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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 19, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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an 11th-year-old boy was shot on naylor road in southeast washington and died a short time later. police released a picture after possible suspect late last night but so far, no arrests. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. thanks for joining us on this friday. we have been tracking the breaking news all nigh and have more moment. easement we are tracking another day of really dangerous heat in our region. a live look outside for you right now. 79 degrees outside our studio this morning. >> our melissa mollet has a eye on the roads for you in your first 4 affic but storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here with a look at the forecast. >> upper 90s for the temperature but the heat index will be past 100 degrees and stay there most of the afternoon. a muggy start y tour friday morning. temperatures still now just droppg below 80 degrees for the first time through the
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overnight. there is an excsiveeat watch for this afternoon and for tomorrow. likely again on sunday. heat index values today will be as much as 105 degrees. tomorrow actually will be higher than that. there is your friday planner. heat, haze, and humidity all in abundance today. aftdegrees. that would not be a record, melissa, but it will be miserable. >> i was going to say a hot one. here is a work zone blocking the right lane and just cleveland out of wait. only thing 270 is northbnend father hurley boulevard so a slow down there.
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through prince george's county into town and out, no delays. d.c. police released this imagine of a possible suspect in the deadly shooting of a young boy. 11-year-old karon brown was sho andkilled. police are searching for this person. let's begin with justin finch who is live in southeast washington. good morning. >> reporter: on good morning. flis now looki police looking to the public to fill in the gaps of this investigation and lead to a suspected killer. the victim in this case is now identified as -yr-old karon brown of southeast, shot they say inside of a vehicle near alabama avenue and naylor road close to 7:00 p.m. so still daylight outside when this
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police say this shooting likely followed a dispute earlier involving group of people as many as five they say, a mix of adults, including children as young as 10ears old and shots were fired were fired inside the asvehicle that brown w in. police are calling this a suspect in the case. you can see in the image he is shirtless and running believed to be in his 20s or 30s. police are urging anyone who lives or works nearby to review their camera footage. > we are asking residents who live in this area, if you have video cameras, please review those cameras. we want to see if there are any young men specifically a group of maybe five young men that are that camera footage as for that 11-year-old victim, karorown
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was driven for a prince george's county fire station and then rushed to the hospital where he later. short time police are offering a $25,000 ar rew that could lead to an rest and conviction inis th case. the shooting happened nearly one year after 10 yer-year-old a was shot and kiled in northeast d.c. >> two families have lost children to gun violence. 10-year-old makia wilson was shot last year nearly one day to the shooting last night. wilson was walking an ice cream truck when she was so far, eight people have been charged hn connection with murder. now we want to show you a map so you can see the distance between these two shootings. they are both young children shot and killed in our community. d.c. mayor muriel bowser
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speaking last night. take a listen to what she had to say. >> this was a child and there were other children in and around the area. and our communities have to noand up and speak up and make sure anyone who kws anything about this brazen homicide is o brougstice. >> we will have more for you coming up later on this morning. if you were in that area and yoh migt know who the shooter is, call the d.c. police. a murder suspect is off the strhis morning. police say video from a doorbell surveillance camera led them tan the m accused of killing a transgender woman in prince george's county.ra eau thomas has been charged with the murder of zoe spears who was found dead a year
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ago. they say this grainy video helped them track the automobile back to thomas. >> eaking to him he didn't mention about her being a transgender female or sexual orientation. he didn't give any reason why he did what he did. at this point we don't have a motive and continue to work towards that. >> spears murder hapnoned after ather transgender murder in the same area. they say the two knew each other but don't believe the two cases are connected. acu man acd ofng killi a howard university student on the bw parkway has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. investigators say darnell bassett hit a canine cruiser and speeding away from police and at some point, they say he ended up on the bw parkway where
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police saye killed this lady and her family said she was studying to be a dentist. a woman is hurt near a crash near train tracks in fauquier county. chopper 4 was over the scene of the railroad crossing last night. we are told a pickup truck rear-ended another vehicle and ended up in the path of the train. the driver and the kids in the pickup managed to get out but the train pushed the vehicle into the driver. she was badlyannjured one of the kids suffered minor injuries. charges are pending. you are one of 200 million americans about to spend the next several days under dangerous temperatures. >> you need to get ready now. >> it's just really hot, really exhausting. >> water helps you stay hydrated. >> it has to be icy. it's so hot outside. > here in d.c., the heat index will soar past 105 possibly
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today. the cdc says extreme heat is one of the leading causes of weather-related death. the heat has already killed four people in maryland just this month. f if you must go outside, we are working you. drink plenty of flusnd wear light-colored clothing and sunscreen and avoid exercise that could bring on heat str se. >> heoke can be life-threatening. a body temperature over 103 degrees. it's really aery critical illness. >> if you don't have oir-conditioning in your home, remember most cunities in our area are opening cooling centers to the public. libraries,d pools, parks an recreation and community centers are safe places to try to stay cool. another tip for you. lyft is offering people in need. two free rides to two cooling centers in d.c. up to a 15 dollar value.
