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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 24, 2019 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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with melissa mollet who is tting you out the door with first 4 traffic and an update. >> good morning, guys.n thbound bw parkway near 197 chopper 4 was over this before firefighters were at the scene. so we still have everything shut down northbound bw parkway near 197. you can see that vehicle fire io out. we understand the person that was in the vehicle got out safely as well tnk goodness. as chopper zooms out, you can see some of the backups building here this morning so northbound is closed. southbound we have that left lane blocked aswell. going to be a slow ride through there as they try to get this towed out of way and everything cleared. inner loop near st. barnabas lanes blocked by the crash there. new problemin potomac river falls road. not quite sure what's going on. we'll check in and be back with you in a couple minus. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, melissa. four things that you need to know about the weather for your wednesday. it's a very comfortable morning. temperatures have fallen below average, will stay below averags
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for the r of the day. and really lorain chances, not just fo today but all the way through the rest of the workweek and on into the weekend. so more nice weather to come. we have certnly earned it. check out these numbers this w statten andharrisonburg all in the 50s on a wednesday morning. that's really good, really good for opening window weather for sure. temperatures in the upper 60s around town. so your forecast then for today hour by hour forecast, afternoon highs only in the low to mid 80s. we'll talk future weather and any rn chances on the end of the five day forecast in a few. >> chuck, thank you. news. the work speaks for itself. any testimony from this of ce would not go beyond our report. the report is my testimony. >> happening today, former special counsel robert mueller will do the thing he said he did not want to do and that is
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testify before congress about the russia investigation. >> that's right. mueller will be a reluctant witness today, but his testimony will frame some discussions here about collusion for the foreseeable future. nbc kasie hunt takes us inside the room where it's all going tp han today. >> reporter: when robert mueller sits down here, it will be the 89th time he'sestified before congress over a long career in public le. tmocrats know this might be their last chanceconvince the american public on impeachment. so they tell us they plan to keep their questions sharp and targeted. >> now here is what you will and you won't hear today. justice department sent mueller a letter laying out what he can and cannot talk about. that letter says he can only speak about what is in that report. >> and he's been instructed notu to talk abredaction, privileged information, decisions made during the investigation and any mmunication with the president. pmocrats here say it's aloy to cover up collusion. republicans, though insisting there's nothing to hide.
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>> today is part of the on going coverup by the administration tn keep rmation away from the american people. >> there's nothing there. we're going to see that tomorrow. >> our justin finch is live from one of the many bars opening early for theer muell testimony. this is peak d.c. as jummy was mentioning here, justin. >> reporter:, absolutely peak dc. in just a few hours union pub will join the fold here. we have history-making moemgts like this here in d.c. you can count on our tars to openir doors and make the most of that moment. that's what union pub and many others will do today, alwing patrons to come inside early and watch history play out with either a coffee or a cktail. we have a list of some that will be opening in just a few hours here. they include union pub her of
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course, shaw tavern, duffy's irish pub, the midlands w asl as hawk n. dove. bear in mind, they open between 8 and a 9:00 a.m. today each has their own drink or menu specials specific to each bar. pretty long list there. another look on our nbc washington app. bear in mind, you might find more bars, more specials, too. if you do, let usnow so we can connect to it as well. justin finch, news 4. >> i'm looking forward to the food specious. thank yjustin. you can watch live coverage starting right here at 8:00 a.m., just about two hours from now here on c we'll also stream the coverage on the nbc washington app and on our website family, friend neighbors holding a vigil last night, calling for an end to gun
