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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 22, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it will be in the 90s this afternoon and it will have a heat index close to a hundred lert becauseeather of the possibility of severe thunderstorms late afternoon into the evening and a chance for heavier rain late tonight o into y tuesday morning. so extended period here of potentially impactful temperaturhis morning are cooler than the last two mornings as well. that is good news. highs today in the low 90s. that willoleel co by comparison but severe weather is a possibility beginning as early as 2:00 or 3:00 and continuing all the way through th evening commute. your rain chance today, 70%. more'sbout tomorrow rain and how much we are to expect coming up. melissa, good morning. >> good morning to you. correction here. 95 near 216 is where the situation is. it is northbound, not the southund lanes. chopper 4 showing thaw vehicle into the wood on the left side that is blocked.
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stafford northbound 95 at 630 eft lane is blocked by a lots of trees down in loudoun county. delays and cancellations on the brunswick line because of trees down on the tracks. that probably sounds, even looks very famiar to anyone who was outside yesterday evening. last night, storms left a trl of damage all across the d.c. area. >> they also knocked out power forcing some families to sweat it ut without the ac. news4 megan mcgrath is tracking the damage in bethesda this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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this bethesda neighborhood has a lot of very old, very large trees and you can see that some of those trees came down in last night' storm because of the high winds here on whittier boulevard. the tree actuall came down on an suv that was parked here along the side of the road. in other cases they fell on houses and power lines and the likes. a lot of cleanup still tobe done this morning. take a look at se video that was shot last a night you can see wh happened with all of the rain that fe very fast last night. .iver road where these images were taken we had some flooding in that area. cars going through standing ater on the street there. also a lot of tree damage, whole trees brought down,omin se case they came down on homes. fortunately no serious injuries were reported and in other cases we still have power outages hbecause of the lines tat were brought down. several hundred people still without power today.
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wheaton and kensington are areas that were hit hard by storms. one gentleman last night described what it was like saying it was a fast moving storm and very powerful. >> it was like fury came down. it was all over. > reporter: you say see th thing as you make your way into work. road closures and trees down and wood haven boulevard, brook drive closed because of a similar situation with trees coming down and they haven't been able to clear it out yet. >> lots of cleanup and recovery. >> megan mcgrath live for us in ba they dah, thank you. bethesda, thank you. >> more severe weather is expected to blow through our afternoon so be prepared and download the nbc washington app
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>>breaking news out of massachusetts. ede firefighter is treat for injuries after battling a massive eight alarm fire n in tick. it is 30 minutes outside of boston. a lot of smoke ithere. heres some of the video of the flames d smoke from just a bite arlier. according to our sister station nbc boston, thisro started ad 2:00 this morning. there are multiple businesses affected. official think the fire started inside a restaurant. no word right now on an exact cause. this morning, we have learned a 59-year-old rockville woman was hit and killed while rideing in a cycling event yesterday morning on good intend roain frederick county, maryland. maryland state police say that
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diane shields was participating in the firefight 50 cycling event when she was hit by a car. no one else was hurt and there is no word if the driver will be charged. s> d.c. police need your help getting a murderuspect off the streets. police say this man is a suspect in the shooting death of 22-year-old george hendricks on saturday. hendricks died after being shot multiple times on k street. police are offering $25,000 for information leading to an arrest in that case and any homicide case in d.c. that deadly shooting is 1 of 8 deadly shootings in the district since last wednesday. >> today, d.c. mayor and the police chief will address the recent violence. "news4 today" megan fitzgerald is live where that news conference will happen. good morning. >> reporter: good rning. it's been a troubling last week to say the least. we are talking about 93 murders so far in this city since last year. the latest one coming last nht
