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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 23, 2019 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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of several serious crashes we are followingthis morning. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm jummy olabanji. aaron gilchrist and eun yang have the day off. >> i'm adam tuss. a busy morning for sure. >> chuck pell is standing by with your forecastntbut we to begin with melissa mollet following the breaking news on the roadways. t we are talking abou major mess for your morning commute. no matter where you're heading, montgomery county four differe take a look. the picture you just saw there that live picture, chevy cse. the left lane only getting by after connecticut avenue. the tractor trail jackknifed so only get by to the left. debris all over the roadway and a live report is coming up. this is the other major problemb probly a bigger issue travel wise. outer loop shut down before new hampshire avenue.
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crash n.investigatio single vehicle with entrapment. they have shut everything done. the person was transported. after you get past the one in new hampshire a downed tree crowding right lne and causing delays there. 270 northbound before 109 ride blocked there. overturned tractor-trailer and fuel spill off to the right and not so worried because it's northbound but t southbound traffic will be impacted by this as folks look over at the response. it willake a while to get that out of theway as well. good morning, chuck. >> fogood morning, melissa. lots of cloud outside. for better or worse, we have a high chance for rain during the morning commute today and this batch. rain across far southrg west viia is pointed in our direction. it's out ahd of this cold ont which will finally bring an end not only to the rain
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later today but ento the heatan humidity we have been dealing with around here the last two weeks. nothing all th heavy on the ready this morning and last of heavy rain in northern parts of delaware but occasional rain showers likely during the morning commute and well into the early parts of the afternoon. i think a little drying trend t starting mid to late afternoon today. be umbrella ready. rain chances at 80% today. temperatures comfortable. in the six to only around 70 now. here is your tuesday planner. 80% chance of rain. fed next four days, super, usawesom and fantastic and details on that is coming up. no matter where you were across the d.c. region, you saw some type of storm yesterday.t the sms started in the afternoon and continued well into the evening and overnight. plenty of people wre reaching
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for those umbrellas. we saw havy rain and strong wind as well. some of those trees and power lines you see there on your screen were brought down. these are our news4 cameras on salem street in northwest and l spottede marked with police tape. one point a few thousand people across the area were without power. all of that stormy weather in the d.c. region is leaving .ehind plenty of o for one man proved to be dangerous. >> he had to be rescued after getting stuck near the little falls dam in montgomery county. luckily, his dogs ran off and caught the attention of nearby c csts. firefighters say you should is not underestimate the dangers of mud. best thing you can do when you're trapped is call for help. they say the more you move in it, the worse it becomes and it's called quicksand. that is my worst nightmare ever. scary. u.s. marshals have doubled
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their reward amount to $10,000 to track down isaiah mur, which uison of d.c. this is a pict of him from u.s. marshals. he is one of 11 people indicted by a grand jury in connection wilson. kiyah she was shot just trying to buy ice cream in her northeast d.c. neighborhood. this morning, an online petition calling for montg pery countylic schools to sharply reduce its green house emission. activist are calling for the school system to cut greenhousi gas emiss from its buildings and buses. they urge t county to establish three excused absences per year for civic action. we are seeing progress on silver metro trains. >> metro trains are moved into loudoun county. i got a bird's-eye view from
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chopper 4 yesterday. always fun to be up there. you can see the loudon metro station here and there is a train there. part ofase two. many cannot wait for the silver line to open. i think people like the metro. the traffic is horrible. the toll road are so expensive. si>> reporter: a pove? >> definitely a positive. >> i think definitely in the rush hours, it's really bad here. >> the project has been plagued by problems like cracks in the concrete. despite thosish,he silv -- thos, the silver line is expected to openk summer. muriel bowser and police chief are asking people to come nyrward if they have a information about illegal guns. we are told illegal guns were used i each of the seven homicide committed in the district in less than a week. one of those victims included 11-year-old karon brown. a bill to fund the september
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11th compensation fund is expected to pass in the senate today but not in the house. republican senaor rand paul blocked it last week. he say lawmakers need to focus on thebt de and any funding for that bill should be cut somewheresalse. ths of people in puerto rico taking to the streets demanding their governor resign. the trouble started when the in rnor messages he shar private became public. he attacked rival pol micians ande joke about the victims of hurricane maria and even used anti-gay lurs. you can pay your respects today to sterling tucker who will lie in repose today. he was the first elected chairman of the d.c. council anr later sd as hud assistant secretary under president jimmy
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carter. he was 95 years old when he died last week. if the rain doesn't mess anything up, the nats will show off new safety pressure tonight. >> they were going to preview it yesterday but storms cancelled the game. fans will notice the change at today's game. i believe a double-header today against the rockies. the decision to extend the netting was made after a young fan was struck by a ball last knot month during an astros/cubs game. >> that is what this is about. we want to protect our fans, children and adults and everyone whos come to the game and make sure they have a good time >>thout worrying about being hurt. everal other teams, including the white sox and the rangers also plan to extend netting at their ballparks. now nats park kid 12 and labor at free through day. a new effort to make sure every kid is fed during home games. the meals will include a hot dog, choice of chips and applesauce or bottled soda or
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water. sign your kid up as junior nationals kids club members. do that online or before the game at the park. >>. still ahead, new leadership for a struggling franchise. we will have details on the changes now in effect for the washingtonwizard. new information about tt equifax settlement we first told you about yesterday. the company will pony up $700 million. how it will spentnd who gets a a
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ernie grunfeld was fired in april as the gm for washington wizar and now they have hired a new gm. >> i'm so humbled. it is a dream i've had since i was a kid. and to have that happen i'm very grateful and very excited. i can't wait to t going. >> another new face in the monumental sports group is a familiar one. former georgetownac coh john thompson iiiill need the new athlete development and engagement partment.
