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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 18, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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we're live with the unusual clue that helped police catch her acsed killer. plus, food for thought. how to keepyour kids eating healthy to av the summer d brainrain. with temperatures heating up this weekend,ot we've g four ways to stay cool and have fun on theer. i'm tommy mcfly. it's coming"n up on s 4 at 4:00. " first at 4:00, we're breaking for what could be a record-breaking summer scorcher. >> i'm patmu lawson e. >> and i'm leon harris.h right now more half the country, including all of us here, are under heat alerts, and can you see why here looking at this map. tripletures feeling li digits right now and it will only get worse this weekend. >> let's go to storm team 4 meteorologist amelia drapeto in thrm center. amelia? >> we're tacking about dangerous
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heat in the forecast tomorrow, saturday and sunday. the national weather service already issuing a heat advisory for your friday. cck it out. this is going to begin tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. and run throughout the entire day a expiring 9:00 in the evening. all of the areas in orange are under this heat advisory, so our entire area. where you're seeing the brighter pink over towards the eastern shore. that's a more serious excessive heat warning, t still in the heat advisory, we're talking about dangerous heat. then as we look to the weekend we already have an heat watch in the forecast for saturday and sunday, so what does this mean? we're going to see that until 11:00 a.m. and until 9:00 p.m. just like tomorrow. over the weekend it will feel dangerously hot from 100 to 115 degrees at time. you'll want to stay indoors. now tonight we're currently at 93 degrels. feeg like 95 by 7:00 p.m. with a temperature down to 86.
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as we continue through the evening hours it's hot and humid, and can't rule out an isolated thunderstorm. again, we have the heatdvisory to effect tomorrow. coming up at 4 sack, i'll walk you throughout the day hour by hour and letting you know when a will be the hottest when you want to keep the kids indoors. leon? >> thanks, amelia. remember, storm team 4 is orking for you around the clock as these temperatures rise. download the nbc washington app and set weather at your home page, and can you see everything there like the heat index numbers and get alerts about any advisories right th on the phone at all times so keep that handy. now, let's turn to se breaking news in maryland where a man is in custody this afternoon charged in the murder of a transgender woman. >> the victim in this case gunned down just over a month ago near eastern avenue on the maryland side. >> zoe spears, the second transgender woman to be killed d that same neighborhoo this year. >> let's go to news 4'sderrick ward who is live at prince george's county police s. headquart
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derrick? >> reporter: well, the arrest in this case is a major development for the community and for the police department, butit still leaves some questions to be answered. police arrested engineer ardo thomas at a job site in cecil county maryland. he's charged with first-degree murder for the shooting of 23-year-old zoe spears, a transgender woman gunned down just off eastern avenue last month. >> we still do not have a motive in this case. he was very vague about his involvement, and i'm not going to get too much into the nt iview and interrogation. however, he does place himself on the scene. he does place himself there with a shotgun. >> reporter: and police say thomas does place himself inside of that vehicle. that vehicle was an linchpin i the investigation. this surveillance photo was a still picture from a doorbell video camera just across the street from the scene of the crime, and that camera caught the crime in process. >> we discovered that vehicle was a renta from an enterprise rental agency in baltimore city.
