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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 18, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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another weather alert day. tpecting another day in heat. >> high heat and high humidity and relative high storm chances but a pretty start this morning. there e purple haze out for you this morning. didn't mean to cause you any problems or pain but nonetheless i'm also not -- that is the best can i do, all right? four things to know about the next four days.ay thursthunder. a deep fried friday. a sweltering saturday and another stormy sunday afternoon coming up. we a in the 70s here this morning. high today 93 with a 60% chance of thunderstms this afternoon. coming uplf later in the ha hour i'll show you future weather to storm the heat wave. good >> chopper 4 our state highway and outer loop ramp reopened this morning that is 450 to the outer loop also oen right now. that was an earlier crash that overturned semi.
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bottom of the beltway through prince george's county into town and out of town just fine. 95 in maryland. bw parkway and all of those routes looking god in and out of town as well. > wild wind and rain hitting our area yesterday. leesburg has cleaning up to do today. >> so many people are without power this morning. the largest number are in fairfax county. 3600 people there are waking up without electricity. >> "news4 today" justin finch joins us live now from northwest d.c. on yuma w streetre the storm caused some bad damage.
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justin? >> seeing some progress since we saw youlast. a tree behind us here is sufficiently broken down and left of those large limbs gone so the pepco crewson can ctinue their work. the limbs attached to that large tree not only took down wires p but twer around here too. neighbors tell us close to 6:00 or 7:00 yesterday afternoon when the storm was bearing down, they heard the branches of that tree bin to break and collapse into the wires taking them down with them. that also led they say to a small fire in that neighbor's yard at yuma street in northwest. d.c. fir wighterse called to the scene and able to knock the fire out. they warn as well with the potential for more heavy storms to come we could see more hazards like that. >> any wires down are live even if they don't appear to be. okay? you don't know t wheny will
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reenergize or what is going to happen to them. >> reporter: youcan see that tree mostly broken down. pepco crews with continuing to work and hoping to get power that was out to several dozen customers by 7:00 a.m. i look around right here, i'm seeing lights on that were not on befoch as that home there. so maybe the lights are trickling on before 7:00 a.m. that is their target. if you're in this area, you will see a road closure here. >> justin finch, thank you. >> along with the storms the heat is proving to bedeadly. extreme heat is now blamed for four deaths in maryland. the two most recent deaths happened this week in prince george's county and worcester county. one person died in baltimore city this week and anne arundel county because of the heat. if you don'have air-conditioning in your home
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most communities in the d.c. area open recreation and community centers to the public when thep the republicans 90 degrees. find information about cooling centers in the area by going to your nbc washington app. search heat wave. new details this morning about a northern virginia retirement communit fighting an outbreak of illness. a third resident at the greenspring retirement community in springfld has died. 63 residents have become sick with an upper respiratory il eness. 19loyees have also reported symptoms. the retirement community is working with the cdc which has not yet determinedhether the deaths are related to the illness. a look at some of the evidence precutors use to put james field behind bars for life. >> earlier thiseek the self-avowed wyatt supremacist was sentenced for ramming his car into acrowd in charlottesvillein 2017. prosecutors showed judge this video that counterprotesters recorded. the feed broadcast on periscope
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captured the peaceful crcanting mahers and chaos as fie barreled down the street. that rampage he killed h 32-year-oldeather heyer. >> oh, my god. that car just plowed through them. >> the state police captured a bird's-eye view of the rampage. they tracked h fields untilwas arrested that day and they released prison recordings of fields talking with his mother since that deadlytaatk. and talking about heather heyer. fields was sentenced to two life sentences, plus 419 years for that deadly attack in charlottesville.
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>> a vocal crowd chanted "send her back" a president trump's rally in north carolina. this is the first time the president spoke to reporters since the congressional reprimand for racist remarks about four democratic congresswomen. the president twted the four ould go back to their countries and all are american citizens. ilhan omar responded on twitter with this. quote. coming up on the "today" show more efforts about the failed efforts to start impeachmen poceedings against the president.
