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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 17, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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we are working for you. what y to know as arrive town. we look back at the life of a stando on the supreme court. cell p cameras were rolling maryla i'm aaron gilchrist. we are working for you on this meliss mollet is standing by
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>> there is it is. the low c temperature eese sun is no up for another five this next hour will be the get o and enjoy it as much as skiesre kind of hazy outside. not a lot of clouds just yet. we are in weather alert mode. heat index values will be above0 degrees. tropic levels of humidity as a r we also are weather the heat advisory includes all bad air quality.
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mid to upper70s. the commute for today, we'll show youur fute weather misera meliss >> can sound so fun. taka look. we have an update on the northbto ramp eastbound 50, that right lane ramp bloe early morning crash took down an overhesign. the repairs could take four more hou. we'll keep an eye on it and let up. burton still have that accide centre near 66, all lanes you have no t access the hov ramp. innernd loop a outer lok just fine. >> thank you.
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as chuck mentioned, heat today. news 4's justin finch has what 81 degrees here and it's already humid out here. we have re heat to come our at times it will feel even hotter nre days are o tap of more of a lot of us look forward to it. some tips, make sur you are toac. if you are going to be outside, that's best option. take breaks, too.
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make sure you are using cooling center as come out here live, if you don't know where a cooling they can give you a place to perhap even longer. new this morning, a reminder how dangerous an extreme heat a virginia family is mourng in a car. someon called 191 around 2:00 saw a child alone in a car. the 10-montold girl was hospit sh baby's death.
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remain in jail on sex crime chge two little boys at the gaithe old. the boy told police say talked about and showed them inappr videos at the right now pasay is being held if you believe your child was victim call the montgomery divisi he became the first chairman of rules. he wen as mayor in 1981 anderved as hud secret he was 95 years old. and e of the nation's
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jummy more on his career and the tributes to the late justic good morning. you. one of those tributes coming in overni they said his work over nearly presid fordstppointed evens to the high court back in 1975 of the court's most liberal voices he supported limits on police he retired in 2010 when he was 90 years old. he stayed outspoken.
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think twice about writing an opinio writing a dissent and he died of complications he was 99 yearsold. memoriplans, by the way, have not yet beenas rele. aaron and un, back you. that starts at 7:00 after "news after hours of political drama >> the resolution is adopted. >> i want to show you the presid tweet again and fix theta toly broken and they came. four of them said the attacks
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this resolution carries no legal reperc for the presint. hearin for the man accused of pr tsec asked accord associated press, taxecords will show he he is expected to be tried in charge a meeting was already held princecounty. neighb are pushing back. it's starting at 6:30 at lake
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marlbo i brought you frst on 4. rockvi police say someone police say the first incident the latest happened sometime tenant received an area to work in areas away from the damaged window so far no word on any arrests in either incidt. mornin breaking news. we now know a montgomeryounty hero f racing into a burning he saw aloud of smoke as he he called in the fire and he kicked down the door and then
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went back and i could see his floor and i went in and dragged they'r calling him a hero. he wen in there and saved tse people amazin work. they had anf image oe saturn rocket meghan mcgrath is live on the meg, good morning. >> rep well, good morning, guys. starti tonight and tomorrow nu
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big show is going to happen on a w.previe take a look at this video that theyce played exts for us. this isn amazing show. a projection of a number of monume rather. the show is called apollo 50 go there' a 17-minute fi that this will be the full scale all 363 feet of it on the anume justolutely spctacular. archiv footage will air on the the si shape of the saturn five rocket made the washington
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>> got 24 projector down there, pretty bright projectors. tucked away at the base of the monume it's a lot of manual process with t details of the monume nd saturday down here the mall. the airings will take place at 9:30, 10:30 and 11:30. down here at the national mall again, today if you happen to be in the area you'll see tonight rock static projection but specta reallycool, guys. we got the preview this morning, it was. amazing back to you. it's that simple. >> ye, to look at it.
