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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  July 19, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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police back on the scene of a sihobongy ot the dis ttrict.athh s being described as strong and bright. weather alert for temperatures gh and heat indexes today. that's not going to change any time soon. a look at the blazing weekend coming up. and thenoeat will t stop a busy weekend in d.c. marking the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.
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g od morningd welcome to news 4 midday. > we begin with our weather alert. right now we're under anxc eessive heat warning. in fact, 31 states are under some kind of heat alert. that means 150 million people are impacted by this weather. and the feels like temperatures are going to t 100 degrees today. yo think that's ba oh, baby just you wait until tomorrow. >> let's get the stage set herem storm t4 meteorologist chuck now. joins us >> breakdown what we can expect. >> heat indexes running 105 to 110 degrees for three days in a row. , tomorrow and again on sunday. hazy skies an code orange air quality. so folks that have respir ory or cardiac sensitivities, this is not the weather you want to be spending outside. there's the excesse heat warning outside for all of the
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listening areanow. heat index values over 110 degrees, onespecially saturday. saturday i think will be the peak of the heat wave. right now it'slready 90 degrees with the heat index close to 100 degrees at 11:02 in the morning.ur there's y hour by hour planner. most of the day hovering in the mid to upper 90s, with heat indexes around 105 degrees. we'll talk about whether or not we have a chance to set record temperatures over the weekend coming up. >> chuck, thank you. >> thank you, chuck. >> no to a trag developing story, we want to talk about a young child dead after a shooting in the district. this is a picture of 11-year-old caron brown from his teacher's stagram page. last night caron was in a car with someone when a outing match erupt edf a group of
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people nearby. >> justin do they have any information to go on? >> well, erica right now, police are urging anyone that knows anything to please come forward, review your surveillance video, if you have any from this area or just a bit nearby, i can tell you anyone who knows this area knows that shootings here have ehappen of course, but there is a level of heart break and frustration that makes this case a little bit the victim here on 11-year-old caron brown who was shot and later died just feet aeay from whre he went to school. this is the photo d.c. police want many people to see. caron brown was shot off the 2700 block of nailer road southeast. with no arrests yet reported. the commissioner is looking for a bigger police response the morning after. >> they should have a police and
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detectives and people out here. say, okay, we need to do much better. >> last night, close to 7:00 p.m., investigators say there was some kind of altercation involving a group numbering as many as five people. ranging om adults to children as young as 10 years old. caron was inside of a vehicle, when a suspect opened fire officers say aiming at th vehicle ,e struck. >> the individual should be outraged. that 11-year-old can be shot in broad daylight. and some ignorant individual can come out and disregard cameras and human life. you have kids walking these streets. >> caron was driven to aus firehoand then to a hospital where he died. the mayor urging anyone within ormation to speak up. >> this was a child. there were other children inand ound the area. ave to communities
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stand up and speak up and make sure anyone who knows anything about this brazen homicide is brought to justice. >> and police imploring anyone who livesr works in the area to review their surveillance video. it may turn up more of this man or other clues police need to solve this case >> we want to see if there are specifically, a group of five young men that are in that camera footage. >> you can see another look at that person of interest, that shirtless manunning with something in his hands from the scene here, police say he's in s 20s or 30s. one more look at him on our nbc washington app. an award is being offered, up to $25,000 for tips that lead to a convictio this case. there will be a gathering of that community at the elementary school where he was astudent.
