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tv   News4 Your Sunday  NBC  July 21, 2019 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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refreshing enough to be called deer park 100% natural spring water. born better® good morning. this is news 4 your sunday. >> hello. i'm pat lawson muse. matt lawrence played four seasons in the nfl with the seahawks, bears and the ravens, before a concussion ended his career in 2012. he says the injuries still affect him today but they haven't stopped him from working to impact young people to this very day. welcome matt lawrence to our program. it's good to see you. >> thanks for having us. r many people who are fans of the nflemember you. >> mm-hm. >> andou how are y doing today? >> i'm doing well, i'm doing well. today's a good day. today's a good day to b able to spread the good news and talk about things that we love to do. >> how are you doingy? physica
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i know it's been a bit of ast ggle for you since that concussion back in 2011. >> concussions are tricky. some days you wake up and you feelth fine. e best way i can compare it is like your cell phone battery. you have a battery, and sometimes you think it's going to last all day and it doesn't. >> yeah. >> so every day you wake up and if you don't have a goodnight's sleep you start at 75%. the worst feeling isou when y wake up and you realize your phone didn't charge. that's what the conssion is like. sometimes your battery's not fully charged. and if you hear a loud sound or a thing surprises you on your way around town, that drains your battery by 10%, 20% ersometimes. evy day can be difficult. some days are good. we push on and we try to do our best. >> obviously,ig it's a risk, playing football. >> mm-h >> and there are young people, my sister's oldest son, my nephew wanted to play ball, but
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because he suffered a concussion playing basketball she would not let him play football. >> yeah, it's a tricky thing. concussions are scary. you have a concussion once, and that feeli feel, the d dizziness and nausea, i don't blame parent all. i probably let my son play football. asou w tn'parents, we don't wan ildren to feel, it's our protective nature. we don't want them to feel pain at all, especially something so as this. >> let me ask you about football and leaving it. how difficult was it for you when you realized. >> yeah. >> it was over. >> so, when it was over, that's a big thing for a lot of guys. they have the transition, and it wasn't that big for me, you know, when i got maicy concussi it was very traum tic and doctor told me, listen, if you take another hit like that, you could be a vegetable. those are ver surprising words to hear. so when you hear them, the cision's kind of already made,
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and i made that swiftly. i said, you know, i'm good at other things, not just football. >> i'm glad you saidth , you transitioned perfectly to what you do. you started your own non-profit organization, cled lawrence international, and you co-founded it with your cousin. tell us about your work and your mission. >>ono our missi is made up of severalto mots. we really want kids to understand who they are. we really need them and i say need, we need them to understand their value, you know. we tell them often, go with your values. people need to value you. some of our work, for instance, so w hredquartered in baltimore. and we go around baltimore through the school systems and through different groups be and we took one group, one set of group of kids from the west side of baltimore, we took them to the bygone restaurant. we partnered with mr. schafer and the sharp-dressed man. we got them all suite they wer
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all cleaned up. we have a saying in football, if you look good you play good. we want the youth to know they look great and they should feel like they're great. we had ldership brunch. some basketball stars to come down. those are the types of things that we offer and what we do. >> onoffand you offer it on two platforms, not only your organizationt you are an ordained minteter. you min to them. >> yes, we do. we minister to them. we minter to all the youth. and sometimed so much, you know what iean. sometimes they don't know what theyee nd. and just growing up and going through ups and downs in life, we know how, especially in this day and age, how much of a strugg it can be. and so by us going through that, we can easily direct the kids, and especially coming from a nfl player, this nfl player told m i'm worth it, i can do it. don't need to get caught up on
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certainy things the listen. we department g get the walls t certain therapists other other people, they say oh, my gosh, >>u're right. nd you're working in baltimore city where he a lot of people are struggling for some hope in the lives. we'll take a break and continue our talk with matt lawrence whe. stays at ...and earn a $50 gift card. because when your business is rewarding youelf... ...our business is you. book direct at
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we are talking today with former nfl player, running back, matt lawrence, the reverend matt lawrence, so, matt, you are doing work not only in baltimore with lawrence international but on an international level. >> yeah. >> you're planning a celebrity basketball camp next month in the tks and caicos. >> i am indeed. our mission is to not only affect the youth here but internationally. youth need help everywhere, and turks a caicos i a fabulous
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country. >> how did you pick that place?n >> f enough, i honeymooned there. >> ah. >> so we got married during the bye-week, so we went and took the honeymoon the nex year in turks and caico wherever we go and visit, i like to see the scope of the land and i like to help. it's kind of in my blood. so i was there, and i said i wonder, i bet thers kids here that need help. d the noprofit. s involv, and i said know what? a football etball down theld camp. ot about what i want, it's about what they want. so we have some tremendous, tremendous guice, dominick wrig have damian lee comi down. he played with tewa iors. we're and our mission is we