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next on "news 4 today," 1/3 of justin finch checks out a hot fici we had a 10-month-old baby girl car. our high temperature near 120 degree no tim safe amount of
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today" reminding parents, never take a look at the video. a mother wasth wier kids in she turned her back and the the inflatadule ck. to save the boy.e no ting where that could have ended up. you have to keep an eye on it, a small plane splash landed in the pilot was planning to land he managed to glide the plane he was the only person on board
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very lucky. >> yeah. new this morning, we are preven loss. jummy is here with the numbers >> rep report was cdc's national center for healt statis and it shows more the cdc says almost 1/2 are the are taking healthy weight exerci drinking a lot of water, eting less, eating less the acdc nearly 1/4 of teens are obese and though it's not a
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we know that can also affect the way they see themselvs. someth keep in mind. thank you. let's turn to chuck bell. there a little breeze coming >> completely useless. i saw the flag and i thought, how's that? >> matter. >> there is a little relief in region temper will soar. so of 90 or higher. saturd will be the 10th, our
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the super high humidity levels tomorr high enough to leave the rain chance lightn a burst of heavy rain and damaging winds. even the up sides of thing heat advisory in place. ixntde quality today as well. temperatures mostl 70s across the region. aftern highs in the mid 90s. 50% chance of thunderstorms that's welcome news. heat indexes up around 100 to 102 or 3 today. tomorr won't be quite as hot from all of this moisture out here. that w barry a few days ago. you can see he on future
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after 3:00 our most likely time tomorr more of the same. high pressure builds in and saturd sunday around 100 degree ten day forecast offers cooling anythi cooler than this sounds good to me. capito heightsbo northnd on an overhead sign came down they had to fix it. we're talking about a four-hour centre one lane blocked there southb shut down. lanes ocked because o a
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the beltway overall no sues. aaron? next on "news 4 today," fashio trend. it's work wear that acts like workou ge r. for you? we'll explain what that's all about. aftern don't miss ellen. her show airs at 3:00. stick ound withar
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>> 5:24 is yur time rightnow. when it is hot, it is going to the last thing you want to do is r around d.c.n a work suit what about a suit that sort workou gear does. news 4's justin finch shows us about. resear that could help answer e chemis ted up
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that led to a smart fiber temper >> if you feel hot, you actually sweat a little bit but not the you can get increased humidity. for warmth. soon this m marylande fabric it's where lululemon is accele their office tvel commute line and items like these are really they blend the fabric and the say, biking to work to the airpor maybe even a business our news 4 interns gave it a go. pants? >> i feel great. very stretchy, easy to move.
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can move around in them. they'r breathable, to >> rep marks overall innova and another for justin finch, news 4. two d.c. first responders on kellya conway's forecast on a wednes beauti little iggy here. always has a big small own her face. find out how to adopt iggie or walk them early and get it done
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hot pavement, high heat, high
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>> 5:30 right now. we begin this half hour with a a pretty picture there with the too. al ast 79 degreeseady things will only warm up from here, folks. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. heat advisories are in effect meliss mollet is standing by humidi meteor chuck bell. reason number e, the humidi proble two, air quality
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stagna in play. high heat. high humidity. air quality, not a pleasant day next couple of days will be the possib storms and the temper starting to climb temper are currently in quanti above 80 degree or higher for most of the region want to limit your outdoor activi we'll be s trackingong storms repeat performance tomorrow. meliss good morning. centre strangefello road,
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inner loop and outer loop, a proble with the right lane d a sign came down. closed for the next couple of hours. taking look overall at the betwla 270. >> 5:22. the temrature are goingo safe. our team coverage continues from dupont circle in northwest. justin good morning to you. aaron. so far seeing temperature fall lookin at 80 degrees over my should it is tolerable. we know it ll get hotter and a lot of us are looking for ways here some suggestion. if you are in the d.c. area,
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they include swimming pools, want to ge you more places a park thatas the water if you are here in d.c., the don't forget, if you are going period take breaks, drink water. use spf, very hot summer day.
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thank you. it's 5:33. an area pastor is charged with congre they say he allegedly assaulted the victim anher the vi was 11 years old at they'r for any other them. r&b singer r. kelly has been deniedbond. he remain in jail following his arrest on another round of the charges include obstruction prosec say he had sex wi wasec argue that kel a flight risk and a threat to minors judges are trying to figure that
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out. two d.c. firefighters are firefi courtney barnes and kimber gorham were off duty police officers arrivednd one said to the officers, quote, i hope you take a bullet to the head. the time is 5:3 top stories we're following this mornin a montgomery county art accuse of sexually abusing two childr gene pasay worked at the ren nis sans art center in gaithersburg they'r asking the parents of
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scott brooks kicked the door in inside makiya wilson held a peace rally. ice cr truck a year ago. she wa in the cross fire of nearby gang violence. so eigve people ha been death. l steven diedst night at 99 erved on the supreme court the thirdlongest stretchn u.s. history. the white house snsid steve had a passion for the law. 5:36 now. new morning, just released countr opioid crisis.
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u.s., but in just seven years 76 billio opioids are distributed good morning. shocki information comes from these documents say that in 20068. billion opioids were more than 50%. over that same time 100,000 if this information it, we re expecting to see one of octobe the results ofha back over to you.
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still ahead, the primetime emmy >> we are breaking down the most
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zealan they w in a sushi shop. they w trying to find a warm, dry place to lay their eggs. they will be relocated by i hope they're okay and can find a great home. t have not held a baby panda. 5:40. emmy nominations are out and
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hbo's "game of thrones" earned a record setting32 nominations. series stars amelia clark and aing nominations. other emmy notable nonations outsta drama series. "the good place," ted dan son, >> at that, a local actor 5:41. all chuck bell. how hot is it going to be? heat indexes over 100.