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at that point we were able to get the renter's information and we began doing a lot of >> reporter: they say a search of his baltimore county home turned up a shotgun which iscu ently being examined to see if there's a ballistics match. they also wanted to get this picture of the minivan out there, jog anyone else's memory to see if someone in the neighborhood may have seen it before orun after the j 13th murder. hiolice say tis still an open investigation. >> yes. derrick, we know about another transgender woman gunned downst ju few months before zoe spears. do we know where that case stands, and do police think there's a connection between these two cases? >> reporter: well, that is an open case, and it was brought up here, that murder of aanti cameron happened in march. both victims knew each other, and thepp murders haed within walking distance of each other, but besides proximity and familiarity among the victims
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kipolice aren't ma a solid connection at this point. it seems to be just a tragic coincidence. again, both of those cases are still beingorked so we can see what happens in the future. >> all right. tragic indeed. derrick ward. thanks, derrick. >> let's get now to some more breaking news coming in this hour. erika gonzalez is standing by th with ano look at a u.s./iran confront sglags another escalation in what's already a tense relationship. president trump says a u.s. navy ship shot dwn ntoday. here's the president talking to reporters just moments o at the white house. >> an iranian drone which had closed into a very, veryea n distance, ignoring multiple calls to stand down and was threatening the safty of the ship. the drone was immediately destroyed. this is the latest of many provocative and hostile actions by iran.or
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>> repr: the strait of hormuz is a narrowwaterway. weeks ago iran shot down an unmanned u.s. drone that the white house said was flying over international waters. we're waiting to see how iran responds to this. as soon as we do, we'll bring you updates right here on news 4. leon, right back over to you. >> thanks, erika. now let's turn l to thete developments in the jeffrey epstein case. the new york billionaire will remain in bail after j age denied bail. the defense had proposed a $77 million bail package with 's epsteinrivate jet and manhattan mansion put up as collateral, but the judge declined that saying epstein wat a fligh risk and a danger to underaged girls. a search of his house earlier this week uncovered cash and an expired passport from a foreign country that showed epstein's picture under a different name. epstein accused of trafficking girls as young a 14
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years old. he's pleaded not guilty. now to some incredible images of a fireripping through a home in prince william county. you can actually in t picture see smoke pouring out of windows at the home on burbank lane in dale city. news 4 owes dre wilder reports. >> reporter: just talked with a family who lived inside this dale city home, and they are counting their blessings tonight that they weren't home when fire broke out inside this home early this morning. the fire department thinks it started in the basement, and it at all the damage that caused as the fire moved up to the secondoond third flof this home. now i want to show you some video that chopper 4 got early this morning. the fire department says that the fire broke out here at this dale city home shortly after 8:00 this morningnd then it made its way through the rest of the home. they estimate the damage somewhere in the neighborhood of $300,000. now, the family w lives here didn't want to go on camera with us, but i spoke with one of the neighbors who actually saw the flames from his home and ran ross the street to make sure that the family was okay.
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>> we go over it. we started knocking on the window and the doors to make sure that there's no one. they could still be sleeping, so we realized that one of the cars wasn't there, and that's when we backed off, and then that's when the fire rescue came. >> reporter: right now investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire, but get this. the reason that the family wasn't here this morning is because the power went out last niht during the storm and they went to a hotel. the family says that the fire started rig about the same time that the power was switched back on to the neighborhood. reporting in dale city, drew wilder, news 4. >> we "now" what caused a o-alarm fire at a toolbox warehouse district. a battery sparking the fire engulfing theusour b in flames and megan mcgrath explains that the he and humidity outside me tough conditions for the firefighters. >> reporter: this cell phone video taken by a viewer shows
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flames.tour bus in this was a challenging fire to knock down. the burning bus inside a very large wehouse. the curved roof, the kind that's prone to a collapse, a dangerous situation for first responders and then there was the blinding smoke. >> it's a very dangerous situation. we try to prevent the firefighters from getting lost. at one point we had aire officer become separated from his company. he delayed a may day, but fortunately he was abl to find his way to anac at door. >> reporter: making the job even more difficult, the extreme heat an humidity. wearing heavy full protective gear, extra units werealled to the scene so fifth corsi gets pped out frequently. >> it's hot outside. inside you encounter heat, smoke, zero vsibility. working your butt off to the point of exhaustion and beyond.
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cture running the marathon and come out ande ging your gear off and hitting the heat again reliezero >> another air conditioned bus was used as a cooling station. the rule of the day, stay hydraed. the causf this fire is accidental. a malfunctioning battery on the bus is to blame. in northeast, megan mcgrath, news 4. the apollo 50 festival is in full swing on the national mall. it's a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing. there are tents filled with exhibits between fourth and seventh streets. ou'll hear from international space station astronauts and nasa scientists, and you can check out neil am strong's suit on display for the first time in 13 years. the festival runs through saturday evening. open the nbc washington app for full details. g >> don't for the washington monument lights up again tonight with a life-sized represent cast saturn 5 rocket. it's onlyabout 350 feet high up
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there and that's the rocket that youee there that was used in the apollo1 mission to the moon and people will get a chance to relive that historic launch on friday and saturday nights. ther and space museum will show archival footage of the launch fom giant screens. there are viewing areas set up right now between the facility and castle andhe museum of national history. >> just an amazing image, isn't it? >> and by the time that thing starts it will be a lot cooler outside. >> that's good. still ahead on news 4, a new and uettling rallying cry in the 2020 presidential race. >> send her back! send her back! >> that's the crowd chanting send her back after the president criticizes a democratic congresswoman of color. how the president responded to that today us, how women are leading the charge in the fight against cyber security threats.
