning. crime scene tape was up while
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police were out investigating shooting. >> i woke up and started working. my desk faces the howard l, hospita and the next thing you know i hear a couple of pops. >> reporter: brett porter was inside his home when d.c. police say two suspects started chasing and shootint a a man who was running away on fifth street right near the entrance to howard university hospital. one of the blets struck a window and a nurse who worked in the ob-gyn office at the hospital sent us these pictures. she sa the bullet went through the wall of her department, just missing this woman o was sitting down with her newborn babe waiting for an appointment. i spoke with the new mother who saysthe bullet nearly missed her head. she was too shaken up to go on camera but described the ordeal as terriing. witnesses say campus police responded quickly. >> oh, it's fast. hey were throwing on bulletproof vests and running outside. >> reporter: jason is nrnlg chast dialysis department a the hospital and says he saw the suspects taking off through the parking lot. >> by the time i seen the two kids running down across.
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>> rusorter: he said hed outside to help his patients, many of whom were crying. etro are patients on the access bus and had to get them off of that and back inside to a lockdown area. >> reporter: d.c. police say no one was injured, but many people at the hospital are calling this hero. d a >> you don't think about it during the time, you know, you just want to make sure that everybody stays. >> reporter: and police are telling us that the two suspects are still on the run tonight, so they are asking anyone with information about their wheabouts and to contact police right away. back to you. >> meagan fitzgerald, of all the places you might t expectt to happen, inside a hospital is not one of them. thank you, meagan. >> back in the days when our nion was fiercely divided over the vietnam war, a common bumper sticker read america, love it or leave it. well, we're hearing similar sentiments today. president trump said multiple times today that if you are not happy here you can ave, and he defended his tweets from
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yesterday evidently aimed at four congresswomen of color and wildly condemned as racist. news 4's susan mcginnis has more where the four women just responded. >> reporter: the fourpuwomen ing back against the president's remarks in a press conference saying moments ago saying the president can't address the issues so he attacks them personally and the president seemingly with no regrets. four democratic congresswomen puing back against president t many remarks t consider racist. >> there is simply a disruption and a distraction from the callous, chaotic and corrupt culture of this administration. >> he's launching a blatantly racist attack on four duly elected membersf ohe united states house of representatives. >> reporter: the united front follows president trump delivering a controversial mess >> if they don't like it here,
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they can leave. all they do is complain, so all i'm saying if they want to leave, they can leave. >> the double down follows these tweets telling four lawmakers to go back the countries from which they came. >> he tells us that i should go back to the great borough of the bronx and make it better, and that's what i'm here to do. >> reporter: alexandria ocasio-cortez one target along with three other freshmen democrats, all women of color, all u.s. citizens, three born in america. the fourth, minnesota presentative ilhan omar, born in somalia was singled out. >> talking about how great al qaeda is, check out her statement. that was omar. how great al qaeda is. >> reporter: on capitol hill lawmakers on both sides of the aisle calling the tweets inappropriate. >> they are race-baiting. they are racist and meant to divide people? several republicans senators issuing statements oose the attack on fellow lawmakers. >> i think the american citizens
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are duly elected running on an agenda that's disgusting. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi telling democrats our unity is our power and callopg on g lawmakers to join them in voting for a resolution condemning the president'sat stement. lnd the president respond fog speaker pei's accusation that he wants to make america white again,es the prent saying that's a very racist comment, so, wendy, that's more the in president dog what he's done before which is accuse others of things that he's been accused of. >> all right. we're getting used to that. thank you, susan. at> meanwhile, there's a new escalation in thee at the border. the trump today said asylum seekers who pass through another country first will not be able to seek asylum at the u.s. uthern border. this new rule would even apply to children who cross that border alone. local immigration advocates tell news s chris gordon they are gearing up fora fight. >> there's a crisis at the
