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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  July 22, 2019 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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started on the right foot because of there weather look at day. >> melissa mollet is standing by with your traffic. >> but let's get it started with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. storms are on the way? >> that wbe the end of the heat wave we melted our way through the weekend enenduring. no rain just yet. rain chances past lunch time today and the cold front moving through part o ohio now. not to get here until 8:00 or 9:00 tuesday morning. how ahead of that, we have a or risk f severe weather today pretty much along the i-95 corridor from richmond to washington to baltimo and new york and philly and parts of new england. temperatures in the 7s. another hot and humid day but nowhere nearsintense heat and humidity combination overthe weekend.
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heat index yesterday 110 degrees. today only feeling like a 100. >> what is a big improvement. i went outsidehis morning and wow, what a relief. almost 80 in the morning. not bad. no issues on the belt y right now so good. take a looks thi in hamilton. harmony church is shut down and the lanes ake bloc between 7 and 15. multiple trees reported do you thrghout loudoun county. >> melissa, thank you.>> >that sound and look is very familiar to all of you who are outside yesterday ev it was brutal. last night's fast moving storms left a trail of damage across the d.c. area. >> they also knocked out power and forcing some families to get
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through the night without -- we che on theamage in montgomery county. >> lights flickered and came back own a kept happening and then it they went off. >> reporter: people in bethesda without power and families forced from their own and no power means it's unbearably hot inside. >> it was like fury came down. 15 minute then it was all over. >> reporter: this family is trying to figure out their next move. they came home to find their neighborhood in the dark. >> we are trying to decide whether to go to a hotel because who knows how long this is going to be out. >> reporter: montgomery county fire rescue responded to 125 it calls just whin a few hours. a tree int a house on crane . terrace a tree nearly hit a home on green tree road. wood havana and bradley
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boulevard hit with down treesd anutility lines. some of the area's hardest hit, bethesda, sensington, wheaton and potomac. >> pretty significant damage.of a lotpower outage like this neighborhood and aer numbof trees on houses. we will will have a number of people displaced because of the damage. >> reporter: thousands of people in northern virginiac montgomery nty and prince george's county as well as the district remain without power. there is a lot of cleanup work to do ahead later today. in bethesda, darcy spencer, "news4 today." more severe weather is expected to blow through our area this afternoon so be sure your family is prepared and download the nbc washington app. we have learned 59-year-old ckville woman was hit and killed yesterday morning on
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woods borough p and good intent road in ceic county, maryland. police say diane shields was participateing in a cycling event when she was hit by a car. no one has been charged. take a hardook at your screen. police say this man is a suspect in the shooting death of 22-year-old george hendricks on saturday. hendrick died after shot multiples times on k street. if you have any information, call the a was shot and killed in the 1300 block of congress street. is cond person was shot but expected to be okay. today, the mayor and police chief will talk to the public about this recent rash of gun violence in the district.
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addition to thehooting on congress street, p sixeople were shot and killed in d. over 60-hour stretch between wednesday afternoon and saturday morning. the shootings were spread out across thecity. the youngest victim was 11-year-old karon brown. over the weekend, a manas arrested and charged in that murder. this morning at 110, d.c. mayor murielbo er and d.c. people ll explain how who live in d.c. can help fight crime. we will bring you the latest updates on air and on the nbc washington app. today the public will have a chance pay final respect to the late supreme court justice john paul stevens. a private ceremony will begin at 9:30 a.m. the public is invited to pay f respecm 10:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. a private funeral service will be held at national arlington cemetery tomorrow.
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the 99-year-old died last tuesday after suffering a stroke. longest serving associate justice in the history of the supreme court. >> in the week ahead, former special counsel robert mueller will testify in public before two congressional committees. mueller will testify before the house judiciary and intelligence committees ony wednes house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler says mueller's report -- mueller bmitted that report back in march. it details his 22-month n investigatio into the russian interference into the presidential lex. we wmol have live testiny of his coverage on wednesday tune in and watch right here on news4. om> president trump is not backing down fr attacking those four democratic congresswomen of >>color. he called the four freshmen democrats weak and insecure. yesterday, he sent out this tweet saying, quote.
