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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  July 24, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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saying once again it clears the president. >> and we have team coverage of, we have president trump's reaction and what happens now as we move forward. nbc's mark murray will join us with analysis. >> let's begin this evening with news4's eica gonzales with the live desk information coming in now. >> it's been a long day of testimony. we've been glued to our screens, we know a lot of people have spent the day at the office and may have missed some of the big moments. so here are few of theor m memorable sound bites and exchange from today's hearing. >> the russian government's efforts to interfere in our election is among the most serious. as i said on may 29, this deserves the attentionofvery american. >> the president has repeatedly claimed that your report found there was no obstruction that it completely and totally exonerated him. but that is not what your report said, is it? ? correct, it is not what the eport said. >> and when donald trump called your investigation a witch hunt
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that was also false, was it not? >> i would like to think so, yes. >> your investigation is not a witch hunt, is it? >> it is not a witch hunt. >> we've heard from the white house about today's hearing. press secretary stephanie grisham called it an epic embarrassment for the democrats. president trumpweeting out several thoughts about his hearing. like quote i would like to thank the democrats for holding this morning's hring end quote and just a few minutes ago he addressed reporters at the white house. take ae list >> we had a very good day today, the republican party, ourc nt country. there was no defense of what robert mueller was trying to defend. whether his performance was aed about one or a good one. i think everybody understands that. i think everybody what was going on. there was no defense to this ridiculous hoax this witchhunt that's been going on for a long
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time. >> continuing our coverage of the muellh rings, we're joined by mark murray. the senior political editor tore nbc news. >> what was your big ta-away? was there any kind, anything we could consider a bombshell? or was it just kind of steady as he goes? >> wendy, if were you looking for a bombshell or a big theatrical performance, a perry masment. you didn't get it it if you were a democrat. on the other hand, because robert mueller was so carefued so meason what he wanted to actually talk out, to me i gave him a lot of credibility on what he did discuss. and as erica mentioned on the clip, him saying this is not a witch hunt. it is not a hoax that the russian interference campaign wanted to benefit trump. that president trump and his use
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of wikileaks during the tail-end of the 2016 election, was problematic at the very least. those type of statements from robert r almost undercut everything you heard from president trump. hey, this is a witch hunt. there was no collusn, no obstruction. and if you really paid attention to mueller, and him having the credibility he had by sticking to the facts of what he wanted to do, i don't necessarily think this was a god day for the trump white house. >> but mark, this was seen by many as having the potential to sway democrats who were on the fence, about impeaching the president. and mueller avoidedg usin that term in the report. how likely does that seem after today? >> ah, on the impeachment politics, i don't know. we'll have to see how t next 24 hours or 48 hours or a week goes on the coverage of whether that happens. to meth the ma is already very complicated for democrats when it comes to impeachment. they have the votes in the house
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to begin impeachment proceedings, to be ail to convict him in the senate, the math is not there and there are democrats eyeing the 2020 election. saying that's the best way to get rid of the president. on the other hand you have a story that's very complicated for the white house with, you end up having somebody like robert mueller, who went down a long list of either wrongdoing or potential wrongdoing or unseemly wrongdoing by not only the president, but people around him. to make any kind of broad brushstrokes about wre the impeachment politics are, i think it's too early. democrats didt get the knockout big moment. but at the same time, i do think that what mueller ended up saying was pretty damaging to the white house. >> how do you think this isng gto play beyond the beltway? one thing that happens here in washington and a lot of people around the rest of the country,t summertimey're doing their thing. do you think this was must-see tv? do you think it connected with anyone out there?
