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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 16, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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good morning. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. let'sheck on your traffic and weather today. melissa mollet ishere with first 4 traffic. >> but we begin withckauryn rits who is in forchuck bell. i guess theheat is coming up and so is the humidi s. >> theheet on, guys. absolutely. yo fre going toeel that increasing humidity out there todaywhen you step pared to yesterday. yesterday was nices but it wa hot. today we will have the heat and humidity out there. sun is coming up in a little bit before 6:00 a.m. should be a pretty sunrise. partly sunny out there today and temperatures, we are near 80 e degrees her in the district. 78 is our temperatureig r now.
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to the north and west, temperatures in the low 70s. feeling close to a hundred degrees out there. let's timehis out and talk numbers. let's talk about just how hot it will feel out there and that is coming up. first, let's talk about traffic with melissa. >> good morning. on the beltway we are seeing delays here.
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this morning, people living in prince george's county are upset over a proposed amazon warehouse. >> some neighbors near the proposed site say they were misled about what aually was coming to their rhneighbod. >> look at property values is our concern. is this going to add or detract? >> about a 100 pele packed a community meeting last night in clinton. news4 first told you source say a new fulfillment center and it is is not sitting well with people in that community. the developer did ot confirm what was going in the building but told ushow it would help prince george's county county. >> this is unique opportunity for the county and proposed tenant is pposing having 1,500
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quality jobs. >> another meeting will be held thursday at 1:00 in the county administrati building. > a teacher accused of recording students undressing was freed on bond. our northern virginia bureau chiefulie carey was there to question him about the charges yesterday. >> reporter: why did you secret record your students and teenage girls? >> police arrested rafael in april for unlawful filming. a found a recordings device in his room in reston. the policeeized property and accused him of e crime.
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he taught dramath ere. 60 out of more than 200 residents at the greenspring retirement community in springfield have become sick. two deaths are associated with the outbreak as well. 23 people had to go to the hospital. ealth official ss say what is striking about about the outbreak the number of people that are affected and that they are getting sick in the summer rather than the winter. olice say a teen took advantage of kindness of strangers. phen the victim stops to help, another man b him from behind and took his wallet. police say there have been several similar incidents reported recently. they are warning people to be alert. here is a look at the the other top stories we are following for you this morning. police in prince george's county are investigating a homicide.
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a man was found shot to death around 10:30 on ou road. we are still working to learn his name and if there are any ts suspec policeme say e fired shots into this building on rockville pike and happened sometimeuluring the fourth holiday weekend. we are told three window were damages. o arrests have been made but police say they are recovered potential evidence from the scene. d.c.'s canal ad is back open. the road had been shut down nce last week's flash flood emergency. crews worked through the weekend to patch up that sinkhole betweenir reservo and foxhaul road. work was completed one day early. it is the one year anniversary that makia wilson was shot while walking on the way to an iceream truck.
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this morning metro is facing a $25 million dollar lawsuit and over an incident that left one man dead. jummy olabanji is here with details. >> good morning. the family who filed that lawsuit says metro failed to protect their loved one nearly two years ago at the virginia square station in arlington. walter's family said he suffered from mental illness. they say he wandered on to the platform before loring himself on to the tracks. the lawsuit said he laid there two minutes before a train ran over him, killing him. the suit says the manager failee to interven beforer even after coulston ente d the tracks. metro said it cannot comment on a pending lawsuit.
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still ahead this morning, shocking developments in a new york courtrdm when accuse sex trafficker jeffrey epstein appears for a bail hearing. plus, surveying the damage. were looking at the cleanup efforts along the g
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take a look at this terrifying video. a group of rafters took a wrong turn and it cost them. they fell right a over waterfall in pnsylvania. veryone made it safely out of the water. no word on why the raft went off course. i know whitewater rafting people are into it and the water rushing and the helmet but i can't get on board. >> thrill seeker i'm with you from the shore. >> sipping our tea. this morning, thrstorm is
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out the cleanup is just getting under way in louisiana. >> the governor surveyed the damage done by barry. houses and streets are flooded and it looks like water is everywhere. search teams had to rescue dozens people and no one was killed. power company are working to restore the power too thse who lost electricity. take a look at this huge water spout that was spotted yesterday off the french island. a water spout is a tornado that forms over water and that thing is massive! >> you have how often they see something like that on a smais nd like that and where do you go? >> praying you're not on a boat mewhere near there. let's turn to lauryn ricketts and see what is in store for the weather today. >> you get off the a beach soon as you see those. we have those around here, i'pecially in the chesapeake bay area. ve seen a lot going down toward the outer bank.
