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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 16, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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the desk with pictures. >> live images coming in from chopper 4. a fire on stanley lane in coalsville. all of the occupts are o of that home and accounted for. a one level home. it's covered by solar panels there. no word what may have caused the fire but we do know when fire crews initially got on tha scene, they did see heavy smoke and fire. the bulk of that fire is now knocked out. we will kep an eye on what is going on out there but this will imleact traffic forut so we will get back to you with the latest on that. >> thank you. the fire is impacting traffic. >> our melissa mollet has the first 4 traffic alert. tell us what is going on. >> here is the situation with this. southbound new hampshire avenue near endolph road, buse of
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this fire some lane are blocked. a a couple of minutes ago, everything was shut down southbound new hampshire avenue at randolph road. you can see it looks li we are closed. everything shut down southbound new hampshire at randolph road. northbound lanes are not impacted. we have poln e out there oe scene shutting things down so all of the apparatus can get in and out safely. lauryn ricketts, pretty out there this morning. >> not bad. you're right, melissa. a beautiful start. sun just came up. or just coming up about three or four minutes ago. beautiful out there right now. we will continue to e a autiful day. a few more cloud around today compared to yesterday.e a littlt more humidity. 76 is our temperature right now.
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you'll start to feel that humidity if you have not yet. 94 is where we are today but look at the temperatures. we go up on wednesdayand definitely on friday. rain likely on thursday and that will be from barry. our average temperature is 89 degrees. let's talk about timing of the rain. let's talk about the hea as we head into the weekend because it will got hotter than what you ee on here so we will show you that coming up. for the first time, neighbors are finally sharing their concerns with developers about a amazon fulfillment center. >> aimee cho is live with reaction. >> reporter: good morning. neighbors here are furious. they thought they were getting grocery store and shops and restaurants when they moved in here but clearly it has not happened. a bunch of empty field and this
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space could soon become a huge warehouse for amazon. last night, about a hundred neighbors packed the room at a community meeting to share their complaints. the neighbors say they tenant sign -- didn't sign up to live near a warehouse. new warehouse will be about e size of 14 football fields. the developer has not confirmed if it is amazon moving in but he says he think it will be good for prince george's county and bring 1,500 new jobs but the neighbor here want no part of amazon. >> it will bring jobs but, at the same time it will bring traffi property values.r i'm young. i probably will refinance my home and i'll be concerned when it comes to that point. >> reporter: the developer also says he thinksew this n warehouse will finally attract the stores and restaurants to this area.
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another hearing on thursday at 1:00 p.m. at the cnty administration building. >> thank you. breaking news now out of prince george's county. >> police say they are at investg a deadly shooting. jummy olabanji is live at the teve desk with more. >> reporter: dectives are working to piece together exactly what happened. we don't have too many details right now. here is a map of where it happened. police say they responded to a shooting in the 8800 block of ridge borough road iigdistrict hes 10:30 last night. we are told the male victim was found lying on the ground when detectives got there. they are working to figure out a possible move and suspect in the case. anyone who may have been in that area and has information, you are as d to call prince george's county police. we have an update to breaking news we brought you
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last night onews4 at 11:00. pepco worked overnight to restore power to thousands of customer in d.c. on benning road around 10:30, this is the scene. the neighborhood was pitch black except for two police cars at a 7-eleven. now pepco's outage map shows the blackout is over. we are still working to learn what knocked out the power. this morning, investigators are trying to figure out why someone fired shots at an office building in montgomery county and had happened along rockville pike at twin brook paverkway in the rockville area. iheart radio and other businesses have offices in that building. the shooting happened over the july fourth weekend. we are just learning it about now. you can still see the damage to the window there. police are still looking t fore shooter. terrifying is a mother describing then moment wh bullet nearly hit her as she held her baby at hospital. pictures taken by a nurse show e ere the bullet pierced gill.
