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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 17, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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slandering me. bunch ofe comies. >> we begin with a storm team 4 weather alert. strong showers and storms popping up and rolling through our region after a blazing hot summer afternoon. >> and most of the region is under a thunderstorwatch. many of us have gotten a taste n of the ra, lightning wind, booming thunder. here's how it looked a sht me ago in leesburg. this heavy rain, strong winds moving eastbound, and is moving through t heart of the nation's capital as we speak. >> let's get an update from lauren ricketts in the storm nter with the latest. >> we've got some pretty strongu storms as yere talking about. just pushing to the north and east. moving quickly 30-40 miles per hour. it is leaving a trail of damage in its wake. let's take a look at the radar right now. if are you in laurel, in
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odington, bowie. croften, we're going to see the storms coming tough with a vengeance, if you're just to ths of this line, that are you taking coverage now. we do have reports of tes on houses in gaithersburg, also in poolesville. a portion of montgomery co ty. these are pushing through the baltimore beltway. just now exiting or getting ready to exit the eastern side of the d.c. beltway. these warnings continue to push out in front of it. we will see annapolisn its wake. bowie along 50. heavy rain, damaging winds, power outages reported and trees are beingo talk about timing. there's more storms and rain behind the line so we'll show talk about let' the heat that was the main story today. it's not over yet. building for the weekend. we'll show you that coming up. let's get to breaking news. the weather lauren is talking
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about caung mage. erica gonzales is working that story at the live desk. >> we pick things up where lauren left them.ea the h has made it a tough day for firefighters who have had to be working outside in the severe weather. not making things any easier. particularfy for crews in loudoun county. we've got new video to show you from our partners at wtop. get aload of that. residents say lightning hit a home on the south riding on stringer drive. moments later the roof just burst into flames. good news is that nobody was home. nobody was injured. wtop was on the scene as crews were dousing the fire. with war, the foyer marshall's office confirminging they're investigating it as a lightning strike when lauren is talking about this being potentially dangerous weather, you've got the proof rigt here. back to you all in the studio > thank you. >> it's been too hot to be outside, but some people inom montgery county are having trouble cooling down inside
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their own homes. >> that's why officials in montgomery county are considering what would e the first law of its kind. news4's megan fitzgerald explains the new air conditiing bill and has some video proof of just how dangeroushese temperatures can be. >> when temperatures soar into the 90s. >> it's really hot outside.d hyrating and staying cool is highly re ammended. >>ll buildings should have central air and heat. >> most buildings should have a's but thatot always the case, we went inside one unit that war >> allen cassidy d his wife are in their 70s, for years they've been living at the charter house, which is a 55 and o apartment community in silver spring. >> if it was on, you would hear it. >> allen does have an air conditioning unit, but lately he says it hasn't been working and having a negative effect on im and other tenants. we were inside his apartment for several minutes and were also
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feeling the heat. >> that's why a lot of people downairs on the seventh floor. >> we followed allen to the mezzanine level and this is what we saw, an empty water jug and neighbors fanning a woman who had passed out. it felt like the air conditioning wasn't working on tis level as well. >> she gotoo hot new york city water to drink. and we didn't have any water to give r. >> and she fainted? >> she fainted. >> that woman was taken to the hospital. >> montgomery county fire and ressue official say the heat likely exacerbated this woman's pre-exiexisting condition. >> on days likey to this is life-or-death issue it's not a comfort issue. >> montgomery county uncilman m hucker says right now landlords don't have to provide or fix air conditioning units for tenants. that's why he says he working on changing the law. >> i introduced a bill to require all rental units in montgomery county to be served
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with a conditioning. >> the bill has a long way to g but tenants like allen and his wife ella are hoping it will pass. megan fitzgerald, news4. o >> we reach to the company that owns the building and they said the air conditioning in the builng did go out today and last week. theyewalled crs in right away blem.x the p a spokesperson went on to saywhen they received complaints from the tenants, address quickly to their problems. as we continue to track the heat and the storms, you can stay one step ahead, download the nbc weshington app for live radar, forecasts and ather alerts for your area. breaking news, a house has just voted overwhelmingly to table a resolution tore impeach psident trump effectively killing it for now. this as he heads to north carolina for a re-election rally. the rally was initially scheduled for the night that former special counsel robert mueller was set to testify to congress. but that appearance has been ed