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violence in the district. they. >> caer: together toeb 11-year-old karon brown who was thot and killed not far from his home in southeas.c. last week. brown was one of eight people who were shot and killed in the district since thursday. and as communoies areng together here to support the brown family, there were two shootings thated happenust yesterday in d.c. >> one of those shootings happened outside a home along j ny helen boroughs and street in northeast d.c. and witnesses tell us they heard five to six shots and they watched two men run off from that scene. those gunmen left a man shot in the middle of the street. neighbor linda witherspoon says she's disgusted of these . shootin >> i'm not safe. i don't feel safe. i want this to stop. i want something to be done. and it's the community that has to do it. >> the victim in that shooting was conscious and breathing when hewas taken to the hospital. >> meantime, another man was shot last night, that one in the
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shaw neighborhood in district. it happened in eighth and o streets in northwest. no word on that victim's condition. >> time rightow is 6:06. new this morning a u.s. army reserve soldier is dead after a large tree topped after a training exercise in southern virginia. saying the severe storms caused that tree to fall in fort pickett. two others were hurt. we're trying to learn their ide wtities. re learning more about that 89-year-old man who was killed during severe storms in carol county. harry swan was trapped under a tree in finksburg on monday night. he was standing on hisdriveway on bloom road when the tree fell on top of him. the national weather service is trying to figure out if a tornado touched down there. this morning d.c. police arg tryio find this person you see on your screen shooting fireworks at a police isfficer. ideo was recorded on the fourth of july on fourth street southeast. police say that guy walked up and fired fireworks right at the
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officer. the suspect will face charges, felony charges of assault on a e police offi the officer by the way suffered non-life threatening injuries. montgomery county police trying to rebuild trust with the community this m ning after several controversial incidents in just oer ayear. the acting police chief spoke to he county council yesterday he told them a few incidents shouldn't reflect on the entire department. back in may, an officer was video taped using the n-word and this month another officer was seen kneeing a suspect who was handcuffed on the ground. there's the video right ther that officer has been charged ilth assault. >> there wbe no internal review started until the criminal case has been adjudicated. >> jones says the department is in the process of revising its se of force policy. >> expression of approval is not
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permitted in the gallery. >> congress has passed an extension of the 9/11 victim's compensation fund. all thatus appla from the above the senate floor coming after the bill passed 97-2. this ensures the financial safety net for those sickened by toxic exposure at ground zero. only after several of those ickened first responders had to testify before congress on the need to keep that fund going did it actually pass. an the bill exte the victim's fund through 2092. more than 40,000 people have more y filed claims and than $5 billion worth of benefits have been awarded. much needed relief for first responders who are still dealing with health problems. > this bill means a lo financially to a lot of people. to be honest with you, i would give all the money up to be healthy. i thinkmeverybody feels the sa way i do. >> the president is expected to sign this bill friday afternoon
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in a ceremony with some of the first responders who g helped that bill passed. 6:08, a local officer came to a mother's recuse and is p beingised by thousands of people. >> yeah. this also kind of sparked the -- caught fire on social media we here, viral. taylor took to facebook to thank the metro transit police officer for helping her son andrew. t she took pictures moments after the officer offered a helping hand to her son who has tism. >> right by the tracks he was just rolling in the dirt, pulling my hair and kicking me. it breaks my heart becauseth re's nothing i can do about it. >> officer dominic case not only helped her calm andrew done but he rode with them all the way home. as for andrew, check it out, he not only made a new friend and got something to remember the officer by, a patch from his uniform. good for that officer for stepping in there and helping out. >> great to see that. almost 6:10 here. o next "news 4 today," former first lady michelle obama has a simple but strong age for a group of local studatts.
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>> th right. plus, a week at the beach with your family sounds pretty great, but would it actually make you sick. we'll tell you what new numbers are at some of the most popular beaches in our area. watch as a police officer pulls a man rht from a burning car. and good morning, everybody. it's wednesday. so the weekend is on the hori n horizon. headed down to the beaches this weekend, great weather for all of your plans. high temperatures only in the low to mid 80s and hardly a cloud in the sky for friday, saturday and sunday. t l along the eastern shore. t l along the eastern shore. five-y forecasfor rigdaht i switched from dodge.