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u.s.-mexico border, fleeing their home countries in numbers too great to imagine and now th trministration announces a new rule restricting asylum but casa, the imgrapgs advocacy group, says the rule has one goal. >> to intimidate and scare. >> the new rule says that asylum seekers who pass through another country on their way here should apply for asylum in that countr because they will be ineligible for asylum here in the united states. >> for the government to just l, say, wel you had to cross other boarders to get here. you had to cross mexico and guatela, you should have asked for asylum there, ridiculous, and it's completely illegal. >> the american civil liberties union says the trump administration is trying to uniterally reverse our country's legal and moral commitment to protect those fleeing danger. this new rule is patently unlawful and we will sue
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swiftly. but others support president trump's effort to restrict freddy burgos is with the reublican national hispanic assembly of virginia. >> 0% of those who are applying for asylum do not qualify for asylum, and, unfortunately, they are being released into our country and interior of our nation and that is way to stop illegal entry into our country. >> reporter: after a confusing weekend which threatened i.c.e. raids and deportations apparently didn't materialize, this new asylumrule is further dividing opinion over iration policies. chris gordo news 4. some new revelations rattled a courtroom during a bail hearing for accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein in manhattan. a federal prosecutor told a judge that a search of epstein's safe uncovered cash, diamonds and expired passport from a inoreign country show epstein'sde picture un a different name. it's not clear which country
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issued that passport, and the document lists his residence as saurabia. epstein is accused of trafficking in girls as young as 14 his lawyers requested house arrest.rg prosecutors aue he's a flight risk and should stay in jail until trial. the judge's ruling is expected on thursday. the biden cancer initiative is suspending its forr vice president joe biden and his wifet jill st that had foundation after leaving office working with healthcare partnerships to speed theh searc for a cure, but the bidens left the board in april as an ethi precaution just ahead of launching joe biden's presidential campaign. the executive director did not elaborate on the reasons the nonprofit is shutting down, but ataffer told the associated press the group has struggled to opere at the same pace after the bidens departed. a second life in prison sentence for theentence of a white supremacist who drove his car right into a group of
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protesters in charlottesville killing onef them. james fields killed heather heyer during a unite t right rally two years ago. this afternoon a judge accepted the jury's recommendation and fesentenced field to li in prison plus 419 years for her death. fields is already serving a le sentence on federal hate crime charges. and a developing story in baltimore after a man demanding ethadone opened fire at an addiction clinic today. police say he killed one person at the clinic and wounded a police sergeant before he was shot and killed by police. investigators say the suspect opened fire after a confrontation with workers at the clinic. baltimore's police chief says the sergeant who was injured is a 25-year veteran. his name isil b shiplit and he's in stable condition after having surgery. the governor of louisiana got a look today at what the remnants of barryo did t the southern part that have state. >> for a few hours over the weekend barry became became a
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category 1 hurricane. it tore through louisiana and mississippi causing widespread flooding. louisiana's sovernor saysrch teams rescued 93 people from 11h pari. new orleans was spared from the worst of this storm, but a biggeroncern is for louisiana residents who worthe levees aren't strong enough. >> we're working on some issues that relate all the way back to the title of land that the levees will be constructed on. >> they cannot build the levees until they purchase the right of way. >> reporter: no deaths have been reported from this storm. power crewsre restoring thousands of customers who are still in the dark. closer to home, it's not the rain that ebody will be talking about but rather intense summer heat that's about to have us all roasting. >> yeah. amelia, this today is the ni cool day, right? >> absolutely, with a high temperaturrearound 90 deges and humidity levels not that bad. the humidity builds in tomorrow, and then it is muggy right on
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through the ekend. we're still at 90 degrees currently at 7:00 p.m. and we'll fall to 88. by 9:00 p.m. in the low 80s. it's dry and warm, and, yes, tlear skies out there. really pleasan night. we're waking up tomorrow to temperatures in the upper 60s to mid-70s and we're warmer and more human. check out your temperature trend. our average high is are now 89 degrees. we're not only run above that every day through the weekend, we're running well above it on frid and saturday with dangerous heat at times in the forecast when you factor in the humidity throughout the rkweek andeekend. more on how hot it will feel and what's happening with barry here could have a impact on showers and thunderstorms. >> amelia, thank you. metro is staring down a huge lawsuit. still ahead and only on news 4 a maneliberately jumped on to metro tracks and no one even tried to stop it. what the man's family is asking for. >> i'm julie carey at the
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fairfax county courthouse where a herndon high schoolteacher accused of secretly recording some of his studts as they undressed has now bonded out of jail. i'll tell you what he could be headed next and what he said when asked a few question. >> amazon distribution c
