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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 19, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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standing by in the weather center because the looks-like temperates and feels-like temperatures out there are just nasty. >> absolutely, leon. s itll dangerously hot out there, and this is going to be the case until 9:00 p.m. tonight. check it out. the national weather servicei uing that excessive heat warning. early this mornings you go it from a heat advisory and it's f everybody. everybody here in pink is under this excessive heat warning tonight. this is tourrow. yoan see the maps barely change. we have another excessive heat warning in effect tomorrow. this will run from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. during this time period you want to stay indoors if possible. if outside, again, try to be in the shade and taking frequent breaks and drinking lots of water. in addition to that, if you need another excuse to stay indoors, our air quality has been determined to be poor over the weekend. so this is especially sensitive if you have heart or respiratory issues, young kids or old
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ults. you'll be noticing that diminishing air quality with high ozone levels with t surface, saturday with an excessive heat watch. i'll have the difference between a watch, a warning and advisory and how hot it feels throughout the day and nighttime hours coming up in my full forecast. >> all right, amelia, thank you. now to the gunshots fired at a gas station in southeast washington last night. one boy ran in one direc and his older brother ran the opposite way. >> that younger brother couldn't ahesc t wa gunned down. he died. we have team coverage of this tragic story for you this eving beginning withnews 4's derrick ward. derrick, you spoke with ka's >> is, you know, and it's still starting to resonate with she's still figuring out what happened. it's unmge nabiimaginable what going through. the program that she was enrolled in here at stanton
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school, taught him patience and on the other side of the school he ran into somebody who probably hadn't learned those lessons of patience, c and itt poor karon his life. karon brown's mother doesn't i want herntity shown but she wants people to know what her son was like. >> funny, ving, very he lo babe is. >> reporter: karon and his brother hadn't ventured far from home when they found them selves in the midst of deadly gunfire. >> he ran one way and karon the other way. reporter: it started with an the gas karon wasn't among those arguing.ot >> it's a lf emotional infighting that's happening. sieberg with sons the alliance of concerned men. t they set outo quell the kind of violence that's alleged to have claimed another bystander, karon brown. his group has been working with american university for the past two years creating and perfecting the conflict resolution manual. >> there's different things out here that triggered people because they are dealing with
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trauma. >> reporter: whatever the trauma may be, rosenberg says, it's about dealing with it internally before it let lose with the deadly results like the death of an innocent child. >> we believe that the child has changed. >> reporter: it hasn't changed soon enough, another young child caught in the crossfire. >> if you're going to aim right, aim at the person you're aiming for. why would you hit a child? he took a lot away from us. >> reporter: now fortunately caron's mother has family and ven some folks in the city have stopped by to make sure that he can deal with this. ismean, there' no way you can save someone from the pain, but you can at least help them through that process that they a e to go through after tragedy like this. we're live in southeast, derrick ward, news 4. >> all right. that's so sad, so sad. thank you, k.derric >> our team coverage of this tragic case continues now with news 4's mark segraves. >> he's live at the gas station where the shooting happened last night with a look at where this investigation stands.