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postponntil next week. so the president is expected to focus considerable energy tonight on his ongoingwibattle four democratic congresswomen. craig boswell ison capitol hill to break it hi, craig. >> we heard from the president as he was leaving the white .ouse earlier this eveni the war of words surrounding the president's tweets from sunday still ring today. president trump today continuing attacks on four progressive democratic congresswomen. >>-day think i'm winning the al fight. i think i'm winning it by a lot. i think that they are not espousing the views of our country. the four congresswomen. >> tweeting a white house proded video showing arica, one squad under god.he t in four freshmen lawmakers th call mselves the squad and they respond to the president's original tweet which is being called racist against the fou women of color, all u.s. citizens. >> i'm dealing with the biggest bully i've ever had to deal with in my lifetime and trying to
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push back on that and try to do the job we've been nt here to do. >> a day after the house voted to condemn the president's words, house speaker nancy pelosi seeming to turn down the temperature. >> we weren't saying he was cist. we were saying that the words he used are racist. >> he lashes out at people who are critical of him and his view that are hurting e country and that's what this is all about. >> as for what the country thinks, a new poll shows 68% of americans see the president's go back tweet as unamerican. this as the house votes to table an impeachment resolution. >> the motion is adopted. >> many democrats want to focus on robert mueller's testimony before they will talk about impeachment. >> i'm focused on making sure get robert mueller in. i want to make sure we don't do anything that affects that. the mueller hearing originally scheduled for today, is delayed until next week. >> president trump's rally in north carolina originally intended to countertestimony m from robertueller as you had
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mentioned. now will focus on attaing the four progressive congresswomen. a preview of an election strategy for 2 0. intended for the president's base, back to you. a federal judge is going to decideth tomorrow whe the financier jeffery epstein will be granted bail as awaits trial on sex trafficking charges. president trump has downplayed his relationship with epstein. but nbc h uncovered old video that shows them together at a party at mar-a-lago. >> they appear to be talking abt women dancing at the party. nbc shot the video in november of 1992. as part of a profile of mr. trump's post divorce lifetime. the footage was taken more than a decade before epstein pled guilty to felony prostitution charges. after epstein's arrest earlier this month the president said he had not talked to epstein in 15 years and hewas in his words,
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not a fan. four years ago today adrian kinard was gunned down while working a security guard i job capital heights new york city one has ever been arrested. but his mother is not giving up hope. our prince george's county bureau followed t story closely when it happened. tracee wilkins takes another look at the baffling case. >> i remember standing in this parking lot and covering the murder of adrian kinard, a man who was a security guard hoping to become a prince george's county police officer. four years later the murder is still unsolved. >> missing my son. >> we met cynthia kinard in the parking lot where her 26-year-old son was shot and killed in 2015. >> he has a little girl. she just turned five. she says, my daddy. you know. >> adrian was working security at the central gardens apartment complex in capital heights when police sed shots were fir from
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a passing car. killing adrian ands wounding partner who survived. the gunman's vehicle was recovered soon after but four years later no arrests in the case. >>we've done an extensive amount of research. with the evidence that we've gathered so far in the case. our investigators have traveled out of state. they've gone as far as doing as many canvass and interview these coule do. >> policow they're looking for a killer. they have the vehicle the gunman was in. they have people cooperating but are still missing important pieces. >> having a killer out on the loose doesn't rest well with us, we're not going to rest until w fine killer in this case. >> for adrian's mom -- >> it's not over yet. >> yeah. >> itill keep hoping. >> prince george's county police are looking for information that can help to close this cold case. if you have some information that they could use, can you always call 1-866-411-tips and
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have your information be anonymous. tracee wilkins. prince george's county police areering up to $25,000 for informaon to help this o a conviction in case. and storm team 4ecring a weather alert this afternoon. bringing you coverage of the storms moving through. strong storms packing lightning. high winds, thunder and heavy rain. live updates through 7:00. atut the soast gas station, one man's anti-crime crusade, a wall of shame. with some biting commentary. get the picture? coming up, news4. every dog has his day. the massive effort that it took the massive effort that it took to rescue this dog who is loved i swited from dodge.