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use the code dca cool 19 to book your ride the nbc washington app has cooling center information and tips we just mentioned to keep your energy bill down. search heat wave. araffic alert. a new project will shut down lanes and atimes completely close the beltway in montgomery county. news4 megan mcgrath is live along connecticut avenue now he near t beltway with what you need to know. good morning. a reporter: good morning. this will have big impact on people who use the beltway in montgomery county. the work means that lanes are be going to losed and, at times, there is going to be a complete shutdown on both sides of the beltway. it all gets under way sunday night. take a look at the map here. you can get an idea. the work is happening on the inner and outer loops of the beway between georgia avenue and connecticut avenue. crews are installing structural steel on the seminary road
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bridge overhe beltway. and here is how it works. :0tarting at 9 one lane will be closed. at 10:00, two lanes will be closed. at 11:00, theyhuwill s down three lanes. then total closures up up to 15 minute will start happening as a needed that will be between midnight and 4:00 a.m. for those total closures. the work is happening sundaysth ough thursdays, all of the lanes should reopen by 5:00 a.m. so in time for the morning rush hour. the work should be completely finished by mid august. that is the hope and it all starts on sunday night so july 21st, starting at 9:00, you can expect to see tho very first road closures. a little inconvenient for folks so have to keep that in mind anw come up withrk around when you have a complete shutdown. back to you. a few folks out trying to beat the heat ended up closer to the sun than they
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anticipated. >> they are stuck. me and brendan was just about to get on that ride. feel bad for them. >> yeah. this was the scene at six flags in prince george's county. the fire burn roller coaster became stuck at the top of the hill around 6:15 last night. folks were up there about two hours. it is a floorless roller coaster so you can imagine a little discomfortn op of the heat baking those folks. this is not the first time passengers were stuck on a ride at six flags america. it has happened several times the past few years. update on a story we have been following with the ooamazo fulfillment center. >> the plan to build that fulfillment cter in prince george's county is moving forward now. the proposed center would be located in the westphalia
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community in upper m lboro. a meeting lasted nine hours. both residents and planning board membersxpressing concern about having such a large facility there. >> it's a community that left behind us here after some people have gone and -- it's a community that says here. invested here in prince george's county that we care about the most. >> so the proposal is now headed to the county council for approval. we will keep you updated on every step of this process. back to you. >> thank you. a trendy housing option in the d.c. area has scene for years. now a new pinoposal montgomery county could mean a lot more of these tiny homes. we will explain the plan. we are justne day away from the 50th anniversa of the apollo 11 moon landing. after the break, an inside look at on of the nation's greatest e achieves and the food it took to make it happen.
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they have become more popular in recent years but some residents are upset about a proposal that would allow more tiny homes to go up in montgomery county. right now, homeowners with an acre of land can get permission to detach a small garage or build a small home on teir property. the council is considering a zoning a change toow tiny homes on a much smaller area.
