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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 17, 2019 2:07am-2:37am EDT

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knife. >> the flash flood catastrophe in the south. 20 inches of rain leaving towns under water. forcing children to be rescued care.ay now millions across the country facing the biggest heat wave of the summer. al roker will havet.he lates fighting alzheimer's disease. new research and what could be r major fac and some simple things you can do to prevent it. >> and 50 years after the apollo 11 launch, why we are all still moon struck. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. >> and good evening, everyone. we start with breaking news tonight. the house of representatives voted tonight to officially condemn president trump for his racist tweets. severalepublicans joining democrats in voting for the resolution. the vote forced members to take a public position on the president's demeaning call for a group of liberal congress women to go back and fix the places they came from. all of the women are of olor and most born in the u.s. but the vote unlikely to shame mr. trump who called on
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republicans to not show weakness. our hallie jackson has late details. >> reporter: drama as democrats tonight work to p the president's racist attack into the congressional record, voting to approve a resolution that,e, quot strongly condemns president donald trump's racist comments that have legitimatized and increased fear and hatred of new americans and people of color. >> join us in condemning the president's racist tweets. to do anything less would be a shocking rejection ofur o values and a shameful abdication of our oath of office. >> reporr: that comment triggering a rare and remarkable house floor fight. republicans successfully arguing the speaker broke the rules with a personal attack. >> i request the gentle woman's words are requested to be taken down. >> reporter: one democrat leaving disgust. >>no, because we want to just fight. i abandon the chair. >> reporter: the resolution symbolic, meant to put republicans under pressure to vote on the president's tweet
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sunday suggestingour freshmen ogressives go back to their home countries. all four lawmakers are women of color and u.s. citizens. only one was not born in the u.s. top republicans, mostly deflecting and defending president trump. >> this is about socialism versus freedom. >> the president is not a racist, and i think the tone of l of this is not good f the country. >> reporter: it's a mom at fuelingeady bitter partisan divisions from the capital to the white house where top aide kellyanne conway had this combative exchange with reporter andrew feinberg. >> to which countries was he referred? >> which ethnicity? >> why is that relevant to this -- ecause i'm asking you a question. >> reporter: the president for his part tweeting today, i don't ve a racist bone in my body. and again attacking the four women lawmakers. >> they can leave. they can stay. but they should love our country and they should work for the good of our country. >> reporter: the president has rarely shied away from explosive racial politics, dating back to
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his days plugging the birtherism conspiracy theory and while fanning those flames may have helped him in 2016, it wasn't all beneficial in the midterms and may not be effective come 2020. lester? >> all right, a hallie jackson the white house. thank you. there is breaking news tonight of a shake up at planned parenthood. the organization forcing out its president after less than a year on the job, and it comes amid a battle over new and more restrictive abortion laws across the country. nbc's kristen welker has late details for us. >> reporter: tonight withht abortion rig under fire, the president of planned parenthood, lena wen says she was forced out of her job today. wen tweeting, i just learned that the board ended my employment at a secret meeting. and in a letter to employees adding, the move comes amidst philosophical differences over the direction of the organization. the board has decidedo, quote, double down on abortion rights advocacy. planned parenthood thanked wen for her service. a source familiar with her departure tells nbc news, it was due to management style and lack