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a new york federal judge has released search warrants tied to finance campaign ties by president trump's formerelawyer michaohen. jummy olabanji is in the newsroom with more on this. >> reporter: the judge called the document to this case a matter of national importance. you'll recall the fbi raided michael cohen's office and his hotel suite last year looking for evidence of bank fraud and hush money payments. cohen was arrested and coowvictd and nurrently serving a three-year prison sentence along with the crimes of breaking ce campaign finaws. prosecutors say saying he made hush money payments to two women, stormy daniels and karen mcdougal. the judge saying t isme that every american has an opportunity to scrutinize those matacials. bk to you. >> what is the white house saying about all of this, jummy? >> the president's current strsonal attorney says they are pleased the inveigation is closed and maintains that president trump never engaged in
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any campaign finance violations. back to you. >> thank you. this morning out of prince william county. school resource officers start an ovestigation that put man in jail on child abuse charges. stjean correlius was arre this week. a student told a counselor about him burning them with an iron. he was arrested later tat day and is being held without bond. a d.c. fire deprtment search dog is restin comfortably this morning after an injury on the job. a piece of metal nicked an ry arn kylie's leg while she was conducting a search earlier this week. u.s. park police andn arlingto fire rescue air-lifted the dog from the scene and f to a friendship animal hospital here in d.c. three surgeries and a cast later, she is going to be okay. >> i'm glad she is on the mend. >> good to see her back on the
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job. >> gooddog. next on "news4 today," the latest facebook craze that could put your privacy at risk. >> you've probablyeen the pictures going around showing your friends looking a lot older. there is a flip side tothe fun and we will explain what is happening to the images you share. chuck, how about this hot at r? >> sun shining and cloud and raindrs upacross northern parts of fairfax county and ty loudoun counnd no thunder or lightning to worry about. that may be different later on today. that is coming up. a look atavow you can se money on the electric bill. stay with us. good morning to you. yeah, we are dropping in the backpacks for kids! news4 partnering up with riverdale market community. we want you to come on out. we will talk more about how you can donate and talk
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welcome back. you know when the temperatures climb as hotas this week it will hit you in the wallet. >> chuck bell is here with tips that could help. >> every little biter matts this time of the year. pepco says if you want to save money our energy bill these days here is a couple of things to de to p that out. set your thermostat to 78 degrees. that sounds warm but when the heat index outside is over a hundred that is will feel by comparison. it's actually kind of comfortable. also when the ac is on make sure your doors and windows are closed. common sense. also when that afternoon sun starts streaming through the window, make sure your curtains and blind are closed to keep the sun and the solar heat out. y t can alsorn off or unplug
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any light and device and plins that you're not using during the day because even thoseuse electricity when they are not on. things that generate he's, you clothes dryer, oven, dishwasher that kind of stuff, as much as cou can run those at night when it's ler. finally have a fan. everybody needs a fan. especially a ceiling fan. that is always best. ke sure your ducts are cleaned out and you want the cool air blowing out into the room ceiling fan and programmable thermostat can make a big difference. >> great advice. thank you. >> thnk u, chuck. traffic on i-95 can be a bear. it's really bad out there. a new studyound the worst spot on the entire of the state is in virginia where the highway crosses the river. you know thi aaron. people spend 1.2 million hours a year in delays. >> not surprised. >> on that boe mile southd stretch. what a ways to waste your time
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sitting in that traffic. social media craze is called "face app" and probably seen it over your social media pages. >> what are the security? jummy olabanji is working for you with thoses. detail good morning. you can take a look behind me and see a few of the celebrities have been tryingut that app and your friend and family probably have as well. these pictures show you with wrinkles and saggy skin and gray hair. the app which was developed in russia is a number one app r ght now for iphones and android. more than 100 million downloads. talk a picture of yourself and upload it to the app and see what you look like in the re futu. some security experts are cautioning this innocent funpo could serious privacy risks. >> what we are doing is posting our photos to apps lthis is creating a surveillance technology industry that is going to be worth billions of
