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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 21, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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right now at 6:00, our area flirting with record heat. rockville seeing e-triplgit temperatures. the heat index, take a look at that map right there. that puts us in wea alert mode. this dangerous heat has turned deadly for one hiker here along the c& canal. i'll tell you what's being done today to keep people safe. and developing tonight, we're going to show you how the extreme heat is affecting the firefight here at this d.c. restaurant. news 4ens with a storm team 4 weather alert. >> and that dangerous heat that we've been talking about so much has now turned deadly in our region. good evening, i'm erika gonzalez. a hiker in great falls has died from a heat-related illness. news 4's darcy spencer
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joins us with more on this tragedy but we begin with meteorologist clay anderson on this storm team 4 weather alert. clay? >> and what we have, erika, not only do we have theeat but also thunderstorms creeping back into our area, as we showed you right now. national weather service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning and it stretches in areas just to our nortpicking up they long 270 and as we have dragged out to show you heading toward leesburg moving, again, bluemont, leesburg, gaithersburg, at about 7:00. the good news as you look closer to these storms, they are ac weakeningss our area. so down to our south, there are some thunderstorms moving in from the shenandoah valley and rnthat one wag, but as it moves closer and closer to gaithersburg, it will be weakening. t temperatures as we mentioned, yes, we have the century mark in annapolis. 101. huntington down to touth and east, 100 degrees. plenty of 90s to go around. the story, of course, theed abo.
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some areas exceeded 115 degrees. with that, excessive unat warning til 9:00. on all the details when the heatwave will break. erika, we'll talk in a moment. >> see you then. the oppressive heat has turned deadly, a woman hiking on the billy goat trail in great falls has died. news 4's darcy speer explains what the national parks service is doing to protect people. >> reporter: this dangerous head has now turne deadly. the national parks service has closed the very difficult billy goata" "rail here along the c&o canal after a woman who was hiking the trail suffered a diat-related medical emergency and later . montgomery county fire rescue posted these pictures. a woman had to be rescued along the bily goat trail near great falls. a message board warned hikers of the dangers and to take precautions. the woman was taken to the hospital b didn't make it. he was rescued by the swift water rescue team along the
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potomac shoreline and flown to the hospital. >> there were some er hikers in the area that immediately came to this person's aid. they got on the phone with the 911hi operators w we were responding. the response was pretty efficient. we got here pretty quickly with boats, helicopter, all terrain vehicles. >> reporter: just last month we showed you how firefi trained for these types of incidents every year on the river. after the woman's death, the parks service took the unusual step of closing off thetrail. fire and rescue officials say with high temps and humidity, hikers can run into trouble. >> you know, very humid. it's dangerous. so if you have any kind of pre-existing condition, you're not in the best of shape, you know, day indoors. make air-conditioning your friend. >> reporter: the park service will evaluate weather conditions on monday and decide if the til will re-open. along the c&o canal, darcy spenc, news 4. and since thursday, d.c. fire and ems responded to 60re than heat-related calls.ef a d.c. firighter treated for hy t exhaustion yester
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remains in the hospital suffering from burn. stay with news 4 and our nbc washington app for continuing coverage on the dangerous heat including how to stay safe. >> all right. switching gears. developing in northwest d.c., the heat affecting firefighters who are trying to put out a restaurant fire in the sweltering heat and the humidity. flamesthwept through e rear deck and the roof of this two-story restaurant on 14th street. d.c. fire saying the extreme heat was complicating the situation. good news here, nobody was hurt. investigats are looking into the cause. now we go to breaking news out of puerto rico. moments ago the governor said he will not step down but he says he won't be running for re-election in 2020. gornor ricardo rossello says he's also resigning as the head of his party. protests have been going on for about a week no local media have published chat messages where rossello made