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mark? >> yeah, good evening. let me give you a look at what's going on right here now. just in the past 15 minutes, about two dozen people, mostly young people,riends and family f karon brown, just showed up for an impromptu prayer circle and vigil at the gas station where their friend was gunned down and new of what's happening now, mayor murial bowser announced they had doubled the r information leadin to awards. the reward stands at $50,000 for anyone ao might h information leading to an arrest of suspects involved in this murder here, but, again, police stillare looking for answerses a to why this 11-year-old boy was killed. another night of gun fire in the district. another innocentchild killed. this time the victim, 11-year-old karon brown. according to police the young boy was at this gas station on naylor road around 7:00 last night when several people got into an argument and gfire
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erupted. at some point 11-year-old made it into a car athe gas station. last night the police say that's when he was shot. >> from what we've seen so far, we believe that the individuals specifically shot into this vehicle. >> police have not provided any information on a possible motive, but they are looking for suspects, including this man pictured here without a shirt who they believe is the shootery today muriel bowser repeated her plea for the public to help, is and sheex nded her sympathy to the community. >> i will talk to his family today. >> what could possibly make any sense, when you have an adult brazenly with no regard for human life or childhood. >> this most recent killing brings the number of murders in d.c. to 88 so f this year, an increase from the same time last year, and there have been 365 assaul with a gun in the district this year, also an increase. many of those shot innocent
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victims under the age of 18, a 1-year-old was shot at a bus op and a 15-year-old maurice scott was kled just steps from his school. all of the violence comes about a year after makiyah wilson, another 10-year-old girl, was shot and killed in front of her home. >> we have too many guns and too many people willing to use them. >> now this intersection right alabama or road and avenue has a very violent history. you may recall back in 2015 this is the exact spot where a young girl was gunned down waiting for a bus at thisct intersen. we asked d.c. police if they know a motive or the target. we even asked if it's possible. e 11-year-old was in fact the target himself. it's too early in the investigation to have any of those details. l reen, back to you. >> aright. mark segraves, thank you, mark. >> new at 6:00, we've got our first look at the suspects involved t a shooting a the shaw metro station this
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afternoon. people ay the two involved were on the metro platform at the shaw station. they gotz into an argument and that's when shots were fired. they are looking for these twoho men w ran out on to eighth street. right now as police investigate. the seventh a "f" street metroens trance is closed. the man who was hurt is expected to be okay. >> i'm erika gonzalez following breaking news from the live desk, anranian news agency is now reporting that a second oil tanker seized by iran has been a reld. the sars news agency says the vessel has left iranian water. the agency says the librarian-flagged ship was briefly detained in th strait of hormuz. the iranians gave it a notice to comply with environmental regulations. we're still waiting to hear about a second vessel seized by iran in the strait. that one has a british iran says the ship violated
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international rules. britain's foreign secretary says he's working on getting the develops and itcrew released. today's suesures are just the very latest escalation of tensions between iran and the twest. from live desk, erika gonzalez. leon. >> thank you. those tensions with iran beingc rated up but that's almost overshadowed by the feud between the president and minnesota congresswoman ilhaar omar. after saying he didn't like the send her back chant at the rally the other day today president trump changed his tune andu ed down on his attacks against omar. a look at day five of this controversy. craig? >> reporter: right, n. president trump renewing his attack and spinning his stance on the send her back chant. president trump changing his tune about the supporters chanting send her back at the campaign rally this week. >> those are incredi e people and incredible patriots. >> reporter: just yesterdaynthe presideried to distance himself from those chants. >> i was noty hapith it, i
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disagree with it. >> reporter: that moment. >> send ha b! send her back! >> reporter: aimed at representative ilhan omar who fled somalia as a child. >> welcome me, ilhan! >> reporter: a very different chant for the congresswoman arriving home in minneapolis last night. >> when i said i was the president's worst nightmare, well, you're watching it now! because his nightmare is seeing a somali immigrant refugee rise to congress! >> reporter: the president today. >> i'm unhappy when a congresswoman says i'm going to be the idprest's nightmare. he's going tonight president's nightmare. she's lucky to be where she t, leme tell you, and -- and the things that she has said are a disgrace to our country. >> reporter: tat feud resonng with people in different ways. >> i just think she's terribly brave and courageous. i >> reporter:f they hate it here so much, go somewhere else.
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>> what started with a single tweet by the president now growing into a new front line in e battle for the whiteso house. me republicans have indicatedly prihey are uncomfortable with the tweets and the chant while democrats are publ ly united and condemning the presiden asttacks. doreen, back to you. >> all right. craig boswell reporting, thank you, craig. just in the last two hours, er first lady michelle obama appeared to weigh in on the president's comments and the chant at his rally this week. she posted this tweet saying whatuly makes our country great is its diversity. i've seen that beauty in many ways over the years. whether we are born here or seek refuge here, there's a place foa usl. we must remember it's not my america or your america, it's our america. >> a d.c. council member is pushing back against reports that his cousin could benefit from d.c.'s recent sports gambling contract. "the washington post" obtained a ocument which shows kenyan
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mcduffie's cousin keith is a listed a subcontractor. it's reported that the potomac supply company could get $3 million for providing products. mcduffie said this in part. a le there was apparent single document that all parties involved have stated was produced in error, there are officialh documents wh clearly establish that okera stewart owns the company. i was in no wayen influd to cast a vote on the sports gaming contract in a m what i believed to be in the best interests of the district y columbia andies residents. 50rs ago man watched the first steps on the moon. >> as we prepare for more celebrations here this weekend, a look at the impact apollo 11 still has a half century later. also cometrp, e heat on aets hdug ur ben conditioner. how to stay cool without overworking the system. >> and right now it's still
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feeling like triple digitsut there. s 105 is the heat index. it's still feeling around 100 degrees. even at 11:00 tonight, it'sel still g about 95 degrees out there. so little relief moves in overnight tonight, and it feels overnight tonight, and it feels hotter tomorrow. i switched from dodge.
