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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 24, 2019 3:30am-3:59am EDT

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thd card survivorun eal and high-profilea. any testimony from this office won go beyond our report. and the report is my testimony i would not provide information beyond that which is already public in any appearance before congress >>bracinfor impact with just hours to go before the special counsel testifies, what do members of ngress hope to
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get out of robert mueller? developing overnight, rurmds that puerto rico's governor could be resigning under pressure as early as noon today. >> we'll take you inside jeffrey epstein's private island where at least one accuser says she xu witnessed abuse controvers ijust at started.enfe hearings in the minutthe committee over a
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weeks certainly granted at the, eylong-tim, dep today fohitestimony. t expeo bewh lawmaken bothum un. te lasminute attempt tryo chang de here.expected to five hourst interference and specbsuction oe by the president of ttrump.en did not e
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justice department had ruled that you cannot indict aitting president. and the justice department has told him to only stick with what's in this report. that testimony getting under way in a matter of hours, phillip. >> the fireworks -- democrats hoping for some fireworks today. tracie potts i tn d.c.s morning. tracie, thank you. a remind dwrer for everyone. our special coverage of mueller's testimony will begin this morning at 8:15 a.m. eastern right here on nbc. a victory for 9/11 victims over a decade in the making. cheers erupting on theenate floor after the compensation fund passed. [ applause ] the 18-year-long battle a bittersweet win. as we remember the hundreds of heroes who died fighting nbc's dan scheneman has the latest >> the bill isas pd. >> reporter: by a vote of 97-2
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the senate approving a bill to provide lifelong medical support for those who tlped after 9/11 terror attacks. >> there's no joy. there's no comfort yes, cried with jon. but that was to exhale that was to get 18 years of pain and suffering out. >> reporter: jon stewart the comedian, also a passionate advocate for the first responders >> we can never repay all that the 9/11 community has done for our country. but we can stop penalizing them. and today is that day. >> reporter: the battle to fund the bill was difficult andna emotl. >> any new program that's going to have thlongevity of 70, 8y cuttin no votes,ocd the extensie fund last week >> pardon me if i'm not impressed in any way by rand paul's fiscal responsibility virtue signaling >> reporter: retired new york police detectives luivarez appealed to congress while he
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battled cancer an illness he believes could be traced back to ground zero >> you made me come down here the day y beforeth round of chemo. >> reporter: alvarez died just weeks after his testimony. >> i want to thank you for not forgetting him, not forgetting all the other first responders who tirelessly worked to see this pass. >> reporter: some much-needed help for 9/11's heroes dan scheneman, nbc news. a major leadership shake-up is under way in the uk today boris johnson will soon take over as britain's prime minister as theresa mays offerr formal resignation to the queen nbc's chapman ll joining us from downing street. mr. johnson is entering office today with some major obstacles in front of him to put it lightly. >> reporter: charthat's right, phillip. that which brought him in as the incoming prime minister, that's one of his biggest hurdles be
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he has said repeatedly that the uk will leave the st on october 31 with or without a deal. but evenig farage the leader of the pro-brexit movement has admitted this is going to be very difficult foror johnson. why? well, he is leading a conservative party in parliament ownmajority.t does not it's even a bitterly divided party in brexit, whether they leave with or without a deal the opposition of course is adamant that they will not leave without a deal more or less. so that's ing to prove to be a very difficult stance for the new prime minister in his firs 100 days or so the eu has said repeatedly that they will not negotiate a new he deal, that t deal negotiated by theresa may is the deal they're going to get, so then it's going to be hard for boris johnson to t try to gothe eu to try to renegotiate. he has found an ally in donald trump, though, who was very critical of theresa may and her handling of brexit but it's going to be an
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interesting incoming job for the new prime minister phillip? >> to say the least. chapman belloining us from london this morning.ou chapman, thank breaking news. after nearly two weeks of violent protests reports are the governor of puerto rico has a possible career changing announcement coming today. ricardo rossello is set to make a formal announcement at noon. if he were to leave office, it isat likely th wanda vazquez would be his successor as rumors of a possible resignation spread, cheers erupted in san juan among otesters ♪ the governor's text message scandal sparked some of the biggest protests the island's ever seen. lawyers for jeffrey epstein say they will appeal a judge's decision to deny him bail while 'waits trial on setrafficking charges. and we're learning more about epstein's lavish and odd lifestyle at his sxluded compound in the u.s. virgin islands. with a firsthand look.ak there >> reporter: phillip, we're down