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in front of the brentwood recreation center in northeast. three people shot there. thankfully,ieo one will d police say. we want to show you the face, if you will, of the last week of shootings in the district. this is 11-year-old karon brown who was shot steps awm his elementary school on wednesday. he was in a car at a gas station on nayloroad when an argument broke out and then shots were fired and striking that kid. his 12-year-old brother was with him but unharmed. no doubt, he is traumatized. the suspect in this particular case is 29-year-old tony antoine mclamb who was arrested days later. this morning, at 11:30, d.c. mayor muriel bowser along with the police chief peter newsome will be here to explain to the police to try to sto this
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violence. back to you. >> conversations we all need to be having. such young children. >> and karon brown's imagetheus a chance to pay final respects to the late supremecourt justice john paul stevens. ly lie in trepose at he u.s. supreme court. a private ceremony will begin at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow. a.m. tomorrow. i the publics invited to pay respects from 10:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. a private funeral service will be held at national arlington cemetery tomorrow. the 99-year-old died last tuesday after suffering a stroke. he was the third longest serving associate justice in e history of the supreme court. in a few days, former special counsel robert mueller will testify in public before two congressional commites. mueller will testify seprately before the house judiciary and
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intelligence committees on wednesday. house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler says mueller's report presents a very substantial evidenct president trump is, quote, guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. mueller submitted his report back in march and it details his 22-month investigation into the russian interference during the 2016 presidential eion. we will have live testimony of his testimony on wednesday morning. tune in and watch right here on news4. 6:08. president trump is not backing down from attacking four democratic congresswomen of color. >> he called the four freshmen democrats weak and cure. yesterday, he sent out this tweet saying, quote. the president criticized the so-called squad fort he calls anti-american and anti-israeli it's th group he says should go back home. all four women are u.s. citizens and three of them were born in the united states. on the sunday morning shows, maryland congressman elijah cummings was asked if he thought aiesident trump was a racist and
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this is what he s >> i believe he -- yes, no doubt about it. and i tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. >> last week, the house of representatives passed a resolution rebuking the president for his rarks. the storms and heat didn't keep people in our area from celebrating national ice cream day. the ice cream jubilee provided ice cream in the yard yesterday. more than 100-foot maw erpiece dre0 ice cream lovers. each person received two scoops and told to go to town with the toppings. >> here is m&m. chocolate syrup. one cherry. chocolate sauce and whipped cream! >> she just rolled down that list. ice cream flavors wjue all lee originals, including
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passion fruit. sweet cream and honey. i haven't had any of those but i'll try them just to check it out. >> i wonder what time they open? >> i had ice cream yesterday, though. i did. next on news4, a touching reunion for a mother and e daughter who meet for thrst time. plus a solution to summer boredom. barnes & noble has an idea that could convince your id to read their way through the rest of their summer vacation. before you know it, summer vacation will be over. can you believe it? we are working for you which back-to-school supplies can you buy right now and which you wait until september. >> not raining this morning but thunderstorms likely this afternoon and this evening. one final day ihe 90s today. during these hot humid stretches, here is your
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the aussie will take over the top spot from katie ledecky andin gold in th women's 400 free. >> bethesda native and pro swimmer katie ledecky finished second last night in the world champions in south korea in the 400 freestyle.she has fo in the
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championship so she can make up for it. >> katie will be fine. she will be fine. ledecky is expected to be on team usa for the next summer moympics in tokyo which begin one year from ow and you see the countdown that is on. >> we have so many expectations. ewe know the power she hashe in t water. >> she will take the gold in tokyo. >> we are working for you this morning with an item for keeping your kids motivated to read this summer. barnes & noble summding program is under way. it gives kids in first through sixth grade the opportunity to earn a free book. they just have to read any eight books, record them in their barnes & nobles summer reading journal and explain what their favorite part of each book was and why. young readers have until august 31st to earn that free book.
