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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  July 18, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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our melissa mollet is standing by with your first 4 traffic. >> let's start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. another weather alert day. tels yo tell us why. >> there is a chance for strong thunderstorms later on in the afternoon so we have a storm chance for today with heat index s around 100 degree and we get rid of the storm chance for friday and saturday but heat ndexes on friday and saturday both would be as much as 110 degrees. dangerous levels of heat and humidity. this morning, plenty of stickiness out e. your planner for your thursday, day time highs today only in the low to mid-90s. that will feel cool by comparison as we head toward friday. we will talk more about that weekend meltdown coming up. let's go over to melissa now. >> taking a look at the road here.
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rest of the beltway is okay. >> thank y . you can see all of the rain and wind blowing across th parking lot in leesburg. thats the reason homeowners around our region have some cleaning up to do today. >> check out this video from loudoun county. a lightning strike caught a house on re and look at the flames there. no one was hurt but the home is badly damage. in maryland a huge tree crashed into a family's backyard in bethesda. theimbsrushed part of the deck there and branches slammed through the roof and caused the ceiling to cave in. >> m god,he end of the world right now i thought and i was super scared. it could have been pretty
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danedrous if it happe while we were out here. >> take a look the sparking lines and flames on huma street in west washington. a reporter is headi to scene to check out the damage this morning. the heat is proving to b deadly. extreme heat blamed for four deathsin maryland. two most recent hapned this week in prince george's county and worcesr county. earlier this month one p son died in baltimore city and one in and arundel county becausee f thheat. if you don't have acn your home, most have open recreation centers and libraries when the temperatures top 90 degrees. you can find more about cooling centersn maryland, virginia and d.c. by opening thebc washington app. search heat wave. a thi a residentt the
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greenspring retirement community in springfield has died. 63 residents have become sick with an upper wretrespiratory illness. 19 employees have also reported symptoms. the entire community is working th cdc which has not yet determined whether thoths are related to the illness. a look at some of the evidence prosecutors use to put james fields behind bars for life. earlier this week, the self-avowed white supremacist was sentenced for ramming his car into a crowd in charlottesville in20 7. prosecutors showed a judge this video thacounterprotesters record. in thatpa ramge he killed 32-year-old heather >>heyer. h, my god. the car just drove through them. >> the stateolice captured a bird's-eye view of the rampage fromabove. prosecutors also reased prison
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recordings of fields talking with his mom about heyer's mother and her advocacy work since that deadly attack. fields was sentenced to two life sentences plus 419 years for that deadly attack in charlottesville. a vocal and supportive crowd chant "send her back" at president trump's rally in north carolina. this is the first time the reporter spoke to reports since the congressional reprimand for
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racist remarks about four democratic congresswomen. he tweeted the four should go ir back to the countries and all are america sicitizens. here is omar's response. quote. coming up in our next half hour, kacie potts will let usnow about the failed effort to start impeachmentoceedings against the president. you'll likely al beea hng a lot about this nexo stry today. aed new york feraludge has released search warrants tied to campaign ties between michael cohen. jummy newsroom with more on this. >> that judgean issued order yesterday after announcing in the case the prosecutors had concluded their case. the judge calling those alcuments in the case, quote, a
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matter of nationimportance. you may recall the fbi raided michael cohen's ofce and hotel sweet last year. they were looking for evidence ym any sort of bank fraud or hush money paents. cohen is currently serving a three-year prison sentence along with the crimes of breaking campaign finance laws, after hiding hush money payments to two women, stormy daniels and karen mcdougal. those women claim they had affairs with trump before he was president. the judge's order calls for any redacted pages in this case to be released in full a short four hours from now. the judge saying now that the investigation into the government's violations has concluded, it is time for every american has the opportunity to scrutinize the materials, end quote. >> what is the white house saying about all of this? >> president trump has denied those affairs with the two women and his current personal y attorneays they are pleased the investigation is closed and
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maintain that mr. trump never engaged in any campaign finance violations. a lot of folks will be looking forward to reading those at 11:00. back to you. >> jummy olabanji, thank you. federal judge will decide today whether the financier will be -- they appear to be talking about women dancing at the party. nbc news shot the video back in november of 1992 as part of a profile of mr. trmp's post-divorce lifestyle. the footage was taken more than a decade before epstein pleaded guilty to federal prosecution charges. appear epstein's arrest earlier this month, the president said he had not talked to him in 15 years and he was, inr his wod, not a fan.