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50 years ago, the work of more than 400,000 people the course of history when two
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men set foot on the moon. >> that's right, and this weekend washington is home to o onethe biggest celebrations of apollo 11's 50th anniversary nbc's jay gray reports from the smithsonian national air and space museum. >> that's one small step for man, one giant ap for mankind. >> 50 years later, those words still echo across time and space. neil armstrong and later buzz aldrin walking along the surface of the moon and into history. >> buzz is erecting the solar wind experiment now. >> reporter: theyspent two and a half hours gathering samples and planting the american flag and llow crew member michaelol cns piloting the command module circled above what he called. >> the magnificent spear, magnificent. >> reporter: but it was looking back through the window of the spacecraft that left a lastingp imession during this historic journey. >> the whole show was the earth,
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tiny little earth. it's projected to me as a feeling of fragility. i could not explain it at the time, and i can't explain it rea >> reporter: a feeling shared by neil armstrong who said i put up my thumb and shut one eye andy thumb blotted out the planet earth. i didn't feel like a i fe very, very small.of >> lift >> but the advances incimedine, science and everyday life as a result of the mission have been giant. >> our iphones, our laptops can trace their heritage right back to the work thaton was on apollo. it had a huge impact right here back on eart >> an impact that lingers half a century after this his flight. jay gray, nbc news, washington. >> we've got information about all the anniversary events happening on the national mall tonight and tomorrow in our nbc washington app so check it out there. coming up at 6:45 here, awni
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yang going to share with us some of the food items that became popular after being up in space. >> we hope you have your air conditioner cranked up which means the electric meter is churning. >> big time and the electric grid is working overtime to keep working.ngs chris gordon live in montgomery county with tips to stay cool and save money. hey, chris. high, leon and door even. pepco crews are on high alert. the extreme heat this week has caused our energy consumption to spike 13% as compared t to daily average at this time of year. come on inside. i have some energy-saving tips and money saving tips for you to keep your house cool. pepco says make sure your blinds are down so direct sunlight doesn't come in. as far as lamps, you should be unplugging them and any charging devices as well. and a lot of people ask, well, howhould iet my thermostat?
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pepco says set it at 78 degrees. >> pepco is prepared tohe face t heat. here at the benning surface center they have repair trucks on the ready. this is their storm room, staffed with a tm monitoring the weather. pepco prepares year round. to avoid a blkout like the one in new york city last weekend. >> when we have a lot of consumption of electricity, we want to experience those power outages that we obviously want to avoid, because when there are outages, our customers are, you know, in some cases, they are without medical equipment, and o we want just try to avoid avl that h >> carmelita edwards of northeast washington says this heat wave is dangerous for her. >> i suffer with the heat. i hate the heat. i suffer very much. i'm anis as make the, so th
6:19 pm
weather, it's not my friend. >> as you can see here, the blinds are open. >> pepco showed miss edwards how she can stay comfortable while saving energy in her home by drawing her drapes a shutting the blinds. using the ceiling fan to ai circulate unplugging unnecessary lamps and appliances and setting her thermostat at 78 degreeshich is anadjustment. >> i would not want to be a part of having a power outage where there are people out there that done any way -- perhaps don't have air conditioning at all, but i'm still praying on that. 78, i'll try it. >> 78 degrees. it leaves you with a little glow, and if you work during the day it's ksy toep your thermostat a little higher than that. you save some money and so energy and you're going to glow a little bit and wait in the night to use appliances that
6:20 pm