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some neighbors in maryland aren't too happy about rumors that amazon plans to build a fulfillment center. the new warehouse is expected be much larger than first
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planned. tracey wilkins has more on a community meeting tonight to address those concerns. >> reporter: this is residents of west phalia were promised, a thriving town center and what they have is an empty field with a sign asking for retailers but developers say they need catalyst to lure retailers. sources say the catalyst will be a new 800,000 square foot amazon fulfillment center. confirm loper could not that amazon is the tenant he's prepping for with recent zoningt changes b says the business that's coming will make westphhalia a weather community. >> it's clear to us th1,500 new jobs coming into this community will be the cat lust that will spur the retail development. >> i know many of the residents are shocked. >> reporter: attorney and princu george's cy development blogger bradley hurd says residents have been misled. >> they have promised a mixed use vibrant town center with
6:16 pm
offices in retail, and whatlethy are with is a -- a huge warehouse that's the size of 16 football fields. >> reporter: all around westphalia residents are sharing letters in theupcoming process and many are concerned what the more than 4 million square foot project could mean for their husays they should be rmmunity. concerned. >> when you're fundamentally changing the character of the community as you are with this development, you should consider whher you need to have a more inclusive community pnning process. >> reporter: there are a series of community meetings including one tonight and thenon thursday the developer heads back to the planning board for a hearing on his proposal. in upper marlboro, i'm tracey wilkins, news 4. >> d.c. police are suggesting you may want to watch who you help. after they say a team of pick pockets near union station dock advantage of the kindness of
6:17 pm
stranger. one man dropped pamphlets in front of ain victim front of union station and when the victim stopped to help him gather them up another man bumped into him from behind and took his wallet. pice say there have been several incidents reported lately and are warning people to be on guard. >> porter: metro is facing a $25 million lawsuit because of an incident two weeks ago last week at the vat have a square statarn in ngton. only on news 4 scatt mcfarlane says a transit agency failed to protect their loved one who got on to the track. scott? >> yeah, doreen this, happened two years ago last month and the victim was a man with a history mental illness who had just gotten off the train at the virginia square station. walter coulston wandered on the platform after the station emptied forine minutes and surveillance video shows the man lowering himself on to the trackshat eventually he lays down on the tracks for nearly two minutes, the suit says. we're not going to show you what
6:18 pm
happens next in the video when a tr n isen running over coulston and killing him, the suit says. >> the lawsuit alleges the station manager could have seen coulston through the security cameras there and it did not make attempts to inter ne before or of a coulston entered the tracks. the lawsuit also said the train operator was negligent in the death since the rail operator center had access to security cameras as well. the case will be heard by a federal judge in d.c. in the newsroom, i'm scott macfarlane. now back to you. >> thank you, scott. c onstruction of a new fence along thewn north l of the white house isly official under way. today cameras were there asco truction cruise put up a temporary white wall that will make it a little harder for you to sna p therfect photo of the executive mansion. the new fence will be 13 feet tall, double the size of the current one. it will take a couple of years
6:19 pm
to complete the $64-million project. >> new at 6:00, an eighth person has beenea arrested in the dth of a 10-year-old girl killed by a stray bullet last summer. tomorrow marks one year since makiyah wilson was on his way to an ice cream truck not far from capital stet when several men jumped out of a car and started shooting. the 10-year-old girl was an innocent victim in what police say was an ongoing feud between rival neighborhoods. a short time ago d.c. police says anton murchison was been arrested and charged with first-degree l rder. severaother people have been arrested on similar charges, the youngest of whom is 16 years old. if i takeanal road, it's back open. you'll remember it was shut down since last week's flash floods. all that water cread a sinkhole in the middle of the road. crews working through the weekend to patch it up -- this is betweennd reservoir a fox hall. they managed to get the work
6:20 pm
done four days >early. >> and the dog days of summer are her news 4's pat collins is trading in his iconic sn stick for something that our furry frinds ca enjoy. we'll show you what he's up to, and you'll want to see this. >> and speaking of summer. get ready for thett hot weather we've seen in lom three
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call 1-800-501-6000 today. well, this massive fire creating quite a stir across our region. s is is the scene from chopper 4. thi 3:00 today. flames broke out destroying a barn and a greenhouse on route 97 in the glenwoodof area howard county.