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>> so here's one of the interesting things about the entire trump era. i think so many americans have their minds made up about president trump and his presidency two years ago, but when you're talking about t 5 to 10% of the electorate that's in the middle. doesn't have their minds made up. i think that this story is so confusing, so complex, a lot of people haven't made up their minds this is what ended up happening today, might ge them more information to make a judgment on it pretty complicated story. you can see full coverage analysis of robert mueller's testimony. coming up tonight on "nbc nightly news." peopkee around our area wo up early and headed for the bars to watch today's hearings. coming up later on news4 at 5:00, tommy mcfly will have more on the watch parties. a good reasone to h to the bar whether you were watching the hearing or not. a temporary victory for the trump administration today. when it comes to asylum
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restrictions. a federal judge says the trump administration can enf ce its new restrictions while the lawsuits challenging it are playing t. the interim rule would probably end asylum eligibility. very specific. ederal courts have repeat lid stopped the administration from cracking down on peopl who are crossing the border. >> a local football program hit twice by tragedy in just 72 hours. first, one of the woodland tigers football teams lost 11-year-old karon brown in that shooting last . days later while they mourned karon, a coach from another woodland team, jamal bandy was also gunned down. it's devastating fr the program. >> it is, sadly, though, jim, this program has been touched by
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tragedy in the past. butop to have two pe murdered so close together is really compounding the grief for this community here in southeast.ft but a talking to them today, it is also leading them to renew their efforts to stopping the violence down her >> michael zanders has won the woodland youth sports and education program for 20 years and had to bury more than 20 players. he's preparing for two more funerals. they were killed 72 hours apart, leaving zanders with little timf to grieveor karon before having to console bandy's son. today he woke up physically sick, struggling to fight anything. dering what's going on in our sew society. >> karon was a player and bdy
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was a coach. >> all my coaches, we took real hard. it hurts. and we just trying to figure out what is going on. >> that's a topic that should be reserved for adults. the kids in the district are being forced to confront it, too. especially karon's friends and teammates. >> you know how to play football. i miss having him here. >> keith perry didn't play with karon. but on the night he was killed. he helped to console kar's brother. >> the boys say they'll be playing for karon next season and coach zanders will be on the sidelines, like the last two decades, beuse even after all the death and despair, life must go on and so, too,ig the f to stop the violence. >> we can't give up, these are our young people this is our
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future. >> metropolitan police have made the arrest in the murder of karon brown. but they're still looking for a suspect in jamal bandy's murder. we are also still hoping to learn about funeral services for oth of them. jim? >> cory. thank you. justice for the family of another district teenager who lost his life to gun violence. maliq mercer was shot to death in june of te2015. af getting off a bus at the corner of 28th street and naylor road in the southeast. police tell us derek decer shot mercer in the back of the neck. dercer was sentenced to 34 years in prison. well they are looking f answers this evening after that construction accident killed a teenar and injured another man in mclean. news4's drew wilder spoke to the investigators and the people who live near that site. >> this job site is at a
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standstill tonight while state gencies investigate the accidents that killed a juvenile and injured another man. fairfax county tells me that this job site is licensed to a tom diggs who owns diggs development corporation that business lists its address just on the other end of the site. news4 has attempted to contact mr. diggs and he has not nd respoed. the only activity we saw on the job site were these two men who walked near where the juvenile and other man were trapped in a collapsed ditch on tuesday. fairfax county police are not identifying the juvenile who was killed because of their age. why was a juvenile at a construction site? in virginia anyone 16 years and older can work construction, though no one has confirmed that the juvenile was in fact here working when he was killed. we talked with a woman who lives next door. she did not wantus to show her face. >> i'm shocked. i don'tknow what to say, it's terrible. especially being so young, having such a long time to go to make more memories and stuff