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of political savvy. wen was the first physician to lead the organization in decades. >> we will win because we are standing on the right side of history. >> reporter: just yesterdayhe trump administration began enforcing a rule barring federally funded family planning clinics from providing referrals foron aborti. that means planned parenthood stands to lose about $60 million a year. abortion rights advocates say that could limit rep ductive services available to low-income women. it also comes as several states have passed legislation to restrict access to abortion. for president trump opposing abortion rigs has long been a key priority and campaign promise. >> and we're proud defending the o sanctity life. >> reporter: planned parenthood changing its leadership at the top as it enters an uncertain new chapter. kristen welker, nbc news, washington. >> federal prosecutors said today they will not charge a new york city police officer in the death of eri garner. his death five years ago
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sparking protests across the country because of the way he wasn estrained. rolen has the details. >> he was killed on the stres. and this cop is still hired. >> reporter: the pain still raw for eric garner'sfamily. the video of his arrest for selling untaxed cigarettes five years ago and his plea heard 11 times. >> i can't breathe. i can't breathe. >> reporter: helping ignite a national debate about policing and sparking a movement. >> i can't breathe. >> reporter: today federal prosecutors said they will not charge officer daniel pantaleo on desk duty since the incident saying they cannot prove he willfully choked garner to death. >> an officer's mistake, fear, misperception, or even poor judgment does not constitute willful conduct underederal criminal civil rights law. >> reporter: officer pan tax leo said he relied on his police training to arrest garner and
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rner's resistance and poor health caused his death. in a statement today, the attorney sai the decision confirms the fact that officer pantaleo did not violate eric garner's civil rights. garner's family who settled a wrongful death claim with the city for nearly $6 million wants the officer not only prosecuted, but fired. >> this is an outrage, an insult to injury. you killed my son and you won't get away with it. >> reporter: the case is not entirelyer. as garner's family and officer pantaleo awaits the out come of a iernal police disciplinary hearing. a decision is expected next month. lester? >> all right, ron allen, thanks. in chicago tonight, music star r. kelly has been ordered to remain behind bars as he now faces over a dozen federal sex assault charges. ron mott is at the courthouse, and, ron, the judge ruled kelly is a danger to the community. >> reporter: hed,id ind lester. good evening to you. this was a major setback legally for r. kelly as that judge said he needs to remain in jail.
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he's a dangerpu to the ic. r. kelly could potentially be in jail all the way through not one, but two federal trials and that, of course, could take years. the 52-year-old singer appeared in court wearing an orange jump suit andas shackled at his ankles. he pleaded not guilty to 13 chareds surrounding the alleg sexual abuse of five minor girls. his attorneys say they are considering an appeal on the bond decision left undecided is when and where. kelly would be a rained on the new york charges which include racketeering, lester. >> all right, ron, thanks. he in new york, a woman says financier jeffrey epstein a boodsed her as a child spoke out toda m calling onore alleged victims to come forward. nbc's stephanie gosk has that story. to all the victims of jeffrey epstein, my name is courtney wild and i was sexually abused by jeffrey epstein as a child. >> reporter: courtney wild first accused jeffrey epstein of sexuallybusing her over a decade ago. now she's calling on others to tell their stories. >> you may try tovi ce yourself that this is a long
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time ago and you've moved on, y but are not alone and this was not your fault. >> reporter: epstein pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking charges in new york. in new mexico, at leastw three neccusers have come forward according to law enforcement sources. >>,his is a case at least in new mexico, that should have been investigated many decades ago,nd it was not and so we are playing catch up at this point. epstein owns a sprawling ranch and estate complete with airplane hangar and landing strip where the attorney gene tl says some abuse took place. >> this is a very large residence in a very isolated part of new >>mexico. eporter: in court documents in a separate civil case, a woman who works for epstein as a graduate student says in 1996, he flew her 15-year-old sister to the ranch and touched her inappropriately on the massage table. as new accusers come forward, state law enforcement are forwarding their cases to federal prosecutors in new york.
