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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 21, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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rock, paper, scissors says shoot! no! n the best internet is evetter at our best price. only on fios. it's overcast and breezy within heavy rand wind heading towards us here in northern ireland. on this championship sunday at the 148th open where saturday saw star performance from shane lowry, 32-year-old irishman, third man to start as a leader and shoot 63. he wrote his great play in
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passion to an incredible emotional high. today the man who lives 3 1/2 hour drive from here close the deal? if he can, big names wait, including major champions past and the man who has been the best in hess events this year. the setting awaits, the pressure mounts, and the elements that ll impact it all are on their way. >> to understand this, to get a feel for this, to love this, a man must make the wind his frie friend, hug the ground, believe
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in the bounce, embrace the elements, sometimes four seasons in one day. adapt, accept. yes, when is right, attack. more than a pretty swing, the truly great golfers possess that ability above all. they adapt. they find ways that are counter-intuitive. when they y do, tll love this. a windy sunday, challenng elements, properon confor an open. e man from the emerald isle. ot yet a major champion but so close he can taste it. >> just an unbelievable dream-like round for the
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irishman. >>he englishman with something to prove. true talent on the verge of glory, but a hungry leaderboard follows close behi. 's man against self and man against nature at the 148th o n open. >> golf channel on nbc final round coverage of 148th playing of the open. sund, usually the day to crown a winner in golf, we will today. but one winner has already erged this week, royal portrush, the open here only rsce before 68 yea ago has been an unqualified success ins any ways. starting with the links courset
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at has raves, the windiest day of the championship ahead. we'll start yourorning with a look at the leaderboard prested by mtt. shane lowry, tommy fleetwood played well but lost ground yesterday, brooks koepka, second, first, and second in the majors this year. he'll be right behind with fellow american jb holmes, rickie fowler and justin rose. u look deeper back, a 10-shot comeback by the six under group including champion golfer of the year henrik stenson. with that we welcome you oinside he elements. you heard it was going to be bad, it's not that bad at the moment but wind and rain on the way. mike tirico with you. er my shoulder is the first tee. the people of northern ireland, who has been the stars of the championship with the players
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and golf course,hey aren't deterred by the weather. they are in their water proofs and umbrellas. they are ready to cheer and cheer hard. you're going to hear it when shane lowry is back in the thhoter bend my sulder on the first tee. yesterday when he came off the 18th green after shooting a 63, what a reception forwr loy. it looked like he won the championship. it almost felt like sunday in a ryder not saturday at the open. chanting his name throughout. he's going to hear that from his fans. we're going to be here in over 40,000 numbers on this day. they might be wet. look at the weather. the temperature is 61 now. it is going to be spells of heavy rain now and then right around when the leaders are playing the back nine, thed wi co the bigger story with potential gusts of 40 miles per hour. as we said, they split the tee times up. we have a little bit of rain coming. there's more coming in yellows and blues in the north atlantic are on the way. the question is how much of it will come during this time. but that's part of the open,
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some of the reason there's so much drama and history in this event is because the element other in more than any championship and somebody is going to have to survive them to be the champion golfer of the year. here to tell it dan hicks and former golfer of the year dan webber. >> mike, thank you very much. one of the great days in all spoert, especially with the ickdrop of portrush. the weather on the we, we think. we think it's going to be the latest dayo crown the champion golfer of the year. let's get you out to the golf course here. weheck in at the top with peter jacobsen at the 11th. >> paul casey, even yipar, plang his second to the par 4. playing par 5 back in 2012 at the irish open. it's now a par 4 over to 14. >> par 3, 198 today, bubba
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watson playing down the hill. hole location in the back right to the green, wind helping it off the right, get through almost close to the 17th green. too much club there for bubba. >> first guy to tee off today ashton turner, 23-year-old englishman finishing up at 18e th for birdie. missed the cut in his only other open but playing the weekend and finishing it up in style. so we've gotne in at 68. so ashton turner, that's going to look like a pretty good scor late on when this weather happens. to 16.