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no one was hit by the gunfire. police are still seching for the gunman. l day, a peace rally wilbe held in honor of makia wilson. it has been one year since she was shot when she walked to an ice creatruck. wilson was hit by a stray bullet vi this exchange caught on surveillance deo. yesterday, police arrested an eighth person in connection with her murder. a grand jury indictment named 11 suspects and say the murder stems from disputes between rival neighborhoods. the suspects range in age from 16 to 26. new revelations raled a courtroom during the bail hearing for accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein. yesterday in manhattan, a federal prosecutor told the judge that a searcg if epstein's safe had diamonds ancash and passport that showed epstein's picture under a different name. the document also lists his residence as saudi arabia. it is not sure which country issued that passport. epstein is accus of
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trafficking kills as young as 14 years old. his lawyers requested hou arrest. prosecutors argue he is a flight risk and should stay locked up until trial. the judge's ruling is expected thursday. 7 minutes after the hour now. today, the house is expected to vote on a resolution condemng president trump's latest remarks believed to be aimed at four congresswomen. over the weekend, a presidential tweet impli the freshmen congresswomen were not americans and they should go back to their countries. all four women are u.s. citizens. only one was born outside the united states. the congresswomen held a press conference denouncing the statements and calling them racist. still, the president doubled-down on his remarks. >> if they don't like ey here, than leave. all they do is complain. so all i'm saying is if they want to leave, they can leave. >> this is simply a disruption and a distraction om the
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callous chaotic and corrupt culture of this administration. >> lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are calling the tweets inappropriatee we will havre coming up in the next hour. dr good news for d.c. vers. canal road is back open. the street all about shut down since last week's flash emergency. all of that water caused a sinkhole in the middle of the ws worked through the weekend to patch up the sinkhole between reservoir and foxhaul road. they managed to get the work done four days early. neighbors in arlington are still hurting from last week's flash flooding. they are now asking for government help tgpay for damae to their homes. more than 1,000 residents have filed post-storm damage claims according to arl now. the damage reports describe oderything from clogged drains to completely flo basements. it is 6:08. next, a warning for everyone with a tablet in their home. >> mother is sounding the
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alarm after her toddler's tablet burst into flames. mid-70s on to start off if you're taking the kid to camp. after 3:00, storms are heading our way and we aso have heat that is dangerous heading our way and talk about that coming up. 40 plus double dutch mission has made its way to d.c. we will talk to the founder who fl in from chicago today to meet with some local chapters and talk about it all c'ming up and talk about it all c'ming up andoing to jump rope a i switched from dodge.
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11 minutes after the hour. we are staying on top of breaking news in montgomery county right now. u're taking a look at live pictures from chopper 4. this is a house fire on stanley
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spring. silver fire officials say they are no injuries hereand all of the occupants have been accounted for at this point. you're looking at a one-level home and two-story attachment to this home and lots of solar panels on the roof there. no word on what caused that fire. we will keep an eye on it. new thismorning. >> we decided that netflix decided to edit out a controversial suicide scene from i t show "13 reasons why"wo years after it was released. that graphic scene first aired during the season one finale. the decision by netflix comes er the release of a new study. the study found nearly 29% increase in suicide rates among
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kids 10 to 17 when show debuted. however researchers could not make a direct link between that show and that increase. the creator of "13 reasons why" released a statement overnight saying, quote. he went on to say he believes the edit to t show will do the most good for most people. we know this summer. many are cheering o this decision. >> thank you. "news4 today" is dedicated to shine a ligth on mental health issues. in the changing minds section of our website at, you'll find resources help patients and their families, as well as stories about treatments and local programs.
