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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  July 23, 2019 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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begin your next vacation. tainted alcohol on a popularu tost spot making people sick. we will tell you the steps to make sure your trip is not ruined. a woman is rescued from a unvine and she believes the person who fod her had help from above. >> on i don't know how sh made it through days without water by herodlf. a go tuesday morning to you. i'm jummy olabanji. aaron gilchrist and eun yang have the day off. >> i'm adam tuss. >> let's start off with chuck ll with the weather. >> we had dangerously high heat indexes over the weekend. rain to deal with this morning. another little batch of showers
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here coming into the southern parts of the shenandoah valley that will graze through here during the morning commute. off to a wet start on your tuesday. but the severe weather threat is arne. the flood watches over with. the heaviest of the rains are behind us now. nothin more than occasional showers coming on in. grab the reumba. showers could linger through the afternoon. temperatures rain-cooled this 72 in prince george's county. these temperatures are 5 to 10 degrees cooler than we were at the same time yesterday. this afternoon's high tomorrow almost 20 degrees cooler! yesterday, d.c. topped out at 96. today's high temperature, 77. melissa mollet, that is employee of the month stuff for me. >> definitely it is right now. take a look at this. first 4 traffic alert this morning. different issues around town. multiple issued. a couple of them on the beltway and then one on 270.
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. a tractor-trailer has jackknifed and lost a load the and we are sending a crew there shortly. the other issue on the beltway, silver spring. left side blocked at the crash. look at this one. overturned tractor-trailer d fuel spell at thissite. more coming up. >> mek ssa, thanyou. that right there is how it sounded, even looked yesterday while mt. airy was under a tornado warning. people are waking up with a big cleanup. >> check out te video from o tower camera here. one of the cells from yesterday
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iowing across the district. >> severe weath blamed for at least one death in maryland. a tree fell on a home in carroll county killing a man inside that home. treeranches are down including this yard in northwest washington. irefighters found here in tnnily town checking for damage rnoveht. >> drivers all over d.c. had a tough timeavigating through all of that rain. luckily today is the start of much better weather as chuck was mentioning. >> that is od news. th morning, a gesture of goodwill coping with tragedy. online fund-raiser raised near $2,000 for racial parkerson's family as s died on the bill goat frail. the heat index was about 106 degrees when she collaed. parker said was a mother of three children.
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right there, people living in southeastki d.c. w against gun violence last night in the district. this comes after four days of gunfire that killed seven people, including 11-year-old karon brown. police arrested tony mclamb for the killing of that boy and he admitted police he fired the gun into the car in self-defense and didn't know the boy was in the car. d.c. leaders areo urging you t help. the myor is asking for anyone who hasan illegal gun in, even if it means a relative, to go to jail. >> it's better to be arrested for hing gun than for murdering a child. call us. >> d.c. police urge anyone with information abo these recent shootings to give them a >ll. >> a bill to fund the september
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11th victims fund is expect pass today in the senate. republican senator rand paul blocked it last week. paul says lawmakers need to focus on the national debt and any new spending should be offset by cutting something else. yesterday, new york city firefighters blasted his decision. >> if he w so physically responsible he would have nounsed it before then instead of keeping it until moments before senator gillibrand brught the bill up for unanimous consent. >> without authorization the bill will run out of money last year.r wheneve passes, president trump is expected to sign it next week. >> sterling tucker will lie in repose at the wilson building from 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. today. he was the first elected chairman of the d.c. council and late served as hud assistantse
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etary under president jimmy carter. a young woman filed a former plas complaint in december. it found that wilder, who was teachintyat the universi was responsible for nonconsensual sexual contact and walter said that investigation was biased and he is contesting the ndings. growing protests with tensifying pressure against the puerto rico governor after 900 pages of chat were released. he makes jokes with the victims of hurricane maria and antigay slur against singer ricky rtin.