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>> it isn't an exception any more or a way to get a special in-law suite. they nt to rent them out. so then it's a commercial enterprise next door. >> take iss you're creating more affordable housing, people are worried about certain people in their community, that -- i don't think we want to be saying that. i think we want to have people have access to all parts of our community. council is expected to vote on the proposed zoning change next tuesday. this morning, we are continuing the countdown to the apollo 11 moon landing. >> tomorrow marks 50 years since neil armstrong walked on the e on. here is a look at od that fueled that mission. >> reporter: coffee. bac. bars, and sugar cookies those were a few of the favorite food items that fueled the apollo 11 crew. neil armstrong, michael collins, and buzz aldrin jr.
5:17 am
>> those are the first things they ate on the moonaunch. >> reporter: dr. jennifer with the national air and space museum said astronauts ate normal food like shrimp cocktail. >> they like spicier food and one of the popular food is shrimp cocktail because it has horse radish in it. >> reporter: this is pork and scalloped potato left over from michael collins. each package color coded. r ed for armstrong, blue aldrin, white for collins. in order from the top of the c mand structure down to the basically four or five days. now to the do not eat list. >> they are not eating things that usually have bread because bread crumbles too easily and it wo. d float around the cabin >> reporter: what about space ice cream we have seen in the sh museum s? >> ha ha. not real! ha ha! no! >> reporter: it turns out, astronauts don't like the texture. too much like styrofoam.
5:18 am
so just like the mission to the moon, nasa figured out a way to make the real thing happen. >> when there is a freezer that goes up on a resupply mission, it's usually intended to carry samples back to earth, but on the way up, it doesn't have anything in it so nasa likes to pack it witice cream treats. >> reporter: safe to say, fellow food lovers, fly me to the moon! ♪ let's turn to chuck bell and talk about the heat wave continuing. even worse than yesterday. >> hotter today than yesterday and hotter tomorrow than today. there is an end in sight is the best news i can give you. i think saturday is the worst of it. rain chances start to sneak baco into the arn sunday. rain is kely monday and that officially will be the end of this particular heat wave. already a little bit of an early morning glow on your friday.
5:19 am
tperatures have noteally cooled off much during the overnight. still 79 in washington. plenty of humidity out there as well. bike rider and joggers and runners here this morning, get your miles done very early. or just don't do them at all because it's unsafe to be exercising and putting your body under any additional stress aoday. excessive heat wh now for today and tomorrow. probably for sunday as well. here is your planner. for your friday, temperatures above 90 degrees and heat indexes near 100 at lunchtime. ride home from work this afternoon, heat index around 105. today's high temperature expected to reach 98 degrees. best thing to do is stay in the ac or if you're looking for a pool, go to nhington app and search pool and it will let you know where the nearest cool body of water is so you can beat the heat as best you can. hardlyo a cloud te found out there. watch this for rain chances in our on area today.
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zero percent chance and tonight zero% through tomorrow zero ce pert. when you compress air, it heats up. as a result tomorrow will be t worstf it. equally as hot on sunday. but by 3:00 sunday onafter a small chance, at least a chance for cooling showers late in the day on sunday.m day morning, mostly cloudy. look at that. a nice soaking rain likely here later on in t day, monday, monday night, into the first part of tuesday. let's go over to first 4 traffic. melissa? >> 270 northbound at clarksburg road and faer hurley has cleared and everything is looking good northbound and southbound. no big problems.
5:21 am
66 inbound from manassas to the beltway nothing in your way. same situation if you're heading westbound. 95 northbound and southbound also rolling along pretty nicely. if you're heading to the beach soproblems on the bay bridge might good to know if you're leaving early this morning. prince george's county everything is rolling along quite well. chances are you weren't f around the -- we are talking about the lunar landing. >> maybe you were. >> a lot of people probably were. we will tell you about the stuff going on ts weekend.