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dollars and will always know what you look like. >> face app sent u.s. details say it only upload the photo you se dct ands not upload other photos from your camera roll. and most js aimages are deleted hours after you post the image. we have tips to limit what the app sees our phone and that information we just shared, go to face app in the nbc washington app. probably best to just leave it alone andbo enjoy every else's pictures. >> now i'm glad i didn't do it. thank you. it is the middle of summer but before you kw it, school bells will start ringing again. >> can you believe we are talking about this? we are working for you helping area kid get ready to head back to class a be prepared. molette green is live at backpacks for kid collection in
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prince george's county. >> reporter: good morning to fou. we are outside owhole food in the riverdale park community and we are ready to fill up this bin and many other. this year, we are partnering foth whole food at this first kickoff whole market that is generous enough to really start us off in a big way. carey is going to talk about the partnership and why you're happy to be here. >> right. everybody welcome towhole food market riverdale park and we are excited to be partnering with nbc 4 for bapack for kid. one of our core values is to give back to our local community. >> reporter: you've got a lot you're giving. you got more, right? not just in this bin. >> we have notepads and backpacks and partnered with one ofie our sup and generously donating all of this stuff and
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free breakfast for 234anybody w donates. and >> donate your backpack or cash and they have the spread et up. new set up. and news4 has goodies, these glasses. we needhose today as the heat goes up. we are getting started. we will will be here until 2:00 this afternoon. back to you. >> great to see the support for chool ho need to get started on the right foot. thank you. chuck bell has a look at the weather alert. >> chance for more strong thunderstorms later this afternoon. it's a pretty good looking morning outside but they thick. my glasses fogged up the instant i walked outside because it is so humid outside. . l a goodoking way to get the day started. if you have outdoor activities as soon a them do possible you can.
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78 now inasngton with a light breeze out of the south. light south to southwesterly wind tod will do nothing but pump in heat and humidity. temperatures in the 70s about everywhere. lone exception annapolis which is 81 degrees this morning. hour--hour planner in the low 90s today and not as hot as yesterday because we have extra cloud but there will be another storm chance later on into the afternoon and evening. high today 93. that is going tobe the coolest day until early next week. use your nbc wahington app to track any severe chances this afternoon and there is a rain chance out there this morning.t notice that l whole line there of hit and miss rain chances that extend from eastern pennsylvania down into parts of central west virginia. a couple of drops here this morning. that will be just about it. you can see on our view depends where you are the sun is shining on many spots. little eather that sprinkle chance out of here the
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next hour or two. early this afternoon possibility of stronger storms across yl northern marnd and later on into the afternoon that storm chance will build down into the tashington metro area so it doesn't look thampressive on our future weather delay but any of those individual storm could really pack a bunch like they did yesterday. things die out after about sun down and excessive heat watch for friday andik saturday ly to be extended into sunday. heat index tomorrow and saturday possibly amuch as 110 degrees. that is danger zone material for sure. more storms late sundaynto monday and i think last 90 for a little while on mea? >> lee street dark traffic light. chopper 4 should be there in a couple of minutes. 50. same situation in fairfax. traffic lights ose becau 3,000 customers without power through that area. make sure you treat it as a tour-way stop. cambridge road a 44th street a crash reported there in
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arlington this morning. outer loop and inner loopo problems there. travel times here. arsten to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your c today. find we will show you how eed and a lot of water are helping change the outlook of young people one of d.c.'s greenhouses.
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welcome back. aagine growing up in a food desert and nocess to fresh fruits and vegetables and a reality for so many d.c. kids who liveofast he anacostia river. >> but a learning center is helping to change that by training students ib uran farming. >> how does that look to you?c >> perfe it's growing.