6:23 pm
firefighters say there weren't any animals or chemicals in the barn, and there were no injuries. there's still no word on what caused this huge fire, but that thick black smoke could be seen for miles, and it evenar appe on our storm team 4 >> you know, you really have to feel for the firefighters, you kw, this week or just during the season because of the heat and the humidity, and they have all that have equipment on them and all that he protective clothing. >> and it makes it that much harder. >> i think we'll have a heat advisory out there on wednesday, ansd if not wedneay definitely frida saturday andunday. s you heard, it could be the hottest we've seen here in three years. we hit 100 degrees out there on saturday. here's your weather headlines. in addition to the heat and humidity, there's had a chance for some late-day thunderstorms tomorrow and wednesday and maybe a shower and thunderstorm around during the day on thursday. that storm chance on thursday is actually comingrom what's left of barry. again, a heat advisory is possible for your wednesday, and
6:24 pm
it'ser dangsly hot friday and on into the weekend, both saturday and sunday. currently our temperatures are in the upper 80s and fow 90s the most part. 90 in washington and college park, and a more comfortable 86 degrees over in annapolis and gaithersburg right now. clear skies and dry conditions out there tonight, and we'll start the day tomorrow at 74 clouds and humidity build throughout the day. that 94 for a high will feel more like 100 when you factor in the mud unit, and the chance for thunderstorms is really between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. and0:00. storms tomorrow could be slow-moving with heavy rainfall so something you want to keep in ond, maybe some isolated flooding issues there. as we look to wednesday, thursday and friday, here's the heat index. etomorrow is feeling l 100. wednesday is feeling like 105 which would trigger a heat advisory from the naronal weat service. thursday is feeling about 100 degrees and friday, it's feeling about 110 deghes oute on friday, so the heat is moving in in a big it's juhot friday without the
6:25 pm
humidity. a high temperature of 99 degrees. so great pool weather out there this week. the storm chances tomorrow i think we'll hold off if you're heading to the pool during the day. wednesday as well. just make sure that you'r hydrating out there on thursday. i can't rule out a shower or thunderstayrm during the d i would still head to the pool.i i th that risk right now is looking pretty low. here's the ten-day forecast coing up with more on the weekend and we're in the mid-90s during and 30% chance for a late-day thunderstorm on wednesday with dangerous heat in the forecast. thursday a hive 93 and friday dangerously hot. once again with the heat index around 1 so. >> this is the first dangerous heat warning iemember so far this season. >> you'll be correct. >> parents trusted him to teach the kids at a local high school til he was accused of the unthinkable. only on news 4, the teacher who as been in jail on child porn charges is once again a free man. >> i'm cor t smith on
6:26 pm
national mall where the district and nation are ready to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. coming up we'll tell you why the celebration is a family affair for a local father and son. >> hey, sit. come on, sit. please, sit. we're going to have to work on this. i'm pat collins, my special
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we're the slowskys. we like drip cof e, layovers- -and waiting on hold. what we don't like is relying on fancy technology for help.
