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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 19, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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heat. see how people were able to get f a six flags roller coaster after stuck for hours. went is woman's message viral in 2017 and now she is turning it into a political springboard in northern virginia. an 11-year-old boy was shot and killed and died later. police relsed a picture of a possible suspect but so far, no arrests. it is 6:00 a.m. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. thanks for joining us on this friday. t to the end of the workweek. we have been tracking the breaking news all night and have an update moment. remember also tracking another day of dangerous heat in our region. a live look outside for you right now. the sun is already up and at 80 degrees already at 6:00 a.m. >> our melissa mollet has a eye on the roads for you in your first 4 traffic but storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here with a look at the forecast.
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>> our mid summer misery continues. skies will be hazy today for sure. not anything in the way of a rain chance. sun just coming up. the first little peek of sun hitting one of the buildings on our easte facings. temperatures this morning still 80 degrees. our official low, 79 for one hour at national rport. w back up to 80 degrees. 81 in anne arundel county and in prince george's county and high temperature today, no nice way to sayit. 98 degrees. heat index today up around 105 degrees and hotter over the weekend. temperature trend is not your friend. near 100 degreesboth days over the weekend. talk heat indexes and any rain chance in a f. good morning, melissa mollet. >> good morning. chopper 4 on the sway to the situation in gaithers burg best
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deer bark at muddy branch. a report of an accident and we will show you the picture when we get that. waldor5 at poplar hill road accident is there and lanes blocked in both direction so a warning there. you might come across that this morning. both lanes in manassas may be blocked at this crash. 66 and 95 no major problemsre the right now. inner loop and outer loop to the beltway looking okay. back to the breaking news we have been following this morning. d.c. police released this image of a possible suspect in the deadlyhooting of an 11-year-old boy. karon brown was shot in southeast last night and died at tathe hospi police hope somebody will recognize the man you see here. he is one of several people that police areearching for this morning. we have team coverage on the
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investigation now. >> lt's begin with news4 justin finch who is live in southeast washington. a sad story all around, justin. >> reporter: truly. just a sad and awful story, indeed. you might imagine, there are so mand questions this morning why police are looking to the public to help them findnswer and hopefully the suspects too. they want to solve this case that left an 11-year-old boy ron brown dead. this allse happened clo to 7:00 last night in the area of the 2700 block of nayl road in the southeast not far from alabama avenue. a pretty busy area where mayor bowser said there were other children last night. police say this shooting wa preceded by some kind of dispute that involved a group of peoplem asny as five, perhaps adults, even children as young as 10 years old. p at sont, 11-year-old karon got into a car and when those shots were fired. about that time, a surveillance
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camera nearby caught this image of a suspect you see police say. you can see he has on no shirt and appears to be running with something in his hand and police say he is in his 20s or 30s. police also believe as well there are more surveillance video out there and encouraging anyone who lives or works nearby to review their footage. >> we are asking residents who live in this area, if you have video cameras, please review those cameras. we want to see if there are any young men, specifically a group of maybe five young men, that are in that camera footage. >> reporter: police say after that shooting that karon was rushed to a fire statioen and thrush to the hospital where he died later. they say a $25,000 reward is offered for tips la lead to an
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arrest and conviction in this case. you have to believe a lot of people want to see that happen sooner than later in the southeast. back inside to you. >> thank you, justin. the shooting happened nearly one year after 10-year-old makia wilson was shot and killed in northeast washington. jummy olabanji is hwith more on our team coverage. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. two families just so tragic in ourmunity have now lost children to gun violence. as you mentioned, 10 yered-year marc akia wilson was shot in d.c. last year one year ago and nearly one year a from the shooting that happened last night. lson was walking to get ice cream from an ice cream truck when she was shot. eight people have en charged so far in connection with her murder. here is a map distance between both shootings. they are both young children an shot killed in our community. d.c. mayor muriel bowser
