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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 18, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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heat advisory for the entire area tomorrow. this heat advisory begins at 11:00 a.m. and will return throughout the entire day expiring at 9:00 at night. check it out. the areas in orange are going to be under that heat advisory and during this time period you really need to take it's. if you're outdoors make sure youe drinking plenty of water, if you can, with the kids. avoid being outsideci espely during the afternoon hours and then look to the weekend on saturday and sunday. this is what the national weather service has already posted for the weekend. an excessive heat watch for all of the areas here in red. this also begins at 11:00 a.m. and runs until 9:00 p.m. more on how hot it will feel throughout the day tomorrow a over the weekend and first here's what you can expect tonight. maybe an isolated shower but it's real all about the mugginess. it's still feeling close to 990 degrees out there. again, much more and what we can xtexpt over the ne couple of days coming up at about 6:20. >> thanks, amelia.
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meantime, we're following making news in maryland where police ay a unique paint job help them track down a killer. >> a man is in custody for the murder of a transgender woman, zoe ars who was gunned down last month near eastern avenue. the crack in thisam case c from surveillance images of a car.4' news derrick ward joins us with details. derrick? >> reporter: yeah. you know, sometimes it can be the smallest details, seemingly insignificant details, that can lead to a major development in the case like this, and as you'll hear in a story phlice e a suspect. they say he's being vague about some things and the question they wouldn't most answered is why. the arrest of gerardo crescendo thomas r the murder of 23-year-old transgender rom zoe barnes last month is a major break for investigators, but it leads to more questions. do >> we still not have a motive in this case. he was very vague about his involvement, and i'm not going to get too much into the
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interview and interrogation. however, he does place himself on the scene. he does place himself there with a shotgun. >> reporter: police said lexington park resident was arrested at a job site in cecil county yesterday. this picture take from surveillance video captured near the crime scene helped break the case. the murder itself was caugan on video this man with a rental. >> we were able to get the t represenhor's information, and we began doing a lot of background on him. reporter: investigators found that thomas has family in prince george's county, and they say a search of hison lexingark home turned up a shotgun. >> and we'll see if we can link thateshotgun to th shotgun used to kill sewy. >> zoe spears' murder happened near another murder, that of a transgender woman ashanti cameron seen here in this picture with zoe. sh wasilled near along eastern avenue in march, and police at this point say they e not ready to establish a tnnection to their deaths. >> i can justell you that the two of them knew each other and
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we spoke to zoe about ashanti's murder sneer police say prostitution is down now in the area where the murder happened, and there's a concerted effort to reach out to the lbgtq community and the sex workers in the area. >> what can we do as a community to help the young ladies out here doing this, because if you're out here doing this work, you're really inal surviv mode. >> reporter: they also wanted to get the picture of the minivan out there to jog anyone's memory, to see if someone in the neigh rhood may have seen it before or after the june 13th murder. and there's still some illedtigative holes to be here. again, the ballistic evidence, and police also, as we said, want to know h if anybody seen that car before or after this crime may have happened. that may help them do soh thing wihe whereabouts of the suspect and help them come to more conclusions. we've live, derrick ward, news 4. doreenback for you. >> derrick, thank you. i know a l people are happy to see how hard police are lve this case. violence against transgender
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women al particu transgender women of color is an issue nationwide. according to a human rights campaign 11 transgender women have been killed so far in 209. all of this year's victims are black. last year the hrc says advocates tracked the murders of more than two dozen transgender people. we turn now to some breaking news coming in the ongoing tensions between the u.s. and iran. >> a short a time president trump announced a u.s. navy ship shot down an iranian drone over the strait of hormgz. he said that the "uss bow," took defensive action after the drone closed within 1,000 yards and ignored multiple calls to stand down. this is just the latest incident to be report near the strai of hormuz. iran shot down a u.s. surveillance dronen the region last month, and the white house has blamed tehran for recent mine attacks on oil tankers.
