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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  July 22, 2019 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> we want to apologize for some of the technical difficulties 're having tonight. but now some more news. a tragedy on a popular local trail this weekend. a woman in her early 30s died because of the intense heat. tonight an onlineis fund- for rachel parker's family has raised nearly $2,000. u.s. park police say she collapsed on saturday on the lly goat trail in montgomery county. the heat index was about 106 degrees. parkerson was from maryland. she was a mother of three. a charity be ride ended in
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tragedy over the weekend as well. 59-year-old diane deshields was riding in the annual firefighter event in frederick. during that ride, the woman from roth vil collided with a car at the intersection of woods borrow bike and good intent road. deshields died ae scene. the firefighter event raises money for the pleasant valley community fire department. tomorrow john paul stevens will be buried in a private ceremony at arlington national cemetery. president trump and first lady melania trump paid respects, so too did most of the supreme court justices includg kagan who replaced stevens. she called him a brilliant man who had a deep commitment for equal justice for all. justice stevens died last week in florida after h stroke. he was 99 years old.
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former d.c. counsel chairman sterling tucker will also lien repose tomorrow. mourners can pay respects at the wilson building on pennsylvania avenue. we was the first elected chairman of the d.c. council. he ran for mayor in 1978 but lost thatection. he later served as hud assistant secretary under jimmyte car he ran the washington chapter of the urban league for many years. he was o years when he passed away last week. also tomorrow there's a vote to fund the september 11th victim's compensation fund. it's expected to pass in the wsenate. lastek republican senator rand paul blocked the funding saying that any new spending should be off set byng cut the budget somewhere else. the fund compensates victims injured lost lod ones in the11 9/
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attacks, but the money will run out next year. once the bill passes, president trump is expected to sign it next week. in the latest back and forth with iran, the president is calling claims from iran that theyetained people working for the cia, quote, totally false. some of the 17 arrested have already beenentencedo death. the u.s. government does not acknowledge cia recruitment oa abr this latest escalation comes after iran seized a british oil nker in the strait of hormuz and defense officials say the u.s. marines brought down an iranian drone. d ocrats and republicans agree it could be a pivotal tment in shifting public opinion on russia probe. both sides promise pointed questioning when robert mueller heads to capitolill. at's supposed to happen on wednesday. mueller will testify publicly before two congressional committees.
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house judiciary chair jerry nadlerays mueller's report presents substantial evidence that president trump is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors. republicans hope to prove it ended without proving evidence of collusio when we come back another check on the weather from doug. stay ted we're the slowskov.
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hello everybody, and welcome back. as you know we're having some technical difficulties here at news4 right now. i would love tell you they were weather related because i know a lot of u have had difficulties weather related today. what a day it was. and really for two separate storms. that was really about it. we saw a couple other stronger storms too. but it was two storm complexes that came through. some of us didn't see any rain at all. if you lived in louden county, portions of -- i say louden
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county. fort royal. you guys didn't see much at all out towards the west, even parts of southern maryland didn't see much at all across the area. some of you are going what do you mean strong storms? we had them in so areas. the first was this storm right here, winchester right through northern louden county, baltimore county, all the way up mowards philadelphia. that stor with a few others, believe it or not this storm, we had severe thunderstorm warnings, even a tongado warni with this storm. at one time just about the entire state of fjnew jersey wa under a severe thunderstorm warning as a result of this storm right here. it was an incredible day for th storm. we saw another storm develop during the afternoon. that one down towards char lotsville. watch this. right through fredericksburg all the way up through the area we saw severe thunderstorm warnings throughout this region and damage in this region. look at these dots. every dot -- you see the first
