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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 22, 2019 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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not just for the heat and humidity but the risk for severe weather later todayd and coul lead to a flood threat late tonight into the first half of your tuesday. all of the immediate d.c. is under a flash flood watch that starts lat theis evening. st. mary's county and cal vert county could be close to 100 h degreat index. the rest of us severe weather between 3:00 a 11:00. rain could be heavy overnight. widespread amounts 1 to 1.5 inches but as cmuch as 3 inches is possible later tonight. your planner is about to 5 to 10 degrees cooler than the sameye time erday. there is your planner.
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eastboundeesburg pike at reston parkway, right side is blocked by a work zone. 66 and 95 looking okay. no worries there. beltway everything is looking good inner loop and outer loop. 66 and 95, no major issues. that looks very familiar to anyon who was outside yesterday tening. it was a mess onhe beltway. late last nice the fast moving stofs left a trail o damage across the d.c. region. >> they also knocked out power, forcing some families to get through tou night with the
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ac. news4 megan mcgrath is trackinga the dmage in bethesda this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.s there i a lot of cleanup still to be done this morning. i'm here on whittier boulevard in bethesda. we have a tree that has fallen across the street here so it's completely shut t tree, though, also falling on a car. it looks like an suv that was parkde hire along the si of the road. we are seeing similar scenes here on road around the area. odr example, wo haven boulevard, brook drive also closed this morning because o tree damage. in some cases, the trees bringing down power lines. in other case, they hit cars, as well as homes in the area. so a lot of damage heavy rain caused flooding on river road with the water going across the roadway and causing dicey
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situations. we are expecting to see people out and about this morning with chain saws and cleaning things up asthey continue to recover from the storm. bethesda and potomac and kensington and wheaton were areas hard hit. we spoke to a man last night. he described what it was like. ed the storm was fast and it was powerful. >> it was like fury came down. for 15 minute. it was all over. >> reporter: and so while you head out this morning or you're just kind of around and about in your neighborhood today, you can expect to see some limbs down, prap so perhaps work crews trying t to get tes out of the way. we are expecting to possibly get more severe storms later tonight, possibly some flooding as well into tuesday so not great as we are still trying to clean up from last night's storm. back to you. >> that suv, no match for that
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tree.u thank yo so much, megan mcgrath.>> as chuck mentioned, more severe weather expected to blow thnough the area this afteron. so make sure your family is prepared. download the nbc washington app antiright to your that's a look at the weather across the country. now here's a look at the weather outside your window. alerts and it work even if you're out of town on vacation. we have learned that 59-year-old rockville woan was t and killed while riding a bike during a cycling event and ahappened yesterdmorning in frederick county, maryland. maryland state police s diane shields was participating in the firefight 50 cycling event when car.was hit by a no one else was hurt and there is no word f thedriver will be charged. d.c. police need your help getting a murder suspect off the streets. police say thisan is a suspect intihe shoong death of 22-year-old george hendricks on saturday. hendrick died after being shot multiple times on k street.
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police are offering $25,000 for information leading to an arrest in that case and any homicide case in the city. that deadly shooting is 1 of 8 deadly shootings in the district since last wednesday. >> tay, d.c. mayor and the police chief will address the recent violence. "news4 today" megan fitzgerald is live where that newco erence will happen. >> reporter: it's been a dangerous week in d.c. we are talking about 93 murders so far this year. we saw 8 of them just within the past week. the latest shooting happening last night just in front of the brentwood recreational center. three men were shot there but we are told they are expected to survive. we to give you a look what this senseless violence is doing.
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this is 11-year-old karon brown who was shot steps away from his elementarychool on wednesday. he was in a car at a gas station on naylor road and shots were fired and striking that kid. his 12-year-old brother was with him but unharmed. the suspect in this particular case is 29-year-old tony antoine mclamb who was arrested days later. this morning, at 11:30, d.c. mayor muriel bowser along with the police chief peter newsome will be here to explainic to th puow they can work with police to try to stop this violence. back to you. >> meagan fitzgerald, thank you.
