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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 23, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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taken advantage of by someone who is supposed to be taking care of them. fi>> the familiar lift rst victim discovered she was pregnant in october of 2017 and notified police. the womanf korean descent gave birth in february of 2018 to a bi-racial baby. but she was not capable of identifying her attacker. he second victim gave birth in november of that year. dna from t babies led to betts-kintw led to rape charges. prosecutors say when confronted by police tts-king claimede assaults were consensual saying that the women, quote, came on to me. >> consistent with how theseat predrs think and how they behave, i think at first it was met with denial and then trying to explain away thatt was consensual which is completely false. it was not even a possibility to have consent this case. >> today's guilty plea to both charges is significant because the victim's interintellectual disabilities left t unable to testify if the case had gone to
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try. leaving court, inbekgs' attorney declined comment. his older brother telling me he's completely shocked by what happened. now beard betts-king faces up to two life terms in prison when he's sentenced in november. as for those babies, they are being cared for by the victim's families. jim, ack to you in thestudio. >> just beyond disturbing. julie, thank you. new tonight at 5:00, a guilty plea in tht crash tha took the life of a biking safety advocate. robert little you'll remember plead guilty to the crash that killed david salvish while he was on his bake on florida avenue earlier this year. he was an avid bicycle safety advocate. little pleaded guilty exchange for a reduced charge of voluntary manslaughter. he's set to be sentenced in september. the national weather service is looking over radar data, and storm reports in frederick and carroll counties trying to figure out if aordo touched down and killed a man during
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yesterday's storms. that storm brought down a tree last night in functionburg killing an 89-year-old man standing in his driveway on bloom road. the man was trapped under the tree. police arrived and tried to perform tcpr, the man was pronounced dead on the rro cntyaw wdespad enme.age from yesterday's stor. there were multiple reports of trees on homes and more than 15,000 people lost their power. now to the forecast andhe big difference we are all feeling tonight. doug kammerer is in the storm center w th the first word on the weather. we're loving this. >> we're loving this for sure. you mentioned carroll county right theat. th county under two different tornado warnings yesterday at two different times. one at 3:30 and another at 930. that's the kind of severity in storms that we had during the ay yesterday and thaseal l er over the next couple of days. still some rape. this is over the last 12 hours or so much. can you see the rain moving out
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of our region and still in the southern zone. rain down to st. mary'snt cou and down around the northern neck. we'll see showers around the fredericksburg area, in towards stafford county and we may see a few in the western zones, too, as a system tries to make its way throughn here and the in behind that. look at that. 77 degrees after a high of 96. look at richmond. 66 right now. that's the cool air. that's the clouds and the rain to the south. we're going to see some really nice temperatures the next couple of days, but the heat is not all that far away. it turns. i'll show you when. see you back here in ten minutes. an>> all right. australian man traveled nearly 10,000 miles to come to our city, but n one has seen him since january. his name is john wayne regan.ow glis family in australia is growing increasin concerned about his well-being. news 4's pat collins spoke with the last known persoo see him and joins us with the details. pat? >> repoer: wendy, hi came to
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our city from australia. now, there's evidence that he stayed here, went to starbucks here and bought things here and took ubers here and then all a sudden disappear, so where is john regan? his family wants to know. john regan is 35 years hold. he has a distinctive tonttoo his left arm. he's from australia. he came to waington to see a ge rgetown university professor he met online. he's been missing now for more than six months. his family back home is worried. i talked to his mom via skype. >by i do think, of course, i think he's in some harm's way. i'm going to put the word cult out there, because ihink it would be some sort of cult to hold him there. >> reporter: his family says he came see sarah singh, a
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professorat university's berkeley school for oeeoligirgonwn. she lives in an apa iment cathedral heights. today the professor told me she last saw jo sometime in january. she said he's a very loving person, very kind, very sweet, very stable. he told me he was going to see some friends, he said. that's all i know.rg geokusick is a private investigator working for the mily to help find john. >> the family is concerned he's ngay. we're not tryito force him home or anything. the family wants to know is he okay? wherever he is, is he there on his ow volition? >> reporter: the family is worried because john left home with only one week's worth of clothes. he missed his susi terry's wedding back in february. he and jessica were very close,
