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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 16, 2019 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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it's th 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 unch on a tut esday night. i'm shomari stone and i'll have reaction from people here on the national mall. the.s. house condemns president trump's explosive attacks against minority congresswomen. find out if any republicans supported the measure. d a plane making a splash in ocean city. >> announcer: news 4 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. breaking tonight, former u.s. supreme court justice john paul stevens has died. >> 99-year-old was the third longest-serving justice in american history. he left the bench as one of the high court's leading liberalv ces. >> nbc's blaine alexander now on some of the landmark cases stevens ruled on. >> reporter: appointed by a republican president and labeled a moderate conservative, justice john paul stevens became one of the supreme court's leading liberals in his 34 years on the bench. >> i really don't think i have changed, and i still
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myself quite conservative. >> reposer: justice stevens wa center stage as the high court shifted from left t right. known as much for his signatures bowties his clearly written opinions. early on he voted to reinstate the death penalty, but later cameo question capital punishment. he supported limits on police powers and favored free speech but ruled against prayer in schools. when justice stevens was on the long side, he was a prolific dissenter, notably opposing a landmark ruling that allowed corporations t pump money into political campaigns. justice stevens left the bench at age 90, the third longest-serving justice in supreme court history. a father of fr and grandfather of seven, in retirement justice stevens was outspoken, calling for a repeal of the second amendment following the 2018 school shooting in parkland, florida. >> he felt very strongly about his convictions and principles, and if he saw a case differently than everyonelse he would not
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think twice about writing an opinion, writing a dissent, and standing alone. >> reporter: justice john paul stevens, laving a legacy of public service and a lasting mark on the nation's highest court. blaine alexander, nbc news, . washington >> stevens served as a judge in the u.s. court of appeals for the 7th circuit for five years before president ford appointed him to the suprem >> left quite a legacy. >> he did. this dangerous heat outside leaving its mark on the entire region here. leading to a storm team 4 weather alert. heat advisory now in effect. we've got live team coverage. >> in a moment we'll see how people are staying cool during an exciting display at the washington monument with what looks like a roct right now. >> can't wait to get to that. but let's begin with storm team e meteorologist amelia draper standing by in theather center. amelia. >> reporter: two hours ago the national weather service issued a heat advisory for a goodi port of the area for tomorrow. is is going to begin at 11:00 a.m. and run until 8:00 p.m. in
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the evenin check it out. this is in effect for southern montgomery county, fairfax, orince william county, over i prince george's county, southern maryland, and then down through stafford and king george counties as this ecause it will feel like 105 degrees at times, especially in these locations, tomorrow aernoon when that heat advisory is in effect. look at how uncomfortable it is outside now at 11:00 p.m. at night. still feeling like 90 degrees in and ngton, 87 in manassas, 85 up in gaithersburg. that means we're off to a mild and muggy start tomorrow, already startinging off the day :0ar 80 degrees. 83 by 9a.m. and here's the thing. it's going to feel about five, maybe even almost ten degrees warmer whe you factor in the humidity. by 11:00 a.m. that 89 is feeling like 95. i'm going to have more on what you can expect as we head throughout the rest of the workweek on into the weekend. there's more dangerous heat in the forecast and i'll let you
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know when it's going to feel like 110. ia.hanks, am but that heatutside didn't scare people away from a red hot demonstration on the national mall tonight. take a live look at this. this is the washington monument. right no in honor of the 50th anniversary of the apollo moon landing, apollo 11 moon landing we should say, the air and space museum is projecting this image of the rocket onto the monument. news 4's shomari stone continues our storm team 4 coverage from thenational mall. shomari, i know it's toasty out there, but that view's got to be worth the sweat. >> reporter: well, leon, it is absolutely beautiful to see this projection on the washington monument. i have to tell you, it is hot out here. that humidity that amelia was telling usbout is al. take a look at what i'm wearing. i have on a light shirt here, shorts, and some sandals, and it feels comfortable to wear this. and i'm already sweating. imagine how some other people feelut here. let's take a look. >> oh, my god. that's just s crazy.or
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>> repter: kathy hackshaw is excited to see a pjection of e apollo 11 launch. >> it looks like the rocket's just literally rig in front of us. >> reporter: on the washington monument. >> it's amazing. >> reporter: she tries to stay coo >> it's a hot night. >> reporter: a historic night honoring the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. >> 50 yearsago i was in florida for the 50th -- or the start of the apollo 11. saturn 5 launch. >> reporter: she's the 9-year-old in this 1969 photo wearing the blue hat, watchi the launch with her mom and two sisters near cape canaveral. kathy says it wasn't as hot as it isnonight. >> i think this is hotter. >> re lrter: it feelse 97 degrees. ople in d.c., maryland, and virginia swim, andto they have take breaks playing tennis and riding bikes. >> it's just really hot, rlly exhausting. >> reporter: alicia edward a big bottle of h20 at an outdoor restaurant. >> water helps me stay hydrated and just -- i feel good.