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developing now, our first look at newly unsealed fbi search warrants in a case that sent president trump's former fixer and lawyer michael cohen to president. these documents suggest the fbi believed president trump and former white house aide hope hicks had advanced knowledge. lleged scheme to hide hush money payment to stormy daniels. the documents describe the calls in the final weeks of the 2016 campaign between cohen, hicks and mr. trump. the fbi believed at least some. communications concerned the efforts to keep daniels from going public with afternoon alleged affair story that the president denied at the time. the calls began october 8th of 2016 which happened to be the da after the release of the "access hollywood" tape which the president graphically boasted about grabbing women's private parts. federal investigators appear to have closed this case now having charged only cohen. and tonight president trump is disavowing what the crowd was chanting at a re- ection rally
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last night when he harshly criticized the smell-american congresswoman. >> the crowd was chanting send back. today the president said he tr t teahaotomen t.sp take a look. >> anti-semitic screeds. >> send her back! send her back! send her back! send her back! send her back! send her back! send her back!>> nd she talked about the evil israel. >> the president paused for 13 seconds as the crowd chantd. his rhetoric is sparking a strong response tonight. >> craig boswell joins us now with new reaction from capitol ll on this. hey, craig, what's the store they? >> reporter: doreen and leon, despite that virktsd the president blaming his supportert for chanting. the main targets of those ttacks say the pesident is to blame. representative ilhan omar standing up to president trump as he intensifies his attacks on
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her and three other congresswomen of color. >> thiis not about me. this is about us fighting for what this country truly should ae and what it deserves to be. >> reporter: teted for days by the president, his supporters joined in wednesday night at a campaign rally in north carolina. >> omar has a history of vis-ansec >> send her back! send her back! >> reporter: send her back, the crowd chantd, about the somali-born congresswoman. the president tried to distance today. >> oh, i didn't like that they rtd, and i s speaking very quickly. h>> reporter: in fact, stood silent for 13 seconds as the crowd shouted send her back. send her back. send ck. and he repeated his controversial message to these four congresswomen and their placein this country. >> if they don't love it, tell them to leave it. > reporter: that message also aimed at congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. >> i think that the president
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put millions of aericans in danger last night, his rite rick. it's endangering lots ofpeople. >> reporter: congresswoman omar today enring and encouraging a new u.s. citizen. >> we are americans as much ase ryone else. >> reporter: americans today sharply divided about a fierce war of word that began with agl sine treat. a recent "u today"/ipsos poll shows two-thirds of americans found theomweet fr president trump about theoresswomen offensive while republicans largely agreed with the president. doreen, back to you. >> thank you, craig. back to the heat now. right noult extreme heat is taking a toll on all of us, and gcommute remembers facin number of challenges as they try to get around. joins fans were brought in to keep two busy metrotations cool, but fans right now can only do so much. it's just blowing around hot air. transportation reporter adam tus is out in the heat at up of those stations, the dupont n.rcle metro stati
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they have been sitting it out for several summers there. riders have to be hot and fed up tonight. >> reporter: leon, this is years after years after years of dupont circle, fairgate north and union station, all of them without the cooling system for a long time now. riders geingfrustrated. it's steamy out here, on a plane, a train, a car, riding a security, it's just downright hot. trying to beat the heat as you try to get around. >> you just feel like you're wearing a plastic bag all over. >> reporter: it's terrible. >> horrific. >> reporter: hey, this is d.c. in july, after all, but metro riders have been sweating it around for years at the fairgate administration andwwo others re the cooling system isn't fixed. >> i dressed for this but i
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expect the metrotations to be hot and muggy. >> this rider writes why does my face look like they ever dayt fairgate north? where's the air? it's been four, yes, four years without air at that the station and it's not just trains, the heat taking itsing to on drivers as well. the repair crew using a trick to get the truck battery jump started, pouring coke on the battery to eat away at the corrosion. works all the time? >> yes. if you see the corrosion around there and need to get the greenish color off. >> pour a little bit that have on there and it falls right there. >> reporter: wouldnou know it, the truck started right up. >> there we go. finally. >> reporter: never knew about the coca-cola. y, guys, on a serious note, do want to tell you we checked with the organization. kids and cars. so far this year 21 kids have died because they have been left in hot cars. it's a reminder as we go through he next couple of days just to
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be extra careful of your surroundings. >> absolutely. >> reporter: back to you. >> absolutely. becse in this heat it only takes a minute or so. >> put your purse or your cell o phone something in the back seat if you've got a child back there. >> reporter: or youre. you can't go far without that. >> that's true. thanks,ed a.ut a stay cool ohere, buddy. remember, fotes, no m what weather summer brings us, you can always stay one step aside. >> just download nbc washington app. you can get r-hou-hour forecasts, see live radar and get alerts when rough weather is moving into the area. >> tonight hundreds of federal workers are facing a tough decision. >> yes. >> stay here in washington or follow their job halfway across the country. why some say they were rushed into making such a decision. >> it's here. we have the list of who have will be recognized at the iconic kennedy centers honors this year. we'll tell you which big stars will be honored hre in washington. >> just look at the damage the