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speaking last night. take a listen to what she had to say. >> this was a child and there were other children in and around the area.9=t and our communities have to stand up and speak up and make sure anyone who knows anything about this brazen homicide is o brought tustice. >> here is look at look at the image police are looking. if you know who this person is, you are asaed to cont d.c. police. back t you in the studio. >> jummy, thank you. murderuspect is off the streets this morning. poice say video from a doorbell emsurveillance camera led to the man accused of killing a transgender woman in prince george's county. gerardo thomas has been charged with the murder of zoe spears who was found dead a year ago. investigator say a grainy image
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ileped them track the autom back to thomas. police say still no motive, though. >> speaking to him he didn't mention about her being a transgender female or sexual orientatio or anything like that. he gave us no reason why he did what he did. at this point,e don't have a motive and continue to work towards that. >> spears murder happened after another transgender murder in the same area. they say the two knew each other but don't believe the cases are connected. a man accused of killing a howard university student on the bw parkway has been charged with involuntary manslaghter. we told you about this story last month. investigators say darnell bassett hit a canine cruiser and speeding away from police and at some point, they say he ended up on the bw parkway where police say he slammed into the back of a car on a ramp to the beltway. 27-year-old brittany burkes died
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in that crash. her family said she was studying to be a dentist. >> a woman is seriously hurt after a crash near train tracks in fauquier county. chopper 4 was over the scened f the railrossing last night. we are told a pickup truck rear-ended other vehicle and ended up in the path of the train. the driver and the kids in the pickup managed to get out but the train pushed the vehicle into the driver. she was badly injured and one of the kids suffered minor injuries. charges are pending. 00ou are probably one of 2 million americans about to spend the next several days under dangerous temperatures. >> it's even hotter than it was this week and you need to start preparing now. >> it's just really hot, really exhausting. >> water helps you stay hydrated. >> it has to be icy. it's so hot outside. >> here in d.c., the heat index
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will soar past 105 degrees. the cdc says extreme heat is one the leading causes of weather-related death. the heat has already killed four people in maryland just this month. go >> if you musutside, we are working for you. drink plenty of fluids and wearl light-ced clothing and sunscreen. try to cool down by spending time i the shade and indoors. and avoid exercise. that could bring on heat stroke. >> heat stroke can be life-threatening. it's a body temperature over 103 degrees. it's reay a very critical illness. >> if you don't have air-conditioning in your home, remember most communities in our area are opening cooling centeru to thic. libraries andpools and rec centers and community centers are safe places to try to stay cool. another tip foofyou. lyft is ering people in need. two free rides to two cooling centers in c. up to a 15 dollar value. use the code dca cool 19 to book your ride.
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the nbc washington app has cooling center information and tips to keep yournergy bill down. search heat wave. 10 after the hour breaking news. we are just receiving this and new nbc news survey monkey online poll about the 2020 presidential election and jumms olabanji i at the live desk. >> brand-new poll was conducted after the first democratic deate inate june that happened in miami. the new poll show that 25% of people who w respondeduld vote for former vice president joe biden if a primary or w caucus held today. while bernie sander and elizabeth warren and eached garner 16% and senator kamala harris 14% and margin of error, plus or mine, 1.2%. this poll shows president donald trump's approval rating has picked up the last ten months st all ofs pretty interesting
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information as we head toward that second debatetw coming up r weeks om now in detroit. senate minority leader chucc mer will lead democrats to the u.s./mexico border. he plans to, quote, investigate, inspect and evaluate the latest conditions at border facilities. up will visit the same detention center in texas that vice president mike pencis ved last saturday. the vice president saw crowded conditions where men are held behind a chain link fence. new unsealed documents show the fbi believed donald trump was closely involv in a hush money scheme wh running for president. federal investigators believe nt the preside was involved in hiding payments to storm daniels. becau of text messages and calls to his former aide. the former porn star said e had an affair with him and trump has denied the affr. a judge released the court documents after prosecutors fi shed their investigation
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with the president's former er michael coal hen. cohen is in jail serving time va for tax eon, violating campaign finance laws, and lying to congress. the woman who made international headlines when she flipped off president trump is jump nothing a political career. julie briskman is running for the loudoun county county of supervisors. she raised her mdle finger to the president's motorcade while bicycle in sterling in 2017. that photo went viral and she was fired from her government contracting job. the democrat ys she wants to improve schools, traffic, and infrastticture. the el is in november. a trendy housing option the d.c. area has seen for years. now a new proposal in montgomery county could mean a lot more of thse tiny homes. we will explain the plan. how about the weather, chuck? drouangerously hot odds the next coupe of days.