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>> i'm adam tuss. we're waking out here in this heat, but i'll tell you wh some commuters may face even warmer
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this weekend we could reach the hottest temperatures we've seen in three years. 're experiencing dangerous heat right now, and you're
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looking at the heat index right now. as you can see, a lot of triple-digit temperatures out there. >> yeah, those coule of dae wish we had numbers like those because it could feel like 110 degrees outside over the weekend. the heat is taking a toll on us all right now. >> amelia is standing by with the forecast but transportation reporter adam tuss is out a with look from the metro station where a lot of riders don't have cool air at the station. adam? >> reporter: u.elievable, pat we have been baking at these metro stations for years, and the cool air still isn't here. at dupont circle, fairgate north and we're hearing union station is in the 90s in terms of theeg dee readings so a lot of sweating out here. meantime, as everyone tries to get around. yeah, it's getting a bit teamy. trying to beat the heat as yo ry to get around. >> you just feel like you're wearing a plastic bag all over. >> that's terrible. >> horrific.
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>> hey, this is d.c. in july, after all, but metro rideers have be sweating it outfor years at the dupont school and fair gate north station while the cooling systems there still aren't fixed. fans on platforms trying to help wih the swampy feeling. >> i tried to dress for it, and i definitely expected the metro stations to be hot and muggy. >> this rider writes on twitter info.rail why does my face look like this every day at fairgate north? where's the air? it's been four, yes, four years without air at the station ands itt just trains. the heat taking tolls on drivers as well. the repair crew using a trick to get the truck battery jump started, pouring coke on the battery terminal to eat away at the corrosion. >> works all the time? >> yeah. >> reporter: you need to get that stuff off there, the greenishcolor, pour a little bit that on there and it falls right off. >> reporter: wouldn't you know,
4:16 pm
it the truck started right up. >> there we go. finally. >> reporter: i did not know about the coca-cola ard the c battery trick. you learn something new every day when you're out here, and also check in with mark and vre. you could be seeing service-related delays so give yourself extra time and stay hydrated out there. back for you. >> i don't know if you want to waste an ice coldon coke a day like today. don't pour all of it out. >> reporter: even the car wants it. >> be careful out there, and right nowou y can find cooling places and splash parks, some open late because of the juearch pool on the nbc washington app. >> amelia, we said this is dangerous heat and we haven't even peaked y p. >> we'llak over the weekend. saturday and sunday is when it will feel the hottest out there, but no matter how you slice, it tomorrow, saturdaynd sunday
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we're dealing with dangerousea hea and every day, and i think the important thing to keep in mind is even if you're eading to the pool, you don't realize how hot you are and how much you're sweating so takingds the kio the pool, make sure they are hydrating each and every time they get out. here are the weatherheadlines. dangerously hot through the weekend. tomorrow we have a heat advisory in effect which we saw two days o, and then for saturday and sunday we have an excessive heat watch in effect. that excessive heatch on saturday and sunday will either become a heat advisory or a more serious excessive heat warning. a lot of wording going on so i'll break it down for you. a watch mea it could happen. the advisory that we're seeing tomorrow means heat is happening. it's dangerous out there, and it's ade mote risk situation so you want to be especiallyattn d older adults.