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it was a terrible situation for two parents in georgia. their 4-year-old's tablet burst into flames while he was holding it and it tns out the tablet overheated. the 4-year-old threw it across the room when he felt it getting hot.ta >> dows doing laundry. he was upstairs in his bedroom. he came flying down the stairs. i mean, screaming at the top of his lungs, "it's on fire!" >> the manufacturer rca released a statement saying, quote. they went on to say they would investigate so there aren't any other issues going forward. the boy is smiling so good thing he wasn't hurt i this. not too long ago, it was hard to miss scenes in communits across the country like we are showing you here in a second. double dutch was a popular
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pastime for young girls in the 1970s and '80s. >> now those girls are 40 plus and rediscovering their love for double dutch. molette gre is live with women joining a nationwide movement. dutch! to see you double >> i promise, i'll do it. we are at the field at rfk and taken over the plhee with 40 plus double dutch mission. that is the name of this growing movement across the country and pamela robinson flew in fromo chicagand she is the founder and wanted tong bri back this childhood fun activity and she has come up with ar chant he pamela, let's talk about this club and the whole purpose of acowing it ss the country. what are you trying to do? >> what i'm trying to do is provide opportunities for women over 40 to come tother and we are promoting friendship and
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fitness, fun and fellowship. >> we have a 44-year-old here and 48-year-old here and 58-year-old out here this morning. these clubs meet so that they can have this women's sisterhood fellowship happening, right? >> right. >> let me jump while you talk about this. this is what i did in tk growd. growing up as kid. i'm on the spot here on television. here we go. here we go! [ screaming ] okay. i can do better! >> i think we lost her mike in that double dutching but she showed us how it's done. >> she mentioned in the '70s and a lot of black communities. i had to learn. you have cousins do it and you o have on t learn if you're younger than your sisters or cousins. i don't know if i could still do
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it. >> she looked good out there. >> goodfor her! >> we will go back to her later on this half hour. >> i could jumpco rope but d not get it right. >> it's all about timing. >> right. >> good job, molette. good day out there for kids for camp. >> it's too hot to be outside. >> they can handle it, right?f >> a lot o water breaks and m surtime. temperatures right around low to mid-90s. but it's a gorgeous day outhe tre. look at that sunrise coming up. sun coming up just before 6:00 a.m. this morning. right now, we are at 76 degrees. you'll feel that humidity out there today. compared to yesterday. yesterday was so nice. it was hot but it was nice. we are more muggy out there today. we have got the storms possibly tter onis afternoon. another chance later on tomorrow evening. and then that could lead into yourth sday. otherwise dangerous heat coming our way. i'm talking about the hottest temperatures we have seen yet
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this year. current temperatures out there right now in the 60s and seventh. re in the district. we will continue to see those temperatures rise into the low to mid-90s. by the time you head home, that is when we could have a few showers and thunderstorms but only about 40% chance that you'll encounter them where you are. if you're out and about later on this evening, the tempeatures will be falling into the 80s. still going to feel warmer because we will have the rmhumidity around but sto could be around this evening. what would it feel like? today, it will feel like the upper 90s even though air at 94 degrees. we go over wednesday through , the weekend look at this. it will feel close to 110 this weekend. nothing happening on the radar right now. still watching the remnants of barry moving across the m part of the united states. you can see how disorganized that is and that is heading our igy tomorrow. tomorrow late n when we see
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shower and thunderstorms pop up and temperatures will be in the mid-90s tomorrow. we could have a few isolated showers and thundems out there today. better chance as we head into tomorrow overnight and through the morning on at least the morning. this could get its act together and get out of here by the afternoon on thursday. something we will wah for timing but we do know that we are dry on friday and it looks like we are dry right o into the weekend. look at this. we could hit our first 100 degree day on saturday with a heat index of 110. feeling over 105 both days. let's talk about the beaches in case you're heading to the beaches and ten-day forecast
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will be coming up before 7:00. first 4 traffic alert. southbound new hampshire avenue near randolph road chopper 4 showing us this house fire. we have had southbound new hampshire shut down at different poits here this morning. we are slow southbound new hampshire avenue. we are seeg some delays there and right now, it seems like we are just getting a couple of vehicles and everything else looks like it's shut down theren southbonew hampshire near randolph road. northbound 95 after route 1 in wood bridge is cleared out of the way. looking okay. northbound 395 at king street, the camera is not participating this morning. very well at least. because of the sun glare. the ride is blocked. next on "news4 today," marking a scientific milestone. >> it is the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 launch.ta we will ke you back to that
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remarkable day and relive all of the excitement felt around the world.