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we're in weather alert mode this wednesday evening. not just for thehowers and storms rumbling through the area right now. but also because of the sweltering summer heat. if you thought today was hot, wait until you see lauren's forecast. it's going ev get en worse, she'll join us forte an up in a few minutes. a local gas station owner calls it, a wall of shame. he's putting up photos of people who he claims have stolen from him. >> but it' the commentar that goes along with the pictures that has some wondering if this has gone too far. >> pat collins talked with the owner of the station at 13th and pennsylvania in the capitol hill area. in a story you'll see only on news4. >> it's a deterrent, otherwise people grab what they want and go. >> this is dennis alloy's wall
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of shame. pictures of people he has taken from surveillance video. people who he says are stealing from his gas station store. >> alloy owns three gas stations. is the wall is filling up with these pictures.ow this somehit goes. f ask this lady how to set a terrible example a child. buy some rolling papers then steal two smart waters and lies about it. two of three thieves who stole whole boxes of candy in a planned theft. we call them wangstas. wannabe gangsters, just a crew of coward >> i put the pictures up because there are no other consequences. i troy toembarrass them. i troy shame them. >> malcolm works nearby and says he used to be a customer at the store. he says the shaming of the people in the pictes is wrong.
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>> this is something you'll never see on the northwest side of town. i just shocked that they could put their pictures up and add the descriptions of dehumanizing people like that. e come in and eo call me a racist. some people call me why are you degrading other human beings? why are you -- i just show the criminals. on't put anybody up there that i don't have video evidence of what they've done. >> many thefts may seem petty, but alloy says it's costing him thousands of dollars a month. >> small crimes become big crimes. little criminals become big criminals, when the candy bar turns no a kiss of juice, turns someone's et's take purse out of a car to hey, why not take the car. >> alloy said he could call the cops every time som ne steals something from the store. but he says nothing really happens. he says all they do is write up rt.incident re and he says, he's got bags of
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those. in southeast, pat collins, news4. the music is fading this evening for a cultial mainstay in our area. the national fiphilharmonic is prepared to close because it's running out of money. it's provided music andat educnal opportunities in our area for 40 years. its home is the music center at strathmore. county funding forhe national philharmonic has decreased in recent years, operating cosha ve increased. accord fg to a statementm the orchestra's president. lauren ricket is back with a check on our forecast and you bring good news, getting a little better. >> getting a little better. you're right. r once theain is passed we're getting some sunshine. back off to the west and then the humidity is continuing tki in. but the storms are pushing out of here quickly. we had some serious damage out there, guys. lots of trees down.
6:18 pm
even lots of lightning creating powerutages. >> heavy winds out there. >> almost like a tropal storm was coming through. >> to that point this is remnants from barry. so it has the tropic kind of characteristics with it. it's continuing to push through now. it's t all through, we're going to continue to see isolated showers and a few thunderstougs. even thro the late night hours. let's talk about that, but first let's talk about where the storms are heed we still have some thunderstorm warnings to the north and west. if you are in ldkeshore, arno up in maryland, annapolis, even going through shady side,he cpeake beach if you're in those areas, the storm is headed your way. i swant to you go outside now if you need to get anything inside. do not go outside during the storm. we've ad reports of people going outside. they see their things blowing away. and trees are ifa. one report of a person injured after a tree fell on them.