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like that. it's really tragic. >> fairfax county and the state have launed investigations into this accident. dehe virginia rtment of labor and industry safety and health division issued news4 this statement explaining it has six months to investigate the accident. >> we're just getting started on news4 at 5:00 tonight. a small business owner turned to shaming customers in an effort to stop thefts at his store. now he says he's been int ag and it's all been caught on camera. ahead at 00, the thief who didn't let a locked door slow him down. >> facebook is paying the price for losing control of our personal data. but some say today $5 billion didn't go far enough. his wife said she told him not to go for that walk. coming up next, we hear from the 87-year-old man who needed rescuing aftertu he got sck in knee-deep mud. near the potomac. >> i was trying to dig it out with my hands, but it oozed back
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over. >> and we're tracking radar and showers and storms through hagerstown. prince george's county and fairfax county around the beltway. numerous showers popping up.e we'll se a few more as we move through the evening hours. what to expect the ne couple of days and yur o
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face book hit with a $5 billion fine from the federal trade commission because of the way it umishandleder information. the biggest fine that the ftc has ever issued on a tech company. s part of the settlement facebook has to make major changes to th way it does business. leon harris is in the news room to give us more details. >> wendy, this is a big one, the ftc began investigating facebook after learning cambridge
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analysta had gathered information on users. and the feds wanted to make this an example. in adtion to the massic fine, facebook is required to create a new board-level committee to oversee rivacy. ceo mark zuckerberg must personally certify the company compliance with privacy programs and he could face civil or criminal penalties for falseth messaging service whatsapp and instagram, which is owed by facebook. >> these corporate governance changes widen a number of people looking at privacy of facebook. and they elevate the issue of privacy of facebook. when problems arise, more people oie going to hear about them and more people are g to be empowered to take action. >> stuckberg wrote in a post on ceokat tbohth e to slow ts product developme
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processes. here are other changes that the tech giant has to implement now. facebook must exercise greater oversight over the third party apps, like the popular face app and pride clear notice of its use of facial recognition technology and obtain consent prior to use. facebook must establish, implement and maintain a comprehensive data security program and must encrypt all user passwords and scan to protect if any have been compromised. one of the criticisms of this penalty was that it doesn't include any majorhanges to the social media giant's lucrative advertising business. that advertising runs on the collection and use of personal information about its more than two billion users. wendy, jim, back to you? >> thank you, leon. working for your health, been reast implants ha called because of a link to cancer. the company is allergan, recalling biocell textured
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implants at the request of the food and drug administration, the agency found a high risk of lymphoma link to these implants, so far more than 30 women have died from it. the fda is not recommending if t you havehe implants that you have them removed unless you're experiencing swelling or some pain. nearly 40 other countries have edready recall these particul o implants becausef this cancer >> well it sounds like something out of avi m getting stuck in quicksand-like tud. this pic shows the predicament, an 8 7-year-old man found himse in. near the potomac river in bethesda. amy cho has the incredible story of how his dogs helped bark for help. >> this is a story about man's best friend. meet bluend jax and their human, lamar neville. talk to him for five seconds. >> and you'll see why he's popular with pets and people
5:18 pm
alike. and yes, that is his name on his shirt. >> i just put it on so people know who i am. nice. t's kind of >> on monday lamar thought it woulbe nice to take the dogs for a walk bythe c & o canal. his wife was going to see a movie, so she told he husband. >> wait until we come back because if you fall down nobody willou know where y are. >> did lar wait? no, he did not and found himself in a sticky situation. >> that mud was literally up to my knees and i couldn't get out. >> mired in mud. the more he moved, the more he sank. >> i was trying to dig it out with my hands. it just oozed back over and made a mess. >> lamar stood there an hour yelling for heth. he wasn't loud enough to be heard but these guys were.lp. he wasn't loud enough to be heard but these guys were. >> a good samaritan stopped by to lend a hand and the fire
5:19 pm
department gave lamar a lift home. lamar said being stuck in the mud wasn't the worst thing in the world. >> if you want to try it, it's not that far, if you want to go see what it's like. >> i think i'll take yourword for it. >> in bethesda, amy cho, news4. go lamar. he wot be doing that any time soon if helen has anything to say about it. firefighters say if you get stuck in the mud, don't struggle, it will only make you sink faster. first reonders have a special gadget they can use to help get you out. well cameras catch a burglar appearing to steal from a d.c. gas station. he couldn't get through the locked door, so he decided to give it a kick. and then crawl out through the hole he ws4 pat collins joins us live in southeast d.c. with more on the heist. pat? >> a most unusual case here, jim. this is a case about a case.