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anyone over 50 probably remembers it vividly. this day in 1969 that three men o blasted on apollo 11 tast to the moon. >> this anniversary brings back to life a moment of national pride. a new birth of exploration that all sta ed with a simple decree. >> i believe that this nation should commit itself to ac teving the goal, beforehis decade is out, of landing man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth. >> reporter: president jone f. kendy in 1961, setting this country off on a very clear, very bold mission and launching the apollo program. more than a decade of lunar exploration, a 20 billion dollar, 400,000 person investment in wiing the space race. the centerpiece of the program, apollo 11. on july 16th, 1969 nasa astronauts michael collins and neil armstrong and buzz aldrin
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made their way to launch pad 39k at tnedy space center, destined forreatness. >> 3-2-1. all engines running. >> reporter: crowd in awe. the force anrumble of the cket carrying apollo 11 took their breaths away. four days later, a ma history on the moon. >> quality base here. the eagle has landed. >> rocket tranquility. we copy you on the ground.u yoot a bunch of guys about to turn blue. we are breathing again. thanks a lot. >> reporter: july 20th, 1969, it was a sunday afternoon. >> we are getting a picture on the tv. >> reporter: 650 million people around the world watched it all ppen on tv. nasa recently asked people to share their apollo stories. >> as it lifted off, i looked over at my grandfather and he was crying. >> it was just amazing to think that there were people on that moon up there that we could see! >> it's one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind.
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>> a total of 12 men walked on the moon in the apollo program that ended in 1973. nasa recently announced a program that willput a man and woman on the moon in 2024. you can search the nbc washington app with dtails for more. the mars is the next step. ly f travelers is coming up. >> a crime that is taking placen near n station and how to keep yourself safe. und investigation. 70 former and current u.s. customs and border patrol agents facing excrete -- scrutiny over an allegedly facebook page.
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weather? about our >> we have achance of rain
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good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. 6:30 is your time rignow. let's begin with a check on your forecast and the commute. melissa mollet is standing by with a look at first 4 traffic. >> let's begin with storm team s meteorologilauryn ricketts who is in for chuck bell this morning. not a bad way to start. >> it'se rly not. sunshine is out there and humidity and warm front lifting from the south to the north so some portions of our area may not field thlee that humidity tt you will feel it in the coming days. light and 76 out there today. it's a little bit more humid out there today. pool time, mgoght be a time to do it. however, we have a chance for some showers and thunderst wrms andcould even have a few lingering around for that commute. take a look.
6:31 am
almost 110 ase head into the weekend. we will talk specific numbers and let's talk about the moisture from barry that is heading our way and time that out coming up. first, here is missa with traffic. first 4 traffic alert. southbound new hampshire avenue near randolph road is shut down because after house fire. northbound linane are not affecd but southbound is shut down. police there working people through the neighborhooetto kind of ground this problem. northbound 395 near king street, accident has cleared so that is good. still delays there heading . inbound outer loop and inner loop no major delays at the beltway. jummy olabanji is at the live desk. >> we are told two people were rescued from that burning home.
6:32 am
back to the live pictures from chop chopper chop tr 4. this is home on stanley lane in silver spring. you can see one story home with an addition that is two stories with solar panels there. we want to show you a picture we just got showing the heavy flames from montgomery county fire rescue. this is what they encountered when they first g on the scene. no word right now on what may have caused the good news the two people that were rescued from the home by a police officer do not have any injuries. back to you. >> thank you. this morning, a local teacher accused of recording students while they undressed is out of jail. >> only news4 northern virginia bureau chief julie carey was there to ask him questions a er he posted bond. >> reporter: whydid you secret record your students and teenage girls? >> police arrested rafael i
6:33 am
april for unlawful filming. a nanny found a recording device in his room in reston. investigators seized dozensorof recing devices and videos he legedly recorded. officers say many of t girls in the video appear to attend herndon high school where he. taught drama fairfax public schools has suspended him without outbreak of respiratory illness at a northern virginia retirement community home. 60 out of more than 200 residents at the greenspring retirement community in springfield have beco sick. two deaths are associated with the outbreak. 23 people had to go to the hospital. health officia say what is striking about the outbreak is thember of residents that are affected and that they are getting sick in the summer rather than the winter. >> d.c. police are warning about a pick-pocket near the union stion. police say a teen took advantage
6:34 am
of the kindness of strangers. "the washington post" reports that the person dropped pamphlet and when a victim stopped to help, anoer man bumped him from behind and took his wallet. police say there have been several similar incidents reported recently. they are warning people to be alert. 6:34 is your time now. here is a look at the othe w top storiesare following for you this morning. police in prince george's county are investigating a homicide. a man was found shoto death around 10:30 on richborough road. we are still working to learn his name and if police have any suspects. police say someone fired shots into windows of the iheart building on rockville pike and happened sometime during the july fourth holiday weekend. we are told three windows were damages. no arrests have been made but police say they have recovered potential evidence from the scene. s canal road is back open. the road had been shut down since last week's flash flood emergency. all of that water created a sinkhole in the middle of the road.