6:24 am
at first there was no roots. now see the roots growing. rian summers is earning his ged at this adult ekarning center and two wes seto his internship at the school greenhougrowing butterhead lettuce and fresh collard greens. >> i've done it with my grandmother before. a new way to garden so i wanted to learn. reporter: it's a little more than simple gardening. the farming operation here is all recycled water. >> it ru down into a gutter and goes back there and gets cleaned and pued back uphe throug. so we use 90% less water than traditional farming but we use no dirt at all. >> reporter: the water is chuck full of nutrients and they are b to grow produce year-round. the lettuce takes 36from seed-to-harvest and half the time of traditional farming. >> we also teach them working skills. how to be on time to work and how to dress for a job and what you need to do to keep a job once you get here. >> reporter: that is only part of the maya school's mission
6:25 am
says ceo robert sim. >> our young people are intellectuals and critical sc holars in this world whoe have faced numerous challenges, who have been pushed out of oter schools and marginalized by society. our goal is not to question why they are here. our role and our goal as a organization is to support them right where they are at. >> reporter: the alternative school educates, but also inrovides clinical counseland other developmental services to care for the whole child. >> they discovered for themselves that this school ands and they are like, oh, my god. what do i do? i >> because can learn, like, how to grow plants and give food back to the community and anything. the mayy school started their helpith the anacostia development program. a lot of this food was given away to food banks this year. the goal of year two is take their fruit and vegebles from
6:26 am
the farm to the tables. hofully start farmers market and get produce to them. >> what a great program to help so many people with so many things with this one thing. a museum is a popular spot but a building has been sold. >> coming up what will happen today will give us a better idea what will happen to it overall. plus closing up shot. the mainstay for the d.c. region prepares to play its final ite. this extreme heat it's important to know no amount of time to leaf a child r at unattended in a car even at 80 degrees which when you leave at 8:00 this morning and when you leave ten minutes is up to a 100 in a car. could be over 110 degrees this afternoon after ten minutes in a car. do do
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two words to describe this heat this morning. >> and dangerous. >> chuck bell, such a pretty picture but just a picstre. >> ju a picture outside. very hum this morning. another look here at the national airport and runw. notice these darker cloud overhead. there are a couple of drops of rain across parts of our nearby weste and northern suburbs this morning but on the whole nornt a big rain chance until ler on in the afternoon. weather alert continues. highs in the 90s. heat index near 100 and chance s forere storms later today and part of the reason for a weather alert today. friday and saturday we are still going to be weather laralert because of the heat index on the y. upper 70s this morning and high today 93 and commute not too affected by the weather this morning but liaf yesterday rnoon there is pretty high
6:31 am
chance for a thunderstorm later on in the day today. more aboutn those itense heat indexes to come for the weekend coming up. melissa, good morning. >> good morning to you. chopper 4 over this issue in fairfax. 3,000 customers without power and a lot of intersections are now manned by police because they are out. lee highway and lee street people in the middle of the rote dir oting traffic becausethe outages. now here is another example we have dark traffic lights this morning. inner loop and outer loop okay in prince george's county. >> melissa, thank you. another person has died in a fairfax county retirement community. at the same time, health official hot been able to track down the source of an illness there. >> megan mcgrath is live outside of greenspring retirement
6:32 am
community in springfield. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. fairfax county official are still testing and figure out the origin of this illness why people are getting sick. we have new information here. we have learned that a third death has happened here at the greens ing retirementmmunity in springfield and that more than 70 residents have gotten ill from this respiratory infecti infection. three who died were elderly and complicated medical conditions. health official don't know the extent theesespiratory il contributed to theirh. deat health official saying they are dealing with respiratory illness outbreak in burke, virginia. 25 people stiick there but no deaths. health official say no connection beten thewo outbreaks' two different communities but the outbreaks are striking because they are