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profanity-laced, derogatory, and homophobic remarks. a developing story. we'll have much more on that on "nbc nightly news" after this broadcast. a man sitin a jail cell this evening charged in the shooting death of an 11-year-old boy. we first told you about this story, the arrest, ratherrather night.ntoine mclam last police arrested him for killing karon brown. an argument broke out at a gas station near naylor road and alabama avenues thursday night. the child jumped into a car where he was shot. defectives have not said i he was the intended target. president trump doubling down on his attacks against four female lawmakers, again today. it's now been a full week since his controversial tweet first sparked a firestorm. many condemning the president saying that his words about the democratic women of color are simply racist. nbc's craig boswell has the very
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latest from capitol hill. >> reporter: president trump today adding to his week-long sustained attack on four democratic congresswomen of color saying he doesn'y believe thee capable of loving our country. >> tragically, the decided that racism is good politics. racism is a good political strategy. there's a reason why he keeps returning to attacking these women of color. >> repoer: one of the president's top policy advisers denies that. >> i fundamentally disagree with the view that if you criticize somebody and they happen to be a different color skin, that that makes it a rarnl racial criticism. >> reporter: elijah cummings when asked if the president is a racist -- >> i believe he is, yes, no doubt about it. and i try to give him the benefit of the doubt. >> reporter: mr. trump today describing as fake news a "washington post" report the president's top aides did not think he fully understood what he had done in the original "go back" tweet that set off the firestorm. >> when you as elected offial or anyone speak up against this
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nation, the president will check you in your place. >> words matter. they do matter. they have an impact. and they affect people. there's no doubt that this rhetoric is hurtful. you know, i think he owes these women an apology. >> reporter: the president insisting the congresswomen owe an apologyor their criticism. both sides digging in on a feud now the driving issue of the 2020 election. craig boswell, nbc news.ot a l of workplaces across the coury the same language the president is using would be unacceptable. the equal employment opportunity cmission says comments like go ack to your country show up in lawsuits that it files against employers alleging discrimination or harassment. a howard county homeowner said somebody tried to get into his house. the homeowner and his wife told the suspected intruder to leave. what happened next left one person and a scary ride for passengers on two southwest flights. the planes colliding on the tarmac. role of a car company?
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n>> police in howard county say a homeow shot and killed a man who tried to force his way into the couple's home. early this morning, police say espinosa of chaninlly, vi, started banging on the couple's home on woodvine. nhat woke up the couple who yelled at the maho leave and
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when he refused, the homeowner, charles dorsey, grabbed his gun. and that's when dorsey shot him. >> he was clearly trying to make entry using the doorknob so i don't know what words were exchanged,specifically, between them except that the homeowner repeatedly t td the suo leave the property. >> detectives believe espinoza had been staying at a friend's house in the neighborhood while wo . we're working to find out if dorsey aknew each other and why the suspect was trying to get into the home. >> in nashville, two southwest plains clipped wings at the airport last night. they were pushing back from the gate when the collision happened. the good news here is nobody was hu h. the plane to be taken out of service likely causing delayed arrivals since people had to switch to some new planes. all right. let's give you a live look, shall we, at the capital wheel over at national harbor. you know all about the dangerous heat that we've been talking
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you're watching news 4 at 6:00. >> a worshipper shot at a localh urch. police say he was rushed to the hospital after trying to stop somebody from stealing a car
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before morning service. news 4's derrick ward has more after the suspect fled the scene in another church member's car. >> reporter: morniwe services re under way and while members of this ethiopian orthodox christian church on 22nd street inrtheast were prayinging they were also be preyed upon. >> two victims observed their car was being broken into by a suspect. >> reporter: they confront the suspect who fought his way to a car he'd driven to the scene. witnesses say he lost his keys. instead he retrieved a un and shot a church member who tried to akop him from tg yet another church member's car at gunpoint then drove off in the car but it wasn't over. >> he came back again. le the guy was laying over there. >> reporter: it's believed the suspect left something at the scene which he retrieved and left again. >> he was la seen in a gray toyota corolla. >> reporter: at one point police rushed to a possible sighting of the stolen toyota nearby but that didn't pan out. neighbors of the church say there have been some car break-ins over the last week.