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"news 4 today." >> good. ay you have to get from this car. sit up. sit up. >> pretty dramatic stuff right here. rescue caught on camera in california after a single car crash. the car was on fire when officer crawled in through the back to get to that driver. both thankfully me it out of the car without getting hurt. not exactly clear what caused this crash but goodrk by that officer. >> yeah. right place, right time, you know? 6:13 is your time. it was more than just business as usual at howard university yesterday. there were some students there who heard s from a verycial guest, former first lady michelle obama. she was at howard for the fifth annual beating the odds summit. it's an event for first generation college students. as news 4 cory smith shows us, mrs. obama's message was simple but powerful.
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>> reporter: each person on this howard university stage first generation college students listening to them have beat the odds to get here. now as they aim to reach higher, they're getting sound advice from a group who knows their struggle, including a very familiar face. >> hey, y'all. >> reporter: former first lady michelle obama started the reach higher 2014 with thpigoal of insng students to go to and finish college. first generation college graduate herself, she knows the expectations and obstacles facing thesetudents. >> this is not a mistake. you know, you were here becauser you we more than capable of doing it. >> reporter: many in this crowd have friends or family who couldn't go to college or didn't finish once they got there. the message from mrs. obama then transiill be tough but you cannot quit. >> the people in my life who were afraid of that feeling of incurity during transition those are the people who were stuck. >> reporter: an important message for anyone trying to beat the odds. cory smith, news 4. at 6:14, new this morning, more than 30,000 deaths in the united states have been to air pollution. that's according to a new study from the
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searchers found that between 1999 and 2015 poor air quality contributed to cancer, lung disease and hea attacks. the leading cause of pollution during that time, you probably guessed it, cars and power plants. we arein learnmore information about a new study that suggests some of our favorite beaches might be potentially unsafe. this is according to researchers with environment america. they tested more than 2600 beaches last. year the organization deems beaches potentially unsafe if bacteria levels exceed the epas recommendations which could cause swimmers to get sick from the water. one cause for thoseacteria levels fecal contamination. the organization says that could be caused by run-off, sewage leaks and overflows. take a look at the list here. ocean city, maryland, eight potentially unsafe days last year. virginia beach, 15th street site, had four days and rehoboth
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beach faired well with three fe unsadays. we're committed to bringing you stories explaining how climate change impacts our family's health and budget. you can look on our app by ng searching cng climate. take a look at this chopper 4 over bw parkway near 197 northbound. this was the fully engulfed vehicle that we saw just a short time ago northbound lanes we noe have t left side getting by. nobody injured. amazingly it was just a mes here a short time ago with those northbound lanes shut down. southbound we also have a lane blocked, so we have delays northbound and southbound bw parkway near 197. inner loop near st. barnabas road, lanes blocked on the left and right side. outer loop right side blocked by an accident ere. as we zoom in just a little bit, northbound third street tunnel befre new yorkavenue right side blocked by that accident. new issue here in virginia, 66th
6:17 am
and 95 eastbound 66 crash on the left side. good morning, chuck. good morning, melissa. looks like things are moving along smoother this morning than they did yesterday. that's always welcome news. weather forast also way mor pleasant weather for the next couple days. we earned a little break from he heat. so far in july alone, we had 17 days 90 or higher, 31 so far in the year and april, may, june and now july have all been warmer than average for the year now, 2019 inin washon is about 3 degree warmer than average t year date. right now we get to enjoy a couple days with temperatures will little below average. we'll take it. 69 in washington with a north wind averaging 12 miles per hour. a comfortable north to north westerly breeze today. the drier r also allowed for temperatures to fall below 60 in a few lucky spots.