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and there's been no action his credit card for months. a plea n from hismom. >> i really hope and pray that someone out there is listening and that can remember seeing john and can let people know that at least he's alive and well. >> reporter: now d.c. police are working this case. if you've seen this g guy,ive the cops a call at 202-727-9099. that's 202-727-9099. police want to hear from you. jim, back to you. >> all right. let's hope that family finds some answers. nk you. a day before robert mueller's widely anticipated testimony up on capitol hill, we are learning what he won't be able to talk about. the justice department sent a letter to mueller today outlining some strictions. they are telling him to limit testimony to what is in his
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written report on russian election interference. off limits, any testimony from redacted parts of that report,i preged information, decisions made during the investigation and any communication with the president. mueller's testimony will be in front of two committees omorrow. we'll have liveverage starting just after 8:00 a.m. yesterday right here on nbc 4. wendy. s >> the senate ved the way for a new defense secretary today confirming the nomination of mark esper with just eight o senators vng no. the west point grad will be sworn in this evening. esper's confirmation ends the longest peterentagon has goneut with a permanent leader. former secretary jim mattis stepped down in december after policy feu with president trump. tomorw there will be a confirmation hearing for david norquist w become deputy defense secretary. >> in montgomery county, police are trying to rebuild trust
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after several controversial incidents in just over a year. last june a police officer shot an killed a black man armed with a pocket knife. jump to this may when a female officer was recorded using the "n" word during anstre thisaria monthther overs now facing charges because of his conduct during an arrest outside of a mcdonald's. news 4's derrick ward explains how the department is trying to move forward now. >> reporter: montgomery county'p actingolice chief told the county couoil today that tw recent high-profile incidents involving county overs shouldn't reflect on the entire department and that those incidents are being taken very seriously. >> it's really aggravation and e disappoi on our performance. >> reporter: acting chief marcus jones went before the council to update members on how he pans to keep the public's confidence in the 1,300-member fce after officers were videotaped using the "n" word and that officer is
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hind a desk and at the center of an investigation and earlier this month this officer was seen kneeing a drug suspect cuffed and on the ground. the officer has been charged with misconduct and assault for starters. >> there will be no internal review started until the criminal case has been adjudicated. ou>> reporter: county cil members express their support for the acting chief. members also want to make sure that the department can capitalize on some gains that have been made in the area of community policing. the council chair plans to introduce a bill that will define community policing with the county. >> we cannot seem to pin down in a short blush what it is that we're talking b.everyone has a slightly different idea as to what community >> it's not expected that chief jones will be considered for the permanent position. while he expressed some disappointment he did offer some advice to his successat. whoever might be. >> they have to stay on the road of really training and driving the point home about
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professionalism for this police department. and when we talk about professionalism, the decorum, t the speech,he engagement. >> and he says he'll always hold his head high in the community. derrick ward, news 4. >> the officer involved in that kneeing incident is due in court next monthn an assault charge. montgomery county mark el rid elrich is defending his choice. he nominated tonya chapman, a e 30-year laworcement veteran. chapman most recently served as the chief of portsmouth, ia virginrom 2016 to this year. she also served in arlington and in richmond, was the first black woman to lead a municipal police force in virginia. apman was forced to resign earlier this year because of learship issues. the month gomery county council still has to >> clhesith poce innr. copu eri herico as police continue to ca for the resignation of governor
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ricardo rosello. police fired tear gas into the crowd last night as they gathere outside thegovernor's mansion in old san juan. it came after the march filled the streets and brought the communitanto a sttill. the governor is under fire for a series of inflammatory group chats where he appeared tos dirage hurricane maria victims. lawmakers are now considering impeachment proceedings. >> new research found perplexing differences in the brains ofu. diplomats based in cuba recently. those diplomats developed conssion-like symptoms. while working in the havana embassy between the years 2016 and '18. e high-pitched sounds and experiencing headaches, balance problems, imagingth tests show structural differences in their brains when compared to heahy people. researchers say they can't
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explain these brain differences, and cuba has denied any wrongdoing. >> we're just getting started here on "news 4 at 5:00." a professional bow, injured during a fight at mgm nationalh or has now died. ahead at 5, our tracey wilkins talks to the fighter'sra tiner about his loss. and the search for the suspect who set a fire causing a car to explode. plus, fmer first lady michelle obama visits howard university today. we'll hear her message to local