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and a rning, it's happening and take risk utpreons. tomorrow we're starting off near 90 degrees in gaithersburg, annapolis and baltimore. bylunchtime weave dangerous heat out there. that heat advisory tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. at's when you want to avoid time outdoors. feeling about 103 in the district in leesburg and frederick. at noon about 100 in hagerstown, continuing to track triple-digit heat. here's 4:00 p.m. we'll right at the weather d thresholnd upgrading us to the excessive heat warning. something chuck and i will be monitoring throughout the day and bottom line. look at 7:00 p.m., coming home from work, still feeling like 105egrees. even at sock tomorrow night the feels-like temperature is in the 90sunnd even aro 100 in some locations. the thermometer tomorrow is
4:19 pm
going to read 98 degrees for a aihigh, but, ag with the high humidityevels it's feeling anywhere from 100 to 110 degrees for the majority of the day. so drink plenty of water. if you must be ououtdoors, if y can, avoid being outdoors, especially during the afternoon hours. if you're out there wear light-colored and loose-flitting clothing and keep kids and pets inside, never leave them in a hot car. even with the window down. the temperature is still than the outdoor temperature which is dangerous on its own. saturday it's 100, and that will be the first time since august of 2016 since we've hit 1 and 99 on sunday and monday is a tran its day to coolermu weathe. ch more on the weekend on the transition day with more come up at 4:45. >> thanks, amelia. for tie healthy is tough adults let alone your kids, and
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we know it getseven harder in the sh,mer. >> yea but did you know that where you keep your food can make a big difference? still ahead on news 4, the that's in your frid prime real estate for goodies. >> but, first, finding growth in an unexpected place. how some seeds and a lot of water are helping change one of d.'s food deserts. i switched from dodge.
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instagram is considering getting rid of its gnature feature, the company is expanding a test that hides likes and focuses on thho ptos and videos you share. they say the goal is to make users feel less judged. you'd still be able to see the number of likes on your own posts. they would just be hidden from everybody else. this is being rolled out to six new countries. many local children, especially d.c. kids east of the acostia risk gr up in what's commonly called a food desert with places with no easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables. but ward 7 is helping to chtge t by training students inan urbfarming. news 4's aaron gilchrist has the story. >> how does that look to you?
4:24 pm
perfect. it's growing. at first theree wer no roots. not a lot of roots, but now you iee the roots are growing. >> reporter: dar is earning his ged at the maya angelou young adult learning center and is about two weeks into the internship at the greenhouse growing butterheadce let and fresh collar groans. >> i've gardened with my th grandmoer before and it's a new way to garden so i wanted to learn it. >> reporter: it's a little more than simple gardening. the g operation is hydroponic, all recycled water. >> it gets down and gets cleaned and pumped back up through here so we use 90% less water than traditional farming and use no di at all. >> the water is chock full of nutrients, and harriton says his student employees are able to grow lettuce year round. this lettuce takes 30 days from seed to farming. >> also teach skills, how to
4:25 pm
dress for a job, get along with people, what to do to keep a job once you get here. >> reporter: and that workforce development is only part of the school's mission says the ceo robert simmons. >> our students have faced numerous challees and have been pushed out of other schools and marginalized by society. our goal is not to question why they are here. our role and our goal as an organization is to support them right where they are at. >> the alternative school educates and also provides clinical counseling and other developmental services to care for the wholec ld. >> they discover for themselves this school and their community a food desert, and they are likoh, my god, like what do i do? >> because i did learn like how to grow plants and give food back to the community and things. >> they are recycling the water. they are helping feed their community. >> smart, very smart. >> yes, indeed. >> greato payoff, t keep it up, kids. >> still ahead.
4:26 pm
preventing summer brain drain. >> we're working with you w h with the foods to stock up on and where to keep t themo help keep your kids sharp before school starts. >> plus, fourthways to water. tommy mcfly shows us how you can keep cool over theek wed. >> but,blfirst,me game. outrage after president trump intensifies his attack of democratic women of
4:27 pm
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back now at 4:28 on this steamy thursday. >> that's right. it isll steamy a right. hot but the dangerous heat, that's moving back in. >> let's check back with amelia draper. amelia. itoing to be the temperatur heading into the weekend. index. e heat >> not just theteerature but heat index as well.e yesterday we wre dealing with tomorrow and and saturday as well. here's a look at youry hum levels out there. check it o i think that face says it all. it's oppressive oute here. art to transition on monday butte we're still qui humid. it's not feeli comfortable atound here until tuesday. coming up 4:45 i'll let youh know ow this dangerous heat will potentially impact our air quaty tomorrow and alsowhen it will feel the host over the weekend. the ma ark gonzalez newsroom. if you're just joining us at