6:19 pm
n't go outside during the storms. the winds are wicked. gustile up to 60 miper hour. we have storm warnings north of annapolis, those continue to push to the east up towards chestertown and across the bay. moving out of baltimore. look at all of that lightning around 695. we continue toin see more ra scooting through northern sortions of calvert county and headed out towa shady side. lots of heavy rain headed that way. look to the west. a few showers, another little li of storms to come through. i think the atmosphere has been worked over. but the temperatures are going back up. we still have the heat and humidity. could see another isolated storm, stronger storm. we have rain cooled, the teperatures going back up into the 80s.t heat index goes up into 8:00 p.m. if you're out later tonight, a fewte scd showers until
6:20 pm
about 9:00, 10:00. not much happening, our future weather is not even showing up. that's headed out of here, we'll have a chance for isolated and until biabout midnight. scattered showers and storms. that's what we're going to ihe cuss on. we'll time it out to see how hot it's going to get. we'll showu you thosers coming up. >> thank yot' is taking off on social media. people posting pictures of what they wouldke look li when they're old. >> it may be fun, but it's setting off a few red flags because of privacy concerns. what you need to know about this app. which is owned by russians. behind thisiral movemen a spotsylvania teenager was hit and killed alongside this road nrly a decade ago. there's a
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when i was diagnosed with ms, the first thing i thought about was my family. i came home and cried. but, as i've seen my disease progress, the medicine has progressed right alongside it. trying to maff medications more adable is important, but if washington isn't careful we might leave innovation behind. let's fix the system the right way. innovation is hope, and the last thing you want to lose in life is hope.
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we have a wonderful update to share wit last week you may remember the an in old town the alexandria book store damaged by flash floods. the flooding closed the store, damaged hundreds of children's books doted for a local charity. today who ray for books, reopened and the owner says the community has overwhelmed her with generosity and support. she expects to have quadrupled the amount of donated books soon and she's organized a fundraiser tosa help comp her staff. they couldn't work while the store was closed. the funder wille at the store on july 31. >> shows a rock star canine. kylie is a search dog with d.c. fire and ems. w s injured on the job
6:24 pm
yesterday. but doing much better now. >> good news in indeed doctors say e timing on this was everything. any more blood loss and kylie might not be here. so let's exain whathappened. it was a dramatic scene.l kiey, who has been credited with helping find human remains in both local and national cases was on the job av hey wooded area yesterday when she was hurt. something cut her right front leg. there was a lot of blood and she needed care fast. thanks to the u.s. park police in arlington fire and rescue. kylie was airlifted from the scene. think we're seeing the video right there. she was flown to friendship animal hospital i tenleytown where she underwent surgery. >> i expecter to make a full recovery. her getting here quickly was of pmost importance. >> kylie is not just part of the
6:25 pm
d.c. fire and ems. she's part of her handler, gene rhine's family and they love kylie. doctors say a couple of weeks she'll be good as new. to you. .> glad to hear >>. if you follow us on social media. and you really should, you ktow our collins has ditched his t snow stick forhe summer and now he's got a new challenge. >> we're calling it pat's prized pets. the challenge is show us your pet's best trick and the entries are coming in. >> one more. >> good boy. >> a cat whoi high fves. >> a cat who does anything but ignore you, that's a good trick. we want to sew all ofur yo pet's tricks and the grand prize, a pat's prized pet bowl.yo u want to smack the producers for coming up with that alliteration. complete with a picture of pat
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collins, there you go. right on the dish. >> where'sis picture. that's not him. there he is. all right. not too late to enter. you have until sunday to submit your, your pet's tricks. >> it's easy. can y post your video on twitter, facebook or instagram. tag us @nbcwashington.ll we' reveal the finalistsext friday. i understand i get to be a judge. >> i'm looking forward to that. each year news4 clears the shelters, ah campaign tat helps shelters drescue groups find new homesor pets, a month from today, august 17 >> we invite you to learn more t about clear shelters in our nbc washington song storms and dangerous heat. r>> we're tracking the s and heat on this weather alert day for you. we'll give you some tips to save money and energy on the hotda summer s. >> plus only on news4, inside
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the evidence we're getting a look at the video and phone calls that led to a guilty verdict for the deadly charlottesville car attack. by today's standards the technology that took us to the monday may seem primitive. even 50 years later what happened up there has had a big impact down here. we'll show
6:28 pm
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now at 6:30 showers and storms rolling through after a blazing hot summer afternoon. >> we are in weather alert mode even as we speak. the storms have triggered some watches and warnings. they're going to last over the next two hours. >> another's a silver lining,
6:30 pm
ngthough, the storms bring at least some temporary relief. it was quite brief. te teratures well into 90s todaynd there are only going up from here. lauren ricketts is in the storm center with an update. bring us up to speed on the storms moving through the area. >> they're moving out, you're right. so with that being said, the latest update right now. just coming i the storm team 4 weather center. the heat advisory has been cut down and also the severe thunderstorm watch has been cut down as well. throughout portions of our area. let's show you where the storms are areas in pink is where the severe thunderstorm watch is still located. you can see right along annapolis, right down through calvert county out towards theea chesap bay and eastern maryland. it's been expired to what, back towards the d.c. area. still some heavy rain getting ready to work through annapolis over the bay bridge, that's where we're going to see the line continuing to float th ough. the temperatures have rain-cooled. but boy is it humid out there.