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a look at the radar. storm team 4 shows the rain is out of here. doug is back in about ten today former fst lady michelle obama spent the day at howard university with thestudents. there was a conversation about the hardships of being the first student your -- of your generation in your family to g
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to college. news 4's corey smith reports. >> just moving away from home, you know, being away from m mom for the first time because i'm always with her. >> reporter: as she prepares to go to spellman college, maryland resident nadia wsliams feel all the anxiety and pressure of a soon-to-be freshman but being the first in her family to also to university weighs on her mind. thankfully she and the other in st-generation students this high school audience receive some encouragement from a familiar face. former first lady started the reach higher organization in 2014. as a first generation college graduate herself she knows the expectations and obstaclesac fg these students. >> this is not a mistake, you know. are you here because you are more than capable of doing it. >> reporter: many in this crowd have friends and family who couldn't go tid clem ort finish once they got there. the message from mrs. obama. the transition will be tough buo
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cannot quit. >> the people in my life who were afraid of that feeling of insecurity during transition, those are the people who are stuck. >> reporter: williams is etermined to keep moving forward, and she will do so with the former first lady's advice in her mind and in her heart. >> i will keep her words in mind to remind people that i do belong here? coy smith, news 4. >> this is fifth year that mrs. obama has been a participant of this summit. there's new backlash this evening against the pastor who put a sign on his church t says america, love it or leave it. in the days since ernie lucas post that had sign in a matias, virginia, he's received both support aas backlh on social media. the 85-year-old says around 20 people walked out ahead of
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church on sunday either upset by his message or scared by threatening rumors. by the end of thee sice only ten people remained but lucas is not backing down despite the threats. >> the church might be burned to the ground by soeone, i don't know who, and the word also is out that i might lose my life. they might kill me, too. >> lucas says he's not leaving and he's staying until, quote, the lord gets ready for me to leave. >> well, police are investigating two incidents where officers were targeted with buckets of watern new york city. in one video a cop isit in the head with an empty bucket while trying to make an arrest. in a different incident two officers are crossing the street when one is doused with water from a bucket. the mayor and top brass in the police department criticizing the deos, demanding respect for the nypd. police say charges could be filed for the the water. >> d.c. fire is looking
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man whoig vited a car in flames n.surveillance camera capturing this video. the fire outside the homes on fifth and s streets. he arsonist doused boxes in tsome kind of li flud and set them on fire. call d.c. fire if you have any tips. >>d getting stuck in quicksand-like mud sounds like something out of an old movie but happened to an man out for a walk on a potomac river path in montgomery county. as aimee cho reports. he was trapped for an hour found good samaritans him. >> at first glance it looks like this man may be wearing long socks, but take a closerer look, and that's actually mud. it shows just how deep in he was travuced. lly his two dogs were able to run offl and fag down help from nearby cyclists. >> so i know how dangerous mud can be. >> reporter: captain eddie russell with the montgomery county fire department. >> and he had waders on.
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>>porter: he was one of the poem who helped the m get home safely. russell says he'smi been d in mud before, too. >> you don't realize that when your shoe or feet become stuck, the more you move, the worse you're making it. >> reporter: so what to dofif you yourself in that stickytu siation? we dove in and got a look at the gadgets first responders can use. imagine this bucket of water is filled with mud. >> so we'reay going that her right boot is stuck in the mud.: >> reporte if my foot was stuck in there, firefighters would take these two pipes and blowbubbles underneath. >> it breaks the suction and creates an airpo et between the mud and her boot. >> reporter: firstders say it's rare they have to use this type of tool, butty in like to have it on hand just in case. luckily, the man who got stuck is going to be just fine thanks to her four-legged friend and some good samaritans who all stuck together. >> mean, thisuly is a good
5:20 pm
story start to finish. >> reporter: in a,bethesd aimee cho, news 4. >> reporter: i'm scott macfarlane breaking news at the live desk. there's en a deadly construction accident in fairfax county. police say two males were involved. one is a juvenile which could mean a teenager and one is an adult. the juvenile is dead and the adult isospitalized. the accident happened in the 1800 block of solitaire lane in mcclain. you're looking at it via chopper 4. that's about two miles or so west of the river, west of the george washington one pe is dead and one person hospitalized. fairfax county police are on the scene and news 4 is on the way.