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today, the public will have a chance to pay final respect to the late supreme court justice john paul stevens. a private ceremony and internment will begin at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow. the public is invited to pay respects from 10:30 a.m. until 8:00 p. a private funeral service will be held at national arlington cemetery tomorrow. the 99-year-old died last tuesday after suffering a stroke. he was the third longest serving associate justice in the history of the supreme court. >> in the week ahead, former special counsel robert mueller will testify in public beforio two congressl committees. mueller will testify before the house judiciary and intelligence committees on wednesy. house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler says mueller's report presents a very substantial evidence that esident trump is, quote, guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. mueller subhit his report backa in mrch and it details his 22-month investigation into the russian interference into the
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presidential electavn. we will hlive testimony of his coverage on wednesday morning. tune in and watch right here on news4. president trump is not backing down from attacking four democratic congresswomen of coor. >> he called the four freshmen democrats weak and insecure. yesterday, he sent out this tweet saying, quote. the president criticilld the so-ca squad for what he calls anti-american and anti-israeli views. it's the same group he says should go back home. all four women are u.s. citizens and three of them were born in the united states. on the sunday morning shows, maryland congressman elijah cummings was asked if he thought president trump was a racist and this is what he said. >> i believe he -- yes, no doubt about it. and i tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. >> last week, the house of representatives passed a resolution rebuking the president for his remarks. > today, crews in new
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brunswick, new jersey, will work to remove a construction crane after it fell on to a house. a rutgers university student who lives in the home says eight women live in that three-story home, and thankfully no one was injur. strong winds caused the crane to topple. new jersey experienced severe weather last night like we did. >> that is amazing. folks in our area celebrated national ice cream day by helping to create d.c.'s longest sun dae yesterday. the ice cream jubilee provided ice cream in the yard yesterday. rore than 100-foot masterpiece . the ice cream jded ice cream in the yard yesterday. more than 100-foot masterpiece drew 150 ice cream lovers. each person received two scoops with toppings. >>ere is m&m. chocolate syrup. one cherry.
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chocolate sauce and whipped cream! >> ice cream flavors were all jubilee original including sweet cream and honey. >> i have half and half in my coffee and as close we are getting to ice cream. >> we can't have ice cream! >> okay, fine. coming up next on news4, a uching story. a reunion five decades in the making. we are there as a mother and first er meet for the time. >> okay, we could have ice cream. plus a solution to summer boredom.ld ice cream cou be a solution but barnes&noble has an idea that could convince your kid to read their way throug the rest of their summer vacation. before you know it, summer vacation will be over. can you believe we are working for you whicoo
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the aussie will take over the top spot from katie ledecky and win. >> bethesda native and pro wimmer katie ledecky finished s second last night in the world champions in south korea.
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she has four more raise in the championships. >> we are behind you, katie. ledecky is expected to be on team usa for the next summer olympics in tokyo which begin one year from tomorrow and you can watc them all here on news4. i can't wait. >> i know. she is so good and such a good person too. so easy to rootfor. >> all right. >> we are working for you this morning with an item for keeprg youids motivated to read this summer. barnes&noble summer reading program is under way. it gives kids in first through sixth grade the opportunity to earn a free book. thig just have to read any e books, record them in their barnes&mobile summer reading journal and explain their favorite part of each book was a why. young readers have until august 31st to earn that free book. read at the beach. >> a good idea.