create heat. i know a lot about this, like ovens, washer/dryers, wait until night to use those. >> you've done a fine job. w yourlier with your dog, chris. keep up the great work. there you go. >> there you go. >> he can't qualify because he -- he would like to qualify for pat's pets but he's a member of the nbc family. >> too bad. >> but he's gettinof plenty air time here so way to go, chris. >> absolutely. >> you think you're glowing, how hot do you suppose he is? >> in a fur coat, exactly. >> it would be nice if we could set the thermostat outside. >> when is the last time we saw 78? >> too long to recall, honestly. >> it affects your g,thinkin your -- your everything. it's just oppressive when it's this hot. >> just talking to people here at work. i'm feeling drained and it's
6:21 pm
because of how hot it is out there. >> it tucks it out of you. you didn't plan this, but it's like pet hour here hat nbc. this just shows how much we all ove our pets. all of us are dog parents, yes. >> so i have to put my dog on tv in the background here. but in all seriousness keep your pets in mnd during the extreme heat out there becausehe t air temperature is one thing. the ground surfaces are typically much warmer than the thermometer is actually reading so check this out as we take a look at concrete versus asphalt. yeah, there's cora. liked that walk. it wasn't too hot. on a 59 degr day the concrete is actually the temperature of 140 degrees. the asphalt is up to 15050 so this weekend is all about short walks in the grass, if be po. can you test the surface by putting your hand on the ground. if you can't hold it there for five to seven seconds, it's unsafe for their paws out there.
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bye, cora. as we take a look over the weekend, excessive heat warning tomorrow. this is from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. this is for everybody. we then look to sunday where we have an excessive heat watch from 11:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m., so we have a warning and a watch. what's the difference? what does that all mean? a watch means we're being vigilant. we're monitoring the sihation so t watch on sunday either becomes a heat advisory or an excesve heat warning. the difference between an advisory and a warning, boast them are happening and and advisory is a t moderatereat here in yellow and a warning here in red means it's a high risk dangero situation out there, tomorrow that excessive heat warning, a high threat dangerous situation. i think sunday will actually be under ace exive heat warning as well. here's the feels-like temperature tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. already feeling like we're in the 90s. look at lunchtime. in the only feeling like 100 but feeling like 110 degrees in many locations. it only gets worse during the peak afternoon hours, 4:00 p.m.
6:23 pm
feeling like closer to 110 and 115 degrees in spots. even tomorrow night we don't get relief out there. headed out for dinner or an outdoor concert, there's so many events outside. no rried about storms so much, look at 10:00 and how comfortable it is. still about 59 in frederick, about 100 i whington and feeling about 94 degrees in manassas. a high temperature tomorw of 100, a high on sunday of 99. dangerous heat means we're in weather alert mode all weekend long. maybe some scattered thunderstorms around later on sunday. thnday some storms are looking likely. could be severe. it's still oppressively humid high ere on monday with a of 93. 80s and lower humidity on tuesday. wait until you see the back half that have ten-day. i i have that coming up at 6:45. >> tuesday is looking pretty good, too. >> yeah, not bad. >> there's our 78. > yeah, right. >> coming cup, a judge's harsh words for a mother accuses of tampering with her son's tubes ,hile he was in the hospital.
6:24 pm
>> plus news 4's adam tuss in fauquier county. >> a mad dash as a car gets hit by a train, but inside that car were three small kids and an ult. ult. i'm when i was diagnosed with m, the first thing i thought about was my family. i ca home and cried. but, as i'vesseen my disease progre,e thdicine has progressed right alongside it. trying to make medications more affordable is important but if washington isn't careful
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we might leave innovation behind. let's fix the syst the right way. innovation is hope, and the last thing you want to lose in life is hope.