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6:29 pm
herndon high school and nannies at his hom as they undressed. only news 4 was there as he stepped out of jail today after posting bond. a northern virgini bureau chief julie carey reports on what's next in this case. >> raphael schowsky posting bond and keeping his silence as i asked about the al cases against him. why did youcr seetly record your students and teenage girls. his wife waiting for him. she, too, declined comment. slousksy was fir schklowsky was first arrested in april aft a live-in au pair found a tiny recording device in an air vent in her room and child porn possession charges were added aftera recording device was found and many girls in the video were herpdon high school students. >> we have a lot of digital
6:30 pm
evidence in this case and we're not done yet. >> reporter: just today poliel tling us they have now counted some 8,000 videos on schklowsky's devices. >> reporter: prosecutors opposed bond but he appealed under the terms of the supervised release. he had$2 to post 000 bond. he's barred from contacting victims, and he's llt aowed on any school property. schklowsky may not use the internet or camera devices, and the judge was told he's entering the keystone extended care unit in pennsylvania. its website describes it as a treatment center forly sexual compulsive behavior. as for the role with the fairfax county public schools he remains suspended without pay. i called and e-mailed his attorney for comment odethe latest lopments but have not heard back. he's due back at the fairfax county courthouse in august for a preliminary hearing. i'm julie news 4.
6:31 pm
>> our top stories tonight. police say two men started firing at another man at the entrance of the howard university hospital this morning. pictures show a bullet went through a hospital wall and nearly missed -- and nearly missed a woman holding her newborn baby as she was waiting for an appointment. no one was shot. >> they have become known as the squad. four freshmen democrats, all progressive women of color. witeyin the hour th responded to the president's comments, that if they don't love this country they should leave gr t.conswoman ayana pressley of massachusetts says the remarks are a distraction from what she called the callous, chaotic and corrupt culture of president trump's administration. and remnants of what was a once hurric barry are moving north. the storm has left widespread damage in louisiana and in alabama the storm caused thousands of gallons of sewage to spill into neighborhoods. today louisiana's governor saw firsthand the damage the storm
6:32 pm
did.w outside neleans at least 2,700 people are still without power, but no deaths have been reported from barry. >> next month we'll join nbc stations around the country in our clear the shelters effort helping to rescue and shelter animals to findrever homes. so with it bng summeor we f thought we'd have a little fun to have everyone get in the spiris pat collin putting his snow stick aside for a different kind of challenge. he joins us live from the dog park. hi, pat. >> how are you doing? you know, i've been working with th guy allis afternoon without much luck. i'm going to try again. okay,aksit. spe come on, leave me alone. >> did you hear that. that's a trick. >> reporter: do that again. do it ain. it's a challenge. it's a real challenge, and we better get on with t.
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♪ ♪ it's pat's prize pets. > reporter: it's come to my attention that there's about a gazillion pets in and around the washington area, not counting >these guys. oh. >> reporter: we're looking the pet with that special talent, that special trick, something at gives you goosebumps, so let's get on with it! >> pat's prized pets. >> reporter: so you have three dogs. >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: and they sleep with you. >>mm-hmm. >> reporter: and your wife sleeps? >> she moved out to the next bedr >> reporter: you're okay with that? >> well, yeah, i am. look at these beautiful babies. >> reporter: pet lovers and their pets have a special relationship. >> when they are sad i'm sad, yes. >> reporter: when they are happy. >> couldn't be happier.: ay reporterit might be a cliche to s they are family, but that's what it boils down
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to. dogs just fill in a lot of your life. they are friends that are there for you. >> i don't ha kids so that's, you know, like my kid. >> reporter: doggone, it some pets go out of their way to say i'm your buddy. i'm your pal i'll do anything that you ask me to do. >> shake. >> reporter: now that's the pet we're looking for. that's a trick that's price worthy. >> the person with the best pet trick gets a -- not that. leon. tell them what they are going to get. >> your pet will be thenvy of the neighborhood with this brand wew limited edition pat's prize pet every meal will become an adventure. it's so nice you may just want to keep it in a display case, and it can be ll yoursf you are one of pat's prized pets. >> reporter: we have rules. rule number one. don't do any trick thatou puts y or your pet in harm's way.