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not a big o chance severe weather out there today and strong thunderstorms we could see later on this afternoon but this remnant barry and s you when you can see rain coming up. a twitter war has become a very public battle. the democrats continue to denounce the president on what they call racist attack on lawmakers. we will tell you what the president is saying. good tuesdaymorning. this morning at four. summer brain drain can happen to kids after a long summer break om school. we know how easy for them to zone out on theirhone or in font-o of the tv. we will show youur apps your kid can use to keep their mind moving.
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developing this morning, a united front. democrats rally around the. >> this morning, the predent is expressing no remorse and is doubling down on his word. >> if you're not happy here, then you can leave. as far as i'm concerned, if you hate our country, if you're not happy here, you can leave. >> news4 tracie potts joins us pitol hill. mr >> republican leader are meeting with the president and see if or they su him or condemn him
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or just continue to be silent on this issue. some republican members have spoken out, 17 so far, condemning the president on this. some with a lighter rebuke like lindy graham who says he agrees wth the president but the president mightnt to aim higher in his conversation. and thenththere are oers, conservatives who say, look. the president wasn't racist. he is just expressing the sames frution that a lot of americans are feeling about some of the comments that these women made that president trump and er others consanti-semitic. he called them un-american as you saw there. they are fighting back as the not only doubles down on twitter but in public comment about these four women of color who are members of congress and all four of them are american citizens. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill, thank you. > startling revelations in a new york city courtroom during a bond hearing for suspected sexr
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tfficker jeffrey yep steen. a federal prosecutor tjuld the ge that the billionaire had a safe in his home containing cash, diamonds, and an expired passport from a foreign country. the passport apparently had epstein's photo on it but a different name. his lawyers are asking he be let out of jail and be under house arrest and prosecutors argue f isght risk. . a judge's ruling is expected on thursday. >>ga official are investiting current and former employees all of them suspected of participating in a secret facebook page where members joked about migrant and members of congress. >> news4 jummy olabanji joins us with details on >>this. good morning. we have learned 70 people are under investigation because of the facebook page that you just mentione much of what was posted allegedly contained graphic images, even disturbing language. members apparently joked about the deaths of migrants and even openly questioned much of the
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reporting about the poor conditions at border facilities there. mentions were made about young women who made accusations of sexual assault while in custody and pictures were shown of them engaging in sexual acts. atrde official are calling t conduct inappropriate and facebook is asked to archive that data and make it available for possible investigation. that page apparently had nearly 10,000 member. once that investigation is complete, we are told that anyone who is found g lty of any sort of misconduct will be subject to formal punishment but we don't know right now what that punish nt might looklike. back to you. >> thanks. james field jr. has been sentenced to a cond life sentence. he is the edself-avowwhite nationalist who killed a woman when he wasnt innally drove his car into a crowd of people in i charlottesville 2017.
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yesterday's sentencing was for state charges. he had already been sentenced to life in prison on federal charges. each year, tens of thousands of local c ts areed but a recent tow which was caught on camera is raising some questions this morning. scott macfarlane and the news4 i-team explain. >> reporter: here at this apartment complexeven corners, there is video of a recent tow, a car taken from the lot. that video is raising complaints for people who live here and raising awareness that in more ways than one, it matters where you park. >> i happened tofast. people were stunned by it. >> reporter: orlando lopez was shocked when he saw was what was happening so he caught edeotapeding. ideo shows the tow truck take off in reverse in less than a minute scoop up the amazon prime van and pull away with any other packages that be might have been inside. >> it was that quick.s as soon a walked over here, it was gone. >> reporter: the parking lot and complex are on the fairfax
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county side ofhe county line. fairfax does not require a complaint when a tow company moves away a told and the i-team was told he has a contract witle the comp this was a legitimate tow. >> they know those jurisdiction lines and they know what codes they have to abide to and do it county-to-county. >> reporter: the video from this complex isn't the only thing the i-team found while investigating local tow operators. tonightt 5:00, another community that tow operators are accused of taking moreoney than they are entitled to. scott macfarlane, news4 i-team. this week, we are celebrating the apollo 11's 50th anniversary. in a few hours, neil armstrong answer space suit wi be revealed at the time smithsonian air and space museum. this suit was taken off display
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in 2006 and put into storage. in 2015, donation made through a kick-starter campaign helped to create a special display case and mannequin for this fragile suit. this morning, the two other apollo 11 mission suits remain in storage. >> they along to buzz aldrin and michael collins. here is a look at the collins' spae suit that is k in a northern virginia all about rla. thto only had 20 minute uit up. >> you had three guys and these suits and having to get into them, you can only really do it e at a time, sou have to go in sequence and not panic, not