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back of this dale city home suffered due to an early morning fire. come up, we'll explain thee lucky reason why the family wasn't inside at the time. >> and in thisou dangers heat keep your dogs in-mile-per-hour. if you can't put your hands on top of the suface for more than seven seconds, it's too hot for them to watch. with 87-depeee temtures the
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temperatures are well into the 90this evening. storm team 4 has issued a weather alert, not just for the
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heat right now, but for the dangerous heat we're about to experience. >> amelia joins us with an update in about three minutes. >> the supreme court has released details on funel arrangements for retired associate justice john paul >> a lot of people in our area are going to want to pay their respects. the late justice will lie in repose in the great hall of the supreme court this coming monday. the public is invited to come and pay their respects until 10:30 until 2:30 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. a private funeral service and arlington national cemetery are planned for tuesday. justice stevens tired in 2010 after 34 and a half years on the iecourt. he dtuesday at age of 99. a bige mileston today at the skyland town center in southeast washington. phase one of construction is one. the newretail complex for alabama avenue, good hope road and naior road will meet will include aer groc store and hundreds of apartments.
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this has been in the works for more than 15 years. over the years construction has started and stopped several times, and walmart pulled out of theroject. today mayor bowser says walmart's departure made way for more affordable apartments. >> serendipity works in your favor and the views that would have gone to retailerow are n going to go to d.c. residents, and we love that adjustment. >> phase one of the project with redential and retail will open next ytiar. constr on the new grocery store begins in late 2020. s we've gotme incredible images of a fire ripping through a home in prince william county. you canee the smoke there pouring out of the windows on the structure on burbank lane in dale city. news 4's drew wilder a neighbor who witnessed that fire and made sure that no one was trapped inside that burning house. >> look at all of the damage t insides dale city home. i spoke with the fire chief are and he says it looks like the fire started in the basement of the house and then you can see
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it for yourself. all the damage that was done as the fire made its way up through the home. i spoke with a neighbor who saw it all. >> we go over and we started knocking on the window and the doors, like to make sure like there's no one. it's early. they could still be sleeping, so we realized one of the cars wasn't there, and that's when we backed off, and then that's when the fire rescue came. >> the familydidn't want to do an interview, but they said during wednesday's stormont power went out so they went to a hotel. they are all safe.b ldings can be replaced but people can't. neither can these personal possessions that are sbynged survived. investigators are still figuring out how this fire started. the family says it started about the same time that the electricity came back on thursday morning. in dale city, drew wild, news >> theere five members of re4s. that family who were displaced by that fireworks and the red cross is helping them out tonight. >> the fire pictures, makes you think what it must be like beinf
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a firhter wearing all that gear. >> on a day like today. >> absolutely. really need to take it eriously, and we need to take this heat and humidity seriously. the number one cause of weather deaths in the united states is relatedo heat, and we're talking about dangerously h weather out there friday, saturday and sundays well. so here are your weather headlines out there. we already have a heat advisory in effect for tomorrow, and then over the weekend we have an excessive heat watch in effect saturday and sunday. so a lot of talk about an advisory, a watch, a warning. what's the difference? think sometimes it can get a little bit much out there, so ie put toher this graphic to kind of break it all down. a watch means that it could we happen, so have that excessive heat watch over the weekend meaning we're likely tracking dangerous heat, a high likelihood that it will happen but the national weather service likes to get a little closer to the event to declare wheer it becomes an advisory or a warning. now an advisory means it's happening, as does a warninging and an advisory though is a
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moderate risk situation where a warning is a high-risk situation so a heat advisory foromorrow and likely an excessive heat warning in effect for saturday and sunday. ut., i mean, check it no matter what way you slit it, you need to take it easy. 8:00 toow, already feels like we're in the 80. we move towards lunchtime. we have triple-digit heat indices across the area so it's feeling like 103 or 105 in washington, annapolis, justimore, gaithersburg and about everywhere on the map. it has a triple-digit heat index. tomorrow at lunchtime it only gets worse as we head towards 4:00 p.m., so we actually might see our heat advisory upgraded to an excessive heat warning in parts of the area tomorrow. based on these numbers here, feeling about 107 degrees in washington tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. and then as we move towards the evening hours it's still dangerously hot out there. 7:00 p.m. it's still feeling 06 about 1n leesburg as well as down in fredericksburg.