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>i think it's just an opportunistic. >> they broke into three cars and a fourth car was taken away, was stolen. so we report it to the police. >> reporter: meanwhile, congregants worried about their fellow member who had been shot. he's there for a special ceremony. is is his first baby. he came toaptize the baby. >> reporter: as they plray for his recovery, they plan for the future. they're going to hire security. in northeast, derrick ward, news 4. >> the victim is expected to surviv survive. police tell us the suspect was last seen in a gray toyota uorolla. we're going to pt up the maryland tags here. 5cdx96. if you've seen that vehicle, please call police. all right. t's go back to our top story this evening. this oppressi heat. clay nderson joining usnight to talk about, looks like we're finally going to shed this heatwave. but it's going to go out with a bang. we're now talking about storms
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tonight. >> we're talking about mother nature is going to bring some fireworks. >> yep. >> to the washington area. >> okay. >> we hav r storms on theadar right now. a previewomf upcg attractions as we get right to . outside right now out of our windows, we're starting to see storms deelop, move north and east to the washington metropolitan area. the heat and humity plagued us with dangerous heat throughout the weekend. and beyond. but there is relief in sight but you always have to pay that price. thatl price wil some strong storms moving in from the west. as we take a look right now, notice petersburg, woodstock, they're coming in from interstate 81 moving from the west to the east. there is now a severeu thnderstorm warning for areas of frederick county in virginia to include the city of winchester. here's the timeframe, everyone. these stohs are weakening whic is good news. probably by 724. as you're move into gaithersburg, montgomery county. the warnings will be lifted across the area. but the pink and at you're
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seeing is that excessive heat warning which will continue until 9:00 p.m. tonight. and hereist everyone. the heat, excessive heat warning, out to our west. this is heat advisory because of the cooler temperatures as far as the windchill -- windchill? h as far as thet index is concerned. see, i should read my graphics. heat index will exceed and has exceeded in some areas 110, 115 degrees, the feels-like temperature. with all the thunderstorms and the cold front moving through theea tomorrow, as a result, flash flood watch. it starts tomorrow. now, it t startsorrow afternoon. believe it or not. as you're cominhome tomorrow, 3:00 p.m. monday afternoon, overnight into about 6:00 a.m. tuesday as the front swings down and it's g to change the atmosphere, but as it does, it's going to be a rather rocky relieving onday but it arrives on tuesday. as we talked about the temperatures across the area, it is y still, are doing -- were doing some sailing,
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isjoying yourself in annapolis, this the current temperature at 6:00 p.m. 101. it did hit the century mark. with that, you factor in the dew pots or the humidity. feels like 113. down in quantico, they felt like 115 earlier today. u temperatures and down the east coast. we're not the only ones that have been roasting all week long. 95 in the big apple. in philadelphia. and for us, 98 degrees. we cntinue to talk about the futurec t. in motionowing those rain showers moving across the area. monday into tuesday. but tuesday, they will start to, as you can see, taking a good look at that sun, but we do expect changes and good changes to across our area. it's going to take a while, but make sure you do think about the pets and the young. ones here we are, everyone. as storm team weather alert probably tomorrow, monday,'l tuesday wecool down, and wednesday and thursday, not too bad. all right. e'll get through it. >> looking like wednesday will be the day for a cashwash. >> yes. >> all right. clay, thanks so very much.
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did you knona it's onal ice cream day? what a perfect day for it, better yet, perfect day to enjoy d.c.'s longest sundae. ice cream jubilee provided ice cream at the yards in southeast. the more than 100-foot masterpiece drew over 150 ice cream lovers. each person receiving a s two-scoopdae with ice cream jubilee's signature flavors and customizing their treats with an array of toppis. you know what, there's a reason that it's the first time because it's a crazy, crazy ething. we'r making the longest sundae on the hottest day of d.c. but everybody's having a great time. that's what's important. >> eat up fast. brain freeze for everybody. a family-friendly event provided a place for kids to run around, get their energy out, while enjoying those cups of ice cream. and even music out there as well. great day to be out there. okay. so still ahead, baseball's best get their call to the hall. how a piano almost kept one inductee from a hall of fame career. sherry's up next.