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a fairfax county mother who stabled it with her own blood. a look at what elizabeth malone did last week, a betrayal of her maternal role. that is a hidden camera that he finally revealed. why the severely disa ed boy was getting so sick. malone used syringes to inject the blood into her son's tubes. she later toldr investigatoshe was trying to get more medical
6:27 pm
attention for her son. malone's attorney said t day that she needs mental health treatment, not incarceration. prosecutors wanted more jail time because of the nature of this crime. >> most children looked at their mother for a hug and this mother brought nothing but pain on this poor child. >> the judge sentence mad lone to a total of three years in prison with two years probation after that. family members say her son's health has improved significantly. >> search teams without human bones near the gw parkway and four-mile run in virginia. u.s. park police officers found three bones and a skull in a creek bed. you'll remember the d.c. fire department dogs named kylie was hurt searching that same areali ear this week. kylie had to be airlifted off to an animal hospital after her leg was impaled on a fence. kylie is expected to make a full
6:28 pm
recovery. >> next at 6:30, a woman critically injured in a freak accident on the train tracks. adam tuss explai how it happened and why some crossings in that area could be dangerous. >> nine hours of testimony and residents making it very clear that they do not want a logistics center in the middle t of their comm but it was approved anyway. i'm tracey wilkins coming up on 4. >> and check out the feels-like temperatures outside. almost everybody in this area here in triple digits. this picture here is deceiving because it looks so calm. >> doesn't it. >> doesn't feelay that w >> amelia is back to explain why this heat wave could last a
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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and welcome back on this friday eke. it's not just us that's experiencing dangerous heat. check out most of the country. at least the entire eastern half. this is how hot it's feeling right there now. kansas city feeling about 109 and new orleans 100 and new york feeling about 100 degrees right now. and we keep oppreive saturday around here. we don't see smey faces with until wednesday and thursday. i'll have more on our transition days coming up at 6 sack.ig >> all rt, amelia, thank you. we've got some new information now on the big stories we've been covering, a shooting death of an 11-year-old boy. >> his name is b karonwn gunned down last night in southeast washington and the mayor doubledhe eward money for information leading to karon's killer. erica gonzalez joins us from the
6:32 pm
live ned. desk. >> police are now offering $50,000 for information that will take the shooter off the streets. the may i repeating her plea for the public's help and extending her sympathies to the comty. police tell us there was some sort of an argument between adults at a s station near naylor avenue last night andt t's when gunshots were heard. karon's mother said he ran in one direction and her older brotr ran in another. karon was struck and killed. a still picture of surveillance video was released, and they believe this is the gunman. >> he's just a baby. he was my youngest, and you're going to aim right, aim at the person thatim you're ag for. why would you hit child? >> we have too many guns and too many people willing to use them. >> karon's mother says he loves the program he is in at stanton elementary school.
6:33 pm
police want you to call him to see if you've got any information on that shooting. he just finished the fifth grade. leon. >> this is so tragic. you have to hopeon that some out there does feel motivated to speak up quickly in this case. thank you, erika. >> tonight a grandmother is fighting for her life after a frightening incidenton the freight train track. this happened last night in virginia. >> as this woman was driving, three of her grandkids, her car became stuck on the tracks after a rear end accident. transportation reporter adam tuss is there with the harrowing story. >> reporter: it's almost hard to imagine a freit train n barreling dowhe track with you stuck on the tracks with three small children in the car. that's exactly what happened here on route 17 interest whe a arandmother accidentally rear ended another cn her truck
6:34 pm
and the grandmother's truck then became stuck on the track. >> i can't imagine. the truck was disabled. she got all of themt of the truck and then i believe what happened is the train hit the truck. >> reporter: jeannette marshall lives about a bloc she came out of the house to see what happened. >> there was a truck overturned right by the track. my family and i came down last night and we said a prayer for whomever was in the truck. just hope, you know, that they are okay. >> now you don't get much warning here on the road. it may be 30 seconds before this train sounded its horn to the time and it went right byll >> we do you have to pay attention. this whole area here with the post office. it's dangerous coming down t road. >> i heard the sirens a little after 6:00.
6:35 pm
it turned out to be the train. >> reporr: and it takes a freight train going 55 miles an stop.bout a mile to here a reminder that this kind t of accide can happen in an instant. adam tuss, news 4. >> an update now on the murder of a transgender woman in prince george's county. gerardo thomas will remain behind bars. a judge ordered him held without dbond to. he's charged with the murder of zoe spears who was found dead just over a month ago a couple onblocks from eastern avenue the maryland side. investigators say a grainy image of a minivan with a distinive aint job helped them trace the vehicle back to a rental company and ultimately to thomas. police say there's still no own motive. assault charges have been dropped against a well-known maryland high school footballco ch.