6:18 am
winchester,ni v, 57, la ray at 59 and prince georges county in the mid 60s this morning. a comfortable day for sure. afternoon high today 8 4. that would be 4 degrees cooler than average. that's a win. tomorrow, still cooler than average, a littlearmer than today, though. highs tomorrow back up to 86 degrees thankgh pressure that was originated from northern canada which is now settling down into parts of the great plains and midwest centered about st. louis, missouri, this morning. that is going to take several days for it to progress all the way from there to here. as a result, our rain chances are drying up pretty fast. couple of clouds left along to the east of the i-95 and a lonesome rain drop o or twoer the lower bay as well. rain chances today are very, very slim. generally under 20%. i can't give you can't give you 100% dryer forecast, ths residual moisture in the
6:19 am
atmosphere. low humidity tomorrow and hardld a clouo be found all the way through at least the first half of the weekend. i'll give you the ten-day outlook in the next half hour.k bac the news. >> we'll see you then, chuck. thank you. 6:19, up next on "news 4 today," trade and tariffs seem like big picture issues that don't impact yourlife. >> that's right. the wallet could feel the effects of those thing. we'll show you which items on your child's back to school lisd cokyrocket amid talks of a trade war. and this afternoon, don't miss sara paulson on ellen. her show airs at 3:00 p.m. right here on nbc 4 and make sure you stick around for news 4 at 4. we'll be right back.
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>> announcer: you're watching "news 4 today." welcome back here 6:22. talks of new tariffs between the u.s. and china have been on going for months now. and if they're imposed, your budget could tak a hit. >> this all comes adds a lot of us are getting ready to make some big p school shopping. to our justin finch is working for you explaining what it could all mean for your bank account. >> reporter: though it seems s like classejust wrapped up, pretty soonhe kids will be back to school. that's why a lot of families have their eyes on new ipads and new iphones. the gadgets are topping $539
6:23 am
llion in imports to the u.s. from china last year a record. that as our exports to china were much lower, aroud 120 billion, part of why the president called for tariffs or billion in chinese goods. >> it would be historic if we could do a fair trade deal. >> eporter: though tariff tensions have cooled as of late, should they happen, retail insiders say you'll likely notice. >> we project that the average american family of four would face $2,300 in lost income and hier prices. footwear costs more, clothes costs more, toys costs more and christmas lights cost more. reporter: that's david french, a national federation retail senior vice president. a long list of others testified last month before u.s. trade officials. >> we're trying to make the case for our consumers that the tariffs are the wrong way to go. we agree, we need to fix the way china does business, but there are better ways to do it rather
6:24 am
than taxing american consumers anamerican businesses. >> reporter: french says if tariffs come down, retailers would feel it first but many can only carry that burden for so long before passing it on to you. >> retailers try to deliver the highest value goods at the lowest possible prices. so everything that's going on in terms of trade is making it more complicated, more expensive for haretailers to deliver tkind of value.r: >> reporest advice, in perhaps buyyour bigger ticket itemsooner than later, cost comparing and keeping an eye o for deals. justin finch, news 4. ♪ >>achoo. >> we have been askingfor all of your videos of your pets doing atricks for new segment called "pat's prized pets" now we have a winner. >> that's right. maggie thedog won with her achoo tissue trick.
6:25 am
the owner hdn't call over. she said achoo and maggie got up and got her a tissue. yesterday pat presented maggie and her mom kathy with the first ever food bowl award. >> kathy and maggie, winner of pat's prized pet bowl. it's all yours now. >> thank you so ch. thank you. look at your bowl. yeah! >> that bowl is empty. >> imaginary food. >> put something in there. >> hopefully maggie doesn't put the tissues in there. maggie is an 8-year-old golden lab mix. they live in virginia. she's so good at tricks that she's actually an american kennel club certified trick dog. who knew there was such a thing. >> i know. i want to see what else she can do. send us more videos, kathy. >> fantastic. >> congratulations. er> still ahead here, a local construction work killed on the job. we'll opdate you the investigation now under way. that's right. plus a look at a recent robberfully maryland and tell you thhy police ink it could be connected to other crimes in the
6:26 am
area. chuck, a beautiful day on tap? >> yes, indeed, perfect weather to get some gardening done. perfect weather today. temperatures cool than average. pretty loraw rain k your lawn to 3 to 3.5 in height. this helps the shade and soilto eep your yard pretty all the way through the rest of the summer. more about the weekend coming up in the next half hour. (whispering) ever since she got her new havertys furniture,
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>> announcer: "news 4 today" starts now. good wednesday morning to you. >> aaron and eun have the day off today, but it's a big day here in the district, specifical on capitol hill. robert mueller set to testify this morning in front of two house committees. >> after a 22-month investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election, we have 34 indictments and t really all comes down to today. we do have complete coverage of the day ahead. but first, we want to get a check onanhat forecast the commute. >> that's right.