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book two, separate qualifying stays at ...and earn a $50 gift card. because when your business is rewarding yourself... ...our business is you. d ect at this is thert xfinity spos desk. >> all baseball eyes will be on the surging nationals tonight. in about 30
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finale against the atlanta braves. right now the nationals are tied with the 1916 new york giants for having 27 starting pitchers go without recording a loss. that's impressive. heading up 95, the orioles al getting on the rite side of a streak agai rst a divisional. andrew cashner back at camden yards. os traded him to the red sox a s couple week ago.ds his frien did not have a warm bottom first. smacking it to deep center. that ball out of hea. olo home run for trey. his 20th. orioles up1- in the third cashner still pitching. facing mancini again this time with a man on. the guy nicknamed boom boom goes shom. a two-run . second homer of the game for mancini. not too nice to his oldfriend, cashner, there. os up h 4-0. asher wojohoski pitching. a no hitter going into the
6:25 pm
zemp seventh. rafael dooefedeevers takes it. threatening. n the eighth, he strikes out christian vazquez. ten strikeouts. one hit alloallowed. 7 1/3 scoreless innings. orioles shut out the sox 5-0, first series win verse boston since 2007. heading up to cooperstown, baseball hall of famedu ion. longtime yankees closer mariano rivera gets rin, first yea of his eligibility. also indorted todayr oriole and native of the eastern shore of maryland, harold baines. another former oriole joining him, mike mussina who spent hise first nieasons in baltimore, his final nine in new york. 270 career wins in his career. the mouss took time fa thank th ns. >> to the orioles fans who came out every game o48,000 stron
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support us and to support me, thank you. i have some great baseball th memories froe years and love pitching in orange and black. thank you to my mom for convincing me to get back on my bike and go back to that first practice. for washing my stuff. f making me lunch. an fornally ly allowing me to stop taking piano lessons becau it wasn't working out. you're pieces of a giant puzzle. the final product would not be complete without you. thank you to baseball for an awesome ride, to all the fans t for supportiis great game and all of you for being here with me toda thank you. >> pretty awesome there. all right. to the pitch, ben olson and d.c. united coming o a big roadwin on thursday in cincinnati trying to do the same in atlanta. 13th minute, bill hamid up to the task. big save of joseph martinez. this game stays scoreless until theth minute. attack. on the it's martinez who heads it past hamid. atlanta adding another gal in stoppage time. as the defending mls champs take
6:27 pm
down d.c. united with a 2-0 win. now, dela don don playing is protective mask. she broke her nose. keeping a theme of atlanta. first youarter, if re head coach mike tebow, you're loving this play. the steal. passing ahead to christy tolliver over to emma miciamen for the layup. transition at its finest. mystics leading by 14 at theh f. they keep rolling. natasha cloud. 4 of 4 behind the arc. 10 of 13 from the field. the mystics w big 93-65. now, a wet and windy final round of the open championship at royal port rush today. shot of the day tois the enan lee westwood. the ball catches the ridge. tracking straight for the hole for a birdie. westwood tied for fourth at 6
6:28 pm
under but the touament being played in northern irelanded belong to the irishman, shane lowery. this birdie putt on 15 increases his lead to six strokes. you betterelieve he's pumped up. engraver working on putting lowery's name on the claret jug early. look at the scene 18, like when there's food in the workroom and everyone's rushing. hane lowery your champion for this year. congratulations to him. has to be cool winning. >> absolutely. >> all right.
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>> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is nbc "nightly news" with kate snow. > good evening. for much of the country it's been a leweltering weekend of unreing heat. excessive heat warnings and advisories in effect from the midwest to the east coast. the heat t indexping 110 in baltimore, norfolk and atlantic city. at least three deaths are blamed othe heat. late word today, a lightning strike on clearwater beach on florida's gulf coast. our kathy park has all the latest. >> reporter: this asp t a beach g in clearwater florida, struck a man in his


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