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>> everybody wants something free. >> it gets them to read. after that summer reading comes back-to-school shopping. >> we have the details on the best time to start gathering those supplies. here is nbc chris clackum. >> reporter: only a few weeks away from the sound of summer, giving way to the sound of a different sort. which means it's time to start back-to-school shopping. >> there is only way to buy. don't feel pressured to buy everything on your child's school supply list before the first day of school. >> reporter: retailers are alirady wall-to-wall with t back-to-school sales which retail experts say should be approached with patience. >> ask the teachers what is going to be needed early and what might be needed later on because you'll get n tter deals eptember. >> parents will continue to spend their money on the usual suspects for othing and accessories and even computers. >> reporter: but gadgets arg
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also poppin on back-to-school lists. >> gadgets include anything from cloud-bad technology, even wearables like the apple watch. >> reporter: retail me not etexpert says though gadgs might add more to the $500 per child that parents are already spending on back-to-school shopping this year. ngris clackum, nbc news. new this morit is a moment a mother and dghter waited 55 years to happen. an ancestry test brought a au mother and dghter back together in kansas. the daugnder tried out 23 a me. it led her to her biological mom who gave her up to adoptive parents decades ago. >> i believe in miracles. we are looking at each other right here. >> 55 years! it is, indeed, is a miracle.
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>> look at them, practically twins! the two said they did think about each other over the years but never reached out for fear of the unknown. what could happen, you know? it's a little tricky. but in this case t wkedout. >> we love a happy ending. >> we sure do. >> a happy ending to the ek as well with your weather forecastl reay good stuff of summertime is about 48ours away. >> we still have to getu throgh today. >> right. cloudy skies later toeay and ld to a chance for some thunderstorms as well. a risk of some severe weather comes along with that and a possibility some locally heavy sin late tonight a flood watch for tonight into the first part ofda your tues a lot going on on in the weather department today, tonight, and tomorrow. i promise you by wednesday,yt everng is going to be coming up roses around here. 78 at arlington right now.
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72 at frederick, maryland. 70 charlottesville. not as sticky and steamy as the last few mornings. above 90s today for most. today but better than the 99 yesterday and bwi and dulles hit 100 yesterday. 70% chance of storms and local heavy rain for flood watch for the d.c. metro area and everywhere north and west. the other highlighted counties that is t excessive heat warning for those areas where heat indexes could be near 110. around the city today, severe weather possible 3:00 to 11:00 p.m. on average i think 1 to1.5 inches of rain but locally 3 inches or more is possible with the heavy storms. yellow shading is the highest risk area for severe weather today. even overnight thunderstorm across parts of here is look your future
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weather forecast. all dry through the morning and into the early parts of the afternoon. here is 3:00. a possibility for severe freder reaches the i-95 corridor around 5:00 and sever weather chanins to the evening. here is 8:00 tonight and could be powerful storms between ou montgomery cy and frederick counties and move to the d.c. metro area between 9:00 and 10:00. heavy rain tonight could lead to flooding early this morning and probably through weather alert morning those tomorrow as well. let's go to melissa mollet now. >> chopper 4 is looking for this problem and just found it southbound connecticut avenue after veirs mill. right lane blocked because of a tree that came down and shutting
6:20 am
down thehe ride and tare trying to get that out of the way. eminder delays and cancellations on the brunswick line because of trees across the tracks. remember listen to wtop 103.5 fm when ye whn you hop in your car today. coming ed coeeig f y, iol d sounds pretty good on a hot summer mornin, but it ca be filled with those hidden calories so working 4 you to drink a healthier cup.ho
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>> if you're this afternoon, don't miss jesse tyler ferguson on "ellen." then stick around at 4:00 for the news.