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when the outside temp is 95, that is unsafe to leavenybody in the car. never do that. that is deadly, in fact. check of the ten-day forecast is coming up. >> reporter: we know how to beat the heat in bowey, don't we? >> we do! >> we are on the ice at the bowie ice arena. we will talk to the program
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they have become more ec
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popular in rt years but some residents are upset about a proposal that would allow more tiny homes to go up in montgomery county. right now, homeowners with an acre of land can get permission to detach a small garage or build a small home on thei property. the county council is consie ering a zoning chang allow tiny homes on a much smaller area. >> it isn't an exception any more or a waiver to get a special in-law suit r they want toent them out. so then it's a commercial enterprise next door. or take issue with the fact if you're creating maffordable housing, people are worried about certain people itheir community, that -- i don't think t. want to be saying tha i think we want to have people har access to all parts of community. >> the council is eected to vote on the proposed zoning change next tuesday. f ks trying to beat the eat ended up closer to thean sun th they expected. >> they are stuck. me and brendan was just about to get on that ride. feel bad for them.
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>> you know how hot it was outside. this was the scene at six flags in prince george's county. the fire burn roller coaster became stuck at thef the hill around 6:15 last night. sun not down yet. they were up there about two ur. the fire bird is a floorless roller coaster so they were a little discomfort on top of the heat baking those folks. this is not the first time passenge at six flags america. it has happened several times the past few years. no one was injured. molette green is on the ice this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. we have a whole bunch of folks out on the ice early this morning. hockey player. figure skaters. this is a great option for everybody. the bowie ice arena just reopened after routine maienance for the month of july. christine grissom is the program
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director. ivthis is a great acty for everybody not just the figure skaters and hockey players. >> absolutely. we have something for everybody here. our younger skaters 4 or older to 72. we have skating in the shade coming up frich is a ee event for the community. ne tuesday and thursday from 11:15 to 12:45. >> we have hot days and skating in the shade sounds good. you are standing here in a coat and i have on a puffy jacket. this is great. >> it's 62 degrees in here so get out of the heat and join us. >> i love it. you have camps and opportunities for everybodyo really just come out and enjoyven if they don't know how to skate. you've bmeen helping this morning. >> absolutely. e have summer camps going and group lessons. hockey club is doing instructional hockey on sundays and a lot of public session so please com out and join us. >> my goodness! i love this! christine has been really helping me on the ice this morning. >> are you ready ttepin? >> reporr: yes, i'm going to
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spin. i'm not looking like dorothy hamill but i'll get it! i'll get it! >> courtesy?rt >> repo: and courtesy? that is the best i can do. i'm work on it throughout the hour. thaou, christine, you're wonderful! she teaches well. that is the latest. more coming up throughout the hour. >> you're doing a great job. my goodness gracious. >> we are on the edge of our seats. >> courtesy and ice skating? >> a brilliant idea. temperature will be above 100 degrees and heat idex for almost all of the usable outdoor hours. temperatures will be in the 90s again today. we have already had nine in a row. today will be ten in a our 28 90-degree day of the year. skies are clear and hazy outside. temperature downtown at 80 degrees. there is already a heat index of
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84 because of all the humidity that is around. just a little tolerable in the suburbs where the temperatures in the low to mid-70s and ver fewel spots 70 this morning. congratulations to winchester and the other few spots that made it below 70. here is the planner today. temperatures above 90 before noon time today and afternoon heat indexes hovering in 10 hundred to 105-degree range. 954 degrees at noon tomorrow! i meant to put 94 but that gets the message across. heat index tomorrow 110 to 115 a degrees that is dangerous stuff. use your time outside and your nbc washington app and type in pool and it will let you know where the community pool is near you. no rain chances for today. high pressure basically sitting
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down on top of us. when you press air down and compress it, it warms up. so no rain to cool us off today. nooain to c us off tomorrow. next small chance for showers rolls in late in the day o sunday. melissa mollet, any good news it ntraffic? >> rockville pike near twinbrook parkway smoke fro an air-conditioning unit but they don't find any fires. impacthere near twinbrook parkway and chapman avenue with closures along rocksville pike. overall no majorish on the beltway that we need to be too worried about. i switched from dodge.