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boy, did we cool off today, and after today we've got nothing but a long stretch of sunny days with no humidity, right? >> no humidity. you know, i've not been able to mow my lawn and a lot of you are weighing in on my facebook page saying the same thing. too hot tomow the lawn and then too riny to motorlawn. the next couple of days it's great to get out there and mow the lawn. trying to mow mine. >> mine is >> can't do yours thursday. >> do you have the schedule? of mine takes a couple days. it's really high now. >> that's the way things are. we eve seen a lot of rain over the last couple of days and witc thisoler weather we're going to see that last right on
5:24 pm
through the end of the week which is good news after all of the days in the 90s. 12 days in a row at 90 degrees or higher and many of those, 95 yhigherou t ther 77. winds out of north also at 7, 7 les per hour that is. hoping to get things on the cooler side. cloud cover, too, keeping us warm. hagerstown and martinsburg 79. some sun up in the area where it's 69. the cool temperature in the awtuxet river, no sun but just rain across the area and many of you talking about we turned the ac off and opened up the windowf the light rain showers falling right now. that's a pretty pleasant evenins fore. we do have thunderstorms back towards the west that will try to move across the west virginia counties so heads up there. western virginia around legheny. still dealing with showers around fredericksburg. the bulk of th allring the afternoon. most of this is ligh but a few
5:25 pm
heavier showers up towards the northern neck. the wider view. this whole system is making its way on through. not just clearing out. it's clearing out the country. i mean, look at this. nothing is happening, and thisc front is really allowing for much cooler air than average across much of the country. look, n orleans, 81. 81 in st. louis and only 77 in chicago. there's really no heat anywhere onis map. it is 90 in savannah, but even here we're seeing much cooler numbers. look at raleigh. 65 degrees. the big deal and big reason we've got this big trough of low pressure notice eastern part of the nation ow, much cooler pattern. what we've seen over the past couple of weeks is this jet stream has been way to the north, and that's allowed all the heat to the build across the area. thisattern will return for next week and for right now enjoy the cooler weather that we've got oat there, and th exactly what we do v.85 degrees on wednesday and 86 on thursday. our average high is now back to 88 degrees. we'll be below average the next
5:26 pm
couple of days. 60s for overnight lows and some of you could end up in the 50s tomorrow morning and saturday we do go back to 9 degrees and after, that not even going to show it to you. another heat wave that we've got coming in next week. not as long. >> we don't need this. >> don't even show it to us. >> i'm not even going to show it. i'm not going to do it. not going to do it, guys. >> hey. do you love this story? a metro police officer is being praised for having a kind hard andc the mauch. just ahead at 5:00, a mother reacts after he stepped in to help her with her autistic son. >> talab about going ve and beyond. plus, tiny homes spark a big debate. the vote tatay on a plan th sparked a lot of controversy in one county. a boxer who was being treated here at prince george's medical center dies after he sustained severe injuries at a fight at mgm national harbor. i'm tracee
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professional boxer maxim dadashev has died after he was severely injured during a fight at mgm national harbor. >> his death is making international news and rocking the sports world. our bureau chief tracey wilkins spo to dadashev's trainer former boxer buddy mcgirt about the loss of one of his best fighters.