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but is it healthy for you? hogan c breaking through the buzz. r >> i'll take a cold brew to go. >> reporter: cold brew used to be one of those specialty coffee drinks made by a barista. >> the past five years being more and more popular. s it's nuttier,eter. it's less -- >> reporter: typically has a higher caffeine content than regular brewed coffee. coffee, in general, has a pretty healto reputation and linked t health benefits like lower risk of heart disease and type two diabetes. but "consumer reports" says some ready to drink cold brews aren't always a smart choice for your health. >> bottled version are much more convenient for people to drink, but when you start looking at e e bottled coffee they ha milk, cream, added sugars and some could have sodiumr other additives. >> reporter: cr looked at four ready to drink cold brews from
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seven brands and found the key g a healthier one is to pay attention to labels. >> black cold brewed coffee has fewer calories because the only thing in it is coffee, but when you look at the bottrsions that have added sugar and cream and mk and plant milk, the calorie count can start to climb. >> reporter: even those whoay s not tooweet can have a fair amount of added sugar, so which cold-brewed bottles are worth " l of the buzz? consumer reportsys this one is the best with the milk d this one are worth a try. although louis prefers the cold brew he makes himself. if you prefer to make your own cold brew, it will actually keep in the fridge for up for to two weeks! back to you. >> great information. >> i don't know. ready-to-drink just too many calories for me. i'm sticking with hot black coffee.k! straight blac no sugar.
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no cream. >> i have to have the cream and the sugar. still ahead here. are your kid ready to be adults? >> my 11 and 13-year-old think they are adults. this new survey find new er teenags say no. what they say parents are doing them from preventing them to growing up. ov the weekend the heat wave turned deadly on a local hiking trail. we will tell you what we turned. >> chuck, break this heat wave. >> it ends today. today is the last day in the 90s. a 10-year-old dog is cole here. cole is available for adoption and senior pets have reduced adoption fees so go to humane dog rescue to put cole into your life. s hot andrmy later today. your weath
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on thison my morning, a live look outside. you see the heat wave the d.c. region has been dealing with for
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days now, may soon end but could do so with a bang. strong storms are expected this afternoon. today, we are in weather alert mode once again. good morning. i'm molette green. >> i'm jummy olabanji. aaron gilchrist and eun yang have the morning off. we are helping you get the week isarted on the right foot melissa mollet tanding by with your traffic. but let's get it started with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. the temperature is goi down. >> only 93 today. hich is a bargain compared to the high temperatures we had yesterday. skies still on the hazy side this morning but not much of a breeze yet and turn rather stormy later on today. the evening commute could be impact by thunderstorms. cool a showers for tomorrow. how nice does that sound? scrumptious sunshine on wednesday and risk for severe weather today. the highest risk begins in
6:31 am
fredericksburg and washington cridond avrain nighdt. t tha f nlashor floodst watchea f. metro anoa and points th and west and goes into effect late this evening and extreme heat is pushed farther to the south. heat advisories in place across parts of southern maryland. the rain is locally as much as d a 3 inches in spots. 70s this morning. 93 your expected high tempeture this afternoon. future weather is coming u southbound connecticut avenue at veir is mill road has a tree blocking the way is out of the w. beltway, no major problemsnner loop and outer loop. do
6:32 am
trees causing problems on line.runswick cancellations and delays on the has plagued e. d.c. for days w. and killed all over the district. >> that includes 11-year-old karon brown that you see here. hours fro now, d.c. mayor muriel bowschief peter newsome willer address th violence gng on. meagan tzgerald is live for us to tell us what to expect today. >> reporter: we are expecting to hear from d.c. police chief peter newsome and the mayor will how citizens can work with police to stop thele vioe. eight murders just last week. 93 this year the latest shootings happen last night and three people shot in
6:33 am