6:33 am
happening in the summertime, not the winter when normally we see lu and respiratory illnesses spreading through communities so a little unusual here. the testing continues and still trying to gure out the original of all this and why folks are getting sick and the facility, the communities are taking measures to prevent sp further read of this. >> megan mthcgrath, k you. here is look 59 other top stories we are following this vimorning. edence that was used in theal tri of james fields jr. has been madec. tano ed in ofub p charlottesville counterproteste killing heather heyer in2017. prosecutorslso played recorded conversations where fields said to his mother that heyer is an enemy. a judge will ruled on jeffrey epstein's bail proposal. his attorneys asking him to be
6:34 am
released on 100$100 million. procutors in massachusetts have drcent assault and battery charge against aincp kevin spacey who was accused of oping a 18-year-old in 2016. so far, no charges have been filed. spacey has repeatedly of the allegations against him. a new york jud sentenced el chapo guzmanusto live p 30 years and he'll be housed in a super max prison in the states.t pross say he controlled much of the illegal drug trade in the western hemisphere for almost 30 years. guzman spoke briefly before his sentencing saying he was denied a fair trial. fural plans are still in the work for former supreme court judge john paul stevens who passed away tuesday flowing a stroke. he was just months away from
6:35 am
celebrating his 100th birthday. this morning he will be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery alongside his wife in the section below jfk's memorial grave. virginia senator tim kaine has reached out to the fbi director asking thathe bureau vestigate the death of saudi arabian journalist jamal khashoggi. the "the washington post" resident and journalist was thrdered last october in consulate in turkey. several weeks ago the united nations released their own evidence on the murder. this morning, news4 is y working f with a new warning from the centers for disease control from ticks is on the rise. is joining us ji
6:36 am
with more. when people think of ticks we d think of lymeease and one of the most known disease out there but one of many people are contracted from this insect. dog tick can be found all across the d.c. region. it can be found all across our pr region. we know the precautions to take and wear long sleeves and pants and use tick repellant and check your skin regularly. it's also suggested if you plan to go hiking this summer, keep in the middle of the trail and raaway from trees and ges where the ticks like to hide. also important to know the signs of tick-borne illness. aches, pains, fevers along with any sort of fatigue or muscle weakness are all good signs you should head to your doctor. back to you. ahead, restoring glory. we are taking you inside the notre dame cathedral to show you the work underway to repair itf
6:37 am
it caught fire. and molette green is live in the community andng workior you. what is going on? >> i know it's hot. >> reporter: we have fans and goodies and we need your ckpacks and your cash donions. backpacks for kids campaign has started. re at the riverdale park community with more on that coming up. good thursday morning. today on "news4 today" at 4:00. we all know summer vacation for young ones can mean sleeping in and filling up on junk food. >> if someone says try this, it is good for u, the first sponse is going to be yuck! sponse is going to be yuck! >> this afternoon, we will show choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever. i switched to geico and saved hundreds.
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all present and ccounted for, sir. f >> girr the first time on granted to spend time at a boy
6:40 am
scout camp. some of the girls are participating in rifle and ca e canoeing. >> this rning, we are getting a look at the time repair work that under way. cameras were allowed inside during a tour of the site yesterday. french officials say the ceiling of the cathedral is still torn apart. officials are concerned more of the cathedral may collap. here is your cnbc morning business report. i'm kate rogers. keep an eye on netflix. the stock is slammed after they reported first quarterly decline in u.s. subscribers in nearly a decade. underwhelming performance and number of rivals including disney and nbc universal set to service the o coming months. netflix contributing to lower
6:41 am