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tmy mcfly is scooping out the best things to do from night life to familyun activity. maybe outside if you want to be hot and humid. here is tommy with the weekend
5:25 am
scene. >> reporter: i don't mean t brag, but this weekend scene is out of this world. i'm tommy mcfly. we have been talking all week about the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 moon landing. the fun continues on saturday.o tomonight, air and space mutual has a free night eagles ha landed party with music, an, exhibit and they will time out to the minute rebroadcast the actual lunar landing and first steps on the 0 moon. at 1:0m. there is a space suit fashion show, whatever that is. vegans to kracarnivore are all welcome to this. the organizers promise they are going to give you incredible samples for a 10 dollar ticket anatget you excited about eg more plants on your plate d
5:26 am
living a more holistic lifestyle and they are saying they arepi whipng up plant-based dishes to make east meat lovers believers. don't forget that sunday is national ice cream day. i'm a chocolate chip ice cream guy myself, so celebrate on sunday. speaking on the scene page, on the nbc washington app, we have all of the details about d.c. pools being open a little later this weekend and perfectly wonderful to a beach destination for you to get away for the day. search "the scene" on the nbc washington app. i'm tommy mcfly, news4. >> we have been telling people to stay . indoors >> you have to be careful. >> at least through saturday. maybe you can get out and venture out and creep out on sunday.
5:27 am
back-to-school shopping has started. it maybe the most expensive year yet. check out the heat, haze and humidity going on today. national weather service has issued an excessive heat warning from 11:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.
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it's now firge5:30. d.c.'s heat wave continues in full force. good morning, i'm eun yg. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. melissa mollet is standing by with our first 4 traffic but let's go to uck four with the excessive heat warning. >> the highest category of heat i havery thereis. excessive heat warning. heat index could be as high as 105 today and some could have heat indices up to 115 degrees tomorrow. that is danger zone
5:31 am
if you're one of the many folks that has a diabetes and other blood sugar issues, this can actually affect yourd bloo sugar control. go to my twitter handle at chuck bell 4 and i hiretweeted somet out from the cleveland clinic so you can help maintain good control of your blood sugar in these extreme temperatures. we are in the mid to upper 70s so a muggy start to the day. most of the afternoon with temperatures in the mid to upper 90s and heat indexes today, melissa, up close to 105 degrees. >> it is going to be a hot. one a definite way to cool off. top of the beltway bw paray, 95, route 129, everything there looks on good northbound and southbound right now. i-66 at stringfellow road nothing in your way. keep our fingers crossed things stay thatwa inner loop and outer loop earlier road work on the beltway is gone so nothing to worry about there and same situation on 270 northbound and southbound
5:32 am
earlier road work is out of the way and everything is nice and open. now to breaking news we have been following. there is a search for answers after a boy was shot and killed in southeast washington last pght. >> this morningice are asking anyone with information on thiseadly shooting to come forward. news4 jump finch is livein southeast d.c. with what we know about this shooting so far. good morning. >> good morning. we know this happened on a really hot summer evening here in soutast. now a pretty busy crossing as well. alabama avenue and naylor road and police are hoping thatbo some in this case saw something, especially if they saw the manno you're seeing our screen. he has now been identified as a suspect in this case. you can see he is shirtless and he appears to be running. alshi appears to have somet in his hand. police say he is in his 20s to 30s and was also scene running in the area of this shooting
5:33 am
here. t imagine taken moments after that shots were fired at 7:00 p.m. yeerday in 2700 block of naylor road in the southeast. police say before the sts were fire there was some sort ofal ercation that involved adults and children as young as 10 years old. the victim was 11-year-old brown was shot after he got inside of a vehicle. it is unclear if he was the target insethis ca we know he was driven to a fire station in prince george's county and from there was rushed to the hospital where he died. last night, mayor bowser called the shooting and loss of life infuriating. >> this was a child and there were other children in and around the area. and our communities have to stand up and speak up and make sure anyone who knows anything about this brazen homicide is brought to justice.