northeast and they are expect to survive. we want to get to the picture you just showed of 11-year-old karon brown who is one of the s latest victim of gun violence. he was shot and killed just steps away from his elementary school on wednesday. bwn was inside a car at a gas station on naylor road and some sort of argument broke out between other groups of poeeopl. moments later, shots were fired and brown was killed. the suspect was arrested days later. 93 murders in this cityin january. at around 11:30 this morning, we are expecting to hearom the mayor and the police chief about how citizens can work together, ity to gether as a comm try to stop this violence. back to you. >> karon's picture speaks volumes how tlgic f this
6:34 am
is and something has to be done. thank you. co police in howard unty say a homeowner shot and killed a man who tried to force his way into a home. it happened early sunday morning. police say gerardo espinoza started banging on the door of a home and the couple yelled at him to leave and when he wouldn't, the homeowner charles dorsey grabbed his gun and opened fire. >> he was clearly trying to make entry using the door knob so i don't know what words were eeehanged specifically betw them, except that the homeowner repeatedly told the suspect to leave the property. sp>> detectives believe eoza had been staying at a friend's house in the neighborhood. we are still working to find our if dsey and espinoza knew each other. this morning, a d.c. community is on edge after a gunman shot a man outside of a church and stole a car. >> d.c. police are now looking for that gunman. this shooting happened yesterday
6:35 am
morning outside the hiopia christian church along 22nd street in northeast d.c. police say the victim and another person walked outside when they noticed a suspect tryg to steal a car. when the man tried to stop the gunman, he was shot. he is expected to survive. the church administrator said the victim was attending a special ceremony for his child at the church. >> he came.t we have a lo things ready. food, beverage and everything. there was a ceremony going on. >> church leaders say they will hire security. police say the spect drove off in a stolen gray toyota corolla with maryland tags 5cdx96. >> 6:35. here is a look at the top stories we are following this morning. today, the public will have a chance to pay final respects rt the late supreme cou justice john paul stevens.
6:36 am
he will lie in repose at the united states supreme court. a private ceremony will begin at 9:30 a.m. the public is invited to pay respects from 10:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. a private funeral service and internment will be held at national arlington ceremony tomorrow. >> the week is here. ngrmer special counsel robert mueller is prepario testify publicly before congress on wednesday. he'll speak to the house judiciary and intelligence nearly two years, mueller investigated claims of collusion between the trump campaign and russia. he submitted his findings back rch. today, investigators will be back at the scene of a crane collapse in new jersey. the massive piece of equipment came crashing down around 7:00 last night and smashed into homes and caused serious damage. remarkably, no one was hurt.s lieved winds brought on by storms caused the damage ve> the summer tra season is in full swg and far from over.
6:37 am
it's only july. the summer travel season is in full swing and far from over. this morning, the news4 i team is working for you. anyone heading to the airport needs to hear this. >> a rising number ouspeople are cag disruptions at area airports. they are caught carrying weapons in their bags. scott macfarlane and the news4 fteam looked into this. >> reporter: wend people arrested by the dozens in our local airports this year including at reagan national and bwi and dulles national. the i-team did some digging and we found those arrested avoid most instead paid fines and completed community service or unsupervised release and most had their cases eventually dismissed. we found many of these arrets are happening in frequent flyers who undergo background checks first. like a loudoun county man asked me not to show h face out of
6:38 am
concern publicity of arrest could cost him his job. how do you get arrested? >> maybe when you travel enough and you think that airport is just like your home because that is exactly how i thought it. >> reporter: tonight as part of our iestigation, why one loc prosecutor says she does not seek jail sentences for those stopped in airports with guns and people in other states face higher punishment. for now at reagan national, scott macfarlane, news4 i-team. many american teens say they feel unprepared to ben adult. it's not because of school. but because of something they say their pares are doing. >> parents need to hear this one. iming up, we will tell you exactly whatis. plus, it was supposed to be a relaxing day on a boat but a close encounter with a shark. we will show you much more of this wild video when we return.