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thompson will focus on the wizard and mystics on and off the court iluding post playing care career. errning around the weath chuck. hello, chuck. >> hey. don't mess with me. i'm social mediaing right now. >> an important aspect to this too. >> it's like it never happened! >> we are dealing with a big change coming up. video for facebook and twitter.o ll have your umbrella at the ready because more steadier rain where this came from. complete check of today's forecast and return of much appreciated sunshine coming up. right now first 4 traffic alert three crashes and bad accidents on the beltway 37 two on 270. on 270. a mess not all water is created equal.
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breaking news on the roadways. >> justin finch jos us live along 495 at the scene after nasty crash that will impact the entire morning commute. what are you seeing, justin? >> reporter: hey, there. so far so good. seeing traffic move to the far left la. behind me now is the mess.g birig here against the far right hand wall here. debris there in the roadway. this is the 495 inner loop by connecticut avenue and quite a mess to clean up here under way right now. to my left here we are seeing tr two tow ucks here now on scene, perhaps an indication this wreck is being cleaned up as quicy as possible.
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but there is aresponse here under way.ou news partner wtop telling us this truck was carrying mail and that a postal inspector has tov arrin the ground before the bulk of the cleanup can be completed here. you can see right now, a big mess and big rig taking up several lanes of traffic here and to the left of that one lane of traffic moving. ahead of us it is moving a bit slowly so if you'aking up and planning your commute, if you're coming through this area, you'll have to contend with this and have to slow down and might be smart to have a way around this. >> thank you, jstin finch. 435 lawmakersin the house, 100 in the senate but tomorrow all eyes on capitol hill on this man here, former special counser rob mueller. he will testify before two house committees in a little more than
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24 hours from now. the focus will be his work leading into that russia investigation. >> news4 tracie potts is joining us live from capitol hill. this is going to be one of the most watched congressional testimony in american history no doubt. what is each party trying to accomplish here? >> reporter: democrats insist that it was in the mueller i report wh all mueller says he'll talk about is going to make for riveting system to they want to grill him on the details of those ten incidents of obstruction, five specifically, where he says he found evidence but not enough evidence that he could indict the president on. what was that ev ence? what are the details? they thi that bringing out those details could be new for the american public because thek thost people have not read e 448-page report. republicans, on the other hand, think this whole a thing is side show and want to point out how did the investigation get sthrted? loey ink there were biased
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investigators ing into whether president trump was colluding with russia so that is what their questions will likely focus on. as for mueller, he has already made it clear he is not going s past what in that report and the justice department is noway sing that he can't because anything beyond whatis in that report is privileged. >> trae potts on the hi for, this morning, thank you. former supreme court justice john paul stevens will be buried infu a privateral at arlington national cemetery. yesterday he lied in repose at the supreme court. president trump and melania trump paid their respects and st too abo the supreme court justices. including e lean t cagelena kag.
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officers would not interact with ice when it comes to noncriminal matters. n we haveew details about a story we told you yesterda equifax has reached a settlement following a massive data breach. the company will paying the consumers impacted. the amount you might get dehonds much you were impacted by the breach. equifax will pay ten years of free credit monitoring all the way up to $20,000 for those who incurred major co from the breach. we have details on how to get updates on the claims process in
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the nbc washington app. search equifax breach. the news4 i-team is working for you and highlighting specncfic and dangerous cons with air travel. >> a mother's near death experience back from vacation is raising serious questions cycle. scott macfarlane explains. >> reporter: a woman on a flight home from orlando after a trip to disney world said she nearly died aboard the airplane be use of what was circulating in the recled air. icia powell had a severe 3:00ts of nu and called aheadf her ig 2007 flht to warn the airlines but she said that doesn't stop the flight attendant of not servng peanuts around her. she used her epipens and went into shock. the crew made an emergency landing.