6:30 am
storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell standing by with your forecast, but we start with melissa who is following some break news on the rohas. wdo you got? >> first 4 traffic alert this morning because of an earlier situation that you're looking at right now. this video from about 30 minutes ago chopper 4 wasver this in laurel northbound bw parkway at 197 shut down because of that vehicle engulfed in flames. let's take a look now and see the map and how we're doing so far. no hbound you're getting one side on the left side now the fire is out, everybody isok y. southbound same situation only one lane is open. three-mile backup in both directions. 95 through that section may be a better alternate working with that alternate this morning. northbound, third street tunnel before new york avenue right sides blocked by an accident there. northbound fairfax county parkway near franklin farm road, a motorcycle crash and investigation. centerville eastbound66 at bull run bridge crash on the left side. good morning, chuck.
6:31 am
>> good morning. melis hope everybody had a good night's rest. temperatures have fallen into the 60s for most, even a few lucky locations down in the 50s this morning. nice golden glow to our sky on a wednesday. 65 now at dulles rport. 69 in washington. 64 in prince georges county. but look, 50s on the map. in statten and harrisonburg. 59 in petersbur west virginia. 59 in winchester, virginia. that's the good stuff right there from mother nature.t your forecfor your commute today no, weather worries for the ride, the ride around during lunchtime or ride home today sun is not down unt 8:27. car washing forecast, go for it, dry weather expected to last for another couple days. we'll be talking tanmperatures d a look at the dog-walking forecast coming right up. hank you. the work speaks for itself. any testimony from this office would not go beyond our report.
6:32 am
the report is my testimony. >> today, former specialounsel robert mueller will dong the t he clearly said back in may he didn't want to do. russia inves. >> that's right.e muer will a reluctant witness. but his testimony will frame collusion for the foreseeable future. b d.c. will bezing today as you can imagine. bars including shaw's tave, duffy's and union pub will open early for watch parties. many are offering specials as ell. our justin finch will join us live with more on all that's happening. live coverage at 8:00 a.m. this morning, just about an hour and a half from now right here on nbc 4 and we're streaming that coverage on our nbc washington app and website nbc washington dame. well, this morning i want to tell you that fairfax county police are investigating the death of a youngonstruction worker. >> he died yesterday while
6:33 am
simply doing his job. the site is on solitary lane in mclean. police say there wec a snd construction worker who was injured. the ditch they were working in somehow collapsed.t we don'ow how right now, but onws 4 did speak with a man who lives near thatruction site and he told us he often saw all of those workers and he never noticed anything unsafe. >> seemedo be a really naged, coordinated type of effort going on. my prayers go out for the person who lost their life. >> it is not clear right now how old the worker was, but virginia child labor laws say you have be at least 16 to work i construction. the other worker who was trapped at the site is expected to be okay. >> time is 6:33. police say the same person is behind several burglaries in maryland and they're trying to stop this suspect before another business is targeted. stke a look, f on the fourth of july in the early morning, the suspect smashed in the glass
6:34 am
dy r. police sahe looked around and left without taking anything. three days later, the same light colored suv backed up to the front dr of thesiessy america international grocery store on lockwood drive in silver spring. he smashed in the glass door ank toash from the register. less than two hours before that break-in, police in buoy say he was spotted breaking into the beijing cafe along crane highway. there'sa $10,000 reward in this case. 6:34. a pro boxer who fought mgm national harbor on friday night has died. his trainer stopped the right before the 12th round after watching the fighter take several hard ad and body shou. he was red to prince georges he hospital wre he had surgery for bleeding on his brain, but we learned hedaied tues he is originally from st. petersburg, russia, but had n fought ithe u.s. since turn ing pro 2016. the russian boxing federation
6:35 am