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so many hearts broken learning that person who was shot here last night was a fifth gradwh just finished school here just last month. live in southeast, justin finch, news 4. >> just awful,thank you so much, justin. the latest -- this latest murder of a child comes two daye after t anniversary of makai ya wilson's death. the 10-year-old wasst killed la july steps from her northeast d.c. home. a rival gang fired more than 70 shots into the courtyard where miere makaya was standing. her fa told us earlier this week, they started a foundation, putting an end to this kind of violence. you can find more information aut their efforts in the nbc washington app. this morning, police are releasing new information on a disturbing discovery last week, tip led police to three human bones, including a skull. the bones were found at a creek near george washington memorial
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parkway in arlington, the bones were spread apart, leading invhtigators to believe t washed up during a storm last week. the virginia medical examiner's office is now examining those remains. a murder suspect is now off the streets. video from a doorbell surveillance camera le them to the man accused of killing a transgender woman prince georges county. gerardo thomas has been charge in the murder of zoe speers. she was found dead. a grainy image of a minivan with a distinct paint job led them to ace it back to a rental company and thomas. there's still no motive to this. >> speaking of him, did he notn mentioything about her being a transgender female. he did not mention anything out herexual orientation or anything like that, he gave us no reason why he did what he did. at this point we don't have a motive, we're going to continue
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working toward that. >> spears murder happened just a couple months after another transgender murder in the same area. investigators say the two ne victims each other, but they do not believe the cases are connected. >> a few folks out tryi to beat the heat ended up closer to the sun than they anticipated. >> me and brenda was just on ride. felt so bad for them people. >> oh, yeah. this was the scene at six flags in prince georges county, fire burg roller coaster riders became stuck on the top of the hill around 6:15 last night. they were up there for about two hours, the firebirdis a floorless roller coaster. you can imagine the discomfort on top of that heat. you may remember this isn't the first time passengers were stuck on a ride at six flags america. it's happened several times in the past few years.
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we go to an update we've been following fore last several days. a plan to build a 4.1 million quare foot amazon fulfillment center, 3ri7bs georges county is moving forward. t proposed center wouldbe located in upper marlboro, last night's county boa mting lasted nine hours. both residents and planning board members exessed concern about the large facility. >> theom cnity that left behind, that's here after some people have gone, that's a community that stays here, it is invested in thisit commun that we care about the most. the proposal is now headed to the county council for proposal. >> 50 years since nasa put a man on the moon. forever changed the course of history. >> exactly right, it's an achievement that leaves an
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impact even now. nbc's jay gray takes us back on that historic journey. >> reporter: it's one small step for man. >> a footprints that leaves an impact now, half a century later. thission carried out by more than400,000 people from 20,000 companies in every state. working around tne clock for ly a decade. >> lift off. >> with the rocket leaving earth, the lunar module racing rough the great unknown, and the lander settling in the sea of tranqulity. we can see you coming down the.adder now >> the focus narrows to three men. astronauts neil armstrong, buzz aldrin and michael collins. >> i'll be outside at night lking down the sidewalk, there's some sort of illumination around my shoulder, i turn around and look, it's the moon. oh, i've been there. >> it's the unique perspective of a group of heroes at the time, completely locked in on their historic journey.
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>> we didn't sit around and high five one anotr. we worried about what next. get that checklist out. >> he could not inore the magnitude of where he was and what he was seeing. >> it was a magnificent sphere. magnificent. >> it was the view looking back that now leaves the strongest impression on commons. >> the whole show was the earth, tiny little earth. it projectedto me a feeling of fragility. i could not explain it at the time, and i can't explain it really now. >> 50 years later, and a world away. n jay gra news, washington. >> michael lollinsks at the moon differently than the rest of us. you still have a chance to see the washington monument light up on the national mal for the next two the r and space museum will host a special program calledap lo 50 go for the moon. the show will combine projections and archival footage from the apollo 11 mission which will -- which will beon shown
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the large video screens nearhe monument, the first show is tonight at 9:30. just beautiful. just the coolest thing ever. >> when you think about what a privilege it is to livein our nation's capital, things like this just happen. on weekends that, you know, you are privy to that you can attend. >> don't take it for granted. it here. tensions rising, president trump says the u.s. downed an iranian drone. that country is denying that this morning. mode, are in weather alert we have you covered, though, we have you covered, though, oosing my car insurance was the easiest decision
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iran is denying that the u.s. shot down one of its drones. t response to president trump that said an iranian ship destroyed a u.s.