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after that summer reading comes back-to-school shopping. >> we have the details on the best time to start gathering those supplurs and spending money. here is nbc chris clackum. >> reporter: only a fewweeks away from the sound of summer, giving way to the sound of a different sort. which means it's time to start back-to-school shopping. och >> there is only way to buy. don't feel pressured to buy everything on your school's supply list before the first day of school. >> reporter: retailers are already wall-to-all with their back-to-school sales which retail experts say should be approached with patience. >> ask the teachers what is going to be needed early and what might be needed later on because you'll get better deals in september >> parents will continue to spend their money on the usual suspects for back-to-school. clothing an accessories and even cputers. >> reporter: but gadgets are also popping up on
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back-to-school lists. >> gadgets include anything from cloud-based technologes even wearaike the apple watch. >> reporter: retail me not expert says though gadgets might add to the $500 per child that parents are already spending on back-to-school shopping this chris clm, nbc news. new this morning, it is a erment a mother and daught waited 55 years fo watch this. an ancestry test brought a mother and daughter back together in kansas. itled her to her biological mom who gave her up to adoptive parents decades ago. >> i believe in miracles.oo we are lng at each other right here. >> 55 years! it is, indeed, is a miracle. >> she looks just like her mom. the two said they did think about each other over the years but never reached out for fearf ohe unknown.
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like we said, these things could always go in another direction but this is a hpy case here. >> absolutely. good they are wi mher urture will be little >> we have storms, th tgh, tolk about? >> unfortunately, mother nature doesn't like to go from oneme extre to the next without what we call a transition zone. look for severe weather later oo ay and potentially heavy rain later tonight into early tomorrow. we are in storm team 4 weather alert mode today. the heat over the weekend was in the draining zoanger zone today. early morning daylight peeking in. sunrise now back aftern 6:00 i the morning. we have lost nearly 30 minutes
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of daylight since the summer solstice! the days are getting shorter. right now, flood watch s been put up for all of our northern and western zones here from prince george's washington, arlington, fairfax, everywhere north and west into pennsylvania. that is a flash flood watch for late tonight. the other highlighteolor down here in southern maryland in the lower eastern shore is the he excessive warning today. heat index in maryland could be over 100 degrees. closer to town and points north and west, only about a hundred degrees. severe weather likely between 3:00 and 11:00. heavy rain. some spots wll get more than 3 inch of rain between now and the time this comes to an end later tomorrow. temperature not as bad this morning. 78 in arlington. 71 a popular number. warrenton also 71 this morning. a risk for severe weather and highest chance in the yellow shading area from richmond to
5:19 am
washington up the i-95 corridor, new york, philly or boston, you have so significant weather delays. the front is across parts of ohio. ahead of it thunderstorms in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. a quite monday this morning commute. storms develop not long after lunch time and 2:00 to 3:00, severe weather is possible in parts of the shenandoah valley. possibility of a strongeo sever storm in the metro area as early as 4:00. rain chances ramp up after about 6:00 this evening into the evenings.hour our severe chance will linger later today than itma ny does. a lot of times it settles down after sunset. it could linger until mdnight tonight. heavy rain possible overnight so a flood risk the first half of your tuesday. 79 for a high tomorrow is almost
5:20 am
sweater weather! >> know. delays and cancellations on the ees swick line because of down on various part of the track so check before you head out. you might want to do something different if that is your normal route. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway is nice and smooth. up nxt on news4, it's cold brew, is it right foryou? >> coffee sounds pretty good on a but it can be filled with hidden lories. we are working for you how to pick a healthier c. >> if you're home this afternoon, don't miss jesse
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tyler ferguson on "ellen." then stick around at 4:00 for the news. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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for many of us coffee
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lovers, some switc to cold brew s ut healthy for you? orter susan hogan is breaking through the buzz. ld i'll take a cold brew to go. >> reporter: corew used to be one of those specialty coffee drinks made by a barista. >> the past five years being more and more popular. it's nuttier, sweete it's less -- >> reporter: typically has a higher caffeine content than regular brewed coffee. coffee, in general, has a pretty inhealthy reputation and lked to health benefits like lower risk of heart disease and type two es diabet. but "consumer reports" says some ready to drink cold brews aren't always a smart choice for your health. >> bottled version are much more convenient for people to drink, but when you start looking at the bottled coffee they have milk, cream, added sugars and some could have sodium or other additives. >> reporter: we looked atofour ready rink cold brews from seven brands and found the key