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we don't really cool off at night either. this is why we have all of these weather alerts now. if you don't have air conditioning, there's just no time to recover because look at we start off at 82 and warm to 100. sunday we start off at 83 and warm to 99 degrees. maybe so late-day thunderstorms on sunday with storms likely on monday. i'm going to have much more on the weekend and when relief arrives coming up at 645. doreen and leon. >> amelia, thank you. >> thanks, amelia. the kennedy cenitr released 2019 class of honorees today. >> and this list includes some pretty amazing performers like singer linda round stat and r & b group earth, wind & fire. ♪ >> never get tired of hearing that song. >> no. >> even though they are singing cbout september, theemony won't actually be held until r. decembe earth, wind & fire will be honored this career for sure. >> also on the list actress stally field, singer linda
6:21 pm
ronstadt and conductor michael tilson thomas. the presenters andor perfrs are usually kept secret until the show happens so stay tuned. >> guess who he mor grammys, linda ronstadt, earth, wind & orfire sesame street? ." >> i'm saying "sesame street." >> that surprised me. >> tonight a proposal to allow more tone homes inrd local >> they may look cool, but the plan is drawing fierce opposition in our area. why some people say th move could even ruin their neighborhood. >> for hours now residents from one prince george's county community have been telling the planning boardy how theel about a new distribution center that's expected to go in the center of their neighborhood. center of their neighborhood. i'm tracey willons. i switched from dodge.
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brewing because of the federal government's decision to move hundreds of jobs from d.c. out to kansas city. re >> the fedsrelocating two u.s. department of agriculture agencies. scott macfarlane reports that y were say that t rushed into a decion whether to go or stay here. scott? >> that's right, leon. the jobs moving into the kansas, missouri border, over 500 d.c. usd a employees are impacted by this. news 4 has learned of those who ded to move to kansas city or leave their jobs, nearly two-thirds have decided to leave the agency and to find other work. congressional staff who briefed news 4 say dozens have yet to decide and for those people there's a new concern. in a letter to the a usd ongress says there was a july
6:25 pm
15 deadline and none of the extensions requested have been approved according to the letter and among those workers who dot et an extension to consider whether to move is a current employee undergoing therapy wh must continue treatment and an employee undergoing treatment for multiple sclerosis. virginia congresswoman jennifer wexton says workers were given onlo a month t decide. >> nobody has been given an extension to makethis life choice. >> i'm not aware of any constituents who have been given an extension of time. they had until this past monday, the is a et, to decide whether they would lose or be subject to losing their position entirely. >> reporter: the usd a says it's still negoating with the union about all of this. the agency stays will eventually decide on extensions for workers with fairness and with consistency. in tne wsroom, i'm scott macfarlane,ings doreen and leony back to. >> thank you, scott. >> thank you, scott. she's been singing hail to
6:26 pm
the red since for lonr all of us have even been alive. today the 107-year-old super fan was recognized for her dedication to her team. calisa nana west enjoyed a birthday party in alexandria. some heavy hitters helped her celebration including the voice of the washington redskins. miss west showed off her pipes and tackled a question about the secret to such a long life. >> try and live a life that's beneficial and that's helpful to thundershowers as well as to yourself. ♪ hail could tto the red> ins ♪ ood for her. the redskins put on the party featuring more sing and dancing and, of course, some birthday cake. >> she's stit. >> let's hope she sees another gooded rins team.