growth partly to the lineup program change. the new season of "stranger things" didn't premiere until this month. netflix is playing do the coming loss of "friend" and"the office" saying it allows them to spend more on original content. that is your cnbc business report. i'm kate rogers. a nice cool game for a dog aris pol he looks like a big fat snowflake there. li to humane dog rescue alnce to find out how to adopt polar. get the miles walked early this morning before it g ts too hot and humid. another day with a thunderstorm chance later on in the day. even more oppresve weather for e weekend and details coming up. 95 northbound after prince william parkway two lanes blocked there. fairfax 50 a prosperity avenue
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yesterday a heat gavey to storms yesterday and brought down some trees and power line. >> this morning the cleanup ask u -- is under way. justin finch is in yuma street in northwest washington where the wind caused serious damage.r good mng. rning. that is right. luckily for neighborsd whomooo here along yuma street they are seeing progress this morning watching as crews continue to work to restore power to their cornerhere. yesterday was quite a mess out here we were told and work is returning for hours after trees toplepled wires here. the storm rolled in yesterday neighbors say close to 6:00 p.m. a lot of rain an a lot of very dark out here. before they knew it the large branches had come down, taking
6:46 am
with them the wires and took away power at their homes. one neighbor was driving here an yesterday arrived in time to see the aftermath. >> scary because it was so pretty stormy. pretty big glaflames in one neighbor's yard and still dark and you could tell how much damage was ere. >> reporter: coming home to flames very scary experience. d.c. fire knocked the flames out. luckily, didn'te.pread her the work now continues to bring their power back to these homes here along this area of 43rd and yuma street. we are seeing lights on some homes, perhaps a sign that the power has been restored or is beginning to trickle on and cpaws are ing up the larger of their operation and ooking to kvconfine it to this area.
6:47 am
e ecting traffic aroundrd and yuma and hopefully, the lights will be on sooner than later. their goal was 7:00 a.m. so thes clock i ticking here. this is a rally from president trump's rally last night. the crowd began to chant "send her back", referr ng congresswoman ilhan omar. >> the crowd ate it up and back here in d.c., the president's ocud with demats continue to fuel the democrats. peter alexander is here with re
6:48 am
mo >> you see the president with a re-election strategy and claimed vindication after the house voted t shootown an attempt to try to impeach him with most members opposing the resolution including speaker pelosi who is repeatedly urged democrats not to rush toward impeachment. this resolution was brough by a single congressman al green of texas who argued that the president's racist attack this pastkend on the congresswomen of color disqualified him from being president. the president dismis the motion saying he is winning the political fight, calling it, quote, stupid. what was the biggest take-away of democrats umbe who appear open to impeachment now appears to bewi gro. 95 voting to advance that resolution in the past we knew of just 80 democrats who had h been on board witit. the bottom line is this could be a divisive issue for the democratic party heading into the 2020 campaign easn. back to you. >> peter alexander live at the white house, thank you.
6:49 am
get his full report on "today" coming up next. breaking news in the district now. police just released information on a homicide. jummy olabanji is here with more. >> d.c. police say a man identified as valentine was shot yesterday afternoon. that 28-year-old man later died at the hospital. the shooting happened in 3800 block of second stree southeast and no motive so information with information on this shooting and including any possible suspects should contact the d.c. police. >> take a look at these pictures. stone tablet displaying the first amendment on the museum will be removed after the museum closes on december 31st. theit universy wants to place it
6:50 am
with glass for more light. e national philharmonic in montgomery county is preparing to clae. they have run out of money after 40 years. >> that is sad to see that go. chuck bell is tellings y.out weather alert toda tmoo the 90-degree count. far, eight 90-degree days in a row and 12 in a july 2019 count so far, 26 days above 90 degrees. a little ahead of what would be average for this time of the year. currently it is 78 in washingtoto wind aren'tmuch of an issue now and wind fairly light today but out of the southwest so that will bring in warmer and progressive even more humid air so don't expect the temperatures to stay below 80 degrees for long. 78 arlington and kwquantico.