announced they will investigate aether anyone is fault for his death. this week the news 4 i-team is working for you, looking into al the ways you can keep yourself safe while you fly. rd we know hackers are always after credit ca and social security information, right? att we found out that information is greater risk when you travel. >> reporter: when most of us come here to the airport, we're erinking about that business trip or bett yet vacation. you're not thinking about where to plug in your phone or who might want the information inside. itcan happen in just a few moments while your phone is still in your hand. >> when you connect up to one of these power charges, you're connecting up to a computer you can't see. >> reporter: at the airport, hotel room and rental o car ride share, anywhere you connect with a usb port could put the
6:36 am
data stored on your phone at risk. using a traditional plug is safer. >> you have to be savvy. wherever there is the ability for somebody to siphon off your data, they're going to try and you need to protect it. >> reporter: cyber security le expert james says stored pass words and pin numbers are most valuable but even legitimate businesses also want to know your scrn names, email addresses, where you shop and what you buy, like when you're m pred to log into your accounts while ordering your lunch. e it can be hard becaus there's a lot of convenience obviously on your iphone and a lot of information collected leat's hard to see. >> reporter: theronic privacy information center says that data is then shared with other third parties and almost impossible o stop today on ews 4 today" other common places that put traveller's information at risk and what you need to know before you go. jody fleischer, news 4 i-team. >> god information. amazon is proving to be the hi-to stop for everyt, including a new home, apparently. the onlineiant has partnered up with a residential real estat brokerage company and created a new service called
6:37 am
turnkey. that service will allow their home begin search and link to real estate brokers. if you use the turny service to buy a property, you'll also receive a credit to spend on a selection of amazon home services. >> because why not? just outfit the entire place with your amazon stuff. >> put alexa everywhere. ,till ahead history will no doubt be made on capitol hill in just a couple hours. we continue our coverage of today's testimony of mueller. plus, sharing history. the local man whose dog got himt help a he became stuck in the mud on a hiking trail. he is talking to news 4. we'll hear from him coming up.
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>> announcer: you're watching "news 4 today." we are now a year away from the start of the 2020 summer olympic games in tokyo. and we'regetting a look at the mascots for both the olympics and paralympics.
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the blue one on your screen is based on japanese words that mean future and eternity. the apink's one n is derived from a cherry blossom variety and a phrase that means so mighty. now thishe comes with t complete cherry blossom sensor el wl. make sure you stay with nbc 4 for all of your olympic coverage. this morning, an update to t ry we brought you yesterday. a local man needed to be rescued after he literally got stuck in the mud. >> his dogs are to thank here. 87-year-old lamar became trapped after a po lar trailar the brook mont dam in bethesda. pictures of his l here. he was up to his knees in the mud. he's not wearing socks. he was stuck for nearly an hourd before hisogs right there helped catch the attention of some nearby cyclists who then came to help. >> if they hadn't been with me, i don't know whether i would have gotten anybody.
6:41 am
i was tally stuck in that mud. it wasn't just sentle sand and dirty sand oming downthere, it was deep mud. >> love his attitude.ef firighters say that they can use the device like i thisf you find yourself stuck in the mud. they demonstrated how taking two pipes and blowing bubbles underneath can help loosen up your legs.t tha is how they could help right there. let's get a look at yourc nbc morning business report. >> good morning i'm frank holland. ups is going seven days a week and will add seasoned delivery starting early next year as it respondto huge growth in online shopping. it will be assisted by u.s. ce.tal ser ups is adding more pickupç locations for packages inside of cvs, michaels and advanced auto parts stores. with your cnbc business report, i'm frank holland. 6:41 on your wednesday
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morning. time for your dog-walking forecast, this dog ceaser is not worried. he's a 10-year-old dog available for adoption. esenior dogs hav reduced adoption fees as well. go to to add that buddy to your family. temperatures today, cooler than average. ten-day forecast coming up. and f in yourst 4 traffic, a traffic alert in herndon, this a crash investigation involving a motorcycle. we have a partial closure and some real slow downs on bw we'll look at those two problems and your travel time coming up. plus, robert mueller in the hot seat. we're looking aheado whatwill be a historic day on capitol hill. no doubt what you need to keep an eye out for when "news 4ur an eye out for when "news 4ur today" ret. i switched from dodge.