6:31 pm
that humidity not going anywhere. the temperatures will come back up. we're seeing sunshine once the aorms pass through the area. now let's talkout how hot it's going to get. if you thought it was hot today, wait until weekend. we'll show you the numbers comi up. thank you, lauren. breaking news because of the storm that caused major headquarters and the headaches are continuing. >> jackie, wt are you finding? >> well doreen you were on yuma street a couple of blocks from the station thishi thing t came through fast, but was it powerful. i think we have some video of what it looked like when a tree fell down and brought down some per lines here in started a fire. neighbors came out and took some pictures of it. they said it was really scary to see. and you can see that those power lines were obviously live and kept fueling that, that fire. in fact take a look right over
6:32 pm
here. you can see those wires down on the treee. th still burning. we just spoke to a representative of the d.c. fire department whoy' said th got situations like this working all over the city. and that it is incredibly,re inbly important that if you see a power lines down, that you should assume that they're live. and be very, very careful around them. becausehat is a life-threatening situation and again the damage here on yuma street we're told to the home is just cosmetic. but obviously a dangerous situation and one being repeated all around the city at this hour. live in northwest, jackie bensen, news4. ed don't nenything more than the live foirkts show us how dangerous it can be out there. when it's this hot out your airconditioning could be putting your energy bill and the environment to the test. pepco says to save money, set
6:33 pm
your thermostat at 78 degree that may seem warm, but compared to the outside, it's quite comfortable. also when the ac is onr keep you outside doors and windows closed kd consider closing your blinds a curtains toeep the sun out. you cano turn off or unplug any lighting devices and appliances you're not using and runpl apnces that produce heat like your dryer, your oven, youe dishwasat night when it cools down. >> finally, use ceiling fans and make sure air ducts and fans aren't blocked by furniture. heat showers storms no matter what the summer weather brings you can stay a step ahead with the nbc washington app. check out our hour-by-hour forecast andlook at live radar any time, anywhere you are. pe james fields is sing the rest of his life behind bars after getting multiple life sentences for plowing his car
6:34 pm
into the counterdemonstrators after the 2017 unite the right rally in charlottesville. he killed one woman and injured more than two dozen.on tonigh on news4, we can show you and play for you, some of the evidence federal prosecurs use to convince the judge to give this white supremacist a life term. as northern virginia bureau chief julie carey reports, they used fields' own words against him. >> james fields has been locked up for two weeks when he began to talk about the defense he might use at trial in a recorded jail house ll with his mom, he mentions ani insanty defense. and how he would ed to convince his doctor he didn't intend to kill the day he plowed to a crowd of counterdemonstrators in charlottesville. >> hopefully i can get that insanity thing. >> well. >> because the secondefinition of it is an irresistible
6:35 pm
impulse. >> fields faced a murder charge tore killing heatherheyer, her mother making a public stand against white supremacist. against hate her words broadcast nationally. >> say to yourself, what can i do to make a difference? that'r h youow going to make my ild's death worthwhile. speaking again to his mother in december, fields goes on a profane rant attacking heyer's mother. >> her mothers going around doing speeches and [ bleep ]. slandering me. bunch of commies. >> fiel m reminds him, susan bro has lost her daughter. >> she's a communist an anti-white liberal. >> i don't know. jam. >> it's not for questioning. she is. she's the enemy. >> prosecutors also showed the judge new video of that terrible day. some taken byhe counterdemonstrators. this live periscope feed ng capturihe peaceful chanting marches. then, the chs as fields barrelled down the street. people are badly hurt.