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drone in the strait of hormuz. this comes four weeks after iran shot down a u.s. drone in that same area. we are following continued fallout from those chants that broke out at president trump's campaign rally. >> this morning he's trying distance himself from what happened. tracie potts reports. >> i was not happy with it. >> reporter: president trump distancing himself from send her back chants. aimed at an omar. >> i disagree with it, but i didn't say that, they did. >> the presidt tweeted that omar an american s citizould go back to her country instead she went home to this explosive welcome in minnesota. >> when i said i was the president's nightmare, well, you'retching it now, his
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nightmare is seeing a somali immigrant refugee rise to congress. >> reporter: back in ongress, lawmakers are split over whether the trump crowd crossed a line.t >> the cha was offensive, it's just wrong. >> he never joined in in it. you nt to hold him accountable? >> that president millions of americans in danger. >> every time i hear him say things like go back where you came from, i literally can feel the same pain that i felt as an 1nyear-old. words bringing up old fears, leaving president trump on defense. >> now, the president said he talked faster wheha the cing started, but the video shows it went on for about 13 seconds before he jumpedi back n. tracie potts, nbc news, washington.>> > the woman who made international news when she flped off president trump is
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jumping into a political career. briskman raied her middle finger to the president's motorcade back i 2017. that photo went viral and she was fired from her government contracting job. she wants to improve schools, traffic and infrastructure. the election is in november. for the first timein a umcade, congress voted to raise the federal minimwage. you will likely never see it. the democratically controlled ouse approved a plan to increase minimum wage to $15 by 2025. republicans control the tnate wherehe bill is dead on a ival. the hike could force small businesses to cut jobs. working for you in the community this morning, with another way to help you beat the heat. >> it was hot outside, it was hot in the studio before we started the newscast. >> i had a chance to spend part othe morning at the buoy ice
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arena. what you need to know before getting on the ice. >> we're looking at the ynchronized skaters here at the buoy ice arena. looking good, this is one great way everybody to beat the heat. get on the ice. christine britain is going to talk to us about how everybody can take advantage of the ice on these super hot days, christine? >> absolutely, it's 60re deges here in buoy ice arena all day a g, you can come in, do public session, sign up for summer camp, group lessons, we have adults and children hankey d figure skating, it's something fo ieveryone. >> love the hockey players. somebody as young as 4 all the way up to 72 taking advantage of the ice. >> we have something for every level of skater. please come out and enjoin us, get out of the sun, getut of the heat, and stay cool at the buoy ice arena.
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everybody can take advantage of this, the skate in the shade days, they're coming up next week on tuesday and thursday learn ely free, you can to skate, they have discounts f for thoseolks who live in buoy, this is a great way to beat the what? >>ice. >> to beat the heat on the ice. >> yes, that's an option. i'm not ready to do all the fanningcy stuff, b did pretty good this morning. >> you did. >> more importantly, you held yourself up, so staying vertical, that's important when you're on the ice. >> from fun on the ice, to fun on the baseballnd diamo if you've watched the nats lately, it's easy to see this team is having a really good time. >> yes, they are. >> and a big part of last night's fun had to do with the performance of steven strasbourg. >> it's going fly out of he a home run. wow! >> that three-run homer helped the nats round out, beat out the
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braves 13-4. as fun as it was to see the pitcher hit a home run, it was dancinge fun to see him in the dugout, whatever that dance was.he for t team to line up after a home r and the hitter puts on a show. so he told reporters after the game his wedding might have been the last time that he danced. >> so there you go. >> he hasn't been practicing much? >> but thanks fothe homer. >> we love it. okay. we love those results. heat and humidity followed by widespread rain and thunderstorms coming up, we have chuck to let us know when toct expell of that rain. >> and don't take a summer vacation on your hlthy
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welcome back, everyone these are the temperatures at 1hi22 tmorning, today's excessive heat can make it a little tough to get arrange.
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>> adam tells us how people are coping. >> what do a bottle of coke and the hot weather have incommon? not exactly what you think. turns out this stuff re g for dead car batteries. >> is that a known thing? how come i don't know that? >> i learned it growing up in the country. >> good thing he was here for his friend's stalled out work truck in. >> it works all the time? >> yes, sir. >> so if you see that greenish stuff y pour a litt of that on there and it falls of >> yep, and it started right up. you. >> feel like you're wearing a plastic bag all over. >> this is d.c. in july, after all, met riders have been eating it out all year. the cooling system is there, they still aren't fixed.