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>> announcer: you'retc wng "news 4 today." chopper 4 spotting this wild scene on the bw parkway just about an hour ago. a car caught fire in the northbound lanes near laurel by road. the driver, though, is able to t get out ofhe car and was not injured. that's the good news. but traffic began to back up quickly. melissa mollet will join us in itst a few minutes w a look at the impact. >> after yearly two years and more than 30 indictments it all comes down to this, just hours from now former special counsel robert mueller is going to
6:46 am
urstify before congreg two hearings that will no doubt find their way into the history books. now we know the hearings will last much of the work day tod. >>eyond that what will happen is really anyone's guest. jeff ben it in joins us with mo. e this morning >> good morning. robert mueller says he won't go beyond what he's written abopr russia, ident trump and obstruction of justice when he testified. but there's a lot of mistake what heri bs to life. the former special counsel is fiheduled to testify for hours before two democrat-led house committees today. the judiciary committee goes first with a three-hour hearing and then a half hour break and that will be followed by two more hours of mueller testimony before the intelligen committee. democrats on those committees want to hear more from robert mueller about the ten alleged acts by president trump to obstruct justice. and they also want to know why robert mueller said he couldn't
6:47 am
exonerate the psident on that obstruction issue. now republicans on those committees and people at the white housenho iude president trump i'm told are in a wait and seee. mod as an adversary who might end up giving democrats more political ammo to use against the president. >> lot to be seen today. geoff bennett, thank you so much. >> sure. ou> it's expected that millions across the cry will tune in to watch today's hearings. interest is especially high as you can imagine right here in d.c. >> this is s a d.c. event. there are a lot of bars and restaurants that are planning on hosting watch parties, of course. ur justin finch is front and center where the water and the l drinks wbe flowing. what are you seeing, justin? >> reporter: lots of people counting down to the big oment, adam. that's absolutely right. there's no better way to really
6:48 am
watch history unfold than over breakfast and maybe a new beers f re. union pub one othe bars that will be doing that in just a matter of hours, ening their doors as former special counsel robert mueller is set to take the stand in just a few hours here. looking at your screen a list of bars th will open theiroors as well they include shaw tavern in northwest, duffy' irish pub in northeast, union pub, the midlands and hawk n. dove. can't promise the $4 rye whiskey. each bar will have their dnner and drink specials specific to those bars. you can see that list one more rime on ou nbc washington app. lye here on this mueller morning, i'm jush.n finc guys. side to y >> i'll take the ipa. see you soon. nbc news will provide
6:49 am
coverage of the entire mueller testimony. testimony is expected to coverage well into the ampb and join uste afards for news 4 at 4 to recap it all. meantime, pressure is continuing to growgainst puerto rico's governor. >> hundreds of thousands of people have been occupying the streets of san juan demanding the resignation of the governor. last night his chief of staff announced he wob stepping down. the protesters are sending one main message to their government. >> there's been rampant corruption and we need a chang and we need the governor to . resign >> the protests started more than a week ago after pages of a private group chat were leaked. in those chats he is accused of maki personalks attac on politicians jokes and ti--gay
6:50 am
slur. right now d.c. police are trying to find a man who shot a firework at aofficer. this video was recorded on the fourth of july in a neighborhood in southeast.t thaofficer had to go to the hospital but did survive. the man in the video faces felony charge once he's r arted. violent stretch of days in the district continued with a shooting on nanny boroughs avenue in northeast d.c. man was shot multiple times yesterday in the middle of the street right in the middle of the day. it is believed that the man will elive. policay they think they're looking for two people but no motive is known at this time. the friends and family of an 11-year-old thatas killed on thursday. those whond atte the vigil spoke out about gun violence. today, boris johnson is going to take overs prime minter of the uk. the british press had a field day with all the headlines here. johnson is a flamboyant and
6:51 am