6:36 pm
badly hurt. we need paramedics right now. >> this new view from above. as virginia state police witnessed fields' rampage. >> oh, my god. that car just drove through m. the >> their sudden mission is clear in then rsation. keeping fields' rr in thei sights, making sure he doesn't get away. keeping their camera trained on one of thvoices heard, trooper e m. burke bates. >> he's about 2:00. >> they track fields until he finally pulls over. three hours later with bates a now a different trooper, lieutenant jay cullen on board the chopper began to spin and crash to the ground, killing both men. some of bates' final hours spent making sure a racist killer was brought to justicin charlottesville, julie carey, news4. > still ahead, you've probably seen the pictures going around, your friends looking differeth anks to a new app. but there's a flip side to this. we get answers about what's really
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
responsele vainia family says someone vandalized a memorial for their young son who was murdered nearly a decade ago. there's never been an arrest in this case. news4's drew wilder spoke with the family today. a family now looking for answers in two unsolved cases. >> still got some of the righting left i ot. >> but it's in pieces. kevin sullivan sr. is holding what's left of the cross that lived along the road where his son was killed. >> it eats me upevery day and this makes me twice as mad. c >> theross in this bag containing a ripped-up teddy bear used to serve as a memorial for ven sullivan jr. who was nound unconscious along salem church road i november of 2015. serious head injury. he was unonscious and on life support for eight days until his father made the decision to take his son off of life support. it they claim he was h by a car. but i don't think he was. >> the surgeon came out.
6:40 pm
said he wasn't. but -- >> nearly a decade later and still no n answers,arrests. >> as each year goes by -- >> looks more hopeless. >> sullivan says each year we around the of his son's death, the spotsylvania county sheriffs department comes by to update him on the investigation. news4 asked the sheriffs office about the case, we have not heard back. meantime sullivan says he has plans to rebuild the cross and put it back at thel. memoria to keep the memory of his son alive. inva spoa county. drew wilder, news4. if you've been on social media in the last week you've likely s fnriends postinge vo themselves, looking a lot older or youeer. >> weeen a lot of george clooney jokes online. thanks to face app. a free app thatlets you upload a photo to get an instant look at the aging process.
6:41 pm
the russian-baed company who owns the app has a number of warnings about what it can do with your photos i the terms of service. >> face app sent us some details to explain what the app does and what it does not do. face app's founder and ceo says the app will only upload the photo you select forin ed to the cloud. he says the app does not upload any other photos fr your camera roll. we're told most images are deleted from their servers within 48 hours of the upload. can you request to have all of your data removed from the face app server. you can do it by going to settings, report and report a bug and using the word privacy in the subject line. as far as the russia connection face app tells us that even thou the core research and development team is located in russia, your user data is noter trand to russia. >> what we are all doing by posting our photos to apps like is essentially creating a
6:42 pm
surveilynce technology industr that's going to be worth billions of a dollarsnd we'll always know what you look like. >> watch for more coming up on "nbc nightly news" and we've got tips to limit on how to limit what the app sees on your phone. search facee app inbc washington app. go0 years a america landed on the moon. >> it was one giant leap for technology. we'll show you how that historic mission 50 years ago this week paved the way for modern technology that you use all the time. and we're also taking a look at the rain that is pushing east of i-95. still some heavy downpours with it. guess what. we've got more rhein on t way. we'll time that out and talk about the heat th role of a car company?