5:34 am
>> here is one more lo at the suspect in this case. a man running from the scene here. he is shirtless and appears to have something in his hand. ipolice say you recognize him or have knowledge of what was going on in that area of alabama avenue and naylor road last into to reach out to them and if you ve surveillance video that might have captured some of other elements of this case. live here in southeast, justin finch, news4. this la murder of a child comes just twos day after the one-year anniversaryof makia wilson's death. the 10-year-old killed was last july steps from her nortmeast d.c. ho police say rival gangs fired more than 70 shots into the courtyard where she was standing. eight people have been charged in her death tokhis point. ma's family told us this week they have started a foundation to put an end to this violence.u yan find out more in your
5:35 am
nbc washington app. a vigil was held last night to remember two people who were remembered in a crash earlier this sitting on a park bench when a vehicle lost control and crashed into them. police ha not identified the victims, but news4 spoke to the man who said he knew one of them e d was sitting on that same bench an hour befe crash. >> i cheated death, didn't i? but you know what they always say? people have to dodge -- >> it's still early but investigators say speed may have been a factor. police are still waiting on blood tests before deciding whether the driver will facany charges. here is a look at other top stories this morning. police haverrested gerardo thomas. thomas has been charged with the murder of zoe spears, the transgender woman killed more
5:36 am
than a month ago in prince george's county. police say doorbell footage camera helped them catch thomas. roller coaster ride in six flags america had to wait in the aiting for hours to be rescued. they waited for hours to be rescued. e rescued they w sa no one was hurt. news4 confirmed through sources close to the negotiation that the plan to build a 4 million logistics center in prin george's county is movi forward and it will be located westphalia community in upper marlboro. cted to be an amazon facility. a meeting yesterday lasted for nine hours. theote heads to the council for approval. the kennedy center announced its 2019 class ohonorees. the list includes linda ronstadt and earth wind and fire.
5:37 am
♪ the ceremony will be held in december. also on the list is actress sally field.wi sesame street be honored and along with conductor michael tilson thomas. the presenters and performers are usually kept secret until the show. sod. stay tu it's always an all-star lineup with tons of talent. >> awesome show it was one of the longest running shows in broadway history and now "cats" has been made into a movie. >> the lion was the lead character? no, difrent one. the trailer was released online yesterday and let's say some so people had me thought about it. take alook. ♪ it's so easy toeave me all alone with the memories ♪ >> i don't think you should take the kid!
5:38 am
>> the trailer was shared hundredsfof thousands times in the hours after it was released. it caused a bit of a stir. some loved it. others not so much. >> that is judi dench! did you see her? it makes t animals look like horrifying animals. some people like it. jennifer had you had was there. james cordon too. >> you got to go into that completely sober! >> i might have to see it because it looks so crazy! could music help patientin preparfor surgery? we will show yothe new study u
5:39 am
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music can calm your nerves before surgery. >> a study suggests that music may work as well as antianxiety drugs. researchers at the university of pennsylvania looked at two group. the first received a sedative. the second listened to relaxing music before undergoing a nerve block. researchers found changes in patients' anxiety levels were similar in both groups. however, the music did make it more difficult for doctors and patients to communicate. we have been talking about how hot this summer has been. here is something to put trsngs into pepective. meteorologists say last month was the hottest june on record
5:42 am
worldwi worldwide, chuck says. the hottest june on record. july is expected to also set new record. we keep getting hotter and hotter every year. stormkeam 4 meteorologist chuc bell is here now. >> this is the peak of the heata wave to tomorrow, and sunday. it will be cooler next week. that is the good news.wa dog ing forecast today, cute 5-month-old apache would be a great addition to your family. go to humane dog rescue alliance and find out how to adopt don't walk your dog after lunch time. too hot and too humid outside. heat index up
5:43 am
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expect this week's extreme day. to carry into the feels like temperature is in the triple digits thousand. chopper 4 caught people schooling off in the pool this week. a pretty good item.we re in weather alert mode. meteorologist chuck bell will join y in a few minutes how high the temperatures will go.t be problematic. it's that bad outside. president rkump's wek may be winding down but his feud with four democratic congresswomen shows no sign of ending any time soon. >> it started with a weekend tweet and carried into a campaign style rally in north carolina wednesday night.