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best way to beat the heat, drink plenty of water. avoid alcohol and caffeine. mornin cup of coffee doesn't dou yofavors. avoid lont hours ouside. if you have to work outside, i have shade drinks. extra water. light colored clothing and never, ever leave kids and repres this after he suggested several from. he's not losing support in his newsbe will right back. we continue our week long series on preventing summer brai drain. we all know kids love to stay up late and sleep in late during wouldn like to do the same
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thing? new research on sleep could have new research on sleep could have critic component. not all water is created equalo
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only 1 billionth1% is filtered naturally. and emerges crisp and refreshing enough to be called deer park 100% naturspring. is filtered naturally. born better®
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at 5:45, would you look at that uty goodness gracious. it's stunning b it's hot, too. heat advisories are in effect will b a hot one. temper in the triple digits we are in weather alert mode.
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storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell will be back with a full foreca >> with those words and the bang of a gavel, the house of presidtrump's weekend tweets in which he suggested some resolu his comments, quote, legitimized and increased fear and hatred of new americans and people of color. that resolution was passed votes. ly four republicans and one though it was great that the tonigh he heads to north news4's trie pott joins us tracie do you think this campai tra? >> rep it's interesting, eun. going down to a friendly cro caroli while the president has been
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energi some of his supporters also, right after that vote had been trying to do so for a while. now lawmakers can either deal kellya conways catching report jummy has the story. outsid the white house yester that's surprise. when ask journalist a her
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take a listen to what she was >> what's your ethnicity? >> is that relevant? >> no, no, because i'm asking my ancestors are from ireland origin you said originallyfrom. right there went viral very quickl conway had to take to twitter clarif question. she sa meant no disrespect that she could answer the report question. whe meeting with those report she said the four quote, dark element of the countr eun, back over to you. thank u. meanwhile, the chairman of conway contempt of congress
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hearin she's been accused of violating a subpoena. that contempt vote is scheduled invest online they scolded him as middle all long our area is last night it was projected onto news 4's meghan mgrath is live meghan good morning. >> repwell, good morning.
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yeah, we got a t sneak pees mornin specta middle the washington monument. tonigh tomorrow night a 5 rocket will be projected on it. take look at the video, its it's calledapollo 0, go for this celebrates the 50th landin all 363 feet of the rocket, that image and other images will be >> something about the immaej of
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seeing people walk on the moon we won't to recapture some of >> rep now the big show, again, friday and saturday night. and 11:30. we're here at the national i th free and open to the public they are going to have that monume very, very cool there. a lot of logistics. 24 ceras had to be lined up so it would all come together on megan mcgrath for us on the wall. thank weathe alert. >> dangerous levels of heat,
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aftern right now the sunrise is just temper in the upper s.70 if you had a morning run, jog, 73 in leaseberg. your forecast high today, 96 degree danger heat. danger humidity. again, a likelihod of heat index 100 in gaithersbur 101 in manassas and in southern maryla danger high. the heat advisory with all of out onto the eastern shore.
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offici it goes from 11. code orange air quality. poor quality. tomorr a little bitore humid but no as who th 96 today. 94 tomorrow. all of the latest information is availa on the nbc wshington app. my social dia pages. all of this moisture, that was it will lead for an opportunity. 2:00, 3:00, cooing unfort may not a riff today and tomorrow thunderstor
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heat index nearing 105. that for friday, saturday there signs that next week >> good morning. vehiclfire. should there. enjoy th live pictures from above. capito heights, the ramp to ramp blocked by an earlier crash. brough sign down. third, outhbound. have a blocked in the strang fellow road near 66, no access to thehov ramp. good morning, i'm frank hollan here are your tomorrow kooib series
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i apologize. our top kcountry. samsun website had a line for it was told about the breachn june. it's unknown how many customers with your cnbc morning business report i'm frank holland. back to you. that i the mission of first tee of greater washington, d.c. news 4's molette green is park. molett good morning. >> rep good mornio t you. i'm early with these golfers, y theseung golfers who are on we have the lol ly pop and
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region we'll be backin the 6:00 hour then. 6:56 now. next en route for today. 1/3 of all teenagers said they tried change this about hemse workin to change that. find out if workout wear is for you. a maryland mother is teaching we're the slowskys.
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just about 6:00 a.m. now. good morning, everybody. om aaron gilchrist. working for you mornin storm team 4 weather alert day. meliss mollet standing by with traffi >> dangerous levels of heat, humidi air quality and strong thunderstor chance later on in the afternoon.
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there' the disk of the sun it is alrea quite steamy outsid outsid this next hou or ho it is going to be dangerously storm team 4 weather alert for heat indexes today, over 100 degree and possibility of some hours. it's bad news all the way around 79 in washington. still 81 in quantico. 71 in martinsburg, west gi vir garden forecast, yard work, mornin it will be a sweat box of an aftern garden for the day, inch or two of mulch out on the


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