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430, let's get you caught up with four things to know. police in prince george's county have a man in custody in connection to the murder of a transgender woman. gerardo thomas is accused of shooting zoear spes to death near eastern avenue last month. investigators say they used surveillance video of the suspect's vehicle to track him down. >> jeffrey epstein will stay inh jail until sex trafficking trial begins. the judge denied the new york billionaire bail saying he flight risk and danger to underage girls. epstein is accused of trafficking in girls as young as 14 years old. he's pleaded not guilty. residents are getting the chance to sound off about plans for a newamazon facility in prince george's county. developers want to build the distribution center at westphalia town city. tracey wilkins is working this story and will have new reaction on today's meetiom. that's cng up at 5:00. president trumis now disavowing the send her back chant. we're going to send things over
4:31 pm
into the studio andaw pat ln muse will have more on that story. pat? >> yes. erika, the president is now saying -- he isdisavowing the send her back chant that went his re-election rally last night as he criticized the american service of a congresswoman. he said he tried to stop the crowd by speaking quickly but that's not what the video shows. craig boswell is track the story for us. >> reporter: that video is clear. the president today still blaming his supporter for the chanting, but the main targets of the attack say the president is to blame. representative ilhan omar standing it upo president ump as he intensifies his attack on her and three other congresswomen of color. >> this is not about me. this is about us fighting for what this country truly should be and what it deserves to be. >> reporter: targeted for days by the president, his supporters joined in wednesday night at a campaign rally in north carolina. >> omar has ahi ory of
4:32 pm
launching viciousti emitic screeds. >> send her back! send her back! >> reporter: send her back is what the crowd chanted aut the smally-born congresswoman. >> i didn't like that they did and started to speak quickly. >> reporter: in fact, he stood silent for 13 seconds as the crowd shouted send her back, and he repeated his controversial message to these four congress r women and the place in this country. >> if they don't love it, tell them to leave it. >> reporter: that message also aimed at congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> i think that the president put millions of americans in danger last night, his rhetoric is endangering lots of people. >> congresswoman omar today enkoirngt and e encountering and encouraging another u.s. citizen.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: america divided about a fiece war of words that began with a single tweet. a recent "usa today"/ipsos poll found that two-thirds of people found the president's tweetsffensive while republicans agreed with him. we along with o sister station telemundo 44 are working to make sure locald kids in nee are prepared when they head back to school the nt month or so. derrick ward explains. >> reporter: we want to make sure that kids have what they need to start school, supplies, backpacks, even cash donations if they wantit to. all to make sure that the kids have what they need in the fall to start out. we're looking at eementary school kids. it gets more complicated as they get older, but it's not too late for you to still give. go to our website and make a secure donation there, and make sure ds get a great start.
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in college park, derrick ward, news 4. the back to you. >> thanks, derrick. tomorrow on "news 4 today" we're helping you beat the heat. see how a community ice rink is giving back as the teerature rises. other mollette green is throwing on some skates and she will have details on a tripou'll want to make. so check that out. >> still ahead here. cyber security experts wanted. a new hiring push by the federal government un r way. >> plus, cove and cats. we're taking you inside loudoun county's newest cat cafe. >> maybe you crossed over the bridges in and out of district all the time, but have you ever hought of getting on the water for a little fun? maybe this weekend. maybe this weekend. i'm tommy mcfly
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the cat is out of the bag, you could say. a new cat cafe is now open in sterling, virginia. meow's corner business is the of its cat lovers to do the same things you do in a local coffee shop, having coffee and a snack or working or reading on your laptop. if you'r looking to adopt a pet it's a way to get to know the cats and their personalities. >> a big majority of the customers we have have cats at home, but i think they are generally cat lovers and just like to spenda relax time with the nutser of ca that we have here. >> meow's corner is located in
4:38 pm
the cacade's overlook shopping center. it's their first week in business, and already four cats have been adopted. that's ndeat. aa reminder that we are just a month away from nbc 4's annual clear the shelters campaign. many shelter will offer incentives to encourage pet adoption. well, if you know news 4 ow4's tommy mcfly you know he has his pulse on everything that's happening in the dmv and that's why he's launching the new segment called "the scene." >> and since it's going to be an especially hot weekend, tommy scoped out theest spots on the potomac so you know where to go and cool off and have a little fun, too. let's dve right into. >> reporter: maybe you spend hrs a week commuting on the willston bridge or here at the key bridge in georgetown, but re a whole world of recreation on the water. we've got four ways for you to enjoy the river starting with ta