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>> i guess, guys. don't make her wait, please. come on, you no, get it together hhis season. >> all rig amazon wants to set up shop in one part ofe' prince georgs county. >> not everybody wants it in their backyard though. just ahead, what happened this afternoon were -- and cbd users who were arrested believin it was pot. >> and dangerous heat out
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now at 6:30, a storm team 4 weather alert on this thursday evening. >> as temperatures climb well into the 90s, that's not even counting the heat index, it's getting nasty outside, and when you take the humidity into account here, it is feels like triple digits out there, and if you think it's bad now, of course, just wait. is coming. >> let's get an update from meteorologist amelia draper. she's in the storm center. it's going to be dangetous rrow, isn't it? >> dangerous tomorrow, saturday and sunday. i put the feels-likem ratures up on the map for saturday afternoon. already have an extensive heat watch in effect for the entire weekend and look at these numbers right now. not only does it feel like triple digits, guys, but it os feels c to and around 115 degrees across e entire area, so we might be under a very serious excessive heat warning saturday as well asnd sunda part of this is duebe to the oppressis. humidity les heck this out friday, saturday and sunday, feeling downrig
6:31 pm
op -- tropicalo d here. i'll have more on theweekend ant you can expect saturdayun night into sday and the relief usarriving tuesday and j how nice it will be out there. more on that in my full forecast at 6:45. >> amelia, thank you. right now prince george's county, police are walking through neighborhoods and asking questions about an unsolved homicide. >> someone murdered a homeless person, and overs want to capture the killer, and they say they might need the help to help figure this out. >> this is riley jacobs jr. investigators tell us he was 22 killed may nd, but police just gave us this photo today. he was found suffering from trauma on the 8700 block of rhode island avenue in college park. call police if you have any information on this case. now a look ato many is our other top stories tonight. president trump says the u.s. navy ship shot down an iranian drone over the strait of hormuz toda he said the "suh boxer" took
6:32 pm
defifbs action after the dro closed within a thousand yards and ignored multiple calls to stand down. the incident is the latest in a series of escalating tensions between the u.s. and iran. >> newly unsealed fbi search warrants in the case that sent presidentrump's former fixer and lawyer michael cohen to prison. the document suggests that the fbi believed president trump and hope hicks had sdgcial knowle in the case of hush money to stormy daniels. >>no bail for financier jeffrey epstein. he will stay in jail ahead of his trial on sex traffickingnd conspiracy charges. at federal judge in new york calls epstein a flight risk and some of his alleged vic triples in fear that he'll get out. epstein has pleaded not guilty. his attorneys are considering appealing not-bail decision. well, it's all will amazon today in prince george's county. >> yeah.