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round here. i want to show you again. we see the first round with this storm coming through -- watch is -- all the dots start to pick up with that storm as it moves on. then calm. then here's another one. twoha or three hours later, next line of storms. so, we end up with something like this where you see one line up to the north, another line coming up from theuth, and this line was moving at 50-miles-per-hour. it made its way from char lotsville to washington faster than you or i coul a in car any day of the week through culpeper county, pspotsylvania,nce william, and in towards the district. i want to take you through some of these. every one of these, almost all of thesare trees down across the area. so, let's take you in towards this area towards frederick county. here's the line here. through lovettsville hit very hard. through frederick county. this is parts of howard here. notice this one right here, this was a big one earlier today and this.of you were caught in we had severe thunderstorm wind
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damage, tree and powerlines down over the interstate near the weigh station. if you know where that around clarksburg, that's where we saw these wires wown. andth that we saw a power or traffic just come to a stand still both directions both north and south. t both ofem were closed for about an hour. they finally started moving people in. you were in that nest, you know what i'm talking about. get ook you a lot longer t home. that's for sure. how about this one? this is near damascus andnd frieip. multiple trees uprooted and down. roofioningals stripped off at least one home. we're going to benterested to see tomorrow, there was a tornado warning at this time. does the national weather service go out tomorrow afternooand survey this. they're going to be looking at pictures and video you've sent in, some of our video that you're going to find on our website, later tonight and of course into the day tomorrow. they're going to look at this throughout the day and send out
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a survey team to see if this was from a tornado. there was a tornado warning tomorrow from that storm and another storm around tonight in frederick county and carol county. i have not seen damage reports from that one yet. ouu get into the s and area from fredericksburg and charlotteslle as i mentioned, all the way up i-95 all the way up. you see this wind gust here. this was 45-miles-per-hour at the bay bridge. some of these were quite amazing. this is the first one. this is a wind gust near howard university. 58-miles-an-hour wind gust. you need 58-miles-per-hour to be called a severe thunderstorm wind gust. that's what we asve. i wnside the building but i wanted to see this. we had the warning. i went to the window to take a look at this and that wind came quicklght at you. and you saw the wind blowing. you saw the rain that was blowing sideways, the trees all moving around, and this was the same storm that brought 58 mules morgan, very ams,
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close to howard university, just west of howard university. but that caused a tree to come down on a house on the 300 block of ma comb tree. a tree down on aouse there. we had a crew there tonight and of course we're going to get that to you early tomorrow morning. make sure you tune in. we're live at 4:00 a.m. as far as what we're seeing throughout the rest of the night tonight, notlohis. at this one. that was around quantico, treew do in garrisonville. if you were driving95 at this time, this is 7:44, right around 6:30, 7:30, w 8:00, that'sen a lot of us were traveling back from d.c. down towards fredericksburg or furtherouth or traveling to the north away, you probably ran into this stuff too. most of us probably got hit at least with something today. but many of us got hit with severe weather. here's what's happening right now.
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you takelo a at what's going on. you've got heavy rain around winchester. you notice a little bitof a irl right here. that's the area of low pressure moving through the area. that's what could bring us heavier rain over.night tonig here's the good news here. i aminolonger seeing much of a flash flood threat. we still have a watch through about 6:00 a.m. but no longer under severe thunderstorm watch. i don't think we're going to see enough rain out of this to give us flash flooding across the area. the reason that wasss ied was because we've seen so much rain over the past couple of days. there was the potential for one or 2 inches or three or four. we are seeing the same area around frederick, around boons borrow, that system making its way to the north. you move to the south where t swirl is. this is winchester. i was looking at rain fall rates around this area, about half an inch per hour. you are not going to get flash flood warnings with half an inch
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per hour. in our area it takes up to an inch and a half, 2 inches per hour to get flash flooding. i don't think we're going to see it with a systemike this. this is good news. down to thesouth, this is light rain dropping through fredericksburg coming towards the wall doer of area. the heaviest storms are off towards the mouth of potomac here no longer f us. as i widen out again you see what i'm dealing with here as you move through the rest of the night. as i mentioned flash floodtch in effect until 6:00 a.m. on your tuesday. we do have that flash flood watch in effect for most of the area but'm not expecting it to be that bad tonight. they may drop thisit a little b early morning. we're going to be in early tomorrow morning. we maybe weather alert if we see some of the heavier rain come in over the night. but i hope things are going to continue to calm and bett r the morning hours.