4:39 pm
s-up paddleboarding. >> once oyou're ten yardsut you can stand up, have a nice wide stance, or you can grab a seat on a self-guided kayakr run fom the key bridgebothhouse. how far do these go? can you get to the 14th street or will stone bridge? >> once you get to the memorial bridge you hit no-wake zone. it's a lengthy paddle, about a 5k to go all the way around the roosevelt island. >> reporter: the byob over 21 set, the battleweoats. do a quick bathroom break down near the pentagon. do you have to pedal the entire time? >>y we like to joke that you dos pedaling optional. we have a motor back there. it's fun to be the pedal and be the people power to it. at the wharf in suthwest this
4:40 pm
wharf ferries people back and forth and there's always space at the tennis court. if you want to ditch the car completely hop on a water taxi in georgetown at the wharf thatt opens upthe navy yard for baseball and soccer games and to oldtown alexandria and prince george's county at national harbor. whether it's a day on the water, outdoor movies or upcoming concerts we've got you covered with "the scene." open up the nbc washington app and search the scene for upcoming events and fun all ound thegion. on the potomac river, i'm tommy mcfly, news 4. >> all kinds of way to keep you cool. >> good ideas. check it out and let us know how much fun have you. >> more women in the workplace,l that's the gof a new hiring push by the federal government. still ahead, howou can help fight cyber security threats. >> but, first, don't take a summer vacation on your healthy habits. some tips to keep your kids eating right. and heads up. this is forw. tomor
4:41 pm
the national weather service has issued a heat advisory from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. what does this mean? well, it means throughout the day including a timestamp before fe00 p.m. on our future heat index it will near and around 110 degrees. over the weekend, it could feel i'm going to be b ♪ you know when you're at ross and that cute dress gets even cuter? yes. or when you can say yes... to both? (smiling) sure. or when you find that brand at that price?
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our regular routines in the summer have a lot of kids sleeping in and eating out, junk food. n >> summer stuff. >> but your healthy habits don't have to go on vacation just because your family does. >>r doreen gentz joining us with advice to keep your kids eating right even when you're o the go. >> it's me again, tlking about summer brain drain. research shows that kids are more likely to gain weight after school gets out and summer vacation gets under way. with african-american and hispanic children are most at risk. there are simple things you can do the summer without tipping th scales.
4:44 pm
>> if someone said try this, it's good for you, the first sponse is going to be yuck. >> reporter: getting kids to eat healthy can be challenging with summer camps, vacation, long days atthe pool, but there are some simple things t ct you do at home to encourage smart decisions, and it starts with where you keep your food. >> placement in the refrigerator and freezer and the counter are crcal. studies show that if they are visible and grabable, that's when children and adults are more likely to eat something. >> reporter: katherine talmage is a registered dietician and the author of "dietsimple." to promote healthy habits she tells parents to maker childen part of the process from grocery shopping to preparing the meals at home and keeping mealtime en september, evon vacation. >> that's one of the reasons people gain weight when they are not at work or not at school. they don't eat at their regular times, and when had you skip
4:45 pm
breakfast, that's going to make you hungrier later and less particular perhaps about your choices. >> reporter: if you're hitting the road, talmage says try to lan ahead to avoid stopping at fast food restaurants that line the its on the way to the beach. >> we've gotten out of the habit of packing food. put sere peanut but jelly sandwiches and yogurt and even some fruit. >> reporter: and even though ice cream can be hard to resist in the summer. >> this is made withcher is.: >> reporterlook for healthier alternatives like fruit and p yogurt parhase or frozen fruit popsicles. for younger kids especially, talmage says you don't have to focus on the nutritional value. instead focus on how good it tastes. >> you're eating acher de, and you say oh, oh, my god, this tastes like candy. oh, these blueberries are the best i've, and the child says, hey, what about me?yo
4:46 pm
can roast veggies to perfect that even carrots taste like french fries. >> reporter: now, that may not work as well with teenagers, but young kids can't affordo start bad habits. >> nutrition is especially important when you're owing, developing. all your organs are developing. your brain, your heart. y> reporter: it's also really important to s hydrated during the summer, especially when we're in a heat wave like the one we've got going now. enc trage your childr drink lots of water, and try to limit juices and other sugary drinks.t katherinealmage recommends cooking more meals at home bus restauranties are often loaded with calories andxtra ingredients, no matter how healthy they might look on the menu. coming up tomorrow series contues with results from a personal trainer on ways to keep your family active in the summertime, including some fun exerciseshat the whole family can enjoy together. that's tomorrow at 4:00.