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epstein's next court appearance is thursday morning when a federal judge will decider whethe not he gets bail. if he doesn't get bail, lester, nd is convicted on these charges, he could be in prison for the rest of his life. >> all right, stephanie, thanks. let's turn now to the summer of extremes. triple digit heat on the way across the country. and in the south remains of hurricane barry still carving a path of destruction. severe flooding in partsf arkansas leaving homes and businesses and cars under water. but that next threat coming is that scorching heat. yes, it's july and it's supposed to be hot, but it's about to get dangerous. al roker joins us now. al, lay it out for us. >> lester, a lot of folks are going to be seeing themp hottes teatures of the summer. big dome of high pressure, a heat dome is pushing the jet stream way up to the north and so that combination of heat and humidity means 38 statesse wille ng heet indexes of over 100 degrees. 200 million of us or more will be feeling this dangerous heat. we're talking about triple digit
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heat right into saturday for oklahoma city, memphis, chicago, cincinnati, omaha, and movg to the east, new york city, philadelphia, chicago, cleveland, washiton and nashville. dangerous heat indexes, lester, right into the weekend. >> all right, al, thanks. an update tonight on the murder mystery in iuisiana. anli baton rouge say they arrested the m in the digt of community leader and civil rights activist sadie rober jo self. ron jermaine bell was a tenant in one of her rental homes and owed $1200 in rent according authorities. tonight bell has been charged with first degree murder. tonight a grieving husband andher whose family was killed in the crash of an ethiopian airliner is calling on boeing to scrap the 737-max and for its top executives to face criminal charges. and he's preparing to deliver a strong message to congress tomorrow as he tells our tom costello. >> reporter: four months since the 737-max crashed in ethiopia, killing everyone on board, paul
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says his pain remains un arable. his wife carol, his three children ryan, kelly and ruby, and his mother-in-law ann, all died. paul, a canadian, is now all alone. >> they tk my life away because without my family, i don't have a life. >> reporter: the ethiopian crash came months after anoth 737-max crashed in indosia. in all, 346 people killed. he blames boeing and the faa. he plans to tell congress the max should never fly again, and boeing execs should face criminal charges. though that's unlikely. >> for the sake of human life safety, the 737-max should be scrapped. >> reporr: meanwhile, the 737-max remains grounded worldwide. eing expects toubmit a package of software fixes in september, but under intense scrutiny, faa approval could take time. u.s. airlines that fly the max are taking it out of service
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until early novembert the earliest. but aviation experts believe it could take longer than tha it's going to go out to the end of the year at least, in my view, because the eyes of the world are looking at the ungrounding of this airplane, and there's still a long way to go. >> reporter: again tonight, boeing says it regrets the loss of life and is seeplyry for the impact to the families and loved ones. >> and tom joins us now. tom, there is new of another plane crash you are reporting on that happened a couple weeks ago in texas. what can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah, this was an addison texas just north of dallas on june 30. u may recall this plane had ten people on board. it was taking off and suddenly it seemed to rollover and go right into a hangar. newly released videoeems to show the plane pitching violently over to the left, and then almost a cork screw right into that hangar. w, we know that the crew had discussed possible engine trouble on the left side investigators are looking at whether it lost an engine. and if it did, it would have
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done exactly that, banking over hardo the left,oing straight into a hangar. everybody on board was killed,n te people, eight members of three families, and the pilot and copilot on their wayo st. petersburg. lester? >> terrifying video to watch. all right, tom, thanks. we turn to health news now. a new development to the fight against alzheimer's disease. doctors are now focusing on inflammation as a possible factor and they say tsore are simple things that people can do to reduce their risk. dr. john torres tells us more. >> who is that? >> reporter: connor o'briens like so many americans, struggling to take care of a father w alzheimer's. >> growing up he was the life of the party, you ow, class clown. and now i just look at him. he's my hero, and just cry. >> reporter: after so many drug failures, now scientists have a promising new target, inflammation. >> so this is what a healthy brn should look like. but when there is inflammation and disease, the nerve cells are wiped o, decimated, just threads of them left. >> reporter: dr. rudy tansy at
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massachusetts general hospital discovered inflammation kills millions of nerve cells, shutting down the area responsible for thinkingnd amory. and he says therere things you can do now to fight inflammation. >> so these life-style interventions, how do those help your brain prevent's alzheimer? >> each one does something different. sleep clears out the brain. exercise grows new nerve cells in the brain. diet helps your bacteria in your gut to help your brain. suggestter: new studies life-style changes can reduce the risk of alzheimer's by up to 60%. dr. tansy says you can protect yourself with the shield. sleep, handle stress, interact with friends, exercise daily, learn new things, and eat a healthy diet. >> i want to sta healthy. i hope i'm never in my dad's shoes. >> reporter: simple steps we can all take to fight inflammation, th possible culprit behind this devastating disease. dr. john tors, nbc news, boston. >> we've goto lot more t talk about tonight.