5:46 am
>> send her back! send her back!k! send her b send her back! send her back! send her back! >> president trump had mentioned congresswoman ilhan omar. the crowd started chanting "send her back." yes, the president tried tota dise himself from the chant, saying after it started he speak quickly to quiet everyone down. >> welcome home ilham! >> now when congresswoman omar returned to her district in es minnota last night, she was greeted with a big crowd. you can hear them chanting lc "weme home ilhan." tracie potts is joining us live on capitol hill. the president doesn't seem to be t ing much to end the feud but this week he felhe was "wing it." is this to fire up his base? >>d it seeto fire up his base but now president trump is saying he didn't say that and disagrees with it and he didn't
5:47 am
conne the chants that seem to have broken outdi spolly at that raelly spontaneous and backing up when he tweeted these four women, includingr, om should go back to their original home they american citizens and that sparked this whole debate. now the president and some of his supporters in washington are saying those chants ar inappropriate. >> what about the four congresswomen athe center of this? what effect is it having on them? >> reporter: some say they are getting death threats. you saw that huge ception that congresswoman omar got when she got home. she says she is the president's worst nightmare because of the fourhe only oneot born in the united states and she was orn in somalia and she is a somalia refuge and that seems to get under the president's skin. alsonhese womehave continued to speak out. in interviews. we have seen them in news cosference week.
5:48 am
as you had at the beginning, this conflict between these four membs of congress and the president doesot seem to be dying down. >> tracie potts live for us onp catol hill, ank you. lert for you. laerlt f >> crews will begin a project sunday that wiut down lanes and, at times, on both sides of ltway. news4 melissa mollet is live along connecticut avenue and the beltway with what you need to know. this could be a big problem, megan. >> teporter: yeah,is is going to have a big impact on people who drive through this area that use the beltway through the silver spring area. bethesda area. it's affecting both directions here. the work means lane closures and, at times, a complete shutdown of the beltway on both sides. take a look at the maphere and you can get an idea for the area. the work is happening on the inner and ou or loopsthe beltway between georgia avenue and connecticut avenue.
5:49 am
crews are installing structural steel on the seminary road bridge over the beltway. it all starts sunday night and here is how it's going to be work. it's different here. starting a 9:00 at night, one lane will be closed. then at 10:00, they willclose two lanes. at 11:00, three lanes. total closures up to 15 minutes will happen, as needed, between midnight and 4:00 a.m. this is all going to take place sundays through thursdays. all lanes should reopen, though, by 5:00 a.m. in time for the morning rush hour the work should be completely completed, completely finished by the middle of i augustthe hope. for people who travel through this area, expect to see these closures and, at times, a complete shutdown starting sunday night. >> megan mcgrath, t nk you. summer is in full swing. we have been talking about this hot weather but shopping is already under way.