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the president criticized the so-called squad for what he calls anti-american and anti-israeli views. it's the same group he says should go back home. all four women are u.s. citizens and three were born in the united states. on the sunday morning shows, maryland congressman elijah cummings was asked if he thought president trump was a racist and this is what >ed. >i believe he -- yes, no doubt about it. i tried to give himhe benefit of the doubt. >> last week, the house of representatives passed a resolution rebuking the president for h remarks. today, crews in new brunswi brunswick, new jersey, will work to remove c a constructine after it fell on to a house. strong winds caused that crane to toppleast night. a rutgers university student who lives in the homeays eight women live in that three-story home and thankfully no one was
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injured. >> wow. folks in our area celebrated nationalice cream day by helping to create d.c.'s longest sune. the ice cream jubilee provided ice cream in the yard yesterday. more than 100-foot masterpiece drew 150 ice cream lovers. each person t received scoops with toppings. >> there is a reason it's the first time because it's a crazy, crazy thing. we are making the loest sunday on the hottest day of d.c. everybody is having a great time and that is what is importan >> i didn't think it was crazy at all! ice cream flavors were all jubilee originals, including sweet cream and honey allin soundg very delicious right about now! >> so it's not just me? >> it's never too early. >> it's 48 and i want two scoops! coming up next, a touching reunion fiveecades in the making. we are there as mom and daughter
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meet for the first time. a solution to summer boredom. barnes&noble have an idea to convince your kid to read their way through the rest of their vacation. >> we are working for you which back-to-school supplies to buy riot now and which get a better deal on by waiting a few weeks. >> good morning. it's a weather alert day. nowhere near as hot as we have been over the ekend but a risk of severe weather arriving later on in t afternoon but thehe
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she has four more races in the championships. >> ledecky is expected to be on the u.s. team for the next summer olympic which are in tokyo. one year from tomorrow, can you lieve it? >> oh, my goodness! >> we have high expectations of her. she always comes through. coming in second i know like a major loss for her put it's still really go on. >> sometimes we ed that to give you that next boost so the first feels better next time. >> she will come back stronger than of. >> we are working for you this morning with an idea to keep your kid motivated to read over summer. barnes&noble summer reading program is under way.
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it gives kids in fir through sixth grade the opportunity to earn a free book. they just have to read any eight books, record them in their d barnes anoble summer reading journal and explain what their favorite part of each book was and why. young readers h ave untilugust 31st to earn that free book. >> that is abfb9 good deal. >> it is. >> after that summer reading comes theback-to-school shopping. >> yes. we are also working for you with the details on the best time to start gathering all of those supplies. here is nbc chris clackum. >> reporter: only a few weeks away from th sound of summer, giving way to the sound of a differe rt. which means it's time to start back-to-school shopping. >> only way way to buy. don't feel pressured to buy ng everythion your school's supply list before the first day of school. >> reporter: retailers are already wall-to-wall with their back-to-school sales which retail experts say should be approhed with patience. >> ask the teachers what isin gog to be needed early and
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what might be needed later on because you'll get better deals in september. >> parents will continue to spend theirloney on the usua suspects for back-to-school. clothes and computers. gadgets include anything from cloud-based technology, even wearables like the applewatch. >> reporter: retail me not expert says though gadgets might add to the $500 per child that parents are already spending on back-to-school shopping this year.c hris clackum, nbc news. new this morning, it is a moment a mother and daughter waited 65 years for. watch this. an anve ry test brought a mother and daughter back in kansas. it led her h to biological mom
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who gave her up to adoptive parents decades ago. >> i believe in miracles.g we are lookinat each other right here. >> 55 years! it is, indeed, is a mirole. >> twaid they did think about each other over the years but never reached out f forar of the unknown becausethese things could go in the other direction. >> they look like twins.i >> a n reunion. >> i love those stories. imagine this. if it happened to you and your familiar during a heat wave. near30 ,000 customers had their power cut in brooklyn this week. ny con edison power com took people offline to prevent a bigger outage but the timingld cou not be worse. >> we have been sitting outside. people sitting in their cars to deal with the heat. >> reporter: the noiseveou may haeard was the ice cream truck, of course! a sweet treat there for folks
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who are trying to cool down in very hot new york city this aeekend. at least they trying to prevent something like what happened the weekend before with the big blackout and more people thout power andac. i guess that is what you have to do but tough for them. >>ck chu get us out of this misery! >> we can do it. today is the last day in t 90s perhaps for the rest of the week. how cold will that feel? >> not bad. >> only in the 70s tomorrow for high temperatures in many neighborhoods! that is going to feel oh, so nice. plenty of human around. the thunderstorms are quickly out of the picture and next chance for storms comes up later on in the day today. your morning commute will not be affected by rain. temperatures mostly in the 70s now. 72sb gaitherg and 70s leesburg and areas hard hit with severe weather late yet and during the
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evening hours and it didn't rain it stayed quite a bit milder in the overnight hours. forecast higy. toda another hot one. afternoon heat index up close to 100 degrees again. today's high 93 and feel nice by comparison. yesterday 99 i washington. 100 dulles airport and 100 bwi with heat index around 110. not the case today.ra and thunderstorms likely later on in the afternoon and evening so the highlighted area here in yellow is where the greatest risk for severe weather is later today. ready some thunderstorms up near pittsburgh here in the predawn hours of monday morning. not much rain for us. d quicklying up around the area for now. the first half of the day looks fine. here is future weather to help you plan out later on ithe day. again, morning commute, dry through 9:00, 10:00. i think everybody stays dry uph tgh about lunch time. once you're past 1:00 or 2:00, storms will developing in the mountains out in wst virginia early and gradually find their way east of the blue ridge perhaps in time for the evening
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commute. here is future weather. thunderstorms likely to be developing and movinginto the washington area between about 4:00 and 5:00. earlier than that across parts of the shenandoah valley. the rain during the evening hours betweeng8:00 and midni tonight, the rain could be heavy at times. there will be an opportunity for some flash flooding. there is a flood wat that goes from late tonight into the early half of your fall amounts on average solid 1 to 1 1/2 inches of rain overall. there could be localized spots of 3 to 4 inches of rain over the next 24 hour so that is the reason for the flash flood watch latetonight and tomorrow. the forecast is accurate even though the computer doesn't know what day it is. rthe computer melted ovehe weekend, melissa. >> i wouldn't be shocked if you told me that. on the brunswick line,
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delays because of trees down so check and perhaps make alternate plans of this little issue that a lot of folks are dealing with. no problem on the beltway right now. 66 and 95,no complaints. 270 southbound here from frederick to the spur 70 miles per hour. get there in 26minute. next on news4, a cold brew right for you? >> child coffeesound good on a hot summer morning butca it n be filled with the hidden calories. we are working for you how to pick a health care cup. >> if you're home this afternoon, don't miss jesse tyler ferguson "ellen." then stick around at 4:00 for the news.