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to picking a healthier one is to pay attention to bels. >>ack cold brewed coffee has fewer calories because the only thing in it is coffee, but when you look at the bottled versions that have added sugar and cream and milk and plant milk, the calorie count can start to climb. wh reporter: even those say not too sweet can have a fair amount of added sugar, so which cold-brewed bottles are worth all of the buzz? consumer reports" says this one is the besth the milk and this one are worth a try. although louis prefers the cold brew he makes himself. if you prefer to make your own cold brew, it will actually keep in the fridge for up for to two weeks! back to you. some of us are hooked on our pets and our pat collins is helping to find new homes for
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pets. he is also searching for the area's most talented four-legged frend. > today, we are going to learn which pet made it to the finals. >> one more? high five. good boy! >> today we will review the final contender for pat's prized pets challenge. >> that is starting at 4:00 this afternoon and find out who will go for the grand prize. hill stayed, are your children ready >> new survey find many teens say no. what they say their parents are doing that is preventing them from growing up. ok> plus a heat wave is no thew deadly on a local hiking trail. we are going to tell you what we have learned. luck? >> dog walkingrecast for your monday, best to get your walks in early in the day. hot and humid today but not ase eme as we have had for week
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coming up on 5:30 this morning. that beautif, picture there monday morning we are kicking off this half hour with a live t look oude. heat wave in the d.c. region has been dealing with for days now may soon en but it could do so with aba ng. strong storms are expected this afternoon. today we areh in weater alert mode. good morning again. i'm molette green. >>ju i'y olabanji. aaron gilchrist and eun yang have the morning off. we want to begin with your forecastn this monday morning. melissa mollet is standing by wi4 your first traffic. but chuck bell has a look at the weather. >> our risk for severe weather is going up as our heat wave prepares to come to an end. we will not be in the 90s tomorrow. thatwill bring an official end
5:31 am
to it. hot and humid today and likely to have severe weather in time perhaps inime for the evening commute so keep that in mind. tomorrow cool' showery. beautiful weather and scrumptious sunshine returns for wednesday and thursday but have to get through the severe weather today. severe heat weather for t lower parts of the eastern shore. heat index could be over 100 degrees today. heavy rain ldovernight cou leave as much as 2 or 3 inches of rain. temperatures mid-70s for most of you this morning. above 90 later today. but low o 90s instead upper 90s to near 100 degrees and storms likely later today. car washing forecast, probably not today but sunshine back on wednesday. a couple of problems in virginia. hastbound 66 near 28 in centerville we an accident
5:32 am
there taking a look at 95 northbound near 630, left lane blocked so stay left to get by that. delays and cancellations on the brunswick line because of trees down there brought wn by the storm last night. this week's heat proved deadly to a hiker on montgomera county t. she was on the billy goat trail great fall on saturda she suffered what is being described as a heat-related emergency. she was taken to the hospital where she died. on sunday, the trail was closed.
5:33 am
a fire sparked onhe t rear deck and roof of this restaurant on 14th.cstreet, d fireai sd the heat did impact their ability to put it out quickly. no one was hurt. a cause has not been determined. >> resides in montgomery county are picking up the piece añstorm. >> news4 megan mcgrath is live in bethesda where there is pretty significant damage to see. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. people in montgomery county, as they make their way into work this morning, you might encounter scenes like this. we are on whittier boulevard in bethesda. twe have a tree across road here. when it came down, it also hit a car that was parked here along the side of the roa this is kind of a damage that we are seeing here this morning. people can expect to see cleanup crewou and about. take a look at the video from yesterday. floodingee some of the
5:34 am
that happened on river road o becauthe heavy downpours that we saw last night. those downpours came with a lot of strongnd w that brought down trees and branches and power lines were brought down and som trees onhouses. a lot of damage and still cleanup to be done. bethesda and potomac and wheaton are among the area hardest hit.e we spok to montgomery county fireand ems department and he described some of the more common damage we have seen. >> pretty significant damage. we have a lot of power outages with number ofrees on houses. i'm not aware of any severe injury but we have a number of people displaced because of the damage. >> reporter: in this neighborhood, still some cleanup ou be done and the case in neighborhoods arnd the dmv.