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oh, my god! >> we love a good fish tale and this family has one. cfamily boating off thst of cape cod, massachusetts, over the weekend got a bit close to great whiteshark. the massive animal out of the water while trying to snag a fish off the line. no one was hurt but this isn't an isolated boating incident. there have been more than 100 shark sightings this summer with more than 30 near cape cod. but they have the video captured. >> i love that littl boy. >> i would be much more dramatic about it. he looked pretty good there. a study that says many teens don't fe adult. to become an >> many say because their parents aren't letting go of the
6:42 am
reins. researchers at the university michigan found 97% of parents are helping their teens become independent perhaps a bit too much. more than half of those suriyed sathey don't take effort to make sure their teens have enough responsibility, deciding instead to do things for their kid. now here is your cnbc morning business report. good morningm i'm rahel so at cnbc headquarters. equif a massive dataac breh in 2017 is prepared to pay. exposed social security number of nearly 150 people. settlement could be announced today. equif did not notice the breach untisix weeks later. weather alert day. chuck? >> absolutely. heat and humidity, not as extreme the last feud but plenty
6:43 am
hot today and severe weather is a threat later today and flood threat tonight and tomorrow morning. complete check of your forecast is minutes away. a live look here at 270 southbound a normal volume there but we have closures because of trees down from yesterday's trees down from yesterday's storms and also i switched from dodge.
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it is monday morning. 6:45 is your time. we are an weatherlert mode. another hot day expected and weh may see a round of strong storms later this afternoon. storm team 4 chuck bell will join us in a few minutes with a look at what you can expect. in the meantime, it's n the only heat wave that is entering its second week now. resident trump's feud with the fourat democr lawmakers continues to dwight members of congress. yesterday he sought they were incapable of loving their country. >> nbc hans nichols report. >> wealth see whether he refreshes what hhe said about t four lawmakers.
6:47 am
the president talking they are insecure and weak. a split screen aspect to this weeks well. you have the president embracing for robert mueller testimony on wednesday on capitol hill. democrats are going to try to get mueller to go beyond what he wrote in his report which, of course, is what mueller said should serve asis testimony. they also want to crify what mueller meant when ed barr didn't capture the content, nature and substance of that report. we will have all of this and more coming up for you the "today" show. a new f ghtis brewing among virginia's democrats and an invite that was extended to president trump to attend the 400th anniversary of representative government in america and scheduled for ju 30th in james town. democratic state lawmakers threaten to boycott any ceremony attended by the the president saying president trump didn't represent the value the event is
6:48 am
celebrating. they slammed governor ralph northam for inviting president. lieutenant governor justin fairfax plans to attend, releasing this statement, quote. the white house has not confirmed if the president will actually attend. today, congressman jerry connolly will host a round table discussion at 11:0is morning he says he wants to encourage participation by communities who may be fearful afteruresident tr's failed push to add the the shape questi- citizenship question to the census.
6:49 am
fefighters battling triple temperatures and fire sparked on the roof of a two-story restaurant on 14th strt. d.c. firefighters said the heat impacted their ability to put it out quickly. nort one hu and no cause yet. gnome the heat that marked this past weekend but severe storms as well. >> this morning, plenty of peple in our area are still cleaning up. strong winds, rain and lightning brought down a lot of trees and it even knocked out the power for some. news4 megan mcgrath joins us from montgomery county with a look at the damage left behind. i see that tree behind you. >> reporter: very large tree behind me. we changed locations and moved around the corner from last spot and we are on alcott road. you see the tree fell on this
6:50 am
house and leaving a mess and bringing dn telephone lines and power lines. we pan to the side of the house, the trunks of three large oaks. one from the backyard is the one that came crashing down on the roof but along the side of the house you can see two trunks there and how it impacted the side corner of the home. extensive damage here caused by last night's storm. we arell seeing this a around the area. montgomery county in particular very hard hit here in some of the areas in bethesda and potomac and kensington. a lot of tree damage. whole trees and large limbs have also come down taking down the power line. i don't know if you can hear the sound of thene getors. everybody on this street is without power. many people had the generatorsk ed in and helping them out this morning but a lot o damage. a little while ago we encounter a man walking his dog who live in the neighborhood and he described some of the damage he