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tad it's a celebrity baskit right. it's instillin same kinds of thing wt in our missio so to when they go through rough times. >> are youth in turks and caicos any different than youth in baltimore? they're allhe same. they go through the same issues. yeah, they're the se. st little cultural differences. they're on an island. we're not, but they're almostly the same. >>ntesting. who are some of your partners, other partners. >>altion army is helping us to put on the camp. they're a fantastic organization. we have a great group of hotels coming alongside us to make thi happen. the grace bay club, the grace ba foundation, the shore club. ocean club resorts.s. we couldn't make this happen
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without ocean cluey th've done so much in the community. and they're tied so much into the country. >> who are some of the partners working with lawrence international? >> they're working there, but coca-cola's sponsoring, under armour and salvation army. so under armour gave us a lot of apparel to bring down there to really bless the young men and well down there, toy reall uplift and enrich the community. >> how can other companies get involved? i assume you welcome. >> yes, we welcome them all. >> welme more partners. if theyto want get voofinvoned oll social media platforms. >> what are some of the things you need? obviously funding. >> funding is huge. we need funding. i meancorporate, we have corporate sponsors that give
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money, but really every day folks who believe in it. everybody has a son or daughter who needs tutoring or want to be a little better at field hockey or softball. and they say i'llive $10 a month, $5 a month, everything matters. for the corporations, in-kind donations are great, whether it's books to laptops or an imagine at they that the youth would need, ght? they can e-mail us, and we can send them a list of direct needs if they want to get involved in something like this. >>ou're very passionate about this work. >> oh, y ih,s my life's work. i couldn't do it without my team. we talked about my battery. some days, if i get a, if i get a headache or migraine, because th what i suffer with, i get the dizziness and double vision, my team has to take over. i'll be down with blackout shades for two days sometimes. we have crystal, tyler, they all
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do a fantastic job. i'm the visionary, and sometimes i'm down-and-ore, and they' on it. >> that's what teamwork is all about. >> that's whee ca ourselves, team lawrence. >> you're doing g,at work scoring touchdowns every day. all the best to you. thank you for being with us. coming up next, weoi are g to talk to a local film maker who is being recognized for a new project about life in the virg islands after the 2017 hurr i'm jimmy dean and uh,
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i wish i could tell ya how i feel about a mornin' like this. and that includes a good hearty breakfast. you need somethin' to kinda warm the whole body up and ts it a great way to kick off your day. z3a5wz z16fz
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y3a5wy y16fy the virgin islands are still recovering from back to back hurrican that hit in 2017. a local film maker is getting recognized for a documentary about the aermath. it's entitled "dear everyone, sincerely virgin islands". dr. so has a film about
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martin luther king jr. george graham is an actor starring in the movie "the shot." welcome both of you. >> thank you for having us. >> so trey, you spent three months in the virgin islands and produced this documentary about the aftermath. what inspired you? >> honestly, i had the opportunity to w sit downh the islands' congresswoman, stacy pulasked she mentiono me how the island was in a devastati need of just letting thewh world kno at they we through, after you mentioned the two category five hurricanes cameh througand destroyed the island. after talking withnd a few other politicians, i decided to take the team over to the virgin land and take it on my own behalf and get the story out there to the people. that's how i created "dear everyone, sincerely virgin
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islands." >> your film has earned praisef stacy plasket, a democrat. >> yes. >> tell me about the award. >> she gave me the key to the city, to t island and gave me the congressional honors award for doing humanitarian work in islands.n that was nice. thank you. >> trey, you are an actor, and george, you're an actor as well, and you're starring in his current production called "the shot." this movie is about the assassination of dr. martin luther king but from a different perspective. >> yes. a south african photographer named joseph, he prett muchas in a situation in his own country, and he had to come over here to america. and with doing so, he wanted to take on the assassination of dr. martin luther king, the events
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that led up to that, he was a part of that. he was actuay in the same environment as thesene pioers and activists going around to these different communities. he was there. and he met a guy named andy young. andy young. ss>> a u.n. amor and former mayor of atlanta. >> yes. which is the character i'll be playing. i'm very excited. but they were around the same age. so they had a better chemistry than joseph and a lot of other advocates that were around at that time. it just so happened andy young was there when the asssination happened. he was holding dr. martin luther king and on the opposite side the oseph, who was taking picture of it. >> so the film is written from the perspective of joseph, the photographer. >> photographer. >> trey, you wrote that. >> yes, i wrote and created t "shot." yes, ma'am. >> you wento howard university
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andet studied somng totally different. tellows about that and h you made the leap to filmg. makin >> yes, i did. i tent howard university where i studied politics and economics and i got public administration and picy. was on thecademia with politics. but i grew up in the actin world. my mom had me in community theaters throughout atlanta, georgia. soay it was alws something i was involved inkut never too erious until i had my first daughter, and from there, it's like she gave me that courage or that spirit to just go for it. i left my program, and i headed to lacht and start. and started acting. >> so you heaesd to los angel >> yes. so i could take time t withhe big film makers i guess you could say. i had a menr that told me if i need to learn film making i needed to jump int the sea, which is l.a.