5:30 pm
fight. going to stop the >> you could see and feel the intense concern mcgirt has for his prized fighter. >> 139.2 for dadashev! >> after all his preparations, subriel mathias was getting the best of the 28-year-old fighter in the ring at mgm national harbor. mcgirt stopped the fight in the 11th round. >> if i don't, they are goingo do it. >> but it was too late. dadashev was rushed from mgm national harbor to the prince george's medical center where hr had sry for bleeding on his brain and today he died from those injuries. today we spoke to his trainer and former hall of famer buddy mcgirt. >> my heart and soul and prayers goes out to his family. >> reporter: his wife released a statement saying he was a very kind person who fought until the very end. our son will continue to be raised like a great man like hit fher. do you feel everything went the way that it was supposed to in
5:31 pm
terms of how things should have been handl during the fight? >> yes, everything went well, you know what i mean. just that night, the other guy was right on point, and, you know, unfortunately something like this happened. a >> reporter:ording to a spokesperson with prince george's medical center, dadashev's family was able to make itfrom russia here from the hospital. his wife has declined on-camera comment. that he er mcgirt says was fighting here in the u.s. to provide a better life for his family in russia, and nowe's concerned about who will take care of them now. tracey wilkins. news 4. >> we have reached out to the maryland state athletic commission multiple times today mment. they are the ones who oversee boxing for the state. we have e-mailed and we have called. as it stands now they have not responded to our request for envelopes. no word yet on friday's fight will be investigated. >> former d.c. council chairman sterling tucker is lying in
5:32 pm
repose today. mourners have been paying theirt respects ahe wilson building on pennsylvania avenue. tucker severed as a council member before becoming thefirst elected chairman of the d.c. council. he ran for mayor agnst marion berry in 1978 and lost. he later served as hud assis nt secretary under president jimmy carter. tucker also ran the washington chter of the you aurban league many years. he was 95 years old and passed away last week. >> the tiny house trend will ecome a reality in montgomery county. today the montgomery county council unanimously passed the bill that will allow montgomery county homeowners to bu itcond house or auxiliary dwelling un on their property. some home openers feel their home values could drop and that nei borhoods will turn in trailer parks, but council members saya with the averge home costing $400,000 in montgomery county, there needs ptto be more affordable oions.
5:33 pm
the bill goes into effect later icis year. traffic offls in virginia looking for ways to improve your commute on i-959. a recent study found the worst bottleneck, wait for it, on the entire interstate near the aquia river. they are spending a lot of time in traffic delays on that one-mile stretch. there will be a community meeting in t fredericksburgay begins tonight at 6:00. >> our area is getting excited for the cityopen. it is one of the largest al profession tennis tournaments in the entire country. 75,000 fans are expected at rock creek park center starting this center, including there she is 15-year-old tennis sensation coco goff who stole the hearts of people all over the world while playing at wimbledon.
5:34 pm
wasngton castles owner took over the event this careerand said one of his main goals was to upgrade t concessions. >> i'veen at this event my hole life and i said we need great food and great drinks. all of d.c.'s favorites will be on site. great drinks, moet, amsatel light beer garden, a totally transformed event. >> if you don't like the tennis, the food and befrmg, just for that. >> the whole thing is fun. >> look at those there's al going to be brand-new air conditioned spaces where people can see the practice courts. that's always n. the city open runs saturday through august 4th. be down there. a story from iide a metro station has gone viral. a me flow police officer going above and beyond for a boy and his mother. the young mom posted this picture after the officer stepped in to help her autistic
5:35 pm
son when he s having a meltdown. news 4's mark segraves spoke to us about how much it meant to them. >> reporter: this is the picture that's gone viral a metro trans police officer holding hands with a 4-year-old boy, but it's the mother's story about that picture that stole the social media world. this wan's son andrew had a meltdown riding the metro on friday afternoon. >> like the regular toddler tantrum and it very quickly started to escalate and we were getting really upset. he was starting to run back and forth and we were on the floor, on the floor of the train and then it was just screaming and yelling and just everybody, s everybody staring. it was just so, so, so bad. >> the episode got so bad that camila and andrew got off the train, but andrew was sill acting out. >> we were by the tracks, just rolling in the dirt, pulling my hair, and he's kicking me, and
5:36 pm