5:20 pm
of gatorade. >> this guy is giving a whole neweaning to the expression -- doorbuster. we call h gatorade man. you're going to see him steal a case of gatorade and then make a getay that's well -- something less thang ceful. the scene, this mobile gas station on pennsylvania avenue southeast. if you steal something from ths gatation store, they have an electronic lock they can activate to keep you from getting away. and it works. most of the time. gatorade man had a special exit plan. first, he grabs a case of what appears to be the fruit punch flavored thirst quencher. then he makes his way to the front door. but it locked.
5:21 pm
he starts kicking that door like a rockette. no luck. he kicks it again. nothing. then he sets down t gatorade and goes at the door again and again. finally, a hole in the door. the man picks up o the case gatorade, slips it through the hole and then -- makes his getaway through t same opening. then on to a ride-share bike and off into the sunset. that gatorade, in the front basket. >> the guy who put that lock in swore to me, the lock will not break. ant it didn't. the door broke before the lock did. >> that's dennis alloy, he's the gas station owner. you might remember hime'the guy who posted pictures of people who steal from h stores. he said the tactic has reduced that substantially.
5:22 pm
well, maybe with the exception of gatorade man. >> after putting videos ater putting the posters, significant decrease.t' is noticeable, part of the business, it's never going to go away completely, and i get that. but stuff like this? i just don't expect that to happen. police have the surveillance video from the gas station. but so far new york city arrest in the gatorade case. wendy, jim, back to you. >> all righ pat, thank you. >> identity theft is big business for crooks and companies that want to protect you from them, susan hogan 0en what you need to know before you sign upfor an i.d. protection service. >> and low humidity and comfortable temperatures out there? doug is back with a look. how long
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all right, doug, as nice as it is behind us right now, some peopg are gettint out there. >> today is a beautiful day, but watch out for isolated showers during the afternoon. that's when weay said yesterd and that's what we have right now. first off it is just like this, for most of us out there today. yeah. getting lunch outors, no problem, over towards arlington. riding the bike around.
5:26 pm
nori wor, walking around in shorts tosty. ju gorgeous, not a lot of sweating going on because we don't have the heat or humidity. autiful day towards arlington. i used to have a bike just like that. that was awsome. right now we're dealing with cloud cover, some clouds and sunshine as well. with a high temperature so far of 86, wre at 8 3 with a north wind at miles per hour. 82 lesburg, 78, gaithersburg 85. most of the area is dry, but we are watching this area here and i'll zoom in. you can see what's haping e gege' towards fai tle boundary that g down to the e thehers are. >> doomg in around the bowie ar50 and95. seeing the shows koett dgmo.
5:27 pm
towards 301 and a seeing showers and back south, fairfax county, route 1, mount vernonrs over towards fort washington. these are heavier downpours going on aroundar that a. up to the north we've showers and thunderstms all day north offr they m the mountains and die off. but this is happening around hage atown, big-time showe downpours around hagerstown. thunder and lightning associated with this. these are right along 65. make tharg way slowly off towards the east. so twe're not totally out of woods as far as showers go. most of us on the dry side this is the reason why wve got boundaries and we have upper-level air. look at the spin, that's cold air aloft. any time you haveold air aloft and nice sunshine you're able to get the thunderstorms to develop during the afternoon. that's what we saw today. rest of the country extremely
5:28 pm
quiet from denver to the east you can see the big front offth east coast. that's helped to cool the entire nation down. notice 93 in denver is the hottest temperature on the map. no 90s at all in the south. nice weather area wide along the astern half of the nation. we'll start to warm. nye high offal 7. we're not talking a lot of humidity. temperatures on friday up to 88 degrees, 90 on saturday. here comes sunday, 92 on sundayi preing more humid weather on saturday and sunday. but nothing like last week. this is the start of our next heat wave. i'll show y theest of it coming up at 5:45. guys? he doug, thanks. aad at 5:00, a big political battle shakes up a small town. why a city employees who announced run for mayor says she was suddenly fired from her job with the police. continuing coverage of mueller's appearance on capitol
5:29 pm
hill. tommy mcfly reports on the bars and restaurants that opened bright and early for today's hearings. we're working for your health this evening. the way some folks w lostight the way some folks w lostight even while eating t same he we are sisters. and we just moved in together. why we stream so much.hose fios. a lot of times alissa is watching tv on her laptop using her phone, also using her tablet. i am really good at multi-tasking cause i'm awesome. a little. get the internet your family needs at a price you'll love. plus, the first month of youtube tv on us when you switch now. ly on fios.