4:47 pm
a little skepticism on the desk here about french fries -- carrots tasti like french fries. go >> are you od enough to make a carrot stick intofrench fries? >> roasted vegetables, my kids will eat roasted vegetables pretty quickly over steamed vegetables. a> and most kids will eat cherries that tste like candy. >> and who can't appreciate if you tell -- if you tell a kid something is good for them, that's -- >> that's the worst thing you can do. >> a ydeal-breaker ever single time. but act like you don't want to share because it's so delicious. >> and getting them to i chip and pitch in to help them make the dishes is a good idea. >> like we used to make popsicles when we were kids. >> make them play outside and have some exercise so they can ve some ice cream. >> earn it. >> good stuff, doreen. >> thanks, doreen. the sunflower fields in montgomery county are now in peak bloom.
4:48 pm
chopper 4 flying over this field earlier today. visitors are invited to tour the fields and snap your photos.s the fieare also part of the county's conservation program. the blooming flowers or a food ource for morning doves, songbirds and other wildlife, and they are beau iful. >> a they love the sun, they are getting their fill today. they are getting their fill this weekend, that's for sure. i we're ta about temperatures this weekend feeling like 110 degrees both saturday and sunday. just, you kno very dangerous. >> i heard chuck earlier today say this is the eighth day in a row. >> we're in the midst of a heat wave, tracking temperatures in the 90s, maybe even 100 on saturday. relief doesn't really arrive until tuesday. right now it's feeling like triple digits in washington with the heat index out there of 101. agn, the heat index is the temperature and the dew point which is theumidity combined as to how hot it's feeling out there. you can see 99 in the manassas
4:49 pm
and 97 in gaithersburg. tomorrow, 78 is going to feel lik 88 degrees as you start off your day at 7:00 a.m., and i have dangerous heat in the forecast starting around lunctime and going right on through the evening hours. we have that heat advisory in effect from 11:00 a.m. number a9:00 p.m., during that time period is when you want to limit your time and your kids' time outdoors. 95 degrees at noon will feel more like 105. the worst heat will be around 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. where 98 will feel like 105. close to 110.ig even tomorrow though at 7:00 p.m., we're like 59 degrees out there. we are under a heat advisory right now. i wouldn't be surprised though if the national weather service upgrades part of the area, especially the d.c. metro area to much more serious excessive heat warning out there rig now just based on what i'm seeing with the temperature and dew point, and when you g h the temperatures, oftentimes theyco cide with poor air quality and i'm seeing the potential for
4:50 pm
morrow, quality especially in the d.c. metro area. another reason to keep kids indoors. his means if you have respiratory, heart issue, elderly and kids, you real want to take it easy outside. here's the temperature versus he heat index right through the weekend. we're near 110 tomorrow which is on the threshold of the extensive heat warning. saturday it's feeling like 115 degrees outside. this is worst case scenario, bu throughout the day feeling anywhere from 100 to 115. on sunday it's feeling about 11 degreesoutside when we hit our high temperature of 99. so with that this weekend we do have that excessive heat watch in effect saturday and sunday. this begins at 11:00 a.m. and goes until 9:00 p.m. again, this beces a heat advisory or an excessive heat warning. a warnineris more sus than an advisory and when we're talking about heat in our area, basically boast those thresholds will be want to show you some symptoms of some heat exhaustion. faintness or dizziness, nausea,
4:51 pm
vomiting, massive sweating and with this dangerous heat, wreon h sunday, we may have latede day thuntorms on sunday, but for the most part we'll be dry. i'm only seeing an isolated shower. we'll be dry through weekend for the most part. on monday showers and thunderstorms around, especially later in the day. that will help us cool things off. on tuesday low humidity and temperatures in the 80s. afterathat next week wh a difference from this week. we continue to track temperatures in the mid-80s wednesday, thursday, we start to warm back upon friday, but the humidity levels are low. bottom line, with ear talking about dangerous heat over the eekend with relief arriving on tuesday. >> what a relief that will be. >> yes. >> thank you. now to a video that's going viral and warming hearts. >> check it out here. a woman in texas celebrating the
4:52 pm
end of her radiation treatments for breast cancer. she took part in a long-standin tradition ringing the cancer-free bell at this hospital, and then this happened. [ bell ringing ] >> oops >> she was so excited she bke the bell. >> her name is darla. the rope went flying everybody off the bell sending everyone int a fit of laughter. >> the hospital posted this video on twitter and people have been re-tweeting it and liking it and congratulatingarla on beating breast cancer and beating the heck out of that bell, too. >> get a new bell. >> more than just a symbolic video there. >> that's a great one. something about the texase wom they are super strong. >> would you go there. >> i had to. >> what's coming up? >> a lot is coming up.