6:33 pm
residents there are sounding off about a prosal to put a logistics center in the county during a marathon planning board meeting. it's still going on. velopers want to put the massive building in the ei westphalia nghborhood. prince george's county bureau chief tracey wilkins reports a lot of residents say they have been kept in the dark. >> i really don't want it, and- and -- >> reporter: today a packed room of residents told the prince george's county planning board how they feel about a 4.1 million square foot logistics opcenter prosed for the westpha li a community and the project is confirmed to be an amazon halfillment center. >> this has beenening for a very long timend they have not informed the residents or homeowners. >> the delopers and the partners presented its plan showing the actual building and how it would operate. both residents and planning board members expressed concern
6:34 pm
over the project looking like a huge warehouse. some likened the building to a prison because of all of the robotics expected to fill thes ce. it's largely a windowless building. >> an industrial -- a 4 million square foot building, and it's a mplete deviation what we were promised by the developer. >> reporter: it focused on a hundred jobs and said the complex will be a tax generator and will spur stores and restaurants that hoowners were promised when they bought their homes here. >> hopefully this provides a catalyst to bring retail development th the community indicated that they want sooner rather than later. >> reporter: we're expecting this hearing to go on for a few more hours. a number of people are still signed up to speak. the board has made it very clear that they make their decisions based on ne law, emotion. the stuff has suggested they pass this, but there's no telling. on hey do pass, it it moves to the county council for the next step. in upper marlboro, tracee
6:35 pm
wilkins, news 4. >> go for the moon but -- a celebration of the very first moon landing. astronauts and nasa scientis ll be giving talks and holding demonstrations. you can also check out neil armstrong'spacesuit which is on display for the firstime in 13 years. he festival runs through saturday. open our nbc washington app and get the full details. an don't forget the washington monument lights upai ag tonight. a life-sized represent cast saturn 5 rocket i projected on the face of the monument. people will get a cnce to rehive that historic launch on riday and saturday nights. there viewing areas set up between the museum castle.
6:36 pm
>> i want to go see it in rson. >> you've probably seen them on the home renovation channel, ny uses. they have become quite the craze. >> however, not everybody wants them in their neighborhood. why some local communities are pushing back. >> and after the news 4 i-team told you that had a common drug test used by copsan't tell c
6:37 pm
♪ ♪
6:38 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ tiny homes, big debate. some momery county residents are pushing back against a plan that would ease restrictions on tiny homes. >> some say it could ruin their neighborhood. some say it will increase affordable housing options for people in the air great. news 4's chris gordon has more on that. >> reporter: the architect converted his garage out back into his office. >> now tt we're moving i'm going to turn it into aadu, accessory dwelling unit. >> reporter: now more montgomery county homeowners could be allowed to build a second small home on their property but these
6:39 pm
owners fear their neighborhoods will be ruined. they presented petitions to the montgomery county council trying to stop a proposed zoning change that's designed to create moreo able housing. >> and you've got a building on the lot that is not specified that it cannot be a trailer. it caot be-- i mean, move into a trailer pack if that's hat i wanted. >> reporter: right now homeowners with an acre of land can get permission to build a small house or convert a detached garage into an accessory dwelling unit, called adus. the montgomery county council is considering allowing adus on a lot as small as 6,000 square feet. that's about is/7 of an acre. >> this isn't just an exception anymore or a waiver to get a special in-law suite. they are claiming we knee all these in-law suites. they are not putting in-laws in them. they want to rent it out. it's been a commercial enterprise. >> the people in opposition say
6:40 pm
it will put a strain on infrastructure. they also say they object because they don't know who will moving into their neighborhoods. council member jawando has concerns. >> i they we needaccess to all parts of our community. >> reporter: the montgomery county council will vote on the proposed changes next tuesday and these homeowners say they will be there to make sure theib ctions are heard. reporting from montgomery county, chris gordon, news 4. >> you can buyc almost anywhe, but iteam of found common police drug tests might mistake it for pot. >> the i-team tests a new test that can clear up the cannabiso sion.