6:36 pm
th bullis ahead coach's wife accused him of domestic violence but the prosecutors di issed casee to a lack of evidence. one the coach's former players is washington redskins draft pick dwayne haskins. he was placed on leave after his arrest. news 4 reached out to see if he will return to his job at the school but we're still waiting to hear back from him. >> neighrs in one prince george's county neighborhood will fight back after a fulfillment center is going to go into their neighborhood. tracey wilkins explains why after anoutpouring of opposition to the project i still passed a major hurdle last night. >> we feel undervalued. >> destiny harris is one of mano residents pack a prince george's county planning board
6:37 pm
yesterday. for ninegours he spoke anst the proposal. 4.1 million square foot logistics center planned for the middle of theirnt develop sources tell news 4 it's a proposed amazon fulfillment center. a warehouse that will be operating 24/7 with is 50 tractor trailer trucks turning on the same street. all the residents have to turn into to get into their home. westphalia is a community of professionals. they were promises town center with shops and restaurants. he developer said this new logistics center will help spring that. if the median income of this neighborhood is about $120,000, you're telling me that someone who is making $15 an hour would motivate retailers more than the residents that are >>ready here. he yays have it. >> reporter: the planning board ojectmously approved the p saying it met all legal
6:38 pm
parameters but they did ask for chang to the windowless warehouse. >> they are going to have to gn redesihat building and propose additional enhancements of the site so that it looks like it belongs there, and so we did our rbest. orter: prince george's wanted amazon's second headquarters but lost its bid. residents say this warehouse ds insult to injury. >> to feel like you all are good enough for this but not this is -- it's like a slap in the face. >this is still not a done deal. the proposal now heads to the county council, and there are opportunities for residents to try and apperl. in upp marlboro, tracey wilkins, news 4. >> an incredible lo tonight at ur-ddeathefying climb to go is a stories down ang high rise. still to come what we're learning about the man in this video. >> plus a new request f
6:39 pm
workers who could lose their job after moving a federal agency. >> amelia will timeut the o did you know comcast business goes beyond fast with a gig-speed network. complete internet reliability. advanced voice solutions. fi wio keep everyone connected. video monitoring. that's huge. wedid you guys know id all this stuff? no. i' m not even done yet. no. wow. businessv. cloud apps and support. comcast business has the solutions you need. get start with fast, reliable internet for just $39.95 per month. it's everything a small business owner needs. call 1-800-501-6000 today.
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one of our area's most powerful unions is asking the fed to cancel plans to shift jobs from d.c. to kansas city. the american federation of government employees says the us departme of agriculture risks losing the experienced employees in two of its offices. about 500 workers are going to be impacted by in move. the feds have offered many of the workers choice to move and keep their jobs or lose them. the labor union though cited numbers first recorded by news 4 showing nearly two-thirds of the workers won't be going and instead will lose their jobs. in a new letter to the u a, the union says,quote, the resulting brain drain from this massive loss of talent will be severely damaging. the agency said that it's still negotiating with the union. a asrtland mother h set a
6:42 pm
new world record and also discovered a way to dea with post-partum depression. lindsey davis set a world record in half a marathon with her baby along for the re. on jul wendy finished the foot mile track h if marathonn one hour and 21 minutes and she didit all while pulling 21-pound 9-month-old quinton in a 19-pound cart. >> wow. wendy said the experience taught her she could still love running and love being a mom. she says post-partum depression is still a daily struggle but wants other mothers to know they are not alone. up. give women are stronger than men. ten hours of labor. >> was that ever in doubt? >> a babe and dragging one through half a marathon. >> good for her. that's hard work. >> i give up >> all right. >> coming up, what do you eat if you're on your way to the moon? >> awning yang talks to the experts at the smithsonian air
6:43 pm
and space museum and finds out about the food from the apollo tission. we'll see how i stacks up to our dinner tonight. and not onlyare we going to be dangerously hotthroughout the weekend, but check out our air quality this weekend. the rating is poor.l i'let you know how hot it feels saturday afternoon and evening andndsunday as well plus the we're the slowskys. we like drip coffee, layovers- -and waiting on hold. what we don't like is relying on fancy technology for help.