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>> barn rat here at 16. what a shot, eagle at 62. couple of early birdies on the front. so a birdie. might be able to sell that to the leader later onf we get the weather expected. >> bubba watson with his trusted man scott. >> that's one of the great things about links golf, options around the greens. bubba in the closely mown area, see a down slo and up a steep slope before the green. >> he is so creative, justin. you were talking about it yesterday why he hasn't been
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more successful in these opens a chance to save his par there. as we heard mike just describe, the place is still buzzing about shane lowry. he called it obviously the most incredible day of his golfing career. it's one of the best day we've ever had the privilege of witnessing. eight birdies around 63. hard to put what we saw yesterday in perspective. >> he was in a dream-like state yesterday. he epa talked about in his pressor afterwards, he doesn't remember a whole lot of the rounds. he was in such a deep zone. these spectators here, they carried him around on their shoulders yesterd and they are ping they can do the same thing today. >> all those birdies helped build a four-shot lead. as a matter of fact, it's the same exact lead he had back in the 2016 u.s. open.
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other 54 holeeaders since 2000 to have that lead, wasn't able to close in 2012, rory with the errant drive at the 10th which led to an 80. this game is so about the mental picture. there was lowry who says he's learned a lot from that 76fi in the l round at the open when he had that four-shot lead. but now he's got this long wait ngday. what is he goi to have to concentrate on, justin, to make sure that this time it doesn't slip away? >> i had a similar situation in 2002 at the pga championship at zeltine, a three-shot lead through 54 holes over rich beem. it was an uncomfortable roundlff because i knew it was really mine to win. granted i had alr won a championship in '97, so i wasn't in unfamiliar territory but feeling uncomfortable to have that lead and try to do it. shane lowry, he's been in that position before. hopefully he views that as a
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learning experience for today and not maybe a trend he's on. >> he went intthe press room afterwards, bring it on, started to bring it up, he said, i knew i was going to be asked about that. i'd be lying to you if i didn't say i was going to sleep picturing myself with the clarity jug. he's bracing the moment. we'll see if he's able to pull it off thisime around. shane lowry, tee time coming up later on 1:47 local time as we get u back to 11. >> paul casey with this birdie putt back up the hill. that would have been nice to gon . paul casey, happy birthday to paul. he's 42 today. johnson and begay there. >> thank you. had a chanceo walk with him earlier today. got of ontake nice start, easy two-putt par on the first and
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smashed a drive here. didn't sound that solid but he might get away withit. >> he is putting on the brakes a bit. things aboutn links golf. you can shit aolf and it can still run onto the green. he hashat putt for eagle, back to 13 >> where bubba is trying to save his par. nicely done. aeativity shown by bubba up the slope andittle bit of everything today. his final round at the 148th open. we continue to await the weather and the final groups of contenders. one main contender today steangli [ dogs barking ] what about him?
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rickie fowler at portrush, eight shots back, begins the day eight under. rickie has got the rally cap on. going to need it. there's justin rose. the guy he played with 1:27 local time. get you back out to portrush at third. patrick cantlay off this 130 yard par ol3. >> he location back right part of the green. get it close, hit a little fade there. he's done just that.s land it on the down slope. it's just what you're trying to do. >> back to the cond. mikko korhonen.
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so many interesting polls off the sand dunes. >> interesting putt here, down and through avalley. overall a fairl flat putt speedwi speedwise. didn't quite see that big left to right turn in there but not bad. >> korhonen with bogey at the first hole. johnson next. has this putt for eagle as we go back to three. >> a man performed so well, soc istently at these championships, sergio garcia. certainly i don't began the day al one under, couple of pars to start his round and beauty in there.