controversial politician known for his full support of brexit. one of the papers called for his plan divorc from reality. johnson will replace theresa may who failed to proce a brexit deal despite multiple attempts. thanks to high home co and hgtv the concept of tiny homes has become popular. in the coming months we may see more in our area that's because the montgomery council nanimously approved a new zoning ordnance to allow construction of what's known as accessory dwelling units on smaller lots. supirters say that wll create more affordable housihe. change is expected to take effect at the end of december. on the other side of the potomac, lawmakers are backing a plan that would expand a major roadway that connects virginia to maryland. they approved the proposal to widen route 15 north of lees
6:52 am
burg. this wouldme beco a four lane rivch. the plan ge is expected to cost upwards of $217 million. ♪ let's get a look at the roads this morning. >> good morning. a lot of different problems. is one of them. here is herndon. a motorcycle crash investigation northbound fairfax county parkway near franklin farm right now that left lane getting by. z southbound lanes are okay. this could be there for a long time because this is an investigation. >> right lane blocked on manassas. 95 not looking too bad this morning. gainesville 29 at 15 have a crash there. and laurel, this is whereho cer was before, northbound and southbound bw parkway near 197 a lane blocked each way. the vehicle fire that was there before is out. ree-mile backup both ways. 95 might be a good option for you. northbound third street tunnel
6:53 am
before new york avenue right side blocked an accident. noking at broad branch raoking too hot. broad bh road at brandywine street, downed tree closing things down.av tr times inbound 66, 44 miles per hur. 270 mileour miles per hours southbound. 103.5ber to listen to wtop fm when you hop in your car. good morning, chuck. good morning to you as well, melissa. beautiful sunshine is expected pretty much start to finish oned your wnesday as you look there over northwest washington. our summer so far has been a hot one. 31 days so far have been 90 or higher. 17 of them alone just here in the month of july. for the month now, we're more than 2.5 degrees warmer than average and for t year to date we're also nearly 3 degrees warmer than average. it's been a wet july as well. 3.3 inch rainfall surplus for the month is the exact amount we
6:54 am
received a couple monday's ago in the flash flood event. 59 degrees in winchester this morning. 60 in martinsburg. 59 in laray. 60 in warrenington. very comfortable open window weather really across parts of shenandoah valley. nationals are playing a doubleheader today. f thest game gets going at 1:05. noontime, temperature around80 degrees. 4:00 p.m. wrapping up game one and prere for game 2, temperatures in the low 80s. second game starts at 7:05 this evening. they will be able to play ball today. tomorrow another day filled with sunshine, comfortable in the mid 60s around town. i suspect those areas downelow 60 degrees this moing may very well be down below 60 again tomorrow as pry measure. right now west to north westerly flow will keep humidity in check for the next couple days.
6:55 am
the ten day forecast, low to mid 80s today. mid 80s tomorrow. mid to upper 80s for friday and saturday and 0% chance of rain from thursday all theay through the weekend and way into next week. it will turn hot and humid again towards sunday, monday, tuesday with highs back in the 90s once again. we have high rain chances laten week. >> chuck, thank you very much. check it out the redskins are reporting training camp today. the first day. but among those who won't be there linebacker mason foster.en he has be released from the team. his agent making that announcement on twitter. coach jay address conferowable totheht s ole are trying to find an officer.s
6:56 am
survive.inis controvhe'll replaceildeal atter 22-month long investigation into russian election meddling, robert mueller will speak to the house judiciary and intelligence committees and face questions from republicans and democrats. >> watch it allbcere on n 4. coverage of the entire day will be provided. it all kicks off little more than an hour from now at 8:15. 4 northbound fairfax fternoons county parkway near franklin
6:57 am
farm road, this is a situation where we have a crash investition involving a motorcycle right side of the road is still blocked there. bw parkway northbound, northbound at 197 a bit slow from an earlier vehicle fire. >> thank you, melissa. always something for the road. the today show coming up next. de a remin to keep i he fontuioget of ri thghe muetller report and the mueller testimony. have a great wednesday, everybody.
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