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>> this is really intense.r: >> reportelivia loomis feels good drinking iced coffee. becauset has to be iced it's so hot outside. >> i love it.>> reporter: back outside at the washington monument kathy hackshaw says the heat doesn't ruin the moment. >> tonight is special. it's a littleio >>po emotional and extraordinary. you're now looking at a live picture of the projection of the apollo 11 launch on the washington monument. you cantu lly see the smoke at the launch pad. keep in mind if you weren't able to make it out here night, not to worry. wednesdaynd thursdaynight they will still have the apollo 11 launch projection on the washington monument from 9:30 to 11:30 at night, but i just have to say one thing, it is notg ng to actually launch because many people have walked up to us and asked us about this. no. it's going to be sitting right there on the washington monument. we're not making this up. people for some reason have been sitting here over the last twoth hours king this thing's just going to take off. it's not going to happen. live here on the national mall,
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shomari stone. back to you. >> i hate to say know what, i'm kind of with them. it's kind of the logical thing you want to see. you want to see it go up after all this. >> i think the heat's getting to them. >> shomari, keep cool out there, buddy. where shomari is right now he's got a great view but check out this view. wewant to give you this look at the projection from above. just a short time ago chopper 4 got somealew aeri shots of the apollo 11 projection theren the washington monument. isn't that great? this video had folks in the newsroom here pretty excited. .tonight the u.s house voted to condemn president trump's attacks on minority congresswomen that many called racist. only four republicans and one independent voted with democrats on the measure. it was a symbolic but extraordinary rebuke of a sitting president. mr. trump hasn't backed down, either. today he again told the om congres if they aren't happy living in america they can leave. democratic lawmakers fired back on the house floor. >> we condemn the hurtful and
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offensive comments that demean immigrants and people of color. >> these are our four young smart sisters. and we stand together. >> house speaker nancy pelosi called the president's tweets disgraceful, disgusting, and racist. her comments delayed the vote for several hours after republicans claimed that the speaker had violated house rules which state that lawmakers cannot criticize the character of the president on the house floor. new at 11:00, a close call in ocean city. a small plane splash-lanlaed in the atntic just a few feet away from a vey b beach. you can see this single-engine airplane there just floating in the ocean. amazingly, no one was hurt. the pilot says he was planniy to tr to land at the ocean cityh airport en he began having some engine trouble but he was able to eventually glide that plane into the water theres afely. he was the only person on board who was not injured.
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also new tonieat we're ing about a local pastor charged with sexually abusing a child in his congregation. jeankite joseph is a pastor at the church of messages of god. ser ices are heldide his silver spring home. detectives tell us that joseph allegedly assaulted a child on new year's eve back in 2014. the victim and her family were atjoseph's home for a prayer service. the victim was 11 at the time. investigators are asking for any other potential victims to contact them. one year ago tonight 10-year-old makiyah wilson w gunned down. an innocent victim caught in the crossfire in northeast d.c. new tonight news 4's jackie bensen takes to us a peace ralle to remem that little girl's le. >>oh, fathergod, take this into their heart before they hurt their fellow man. >> reporter: the air was heavy with emotion, the hot july evening so similar to the night one year ago when the clay terrace neighborhood wasd visite by unspeakable horror.ld
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10-year-o makiyah wilson died as a hail of more than 70 bullets rained down on the courtyard of her faly's home. family, friends, and neighbors gathered to pray and then walk to the spot where the little girl's life was ten. one year later her family including her father michael continues to stand strong in their efforts to ende back and forth violence that took makiyah's life. >> we lost our baby. we're not going to be quiet about that.people coming out, e love. that's god's will. >> reporter: michael wilson notes with pain in his voice that despite the widespread outcry following his daughter's death children continue to be hurt and killed by gun violenin he district. on the morning of sunday may 26th maurice scott, only five years older than makiyah, was standing outside a convenience store with a friend when a bullet intended for someone else and killed >> every time you hear something about another child or another victim, it reminds me of that
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day. today. it reminds me of today and it hurts. orter: makiyah wilson's family have started a foundation in her name. it's aimed at ending violencethn community and improving life for everyone who lives here. in northeast washington jackie bensen, news 4. >> you can find a link to learn more about that foundation in our nbc washington app. just search makiyah wilson there. co> where you live matters when it es to towing laws. the news 4 i-team on why a northern virgini neighborhood is fired up over a recent tow and why the county says it was perfectly legal. a montgomery county home bursts into flames. a couple
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when orando lopez moved into his new apartment in seven corners the welcome party was not exactly whatpee exed. >> they're there all the time. a