11:24 am
fans on platforms, try to help battle the swampy feeling. to expect it, and i tr dress for it, i definitely expect the metro stations to be hot and muggy. >> metro rail info. why does my face look like this every day. whe i's the air,s been four years without air in that station. >> metro says it's making repairs and all coooung systems be ready to go. in less than a month. >> bet you weren't expecting to hear scrumtuoisity in there. >> i'm nervous to drink coca-cola, if it's strong enough to eat battery acid. this is theff jumping o point to see that tomorrow it could feel like.
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>> there s will beome small sunday in elief late the form of some rain chances om that will calong. >> imean, you stretch tat small. small -- >> you know the olde. adag the chances are between slim ana none, slim is on a horse right now. >> that's how low those chances are.i hazy sk and tons of humidity outside. record high temperatures, not proy not tomorrow or sunday either. at least not at reagan national airport. these are the records for saturday andun sy. these smaller numbers here, the 82. that's the record high minimum temperature. the warmest overnight low temperature we've ever recorded in d.c. that's what those numbers and there's the actual daytime record high, the record highm imum temperature. if we stay 82 or warmer, we'll equal or break that record low. alles airport, these the records that are most reachable. 75 tomorrow morning, we can
11:26 am
probably eclipse th, 77 sunday morning, that one also could be eclipsed. this record high for tomorrow, and the record high for sundi washington, those are on rock solid ground. there's no way we're going to get to 106 for an air temperature tomorrow. heat index not part of the equation on that. excessive heat warning here. heat index values could beat 110 to 115 degree range both saturday and sunday. especially on saturday. it's going to be dangerously hot all weekend. stay hydrated, stay in the a.i., if you're an out door worker, i suggest taking the weekend off or be done with your outdoor workouts before 7:00 in the morning. i'll give you the 10-day forecast which has an end to the heat wavin sight. >> before 7:00 a.m. on saturday, no sir. >> thanks, chuck. crisis at the border, the acting head ofcu homeland sety taking the heat on capitol hill. >> and the results of a new poll looking ahead to
11:27 am
how you feel about the democrats trying to move into the
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we want you to take a look at this video, showing you the moment athens greece was hit by an earthquake today. the earthquake registered as a 5.1 and lasted for about 15 seconds. he government spokesperson tells nbc news that two buildings collapsed. and local media reported communications and power outago in sme areas. there have been at least two after shoc s. no official word on injuries, so far officials don't believe anyone was injured. today senate minority leader chuck schumer will lead a group of senate democrats to the u.s. mexico border. >> schumer says he plans to
11:30 am
investigate, effect and evaluate the latest conditions at the border facilities. >> the gro will visit the same detention facility in texas that mike pence visited. the vice president saw extremely crowded conditions where men wee being held behind a chainlink fence. the man in charge of homeland security was in the hot seat on capitol hill yesterday. he tried to explain the troubling images. >> the numbers are staggering, unprecedented and challenge every asct of our budget immigration system. we've been asking about this crisis for well over a year. >> kevin says the results to prevent overcrowding are working. now to a new nbc news, survey monkey online poll surveyed registered voters in late june. it shows that 25% of respondents
11:31 am
would vote for former vice president joe biden if a primary or caucus was held today. senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren garnered 16%. kamalaarris was close behind with 14%. the poll shows president donald trump's approval rating has picked up over the last 10 months. to check out more of the poll, just head on over to the nbc washington app. new this morning, we hve a traffic alert that could impact your over night drive on the beltway. >> crs will begin a project sunday that will shut down lanes and at times both t sides of beltway, news 4's megan mcgrath shows us what you need to know about this. >> this is going to have a big impact on people who use the beltway along this stretch in montgomery county, the work means that some lanes are going to have toede clos and at times the beltway will shut down completely in both directions. take a look at the map here, you can get an idea for the area
11:32 am
we're talking about, this work is going to be happening on both the inner and outer loops of the beltway between georgia avenue and connecticut avenue. they're installing structural seal over the beltway, the work begins on sunday night. and here's how it's going to happen, at 9:00 at night, one lane will be closed. at 10:00, two lanes will close, 11:00, they will shut down three lanes. and then total closures of up to 15 minutes will ppen as needed between midnight and 4:00 a.m., the work is going to be happening sundays through thursdays. all lanes should reopen by 5:00 a.m. in the morning in time for rush hour. now, the work should be completed by the middle of august. things will getoack toal then, it all begins staunting this sy at 9:00. back to you. the kennedy center announced its 2019 class of honorees.