it breaks me heart because there's jt nothing i can do about it. >> reporter: that's when officer dominiccates showe dominic cate showed up and offered a helping hand. andrew took his hand and walked. >> reporter: cee offinot only helped to calm andrew down but he rode with him all the way home. he told "the waington post" he has a 4-year-old son of his open and when the young boy reached for his and he thought it was the right thing to do. for andrew, it's a ride he'll always remember. for andrew's mom, officer cates is someone she won. forget >> i tried to say thank you in so many different ways, and it's just not enough. it's so heartwarming is the only word i can come up with. >> reporter: andrew not only made a new friend, heot a souvenir, officer cates gave andrew his police catch from his uniform. mark segraves, news 4. >> hey, how cute is, that and on thursday at their meeting the metro board of directors planned to honor the officer as they
5:37 pm
shceuld. very ni >> i love that story. still to come at 5:00, amazon gets into real estate. when we come right back, the partnership that could mean a $5,000 credit for home buyers. plus, two soccer heavyweights and the international showdown right here at fedex field. we are live when news 4 continues. and after high temperatures today only inhe 70s, check out the temperature trend. i think you're going to liketerm our average high is now 88. we arenning below normal wednesday, thursday, friday. we do start to warm over the weekend, but who about those humidity levels? i'm going to have tt outlook hac
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here we go, folks. big night tonight. fedex field is the place to be this evening. two of the soccer teams in the world facing of right in our own backyard. the best there is. real madrid andrsenal getting ready to do some battle tonight, and news 4's moises lenares joins us right now. not a bad assignment. >> reporter: i can't complain. send me these types of assignments every day of the week. i'll be a happyis journal right? you need to see this because this is one of the biggest games in the dmv all year. take a look atp cheer 4. we'reoking at live images flying over fedex field right now. the redskins football field with
5:41 pm
a different football team playing on it tonight. real madrid and arsenal hook as part of the international champions cup. as you said, jim, two of the top two teams in tth world wi some of the most loyal fan bases in the planet. there you go. for some, thesi intenty could be a little bit overwhelm, but you can see next to me i have az some cr fans who have been here all day. >> all day long. where are you from? >> ashburn, is virginia. been anse l fan for 18 years. >> reporter: how many times have you seen arsenallive? >> this is a wonderful opportunity. this is my first time i'm able to see them live! >> reporter: they are having fun. give me the arsenal chant. what is the arsenal chant like. they are rdy. real madrid. th 'sheigy, taton wendy, you shoule
5:42 pm
tonight. >> it's -- they are going to work on that chant. >> i can come help tem on that. help me write somhing for them. there you go, moises. teach them. show them how to chant. great. well, one year from tonht while we're getting all happy about this, getting ready to ring in the2020 olympics from tokyo. the city is getting ready to host more han 11,000 athletes from 206 countries. there will be four new sports this year, karate, rock climbing, surfing and skateboaaing. team us is planning to send its biggest athlete delegation ever. you can check out the venues that are coming, how they are come along on the nbc washington app. handley will have a front row seat ther eck it all out on our nbc washington app. just search olympic. >> and we are crowning our own
5:43 pm
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get started now for as low as $34.99 a month. click, call or visit a store today. my gosh. your credit score is key to so many aspects of your financial life, from getting a good interest rate on a loan to getting a job. >> it makes a big difference, ut a lot of folks aren't sure about what affects their score. consumer reporter susanhogan is working for you separating fact from fiction. >> reporter: how much do you know about credit scores? >> l ns, mortgage >> how many credit cards i have, if i'm ever late on paying a
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credit card. cr>> paying my it card bill on time. >> reporter: what helps or hurts your credit can be downright confusing. ngonsumer reports" is clea things up with its own credit score quiz. first up, unpaid library fines. >> maybe makes it works, i guess. >> no, unpaid library fines. they keep calling you, but they don't report to the credit bureaus. >> overdue library book fines will not affect your credit. they are reported by es municipaliti or municipal court records but won't go on your credit record. next, up paid parking or traffic tickets. >> i have a feeling it does because it does have to do with the government. >> i don't think so. >> parking and traffic tickets like library fines are for municipal records, and they aren't collected by any of the credit reporting agencie >> reporter: opening up a bunch of credit cards at the same time. >> opening lot of credit cards at once, i think that makes it
5:47 pm
better. >> reporter: opening up a bunch of credit cards in a short period of time can affect your credit report t.suggests you might be in credit trouble. does constantly checking your credit die credit ding your report? >> i thought it was a risk. >> reporter: you can check your credit report any tme without it affecting your credit score,t and you don'have to pay to check your credit report. you get one free report a year from each the three credit bureaus. now "consumer reports" says it's very important to aually check your credit report before shopping for a majori loan l a mortgage or an auto loan. that way you can correct any errors before applying for the n'oan because you d want to risk the chance of getting denied. back to you. >> thanks. good to know about those librarh cards,uh. while you're out there shopping for a new book, groceries or streamin music and video on amazon, you can now also shop for a new house. >> what? ered, that's par right, with residential real estate brokerage company to