6:41 pm
>> at 11:00 p.m. tonight still feeling close to 90 degrees. ming up, i'll let you know when it could feel
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
cbd, whether it's in oils or edibles, it's been called a miracle molecule. a lot of people say it helps them treat common ailments without getting them high but earlier this year the news 4 i-te exposed how the roadside test used to identify marijuana can't distinguish it from cbd and that has landed cbd users in jail. >> jods fleisher tells u about a possible solution to that and why police in our area aren't using it yet. >> reporter: from a store inner
6:44 pm
fredericksburg, virginia to a great grandmother at disney world in florida. >> i was in shock. i didn't really know what was going on. >> reporter: police around the country keep arresting users and sellers of hemp-deprived cbd that's made frthe same canabis plant as marijuana but it won't get you guy. >> smells and looks the same. >> reporter: credit martinez is president of evio labs in florida and says it's very difficult for officers to tell which is which without testing it in a lab. as the i-team exposed earlier this year, the police field tests only to detect cannabinoid so the tests turn purple or positive testing maruana or cbd sglokts we saw a lot of people being arrested and charged for possession of canbis when quan tated in a lab it's actually hemp products. >> reporter: turns out police in switzerland were having the same problem more than a year ago. >> the police officer has no chance to distinguish thesewo kinds of materials. >> reporter:eet jeff scientist
6:45 pm
michael bovens who spoke to us via skype where a chemist deloped a new test at the science institute. it's similar to the old ones but they turn pink if it's blue ining mostly cbd an for. marijua >> cbd results were close to 100%. >> they found a manufacture the test. the news 4 i-team requested as hipment so we could try them out, too. the marijuana was the only thing to turn blue. all of the cbd products from gummies to flour to dog trnats pink and now the florida lab is testing the swiss tests. >> we wanted to test this product t and put ithrough the wringer. >> like whether they hold up in
6:46 pm
extreme hot and cold temperatures. >> everybody is eager to seat validation of that and see if it works. >> reporter: that's becoruse la enment agencies across florida have already ordered 25,000 tests. we wanted to get a lot of the game. >> we definitely don't want to put anyone who is innocent in jail. >> aul legal ben was issued saying all cbd test kits must be ispleased of and replaced with the new test kits. >> with the way laws are changing in each state this couldgo on overnight. >> reporter: florida law changed in june making cbd products legal if they containedac tr amount for thc, the same law change that virginia adopted back in march. the head of the testing lab in
6:47 pm
virginia is w looking into further testing. >> reporter: she's warned prosecutors and law enforcement about the old test lemtations, but they are still the only ones her agency has approved f. use >> the regulations would need to be altered to include the use of another test. >> reporter: which she says could happen in the coming weeks, but at this rate virginia law enforcementight have a bit of a wait. >> can you order these things fast enough? >> i can't. >> rorter: and he says the manufacturer can't make them hast enough. swiss police tought they were developing a product just for themselves. they have been using it since last september. >> we're happy that the test is used succesrully in othe countries as well. >> reporter: chris martinez says the results so far are positive. >> if this proves to be true, i think honestly this will help a lot of people stay out of jail. >> the distributor said he's --
6:48 pm
the swiss tests willeed to be approved before overs can start placing orders. >> very smart for them to come up this test. you can't put the genie back in the bottle. >> right. >> this will become an issue all across the country. >> the swiss police got right on it. >> thanks, jodi. >> amelia is back with more on our dangerously hot weather. >> a heat advisory in effect and sshewe a hve watch that will coming and the criteria in ouria is what we're talking about is dangerous heat tomorrow and -- the heat advisory begins a 11:00 p.m. and runs until 9:00 p.m. in the evening. during this time period you want to limit or eliminate your time
6:49 pm
outdoors and if you need another excuse to stay indoors and take it weasy, also have poor air quality out there tomorrow, especially during the afternoon hours. weore in a code ge air quality alert on friday. we start off at muggy 78-degree temperatures with plenty of sunshine. plenty of sun throughout the day and dangerous heat is in the forecast during the midday, hoafternoon and evening s as well. we're at 95 degrees by lunchtime and that's feeling like 105. 98 at 4:00 p.m. is feeling like is 10. i wouldn't be surprised if you're heat advisory gets upgra to an excessive heat warning out there tomorrow. even tomorrow night on your friday night, headed out for dinner, plan accordingly. i mean, it's a perfect time to wear the comfortabls dres, laid, because you do want to take the heat seriously. 59 degrees at 7:00 p.m. and towards 9:00 p.m. we'll see the dangerous heat go away. still muggy and uncomfortable. this is kind of worst case scenarios the heat index out