6:51 am
high is 93 and the coolest of the next four days. next up closero 100 degrees. ar washing? take your chances. cold hose water might feel good this afternoon. therell be another chance for thunderstorm a you can see little broken up line of very light rain shower here from pennsylvania down into parts of central we virginia and a few sprinkles early this morning. those have pretty much dried up to this point. future weather keep us dry through the morning hours but by 1:00 or 2:00, a chance of stronger storms.u montgomery y could be impa ateasiodnc alynd e ar probably hve more storms bubbling up after 4:00 or 5:00 on the south side of washington. doesn't show up all that much on our future weather model but nonetheless the rain chance today stand at 60%. excessive ht watch for friday and saturday. these are forecast heat indexes for tomorrow afternoon up over
6:52 am
105 degrees at times. a very dangerous stretch of hot weather coming our wayri for fy, sat saturday and sunday and stormsikely today and next real chance for storms sunday and monday. speaking of cool, here is melissa mollet. >> very cool. that does look good. sad when the 80s look cool. northbound 95 after parkway cran the right shoulder so still delays. four miles worth of delays but getting better quickly here. inner loop braddock road slow down there with a crash on the ride. no major complaints at this point on the picture here.
6:53 am
everything in and out of town okay. same situation top of the beltway 95. bw parkway looking good. middle of summer and doesn't feel like before you it, you have to send the kid back to school. >> we are working for you helping area kids get ready to head back to class. molette green is live at a backpack for kids collection site in prince george's county this morning. how is the turnout looking? >> reporter: it's first collection site and we need your backpacks and notepads and school supplies and tag them
6:54 am
throughout the day. in the morning up u il 2:00 here at the whole foods market in the riverdale park community. here is a store leader here and knows ands li this community and works in this community. you know a need? >> absolutely. i think we partner with schools all throughout the year but bacm to school is when people need a boost to get their kid to start the school >> a lot of these backpacks go i to schools this community and we will do several more of these events so we need your help. your cash donations as if you t have a backpack, bring cash or a check and we will take all of it and whole food market has given away some breakfast when you donate. news4, nbc 4 has goodies set up for you. listen. this is very important to get the kid going in the right way, right? isn'tnt >> reporter: you can donate online and go to our website and
6:55 am
the information is there. backpacks? >> for kid! >> reporter: backpacks? >> for kids! >> reporter: it's for the kids. we are at the whole foods market in the riverdale park community and we want to see you and meet you and we have coffee and doughnuts and cookies and that was good. thank you for that. back to yoea hings tocause.hanch know. a federal review board will hear about changes for the museum building. johns opkins university purchased the building in january and want to transform it into a gradte program center. white house is slamming the democrats-controlled house after it voted toor holdney general william barr and commerce secretary wilbur ross in contempt of congress. the vote comes after both men refused to imply with subpoenas. more on "today" show coming up raid of michael cohen's new york office last year will remain public. search was part of an investigatn into's that
6:56 am
members of the trump campaign broke campaign finance laws. the documents are expected to be released by 11:00 a.m. check out the nbc washington app for updates. today a judge will rule on new york billionaire jeffrey s epstein'ailed proposal. his attorneys ask that he be released on a bond up to $100 million following hisrrest on sex trafficking charges. prosecutors argue he is alight risk. check out "today" next for a full report. looks like we have five more days of above 90 degrees before we break the current heat wave. take your shade breaks and stay hydrated and check on your elderly friend and neighbor especially if they don't have a working ac. >> four mile backup heading northbound and braddock at ox es
6:57 am
road a pian was just struck about fe minutes ago. so chopper 4 braddock road and ox road. y you can see the ambulance pulling up now so you might want to avoid that. >> the "today" show is next. ining for see you in 25 minutes for local news, weather, and traffic. until then, enjoy your day. >> make it a great evthursday, rybody.
6:58 am
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♪oo gd morning. the hot zone. m thatsive heat wave gripping more tn two thirds of the country just getting warmed up this morning. temperatures on the rise again. warningsn issued i dozens of states. nearly 200 million people coping any way they can. al has what to expect tay and through the weekend. >> rallying cry. >> send her back! sent her back! >> the president takes his campaign against four democratic congresswomen on the road. >> they don't love our country. i think in some cases hey hate our country. >> just ahea whyhe president thinks running against the -c soled squad is a political winner for him, and the in the houaittempt tohi impeach


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