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if you're just joining us at 5:30, our top story, robert mueller testifying before
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congress, that the special counsel robert muelle spent seven hours answering questions. in>> now that the hearg has wrapped up. both sides are cherry picking at what they see as moments that bolster their positions. as for mueller, o stuck t his report as he warned he would do. both democrats and republicans tried to get him to answer off-limit questions, but he didn't budge. >> the report does not recommend impeachment, does it? >> i'm not going to talk about recommendations. >> did mr. trump jr. or his counsel ever communicate to your office any intent to invoke his fifth amendment right against self-incrimination? >> not going to answer that. >> a short time ago, president trump spoke to reporters as he was leaving the white house. he said the day was quote devastating r the democrats. >> they should be ashamed of themselves, absolutely ashamed. and you know who knew it was a phony cloud more than anyone else? schiff and nadler and schumer
5:33 pm
and pelosi? every one of them, they all knew it was phony stuff. >> democratic leaders are expected to hold a news conferce this evening. we're going to bring you their remarks as soon as that happens. in true d.c. fashion, bars didn't waste any time. opening up early for these hearings. >> you knew this was coming. they were slinging drinks bright and early pouring bloody muellers orw- mosco muellers. >> news4's tommy mcfly found out why people wanted to belly up to watchhe testimony. >> ford avenue with the sounds of special counsel robert mueller answering questions. so we went to shaw's tavern to find out what brought everything out to watch. >> baby's first congressional hearing, a very d.c. thing to do. we're knd of see if we learned anything new. about the hearing. a >> what is perfect food and drink pairing for a congressional hearing? >> just coffee right now, yeah.
5:34 pm
>> were you surprised by the turn-out of all the people here today? not really. we were expecting to be a little more crowded, maybe. >> understandably not everyone wanted to talk on camera because they were at a doctor's appointment today or working from home or had a client >>meeting. feel like there's always some type of event around a political event. and i usually kind of avoid the crowd. but my parents were really si inent. so -- i had to come. >> i love that america is getting engaged in what's eyppening. >> not that th let me go get it or anything, but what would you like? >> grilled wings. >> we'll get some grilled wings and thank you for taking the time tohat with us today. i appreciate it. >> it's been a long day, a lot of testimony hanging out here at shaw's tavern. are you enjoying yourself? there we cheers, thyou. >> we have been watching the testimony responsibly. ill will point that out.