5:48 pm
create a new service called turn key. the service will allow customeri to b their home search and link to real estate brokers. if you use the service to buy a property, you will also receive a credit to spend on a selection of amazon home services. >> coke and peps recutting ties with the plastics industry to prove they are serious about plastic pollution. this comes after greenpeace starcampaign that named the beverage giant as the top two offenders of plastic pollution on the planet. greenpeace estimates a truckload of plastic bottles enter the earth's waters every minute. bit findsottles from coke and pepsi areng causihe most . pollution both companies tell greenpeace they will end their memberships with a plastic lobbying group and will look at other ways to distribute their beverages without using plastic or other single-use containers. >> wow. >> that's big. >> that is humongous.
5:49 pm
>> that is big. >> that is great, because it's not only the -- >> by the way,i they are think about taking a lot of the water things and putting them into cans, and they are also starting putting in -- putting in water moneyins, recycling water fans for your -- you know, it our bottles that we carry around, the ones that our containers around the country, too. >> that's huge. >> that's a huge step by those companies. >> you know, talking about what we've got out there today. what a difference a day mes. 96 degrees. heat index of 100. 12 days in a row above 90. that's been broken for sure. right now no showers around d.c., but we definitely have the clouds. 77 degrees and temperatures dropping through the 70s and into the upper 60s by 11:00, going to be a really nice start tomorrow morning. look at the numbers, right now
5:50 pm
74. our folks out towards dulles and ashburn. looking at 71 degrees and 78 over towards annapis and a really nice shot there. the rain down to the south. we've been watching that. back some shower activit towards morgan county and allegheny county in towards west virginia, but this is the area we've been watching all day. down in our southern zone. st. mary's county and calvert county, starting to move out of here. a few showers left in fredericksburg. all of that is moving out, and behind it we've got some really nice weather. not just really nice weather. it's going to be a pretty nice night out there for a lot of activities, including ing down to fedex. i think when was it last week we had the rolling stones and this, two of the biggest soccer teams in the world playing right there! >> i mean, doug, is thi not awesome. this is coming out of chopper right now. real madrid and arsenal. kickoff is at 7:00 p.m. you can see the cars are starting to filter into the parking lot there.
5:51 pm
i mean, what an exciting game and the weather is going to deliver. going to be so nice out there tonight. dare i sayg, refreshinomething we haven't been able to say here in a long time, two weeks. we do have plenty of cloud around. temperatures for the game though s.ll be in the low to mid-70 thanks so much to chopper out there for this shot. as the rain moves out this evening, this weather is going to be gally great toet the car washed. we're not tracking any rain for the rest of the workweek and right on through the weekend. all c gar forting that done. i mean, tomorrow morning, it's an amazing start. 67 degrees at 7:00 a.m. can you bike to lkwork, wao work, outdoor exercise is going to be amazing out there. the humidity levels are low. we have mostly to partly sunny skies throughout the day and maybe an isolated afternoon shower, but for most of us our wednesday is dry. runninge is perfect for errands or just eating outdoors. 82 degrees. the biggest concern is gng to if you have the sunglal es. beautifutomorrow night. temperatures in the low 80s.'s here look at the humidity
5:52 pm
levels. wednesday, thursday, friday we've got smiley faces, doug, over the weekend, and it stfets to a little bit humid, but we're not tracking dangerous heat. not even tracking sweltering heat and humidityut there. >> no. it's going to be great. we love those. >> there. >> wednesday, thursday and friday just beautiful. nice, nice, nice. okay. we got that out of way, and then we get to hot, hot, hot. yeah, that's next week with another heat wa making its way in for the weekend. warm and a little bit on the humid side this weekend. all in all not bad and dry. a little too dry all the way through next week. >> great. you know next month we have ur clear the shelters event to help animals in o area find homes. >> we are counting down, and to get us all in the spirit our pat collins issued a challenge to folks here in the dmv. show off your pet's best trick. >> and we saw dozens of dogs, cats and other critters and tracking down the winner took pat an hour and a half outside
5:53 pm
of d.c. to boyce, virginia. ♪ >> pat's. >> prized. >> pets. >> congratulations, kathi and maggie, winner of t's prized pet bowl. it's all yours now. >> thank you so much. thank you. you ghe ball. a-cso. >> it wa maggie's a-choo tissue trick that put her in the winner's circle. >> maggie is an 8-year-old golden lab mix. she lives with kathi hall in boyce, virginia. now to make sure tat everything was okey-dokey. >> a-choo. >> maggie did the tissue trick again for our camera. kathi can do ll sorts ofings with maggie. in fact, they are so good that maggie has become an akc certified trick dog.
