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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 17, 2019 6:00am-6:58am EDT

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there' the disk of the sun it is alrea quite steamy outsid outsid this next hou or ho it is going to be dangerously storm team 4 weather alert for heat indexes today, over 100 degree and possibility of some hours. it's bad news all the way around 79 in washington. still 81 in quantico. 71 in martinsburg, west gi vir garden forecast, yard work, mornin it will be a sweat box of an aftern garden for the day, inch or two of mulch out on the
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garden easy to keep in place. meliss mollet, what's going on. a truck fire. may been due to eaoverhd ter loop flowing fine. inner loop, same situation. capita heights, northbound n ken eastbound 60 still crash. southb 29, that accident is southb third reet tunnel road, popped up. and spring fellow road near 56. today. >> news 4's justin finch is
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justin >> repaaron, eun, that's right. you. a true summer morning. weotkno the lull is noing to last. it's only going to get warmer. a lot of us will look for a that heat advisory is in ple we know it's going to get hotter and feel even hotter than the s it'e kind of weather that if healthit can take a toll on your walk you through thi and keep rises, make sure you check on make sure they have access to while outside, takebreaks, 15, get away from the mix and get
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down. use cooling centers, too. rec centers, community centers. live here in d.c. we can tell up uools will be open nm 9:00 back inside to yo today. justin finch live in dupont circle new morning, a reminder how danger extreme heat can be. a virginia family is mourning police in richmond say someone aftern they saw the 10-mon girl was rescued an adu the baby in the no charges are filed but police
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also new this morning a with assaulting young right now pasay is being held invest askinga one pasay to call the montgomery i divis sterli tucker served as he also ran the washington he was 95ars old.
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>> justin paul stevens left the leadin liberals. jummy has more on his career and tributes to the la the president praised his in part, his work of nearly 25 legal framework of o nation to come. his passion will soon be missed. he supported limits on police power, favored free speech but school old.ears he stayed outspoken. >> if he saw a case differ
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think twice aboutti wri an opinio writing a dissent and he was 99 years ol aaron and un, back over to after hours of political drama ettack on four minority the rlution is adopted. presid tweet, referring to the resolution specificall
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have, quote, legitimizedear this resolution carries no legal prosec have ordered the accord to the associated press, prosecutors say he was of residents in maryland will a mting was held monday. the company wants to put a 4 prince george's county but o
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someon shts into an the shots shattered at least one window and damaged another at the first incidentn happened o the latest incident happened nt te received an email f so no word on any arrest in mornin breaking news. -- sar scott brooks saw a he called in the fire and kicked down the or, rescued a woman
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husban invest believe the fire museum that starts at 5 will be shown in im theate live music performanceness and pretty incredible sight on the the air and space museum is
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choppe 4 flew by forf day one o that sport. 9:30 is the first pro jerktion the national monument, lincoln. next o 1/3 of teenagers asked said they tried to lose weight. what a new study says they're clothe friend this not one of those times. temper climbing near 100 sunday with heat indexes on top comple check of the forecast weathe let's go to molette who's
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eate shington. not just golf but life skills much more coming up next on
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welcome back. 6:13. take a look at this video. a small plane salash lnded just a few feet away from families in ocean maryland. you can see the single engine he wasto planning land in the he managed to glide the plane he was the only person on board
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that i veryuc lky. all know about the urgent need to donate blood but yu may that's different thing. a maryland mother's son needs it to stay alive. jana only wanted to be he has an immune defish secdefi. his only treatment is have and don't understand the trontm bloodion is very different than plasma donation. certif plasma collection center you can do that twicein a seven day period. number
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>> rep morning to you. this report was released overni from the cdc's it statis shows 1/3 of teenagers 16 to all of this data collected the cdc s s halfthe teens 1/3 boys. the cdc tellss uthe third a majority are hispanic. the teens are actually taking exerci drinking more water, that's encouraging. the cdc say 1/4 of teens are obese. 15-yea spends 7 1/2 hours more time on the screens and influe
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6:16 right now. not yourtypical summer camp. first tee of greater washington d.c. mixing golfing and life lesson detail good morning. i have a whole govers i'm watching a gamef lollipop puttin clarks he's going to be a profes golfer. why like playing golf? what does it do for you? >> it makes you stronger. we've got a budding professiona here. that'sthat. then we have tick tack toe life lessons, life skills here. i'm going toin bring clint
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sanche the executives. you are representin people all watchi it all go down. 20 to the day. july 16th -- yesterday, july life skills program. tod i'm here to tell you we're heing to have 1700 kids. enroll for tfall. let's about some of the list a few of them. one of them we heard today is kf confid perseverance mornin judgmeintegrity. things they can take through
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maybe they'll teach me some sk bls i terribl they're good. they'v been doing it for years. we're live at the university of back to you. all ri thank you. 6:18. weathe alert day. if you're going to do anything sweat, it done early this mornin that first round of golf is the game today. alread hazy sunshine coming up u official overnight low will that's steamy stuff for sure. even suburbs staying well above 70. freder gaithersburg 76 at dulles airport. freder 76. upper marlboro.