5:35 pm
in northwesy tomm mcfly, news4. we have more cominpg fion right now on the hill on the nbc washingt app. theal debate on soci media, countless tweets and posts on facebook and twitter. here's a few on the democratic b said the mueller woman will only reaffirm what and millions of americans have been saying, it's time to impeach this lawless president. on the republican side, congressman steve scalise says if this mueller hearing is proving anything it's tt this two-year, $25 million investigation was a witchhunt to hara donald rump. nobody else has been treated this way, even robert mueller says so, end quote. mller later told congressman adam schiff this was not in fact a witchhunt. continuing coverage on the
5:36 pm
mueller report coming up here at 6:00. wendy in. a bigal politicattle brewing in the small town of seat pleasant,elng newmas4rylan. she was fired the day after she announced she was running for mayor. fighting.has a history of and our prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins is in the town with more. >> yesterday ied decidto go on facebook live and announce my candidacy for the mayor of seat pleasant. >> chiquita riley worked for the city of seat pleasant for could two years until this morning. she announced shes gng to run for mayor against the current mayor of seat pleasant. when shooi she got to work this morning. >> i was humiliated and treated like a criminal. escorted to my car. >> she said an email was sent toal employees, saying that she wasn't allowed in any building. >> i knew i was going to receive
5:37 pm
backlash for my anunesment. >> mayor eugene grant has been mayor since 2004 and is on his fourth term in 2014 he made headlines after he set a tent up onhe front lawn of city hall claiming the city council had kicked him out of office. the city has responded to raony's allegatis with a statement saying in part she's been under investigation for the last few days it reads an administrative investigatioinwas tiated by the city of seat pleasant government for an employee that was temporarily assigned to the police department. the emphasis of the investigation focused on alleged acts of misconduct of a serious nature committed by the employee. >> i ske with mayor grant. he said he can't talk on camera because this is a personnel matter. he said that miss riley was not terminated because of her announcement to run for mayor. he said tre were other things ongoing that played out this morning. mayor grant told me that he does plan to run again next year. in seat pleasant, tracee
5:38 pm
wilkins, news4. at this point riley says she's not sure if she wants to get her job baek. says shes definitely n planningor mayor and this is not deterring her. t's the start a new se traie uer way. sheree burress joins with us a lock at day one. and plus the reunion today, between the cop with a kind heart and the mom and son whose lives he touched in a powerful way. >> and it'sdi sc hot, but i amtraking isolated showers right now on storm team 4 radar. especially prince george's county and up into washington county. these have he rain. what can you expect? when do these fid
5:39 pm
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if you're a mom, you know w travelith small child can be tough. if your child has special needs, it can get tougher. and earlier this week, as we know, that metro transit police officer stepped in and helped a mother. and her son, who isst au. that story went viral. as news4's mark segraves shows us, their reunion today was quite emotional. >> officer dominick case was waiting as 4-year-old andrew and his mom got off the train today. it was the first time they had all been together since this picture went viral over the weekend. >> i know i tried to say thank
5:42 pm
you a million times on the a trin. but it really -- it really did mean so much. >> that photo of holding the 4-year-old boy's hand made headlines after the boy's mother posted her story of how officer case offered the helping hand as andrew was having a meltdown hile riding metro home last week. >> having a 4-year-old myself. it's not something i haven't seen before. he did seem a little distraught. my i>>ho whte tweugre rigbeht b t and he was rolling in the dirt. pulling my hair and kicking me. it breaks my heart because ere's nothing i can do about it. >> she advised that her son did suffer from autism and i justy know crouched down to his eye level and just tried to talk to him. explain to him who i was, why i there. i thought maybe the next best thing to give him something from my vest so he could have and hold and kind of -- kind of you know distract him a little bit from what was going on.
5:43 pm
wastrsehosit h oenff bicer efo not onlyal helped to andrew down he rode the h traine with him. a 35-minute ride. >> very sweet boy. you oknow,ce, once he was able to calm down. e younow he asthe t rso polite and just seemed lika very calm kid. >> tomorrow officer case will be nored at the metro board meeting. andrew and his mom plan to be there as well. marks, segra nbc news, washington. >> what a bond they have now, huh? >> how fis. it's a simple act of kndness and understanding. i mean everyone can use that. not just little children. >> good lesson for all of us. >> changing when you eat may help you lose weight. researchers at the university of alabama studied 11 overweight men and women. they tried two different meal timing strategies, now people who ate breakfast at 8:00 a.m.