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bet you've ner seen anything like this. a death-defying escape allu cat on video in philadelphia. we're looking atis man who decided to scale his way d n the side of an apartment tuilding last night af a fire broke out andirilled the ent building with smoke. police say he scaled down is15
6:46 pm
stories and he didn't do it with a lading. he was holding on to the chain link fence and the balconies and lings. took him three minutes to get down butet felt l an eternity for the people who were watching, including me. police met this guy at bottom and appeared to be uninjured and just walked away. >> oh, my. >> that was a risky thing to do. a festival celebrating 50 years since the apollo 11 lunar landing will wrap up tomorrow. nasa and the air and space museum are putting on the event that includes interactiv and hands-on exhibits. it will run from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. if you can't make it down during the day or you don'tant to deal with as much of the heat, there's also the big shows tonight and tomorrow nght. 17-minute programs kick off at 9 9:30, 10:30 and 11:30ith a projection of the saturn 5 rocket on the washington
6:47 pm
monument. >> would i like to see that. that will be very cool. while the apollo 11 mission was extraordinary, it turns out the food was pretty ordinary. >> awning yang g aook this week at the science of food and space. >> reporter: coffee, bacon bars and sugaroo ckies, those were a few of the favorite food items that fueled the apollo 11 crew. neil armstrong, michael collins and buzz aldrin junior. >> that was one of the first things eaten on the moon, sugar cookies. > reporter: astronauts ate fairly normal food, even shrimp cocktail. >> astronauts often comment they like spier foods. one of the most popular has been shrimp cocktail partly because the sauce has horseradish this is pork and scalloped potatoes and each package color coated. red for armstrong, blue for aldrin and white for collins. in order from the top ofahe commnd structure down to the
6:48 pm
bottom, and each rotated basically four or five days. now to the do not eat st. hey are not eating things that tsually have bread because breadcrumb bltbread crumbles too easilyd what about space ice cream we see in the museum shop? >> not real, no. >> turns out astronauts dol't e the texture. too muclike styrofoam. so just like the mission to the moon, nasa figured out a way to make the real thing happen. >> when there is a freeze their goes up on a resupply mission, it usually is intended to carry samples back to earth but on the way up i doesn't have anything in it so nasa likes to pack it with ice cream treats. >> so it's safe to say fellow food lovers, flye to the moon. >> that's interesting that you each have different menus. >> no tsang.
6:49 pm
>> what we msed about tang is about the ice cream. >> ever any doubt about taking it to the moon. >> i remember as a kid at school this is the astronaut ice cream. >> yeah. >> oh,nother bubble burst. so what about -- what about when we're going to see some relief from this oppressive h t. >> iess the good news is when the relief arrives it's going to be amazing. it's going to be jusne fi, a little bit better. it's going to be really, really nice, t but relief really doesn't arrive until later tuesday into wednesday. it'sovangerously hot the weekend, both tomorrow and sunday as well, and then as we lookto monday you might have heard a heat wav potentially lasting a little b longer, yeah. it's looking oppressively muggy and warm o there on monday. s.'re in the 90 we're not near 100 thankfull but it could feel close to 100s
6:50 pm
till on monday with those high ermidity levels, and some storms are possible ohe weekend, especialbu later sunday, t it's really on monday where i'm seeing thunderstorms in the forecast. some of those storms could be stro to severe because of all an of the heat humidity out there. something ll be keeping a close eye on. right now 95 degrees and feeling like so 4 with the mugginess out there, a southerly wind at 13 iles an hour. we have an excessive heat warning in effect until 9:00 p.m. tonight, and it will continue to feel like triple digits out there until 9:00 p.m. we have an accepted heat warning tomorrow until1:00 9:00 p.m. and then a heat watch on sunday that will either become a heat advisory or another excessive heat warning. this is your saturday planner, but can you pcoetty much nt it as your sunday planner as well. no changes out there, just a chance for storms later on sunday. i mean it's 81 degrees to start off the day. it feels like 90. lunchtime it'sangerously 96
6:51 pm
and 100 tomorrow afternoon and feels like 110 to 1 is a. tomorrow night 7:00 p.m. dinner plans out, something to do around town. 97 degreest 7:00 and feeling like 110 degrees, so we're not tigetting ni relief either. it's not going toool off really that much overnight ove the weekend. this is your worst case scenario, heat index through monday. 115 would be the highest heat index i could see happeningrr tomo. 113 on sunday and then monday it's stillot ptially feeling like 102 degrees during the afternoon hours. lower humidity levels finally aymove in on tuesd with maybe some lingering showers and thunderstorms out there on tuesday, especially during the morning hours. if we hit 100 over the weekend it would be the first time that reagan nationalas hit 100 since august of 2016, but anyway you slice it this weekend is the host weather we've seen here iny
6:52 pm
twoars. we've been hot but it's more so that we're hot during the day and then hot at night as well. we just haven't seen our daytime highs back-to-back warm into the upper 90s since 2017. wednesday, that's beautiful. 86, plenty of sunshine. no humidity. we keep it really nice thursday, friday. next weekend, yeah, really not looking that bad with highem tratures around 90 degrees. >> so really just three more days. >> just three more days. >> that's it. >> thanks, amelia. >> completely different conditions over in ireland wher they aaying golf. come up the second round of the british open or the open as they call it. call it. it wapped upr i swited from dodge.