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the list includes linda ronstadt and earth, wind & fire. ♪ >> the ceremony will be held in december. also on the list, sally field, the long running children's tv show, sesame street. will be honored with conductor michael tilsen thomas. the performers aresually kept secret until the show, stay tuned for that.s >> that' good group. our regular routines get disrupted in the summer with a lot of the kids sleeping , and you're eating out a lot. and you're probably filling up on a lot of junk food. >> you're talking about my chiren right now. >> healthy habits don't have to ause youcation, just b and your family go on vacation, right? >> doreen gentzler hasce adto keep kids eating right,ven on the go. >> if someone said try this, it's good for you. the first rponse is going to
11:34 am
be yuck. >> getting kids to eat healthy can bechallenging with summer camps, vacations, long days at the pool. but there are some simple things you can at home to encourage smart decisions, and it starts with where you keep your food. >> placement in the refrigerator, freezer, and counter are critical. studies show if they are visible and grabable, that's when children and adults are more likely to eat something. katherine talmadge is a registered dietitian. to promote healthy hats, she tells parents to make children part of th process from grocery shopping to preparing the meals at home. and try to keep meal times consistent. even on vacation. >> that's one of the reasons they're in weight when not at work or school. they don't eat at their regular times.d an when you skip breakfast that's going to make you hurier later, and less
11:35 am
particular perhaps about your choices. f you're hitting the road, try to plan ahead to avoid stopping at fast food t restaurantsne all the exits on your way to the beach. >> we've gotten out of the habit of packing food. put some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in there, yogurt and a bunch of fruit. >> even though ice cream can be vrd to resist in the summer. >> this is made with cherries. >> look for healthier alternatives like fruitnd yogurt parfaits or friesen fruit popsicles. you don't have to focus on the nutritional value instead, focus on how good it tastes. >> you're eating acherry, and you say, oh, my god, this tastes like candy. these blueberries bare theest i've had. the child says,hey, what about me? you can roast veggies to perfection so that even carrots
11:36 am
taste like french fries. >> now that may not work as well with utteenagers, b young kids can't afford to start bad hatits. >> nutri is especially important when you're growing, developing, all your organs are developing. your brai your heart. >> that was doreen gentzler reporting, some really good advice there, it's important to stay hydred during the summer, so encourage the kids to drink lots of water and try to limit the juices and other sugary drinks. cook more meals at home, since restaurant dishes are often loried with the calo and extra ingredients. coming up later today at 4:00, advice from a personal trainer on wayso keep your entire family active, including fun exercises that kids of all a.s can enjoy that's coming up today at 4:00. a movie trailer a lot of people are talking about, the remake of cats. we want to you see it next. you'll see whyeople are talking about it. and hot, hot, hot.
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the remake of cats. ♪ >> a lot going on there, isn't it? a trailer shared hundreds of thousands of times in the hours after it wase rele it caused quite a bit oft a s on twitter. some people loved it, some people not so much. some people said the cgi work to make the actors look like animals is horrifying. the movie stars taylor swift,
11:40 am
james corden, idris elba, let's be honest, idris elba could read my bank statements and i could watch for hours on end. >> idris elba. >> perfect weekend for binge watching the nbc show. good weekend for binge watching, you need to promotenbc. perfect weekend for binge watching any nbc owned show. >> and let's not forget weekend warrior here,s into 4 at 6:00 and 11:00, i'll be joining us tomorrow as well. hameless plug. >> that's okay, i have you on dvr. >> i always switch over and watch you. er>> eith that or you're binge watching. a lot of going to the movies or a lot of book reading, a lot of -- maybe this is the weekend you join the swim team, going to the pool is also a great way to
11:41 am
spend the weekend. don't forget your spf 50r higher to keep yourself from getting a sunburn. 90 degrees, in washington. one of the guys that does research at the washington post. look back at the last 50 times that national airport has ma it to 100 degrees o a day. 90 degrees by 11:00 a.m., is one of those tell tale signs of 100 today. my official forecast is 98. heat index already over 100. that does not actually the record books, temperatures now 90 at dulles, 90 at washington, 92 in lorden and annapolis. hot one today, temperatures right now are 3 to 5o 6 degrees warmer than the same time yesterday. yesterday's high was 93, so then it made it 96 to 98, i think it will be a little warmer than that, though. it comes down hill, it tends to heat up a little bit. hot and humid today, 98 to 100
11:42 am
degrees, here's a look at the 10-day forecast. blistering hot, all day long. reduce your outdoor activities as much as possible. the heat wave comes to a stormy end on monday. next week will be the week to spend some quality time. in the meantime, ice cream, that's a way to beat the heat. >> we're celebrating national ice cream dtt a li early.