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in st. thomas, which is the closest big island to jeffrey epstein's private island we're about a half an hour boat ride from that's island. about as private as it gets at jeffrey epstein's private caribbean getaway in the u.s. virgin islands grounds workers still go about their job, reluctant to talk. >> excuse can i just talk to you for a second >> reporter: epstein pleaded not guilty to federal judges he's accused of recruiting a network of young girls he sexually abused at his mansions in florida and new york. no mention of this island. but authorities say he declared it his primary residence, with a massive main house, eccentric statues, and manicured liengz df palm trees stein bought little st. james in 1998 and he built a sprawling compound here. for years he looked across the water at this other island, great st. james. he bought that one in 2016 now his attorneys say the two together are worth just over $86
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million. epstein engineered near total privacy. 24-hour security and guard dogs. >> i was absolutely toth that gs that occurred on the isnd were matters of privacy and were not to be discussed and that at no time eri was ev to interact with any of t guests. >> reporter: steve skully worked on epstein's phone lines for six years. >> theree girls that looked young to be there. >> were they under 18 do y that, truly. way of knowing but they appeared to be young to me >> reporter: he says he saw pictures os f toplrls all over the compound. did that strike you as odd >> really odd. >> reporter: but it was a conversation with another one of epstein's employees from palm beach that mule sc quit his job. >> he said what's with the young girls? and i said oh, yeah. i'not real comfortable with the young girl thing too is that in west palm beach as well he said, worse >> reporter: he pleaded guilty to soliciting prostitution in florida in 2008 as part of a controversial plea deal. in a civil case against the
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government about that deal one cueser sa e accuser says she took part in an orgyn epstein's private island in 2002 with eight other young girls who appeared to be under the age of 18. epstein registered as a sex offender in the virgin islands but unlike in the u.s. where he had level 3 sex offender status, considered the most dangerous, here he was classified as tier 1. it meant he had to check in with local authorities once a year. looking back, scully, a father of three daughters, tells us he regrets not speaking out sooner. when you think about the m,accusations against hat does that make you think of in terms of your kids >> i'm awful glad that they weren't visitors on the island >> reporter: if someone calls for help on that island, it takepolice a halan hour to get there. we're also told by residents that jeffrey epstein was down here quite a bit, that he came sometimes as often as twice a month. he flies in on his private jet, jumps on h private helicopter, and pops on over to the island
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>> nbc's stephanie gosk in st. thomas stephanie, thank you climate changere activists a hoping to make their message stick at the u.spi. catol. extinctionay rebellion ss this group superglued theelves to this entrance hoping to intercept members of congress and tell them to declare a climate emergency. the group says eight activists were charged with resisting arrest and were held overnight in jail. this demonstration comes as scientists say this ju o'on strak to become the earth'tts hoest month on record ever and extreme weather has just slammed into the east coast. a tornado was confirmed on cape cod. it ripped the roof right off that hotel >> nbc's meteorologist janessa webb is here to tell us more >> this is just a cold front that will not go away g re we are see make its way offshore across the northeast in areas of the mid-atlantic,ut still a few showers from philadelphia to new york this morning. the cloud coverage going to stay
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in place across the northeast until about that noon, 1:00 hour but the front is flowing to the southeast here, causing these scattered storms across northern flida. and that will continue into tomorrow that's a look at the big weather story of the day here's a closer look at your day ahead. so slightly cooler here for the upper midwest. we're going to follow these nt storms, pol for severe weather, for tomorrow morning as well but we continue to see rain flowing florida highs in thepe up80s. we've been talking about this cold front for days. it just will not go away >> janessa, thank you. the 2019 vma nominations are in, and leading the pack is ariana grande and taylor swift, who both have ten nominations each singer billie i'llish earned nine nominations while lil' nas x is behind with eight the vmas also introduced to new categories this year
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one is best k-pop. and the other is video for good. the 2019 vmas will air on mtv august 26th. >> who else is going to win that eyaddes bts? th me it just for that just ahead a murder investigation takes a major twist. victims -- ♪ ♪ ♪ walgreens save your skin today now, all walgreens brand sun care products buare one get one 50% off. puberty means personal space. so sports clothes sit around growing odors. that's why we graduated to tide pods sport. finally something more powerful than the funk. tide sport removes even week-old sweat odor. . it's got to be tide if your mouth is made to amaze, let philips sonicare give its care a raise.