6:53 pm
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current gm owners can get over $5,100 below msrp on this equinox. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. boy, you're lucky you didn't get here three seconds ago. >> the heat is getting to us, i guess. >> this is a random question. this is how i determine when is something famous or like
6:56 pm
super fame out, so the way i determine that is through the momtest. now my mom is visiting so i've got to give a shutout but if my mom has heard of whoever i'm talking about thateans they have reached true cross-over fame. the star of the women's world cup reached that elite level of fame for her, and tomorrow is ce your chan to show some love to a couple of local national team players when the washington spirit return to action. rose lavelle will be back in germantown after the national soccer league resumes action. the game starts at 8:00 instead of 7:00 and you can bring water bottles from home. head coach richie burke is excited to get his superstars back. >> like christmas day. it's another opportunity to see two great players, world class and world champions and scored two goals for the united states of america. it's a thrill. should be a thrill for the crowd and for the opponentsd an i know
6:57 pm
they got a huge buzz from it. >> likewise. >> last night stephen strasburg balled out for the nationals in tlanta but it wasn't on the mound. it was at the dish. went 3 for 3 with five rbis. what is he do >> how the of his mind. >> shall we put himn dh or something. a three-run monster shot. >> is this the heat,uys, is this what's happening? the nats didn't get to a anta until 4:00 a.m. and won 13-4. davyee martinez has bn thinking creatively. >> want to come out and play good baseball, you know, and like i said put the first run down and they did that today,an d, you know, stephen wasn't as sharp as he could be, but, man, he swung the bat really well. might be a pinch c hittering up here for the rest of these games, but he did very well. >> tigth woods shook up e sports world after winning the masters back in apr and seemed like he was bark but the main thing that's back is literally
6:58 pm
his back. now that bad back led to four surgeries in five years and returned with a vengeance with tiger at the 140th open championships. tiger wasn't the only one that struggled. phil mickelson, one of those big names who struggled. you can see this shot somewhat indicative of how the tournament went. plus the for the tourney. he did not make the cut. tiger woods didn't have a great afternoon. he clealy was not pleased with this shot. that was actually a better swing. he shot 6 over, also missed the cut and f sentimentalorite was rory mcilroy playing on his home course. he needed to make this to play oveeethe wnd, but not so much. j.d. holmes and shane lowry tied for the lead going into moving day at8 under. >> wow. >> big names all around. >> wow.
6:59 pm
>> shout-out to your
7:00 pm
breaking news tonight. iran seizes a british oil tanker and stops another ship in the persian gulf. a serious new provocation. one day after the u.s. destroys an iranian drone. president trump saying iran is nothing but trouble. growing concern tonight in a volatile region. heat ergency. it's dangerously hot and humid in two-thirds of the couny. 190 million ople now facing scorching heat. major events put on hold and for some the worst is yet to come. al roker will have a look at your weekend. the surprising increase in marijuana use by pregnant women. relieving symptoms like morning sickness, migraines, and stress. >> i decided to anconsume cannabis, within 30 minutes, i did feel better. >> but is it safe? n and back othe team


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