4:53 pm
we've got an update on the news 4 i-team investigation. we told but thisdr popular ug tests used by police that can't tell the difference betweeot p and cbd. now new test kits from europe could solve that problem. the ieam will put them to the test. plus, how your air conditioner could be actually making you sick in all next team heat. the warning that you'll want to hear from "consumer reports" so we'll seli new just a le bit with those stories and a whole lot more coming up
4:54 pm
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i'd rather not.
4:56 pm
as kooiber security threats from around the world ramp up, so are attempts to solve them. kayla tausche has the steny from the pgon. >> right now they are working together. >> reporter: mariah kenny didn't always want to be a cyber security expert. >> i took a course on cyber security, only understood half of it. >> reporter: kenny now works with croestrike, th company hired by the democratic national
4:57 pm
committee. the winners of a competition get facetime with potential emplors. it's part of a growing effort by to woo s and government new workers is, especially women, which make up 19% of an industry long viewed as a for geeks and men. >> when i started myr car, iar clely remember an individual, one of the male seniors, saying don't worry. u're going to get married and start a family at a some point this won't be important to you. >> reporter: thepu dety chief informationvers at the pe agon and partof her mind is luring bestminds away from silicon valley. if it is about money, obviously wet can't compe, but if it's about mission, focused on what we do for the nation and also a penchant to serve of, we tcn every time. >> reporter: that hit home for florida seni claire siler. >> the problems that we face in cyber security have real worldo
4:58 pm
ctes consequences so the difference betweenot solvingro a em in cyber security and solvceg it is the differen between millions of people having their data leaked out or having the data be protected. >> reporter: there a roughly half had a million cyber security jobs open in the united states. 5,000 of those are here at the defense department where miller says a diverse set of perspectives will lp thwart a wider variety ofs. threat kayla tausche, cnbc business news, the pentagon. right now at 5:00, answers in the murder of a transgender woman. i'm erika gone les. >> and i'm pat lawson muse. the breaking news out of george's county. one man arrested. how police linked him to the case and why they din not thk he's involved in anoer transgender murder case. plus hot, hot, hot. the coeitions over the n few days are not only going to be dangerous, th arehe goi nextng couple of days. and with that being said the
4:59 pm
national weather service has alreadyssd a heat advisory tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and the heat fills into the weekend. i'll break down'sow hot i going to feel in my forecast. and we begin with a big break in the murder of a transgender woman in maryland. >> investigators say the key to tracking down the killer was a unique paint job on the suspect's car. >> zoe spears gunned down just over a month ago near eastern avenue along the prince george's and d.c. line. pe news 4's derrickard wpolice capture the sust. derrick? >> reporter: indeed. it was just a little old detective work and some reaching out to other people who knew something about cars. all of these parts came together, bg one thin that this investigation and this arrest does is assuage some of he concesrn community that whis crimen't being taken seriously. in addition to solving or at least leading to an arrest.
5:00 pm
they also reewhed some n overtures among police department in that community. the arrest of gerardo koresh does doe thomas for the m of 23-year-old transgender woman zoebarnesll l nasleads to more questions. >> we still don't have any motor any of this case. he was very vague about his involvement i won't get to the interview andntrogation. however he does place himself oa the scene places himself there will with a shotgun. >> reporter: police say the lexington park resident was arrested at a job site in cecil county yesterday. this picture taken from surveillance video captured neither crime case helped break the case. the murder itself was caut on video and this van is a rental. distinctive features, the roof rack, the rims helped


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