5:35 am
as you head in to work this morning, expect to see perhaps some delays here and there and have on detour around some of the streets that are impacted and we will keep an eye on this and give you the latest coming up later on in the show. just be a little bit patient this morning. back to you. >> megan mcgrath, thank you. police in howard county say a homeowner shot and killed a man who tried to force his way into a home. it happened early sunday morning. police say gerardo espinoza started banging on door of a home and the couple yelled at him to leave and when he wouldn't, the homeowner charles dorsey grabbed his gun and opened fire. >> he was clearly trying to make entry using the door knob so don't know what words were exchanged specifically between t the homeowner repeatedly told the suspect to leave the property. >> detectives believe espinoza had been staying at a friend's
5:36 am
house in theeighborhood. we are still working to find out if dorsey and espinoza knew each other. this morning, a d.c. community is on edge after ma gunman shot outside of a church and stole a car. >> d.c. police are n looking for that gunman. this shooting happened yesterday morning outside the ethiopiaur christian ch along 22nd street in northeast d.c. police say the victim and another person walked outside when they noticed a suspect trying to steal a car. when the man tried to stop the gunman, he was shot. he is expected to survive. the church administrator said the victim was attending a specialeremony for his child. >> he came. we have a lot of things ready. food, beverage and everythi. there was a ceremony going on. > church leader say they will hire security. police say the suspect drove off in a stolen gray toyota corolla
5:37 am
with maryland tags 5cdx96. here is a look at the top stories we are following this morning. today, the public will have a chance to pay final respects to the late supreme court justice john paul stevens.n he will lie ipose at the u.s. supreme court. a private ceremony will begin 9:30 a.m. the public is invited to pay respects from 10:3a.m. until 8:00 p.m. a private funeral service and internment w be held at national arliton ceremony morrow. the week has arrived. former special counsel robert mueller is preparing to testify publicly before congress on wednesday. he'll speak to the house judiciary and intelligence committees. for nearly two years, mueller investigated collusion between the campaign and russia. he submitted his findings back in march. today, investigators will be back at the scene of a crane collapse in new jersey. e massive piece of equipment came crashing down around 7:00 last night and smashed into homes and caused serious damage.
5:38 am
remarkably, no one was hurt. it's believed winds brought on by storms caused the damage there. american teens feel they prepare unprepared to be an adult. not because of school but something they say their arents are doing. >> coming up, we will tell you exactly what. that is a relaxing day on a boatme becoa close encounter with a shark. we will show you this when we return.
5:39 am
5:40 am
oh, my gosh! >> ta about a fish tale, right? a family boating off the coast of cape cod, massachusetts, over the weekend got a bit close to a great whitshark. the massive animal out of the water while trying to snag a
5:41 am
fish off the line o none was hurt but this isn't an isolated boating incident. it's terrifying to look at. ian't imagine. ere have been more than 100 shark sightings this summer with more th 30 near cape cod. no thank you. >> a little bit of a serious note here. trouble came from beach goers at clearwater beach in florida. a lightning strike injured eight people and one critical. people said it sounded like an explosion after that strike. one man went into cardiac arrest and remain in the hospital this morning and at last check, in critical condition. seven others are recovering. >> a new study shs teens may not be ready to become adults. >> a lot say because parents are not ready to let go of the rein. researchers at the uniersity michigan found 97% of painnts
5:42 am
are helptheir teens become independent perha a bit too much. more thahalf of those surveyed said they don't take effort to make sure their teens don't have enough responsibility. deciding instead to do things for their kid. they are handicapping them. >> give them a chance to make mistakes and grow up. that is all part of growing character. >> one little guy is enj ing being a kid and he is turns 6 today. prince george pictures were released by his mother. rince george is third in li to the british throne. e> he is so cute. >> h is. >> they are allc e. okay. in the meantime, chuck bell, a weather alert day? >> storm chance coming up later today. the heat wave coming to an end. temratures 5 to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. that is one in the right directihe. however ttorm chance later
5:43 am
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we are back on this monday morning. we are in weatherlert mode. another hot day is expected and we may see another round of strong storms this afternoon. storm team 4 chuck bell will join us live in a few minutes with a look at you can expect. in the meantime, it is not the only heat wave entering a second week now. president trump's feud with the four democratic lawmakers continues to divide members of
5:46 am
congress. >> more than a week ago, the president took to twitter and suggest the women go to where they came from. yesterday, he claims they are incapable of loving their country. tracie potts is joining us live fromapitol hill this morning. what is the president's goal with allis of th? he doesn't want to let this good night go. >> no question. >> reporter: he is not backing down at a week after the original tweet, we are now seeing him take aim at these women again. not only saying they are incapable of long the country, he call them weak and insecure. he says that ty owe america and that they owe him an apology for what they said. trump supporters and the white house say trump is not racist and not racist to make a comment about someone of color if you're talking about their policies and the common mistakes they have made. not everybody on capitol hill agrees with that.