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rule number two, don't use any effect or filter that exaggerates the trick. rule number ree, no employees of nbc are allowed to enter. i'm sorry, buddy. i'll make it up to you next time. now you have until friday to enter this thing ad get chance to get one of pat's prized pet bowls. maybe by then i'll get voice back. >> yes. >> good luck with that. >> you better putme water in that bowl. >> reporter: teach them how to drink from the bowl. it's hot out there. >> thanks, pat. >> reporter: as pat mentioned until >> post your best pet trick on
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facebook, twitter on instagram and tag us at nbc washington and use the #pat'sprized pet. can you also read more about the clear the shelters effort whicht we ju adored in our nbc washington app, and i wonder if our intern in the dog outfitis going to put that on the resume. >> he's doing a good job. >> he's being called the black friday of the summertime. >> and people flocking to amazon for prime day. why it's not the only ge in town when it comes to great deals and why people are protesting it. >> plus president trump's latest tempt to curb imgray, and what exactly does it mean? nbc news justice correspondent pete williamsjoins news studio to explain it. and as welk ta about that in the forecast, importan to keep your dogs in mind when you goor f a walk. keep your hands on the sidewalk for seven seconds and if it's too hot for your hand, look at at air temperature versus the asphalt temperature.
6:37 pm
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>> another major retailer is added to the prime day event. walmart kicked off a summer savingsvent through wednesday. they are offering big discounts on major electronics along with everyday products, toys and sports equipment, too. meanwhile, target is offering target deal days and ebay is offering a crash sale all to go toe to toe with amazon prime day. meanwhile, not everybody is appy about amazon. demonstrators gathered outside the founder jeff bezos' apartment. they are awing attention to what they say are abusive working conditions in company warehouses. previously amazon has said it employs hundreds of thousands of people working tens of millions of hours, and the majority go home safe each night. today's protesters also want to come to cut ties with immigration and customs
6:40 pm
enforcement. amazon supplies homeland security with facial recognition software. >> volunteers from all over the country came here to d.c. to help surprise up arlington national cemetery. today was the 23rd renewal remembrance day. they do landscaping work around the cemetery, planting fires and spreading fertilizer and many are veterans themselves. they are trying to honor those who served. >> this is the opportunity to say thank you to those that are buried here who paid the ultimate sacrifice but also gives them a chance to thank their families by lping to care for a place and is up with beat the cemetery does. >> there will dinner this evening for those who came out to volunteer. military musicians will be performing and tennessee congressman max green will speak at that event. it was one small step for man and one fiant leap one man's family as we get ready to celebrate 509th anniversary of
6:41 pm
apollo 11. meet a man who worked on the moon mission inspiring his son to follow in his footsteps at nasa. plus, amelia back with a closer look at the intense summer heat and how the r
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
it's one of president trump's broadest attempts yet to asylum seekers at the southern border. his administration announced a new rule on asylum claims today. it goes into effect tomorrow, and it would deny asylum to most migrants who travel by lan to the u.s. >> nbc use justice correspondent pete williams is here once to explaitone of mp's policies to us. how is this changing the previous rule?
6:44 pm
>> well, when it goes ito effect, it says that anyone who nts to seek asylum when they get to the southern bothered, obviously people coming here legally to seekt asylum, can get it the unless they have first sought asylum in anothern cou before they reach the u.s., so, for example, if they are coming from el salvador or honduras, under this policy they would have the first opportunity to see asylum in guatemala. if they don't do that, then anyone from those three countries would havese to asz welcome in mexico before they get to the u.s. now the justice department and the department of homeland security in announcing this new rule say it will decrease what they call the pull to seek asylum and the number a ofsylum seekers has more than tripled in the past five years, and that most of those who seek asylum ultimately don't get it, that they are not granted it by the courts. they don't have a credible fear of prosecution. they don't need the standardsd
6:45 pm