6:50 pm
there. at its worse on friday, it will feel like 110. 115 on saturday. so saturday theemperature and dew point will combine to make it the hottest feeling day out there, and we are likely under an excessive heat warning out there on saturday but notfe ing much better on sunday with a heat index of 113 degrees. saturday, it on hall be the first time that reagan national s hit 100 in almos three years. so over the nt few days if you have to be outdrs, make sure you're drink plenty of water and avoid long hoursoo outdrs, especially in the after on. welight-colored and loose-flitting clothing. the darker color clothing absorbs the sunlight so it makes you feel hotter out there, and never leave kids or pets in we've aly had 21 fatalities this year from children left in cars. here's some symptoms of heat o exhausti muscle cramps, nausea, vomiting, excessive sweating out there. any symptoms, could indoors --
6:51 pm
you don't know how much they might be sweat. here's your storm team 4 ten-day forecast. h the dangeroust is around through monday. we're in weather alert mode an showers an thunderstorms and by tuesday lowerumidity, plenty of sunshine. i don't know about you guys but it sounds like hn right now. >> threey >> yeah. >> we canis get throug. e> coming up, the nationals head south for on of their most iortant seriesmp
6:52 pm
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all right. let's talk some tennis. >> it' like wimbledon you get
6:55 pm
ro tune into coco gauff, one of tennis eing star. the is a-year-old took the tennis world by storm during her magical run at wimbledon. not only as the youngest player ever toli qua to the major there, but making it all the way to the round of 16 she grabbed headlines right off the t beating her idol venus williams in the first round and now fa in our area can see her in person. gauff is set to participate in o the cityn at the end of the month. the team sensation has officially signed up for qualifying. hopefully we see her in the main draw. goff will also host the city open's kids' day on sunday, july 28th. this will be her first wimedon post-tennis appearance in the u.s. excited for that one. all right. hethe nationals faceeam they are chasing in the standings. coming up a quick turnound. last night the nats fell to the worst team in baseball, the orioles, and jumped on a flight headed to atlanta toce the
6:56 pm
n.l. east best braves. davy m should be asking theak bullpen to sh last night ears performance off. t chey still have 14 meetings with atlanta in the second half. each game getting more important for the nationals >>our games in atlanta that are really important to us. we know we need to put a good foot forward and it could make or bre our season. we want to win the series. that's kind of our goal every single series so hopefully that continues >> big ten media days is under way in chicago. coaches and players all talkinge about tupcoming season before it actually starts. first time head coach is taking
6:57 pm
over the maryland team d looking forward tois put h touch on the program. >> we all know about what happened last year and it was really important for us to come ly good one, do a re job and a really good meaningful relationship without players. i can't tell you how many sunday fun days ie had in my house and i know the coaches h ve taken a personal interest inof each the players at their position and what tatoes is it builds trust. trust is a great -- a huge component for being able to adabilize the program. wree'>> to the open championship iirand. a od da f n rthe hornmetown ilroy. his first shot of the day setting the tone. rory sends the tee shot towards crowd. we quadruple bogeyed the first hole and tied for 150th at 8 over par. tiger woods also struggling at the open. on 14 tiger with a bad shot. he knows t.woods is frustrated
6:58 pm
as this ball heads straight for the bunker. tied for 144th at 7 under, but somewsood shot of the day belongs grillo. his tee shot on the par 3 13 t. lands, look at this, right on the green and i've never seen a ball do this. and i donh golf t well t.heads right for the cup for a hole in one. first one at theopen since 2016, but your leader after round one american j.d holmes at 5 under. now finally heading back to baseball. -year-old coach drake of the kalamazoo growlers make headlines this. little guy not too phe with t ump. he walks up to the ump and kicking the dirt. heseets t but it didn't end there. he sports hurling stuff out of dugout. >> oh, no. >> i think that's -- i expect a 6-year-old coach to do this buto we've seen big-league managers do this. he's playing the part well.
6:59 pm
great job coach
7:00 pm
tonigrowing backlash. the president tries to disavow an angry chant now saying he disagrees with the crowd that roared r back" about a somali-born u.s. congresswoman. [ crowd chanting ] >> i was not happy with it. i disagree with it. >> even though the d president pauast night as the crowd yelled its insults. breaking news. gthe president s the u.s. navy destroyed a iranian drone that flew too close to an iranian oil ship. troubling new flash points a tensions continue to escalate. bail denied. a judge says jeffery epstein must remain in jail until his trial icon sex trang charges saying he is a threat to the


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