5:47 am
over the weekend, elijah cummings was asked if thepr esident was racist for what ed and he said yesterday. the president is not backing down andhe congresswomen are not backing down and his campaign arepickingp on thi sing two names of these women in fund-raising events. >> tracie potts, thank you. a new fight is brewing among virginia's democrats. it's all over an invite that was extended to president trump to at oend the 400th anniversa representative government in america and it is scheduled for july 30th in jamestown. democratic state lawmakers threaten to boycott any ceremony attended by the president, saying president trump doesn't represent the values that the thti celebration is represen. the event they are celebrating, they slammed governor ralph northam for inviting the president. lieutenant governor justin fairfax plans to attend, releasing this statement, quote.
5:48 am
the white house has not confirmed if the president will attend. in puerto rico, thesland's e vernor refused to resign over the weekend but hdid say he will not seek re-election next year, and wi step down as head of his political party.or the govern ricardo addressed the situation on facebook following a week of prests in san juan. all of the troubles began after local media gained access to some of his private messages. they then published them. he had made profanity-laced and even homophobic remarks. a deadly violence in the district. eight deadly shootings in d.c. since wednesday. >> today, d.c. mayor muriel bowser and police chief peter newsome will address all of this violence.s4 "newtoday" meagan fitzgerald
5:49 am
is live where that news conference willhappen later on this morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's truly been a devastating an troubling last week here in the district. to give you some perspective, we are talking about 93 people being murdered in the city since the beginning of the latest shooting happening just last night. three people were shot in front of the brent wood recreational center in northeast. thankfully they are expected to be okay. but we want to give you an imane of the face, if you will, of the shooting of the last couple of days here. this is 11-year-old karon brown. 11 years old. he was shot and killed steps away from his elementary school on wednesday. i brown wasside a car at a gas station on naylor road.n argument broke out and police say shots were fired into a car he was sitting in striking him and killing him. he was there with his 12-year-old brother
5:50 am
we are told. his brother was not harmed but clearly traumatized by what happened. the suspect mclamb was arrested s later. back out here live. at 11:30 this morning, d.c. mayor muriel bowser along with chief peter newsome will explain to citizens how they can work togethe with police to try to stop this violence. >> what you hear about a shooting in front of a recreational center, we have got to take some action and we need to hear from city leader. >> meagan, thank you. re summer tel season is in full swing and it's f from over. this morning, e news4 i-team is working with you for a report that anyone wants to hear who io heading tthe airport. >> a rising number of people are causing disruptions at area airports. tay are caught carrying wens in their bags. scott macfarlane and the news4 i-team looked into this. >> reporter: we found people arrested by the dozens in our local airports this year,
5:51 am
including at reagan national and bwi and dulles ainternationl. the names are not released so the i-team did some digging and we found those arrested avoid fiil. most instead paid s and completed community service or unsupervised release a most had their cases eventually dismissed. we found many of these arrests happening in tsa checkpoints with frequent flyers who undergo background checks first. like a loudoun county man asked me not to show his face out of concern publicity could cost him his job. >> maybe when you travel enough and you think that airport is just like your home because that is exactly how i thought it. >> reporter: tonight as part of our full team investigation, why one local prosecutor says she does not seek jail enforcement for those stopped in airports with guns and people in other states face higher punishment. what the tsa says is the most common excuse it hears from those caught. for now at reagan national,
5:52 am
scott macfarlane, news4 i-team. we have a weather alert day as we transition to cooler weather. >> a flash flood watch is issued late tonight into the overnight hours tonight and that may be extended farther into the tuesday morning time frame as well. before that, heavier rain arrives overnight. risk of severe thunderstorms between00 3: this afternoon and will go later than normal. usually the storms start to fade away after 7:00 or 8:00 but today the storms might until 11:00 or midnight. right nad sun just about r to come up. it comes up at 6:01 this mornin d thes are getting short already. stickyt outside but no intaas bs the last few days. most of the northern area in the 70s. 70 in leesburg and your planner for youon my back to work and temperatures back to 90 degrees again this afternoon.