5:50 am
our jummy olabanji is joining us from the newsroom. people are expecting to spend more mon this year? >> reporter: more money than ever. the shopping has started. young kid and teenagers, the ?c average, this $30700 will you spent and more if you're in college. this year ike in many years past it's not about the pencils and notebook. it's about the electronics. no surprise there. for the first time ever, more money is expected to be spent on smartphones and data plans than on computer amazon, target, walmart, they are all ready offering deals for shoppers and cost will go up as the first day of school gets closer. according to a recent survey 50% of parents have already started shw ping. i knoou are in that group. i miss the days of $1.99 trapper
5:51 am
keeper. smartphones and data plans, incredible! i feel bad for you parents! >> those were amazing extensions at the time, r ht? thank you, jummy. let's turn to meteorologist chuck bell. >> yes? >> i was going to make an age joke but i won't. >> no, go ahead! go ahead! >> that's not nice! >> it's friday. you're on vacation all next week. i have all next week to get back to you! go right ahead. a check of the record for the weekend. the record high maximums andhe record high minimums. the record high minimums 82 in washington for both saturday and unday. the record high minimums at dulles airport 75 and 77. 80 and 83 at bwi. the record high maximums during the afternoons. tomorrow no matter h many miserably hot it gets tomorrow, that record is untouchable. 106 degrees. thats theall-time record high
5:52 am
in washington reached on tomorrow's date in 1930. record high for sunday 104 and both out of reach. place that m haven opportunity to break the record most the dulles airport and stag and could be above 77 on sunday morning and those are within reach of 101. the 102 and 104 will hang on probably another year. sun is about ready to come have stayed mid to upper 70s around the metro area the overnight hours. your commute will not be slowed down by rain at all. temperatures also won't be slowed. afternoon hightoday mid to upper 90s. heat index today around 105 degrees. 14 hours and 32 minutes of hazy sunshine today. car washing eawther? go ahead pen get it cleaned up.
5:53 am
and hose yourself down on to stay on the cool side. use your nbc washington app and search pool and it will show you where the nearest pooe ths your ten-day forecast. cooler temperatures return next week. good morning, melissa. happy friday. >> happy friday. looking forward to this cooler temperatures. chopper 4 heading to gaithersburg. a report of a crash there and see what is thappening fromre in a little bit. taking a look at your travel times.
5:54 am
remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. i'm frank holland at cnbc. boeing take a charge due to the grnding of the 737 max. the company is bracing for pop payments to airlines who have cancelled thousands of flights since march and for a delayed deliveries of those planes. boeing is to report its earnings report next week and unclear when the planes will fly again but boeing suggests the max could return to the air by the end ofhe year. . for your cnbc business report, i'm frank hoitand. >> not good to be outside the next couple of days. >> if you've run out of ideas, we have you cord and molette green is live in bowie with a
5:55 am
cool idea for you. >> ah-ha! >> reporter: you betcha. we got on jackets! we have inside the bowie ice arena. i have a whole bunch of hockey players and figure skaters on the ice with mend came out to celebrate "news4 today" beating the heat. this is for everybody. they have publi sessions and they have skates, the shade days coming up. you can beat the heat so we will talk about all of that and this arena just opened back up in routine r some maintenance so they want you to come out and enjoy and beat the heat. i don't know if i can do a figure 8 or whatever but i'll try my best throughout the hour coming up in the 6:00 hour of "news4 today." yes! we are on the ice! >> you're a trooper! >> it's 58 degrees here! >> people are wearing jackets there. thank you. football season will be here before you know it. >> before the skins jump onto
5:56 am
thd field they deci to recognize a loca f super for her dedication to the team. carleitha is 107 years old and a fan of the tea the party featured lots of singing a dancing and birthday cake. she is in full skins gear. whenthsked what is secret to a long life, here is what she had to say. >> try to live a life thais beneficial and that is helpful to others, as well as to yourself. ♪ hail to the rdskins >> the redskins president bruce allen, along with the voice of the washington
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
polic working through the night to find the puerto rican who kill n -- person who killed a 11-year-old child. >> stuck out in the dangerous heat. see how people were able to get
6:00 am
f a six flags roller coaster after stuck for hours. went is woman's message viral in 2017 and now she is turning it into a political springboard in northern virginia. an 11-year-old boy was shot and killed and died later. police relsed a picture of a possible suspect but so far, no arrests. it is 6:00 a.m. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. thanks for joining us on this friday. t to the end of the workweek. we have been tracking the breaking news all night and have an update moment. remember also tracking another day of dangerous heat in our region. a live look outside for you right now. the sun is already up and at 80 degrees already at 6:00 a.m. >> our melissa mollet has a eye on the roads for you in your first 4 traffic but storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here


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