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rossello is stepping down as the head of his party and won't run for reflex next year. president donald trump called puerto errico's gent corrupt but bragged about hosting two miss universe pageants there. in venezuela, residents are waking up without power this morni. people in caracas trying to navigate streets without light. power went out across much of that cou yesterday afternoon. officials have not said what caused this outage but back in march, blackouts left most of the people therewi out power and water for almost a week. aso pern who pretend be to f aoctor and psychologist for years iscing a ltimillion dollar lawsuit. she worked for years at a feedic
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practice. former patient turned to her for ghptsd but quickly cau on to some red flag. >> met with friction in getting proof of her certifications and education and he thought that was odd. >> police say that they learned avery was not a psychologist, does not even have a college degreees 51 famili have contacted police to say that they or their children are victims here and avery's criminal trials set for mid december. happening today, you can help improve i-95 in virginia. if you've driven on it you know it can be a mess. a study foundrs the wo bottleneck on the entire interstate is over the aquacon i er. transportation leader want to hear from you. there will be a community meeting at james monroe high school in fredericksburg today and begins at6:00 this evening. >> if you have the answerthere,
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you're a popular person around here. a virginia woman is lucky to be ave after a lawn mowing accident st her down the side of a hill. i >> i thoughtheard a goat. mistakenly, it was her. >> wow. 80 yer 80-year-old juanita when a deedvery person tri to drop a package off at her house. he found her dog and she was nowhere to be found. he called for her and she respond and he found her more than 50 feet down the hill. >> i yaelelled for juanita and heard her yell and i found her on the sidehi of the . >> she survived for water more than two days in the scorching heat. her familyenopes this couraging more people to check in on elderlyoved ones every day. >> wow. >> i'm glad he knew something
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was not right. alcohol spiked with dangerous chemical compounds is making tourist sick. we will tell you where it's happening. we all felt om taking a mental health excuse from work andow kid can make ta it happen froschool.ou we will tell yow it works. you'll want to be umbrella ready on your tuesday but you'rt also want hear the five-day also want hear the five-day forecast that you'll l
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get ready. exactly one year from today the world will come together for the 2020 summer games in tokyo, japan. international olympic organizers say the city is the best prepared olympic host city everg the summes will be unlike any other. four new sports making their debut. kara karate, skateboarding and surfing and rock climbing. >> we have tokyo swag up here on the desk that we want to show t youo get youy read for one year out. see thisig rht here? we are all excited coming up a year from now. one of our own will b there. katie ledecky is competing in the games but having trouble this week. er medical issue forced to pull out of two race at the world championships in south korea. u.s. official expectto her et back in the water but waiting to
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test results of what to come. she had one of the biggest losses of her career yesterday coming in second in the 400-meter freestyle race. many americans it looks like are using antibiotics without a prescription according to new research from baylor college of medicine. many peoplesed leftover medicine, while others got antibiotics from friend, family, even flea markets or online. experts says this is a dangerou practice and it could increase the risk of side effects and antibiotic resistance. meanwhile, millions of america who takeer aspi to prevent a heart attack and may be at risk n r other health problems. the americaeart association recommends from daily aspirin s.r adul more than 6 people were taking aspirin without a doctor's
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recommendation. a group of high school seniors lobbied oregon lawmakers forchhat ge, allow is those mental health days to be excused absences. the students satheir biggest al is just making sure everyone knows that mental health is just as valid as physical health. one says this is a personal one. >> being marked absent or unexcused can't make up the time because i dohet have t willpower to go to school today because it's just too much and no system set in place to help me. >> oregon has one of the highest rates of teenhe sued in t country and the second leadings cause for 10 to 34-year-olds in that state. sued-y is at a 50ear high. the students hope the problem behind this will create a honest conversation about mental health. health official inos c
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rica say 19be deaths have linked to methanol poisoning from counterfeit products. methanol is used as a pesticide. symptoms are seizure, kidney fail or even death. you canvoid mixed drinks and consider bottled wine or beer w andatch the bartender open it or buy your own alcohol from a free-duty shop. a family at aflorida beach took this video showing sharks smming in the shallow waters just inches from t shore. the family say they have been going to cocoa be h for30 years in northeast floridaand they have never seen a shark this close up. check this out. we are not the onlyea ones dng
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with a heat wave. this is a moos in alaska was to hot it was cooled off if a lawn sprinklerin anchorage. >> whenou're hot u you're hot. >> right. op oute shut down at the top of the belt way. a long situation and a mess. where ishat we know about this. aollision with entrapment is what we are hearing from policei and it now a crash investigation, meaning it could be there for sometime. inner loop after connecticut is the only thingng getti by is one lane.or arailer lost its load. we will get pictures of that with a crew going to the scene.