saythe asylum law so the this is an attempt to deal with people who in their view are abusing the asylum rules. >> this will be challenged. >> theclu says they will challenge it and there is a real question about whether the u.s. can do this on its own t.grants um under an international treat, humiitarian relef treaty that the u.s. is a signatory to, and there's a questn here about whether other countries have to declar themselves safe third of countries in order for thispr ovision to kick in, so that's one legal question here. the justice department says the government has the ability to do this. >> okay. much more ahead tonight on "nbc nightly news". >> this week we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 walk on the moon, and day we met one of the men who played a small part in making that
6:46 pm
mission successful. news 4's corey sth reports tht the work had a much bigger impact on his son's future. >> i've always said that one of those ended up on the moon. r: >> reporte numerous father and son trips to places like nasa that got noah hooked on science and space and one trip that stands out among the rest when noahve disd his direct connection, one of mankind's most remarkable feats. >> we saw mott el of the backpack that the half knotts wore on the surface of the moon and he said i built parts naf >> reporter: back in the '60s noah's dad was an engineer in the apollo program. while the mission was to get man to the moon, his job was to keep them alive and that backpack was known as the portable life support system. >> that's one small step for man. >> reporter: without, it neil armstrong isn't able to take those first steps and utter these iconic words. >> one giant leap for mankind. >> reporter: one of the greatest
6:47 pm
explorations of mankind and myw dad s a part of t.holy daw. >> is still a little humble about the whole thing. >> i succeeded in my office. >> yeah. >> reporter: as the country marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, those feelingr ofe are feeling back. >> i hadn't thought about the plis for 50 years, and, yeah, that's right. that's the damn thing that kept them alive. >> fast forward a few decades and like father like son noah is now a lunar scientist with nasa but he's not satisfied with simply following in his father's footsteps. he's working to leave his own imprints on space exploration. >> it brings back all the memories and really reinforces the great decisions that you made in exposing that to me and how valuable to learn from what we did 50 years ago. >> corey smith. news 4. >> and this week it's going to be a course full ftivities commemorating the moon landing. can you see a list of all of this on the nbc washington app. >> amelia draper, we may need a
6:48 pm
port label life support system to go out of this intense heat you're talking about. we'reta lking about heat indices wednesday around 105. ove the weekend it will feel like 110 degrees. if we hit00 degrees on saturday, it hasn'tbeen this hot since august of 2016. hardto believe that it's been three years since we've fficially hit triple digits at reagan national. august 2016 is when we were last there. before we talk about the heat let's talk about theollen port today because i was kind of surprised when i saw it how everything is coming in moderate to highs. trees and weeds coming in moderate. grasses and mold spes coming in high, and as we talk about the heat and humidity moving in, check out your humity levels. i think that will face wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday says it all. it's feeling oppressive out there. right now on sorm team 4 radar we're dry and stay dry tonight and stay dry through most of the day tomorrow and by the late afternoon and evening hours, a few hit and miss showers are
6:49 pm
possible. all of this rain is what's left and this could touch off a few scattered showered or rumble of thunder in our area on thursday. here's the future weather. 8:00 a.m. we're dry and have sunshine to start our day. looking to noon, more clouds and it's feeling humid out there. 3:00 p.m. we start to see bshowers firingck around i-8 is and 6:00 in the evening, showers and thunderstorms especially if northern virginia andin potentially mov through the metro area at 7:00 and 8:00. storms tomorrow could have heavy rainfall, and i'm also seeing the potential forhem to be slow moving. the winds in the atmosphere aren't all that strong so that could lead to some isolated flooding issues out there later tomorrow. just something to keep in mind. by socknd 11:00 p.m., the chance for rain really winds town and the biggest concern wi r be heavyain in the slow moving thunderstorms. maybe some strong wind gusts. i'm not seeing a strong move for hail or a weak tornado either. 49 for a high, and when you
6:50 pm
factor in the humidity out there, it will feel more like 100 degreesu on yourday afternoon. so if you do have to be outside, make sure you're stayingra hyd and wearing light-colored loose-flitting clothing. here's your storm team 4 four-day forecast, a late chance of evening thunderstorms on thursday hand more importantly dangerous heat in the forecast on wednesday. could be under a heat ad96sory. that feels more like 105. again, maybe what's left to i act us from barry, a chance of thunderstorms and a hive 93 and then it's all about the heat and humidity friday, saturday and sunday. 99 on friday. 100 on saturday and 98 on sunday. and when you factor in the humidity, it's feeling like 110. all three of these days. maybe some thunderstorms out there later on s day. the chance for more storms monday and tuesday. we don't fall back into the 80s until next wednesday, ladies. >> ew. >> thanksinfor that warng. coming up, we're going to