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>> you came back to silver ring. yes, i came back to silver spring with everything i picked up. being on all the great setsn hollywood, brought the knowledge back, put together a phenomenal team. i've been working with george, this fon't be thest movie with me. "the shot" is one of many movies that me and george will participatetn. his is a phenomenal actor. him along with the great talents i've put together. >> how large is your company? >> so mostly 32 proction crew members to at least 50 internists from t area and local universities. >> monk productions. >> y.
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continuing our talk with actor and director trey carswell and actor george graham. you guys are appearing in a film
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coming out in november. it's called -- >> marissa. >> marissss about thi beautiful, seductive girl next door who find out about herri boyfend's inheritance money and convinces him to kill his brother. i play one of the brothers and he plays the other brother. we won't real which brother's who. but "marissa" comes out in november. look out for that. >> you play, george? >> i play the other brother. >> what's the significance of the other brother? >> the oer brothern this movie is basically, he wants all the women. >> oh, i see. >> he wants all the brother. >> that brother. >> he wants all the women. >> you guys have worked together a lot. >> yes, ma'am, we have. >> in front of the camera. >> yes. as a film maker, as a creator, i want to work with passionate and strong actors. i met george years ago in an
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audition. he came to audition for one of our short firms that we were shooting on howard university's campus. george gave a wonderful performance, and what i love aboutrfeorge peormance, after he left the room, i watched all the other actors come in and try to speak like him and talk like him because they could hear, i guess from theer studio. i really lovede that h had that leadershd ability. an he's a phenomenal actor to work with. so yes, i've definitely had time with him. >> i went in there with a different level of confide ie thatas talking about. through juice lifestyle. >> your other company. >> juice lifestyle. basically where it symbolizes confidence, health and wellness. i seen the audition call, and i said, okay, how can i be different than everybody else? like everybody else probably don't know the answer. i went to the fruits and
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vegetables, and i went to natural juicing, which gave me a different level of vision and clarity of going in and doing it. just going in and live by it. just live by what you dt and i wen in there and lived by it, and i gave the best performance i can give at the time of me knowing, and that gave me the confidence and the motivation to do it. >> being healthier. gave you confidence about doing life.things in your >> i didn't want to live drowsy. i didn't wangt to look sick. if you're in front of a camera, you'reposed to give your best features, no matter what you're going tough. if you don't have that motivation and self-confidence, it's going to be a little harder, and we wan you to enjoy your life a little easier. >> it worked for you. >> it worked for him. >> maybe i should start juicing. >> he gote juicing. >> i recommend it. >> i't donhink it's a bad way
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to go. >> where we can see your work, now "dear eryone, sincerely islands" is already out. it came out in 2017. >> we a working to put it out on dvd. of course we're going to send it to everybody on our platform. you can go to our ig s,handle our youtube handles a mok films. and you'll find where you can find these movies from aman to hulu and all over. domestically, internationally, all over the place. >> and i have to ask you about the name onmo.on mo'k films devoted. >> spelling moon'k that way, it was named after my daughter.
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nia films already existed in the production world, so kos to nia films. i love the name, but it was alrey taken. so i honestly call nia moon'k. if anybody in the world will see us interact, i'm like, come here, moon'k. >> it's certaly one that stands out. >> thank you. >> so the shot comes out in 2020. >> yes. at the end of 2020 "the shot". >> and the other film that's coming out. >> "marissa." >> the two >> i created "marissa" back last year in new york city. >> and we can see that. >> you can see that on the website. we'll have it on all our social media feeds. >> ig,.j georgeuice. >> congratulations to both of you. >> thank you.
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>> thank you for being with us. >> trey carswell. i'm sorry. that's news 4 your sunday. thanks for bei. need help paying for college? so does... everyone. strayer has graduation fund. finish yousabachelors degree an up to 25% tuition-free classes in your last year.
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