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up to the short par 4 fifth. this is a birdie attempt for ern ernie els, open champion, trying to keep itnder par this final round. a little tap-in for par for he werie at that beautiful seaside hole. there's the start fo ernie, all pars. back to the second. >> dustin johnsonhi surveying putt for eagle. >> hmo and his brother usa tip, who is his regularaddie out here, going through that final review of the green book that was giv to all the players in the field. so players use it a little morbu than others can give you an indication when you're uncertain as to what somebody's putts may may not be. >> best finish in the open was 2011, tied for second behind
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darren clarke. missed a cut last year. >> i like thishe look , just off the back edge of the green, same level, a little downhill, should be able to get to the hole and give it a chance to go in. >> just about half the field has played the front nine so far unr par today, so the course is gettable right now. but with this weather expected in, could be very interesting in a couple ofours. >> one more day. his own country this week. making the weekend has been one of the main focal points of the fans. he's getting ready to go with tom lewis over there and just a
6:19 am
couple of minutes. back over to the 9th for lou oosthuizen. louis gets it to one under. third birdie of his first nine. back to two. >> korhonen for birdie, 32-year-old from finland. so a bogey start. it will be exciting to play with d.j. he'll be watching and learning. >> over at the third, he missed his birdie attempt, cantlay for his two. >> back up the hill, just hit it through the break. >> tommy fleetwoodng arrivi, the final pairing with shane lowry. got his family e,ther making his
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the lead. first amateur to lead a championship since 1968 and he's since gone onto a prettyood career, just won for the second time the european tour last year at the portugal masters. he will be hearing a lot of noise today playing withgraham.
6:23 am
>> the right-hand side. >> on the tee from northern ireland, graham -- graeme mcdowell. >> a wonderful week, talking about it all week. playing e course where he was a member. when he didn't have a shift,y would trto get over here, play the valley course. one last round at portrush for mcdowell who worked so hard to championship. >> he spent a lot of time and energy this spring to get his game in shape to qualify for this. made that 30 footer at the rbcn cadian open to get in here. what a thrill it is.
6:24 am
>> a big west nile here for graeme right down tcenter. a very crowd for shane lowry. you can bet once graemel mcdow finishes up the round, he'll be monitoring that situation very closely and should -- could be one of the first to congratulate lowry if it all ends up going the irishman's way. up to the second. >> this is robert mcentir macin. that looks like --w i don't kno if it was a shank but a big block. almost in that heavy stuff. over at six, this is former champ ernie els.
6:25 am
a pretty good shot, on the green, rolled back about 10 yardre there's a cive shot there. one of six former champions to make that. >> knows how to do that. two-time open championern yrnie we set up the fifth here. >> this hole played back into the wind yesterday but not today. we're going to see guysitting drivers here. see that right bunker 301 off the elevated tee. guys should be able to carry th 330 to the front edge. we've seen a couple of eagles earlier this week. the ball can'tunnel into the hole location. >> presented by mercedes benz as lucas glover gives it a go. >> there is out of bounds just beyond this green. should be mostly out of play today. >> that's a great angle. >> look at this. >> that is an incredible shot. just going to slip over that ridge. there's the outf bounds. >> okay.
6:26 am
it is in play. >> unbelievable howha close tt came to slippingr ove to those stakes in that ditch back there. up at 14, this is the fourth for bubba watson at the par 4. >> he got in trouble off the tee, had to lay it up, and wasn't able to get his third shot up on the green. just trying to scramble and make a bogey somehow. >> aphibarnrat made his way to the 18th. second group out, looking for another birdie. >> hasn't had a good open record but played well a couple weeks ago at links golf and had a good round today. >> tough going yesterday as he was maryland yesterday in the final round.
6:27 am
streelman there for birdie. streelman knocks it home. back to the first, hole location there. on the call there, rolf. >> the wind is freshening and i think graeme is a little bit. he's way back, got 197-up the hill cornering from the right. you cannot come up short here. the false front will take ball all the way back to the bunker or fairway. >> current wind ganl brought to you by td ameritrade. coming in from his right at 109 miles an hour or so. >> you're right. the wind was a similar direction earlier this w but helping off this tee. it's changed enough where this first hole played back bought wind just slightly.
