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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 17, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> begin this half hour with degrees outside. alread on a wednesday morning. things only going to warm up from here, folks. 4:30 your time now. i'm gilchrist. summer in washington. reat advisories are in effect this we' in weather meliss mollet is staing by humidi chuck bell whois checking in. asl dangerouy high heat index. up over 100 with a combination
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it prevents your body from your body cannot effectively the heat advisory for o allthe late morning, afternoon, early philad baltimore and qualit temper some 2 to 5de ees warmer than yesterday. in the upper 70s to near 80 degree plan on 96 for a high coming up, future weather to aaron? >> chuck, thank you. let's turn to news 4's jummy. adviso plan. that means cooling stations will
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public pools, splash parks in y have several days for that. coolin stations will be up and alon and in homeless shelter you can call 311. you can stay cool by drinking outsid eun, thank you. on your commute with melissa mollet westbo66fter the fairfax still los like we have just parkwa it is moving just fine. capita heights northbound, kennel lane and ramp still blocked by that accident.
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burt e,tonsvill that crash inner loop/outer loop no major 270 southbound nice and en. eun? >> ea pastor is charged with congre messen god in silver spring servic are held inside his home. detect tell us that joseph the victim and her fily were suspec arlington. office say johannes juravis he made inappropriate comments invest boklieve he t
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r&b singer r. kelly has been deniedbond. he will remain in jail. those charges include prosec saying he had sex rg prosec aued that kelly minors judges are still trying to work he faces charges in both chicago and new york. protests against immigratioo agents ntinued in the distri entran to i.c.e.'s washin >> your door. >> the group is calling on includ deporting people.
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it was begun by a group of ut studen fure clergy to say here's a look athe other top a montgomery county art accuse sexually abusing two childr gene say works at the art gaithe sargea scott brooks kicked his way to aome saving a man and oman inside. nobody hurt and it's
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makiya wilson held a peace she wa killed a year ago. shead been caught in the cross fireof nearby shooting. ns john stepheied last he served on the supreme crt the white house said stevens had a passion for the law and among them,the u.s. interior depart whic wants to washin they'v asked the u.s. city. they'r calling for the usda to
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sssign repres wrote thi crews completed some this is part of a pattern to the project is expected to you wo think there would be move the traffic light? warning? >> i was going to say. maybe that tried th we're breaking down the most
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ah volcano w "today" returns. today at news 4 at 4:00 we ve blood stay up late and new research on sleep could have
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deputy home.rd they hea a boom. he chased the teens through the
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neighb it may be hot in our area, which explain why these the grills in a sushi shop. safe place to lay their eggs.e they will b relocated to >>makes sense. >> they're not dummies. too. and they can't fly. knowle hbo's "game of thrones" rned a record32 nominations. we're the last two people on
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episod among the 32 emmy nominations kit hairing t are leading catego there two nbc shows, "this series "the good place" -- >> the star of that, ted dan son, received a nod for lead after that, sante black from the limite series "when they see us." >> that series received a nomina it's t to check with chuck >> yes, indeed. a lot of times in the wintertime
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i the trend isour friend that's this time of year. the trend i not our friend. we'll be way up into the 90s and perhap even into the 100 degreee ranor saturday and sunday. if you're thinking about beating the by going to the ocean,
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today will be a hot one. feels like temperature in the this heat wavemay last for a
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we're in weather alert mode. chuck will join us with the foreca >> those words and a bang presidtrump's weekend tweets in which heuggested some his comments legitimized and americ people of color. the resolution was passed mainly with just democratic votes. only four republicans and one tonigh he heads into north news 4's tracie pott joins us tracie how will the move of the censur play out o the trail? c >> itould energize th. he said on twitter afterwards presid going down south
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tonigh with this new label racist thisno did come withou a fight. othersd house speaker presid the rules do not allow personal ttack and by using that word the resolution still went throug it wouldn't necessarily stop him from saying their word that thank white advisor kellyanne questi she asked a reporter. news 4's jummy joins us to explai >> repeun, kellyanne
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outd the white house. when a journalist asked her respon >> is that relevant? >> bec i'm asking you a questi origin you said originally from. >> that's it right there. that w quickly shared, as you conway to take to twitter to noarif question. she meant disrespect. she asked that question so she now during that same appearance suppor for the president. she als said the four congress very, quote, dark element of the
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countr they will vote to on a ctempt vote. a federal judge has ruled invest he been placed under gag u he contin to speak online. the judge decided against his behavior as middle school. yester the officer involved arner died five years ago
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today. office approached him for the law. pizza shop. this happened sunday morning courtn kimberly police officers arrived and you. those firefighter are on paid leave. 4:50i your tme now. here's something youdon't often see. a volcano erupting in central >> wow.
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wefr one who livesn the arkans a massive rainstorm hit the result in major flooding. you see that truck? almost completely covered. 20 inches of rain fell in some spots. flood water rose quickly homes. even a local jail had to be evacua we have not heard any reports danger high temperature if you had omething todo
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it dne as soon as you can. sun will be up bef ae 6:00m. if you can get itre done be 9:00 or 10:00, that would be the best advice i can give you. you need to limitour time he advisory in effect. all the way down towards the maryla rhat to expect? the advisois from 11 in the evenin that's the window of time that 100. during peak of the afternoon heat index near 105 and on top as well. those with heang and lu issues need to take their time and possib 4:52 a.m. temperatures mid70s to near 80 degrees. 96 the forecast high today.
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dangerat and strong thunde here's your heat indexes around 3:00 in the afternoon, hovering 5:00,10 tomorr afternoon, heat indexes back up close to 100 degrees. tomorr will be the coolest day of the next five. check this by fray afternoon heat indexesck ba up into the lowd, hundre hot. the extra humidity will leave of course, any severe not everyone is going to get them, hit andde miss thunrstor most likely time around this evening.rr tomo bit of a as you get to friday, saturday, sunday high pressure sitting
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almost no chance for rain. afteer tempure will stormy on monday and tuesday, of all things, heather. triple digits,o cer weather near 66, all lanes blocked. we have a vehicle fire there of the there's no access to after the fairfax county parkwa not sure what we're reopen it like we've switched the camera over to fairfax county parkwa right lane and ramp shut down we'll make calls on that one and see when it might reopen. burton accident there. >>me ssa.
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thank you. a few things are as american as it is juli ke this every day. it has offices here in d.c. to celebrate 7-eleven is each there you can buy and i wouldn't want to stand over it d grill it and make it but i >> she uses it to treat her foot pain. she brought the oil toahe p
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it has a trace amoun of thc, under florida's law oils can it. >> i didn't do anything wrong.w i t into a store andought now i'm losing my job. don't comment on personnel matter >> i think a lot of people don'a rliz the laws are changing. you can do t cbd. a lot of places are allowing you to have your own marriage
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4:57. the one thing 1/3 of teenagers themse wardro sack. a new trend could change that. that. frightening momentsof a
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we are working for you. what y to know as arrive town. we look back at the life of a stando on the supreme court. cell p cameras were rolling maryla i'm aaron gilchrist. we are working for you on this meliss mollet is standing by


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