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prosecutors have dropped a sexual assault says against kevin spacey. ethe case bn tol crumbe about a week ago when the accuser invoked his fifth amendment right when it came to testify abist a mng cell phone. spacey's attorneys is inned the phone might contain messages which would help exonerate him. one of the world's most notorious drug lords will spend the rt his life behind guwas sentenced yesterday to life in prison, plus 30 ears. guzman spoke briefly before his sentencing saying he was denied a fair trial. prosecutors say he controlled much of the illegal drug trade across the western hemisphere for almost three decades. school resourcestfficers arted an investigation that put one man in jail on child abuses. charge
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jean correlius was arrested on abuse and cruelty charges and is being held without bond. lo a cal gas station owner says thieves are costing him thousan of dollars and now he is putting their pictures on a wall of some tomers say he is going too far. dennis animal owns this gas station and he put up surveillance photos of people he claims have stolen from him but the special kind of commentary he includes on them that is driving the controversy here. >> they could just put their pictures up and not add descriptions of dehumanizing people like that. h we are allan beings and we are all citizens of the city. >> sometimes people come in and call me a racist, some people call me why you degrading other human beings.i just show the criminals. >> alloy says he does it because
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there are no other consequences for thelleged thieves. he says he could call the police every time someone steals from his store but nothing really happens. a d.c. fire department search dog is resting comfortably this morning after an injury on the job. a piece of metal nicked an artery in her leg while she was conducting a search earlier this week. they air-lifted her from the scene and flew her to a animal hospital. three surgery and she ising to be okay. >> i expect her to make a full recovery. her gettinge quickly was the utmost importance. >> she is an all-around excellent girl. yeah. so we saved her and she saved us. >> sergeant ryan who you just heard from there took kylie in as his family's pet. she played a major role in finding the remains
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people burned behind an apartment complex in southeast washington and shehas also helpedor missing girl ryelisha rudd. next on news4, the latest facebook raid that could putou privacy at risk. >> you probably see gog around seeing your friend looking older. virginia beach takes the top spot on a new national lit. chuck? >> we are talking about weather alert for a possibility of severe weather today and not to mention severe levels of heat and humidity for the weekend. that and tip how you can save a little money onr you ac while
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when temperatures climb as high as they are thisee w your air-conditioner could hit your wallet hard. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here to help folks out. >>erything adds a ltle. pep krnc pepco says here is a couple of quick tips to save money on your energy bill. i know 78 degrees sound warm buo pared to the outside temperature you'd be amazed how cool 78 degree can feel. when the ac is on do your bestp to kee outside doors and window closed. also close your blind and curtains dur when the afternoon sun comes on in that is heating the room up and your personal expense. you can also turn off or unplug any light devices and appliances that you're not using. ands appliance that produce heat
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like your dryer and oven and when with it cooler outside, run it late at night. make sure the deducts and fans are cleaned out and use your ceiling fan. just moving your thermostat up a couple of degrees when it's hottest outside may save you $3, $5 a day 3 and over days, that is $10,0. $3 >> thank you, chuck. >> you know everything. traffic on i-95 can get bad. the worst spot othe entire interstate is in virginia. the traffic jams are worse than any other par a in thisea according to the i-95 improvement project. people spend 1.2 million a year
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in delays on that one mile southbound stret. >> for no reason. >> that is insane! >> the i-95 improvement plan .lans to hold a meeti they are adding weekend shoulder lane that could open during crashes or major delays. you don't want to ever get caught in that mess. >> you think you see cars strewn across the highway.. nothing >> no problems. turning to social media craze called faceup. you've likely seen it all over your scial media page. to see mice looking older? >>his imagine transforms a person's age andnd gender taken social media by storm. it's f but what are the security risks? jummy olabanji is working with those details. >> take a look behind m these are some of the celebrities that have been trying out this new app. it shows them with wrinkles, saggy skin and gray hair and i agree with you, why would you
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want to see that? russiap was developed in and number one app on iphones and android and you basically take a picture of yourself and ad it to the app to see you look like in the fute. security experts caution while this seems like innocent fun, it could pose a privacy risk. >> what we are doing is posting ur photos to apps like this is creating a surveillance technology industry that is worth billions of dollars and will always know what you look like. >> face app sent us the details trying to explain what the app does and what it doesn't do. its founder says t app only upload the photo you select for editing to the cloud. he says the app doesn't upload any other photos from your camera role and most images are deleted from their app in 48