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listerine® cpletes the job by preventing plaque, early gum disease, and killing up to 99.9% of germs. ® try listerin the murder mystery manhunt in canada has taken a deeper twist after police say a pair of missing teenagers who were once thought feared to be murder victims are now suspected of killing an american woman and her australian boyfriend authorities say the suspects are dangerous and may also be linked to a third murder. here's nbc's morgan chesky >> reporter: it's the newly released video capturing aou couple's final alive american chynna dee and her australian boyfriend lucas fowler in an embrace at a gas th station. ities have launched an urgent manhunt for the suspects allegedly responsible for their murder a pair of teenagers who in a wild twist were thought to be possible victims too >> and raie bryer are no
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considered missing the rcmp are now considering kam leod and bryer schmegelsky as suspects >> deese and fowler were o romantic road trip when their bodies were found outside their broken down van shot to death police say the break came 300 miles from where the couple wa found intish columbia. officers found a truck set on fire but no sign of its occupants. the childhood friends who are now atspects investigs say they're likely armed, maybe disguised, and on the run. >> we're asking for the public if you spot bryer or kam consider them dangerous. do notro apph. >> reporter: police believe those two teens are also tied to another death in that same remote area. a man's body found very near where that burned-out car was locate >> that was morgan chesky reporting. still ahead, combine boxing -- or boxed winco ining boxed wine with cheez-its in one package
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cheez-its. i love cheez-its they're teaming up with is this real. they're teaming up with a vineyard to make a box that is half cheez-its and half wine [ cheers and applaus for real people in the store are like, gross, i'ltake a dozen boxes it's almost like lunchables for adults >> jimmy's joking about it but
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the product is no joke you will actually be able to buy the wine and cheez-it box starting july 25 so for just 25 bucks you'll get that family size box of crackers and the equivalent of four bottles of wine. all you have to do is visit the original house wine website to order yourof course it's while supplies last hey, man, that's going to be a hit for a picnic >> for sure. 25 bucks that's a deal. >> bring sgre es and you're all fancy. >> that's right. questionable outfits here's a classic case for you. a maryland mom was shocked to seher 3-year-old daughter wearing that a sweater and white underwear. that's it. little brooklyn picks out her own clothes and she convinced dad that those were shorts they're shorts, dad, not underwear. mom scolded the dad, textehim. he ended the conversation, know, with hey, at least she was wearing imething. >> dot same thing to my
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husband because his argument was he put a top on her. he thought it was a dress. it wasn't a dress. it was a top the undies are right there we get confused >> forever 121 being accused of ngdy shami after some consumers who order plus size clothing also received a free atkins diet bar with the order. one customer tweeted "yeah, shame on me for m dering fro forever 21 but why do they have to push diet food on me? in a statement to "usa today" the retailer apologized saying this was an oversight on aur parting that the samples have since been removed. it's hugely important to notit wasn't just plus sized customers here it was all customers randomly got their diet bars. >> very important. too easily offended. i'm offended that they're so offended >> just marketing. third-party sponsor. >> outrageous. gotten out of control. still ahead, going for the gold
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y35wdy y16fy good morning to you. >> coming up next on "news 4 today," talk of trade and tariffs can sound pretty boring, but we're looking how those s thinguld impact your back to school budget. but first chuck bell has a beautiful morning for us. >> yes, indeed. we have been paying itorward in the weather department the last week or ten days, so finally comfortable weather is here. and 's here to
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>> announcer: "news 4 today" starts now. and good morning to you. >> thanks for joining us. today is the day former special
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counsel robert mueller testifies on capitol hill. there's much more new to get you caught up on. melissa mollet getting you off with first 4 traffic but we want to start with storm team 4 meteorolog st chuck belltoday. >> there's the teeniest chance of a popup shower or two. ardly morell not see than a few fair weather clouds in the sky today. and comfortable this atorning. nal airport down to 70 now, but dulles down to 66. 61 in winchester and front royal. 76 by the bay. annapolis, comfortable way to get your july morning started. more than enough sunshine today. but temperatures staying 3 to 4 degrees -- wait for it, melissa, cooler than average in july with sunshin that's a >> ths absolute aa win. that looks amazing to me.


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