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tonight wet. tomorrowrning, wet side. by tomorrow afternoon, we start to dry off. cloud cover tomorrow. all in all not a bad tuesday. and when you consider the fact we've had 12 days in a row of de ees or better, many of those 95 plus with the heat index over 100, i think we can kind of enjoy what we're going to se tomorrow. keep the umbrella handy. 7:00 a.m., yep, rain there. showers through then we start to get out of here. can't rule out a shower in the afternoon, most of the afternoon dry. late day sun with temperatures of around 74 degrees. pool outlook next couple of ys, tomorrow not the best day. rain in the morning, showers in the afternoon, clouds during the day too. wednesday awesond weather a i do mean awesome weather. i'm excited for this. perfection. what do we mean by perfection? temperatures in the mid-80s, sunshine, low humidity. even wednesday it's going to be
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breezy. that's good news too. 78 degrees on tuesday. wednesday coming in at 86s. degree 86 on thursday and 87 on friday. as i'm talking about this, you can see how nice weather we're looking at wednesday, thuranay, friday. of course the heat and humidity does come back. more humid on saturday, more humid on sunday. then monday, tuesday, and wednesday we're back into the 90s. yes, we're talking another heat wave into next week, but right now looking good the next couple of days. is that it for the show? no. okay. good. we're going to co back in just a couple of minutes. that was ten minutes for m honey, this gig-speed internet
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if you're still with us, we apprecie uratnc nimaand his nonprot have filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against a woman posing as a psychologist to treat him and more than 100 others. avery was arrested in may. she's facing 13 charges including practicing psychology without a license. investigtors say avery misdiagnosed and misprescribed patients. her criminal trial is set to start in december. we contacted avery's attorney, the doctor who hired her, and the insurance company seeking comment but have not heard back om any of them. new tonight a well-known maryland high school football coach back on the job. patrick selynnto has been off the job since his wife accused him ofomestic violence.
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the charges were dropped last week. one of his former players ise dwayn haskins. it sounds like something out of a movie, getting stuck in mud that's like quicksand. that's what happened to an 87-year-old man this afternoon at the potomac river near the dam. he was trapped for an hour. his two dogs were able to run off and bark for help and two people helped the guy dig his way to safety. first responders say if you get stuck in mud, don't struggle. that will only make you sink faster. tha hs a story that wouldve been enhanced by a little bit of video. the fda lunched its first tv ad warning kids about the dangers of vapiner teenagwho vape are more likely to start smokingre cies. the ad features a street magician turning an ecigarette into a rea cigarette before
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their eyes. you'll see it on social media. r>> we are less than 24 hours away from ealing the winner of our pat collins latest challenge pat's prized pets. pat's beenearching for pets with special talents. we're down to the final four now. pat plans to introduce the winning entry tomorrow afternoon at 4:00. this is all ahead of our clear the shelter effort set for august 17th. you can read more about that in yhe nbc washington app. and wednesda marks one year until the 2020 tokyo olympics. much of these olympics will be about bringing together old and new. there will be new sports events including surfing and skateboarding as well as popular sports like baseball. engineers say construction on new stadiums and buildings is right on track. and get this, the medals this time will be made from recycled metal from cell phones and
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laptops. you'll be able to catch the action right here on news4. that's it for us for tonight. radio news on tv. if you're patient enough to stay with us, thank you. we apologize for our technical issues.pu there's a comr involved. we hope to be bk up to speed by 4:00 a.m. news4 today. you got your homework? yeah. yeah? hey, give me a kiss. anno ocer: what's the roa car company? [ kisses ] t announcer:o take your kids to and from school? don't forget your science project. announcer: we think it can be something bigger. everybody take your seats. announcer: this summer, volkswagen is supporting america's teachers. announcer: visit your vw dealer to learn how you can join in. announcer: now during the volkswagen drive bigger event, get a $1,000 purchase bonus on
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