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planne then, look at the quick low mid 90s as early as luncht hoveri mid 90s. there a likelihood of strong o that's ab our only chance to in addition to high heat and qualit best to limit your outdoor it's there on my social media pa es. as if this swings through our it is going to generate thunde wet, but with all t
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2:00, 3:00, baltimore, winch martinsburg, that there another increasing chance after 7:00, 8:00. those should make it good. 8 and 10:00 and settle down overni 93 tomorrow with another once we get rid of the storm sunday heat, haze, humidity these wouldot be a record we have a chance of setting up around 100 degrees. more about tt in thenext half hour. >> thank you, thank you. right now chopper 4 over the here, blocking some lanes. seems like it is now there outer limit. capita heights,orthbound
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ight lane and ramp still blocke kennel worth, we also have near 50. northb a brand-new accident in some of the innloop, outer loop of the beltwa no issues. 95 north looking okay now. 270 southbnd, no problem. top of the beltway, 34 miles peu hor. wtop, 103 f.m.hen you hop "news combining work aftern don't miss ellen.
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we are back at 6:24. just newsroom. amazon says this year's prime in a press release amazon says 175 million items during all of those items range from devices y
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prime d is also the biggest ala. everyo shopping. back over to you. i did buy something. when it's as hot as it's you're now. t what ab a suit that wicks news 4's justin finch shows us about. electr bonded >> rep pinch between resear could help answer fashio bigges question. teemed u with the textile answer that led to this martber
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mper sweat a little bit, it gets like humid. and soon this maryland made athlet innovating. you ma already know their yoga appare but their office travel commut and items like they blend the fabric and the airpor maybe even a business our news 4 interns gave it a go. how are you feeling in those pants? >> i feel great. they'r very stretchy. easy move. i can move around in them.e
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thy'r breathable questi could we work better wardro innova and another for justin finch, news 4. good morning, everybody. dog walking forecast time to iggy here available at the she smiling all time. she'd be happy to bring a smile go to humane dog walking weather, good. get those miles walked this mornin bliste hot pavement and any in sight?
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>> at 6:30. a live look outside. believ me,folks, it is there. 79 degrees outside our studios n thigs are only going to warm up big time from here. that's your warning. good morning, everybody.
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i'm aaron gilchrist. heat advisories in effect for mornin we are in weather alert mode. meliss mollet is standing b news4's jummy is here with how rise. chuck, do you see? >>azy skies overhead this mornin quite a number of n we're itorm team 4 weather danger high heat indexes today. that means you need to limit poor air quality as well and on the trifecta from mother nature. never below 80 degrees last nig. goes from 11:00 in the morning
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your commute today, air we'll in the low 90s by noon. aftern highs will be in the car washing forecast today, one watchout, a couple of that i a good way to beat the heat.o also have mre on cooling now, let's go over to traffic. s know ahuck said, this is danger how'sd.c. trying to help people ready? >> rep aaron, the mayor that's the plan that means th public schools and flash parks also cooling stations up and
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along homeless and senior center you can call 311. rememb chuck was saying, if you have to be outside, that i it will be the hottes eun, over to you. to the commute with melissa mollet good morning to yo ueoppe 4 headed to northbound kennel aven crash overnight brought down an overhe sign and they're still right thatmp ra and the southb 201, i don't know why we had milling and ving.
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270 southbound, your normal town. m 46iles persp hour is youd. get you from 70 to 270 in 39 minute his congregaon. joseph allegedly assaulted a the victim and her family were servic she wa 11 years old at the time. invest asking for any otherim potential vict to suspec in inarlon. office say johannes gabriesses corner a woman saturday evenin he inaropriate comments invest believe he took
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and threats. they said kelly was a flight judges are still trying to wo chicag and new york. well, all week long our area is celebrating the 50th last night the image of the monume good morning.
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this w spectacular. we got a sneak preview up early take a look behind me here. you can see the huge video ,here. friday and satu that's the we got a pview. it's called apollo 0,o for the f17-minuteilm celebrates now a full scale saturn 5 rocketll 363 feet of it and monumege archiv foo will air on the huge video footage screens on the film lasts 17 minute produc want the audience to the size and shape of the saturn 5 rocket.ak t mes the washington monument
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the perfect place project the image. think captures the special place that t apollo program holds in americ identity. >> so the big show happens the filmill be aired at 9:30, 10:30 and 11:30 right down here street it is free and open to the it's a static picture for the up. comfor to see.