6:28 am
>> a big high draw, pretty good looking shot. >> beautiful stuff. back up to the 5th, this is the trench we're talking about behind the fifth green, to glover's righ about five paces from it. >> there's a large mound out about 30 yards short of this green where a lot of players will land their if it lands on the back side of that mound, it does bring that out pl bounds into . >> he's got a birdie look, glover does, back to the first
6:29 am
for louie >> a littlght on the fairway. this one will ride the wind a liwile better. le just left of the flag. >> always a fine player, 2009 british boys amateur champion and shane lhary hopes t smile is on his face for the most importt round of the an who's dog is this? it's my special friend, antonio. his luxurious fur calms my nerves when i'm worried about moving into our new apartment. why don't we jusk geico for help with renters insurance? didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch nio! fetch computer! antonio?
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6:32 am
hurry and do that. eleven under par, 61, kelly craft who soloeh second bind this man jim herman. rman led after two rounds. par 5, 8,d secon shot. turns par 5s into par 4s everywhere he looks. gorgeousshot, eagle putt, 10 under 62, clear by one. his lone win into hous seems like every day someone is shooting 61. craft a former amateur champion, has not win the tour, canoo bk to maui. final championship:00 eastern on golf channel. tiger woods may have msed the cut here royal portrush but soon enoughe'll resume his run to all-time pga tour record of 82 wins. tiger at 81. tune in as golf presents tiger woods chasing history tomorrow
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8:00 p.m. eastern on golf channel. now to the gat lakes invitation final und, here we are for birdie. what a round they put together. best ball, 11 under 59. clanton has been on the year for six years, tt is her first win and first ever official team event on the lpga tour. two majors for the women next week, evian in france and woaig n's british open in england. angela sanford and georgia hall are the defending ampions. at is the u.s. bank nbc sports report. enjoy the final round of the 148th open from royal portrush righter h on nbc. >> announcer: this has been u.s. bank nbc srts report. >> all right. graeme mcdowell for birdie at the first. tom lewis already missed his birdie attempt.
6:34 am
rachance for ge to make some early noise. what a start for g man. immediately to 3 under. go to three, earlr, dustin johnson for birdie. putting back up the hill. a little bit to his right. dustin hasn't been able to gt anythingng on the greens. >> up to six. >> lucas glover, two biies. shortest all week, 174 yards. named after the original architect here at portrush heartheart harry colt. i imagine that's how he expected everyone to play here. >> par 3, 6. >> join tom abbott. >> charley hoffman foritirdie to
6:35 am
ge back to level par for the week. a little backop behind the hole said downhill putt to charlie. ets first birdie of the day him back to even on the round. >> you alluded to itea rlier, justin, the wind here at royal portrush, wexpect the worst of the weather later on. as you look at the map there, what strikes you. >> look at the difference between out by the fifth green, which is oight outthe beach. look at the third tee. it's 5, a minute m ago 10es an hour difference. the wind has turned back out of the south, very similar to how it was the first couple of days. so scores to be made going o on one threw five downwind, makes the back nine a little more difficult. certainly with the weather we have coming inater today, it will be quite a challenge. >> mcdowell off his birdie start on the tee at two. >> he started right where he
6:36 am
finished off yesterday. >> let's watch the ot. top tracer. get that high draw. >> playing like a par 4 . downwind second easiest hole all week, justin. got to get it early. >> well, the 18th has certainly been a different hole today as you look at nino bertasio. a 30-year-old italian has made it four of the first five to birdie the hole to finish it up there. >> i think this 18th hole will get more difficult as the day goes on. >> streelman over at 15 for birdie. >> back downhi the ll.
6:37 am
>> in aow for streelman to get it back plus three. the tomorrow the stars of the monster energy cup series will beacing r, yes, a crustacean. weheold you t winner gets a bster. monster energy cup series at new hampshire 3:00 eastern tim on nbcsn as we check out our social media, these guys not taking a back seat to the nascar folks. they are doing a great job as they -- they are drafting on ch other. >> that can't be safe going that fast. >> a lobster. >> big blade out front. my gosh. >> anyway, congrulations to the entire staff here. this place is just in perfect condition. a hit for nine months here, which helps matters, an outstanding job this week. at the fifth on the tee garcia.