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>> tow truck targeted hisng movian parked outside in the lot. >> they got you on moving day. >> my first day here i was backed in with my trailer over here unloading my truck. they hooked me up and demanded a $50rop fee to let me go while i was still unloading. >> reporter: but lopez says what he cght on camera a few weeks ago really shocked him. >> it happened so fast people were just stunned by it. >> reporter: he says two tow trucks were in the parking lot of his building hooking up a truck when a guy in an orange vest walks by them. 20 seconds after that one of tht towck drivers suddenly backs up quickly to a different van with its blinkers on. >> they went inside, switched it off, straightened the steering wheel off and within 30 -- like pros. >> tow truck scoops up that van and takes off, all in less than one minute. t you can seehe van's driver in that orange vest walking back out to find it's gone. but check out the video again. ouif you look closely yl see the van is actually an amazon hiime driver who lopez says had stepped out of truck just moments before to deliver a packag >> it was that quick. soon as he walked over here it's gone. >> reporter: the tow company is
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advanced towing which has a contract to enforce rules at the apartment complex and is one of the largest tow companies in northern virginia. >> i'm scott with channel 4. >> reporter: we stopped by the office looking for the owner of the tow company who quickly called us back but declined multiple requests to talk about the tow on camera. but he did say the tow was legitimate and that his workers warned the delivery driver not to leave the van standing. tyif you think theses of tows should be illegal, in? parts of our area they actually are. hee in arlington county a tow truck operator has to get a call or a complaint from a property owner be re they can come in withd their truck anull away a car. thing is orlando's apartment complex is here, just a couple of minutes from the arlington county line, in fairfax county. where officials say such tows are actually legal. rebecca makely, the director of fairfax county consumer services division. >> they know those judicious dictional lines and they know what codes they have to abide by and theydo differ county to county. >> reporter: the owner of advanced toeing ld me since he lready has a contract with the property his guys didn't need ty wait once th saw the van parked. >> about 30 to 40 seconds.
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>> reporter: but orlando argues just because it's legal doesn't mean it's fair. >> people were justtunned that they would actually do that tie de >> reporter: and he says this is a prime example. scott mcfarland, news 4 i-team. >> that's amazing. delivery drivers never stay in one place longer than 60 seconds or so. >> they don't. >> they knew what they were doing. they knew what they were doing. the apartment complex, by the way, where this towing took place did not return several requests for comment from the nes 4 team. >> if you think you've been illegally towed or have questions about'v the law w posted information on our nbc washington app. just click on investigations. a montgomery county police officer being called a hero after he raced into a burning hoe this morning and rscued a couple from inside. the fire brokendut arou 5:00 a.m. at a house near new hampshire avenue and randolph road in silver spring. sergeant scott brooks noticed a big funnel cloud of oke going into the sky as he was driving to work. he called in the fire and then followed that smoke to a fully
11:18 pm
engulfed house. brooks did not wait for help. he kicked down the door, went inside and rescued the wife, who screamed that her husband was still inside. so brooks went back in that smoke-filled house. >> i ended up getting down on the ground, and i could see his legs in the center of the room area. and at some point he fell to the floor and i went in and dragged him out. >> thankfully, there were no injuries. the cause of the fire rains under investigation. investigators tell us they believe it started on the rear porch where several batteries were being stored. tough time to be involved in firefighting. >> that's for sure. >> it's just getting woe, isn't it? >> it's stifling there this week, and it's dangeus heat that's in the forecast. t borrow we're going toe dealing with dangerous heat and we'll con nue to track dangerous heat at times right on through sunday. that's going to be your first ather headline. again, most of us are under a heat advisory tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. great time to download the nbc ashington app where you'll get
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those alerts pushed to your phone based on your location. and as you factor in the heat and humidity friday saturday, and sunday it's going to be feeling like 110 degrees during the afternoours out there. here's the latest check. this was causing quite a lightning display earlier as it developed just above the thompson beltway and moved into prince george's county. it continues to fiing out at this point. tomorrow it is all about the heat and humidity. we already start off the day near 80 degrees. lunchtime it's humid, it's hot, t1 degrees by noon. 4:00 p.m. we hi 96, which is our high temperature for the day. that feels more like 105 when you factor in the humidity. that's going to put muss in that dangerous heat area. we do have the chance for some thunderstorms tomorrow. during theevening hours. the day is going to be dry. but tomorrow night i can't rule out some isolatedrs thundetorms. emperatures around 90 degrees. here's the way beat the heat
11:20 pm
in the next few days if you dov ha to be outside. make sure you're drinking plenty of water. avoid long hour outdoors. especially during the afternoon hours. that is when it is thete hotst outside. if you must be eoutside, mak sure you're wearing light-colored and loose-fitting clothing. dark colors just absorb that li sunht and make you feel even hotter. and never leave kids or pets in cars even withwindows down. unacceptable.s it's just something that should ever.e happening and as we talk about pets out there, you want definitely keep your dog in minds you're going on walks these next few days. check the out. thair temperature and the asphalt temperature. an air tperature of 87 degrees means the asphalt is at something you can do is put the op of your hand down on the surface and question if you can't keep it there for seven seconds it is too hot to walk your dog there. looking at thece heat indi friday, saturday, and sunday. it's just brutal out there. so we'll definitely be under a heatdvisory on these days.