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on this equinox. new roads at your local chevy dealer. tommy mcfly is scooping out the best things to do from night life to family fun activity.
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right. a lot going on thisweekend. 50th anniversary of thepo allo lunar landing. a free eagle has land the late night celebration is being osted. there is trivia and art and music and they will be rebroadcasting to the minute. hey will rebroadcast the first steps that coincided exactly with the timing that everything happened 50 years ago on the moon landing. also there willbe a late night a 1:00 a.m. s suit fashion show. >> what is that? >> i honestly have no idea what that is. whatever it is, i want to know more. >> right. >> let's see the pictures. >> if it's space suit swim wear or everyday wear. >> at 1:00 a.m.? >> totally. space suitlike formal attire. i don't know what it is but i want to know re.
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vegans to carnivore are all welcome to this. the organizers promise they are going to giveou incredible amples for a 10 dollar ticket and get you excited about eating more plants on your plate and living a more holistic lifestyle and they are saying they are whipping up plant-based dishes to make east meat lovers believers. don't forget that sunday is national ice cream day. celebrate! favorite flar? > mint chocolate chip all th way. >> that is my excuse for ice cream this weekend. it's a holiday. >> what about you? >> same. are you a mint chocolate chipper as well? not really. >> aaron is like do w
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the workweek is coming to an end. >> that is the good news, right?
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>> d.c.'s heat wave inconts. good morning, everyone. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. 6:30 right now. we are infor another round of stifling hot temperatures today. melissa mollet is standing by with first 4 traffic. l but's start with chief meteorologist chuck bell. >> spend as little time as you can get away with the next feud. temperatures this morning 70s to around 80. . it will be a sizzler today. the weather service has issued an excessive heat warning from l1:00 this morning un:00 this evening and that is in place for tomorrow. probably in place again on sunday. heat index values could be over 100 to 110 degrees or more this weekend. tomorrow will be the worse of it. you hit the road forecast for today hot and humid and upper 90s today and close to 100 over the weekend. only a tiny chance for a
6:31 am
raindrop on sunday. here is your gardening tip. >> chop 4 over the inner loop and outer loop near river ro. problems right now. nice to see. nice light volume through that area. >> it's 6:31. now to the breaking news. there is a search for answers after a boy was shot and killed in southeast washington last night. >> this morning, police are asking anyone with information
6:32 am
on that deadly shooting to come forward. news4 justin finch is live for us southeast d.c. with what we know about this shooting so str. tragic. >> reporter: a real awful story. no doubt the family and friends of11-year-old karon brown are no doubt hurting this morning as d.c. police work to track down whoever is responsible for the loss of his young life. they believe the man captured in this surveillance image could be a critical piece to that zzle. he is being called a suspect. you can see he appears to be running and has on no shirt ande has an obct in his hand. police say he is between his 20s or 30s and likely involved in a dispute thatpreseed the shooting that left krkaron dead. sho were fired and karon was ri rushed to the hospital where he died later. police are looking for details in this case and looking for leads and no arrests made at
6:33 am
this time. we have team coverage coming up in about 15 minutes here on news4. live in the sotheast, justin finch. ba to you. thank you. new this morni, a traffic alert may impa drivers in montgomery county. work crews will start a oject on the beltway this sunday and it will mean lane closures. megan mcgrath is live along connecticut avenue and the beltway with what you need to know. >> reporter: this will cause problems for people who use t is stretch of beltway in montgomery county. the work means lane closures and at times a complete closure o thebeltway. and it's going to be happening starting on sunday. take a look at the map here. you can get an idea for the area that is affected. this is going to happen on both the inner and outer loops of the avenue between georgia avenue and connecticut avenue. crews are installing structural
6:34 am
steel on the seminary bridge over the beltway. here is how it breaks down. at 9:00, one lane on the beltway will be closed. 10:00, two lan. 11:00, three lanes will close. then the total closures up to 15 minute at a time will happens needed. that will take place between midnight and 4:00 a.m. the work is happening sundays through thursdays, all lanes will reopen by 5:00 a.m. in time for the rush hour but p overnight hours, you can expect to see those closures and the lanes taken away. this is certainly going to impact a lot of people. the work should be finished by mid august and it all starts sunday night. back to you. >> thanks for the heads-up, megan. summer is in full swing and back-to-school shopping is already under way. news4 jummy olabanji is joining us now from the newsroom. clothes, all of the supplies and ear adds up. >> it's incredible.