6:35 am
crews worked through the weekend to patch up that sinkhole between reservoir and foxhaul road.k ws completed four days early. one year ago today, a stray bullet hit and killed makia wilson. she was on her way to an ice cream truck outside of her d.c. home. yesterday, police charged an eighth person in connection wi that shooting. tonight her parents are holding a peace rally held at 7:00 at the h.d. woodson pool. the white house is looking a little diucerent. instrtion of a new fence along the north lawn is officially under way. our cameras were down there yesterday as construction crews put up a temporary white wall that will make it hardero snap a photo if the executive mansion. it will be 13 feet tall, about double the size of the current fence in the ho is of keepingntruders from jumping over it and it will ta a co arle we are celebrating apollo 11
6:36 am
mission this week, the 50th anniversary. in a few hours, neil armstrong answer space suit will be revealed at the time smithsonian air and space museum. this suit was taken off display in 2006 and put into storage for preservation. am 2015, donations made through a kick-starterign helped to create a special display case and mannequin for this fragile suit.g, this mornhe two other apollo 11 mission suits remain in storage. >> they belong to buzz aldrin and michael collins. here is a look at collins' space suit that is kept in a northern virginia laboratory. the museum removed the suit from display in 2005. it had been in the "columbia" command module ever since the muse opened in 1976. now rewind to 1969. they had no know those suits. if thee was an emergency in th spacecraft, they only had 20 minutes to suit up. >> you had three guys and these suits and having to get into them, you can only really doe t on a time, so you have to go
6:37 am
in sequence and not panic, not have any disorder, so they were all very methodical a they new what they needed to do. he>> there is no word on w collins' and aldrin's suits might go back on display. the museum hopes that t research done on armstrong's suit will help place more collection on display. wouldn't that be cool to see so many of the itemsrom that mission? and so many other mission in space. >> they raised $720,000 in th kick-starter campaign in the armstrong suit so the extra money will go to work on the other suits so they can be on display. ahead, shocking developments in a new york city cotroom when accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein appears before a bail hearing. molette green is live in the community this morning. what are you working on? >> i'm working on my jumping this morning trying to get the rume off of the 40 plus double dutch mission is in full effect here in d.c. h
6:38 am
and iladelphia girls just arrived to join in on the fun. we will talk about how you can join in and get those muscles moving in a few minutes. d gesday morning. today at 4:00, summer brain drain can happen to kids after a long summer break from school. we know how easy for them to on zone out their phone or in front of the tv. >> as a parent, we want to find this balance between trying too hard and then doing nothing at all. >> reporter: we will show you four as your kids can use topp
6:39 am
6:40 am
take a look at this scary scene! group of raptofters took a wrg turn and it cost them falling over a waterfall in
6:41 am
pennsylvania. oeveryone made it safely of the water. no word on why the raft went off course. good thing they made it out okay. this morning a storm is over but the cleanup is just getting under way in louisiana. >> the governor surveyed damage hurricane barry did to his state. eruses and streets are flooded and looks like wats everywhere. search teams had to rescue dozens of people. nobody was killed inhis storm. power crews are restoring thousands of customers who lost electricity. good morning. i'm frank holland. executives from amazon, apple, facebook, and google will be on aycapitol hill in d.c. todo testify before a house committee on the tremendous markower they all hold. the first high profile encounter between silicon valley and congress since the trump administration targeted these companies over potential antitrust behavior and it could set the stage for more regulation but facebook ceo mark
6:42 am
zuckerberg d google ceo were grilled over data about privacy issues. with your cnbc report, i'm frank holland. we are looking at some very warm condition headed our y. a little bit of sunshine out there today. temperatures low to mid-90s and feeling closer to hndred but that will be cool compared to this weekend's forecast. we will talk about the numbers coming up. southbound side of hamp avenue is shut down near randolph road and we will show you that coming up and other issues on the roadway.>> a twitter war becomes a very public battle. democrats continue to denounce the president for what they arei cal a racist attack on lawmakers. we will tell you what publicans are sayrein
6:43 am
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comcast business has the solutions you need. get start with fast, reliable internet for just $39.95 per month. s it'erything a small business owner needs. call 1-800-501-6000 today. welcome back. developing this morning. a united front democratsrally around the four congresswomen believed to be the target of a weekend attack by president trump. on twitenr, the presid implied that the lawmakers weren't from the u.s. and that they should go back to where they came from. >> this morning, the president is not expressing any remorse and doubling down on his word.