11:21 pm
we'll be in storm team 4 weather alert mode. we ma ube evener an excessive heat warning with it feeling like 110 degrees friday, saturday, and sunday. and if we h 0 degrees for our high temperature on saturday it will be the first time that reagan national has hit 100 since august of 2016. the hottest in almost three years. if you're heading to the pool the next three days you have the riht idea. make sure to hide railt and bring the sunscreen. 93 on thursday with some showers possible. threat pretty low at 30%. dry and hot on friday. 99 for a high. 100 on saturday 99 on sunday. with som thunderstorms possible. it is not feeling comfortable around here until next tuesda> >ot tonight and we ain't seen nothing yet. >> absolutely. which day do we do the try to boil the egg on the sidewalk thing? >> i would say that's friday. or over the weekend for sure. you can do that if the sidewalk temperature's 130. >> okay.
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we shall see. >> thanks, amelia. >> next up something that's pleasantly hot. the nats hottest team in baseball. they took their scorching form up 95is to v the frequently scorched orioles. highlights of the battle
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this is the xfinity sports desk. >> it's no secret the nationals ohave been the hest team in national baseball since the end of may. a trip to first ace atlanta is looming this weekend, but first trip up 95 to face the orioles, who just happen to be 37 games under .500. nats have dminated this series as of late winning 8 of 11 and week.t afford a slip-up this the orioles hosting the first two-game set, trying to cool off these nationals. top of the second nationals strike first. watch this. matt adams down the line in
11:26 pm
right. that lands on utah street, folks, and up onhe awning. you see that there. 1-0 nationals. bottom two, ories answer back. berther goes solo.p tied u 1. top of the sixth 2-1 nats. juan soto continues to be better at baseball than me. deep and gone to right ceer. -1 nationals. same frame, this is theorioles' 2019 season in a nutshell. brian dozier reached on a single then tes second to reach l oring position. very next pitch bck to the backstop. dozier coasts on into third. not on the very next, well, pitch armstrong is called for a balk. dozier comes in to score. ladies and gentlemen, your 2019 baltimore orioles. nationals cruise in the opener. 8-1 the final. >> comes back and stays to the baseball.
11:27 pm
once again anthony is anthony. scored some big runs for us and gets us going.ry and evedy seemed like their bats got better as the game wt along. >> an opportunity to score runs and just not getting ahead of the ball put in play when we need it. puts a lot of pressure on your pitching staff to put up zeros every time >> let's talk some hockey. there have been some changes to the capita this off-season. caps have lost burr koffski and brettne cony plus the hetirement of brooks orpik. but today tey brought back restricted fre agent jacob vrana. the 23-year-old drafted by thel cain 2014. big part of the caps' success last season. the forward with 24 goals, 23 assists, 47 points allcareer highs last year. also rankedth third on e team in goals. the prague, czech republic native becomes the 15th player in franchise history to record least 24 goals in a single season before the age of 24.
11:28 pm
we saw the big league clubs battle but their aa counterparts playing this evening as well.he it was orioles fit ohhie bay sox. michael bowman getting the strikeout to complete the no-no. fear not, orioles fan, the present is bleakt the future appears bright. >> all right, geo >> all right, geo rg
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this is so cool we want to take one more look at ay before we sood night. take a look at the 50th nniversary celebration of t apollo 11 launch wrapping up on the mall, the national air and spacemuseum is behind all this.s s a life-size projection
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from 30 rockefeller plaza here in new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." annow, here's your host, jimmy fallon


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