6:38 am
don't >> wow. >> easy. easy. gone. >> hit on the back side of that mound. ball never even thought about stopping. >> big upslope gets to the hill. >> no idea where it's going to land, what kd of mound it's going to be, shoot it back there. it is a dangerous proposition today to take a crack at that green. we've seen examples of what can happen. dangerki l at the 5th along cliffs at portrush as we wait the final tee time for lowry. second to last tee tim
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>> not all tm history war and fuzzy, but that's a picture of the castle from the opposite side wve been showing you this week. as we move closer, you can see portrush off in thdistance. that's one of the many film locations for "game of thrones," landscape. maybe not a suggested story time for a young child. >> i know i'm freaked out rig now. >> thinking about that tonight before i get outf town. >> might close your window. a mile up the coast from hather >> ts right. that was earlier, garcia look out there. now for par since he i blew ob. stateside in america you saw the marshall use is really the
6:43 am
opposite here. safe sign here not good. we may see more safe signs at the 5th. >> ernie els, two under par. >> good scores here par 5, 7, d moficult back into the wind. today it's ther backstop behind the hole location. >> the wind is left to right helping a little bit. dustin johnson hit a nice third shot to set up a par save at four but it is going to be a eogey. first bogey of th day for him, takes him back to where he started the round. >> by the way, it was you who reminded us the loss in translation. >> baseball isot hugelypu por sport here, though they did just play in london a few weeks ago. maybe it will grow little more. >> garcia for bogey. you have to think, justin,
6:44 am
there's some guys in the locr room watching the feed of what happens at the fifth i hole. >> don't think they have to write it down. they will remember sergio garcia's tee shot, looked like a perfect shot, ends up a double bogey. >> to the 17th, tom. >> gce working on his par a little pocon the left side of that greenct prote by the bunker. >> and we alluded to it yesterday. branden grace's 62 aouple years ago in this open championship in the third round. thenl 62 in major championship history turned in at royal berk dale, an unbelievable yesterday. we almost had one yesterday with shane lowry if this dropped,
6:45 am
would have been the second major history. another in the open. that is how close shane lowry ust eight ling for birdies and a 63. so we're back behind mikko korhonen on the 5th. you were mentioning you really couldn't feel the wind back on the tee. >> i've been standing here for 10, 12 minutes now, this grandstand. there's a big tree behindhe tee blocking most oth wind today. players can't feel it. maybe w that'shat you're seeing with somlu of the c choices. >> that is not in a good spot. mikko will gouge it out from there. now dustin johnson has the big driver he catches this, could be close. >> if he hits one like hdid at
6:46 am
two, it could be close to going over if it catches the big bounce. >> he likes to take off the driver and hit a big cut. a number him do tha of times. >> this is straight up the green and got to carry, >>though. didn't quite climb up there. down in a little low spot next to that grassy mound. dustin johnson is safe at 5. you can watch the action as we play through o nc bye! ♪ hey dad! hello, betee! kaisi hain aap (how are you)? i'm good, how are you? good! so good to see you. it's late, where are you?u? i'm at work. oh gosh, so late. i know, but guess what? what? i've savedu.nough to come visit yo well, that's such great news! at u.s. bank, we believe that hard work works. and for everyone working toward a goal, we're here to help.