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an update on breaking news .ithin the ho the u.s. house voted overwhelmingly to table a iresolution toeach the president. effectively killing it. this is the third time texas congressman al green has forced a vote on the resolution. and the third time it has been tabled. president trump is painting it s a win and the end of all impeachment talk. but it's important to note that this vote has nothing to do wite any of t congressional investigatis. into this campaign or presidency. >> there's more breaking news, the house has voted to hold attorney general william barr and commerce secretary wilbur ross in contempt of congress fon faito comply with a subpoena. the house oversight committee wanted barr and ross to provide documents on the trump administration's plan to add a p citizensh question to the census. the hse vote is largely a
6:46 pm
symbolic one and the doj is. >> thers a way t experience the apollo moonanding in our back yard. >> take a look at thisvideo. you can see behind us. the washington monument lit up with a life-sized image of the saturn 5 rocket. >> that history-making mission propelled men nto the face of the moon for the very first time. the monument lights up tonight and tomorrow night. >> on friday and saturday people will have a chance to relive the actual launch. nasa is replicang it showing archival footage ongiant screens on thehe ground of t washington monument. >> the technology that came out of the apollo mission is still with us today. >> it's in many of the devices we rely on every day. >> news4's cory smith explains. >> compared to today's technology, you think we got to the moon using nothing more than lculators and scratch paper but the technology it took to
6:47 pm
get us there hasad a major impact down here on earth50 years later. whether it's planes, trains, or the gps in our automobiles you can thank nasa and the apollo program for muc of the technology we use every day. and he is editor in chief of nasa spin-o it'sana coleman's job to share how technology used for space travel is used in your home. >> your smartphone system times mor tcapable than original da apollo guie computer was. >> but the camera is straight nasa.f the suits astronauts wore on the moon, can you find trial on the roofs of major sports stadiums. speaking of sports, the foil-like blankets marathon runnersoear we they crss the finish line has roots in the space program. >> radiant barrier insulation, you find in emergency blankets, it's commonly used in buildings and homes. >> have you take an flight lately? >> what nasawi did, fol apollo was they worked on this
6:48 pm by wire with some partners, developing the first aircrafthat blew by computer. >> nasa also partnered with pillsbury to create an entirely new set of food safety standards. >> pillsbury turned around started using i it's become an industry-wide standard. >> coleman says such partnership proved tws a country-wide tfort to geo the moon in 1969. going back or going even farther, will te a similar effort. cory smith, news4. lauren is back with the latest on the wild weather out there. settling down. >> crazy out there. >> massive storms, lots o lightning, damaging winds, lots tree damage, power outages and now we're getting sunshine back outthere. >> the humidity is thick. like when woualk outside it will hitou like a ton of bricks. we't talking about the sorms continuing to push east
6:49 pm
the chesapeake bay. let's go to the maps. you can see a little bit of sunshine out there. the sky is still dark,re but we' get morgue sunshine and our friends back towards the shenandoah valley breaking out the sun. the storms are weakening as they likely run into the water from the chesapeake bay. most of the heavy stuff well north and east. towards baltimore where they have some severe thunderstorm warnings going out towards eastern maryland. for the most part we're finished around here. one lonely cell into calvert county. is little cell that just moved out of frederick getting ready to move into the now b off to the west, atmosphere has been worked over. so a lot of this is just going to be rain shoatrs. coot through. keeping the chance of rain through at least midnight tonight we could have another ode or two thuntorms. but the severe thunderstorm watch has been canceled. and the heat advisory has been canceled. it's still warm.
6:50 pm
rain-cooled into the 70s and 80s. going into the late evening hours, temperatures will top out. bottom out right around the 77, 78-degree mark. but the index still warm. you can see off tthe eastern shore. heat index still around 100 degrees. still some scattered showers out there. nothing like we saw before. isolated stronger storm could happen. we'll keep a chance of showers until about midnight. mostly dry, a litt fog possible during the overnight hours. there goes the stronger storme onr two could pop up across the region as we continue through the late evening could have an isolated shower or storm for the morning commute. afternoon.g tomorrow i don't think it will be as widespread as today. plenty of clouds around tomorrow compared to today. temperatures are a little cooler. they'll top out in the 90s with the heat a indexund 100. maybe an isolated shower or storm tomorrow morning.
6:51 pm
for the mostll part we see them tomorrow afternoon. most should be out of here by 10:00 tomorrow night and sunshine friday, saturday and sunday. this is when we have dangerous heat. we'll be weather alert. temperatures on tleft, heat index on the rixt that's what it's going to feel like. feeling like 110, 11 in portions of our area going into the weekend. monday still stihl feeling over 100 degrees. chance of rate sunday into monday. and by tuesday, dropping humidity. looking good with temperatures back in the low 80s next week. >> we're would going to need it, thanks. how about your car? >> my car is a little mess right now. i haven't been out there, but i know my cup holders have that much water in them. >> just to update people. lauren, the meteorologist left her jeep uncovered in the parking lot. >> such a pain to put it back on, i forgot. i'm going to dost the foreca and run back and put it on and just realized the storms rolled through.