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we are back at 4:22. for many coffee lovers like the two of us, summer signals the switch to cold brew but is it health healthier for you? >> probably not! consumer reporter susan hogan ie baking through the buzz. >> i'll take a cold brew to go. >> reporter: cold brew used to
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be one ofse t specialty coffee drinks made by a barista. >> the past five years being more and more popular. it's nuttier, sweeter. >> reporter: typically has aer high caffeine content than regular brewed coffee. coffee, in general, has a pretty healthy reputation and health benefits like lower risk of heart disease and type two diabetes. but consumer reports says some ready to drink coldruise aren't always a smart choice for your health. >> bottled veron are much more convenient for people to drink but when you start looking at e bottled coffee they have milk, cream, added sugars and some could have sodium or other additives. >> reporter: we looked at four ready to drink cold brews from seven brand andound the key to picking a health care one is to pay attention to labels. >> black cold brewed coffee has fewer calorie because the only thing in it is coffee but when you look at the bottled versions that rve added suga and cream
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and milk and plant milk thel caorie count can start to timb. >> reporter: evenhose who say not too sweet can have fair amount of added sug so which cold-brewed bottles are worth all of the buzz? consumer reports says this one is the best with the milk and this one are worth a try. w, he makes the coldb if you prefer to make your own cold brew, it will actually keep in the fridge for up for to two weeks! back to you. > look at this. our pat collins is helping to find new homes for pets. he is also searching for the area's most talented four-legged friend. >> today, we are going to learn which pet made it to the finals. >> one more? high fiv good boy! >> aing cat.
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today we will review the final contender for pat's prized pets challenge. >> that is starting at 4:00 this afternoon and find out w wll go for the grand prize. good luck to everybody. >> i'm sure there are lots of good contenders there. >> i can't wait to see. still ahead, are your children ready to be adults? ey>> new surv find many teens say no. what they say their parents are doing that is preventing them from growing up. plus a heat wave is no joke. over the weekend, it turns deadly on a local hiking trail. we are going to tell you what we havelearned here. chuck, when are we going to get relief? >> the storms later today are the beginning of the end of dreary hot weather we have beend enduring. his is polar, a 10-year-old dog, and find out how to adopt cole there.
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getmi the les walked first thing because it will be hot and stormy by the time you get home from work this evening.
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it's monday morning. a live look outside. the heat wavehatthe d.c. region has been experiencing for days now may soon end. but it could do so with a bang. strong storms are expected this afternoon. today we are in weather alert mode. mo good ing. i'm molette green. >> i'm jummy olabanji. aaron gilchrist and eun yang have the day off. melissa mollet is starting by with your first 4 traffic. we want to start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell.t >> the las couple of nights, the few folks have had to get weather the last few nights have gotten dumped on with period of heavy rain and parts of a congressional golf course yesterday in montgomery county was flooded four things you need to know. not too bad this morning but
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likely to be a very stormy afternoon and evening commute home. 3:00 to midnight tonight, possibly severe weather. cool and showers tomorrow. how nice do those two word sound on a summer day after this long stretch?sc rumptious weather for wednday and beautiful weather thursday but we have to debt through today first. a chance for severe weather from richardto new england. thunderstorms in the predawn hours and western pennsylvania. part of the front. the front, its, may not geto the washington area in i-95 until sunrise tomorrow morning. ed tookheatndex today only feelg like 100 degrees. that is before the storms roll in, melissa. >> looking forward to the rest of the week. a


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