5:53 am
some storms are likely to be severe. the hihlighted area here is the most likely area for severe weather from washington to baltimore and philly and new york city tond providence a hartford. if you're going up the northeast corridor, you could have weather delays. thunderstorms east of pittsburgh and ahead of the cold front. the front, itself, will probably arrive here at 8:00 or 9:00 tomorrow mornin w the severther threat is today. the heavier rain threat is late tonight into early tomorrow. here is the development of thunderstorms at 3:00 in the afternoon. storms possible from martinstorg winchester and warrenton area and i-66, up i-95. by 5:00 the evening commute going south along i-9 bad weather. 6:00, thunderstorms possible in loudoun county and be weather alert. our nbc washington app will send you push alerts should any severe weather alerts or watches
5:54 am
be issued. melissa mollet is tracking trouble on 95. >> southbound 95 near 260, chop 4 showing this shot from above. car into the wood. thank you, chuck, for highlighting that for us this morning. the left side of the road is blocked here. you can see the delays building quickly southbound as you're approaching 216. you'll see those backups there. virginia a couple of different problems there now. northbound 95 near 6rd staffo left lane blocked by a disabled vehicle.
5:55 am
good morning. i'm rahel solomon at cnbc headquarters. exposed social security number of nearly 15 people and breach is one of the largest affecting consumers and equifax did not notice the breach until six weeks later. what is good for gas mileage? running the a.c. or driving with wins down in according to the environmental protection agency, you don't have to sweat to save the fyl. the epa sas putting the air on is much more efficient. this says opening the windows puts more strain our car's in eng i'll follow those instructions and advice.
5:56 am
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heat, humidity and storms in the forecast. good morning, everyone. i'm engine. aaron gilchrist and eun yang have the morning off >> i'm jummy olabanji. we are working for this monday morning and helping you get the week started on the right foot. tbyissa mollet is standing with your first 4ffic. >> but let's get it started with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. another weather alert day and all about the timing and location. >> heat is not as extreme today as we dealt with over the weekend. most saturday and sunda widespread eat indexes over 110 degrees.
6:00 am
that intense heat will not be repeated today. it will be in the 90s this afternoon and it will have a heat index close to a hundred lert becauseeather of the possibility of severe thunderstorms late afternoon into the evening and a chance for heavier rain late tonight o into y tuesday morning. so extended period here of potentially impactful temperaturhis morning are cooler than the last two mornings as well. that is good news. highs today in the low 90s. that willoleel co by comparison but severe weather is a possibility beginning as early as 2:00 or 3:00 and continuing all the way through th evening commute. your rain chance today, 70%. more'sbout tomorrow rain and how much we are to expect coming up. melissa, good morning. >> good morning to you. correction here. 95 near 216 is where the situation is. it is northbound, not the southund lanes. chopper 4 showing thaw vehicle into the wood on the left side that is blocked.


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