6:35 am
i feel bad for all of the parents out there because the shopping season is already begun. young kid, teenagers, the average this year, $700 will be spent. average cost actually goes up to $1,000 if you got a college-bound student, all of this according to the national retail federation. as in years past it won't be just about the pencils and noteok and markers. it's really about the electronics. that is where you spend the most money. for the first time ever, more money is expected to be spent on thing like smartphones and data plans and computers. amazon, walmart, target are already offering deals out there. for all of you parents, the costs arenly expected to go up as we get closer to the first day of school which is a few weeks away. accordi to aecent survey, 50% of parents have already started all of that shopping. that means more money to spend. you take the kid with you they start picking out their own thing. just a lot of mtey to be spen
6:36 am
here the next >> and they nt the most expensive things! the kennedy center a counced its 20lass of honorees. the list includes linda ronstadt and earth wind and fire. ♪ >> is everyone dancing? >> good to have earth wind and fire in the morning. the ceremony will be held in december. also on the lissais actress ly field. long running tv show sesame street will be honored and malong with conductorhael tilson thomas. the presenters and performers are usually kept secret until the show. so stay tuned. we find out more come december. >> it's always a spectacular lineup of starsthere. could music help patients preparing for surgery? we will show you the new study that says yes. news4 molette green is workir you in the community and staying cool out there eptoday. >> rter: you bet. we know how to beat the heat
6:37 am
here in bowie. the hockey players, they will make it snow!de they just mat snow! we will tell you about four things you need to know about ice skating and beati theheat right here in prince george's county.
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some of the most deadlimot and c cancers are not getting enough funding according to researchers from northwestern university. the studies in colon, liver, ovarian, pancreatic and lung cancers are all underfunded and this could possibly impact ussearch and drug development. listening to m could calm your nerves before surgery. >> a new study suggests that music may work as well as an ianxiety drugs. researchers at the university of pennsylvania looked at o groups. the first received a sedative. the second listened to relaxing music before undergoing a nerve block. researchers found changes in
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oo hot for man or beast outside so get the walking done very early. heat undex over a hdred and higher heat inxes for the weekend. ten-day forecast is coming up. chopper 4 heading out to 28 south of 66. he
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expect this week's extreme heat to carry into another day. the feel like temperatures havth been in triple digits now. people are coolng off at the pool this week. the only place to be outside is really the pool. heat advisory in eect and weather alert mode. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell will join us in a few minutes with your forecast. a young child is dead after a shooting in thet distr >> 11-year-old karon brown was shot and killed last night and police are looking for the man you see here who is believed to be the shooter and caught on surveillance camera running from the scene. this morning we have team coverage on this. >> we begin with news4 justin finch live with detail on how this happened. a senseless loss,justin.