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thank you, meghan. breaki down the most live us in the community. molett are you working on tor us y? >> rep oh, we're watching and they're hitting the ball they'r chipping.'r thhipping. this is much more than golf. life lessons they're learning
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day. theational hot dog and sausages counci i a real group. there d group anday for
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everyt to celebrate 7-eleven is americ buy and eat nearly a notpr suring. >> looks good right now. i could go for it. and o's "game of thrones" nomina nomina two nbc shows also picked up series and ted dan son with "the good place" for lead actor there an award for "when here's your cnbc morning frank holland at cnbc headqu sprint is warning customers of a
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seriou data breach. they got billing address, phone they will add a new line feature for sprint custors. there reset pin codes on it's unknownhow many customers i'm frank holland. it is going to be a hot one. >> it sure is. the trend is not our friend mid 90s today and hovering near 100 degrees for air emperature onfriday, saturday, sunday. if you going to the beach well, not so much. highi temperature in the m 90s at ocean city and rehoboth. at least you can get into the ocean. here. northb 201, the ramp
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earlie closure there. take a look atrou
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the resolut >> with those words and a bang in which he suggested some
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that resolution says his commen quote, legitimized an amec and people of color. votes. tonigh he heads to north nbc's peter alexander joins us good morning. eun, you're really right here. the president did praise those what i striking, for years the villai ahead of the 2020 campaign
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narrow path to victory, as you notice tonigh the president will head in. don't be surprised if you see thank you, again, your full the president isn't the only one chrge comments that are insens kellya conway is coming under fire for comments made. t outsid white house tweet. when h suggested the lawmakers, quote, go back to the countries here's how she responded. >> why is that relevant? >> no, no, because i'm asking a
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questi origin he saidforiginally m. >> this clip right here was conway had to take to social she sa she meant nope disres to the reporter saying she just answer his question. during appearance, conley very element of the countr >>you, jummy. tt onlinea
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w.alking news 4's justin finch is working for you on ways to stay safe if justin theme continues fr dupont circle you want to have a plan what to if you are in dc, here are some put out by showin options to cool off today. swimmi pools, recreation center libraries and of course parks.
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those include public libraries, if you are somewhere you don't connec to a place thatill cool you off. it will give you a sense of just how hot it's going to be. the pool will stay open until 9 everyo an option to cool off. if you must be outside, stay s. taking up tweetro o collea in
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if he was trying to fill more time. two presidentia puns in a row. 79 degrees. got to dke something to the 70s now into the mid 90s for heat index is over 100 degrees today. over 100 tomorrow and so this heat advisory is in today. it's going to have to be again.wequality. edays, temper near sunday. really
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late a time barry, that m so opportunit today. repeat that friday saturday, sundayor rain. cooler weather doe arrive more
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at the bottom of the beltway normal slowdnsnd typical travel times for you, 270 going 66, 33 miles per hour in bound quanti 54 miles per hour. it take you 22 minutes. listen to hewtop wyou hop in >> thank you, melissa. a chi on and off the that i the mission of first tee of greater washington, d.c. this morning. here to tell us all about the
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progra hey, molette. we're down to theast two teams let me get out of the way. it's abt importanta a little bi off.g ortsmanship. judent. goodha work f the ame buteople
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these nine core havit? >> check out thislist. awesome. t p expanding and for d.c. students it is we are done here. are we e a dsocarolina, fo yest form supreme court
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john paul stevens t thi. orenformation on the show dhe events check out the if you don't have air conit you'll b welcomed at local goarnment fcilities downlo the nbc washington app w therel be opportunities for after that, friday, saturday, sunday real dangerous part of this heat wave arrives. temper near 100. perhap over 105 frid, saturd and sunday. it is going to be hot, hot, hot. all right. right now northbound 201 the
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choppe 4 was over that and gettin a very pretty pictur of downto the washington illumi >> that is the "news 4 today." we appreciate you waking up with us. >> "today" show is next. we'll see you in f5 minutes weathe traffic and news. hey, golfers. until then, enjoy your day. eske it a great wedny, everyb
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brutal good morning. the heat is on. brutal temperatures across the nation as a dangerous heat wave intensifies. jaw-dropping temps on the map in dozens of states. 230 million people from the southwest to the northeast in the hot zone and relief is nowhere in sight. breaking overnight, chaos on capitol hill. >>n the chair. >> after a raucous debate a rare move by the house voting to condemn president trump over his attack on four democratic ic women. ahead. supreme court maveri


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