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have any disder so they were all very methodical and they knew what they needed to >>do. here is no word on when collins and aldrin's suit might gok on display. they hope the research done on armstrong's suit will help place more collection ondisplay. just the reality everything the astronauts had to deal with, in addition to being up on space and carrying out the mission, the suits, wha to doin emergency. just incredible work. >> we don't talk a lot about the other apollo missions. there were 17si apollo mis as part of the apollo program. three astronauts died in oneth earlier mission that didn't make it into space. so there are a lot of other -- so many thing to talk about and so many people involved. 400,000 people across a decade worked on the apollo program. >> so many people you don't hear about. without these violates ople ey would not have gone up. so many story coming out. 50 years ago, to go into space,
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i woulde like no thank you. not even now. at home we are looking a lot better out there. we are going to have a benrtiful suise coming up in an hour from now. a little b of cloud cover out there today. we go partly sunny and continue to see that humidity increase as we head througrn the g as well. temperatures, it's warm out there. 78 in the district. annapolis at 79. everybody pretty much in the 70s. upper 60s out there. not cool as it was yesterday. listen, if you're dropping the kid off to camp, just know for them, make sure they are stayinh rated today and pretty much the rest of this week because rather warm. yesterday was our bonus day. e humidity comes back today and feel closer to 100 by this afternoon. should be dry up until about 2:00, 3:00 and we startat to w storms moving in from the west to the east. 94 is our high today. about 40% chance you wel those storms where you are. not everybody will see them. the morning is staying dry but more cloud filling in troughout the afternoon and evening. here are the storms popping up
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after 3:00, 3:30 and continue to blossom as we go through the afternoon and evening. not everybody is seeing them so a lot of us are staying dry as we continue through the day on your tuesday. nothing happening out there right now. but we are stillg tra post-tropical storm barry and ta's spinning in the middle part of the united ss and it has to go somewhere and come over here tomorrow night and into thursday. temperatures. omorrow into the low t mid-90s. warm tomorrow. then it's going to be warm the rest of this week. look at this. ftthe number on the le is the air temperature. the number on the right is the heat index. even through theweekend, we are going to see that heat index around 110 so it will bewarm. rain moving in late tomorrow night from barry and a few thundershowers and showers on th sday and 40%chance.
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dry on friday and looks like dry to start that weekend. temperatures in low to mid-90s today and mid to upper 90s tomorrow. we will talk breast of the weekend coming up but let's talk about your travel times with melissa. >> good morning. at minnesota avenue the left side blocked by a crash and traffic pole came down as a part of the crash asell so you'll see a delay there. canal road as we have been talking about between foxhall dg and key bri is pretty much open. just left lane is getting by but it is moving just fine. >> good news for skins quarterback alex smith.
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fans will remember that terrible leg injury he suffered last season. now a big step ward recovery. take a look at this picture. smith's wife posted this picture on instagram. after eight mont l he noger needs to wear that brace. it had been holding his leg together basically. to h had been wearing it promote healing in the bones that are broken. he still has a long way away from returning to the football field but this is certainly a i stepthe right direction. great to see him getting back on track. would love to see him back on the field but one day at a time for him. >> got to take time for that to really heal and back to playingh e. >> wishing him the best. here is proof that anyone can make a difference no matter their age. >> go, go. >> go goats. >>ee lurg fourth grader ala macgregor is a big reason these goats are feasting on the wed along town branch creek. she noticed the fire flies had
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all but disappeared from the creek where she likes to walk. >> she learned that it could be the weedkiller the town was using so they made a suggestion to local leader to use the goats instead. >> me and my friend delias, we both live on this road and we decided we are going to talk to the council about this so we alked to the council about this. the best alternative was they went with the goats. >> this is genius. it's good for the environment and it's good for the goat and good for the kid. now it will take a coupled for the goats to do their job. anyone who wants to watch them do their work is welcome. people love goats. have you seen people doing yoga with goats? >> no. >> yes. it's a thing. more information is available on the town of leesburg facebook page. people love the goats. >> if you say so. >> i can go here andybe they let you pet the goats or do yoga. >> while they are eating? us i know. probably dangero next on "news4 today," protecting your prime day deals.
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now on "news4 today," shots fired into an office building. workers told to keep away from the window. where police are investigating.
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new novernight,flix edits a scene out of a popular teen dra drama. now the creator of "13 reasons why" is reacting. 50 years ago aocket launch changed a rocket space forever. we are helpg you share the 50th anniversary of apollo 11 with your family bo good morning, every. it is 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. our melissa mollet is standing by with your first 4 traffic. >> and lauryn ricketts is in for chuck bell. we will start with you. e she may be having technical difficulty with the equipment but we will keep talking until she is ready to rock 'n' roll. >> my feet got caught in the chair. >> sounds like your microphone is out too. >> it is.


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