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from california tonight, we are learning new details about a owing survivor's story. a woman found after four days alone in the wilderness. here's miguel almaguer >> reporter: tonight cheryl powell is back in the arms of family, out of thsp hoal, sharing her story of survival. >> the guy comes from behind, you know, from behind a tree, whatever, and, you know, grabs hold of me and really scary and threatened with h ife. >> reporter: powell says while at this remote camp site with her husband, she walke away to use the bathroom with her dog when a man, hiding in the trees, suddenly surprised her, threatening to harm her. >> the first thing that's going to happen here is i'm going to oe this knife your dog. and then if you don't let me
2:25 am
have your way -- my way with you, i'll use it on you. >> reporter: fearing for her life, powell says she and her dog were able to escape into central california's white untains. her husband says he suspected foul play all along. >> i want this guy tbe ught. this monster has to be caught. nothing at this point is more important than catching this guy. >> reporter: for three nights and four days, search teams scoured the mountains finally coming across powell's dog and then her. the powless met with investigators today. authorities will only say, ours office i actively investigating the circumstances surrounding her disappearance. we have no further information. >> luckily i'm here and all the great help and support from everybody made it happen. > reporter: tonight, t powells are headed home wit an unforgettable story. miguel almaguer, nbc news. >> a short break, then the moon up atclose. we still don't know 50 years after apollo 11.
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apollo 11 blasted off for the moon on a mission that changed history. as joe fryer reports, we are still fascinated. > reporter: at the griffith observatory in los angeles -- >> can he see it? >> yeah. >> ah! >> reporter: you could say the telescopes are match makers. >> i see the moon. >> reporter: linking curious humans with thatt briite orb 238,000 miles away. do you ever get sick of the view up here? >> neve it's so beautiful. you see the entire los angeles basin and, of course, the beautiful moon. >> reporter: dr. lawyer danley is curator here at griffith home of the massive telescope. >> you can see surfaces of other worlds and that's incredible. reporter: this week the observatory isra cng the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. what was youreneeling in tht? >> ecstasy. i don't think there's any oth t wayo describe it. i was crying, and i was only 11. >> reporter: since then, we've
2:30 am
learned a lot about the moon. one of the most important things she says is that it's really old. >> before apollo, we didn't know whether it was a recent thing or an ancient thing. and, in fact, it was formed in a huge impact right after the earth was formed. >> reporter: but there's still so much more to learn, like are there resources t help us stay alive there. a dream that hasn't vanished. >> in 50 years, my grand kids are going to be laving there. hter ] >> reporter: even after all thim time, then still has a way of wowing us. long distance relationshi that endures. joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. >> when we come back, chicago's genewest star finally emer fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... th drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too h with eedback to help you. giving you the power to actually lower your cost.
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finally tonight, an update on that out of town guestbe who me the talk of the town captivching icago. here's kevin tibbles. >> reporter: the paparazzi out in force for a glimpse of chicago' elusive celeb. >> we have some amazing news for the city of chicago. >> reporter: chance the snapper, all five green feet of him, w nabbed overnight after a week on the lamb. today wearing a red bow tie, introduced to his adoring public. >> it is a beautiful, beautiful alligator. >> reporter: when he was first spotted in a park, local volunteer alligator bob offered to track him down. then specialist frank rob was imported from gator central, florida, where gators belong. >> everybody's got different ng blessis. this is my blessing. >> reporter: in the ad of night, suddenly he appeared, and was snagged with a fishing rod, unharmed. >> he should run for office he p. i think herobably win.or >> repter: chicago's resident reptile now awaiting a new home
2:35 am
in a zoo or sanctuary. and his claw print on the walk of fame. kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. >> we'red gla'll be safe in those winter months. today on se mand mandel. everyone wants to spice up thei. love lif >> from fining more time. to finding the right man. there has to be something in i for me. steve: no sleep with the nonkeep. to should have value yourself. >> put your hands together for host steve harvey.
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steve: i appreciate that. y'all. thank you very much. appreciate it. how y'all doing today? it me for just a pheuminute, men. wantlk to you about chivalry. sheuf chivalry. i want to talk about going the your lady to make feel special. a game. really is civil sheufchivalry never should have died. t to tell the generation under me you are supposed to woman.he car door for a to do really suppose that. you are supposed to do that. is just zy and it making her feel special.
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thein't like she can't open yes, she c open the door. her, whatu open it for would youet in return for that? here is how it is. tell you something. i better not forget to open the door for marjorie. it is going to be a problem. restaurantt out of a sometimes and ge to laughing girl, yoso crazy i go over key and she will be she ing on the other side, will be st tding thereurning into a mannequin. i will be putting the key in the ha, ha, ha.k up and b ease arouk of the car and go over there and on


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