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hours. go to setting support and report a bug and then using the word privacy in the subject line, sos far the ria connection? face app tells us even though it's core research team is located in russia, your user data is is not transferred to russia is what they are saying but in terms of service that we all never read when we download tse appears, they agree by downloading you can transport or store it some of your information to the u.s. and other countries. we have tips how to limit what the app sees on your phone, search face app in our nbc washington app. i think unlessee you want to s yourself, just try to do without it and look at everybodyelse's pictures. >> we were talking about this. we didn't want to do this because wenew it was a security risk so just leave it alone. a popular vacation spot for people in our region is getting national recognition today. virginia beach is the best bigt ci to live in according to a
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wallet hub study for more than 300,000 people. virginia beach hatofowest number ty people living in povnd the lowest crime rate. is time to check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> i walked outside and my glass fogged right up. heat index already at 4:19 in the morning at 83. with all of the humidity thatis out there, heat index 83 and two plus hours before the sunomes up. temperatures elsewhere are not cooler. yo r planner for today, the heat wave technical already in process. we will have another 90-degree day tod and thatill make
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eight in a row. today's high is 93 that will feel cool by we will hathunderstorm chances later on into the afternoon today. that will at least help provide some temporary relie but you have to pay for that in the form of a severe weather threat. excessive heat launch is the next step up above a heat advisory for bothfriday and saturday. start off temperatures near 80 and highs on frid, saturday and sunday as well near 100 degrees and heat indexes, all three of those days, could be as much as 110 degrees. use our nbc washington app for any push alerts for severe weather today and to help you hbnd cooling stations for your friend and neigs to try to beat the heat as best you can. predawn thunder out here in the mountains of west virginia this morning. that is a little ripple coming our way in the atmosphere so the reason it won't be as hot today but more cloud cover and a chance for storms. maybe even early morning shower neighbors end and there on the blue ridge and
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shenandoah valley and a possibility that those could make it into the d.c. metro area il end of the morning commute. not too worried about severe weather this morning. once we had a lot of daytime heating into themix,by 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon there will be an opportunity for isolated strong and severe storms once again so stay weather alert today. welcome to tucson, arizona!os none of t three days would be daily record at national airport. the records this time of the year around 105 degrees. >> that is dangerous heat. thank you, chuck. northbound 95 before centreport parkw a big delay and something you don't see this time of the day typically. five mile backup as folks are trying to get around work zones.
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♪ "shaving has been difficult for me i have very sensitive i get ingrowing hairs"
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"oh i love it. it's a great razor. it has that 'fence' in the middle. it just stopping thath shave. irritation.... that burn that i get. i wouldn't use anything else" ♪ imagine growing up in a food desert without any easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables. that is a reality for too many d.c. children east of the
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anacostia river. >> at first no roots. >> not a lot of roots for now. roots are gone. >> reporter: darian summers is earning his ged at this center and about two week into his internship at the greenhow growing vegetables. >> i've done it with mymo grandther before. a new way to garden so i wanted to learn. >> reporter: it's a little more than simple gardening. the farming operation here is all recycled water. >> he runs into att gu and run through there and pumped backp here so we use 90% less than traditional futming b use no dirt at all. >> reporter: theater is chuck full of neautrients and they ar able to grow produce year-round.
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it takes 36 days from seed-to-harvest and half the time of traditional farming. >> we teach them working skills and how to dress for a job and what you need to do to keep a job once you gethere. >> reporter: that is only part of the maya school's mission says robert simmons. >> our young people are intecket intellectuals who have been pushed out of other schools and marginalized by society. our goalot is n to question why they are here. our role and our goal as a organization is to support them right where they are >>at. eporter: the alternative school kaeeducates but also provides other service to care for the whole child. >> they discovered for themselves that this school and their community is a food desert and they are like, oh, my god. what do i do? , because i can learn, lik how to grow plants and give food back to the community and
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anything. >> so the maya school started their greenhow with the anaccostia area. next they will start trying put a frmers markets to make sure this fresh produce gets to folks it. eally need >> sounds like a fanttic as i'm jimmy dean and uh, i wish i could torl ya how i feel about anin' like this. and that includes a good hearty breakfast. you need somethin' to kinda and gets it going.dy up it's a great way to kick off your day.
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stifling and unbearable thec word you describe what the d.c. region is dealing with right now. it's 4:3rn good mog. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. you could use dangerous and why we are in weather alert mode this morning. our melissa mollet is standing by with your first 4 traffic. >> let's start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. anotheweather alert day. >> it gets much worse forour friday and your saturday plns.


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