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it's good it's in the northbound lanes but the southbound folks will come by and look to the left and no doubt get some delays tat as well. another tree is down at this area. a mess out there this morning. chuck? >> sure is. good news is mess is all focused on the rest of the this morning upe and things on the up and after today. widespread chances for rain but thatis. we are back to pure sunshine starting tomorrow afternoon and honestly after we have suffered through thhe heat wave t last ten days to almost two full week. this will last the better part of four to seven day n reale weather is just around the corner. w bute have to get through a rainy tuesd first. quite a bit rain shower across
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virginia. this is all trending in oun al direction. may not rain every minute of the day today but at any inute you could be rained on so keep the umbrella handy. the heaviest of the rainn last r into the early morning hours, heavyins are lifting out of northeastern maryland heading up to philaelphia. we have hit and miss rain chances for today. future weather here walks you through what is mostly in-free. spits and drizzle for now as we get more into the morning commute, i think steadier rain is likely between 7:00 or 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning. a gradual drying out in northwestern parts of the area and take a while but i think the steady rain mong out around lunch time the d.c. metro area.h norn maryland to eastern west virginia winchester virginia top of the shenandoah
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valley you should be done with by of your rain chances 2:00 or 3:00. rain-cooled today and six and nly 70 now. day time hourly temperatures will not budge much courtesy of the cloud and northwesterly breeze. today's high is not a typo. 77 degrees!s that i nice. tomorrow, low humidity and sunshine and nice breeze. highs only 84 degrees tomorrow and zero percent chance for rain thursday, friday, and saturday. >> we are looking forward to that. well done, chuck.t nk you very much. coming up next on "news4 today," three little number make or break so many aspects of your life. >> we are talking about that all-important credit score. how wellwned what impacts that number? we are working 4 you this morning and explaining what does and what does not hurt your credit score. if you'r home this morning,
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don't miss ""
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we are back here at 4:23. the three little numbers, your credit score, key to many aspects of your financial life from getting a good interest rate on a loan to even getting a
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job. >> follows you everywhere. but a lot of people aren't sure about what effects their score. consumer reporting susan hogan is working for you separating fact from fiction. >> reporter: how much do you know about credit scores? >> loans? mortgages? >> how mani credit card have if i ever am late on paying a credit card. >> paying my credit car bill on time? >> reporter: what helps or hurt your credit can be down right confusing. "consumer report" is clearing ings up with hits own credit score. first, unpaid library fine. >> really? >> un library fine. they keep calling you but they' coul error to the credit bureau. >> overdue library book fines will not affect your credit. they are reported byn ipalities or municipal court record but they won't go on your credit report. >> reporter: next? unpaid parking or traffic tickets. >> i have a feeling it does because it does have to do with
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the government. >> i don't think so. >> reporter: parking and tickets like library fines are from municipal record and are not reported by any of the credit enports. >> reporter: oping up a bunch of credit card in a short period of time can affect your cdit report. it suggests you might be in credit trouble. >> reporter: go frequently checking your credit ding your report? >> i feel like that used to be a myth but i believe that is not. >> reporter:. >> youan checkour credit report any time without itaf fecting your credit score. >> reporter: don't forget you don't have to pay to check your crit report. you get one free report a year from each of the three credit bureaus. susan hogan, news4. >>. still ahead here, a local man find hself in a dangerous
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spot and may have his dogs to thank for his question is. the heat wave, bye-bye. it's ov so we are taking you to the ballpark and show you the changes made to nats park this w k. dog walking forecast time. this is care bear only a year old so if you're looking for energy to put in your home this is a fine person -- fine person? i think of dogs, people. dogs are a lot nicer than people! in the 60s with drops here this morning. nice and cool but a little on the showery side so the walks might have be shortened up because of the rain chance. himore talk about the sunsne returning coming up.
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z35whz z16fz y35why y16fy it is just about 4:30 here on your tuesday. we are following breaking news impacting your commute this in morn take a look at this photo. a crash on the inner loop of 495
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st connecticut avenue and one of several serious crashes we are followingthis morning. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm jummy olabanji. aaron gilchrist and eun yang have the day off. >> i'm adam tuss. a busy morning for sure. >> chuck pell is standing by with your forecastntbut we to begin with melissa mollet following the breaking news on the roadways. t we are talking abou major mess for your morning commute. no matter where you're heading, montgomery county four differe take a look. the picture you just saw there that live picture, chevy cse. the left lane only getting by after connecticut avenue. the tractor trail jackknifed so only get by to the left. debris all over the roadway and a live report is coming up. this is the other major problemb probly a bigger issue travel wise. outer loop shut down before


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