6:45 am
>> reporter: a sad story. .c. police are saying sl leads but this surveillance image you're about to see could be critical because it captures a man police are calling a suspect. one more lookis at th man on your screen. he has been unidentified as of right now. buthe image believed taken moments after the shots were fired last night. he is shirtless and appears to seems to and also have something in his hand. police say he is likely in his 20s to they bel he may have been involved in a dispute moments before those shots were fired. this alteeyation say involved as many as five people, a mix of adults and children as young as 10 years old and this happen on the 2700 block of naylor block in the southeast. 11-year-old victim karon brown got inside a vehicle and shots were then fired. unclear if hehewas t intended target. d.c. mayor muriel bowser calling
6:46 am
the shooting infuriating. >> we are asking residents who live in this area, if you have video cameras, please review those cameras. we want to see if there are any young me specifically a group of maybe five young men, that are in that camera footage. >> reporter: police are urging anybody who lives ors work nearby who has surveillanceta foo to look at their video to see if they didn't catch a piece of this case on their kerker camera. that image is a person running that could be a big part of this ce and award of $25,000 is offered for tips that lead to an arrest in this case. live in southeast, justin finch, news4. >> hope people speak up and give the family soc sure. thank you, justin. karon's brown'sdeath comes
6:47 am
one year after makia wilson was shot and kied on her way to an ice cream truck. >> reporter: two families in our community have now lost children due to gun violence. 10-year-old maia wilson was shot last year in northeast d.c. and nearly one year from the day of the shooting last nit. lson was walking to the ice cream truck when she was shot. so far eight people have been charged in connection to her . murder right now we want to show you a map so you can look at the distance between these two shootingsoo not t far away from each other. these are children that are shot and killed in our community. mayor muriel bowser spoke last night take a listen. >> this wa were other children in and around the area. and our communities have to stand up and speak up and make w
6:48 am
sure anyo knows anything about this brazen homicide is brought to justice. >> we want to give our viewers se more look of the suct. if you know who this person might be, contact the d.c. police. back to you in the studio. >> jummy, thank you. check the nbc washington app for continui coverage of th investigation into the shooting. we will update you on air and online. 6:48. murder suspect is off the streets this morning. olice arrted ga regard rk
6:49 am
gerardo thomas has been charged with the murder of zoe spears who was found dead a year ago. investigator say a grainy image helped them track the automobile nock to thomas. police say stil motive, though. yesterday, a meeting about the idea lasted nine hours on the amazon fulfillmentcenter. this is heading to the county board for approval. weighing heavy on the mind in d.c. region is this heat. over the weekend it could feel like0 degrees. >> the heat is taking a toll on metro riders. >> the cooling centers at the dupont station have not been fixed and broken for years now. fans are put on the pl oforms as sorta substitute. >> just feel like you're wearing a plastic bag all over. >> i expect it and try to dress for it. and i definitely expect the
6:50 am
metd station to be hot an muggy. >> right now on the nbc washington app, you can find a map of all the local pools and splash parks where you can cool off. just search pool. let's turn to chuck bell and see how bad it will be this weekend. >> haze and humidity and heat. three h's in full effect for the weekend in d.c. a view from our tower cam. you can tell definitely a hazy sky out there this morning. loud uch in the way of cover today to cool things off. weekend records are a relatively safe. i don't think we can break these high temperature record for tomorrow in washington. the record high for tomorr 106. that is the all-time record ad any month any year since 1930. the record i think are most reefable is record high minimums after dulles airport. they might stay above 75 tomorrow morning d 77 or higher on sunday morning. those record highs in baltimore
6:51 am
also probably just out of reach. but because we don't break a record temperature wise doesn't mean we won't have high temperatures and heat indices to deal with. right now 70s and a around 80nd today's high 98 and not a record but heat index 105 is extreme for sure. excess heat warning in place from 11:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. in place tomorrow for lows only near 80. highs around 100. heat index could be as 110 or higher. here is the forecast heat index for today. nur tomorrow, warmer still. look at these ers for tomorrow. 112 heat index in gaithersburg and washington tomorrow. 114 fredericksburg. that is draining zone. stay hydrated and take good care of yourself and your neighbor tomorrow. tho chanc no chances for rain.