6:51 pm
ow you the newest hot venue in our area that's going to feature some othe bestf i
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well, alex smith has gotten his medieval torturing device off of his leg it looks like. >> i thoug. about it a good way to describe it, really is. >> doesn't look like it's helpful. >> apparently it was though. >> not mfortable. >> just a horrific injury. reminded us of joe theismann back in '85. >> i can hear it. >> watching that with johnny unit as on "monday night football." ever want to see something like that again and yet we, have hundreds of times. >> over and over again. .> it's pressure alex smith just couldn't shake he needed it. the pressure t from external fixator, probably as comfortable as it sounds, attached to his right leg. the brace anchored smith after multiple surgeries after that gruesome injury over the texans and today smith was able to
6:55 pm
loose the brace d gainn his recovery. in fact, smith's wife posting this picture on instagram. afteragentquonths the terback no longer needing to wear the brace after afterwards he credits the fixate ore in his quest to walk again. he still returns to the footbalt field ands is a step minus the brace in the right direction. >> world team tennis, elton joha relly did write that song frphiladelphia eedom" for billie jeen king's of th same name and here in d.c. you' had the washington castles take them to a stadium downtown and what do you think of that, a stadium on the roof of a market, well, yeah, that's where we'll find news 4. >> yesterday's wimbledon final, five hours of amazing tennis, but did it have r aof temperature court brand new that overlooks the u.s. capitol? i think not and that's what the washington capitals and the start of world team tennis does
6:56 pm
have tonight. the castle's new multi-million dollar stadium sitsop at union market. 21-year-old star terri schiavo grew up watching the castles and he's back for his third season and excited to deliver the goods for the six-time worldteam tennis champ. >> want to thank him for putting me oldthe team. to me i would be on the team when i was real young. yeah, i love this area more than anyone, almost as much as him so it's great to be a part of it. >> used to come to castles matches when he was a little kid and he would sit with me and say i want to play for this team and is. he >> reporter: to come back to d.c. in front of his fans, he loves it and the crow is energized behind him, and it's really love you have t stories. >> doing this, and i'm totallyb essed and, yeah, you know, well as trying to get a win ford
6:57 pm
them, an trying to the do the same thing here. >> terri schiavo plays right behind me at 7:00, and once called terri schiavo the next american hope and oddly no one said the same thingo me. >> top ranked by "tv guide." >> i know. we need them there. >> positive thinking. potive thinking. it's easy toe think about it. it's another to use it. just ask the orioles, nationals and baltimore, the o's have the worst record in major league baseball but rmember two months ago the nationals were in a similar spot and manager davey martinez stayed positive and like the athlecs we wondered. >> is this guy having his wine before he talked to us. ? he said ifts aer but it's not really sure of the though you talk to guys in
6:58 pm
there. y, this is positiv why they were able to turn the tide, and i don't think that davey martinez gets enough h credit for t and now they are playing for a lot of confidence that they expect to win earlier this year in the sixth and venth inning. we got guys that said here go again and how are we going to lose today? that was the mindset s the mindset has shifted and they have gottel healthy and they are playing like one of the best teams in >>seball. and we do have some sad newsha to s with you from the boxing world. hall of famer pernell "sweet pea" whitaker died afting hit by a car last night in virginia beach. he's considered one of the best defensive boxers in histry and won the world championships in four different weight classes ahe back at t olympics in los angeles. he was crossing an intersection late last night. he was 55 years old. >> thank you, dave, and thank you for joining us. "nightly news" starting in 60
6:59 pm
seconds. hope to see you at 11:00.
7:00 pm
tonight the growing firestorm over two words by president trump -- go back -- before a congresswoman he targeted hitting back after his tweet that's been wide she slammed as racist. the president saying they should go back to the country they came from even though three were born here. >> this is his plan to pit us against one another. >> as the president doubles down. if> they're free to leavhey want. and if they want to leave, that's fine. and if they want to stay, that's fine. reporter: new details surface as jeffrey epstein's accusers confront him. the intriguing evidence, the diamonds, the cash, the passports that prosecutors say they found. as tensions with iran escalate, my interview with th yo nu're playing with fire


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