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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 22, 2019 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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tonight, dramatic new accusations from iran. 17 accused cia spies arrested, some facing death sentences. the claims as totally false and issuing iran a stern new warning as the uk holds an emergency meeting over that seized tanker in the gulf. ds>> mastive protests, hundf thousands takes to the streets in puerto rico. anger boiling over at the governor who's still defying calls to resign over leaked text messages. horror at the ball park, another young fan struck by a foul ball. the major league batter devastated and calling for safety changes at america's stadiums, what some are alreadyoing. the new warning at
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a vacation hot spot very popular with american tourists. >> the alcohol tainting totally concerns me. i think i'll only drink from closed bottles. >> the threat that's claimed atst 19 lives this summer. amazon partnering l with police to give homeowners the rin doorbell cameras. some say it's an incursion on your privacy. tonight your ticket to tokyo, let the countdown to the 2020 games begin. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. vannah guthrie in for lester. tonight iran is making bold accusations against the u.s., the country claiming it busted up a cia spy s ring inside it borders. the iranians laid out siheir case on state tele in dramatic fashion today. but the white house was quick to dismiss these claims as just the latest provocation from a country feeling the heat. chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell leads us off. >> reporter: tonight another escalation in iran's showdown withth u.s.
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this highly produced video claiming to show that the cia recruited 17 iranians, a charge president trump strongly denies. >> i read a report today about cia. that's a false story. they put out propaganda. they put out lies. let's see what happens we are ready for the absolute worst, and we're ready for sense too. >> reporter: iran also showing alleged business cards from u.s. diplomats iran says are cia agents in turkey and other countries, all presented at a highly unusual briefing. nbc's ali aroi was there. >> reporter: briefings such as this are incredibly rare, especiallyith all the information handed out. officials here claim the iranians were offered visas and jobs in the u.s. which never materialized. now some of them are facing execution. >> reporter: an ex-cia chief has his doubts. >> they picked up all of the usual suspects. whether or not they're guilty or not, they're going to make a show
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of trying to break down any intelligence by the united states. >> reporter: this as dbritish officials ordere protection for theirhips after irann command does seized a ship in the strait of hormuz friday. a former nato supreme allied commander says the british ship was not in iran's waters. >> there is no question in my mind that that ship was conducting routine international passing. >> reporter: and tonight a u.s. intelligence official tells nbc news that regardless of whether true or false, iran is putting a target on the backs of any u.s. personnel and their o families alshown in their video. >> thank you. we are drawing closer tonight to what may be the most anticipated testimony on capit ll in a decade. millions are expected to be glued to their screens wednesday when former special counsel robert mueller comes reluctantly before congress. nbc's kristen welker at the white house tonight with what the
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president is saying. ter: tonight less than 48 hours before robert mueller's highly anticipated testimony, the president who said n he won't watch signaling he might tune in. >> mr. president are you rried about wednesday? >> i'm not going to be watching. probably, i might see a little bit of it. ooum not going to be watching mueller because you can't take all those bites out of the apple. we had a total no collusion finding. the democrats were devastatit. they went crazy. they've gone off the deep end. >> reporte mueller who has insisted he will not say anything that is not already in will spend five hours in front of o house committees subpoenaed by democrats who are still divided over impeachment. now, some top democrats hope americans will take a cond look. >> the report presents very substantial evidence that the president is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and we have to let mueller present those facts to the american people. >> reporter: but tonight the president touting last wees vote -- >> without objection.
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>> reporter: -- when a majority of democrats killed an impeachment resolution. >> they tried an impeachment vote and got slaughtered last week. y they got absolut slaughtered. i have a lot of respect for the democrats because most of them voted against impeachment. last week. and i have a lot of respect for those democrats that did that because they're doing the right thing for the country. >> reporter: and late tonight the president announcing a bipartis deal has been struck in congress on the budget and debt ceiling for two years. the president describis a, quote, real compromise. now congress has to vote on it. savannah. >> thank you, kristen. today in puerto rico the largest demonstrations yet, hundreds of thousands streets again calling for the resignation of the govehere. but tonight he is digging in. gabe gutierrez is in san juan tonight. >> reporter: the crowd r miles, a sea of outrage on an island in limbo. despite heavy rain organizers say hundreds of thousands
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of people turned out, by far the largest demonstration yet. >> there's rampant corruption and we need a change and we ed the governor to resign. >> reporter: today on fox news, puerto rico governor reiterated he's not resigning. focus is to make sure the policy we enacted moves forward. >> reporter: but he does say he won't run for re-election next year and is stepping down as the head of his political party, not enoug for this crowd. the protesters started showing up just after dawn and right nowth 've shut down this major highway in san juan. the city is at a stand still. the pressure has e intensified sinc nearly 900 pages of a private group chat were leaked published, the messages between him and several close aids include personal attacks on rival politicians, jokes about the victims of rricane maria and a antigay slur directed at singer ricky martin who once again joined
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the protesters. president trump called the government corrupt and touted the miss universe pageants he hosted on the island. >> i had a great relationship with puerto rico. i'm the best thing that ever happened to puerto rico. >> reporter: local lawmakers are talking about possibly impeaching the governor. even if he were to resign, there's no clear successor. tonight he is hanging on despite this deafening chorus. savannah. >> tonight the fever is breaking, that dangerous heat wave finally cooling off a bit. but just behind it vere storms with at least 46 million people in its path. and don't look now, there is new trole brewing in the tropics too. al roker has got it all covered. al, where is it headed? >> reporter: a line of severe thunderstorms bringing cooler area but heavy weathe we got a severe thunderstorm watch until 10:00 tonight. from nashville and huntsville into the northeast, 13 states, 46 million people at risk, daging winds, hail, and can't rule out an isolated tornado.