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o, i'm calling because i've hehobeen paying more? for my medicines in medicare and i hear there may be discounts. sure, we work with middlemen called pharmacy benefit managers to negotiate discounts. oh, great! so, i can get those at my pharmacy? nope. that's not the way it works. so, you get discounts on medicines, but you're not passing them on to us? [hangs up] hello? hello....? identity theft a growing problem, many experts say it's not a matter of if, but when you'll become a victim. >> is i.d. thefton protection of the ways to protect yourself? >> susan hogan work wug with what you need to know before you sign up. >> andrea ferrero teaches young people about finances which unfortunately also includes learning about identity theft
5:47 pm
she should know. andr had her identity stole an few years ago. but she was lucky. she had enrolled in an identity theft protection service, which quickly inrmed her that someone had used her ofo t get a large amount of credit in her name? the ey walked me throu steps to take to dispute the sideline of creditd that ha been opened and take care of that. >> consumer reports says know what you're actually buying. some people assume i.d. protection services will prevent identity theft. n but that's true. >> consumers have to accept that criminals can get your hands on your personal iormation no matter what you do. the key is to spot fraudulent activity quickly and do what you ve to do totop it. >> i.d.nrotection services ca help you dispute fraudulent transactns with your bank, credit card companies and other businesses after your identity has stolen. the services typically cost $ to $30 a month. the best way to prevent someone
5:48 pm
unfrom opening ac in your name is to freeze your credit with the the major credit bureaus. eep in mind, freezing your credit won't prevent all i.d. theft. for instance, a kiloliter can still use your personal information to ge medical services. or even steel your tax refund. >> it's critical that consumers keep a careful eye on their financial world. bank and credit card statements, but medical records, insurance records, tax records. >> check your credit report every year. you can do it to for free with all three of the credit bureaus, back to you. going to have another option when you're dini t in openle is now getting into the delivery business. the company isartnering with caviar, grub hub. it will be act i have been this week in 90 cities. >> good day to eat utoors, you
5:49 pm
showed us earlier. how about the evening? >> yes, for most of us. wu might have a shower just down the roadere you're sitting there high and dry. we have a lot of shower activita in rts of prince george's county and more up towards hagerstown and martinsburg. take a look and we'll show you what's going on. most of area dry, but we do have these isolated showers, moving down across thearea. you see them in through fairfax county and parts of prince george's county. the heaviest towards jefferson county and we virginia. anne arundel county along 301 or over towards 97 around crofton, around bowie and the beltway. looking at mount vernon. this little shower has been there for about the last half-hour to an hour or so. another one south and east of alexania. around oxon hill. 495. making its way toward clinton maryland. and more showeri actty around fedex field and more over
5:50 pm
towards the anne arundel area. there crofton. so south along 301 you continue to see those. hagerstown, down towards the boonsboro area, thunderstorm activity here and it's been raining good in washington county off and on all day. same thing with frederick county, frederick county d now. this is one of the showers that is right now in prince george's county. you can see the rain falling. watch this as we' pning up o wards the north here. panning up inthe clouds. look at the clouds, they're not that high. you can see the bright cumulusl there. pretty good shot there as we make our way out and about. let's head over to amelia. you mentioned the pollen aspect. >> seasonal allergies, i hope you're not getting them.