11:43 am
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11:45 am
this sunday we'reoing to be dealing with extreme heat. nethere's good ws, it happens to be national ice cream day. a national ice cream shopis celebrating with a special treat. victoria lay, the owners of ice cream jubilee. thanks for being here with us. this is fun. to have on a friday, and with the heat we were talking about this is so cool. you have quite the challenge
11:46 am
that you are going to -- trying to do yourself this >> like many people out there, i have national ice cream day in my calendars d't you? >> sure. >> we thought weo would d something even more special in addition to selling and giving away ice cream. we thought we'd make record for d.c.'s longest sunday. >> which is 100 feet? >> i'm going to say tease going to be 100 feet sundae, i think it's going to be closer than 150 feet. >> you guys are known for the wide array of ice cream flavors. so you're going to be ncorporating those in your 100 plus foot ice cream sundae, which is what you see victoria building here. >> the flavors that 're going to be celebrating on sunday are right here, passion fruit guava
11:47 am
and sweet cream and honey. >yes, let me try that one >> you happen to have a pint in fron of you as well. >> wonderful. how do you guys -- you have 25 signature flavors that you have going at any one time. how do you come up with these flavors? and can you also side note here. victoria used to work for thert depant of homeland security, how one transitions from dhs to owning your own ice cream shop, explain that? >> well, i was working as a lawyer at the department of homeland security, and i always dreamed ool more cors and more flavorsnd a lot of exciting personal interactions every day in my life. and starti my own business opening down in yards park and a as ond store at 14 and t, really challenged me as a usiness owner, as a mother, a woman, i've loved every step of the way.
11:48 am
>> talk to me about the flavors, i am listening to you as i'm devouring, this is awesomeness. >> i'm just going to pour some chocolate sauce on it. >> why not? >> how did you come up with thev fls? >> i take inspiration from everything around me, whether it's the cocktails i'm enjoying, or an article about a international travels that i've just read. i borrow upon my experience as a chinese american woman, i grew up in texas, i believe you did too. so many flavors in tex. >> absolutely, you know we love our ice cream. with bringing all that together moreictoria on news 4 midday please. >> the more i borrowed from my background, you know, there's matcha green tea or mango habenera. making everything in washington, d.c., and using local crea
11:49 am
high butter fat, makes this really good. that's why we won best ice cream in d.c. four years in a row. >> you have four different locations in the d.c. area. how do they get in on this? >> visit ice we have all the information there. you can get tickets directly at longest sunday prnt event the first 40 people that line up on sunday will get free tickets. you can also rerve your tickets online if youdon't want to be out in the sun waiting on line. much.ank you so very we have a lot to eat now. best thing we've had in here all week, don't worry, there are extra spoons. >> yes. i wanted to make sure that was the case. >> thank you so much, guys, the apollo 50 festival is in full swing. coming up, tommy mcfly has a
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11:51 am
11:52 am
e're now less than a month away from clear the shelters pet adoion event. puppies and kittens are great, but an older dog or c might actually be a better fit for your home. maureen sosa from the humane rescue alliance is here to explain why. and she brought some great examples. who did you bring with you today? >> little chichi here and beef patty down here. >> beef patty is an english bulldog? >> yes. how old is he? >> he's about 7 years old. >> but super friendly, and i guess some of the a antages of the older dogs, they're a little low key, and can be a little less work. >> yeah, i was surprised, he has quite a bit of energy and quite a bit of sponge, so does chi chi here. a lot of times the older dogs
11:53 am