6:51 am
saw when he was out walking. >> trees came down and sounded like thunder so you couldn't really distinguish between the t trees and thunder and then you looked outside and trees were down all over the place. >> show the car. >> reporter: a lot of cleanup to be done. tree damage. we also have a lot of lines that are dow you can see this car parked here along the curb and just covered in what appear to be utility lines here. expect to see crews out there and power crews o and about this morning as you make your way to work. we have road close urs wheclose streets sot may take you longer to get to work if you're in one of thesete aff areas. >> megan mcgrath, thank you. let's check in with storm team 4 chuck at we are undhe gun for severe weather ler on in the
6:52 am
day so enjoy yourqu iet start to theor mng. calm finish there on the potomac. hazy wind this morning and sky ove ead. another plenty of folk coming down the river today. southerly breezes mean the inbound flights get the view of downtown d.c. risk of severe weather and highest risk in this yellow area that includes washington and baltimore, philly,k new yorand southern new england. a slight risk of severe weather today. ash flood watch tonight as pockets of heavy rain likely to come through and along and ahead of a cold front due to arrive heut abo this time tomorrow morning. the best risk for seveh weather higt chance between 3:00 and 11:00. rain average 1 to 1.2 inches of rain area wide but 3 inches or more is possible under theer heavi bursts of rain. temperature in the low 70s in the suburbs. nowhere near as oppressive as b
6:53 am
hasn the last few days. probably not good day to wash your car. might want to wait until wednesday. unsettled weather to our west is coming our lay later today. wean around 2:00 or 3:00 along the blue ridge into parts of northern maryland. 4:00 moving into fairfax and montgomery countys. batch after what could be heavys rain producer here is 7:00 tonight with a burst ofeavy rain over the immediate d.c. metro area. that hea rain continues late tonight into tomorrow. a lot of unsettled weather between now andf the end othe rain. the rain should be comgto an end probably late tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow evening. that is welcome news forsure. tomorrow's high, what? in the 70s tomorrow! wow!
6:54 am
melissa mollet, do we have a smooth ride? >> not too bad rightnow. we were hearing about a problem pshire avenue h at oakview drive but we are not seeing anything and chopper 4 is over there looking around andou let ynow if we see something. multiple trees down in loudoun county so warning if you'reea hng out soon you might have slow downs because of that anso al trees down on the tracks on the brunswick line so check before you leave today.
6:55 am
remember listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. are you ready for the summer games? this week marks one year until the 2020 olympics in tokyo, japan. >> organizers say the preparations are right on track. this is a look at the olympic tadium. the games begin july 24th, 2020. the olympic village will host more than s10,000 athlete and that is being built on the edge of tokyo bay. >> more than 3 million tickets have been sold already. don't worry. if you didn't b your ticket and don't plan to go, you can watch the games on news4. >> sometimes you have the best spot right here on your couch. here are the four things to know. today, the public will have a chance to pay final respect to the late supreme urt justicpaul. a private ceremony and
6:56 am
ent will begin at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow. the public is invited to pay respects from 10:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. he died last week of a stroke. learn more about in our nbc washington app. today, the mor and police chief will address the latest string of deadly violence. one of the victims was an 11-year-old kron brown. >> a woman died on atlly g trail when she suffered a heat-related mergency. stay with us for updates. folks in our region are cleaning up after a strong line of storms over the weekend. wind, rain, lightning knocked out power in montgomery county and brought downtrees. check the nbc washington app for updates. 12 hours from
6:57 am
now we will deal with severe weather. heavy rain tonight and rainy commute tomorrow morning. then everything starts to turn to the positive. sunshine, low humidity, and dry weather fo friday on int the weekend and that includes ifre you'oing down to the beaches. >> sounds good to me. thanks for joining us on "news4 today." "today" show isx ne see you in 25 minutes with your weather, traffic, and local news. >> have a great monday. ll
6:58 am
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good morning. the heat is off. much of the tting heat wave country finally set to break today, but severe storms are up next, with millions of american. ni breaking overgh iran spas in custody. state tv say some have been sentenced to death. what the cia is saying. >> star witnes washington bces for history ma testimony from robert mueller. both republicans and democrats gaming out. strategy we'll take you inside the preparations on both sides. thoselu stories p heartbroken. the parents of the


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