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from nashville to new york, we've got a moderate risk of flooding tonight. and if that's not enough, we have tropical depression number three. it's not going to become a tropical storm most likely, but it will bring heavy rain along the coast of florida and into the southwest, upwards atf three inches. the heave is over. the credit monitoring company equifax has agreed to pay a massive settlement, up t $700 million, for one of biggest data breaches in history. the private information of half of the u.s. population was exposed. nbc's jolene kent now with the details on the pay out and how victims can get in on it. >> reporter: tonight americans may get relief from equifax, this after one of the largest data breaches ever that compromised names, addresses, ia birth dates, s security numbers, and driver's license information. >> they're going to pay consumers for their loss and they're to make p
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sure something like this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: equifax will pay $575 million to consumers including $300 million for free credit monitoring services. alison thompson received a letter saying her data may have been compromised and says she still won't be able to trust the company. >> you pay them to protect you. you pay them to get your credit report and then they make money by selling your information. i just think it's kind of disgusting. >> reporter: the ceo of equifax trying to restore that trust >> today's announcement put the consumer fund in place that will give consumers peace of mind that their identity is going to be watched with the credit monitoring that will be offered. >> reporter: the massive settlement will give $25 for each hour spent ensuring information was protected, fo reimbursemen certain credit monitoring, and ten years of free credit monitoring going forward. ma for more infon you can visit savannah.
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>> thank you. tonight there are new calls for protections at major league ball parks. after another child was hit by a foul ball. this time it happened in cleveland. the player who hit the ball says enough is enough. seball needs to do more. here's ron mott. >> reporter: the hits o keep coming and so d the injuries. as frightful moment for beball fans in the line of fir of foul balls. the latest example when francisco lindor of the cleveland indians hit a line drive that struck a a 3-year-old boy sending him to the hospital. lindor was told the y is in stable condition. >> it sucks. i encourage every mlb team to put the nets all the way down. >>eporter: and tonight the chicago white sox are doing just that, extending the netting from foul pole to foul pole. the washington nationals are doing the same. g the league is workin with the teams on safety upgrades amid recent incidents. last month a woman was
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left bloodied by a foul ball in chicago. in may, a cubs player bly distraught after his foul ball struck a 2-year-old ad girl in the he fracturing her skull. and last season a 79-year-old woman died from hd injuries after being hit in dodger stadium. av >> you want t a good interaction with the fans, getting autographs and stuff. but at the end of the day we want to make sure everybody comes out of the games healthy. >> reporter: to ensure that a day at the ball park doesn't end with a trip to the hospital. ron mott, nbc news, chicago. tonight an urgent man hunt iunder way for a killer after an american woman and her boyfriend were found murdered. it happened while the two were traveling in one of the most remote parts of canada. late word now the new disappearance of two teens could be connected. morgan chesky with details. r >>orter: tonight investigators believe this canadian highway may hold answers in hay murder mystery. north carolina native china on a road trip with her boyfriend lucas fowler when their 1986 chevy van broke down. >> it's not yet clear
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whether lucas and china were targeted or e if this was a crim opportunity. >> reporter: police say sunday the couple pulled over at hot springs, a popular tourist stop, but nearly 16 hours from the nearest major city, juneau, alaska. monday morning their bodies were found on the side of the road shot to death. reports of missing teenagers on another remote canadian road, their car found on fire. police were asked if the cases are connected. >> it's ssible. >> it's possible? >> it's possible. >> reporter: the canadian police urging anyoneith a dash c who travelled that highway to come forward in hopes of getting answers as families remembe a young couple full of life exploring canada's national parks. >> for shing like that to happen, it must have really been something because these are two people that have travelled around the world and are not people to get caught o guard. >> reporter: growing questions as people hunt for a killer. morgan chesky, nbc news.