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the i-team wanted to know how often these allergic reacttions happen on flights and the ou airlines wn't release internal figures and neitheror theyhe faa are required to keep counts. we found members of congress havinglt difficu to get answers. tonight as part of our full new i-team reporthat airlinesre doing to protect passengers with severe allergies and why health experts say this may impact more peole than you think. at reagan national airport, scott macfarlane, news4 i-team. we have got a first 4 traffic report. he a lot of problems on road. here is one of them where justin finch is live f finch is live for you. only thing by this jack-knifed tractor trail is the left lane. spill across the roadway and a mess for a lot of people as they wait for these postalice to check everything before that can
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begin. outer loop after new hampshire avenue shup down at the of the beltway. a crh investigation this morning. at this point, what we know single vehicle crash, somebody was trapped and they got that person transported into the eyspital and now ave shut the beltway down for that investigation. alsote outer loop a old georgetown road downed tree crowding the rig t lane and problems on 270 northbound before 109. ride is blocked overtned tractor-trailer and fuel spill. southbound lanes at father hurley. la are open there right now but the response causing some delays. chuck, are you as busy as i am this morning? >> why, yes, i am. i'm tracking rained. not severe wther, that is the good news. whave been ablet get ou ourselvesut of weather alert mode. ayhigh impact of the weather on your plans tod in the form of
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raindrops. no severe weather and no flooding expected and no craziness from the weather department. plain old quiet cloudy cool rainy day. it will feel nice to spend time outdoors today. 70 degrees with off and on rain showers and northwesterly wind and cloud keep you 20 to 25 degrees cooler than the last four days. 64 winchester and 66 leesburg and closer to 70 i-95. steamier across st. mary's county. no downpourstoday. typically rain owers through much of the day. the cloud cover will help hold temperatures down in the 70s. we will love that. eventually thisfront will move through here and take probably most of the rest of the day to
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get thrgh so we will keep rain chnce around for much of your tuesday. the last batch of rain across southern and west virginia and southwest rginia is pointed in our direction so we are keeping 80% of rain in the forecast. here is future weather. the rain continues off and on between now and noon time today. there will be a gradual trend for the rain to bcome less and less of an issue as we get deeper into the afternoon and evening. i think the last of the drops are don no later than midnight tonight and we are back to sunshine tomorrow. check out this ten-day forecast. the weekend looks amazing with his back in the upper 80s to near 90. 90s and humidity return next week but we got three to five days of near perfect summer weather >> i think we have earned it.
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no word in new england quarterback tom brady after this instagram post exploded on soal media showing him and his 6-year-old daughter cliff jumping in costa rica. brady jumps first and his daughter is pulled in behind him. some criticize him because the daughter hess states before jumping in and others say she came dangerously close to the cks below. >> as long asre they aoth safe. >> they come up from water and she is not crying or under distress. >> i are have kid that g hoff thegh dive and that didn't look higher than that so i'll leave it at that. a couple of players for washington spirit held a special practice?akdesterday at fedex field. member of the wld cup champs were out there working out. quite the ride for two best friends but they are happy to be back home. >> it's been awesome.
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it's a crazy week and a half or nk weer it's been but i t were both excited to get back playing here. >> the spirit have a couple of road games on the schedule before they are back homen august 10th. >> still so cool to see them and their glory. coming up next on "news4 today," students get permission to take mental health days. how the kids convinced lawmakers to let that happen. from buying a house to getting a new car,cr your edit score could make or break your chances so we are working for you separating credit fact from credit fiction.
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breaking news. it is 5:00. this crash scene. a news4 crew arrived on the inner loop ofhe beltway where a tractor-trailer jackknifed and it was carrying mail. we are working for you with team coverage. melissa mollet is tracking the delays associate wi those crashes. >> we want to begin with our justin finch. he is live on the inner loop after connecticut with the latest. what are you seeing? >> reporter: ight now, we are seeide progress here being
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on what is a pretty big wreck here. crash this big rig taking up a good three lane of trafficon the inner loop. several tow trucks ae on the scene. i want to you to video from earlier showing you a bit of a closer look at this crash ant the mess has brought as well. you are seeing that big rig back there. the trailepart hascollapsed. with it lots of parcel and media out here on the roadway. we are being toldby our news partner ktohis truck was carrying mail when it crashed here earlier this morning and jackknifing along the outer loop exit 33 connecticut avenue. look back here live on the scene. you're seeing traffic is getting by that far right lane, allowing traffic to move over. we can tell you earlier beingn hat traffic, it is moving slowly but, most important, itin is mov so if you have business this morning that would take you along the inner loop


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