6:52 pm
not the first time. >> probably won't be the last. >> probably won't be the last. >> coming up, the nats have been i switched from dodge. we switched from ford. i switched from ram. i switched to chevy. we switched to chevy. we switched to chevy. for dependabilit for technology. for the muscle. and just look at it. adios,exus. bye, bye, ford. we switched to chevy and i couldn't be happier. see for yourself why people are switching at the chevy all-ar open house. or add another chevy to your driveway. current gm owners can get over $5,100 below msrp
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on this equinox. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:55 pm
rain is causing problems for the nats. >> we know it's officially delayed start for the game tonight. the nationals, ty're different compared to the way they started. the first four games, they were 1-3. but post all-star break the cord is 3-1, adding to that, game two iale of the beltways against the o's and the natsho streak has seen them winning the last 31 of the last 43 games. long balls in 20 of the last 22. they marked ite adams g a plaque right on that spot. juan soto showing off the wer in baltimore. soto passed ken grieffy jr. wth the fourth most home runs hit
6:56 pm
before age 21. soto's birthday isn't until after the season.h so he sould shoot up that list.s thteam not surprised by all the baseballs flying into the seats. >> goes up and down the le. everybody has got power. even our pitchers watching them come out and battie. practic you know, i think it's part of the game. we're putting the ballp and they're going. >> it's amazing.nt everybody wato be in the dugout, everybody wants to dance in the dugout. >> the national hot dog day the orioles honoring the special day with a hot dog shirt. ketchup. mustard orsh reli shirts, dollar hot dog night at camden yards. joey chestnut can do aittle damage. it brings up the question, is a hot dog a sandwich? >> it's a piece of meat between two pieces of bread. one piece oft bread, 's
6:57 pm
split. i think it's a sandwich. >> no. i don't think so. no, yeah, i don' think it falls under that category whatsoever. >> you got to say no. >> we just had a conversation you can't really classify as a sub, but it's not a sandwich. i'll have to agree with you and say a hot dog is just a hot dog. >> it's just a hot dog.a exly one week, redskins head coach will be standing at the podium in richmond with his players reporting for training camp. no one moree activ than corner bnk josh man who ran with the bulls. on the rich eisen show norman talks about this crazy adventure. >> i feel like somebody else took control of me and i became like, a modern-day kind of like gladiator being in there back in that time and feeling the coliseum with the sands and the people that was around and you've seen it, everythng and then the bull out and you see
6:58 pm
everybody running and some people getting smashed by the bull. >> have you heard from the redskins? >>have i? yeah. >> what did they say? >> were they supposed to say g? someth you know, he was a person that you're talking withndknowing that that person loves that type of stuff and knowing that he won't put himself in jeopardy, not to put the team in jeopardy. >> i feel like i have so many questions. the olympics a year away and ladies we could be seeing this managain. remember him, from tonga? >> that's why the oil shortage happened across the planet. >> he competed in tae kwon do in rio, cross-country and looking to qualify for his third olympics inrethree diffet sports trying to make the kayaking team in tokyo next year. so i think -- >> he's just letting himself go. >> come on, tonga. we're in favor of him competite
6:59 pm
in whr he wants. k than
7:00 pm
breaking news breaking news tonight and it's a bombshell, the sexual assault charges against kevin spacey dropped afterhe young man refuses to testify about a key piece of evidence. why prosecutors say they had to drop the charges. heat he brutal wave bearing down, 170 million people now under heat alerts from the midwest to th rtheast with temperatures near 100 and oppressive humidity. >> very, vhot outside. it is hot. >> dangerous, potentially deadly conditions that will only get worse into the weekend. how long will it last? al roker is here. breaking news. the house thwarts an attempt to impeach president trump as he holds a rally for the first time since his racist att on four


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