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next tonight one in five kids at risk, egon is making a major change to help young people face their struggles. ne it's become of the first states to allow students to take mental health days as an excusedabsence. kate snow with the story. >> reporter: hailey and derrick were ni seors when they lobbied. ll they'll be aed to call in sick not just if they're physicay ill but if they need a mental health day. >> i thi the most amazing part of this whole thing is that it was student led. >> i'm personally in need of mental health days. >> reporter: derrick told lawmakers he struggled with anxiety in high school. >> being marked absent, unexcused, and can't make up the assignmentecause i don't have the will pow tore go to school today was too much and there's no system set help me. to >> reporter: oregon has one of the highest rates of teen suicide in the country. it's the second dleading cause ofeath for 10-34 year olds in that state.
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nationally, suicide is at a 50-year high. under the new oregon law, mental health days will be considered excus sences. students won't be penalized and can make up exams. their parents still have to call the school, but now they can be honest about taking a day off to deal with their depression, to deal with a panic attack, to not have to be anxious about not being able to make up work. >> our biggest concern is making sure m everyone knowstal health is as valid as orhysical health. >> repter: there's been backlash on social media wondering if kids will take advantage. y>> children are alre missing school for mental health reasons but they're lying about it. we're hoping this gives them positive opportunity to explain what's going onnd why they need help. >> it's such an interesting idea. how many days could someone tame for mentalealth? >> oregon law says any student can take up to five days over a three-month period for any kind of excused absence. and now each school district will be able to revise that as they see fit for their students' needs. >> we'll see if it helps. kate, thank you very much. just ahead the new warning you need to
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go with align whole food blend. from the pros digestive health. we're back now with a new warning to watch what you're drinking on the next vacation. officials in costa rica say 19 people have died after drinking tainted alcohol, raising new concerns for travels to that country and other p countries inaradise. here's miguel almaguer. >> reporter: the tainted alcohol discovered in costa rica has bninked to at least 19 deaths in the country, the health ministry issues national alert after the government confiscated some 30,000 bottles of alcohol believed to be tainted with methanol. >> it's pretty tragic.
7:18 pm
eally upsetting. >> reporter: the warning comes as millions of americans are in the midst of summer travel, some headed tonight to costa rica. >> i don't think i would have a drink where i don't see where the alcohol is coming from. >> reporter: with 14 nfen and 5 women among the coirmed victims, government officials identified several brands of liquor that were tampered with. sellers sometimes dilute products with crmethanol to inse products. 19% of sales in costa rica, 28% in brazil, and 34% in mexico. in the dominican report toxicology reports are pending. found in antifreeze, it is toxic and you might not taste it in a drink. it can trigger a host of symptoms. experts sathe best way to protect yourself overseas, avoid mixed drinks. consider bottled beer or wine you watch being opened or buy
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we're back with new concerns about those doorbell cameras that have become so popular across the country. police sayhey've become a valuable crime fighting tool, but critics say they're also putting entire neighborhoods under surveillance. here's tom cosllo. >> get away from the door. hi> reporter: from catc thieves in the act to cute kids on the front porch to solving kidnappings, doorbell cameras havgo ne viral. w some cities are partnering with amazon to distribute its ring cameras at a discount to deter crime. ar the police dent says the cameras have already solved three
7:23 pm
burglaries. >> whether it's inner city, whether it's a rural area, people to be safe in their own homes. >> reporter: police have no access to watch the cameras live. amazon ring says the footage remains in the cloud for two months controlled by the ouomeowner who remains anonym if a crime occurs, police ask ring to ask homeowners if they'll phare videos. somevacy advocates warn more surveillance will unfairly impact minorities. >> we've seen a lot of high profile instances of people policing black folks and brown folks who they don't thinkbe ng in their neighborhood. >> reporter: still washington, d.c. offers rebate checks to homeowners to register their cameras. >> these are citizens who want to help so they'll pvide footage if there's something on their cam ras. >> reporter: no different than cameras on street poles, gas stations, and police body cams say
7:24 pm
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finally tonight the countdown is on. one year u the summer games begin in tokyo. keir simmonsells us now surf's u as new events make theirol ympic debut. >> reporter: tonight, close up.y for its 50 years since the city lashe summer games. this time, it's all about blending old and new from the venues to the medals made from recycledhones and laptops. a reco 339 medal en ev and 33 sports including some new ones like surfing,
7:28 pm
skateboarding, climbing, and karateal making their olympic debut. soft ball and baseball are back too after a 12-year absence. >> mixture of the new sport and the new era will give people absolutely a brand-new feeling about the olympic games. >> young feeling. >> young feeling. >> reporter: the biggest challenge of these games may be theex treme temps. the marathon now starting earlier due to heat fears. for nearly a month last july, tokyo was as hot as the heat wave that just swept the u.s. reducing lines for hl atetes and officials using facial recognition. some of team usa's ar bifrom rio expected back. gymnast simone biles. swimmer katie, and the u.s. women's soccer cueam fresh off their world win. soon they'll all be here. one of the most crowded cities in the world about to become even more crowded. keir simmons, nbc news, tokyo. >> and we'll continue
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the countdown with some of team usa's the countdown with some of team usa's brightest not all water is created equal.
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