5:54 pm
these two, why these two are real close. >> how much does she need you? >> i don't know when i'd dow hout her, i really don't. she's gotten me through a lot of difficult times, and when we train together, it just brings us so much closer. she's like a best friend. are you my best friend? you are, aren't you? yes. >> now we got dozens of entries. dogs and catsan d even some birds. our award-winning panel ofge juds used an olympic scoring method to find the winner.wa the it close, but that tissue wtrickon them over. >> fetching a kleenex. that's practical skill righter th >> the dog was able to get one kleenex, not the entire box which some humans can't even do. >>e delivers the trish uwithout making it all slimey? to me that's a differentiator
5:55 pm
right there. >> i bet next year when we do this that dog is going to vacuum. >> congratulations once again to kathi hall and her dog maggie, winner of the best pet tricks and pat's prized pet bowl. in boyce, virginia, pat clinds, news 4. >> oh, that's a picture for the mantel, isn't it? maggie, a sweet, sweet dog. hey, we want to take all of you that took the time to send in the videos of your pets. thewere just fabulous. we really had a tough time and we just thoroughly enjoyed it. >> they were all good. >> so fun,u. thank yo >> maggie has multiple tricks in her repertoire. read all about our clear the shelters initiative in our nbch waston app. thisseria's big event is set to kickff o
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
d. councilwoman mary chay is trying to ban the sale of elephant ivory. elephant ivory in the district. news 4's meagan fitzgerald has more on an undercover investigation thatound local businesses selling ivory. >> reporter: d.c. has been branded as the hub for the sale of ivory which in turn she says is encouragin the slaughter of these animals, and that'sme ing that she's trying to stock market the councilwoman, along with leader at the humane society, showed an undercover video exposing what they are
5:59 pm
calling illegal activity happening in d.c. hitting cameras to local vendors and antique shops and selling tusks inside their stores. many pieces of ivory are carved into statues and test tu humane society of the united states says these salesteorial sales at local sores are happening without any documentation to show that it's legal ivory that they are selling. >> this is to ban the domestic sale of ivory and rhino horns. it's got to stop. these animals are being slaughtered for their parts. the federal government has saids that this unacceptable, yet there isn't the strength within the district to actually stop the interstate sale of these pr ucts, and our investigators found ivory all over the district. the councilwoman says that she will reintroduce fis billr the fourth time when the council returns from recess in september. reporting in northwest, megan tzgerald, news 4.
6:00 pm
>> washington waits to hear from robert mueller. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i'm jim handley. now at 6:00, how democrats and republicans are gearing up to go head to head with the frmer special counsel and fbi director. will any of them get him to go off script? >> only on news 4 our family search for a man who hasn't been seen since january. was visiting d.c. from australia. the story behind his mysterious disappearance. >> and celebration finally. the first responders who went to ground zero in the days and weeks after 9/11ill not have to keep asking congress for money. breaking news out of fairfax county where police are investigating a deadly chopper accident. >> we know a boy under the age of 18 died right here. >> let's get to news 1's aimee


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