6:52 am
type pool into your nbc washington app and let you know where your nearest pool is so you can get in the water and stay cool and don't forget your spf! next week will be perfect summer weather. fairfax 28 south at orchard bridge drive south of 66. right now, you can see chopper 4 circling this pole and serious damage there and tis is a crash investigation but we don't see a vehicle. some lanes getting by in each direction so as soon as we kw more, we will tweet about it from first 4 traffic this morning. as far as anything else happening, here is left lane still getting by this crash. outer loop and inner loop good
6:53 am
remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in you today. almost everybo is looking for place to beat the heat the next couple of days. >> if you're running out of idea, don't worry. we have you covered. molette green is live in bow a o stay cool. hey there! >> reporter: look at me. in a puffer coat this morning on the ice here at the bowie ice arena which just reopened after routine maintenance in july. i want to bring over the synchronized skaters! they are here! look at them! i they are all formation. christine briton will talk to me hile the hockey players do their thing right behind me as well. this is just a great way for everybody to beat the he. not just the figure skaters and hockey players. >> absolutely. our building is 60 degrees all
6:54 am
day long. come out and join us. we have public sessions. we have camps and lessons and free sxtating netuesday and thursday. come out and join us. stay >>cool. reporter: i love it. we have somebody here as young as 4 to somene who is 70 plus. >> he is 72 and he does ice dance with us every week. >> reporter: i love it!p there is an ortunity for people to learn. camps and lessons like you just mentioned. >> we have a huge adult program from beginniers and adult hocke instructional. >> reporter: let's put up the four things you need to know. skate theys shade da happen next tuesday and thursday so come on out and learn to skate classes are available. summer camp and group lessons and discounts for senior citizens. i make my way over to the group. my goodness. this is a great way to beat the
6:55 am
ice right here in bowie. wha are we ing to do? beat the? >> ice! >> this is another option. it's hot outside! >> 60 degrees sounds like agr eat idea. >> molette green, thank you so much. here are the four things to know. d.c. police released this image of a possible suspect in the deadly shooting of a boy. 11-year-old karon brown was shot in southeast last night and died at the hospital. look for update in the nbc washington app. sunday.ffic alerts this crews shut down lanes and at times close the beltway between connecticut and georgia avenues. the overnight closures will happen through mi august. open your nbc washington app and search beltway closure for details. new nbc news survey monkey poll has tough news forid
6:56 am
prt trump. online poll about the 2020 presidential elect has bad news for president trump. check it out on nbc washington app. chuck schumer plans to investigate and inspect and evaluate the latest conditions at the border facilities. it's about the heat and humidity. heat index 1050 today and could be as much as 110 or higher tomorrow and on benday. eat smart. stay in the shade and stay hydrated. they caught me about that 954 forecast and the police tweeted and t and said they got me i was over the limit! >> chopper 4 showing you this scene here. 28 southbound in fairfax at orchard bridge drive south of 66, a crash investigation. some lanes still blocked.
6:57 am
thank you, chopper being, for circling that for us and showing you the pole that is still damaged and they are trying to fix that.s? guy >> who did that? >> the vehicle is not there. so i don't know. >> i meant the circle. >> oh, brad. >> i'm like the pilot can't be ircling he chopper and on the scree . >> it wasbrad. >> "today" is coming up next. see you in 25 minutes. enjoy your day and your weekend. > make it a great friday, everybody! e. i switched from dodg
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on this equinox. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. good morning.we ekend scorcher. one of the most dangerous heat waves in years. about to get even worse. >> it feels like i'm sitting in a sauna. >> from the midwt to new england, some of the highest temperatures seen in a decade. al's forecast just ahead. >> tensions rising. the pentagon says the u.s. navy s downed an irani -- >> tale of the tape. president trump now saying h tried to stop this rally chant directed at a democratic ma congresswon. >> i didn't like that they did it and i


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