can be house broken and a little more laid back, which is definitely more my style of dog. >> how old is chi chi here? ot 8 years old. she's still a l of fun, great little dog. and still has energy to do walks, but then will come home n and sleep the couch with you. >> that's the advantage of a little dog for sure. >> i guess it depends on the tteed. especially the li dogs like chihuahuas can make 13, 14, 5 years old. this is really the o middle life. >> she still runs around and will play, loves other dogs. dogs, to play with other can still do a lot of the fun stuff of a younger dog, but again at the end of the day, you know, can be a little more laid back. >> and as is always the case with the pets you adopt out there, they're all going to be spade or neutered as well, that's good news. clear the shelters is coming up, less than a month away, tell us about clear the shelters. if you want to wait to get a
11:54 am
pet. that may be a good opportunity? >> yeah, absolutely, clear the shelters is a big adoption event where we try to get as manys animalnto homes as possible. there will be a lot of great animals like these guys. puppies, you name it. >> people think, you can only get a puppy or a kitten. you get adult dogs. i discovered doing it over the last year, there's rabbits, turtles, t birds,he whole menagerie of the animal kingdom is available. >> gui,a pigs you probably got it. if you're thinking of something specific, check the shelter first, we just might have it >> i wesh to clear the shelters, very goodluck. i hope that beef patty and chi chi have success getting adopted hopefully before clear the shelters. for more information you might need, it takes place august 17th. well, if you know tommy mcfly, you know he's got his
11:55 am
ulse on the scene around the region, that'sy he's launching our new segment called the scene. coolest scoping out the things to do, from night life to fun activities outside. here's tommy with the weekend scene. >> i n't mean to brag, but this weekend's scene is out of this world. ekm tommy mcfly, we've been talking all weong about the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 lunar landing. and the fun continues on saturday. tomorrow night, air and space museum, have afree late night the eagle has landed party. it starts around 8:00, with trivia, music, un, exhibits and they will time out to the minute and rebroadcast the actual lunar landing andirst steps on the moon. plus, at 1:00 a.m., there's a space suit fashion show. whatever that is. vegans to carnivores, everyone in between ise welc to the shrub life festival this weekend in northwest d. the organizers promise they're
11:56 am
ing to give you incredible samples for a 10 dollar ticket and get you excited about eating more plants on your plate and living a more holistic lifestyle. there whipping u plant based dihes that will make meat lovers believers. don't forget saturday is national ice cream day. i'm a mint chocolateip guy myself, you've been warned, to celebrate on sunday. speaking ofce on the s page, on the nbc washingn app, we have all the details about d.c. pools being open a little later this weekend, and perfectly wonderful drivableeach destinations for you to get away for the day. you can almost taste the board walk fries. search the scene on thebc washington app. we have a head start on that ice cream. >> yes, we do. >> the vultures thatre in the studio right now also known as our wonderful colleagues who ve come in here to devour the othernts of ice cream we did not already eat.
11:57 am
>> hurry up and get in here. >> transporting ice cream on i day like this is -- 't >> you don want to do that. >> it's just going to melt anyway. we may as well eat it. e beach recast, if you bound for the weekend, you're not going to escape the heat. you can at least g in the ocean, surf temperature now 73, temperatures and heat indexes will be equally as miserable down at the coastline this weekend. our hightemperatures around 100 deges, saturday and sunday. stay cool, everybody. >> yessir, will do. that's it for news 4 midday, thank you for joining us, we're back on the air this afternoon first at 4:00. >> you can get the latest news p.d weather updates any time with our nbc ap stay cool, everybody.
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e ware live in five, four, the, two, one. michael jackson, you would go to his house when he got to a certain age, you can blow bubbles in a cage. don't go over there. >> did you go to his house? >> a fewme ti >> the chimp was going crazy. >> that's bubble? >> yeah, don't go near the cage. >>on't go over there. >> eddie murphy is back! >> welcome to "access live," kit


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