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6:49 am
hole should be a little into and across from the left. i think it's helping slightly more right. molinari is going to chase that right up onto the green. that is going to be a great chance forhe first of the day. we've had seven already so far this week at the 12th. >> francesca, theirst to win, phil mickelson broke through in 2013. then rory mnecilroy, o of his four titles johnson at stored saint andrews at a playoff. henrik stenson in that credible dual with phil mickelson. royal birkdale, everything that happened at the 13th hole. molinari held off tiger woods & company to win the clarity jug. back out to the second. we saw the trouble off the tee from mcdowell late of the
6:50 am
bunkers. this is his long putt for birdie, mark. >> been playing defense this entire headline. >> in fact, i was downtown in portrush and i was schooled on how to say mcdowell. we say mcdowell, they say mcdowell here. >> wsay korhonen from finland. >> a very solid player on the ropean tour, second victory earlier this year. working his way up in stature to the professional level. >> just wants to gouge it ut front, run up the slope, take the steam off of it. i'd sayhat's pretty good from a pretty gnarly lie. >> he'll have a crack at birdie. look how this hole has changed from yesterday to today. birdies better. they moved up the tee. 376 yards still but the wind has
6:51 am
chged and the fifth hole has been a bit of an entertaining spot so far. dustin johnson getting ready to play his second. saw him come up short right. >> caught a very good break,th gh, dan. this is a great lie, inrmediate cut here,f there is one, right before the tall stuff. a little bit on the uphill. so just has to hit standard little shot. should just run on down to the hole. >> that mound creating a bit of an issue trying to figure out exactly what he wanted to do. looks like he opened up the club-face. take it over the majority of that slope.n easy birdie for
6:52 am
d.j. second player in the world. turned 35 years old last month.o look w has got the best round going on the course. u.s. champion couple years ago docma rat the 10th. just a little slip of the green, look at the shot. plays it off the sid board. a little like lowry yesterday. >> shane lowry played off of that. he threw it all the way almost back to that hole locaon. lands it, takes the steam out of it, and kicked it further to the right. >> so redman four you said through 10 as we move up to 12. >> molini forhe eagle. the hole is cut today, quite a flat portion of the green. players have been trying to look to see if they can see anything
6:53 am
in it. not a lot in it around that hole. good three. >> this will be a nice little up and down for birdie for korhonen. >> it really would. caught a decent break and decent lie over there short and leftthf green. didn't run out a little but, as i say, was a difficult pitch shot to judge. sometimes you don't know if those things are going to come jumping out of those lies. did a good job to control it and now a nice, flat look at it . side the hole >> as exposed as some of these greens are, i don't think the wind has picked up yet but if it starts gusting 20 to 30 miles an hour, it certainly is going to play a factor on the greens. over at the third, graeme mcdowell, the ready mark. >> 180-yard shot today. he has a 7 iron, his normal shot. a draw. i would think he would try to hold this a little against the wind from the right. >> you can't miss this out to the right.
6:54 am
the aim out there and play his natural shot, pretty risky. try to hitai a st ball ideally, get somethile in the midd of the green here. goes right at it, lands on the downop e. gets but a good shot. >> mcdowell will have a looks hisecond birdie in the first three holes. bubba's second shot at 17. tom. >> straight downhill right back into the wind. >> that is a really good shot. get it back to three over par. breathtaking scenery along the coastline here, the north coast northern ireland. it's going to be a fantast ic
6:55 am
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>> the 148th open brought to you by bank of america. what would you like the power to do?es could saveou 15% or more on insurance. mercedes bank, the best or nothing. rol roleul >> beautiferial coverage presented by trs, number one in golf, new standard american made luggage. how about that formation underneath that rock just bridging two pieces of granite along thereoastline he just when you think you've seen it all, our guys in the truck,
6:58 am
show us another shot we haven't seis. ths macintyre off the tee at the 5th. >> over that mound, look out. that's the sixth tee box right there. >> dustin johnson ready to get his tee shot backs right up against the teeing ground. an interesting shot coming back from macintyre. now here is dustin. >> here at par 3, shortest distance played all week. hard in from the left, seeing a lot of balls missing the green to the right. that is a putin right there. d.j. frustrated on the greens this d putts just not making a thing. >> the first birdie of the day at 17 here for bubba.
6:59 am
>> former in the open, finish time, so much tycreati you would think it would lend itself to this sort of golf. it hasn't materialized yet. talking about creativity, the frenchman needs some here. second shot, heavy-handed. it's going to be a three. one with that much hea on it. >> open flag sticks are a little bigger than the regular flag i think rn needed all that. time for michelob, the 95. the 3rd par 5, second. >> pitching it over the bunker, a little spion it. get it to go. >> been a nice week for south
7:00 am
african, texan longhorn teammate of jordan spieth. this was his third, another par 5, a new hole at the 7th. >> pi n here d s pt t momenm goin erdeto e et g by the way the shirt is an ode to the causeway. another look. michelob 95 highlight reel. up at the 3rd, graeme mcdowell looking for birdie. par for mcdowell remains one under for the day, two under for the championship and back overi to s


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