6:46 am
>> if you're not happy here, n theu can leave. as far as i'm concerned, if you hate our country, if you're not happy here, you can leave. >> peters peter alexander joins us with more. >> reporter: late today it's likely there will be a vote in the house. this is a resolution tsat wa presented by democrats right now. rongly condemning the president for the language he used in those tweets against the four progressive congressmen. allare women of color and all american citizens but one was naturalized as a citizen and bornn ie united states. whether any republicans join this morning and is this a bipartisan basis? remarkable silence from republican leaders and many of whom who areoming to the white house later today to meet with the president and haring from this this morning. this is a new marker for a president who stoked racial
6:47 am
tensions for years from birtherism to charlottesville and now it looks like he has found a new foil in that effort. mor of that is coming up on "today." peter alexander, thank you. you can see his full report next on "today." startling revelations at a new york city courtroom during the bond hearing for suspected sex trafficker jeffrey epstein. a federal prosecutor told the judge that the billionaire had a safe in his home containing cash, diamond, and expired passport from a foreign country. the passport apparently had epstein's photo on it but a different name. his lawyers are requesting he be let out of jail and put under house arrest. prosecutors argue he is a flight risk. the judge's ruling is expected on thursday. ng happeow, u.s. customs and border officials say they are investigating 70 current and former employees, all of them are under suspicion of taking part in a secret facebook page where members joked abt
6:48 am
migrants and members of congress. >> jummy olabanji is joining us from the newsroom with more etails on this. >> reporter: with everything happening at the southern border,his is getting a lot of attention. the secret facebook group had about 10,000 members and most of what was posted containedings dirbing language and graphic images. joked about migrant and membersc gress. you customs and border officia b call thisavior inappropriate and undceptable an facebook is asked to archive the data and make it available for future investigations. once the investigation is complete, we are told anyone who is found guilty of misconduct will be subject to formal punishment. what that punishment is, though, is yet to be seen but we will keep you updated.
6:49 am
for the first time, neighbor are sharing their concerns about a new developmentroject in prince george's county. for the first time, neighbors are sharing their concerns with developers about a proposal to build an amazon fulfillment center in 'since georgeounty. >> news4 aimee cho is live with what they are saying. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, neighbors here are s. furiou they say they were promised grocery stores and other retail if they moved in here and that has not happened and the field could become a huge warehous for amazon. many came out last nig to share their complaints and they say they did not sign up to live near a giant warehouse and feel they were lied to and still want the neighborhood with shops that they were promised. the new warehouse will be about the size of 14 football fields. the developer has not confirmed if it is, in fact, amazon moving
6:50 am
in, but he said he thinks it will be good for prince george's county and bring 1,500 new jobs but the neighbor here at westphalia say they want no part of amazon. >> the other thing is the other proposal amenities, the schools, hotels and the shoppingas the main draw for people moving in there and one of the tngs we are looking is property values. that is our concern, is this going to add or detract? >> reporter: the developer thinks the new warehouse will help attract the stores and restaurants to the area. the county has not yet approved those plans for the warehouse so it's not yet a done deal. live in upper marlboro, aimee cho, news4. time to check our forecast with storm team 4 meteorologist lauryn ricketts. the humidity is creeping back. >> it is creeping back in there. you will start t feel it as we continue through the day today. if you're not already feeling it out there. as far as our weather headlines
6:51 am
are concerned, coming back today. it's amping up. it starts today and continues through weekend. have got dangerous heat headed our way and rain chance from the remnants of barry heading our way as well. current temperatures out there right now, we are in the 60s and s and we will continue to see that temperature rise. if you're getting the kid ready for camp, temperatures in the upper 70s by 8:00 a.m. and 80s and low 90s by the time we he into this afternoon. still should be dry by about 2:00 or 3:00 but rain will move in a that and 40% chance of afternoon storms. 94 degrees it will feel like 100 out there. isolated chance of rain today and tomorrow. thursday morning, we will have scattered showers and thunderstorms and drying out thursday fternoon and night and dry on friday and saturday. after 3:00 p.m. we will see the storms develop and could b ing flooding to areas and some could
6:52 am
bsoon the stronger side we will continue to watch that. nothing happening out there right now.e ther barry. still kind of hanging out in the midwest but you can see how disorganized that i temperatures tomorrow mid-90s but feel warmer than that and we have got your five-day forecast here. good morning. right now first 4 traffic alert. we are talking about southbound new hampshire avenue shut wn near randolph road because of this house fire this morning. chopper 4 has been over this for us. police have shut things down new hampshire near randolph and pushing you off into the neighborhood. seem to be getting around it pretty well and not too much of a delay there. we take a look at 66 and 95.