5:51 pm
i didn't have them until a few years ago. if you're suffeng, i feel your pain. the mold spores continuing to come in high. i'll have the updaled pol report tomorrow. hopefully they come down a little and provide relief. aside from that. tomorrow is a perfect 10. we start off refreshing, sunshine, 68 degreesin washington. low to mid 60s in the suburbs. by lunchtime we're at 80 degrs, we warm to a high of 87, so it's warm, foelg a litt hot. but the humidity levels aren't plbad. and a sant thursday night. 85 degrees at 7:00 p.m. it's a perfect pool day. perfect for grilling outdoors. it's looking really nice. tom and friday, putting it out. but it's warm and with low humidity. cooler over the weekend. with highs near 90. our temperature trend is going
5:52 pm
on up. by monday we're t cking temperatures in the low 90s, but doug after today it's a perft day toget the car washed. >> tomorrow, friday, saturday, because we're not expecting ny rain over the next couple of days. 87 on friday, 88 on saturday.ow right n we're predicting a four to five-day heat wave with the the hottest temperatures being monday, tuesday into wednesday, chance of storms coming up next wednesday, thursday and friday. all in all, enjoy the next couple of days. >> doug, thank you. are u ready? football season is here. almost, anyway. the redskins are reporting to training camp in richmond for the next few weeksnd photo journalist chris kerrwin capturing his time-lapsed video of his trip to the commonwealth. now we're slowing that down. that's where we find news4's
5:53 pm
sherreeburruss. a lot of talk about who isn't there? >> training camp with jay gruden at the podium. instead of talking about the brewing quarterback battle, all of the attention was on a 10-year veteran. pro bowl lineman trent williams is still not here atcamp. during the off-season workouts gruden said he believed his starting left tackle was upset over a medical misdiagnosis. all the reports claim it's a money and contract issue. but gruden said he has not talked to williams despite the two developing a rapport ver the past five years in 2015 the two of them celebrating the nfc, clinching the nfc east. so taking this into consideration, gruden says he's not taking this situation personally. we know how we feel about trent.
5:54 pm
how important he is to this football team and we expect him here sooner than later. >> it's the first day of training camp and there's things we have to go through. it's business at this point. and like i said, i expect him to come back. hope is not a word i use, i expect him to come back. he understands what the franchises done for him and he understands what he has done for this franchise, hopefully we'll get him back soon. >> so gruden focusing on who is here and coming up on news4 at 6:00 we'll be talking about the quarterback battle. live from richmond,
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a new initiative to reduce the harmful impact of climate change on district residents. >> beginning with a makeover of a 100-year-old building. >> as part ofom ourtment to the changing climate, we show you how the new resilient center as it's called isve dined to sa money and save lives. >> solar panels save money for the low-income residents who live here at the maycroft apament building in columbia heights. high-tech batteries in the basement can provide power for three days to the community room. it's the district's first resiliency center in an affordable housiel devopment. in case of a blackout from an o emergencyr climate
5:58 pm
catastrophe, residents can ome here to charge phones. monitor news, refrigerate medicines and power life-saving devices. >> i suffer from copd, have machines that allow me to continue to assist me in my brithing situation. >> whout that, it could threaten your life? >> it could be a life-and-death situation. >> this clean energy initiative of parthe district government's solar for all project. >> we have a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2032. >> the district is partnering with pepco, new partners community solar and jubilee housing a nonprofit that creates affordable housing for no low incom residents. there are 194 solar panels on the roof of this building. the low income residents who live here will realize a monthly savings of between $40 and $50 for the next 15 years. >> that's $50 that provided to
5:59 pm
pepco, that's another two, three meals a week. i'm grateful for it. >> the d.c. government iste committo more energy efficient, affordable housing, they call it environmental justice. chris gordon,news4. the testimony you'ring about to give is true and correct. >> it's not a witch hunt. >> he did not reach a determination as to whether the president committed a rice. >> president trump direct theed white house counsel don mcgahn to fire you, isn't that correct? >> true. >> i agree with the chairman this morning when he said donald trump is not above the law. he's not. but he damn sure shouldn't be below the law. which iswhere volume two of this report puts >> did you interview him? >>. western intelligence or russian intelligence? >> i can't get into that. >> a lot of things you can't get into. my career e course of we've seen a number of
6:00 pm
challenges tur democracy. russia's interference in our election is the most serious. >> it's the last point that mueller says should be a concern to all americans. mu t more needsbe done to prevent future intrusion by russia in our elections. >> today's back-to-back hearings often devolved into lawmakers trying to one-up each other. >> there's a chancehat the hours of questions did very little to change people's minds about the russia probe. each side trying to claim victory based on the responses of the former special counsel. >> taking a look at it, sarah dallof joining us live from capitol hill. sarah? >> good evening leon and doreen, facts, but few fireworks, new revelations as robert mueller testified for more than six hours. >> robert mueller in the hotseat. the former special counsel dismissing president trump's ep claim his r


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