6:53 am
travel times. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 when you hop in your car > toda ck in the day, summertime in almost any community was typically filled with kid in the street jumping rope. >> if you were go at it, it was double dutch and this morning we throw it back to a popular pastime for a lot of people.ou the women y're with, molette green, are trying to rediscover his love of double dutch and joining a movement too? >> reporter: this movement is growing. let me tell you we he got women out here as young as 44
6:54 am
all the way to 58. a ncer survivor in the group. these women who came from philadelphia to join us on "news4 today." mela robinson is the founder of the 40 plus double dutch club. her mission is to get womenall over the world moving again with this childhood pastime. pamela, let's talk about it quickly. sorry to stop the game here. whole goal is get people moving? >> yes, that is thegoal. some of these women have been any type of organized exercise in 10, 20, 30 years since we were 12 or 13 year old but we are out were and are jumping and we are getting fit and we are developing friendships all at the same time. ow>> you've thrn this over social media, facebook, and instagram. >> mainly facebook. we appeared on a local tv show in chicago and they posted the video on facebook and it kind of juupt blew so now we have members all over
6:55 am
the country,nas well as eria, belize. we are worldwide now. it a movement. >> you are so good at jumping and we will show that an put up the four things that 40 plus double dutch mission tries to accomplish. reliving childhood memories is what it's about is making af friends andrdable way to burn calorie. all you need is a clothes line. to join this head to your facebook for the 40 plus double dutch club befohis is over, i have got to get back into this rope. i'll put the mi ophone down because maybe that is what has been hurting my game here. my double dutch game here. i'll try it one more time! i've got to get it right. hold my mike for me. >> of course. >> go, mollet!
6:56 am
>> yea! >> look at hero! >> showing off! awesome! four things to know. today the trump administration is making it harder for migrants from central america to apply for asylum in the united states. immigrants who passed through mexico to reach the mexico must apply forre asylum the and anybody who doesn't is ineligible. watch "today" for more. father ofon allis parker will testify before senate. she and her cameraman were shot and killed in 2015. f lo updates on the nbc ashington app. this little girl was shot and killed a year ago on her way to anice cream truck. the peace rallys begin at 7:00 at the h.d. woodson pool. neigors in arlington are
6:57 am
fking for government assistance to pay forlood damage at their homes. more than a thousand have for damage claims. download our app to stay ahead of the storms in our region. that is the news for today. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> "today" is next. see you in 25 minutes with weather, traffic, and local news. until then, enjoy your day. >> make it a great tuesday, everybody! i switched from dodge.
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congresswomen targeted by he does not know how to defend his policies, so what he does i attack us personally. >> it's time for us to impeach this president. >> straighd, ahhich republicans are condemning the president's remarks, as he digs in? >> if you're not happy here, then you can leave. >> where the war of words goes. from here live from the white house,next. going up. temperatures soar with the er summ's most dangerous heat wave set to expand across much of the country today. how hot will it


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