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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 25, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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police a hoping yo can help them find the teenagers behind this beating. mueller taking the stand. the man behind the russia probe talk with congress in hour'sng lo testimony. lawh kers are botsides are trying to spin it in their favor. it is thursday rning. ank you for being with us. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm jummy olabanji. aaron gilchrist and eun yang have the week off. thank you for waking ups. with u 6:00 is your time. most of washington was glued to the tv yesterd to see former special counsel robert mueller's congressional testimony. >> it certainly had moments. we were doing the same thing here and we will have much more on that hearing coming up. but, first, we are tracking what you need to know for your thursday morning. melissa mollet is tracking the road ahead of your morning commute. >> let's start, though, with chuck bell. are we going to see some sunshine today? >> a beautiful start to the day.
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look at the great clear 'over washington. purple color there. sunrise still three littleut maway. four things you need to know. a lovely morning. humidity nice and lo for today. really low rain chances for today. much like yesterday. yesterday's rain chancesarely 20%. it's in that same range today. that being said, rain did materialize yesterday afternoon around the washington area. and it may do that again later today. right now in the mid-50s. 50 ed in the shenandoah valley. 58 manassas and 59 gaithersburgi this morg. your commute unaffected by rain through at least the first half to three-quarters of the day. only about 20% later chance today. high temperatures in the mid-80s. car washing forecast? go for it. rain ly way to guarante is if you wash your car. that's it, melissa. >> that is true. absolutely. right 4 now firstraffic southbound 95 before powder mill road chopper 4 came upon this. overturned vehicle tthe side
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of the roadway. it looks like the occupants did get out but hit that guardrail and then flipped. now you see delays southbound 95 before powder mill road. we don't have ahe response on t scene yet. it's over on the right side. lots of people will be looking. it's a bit slow through that area. northbound 95 in virginia near prince william parky disabled vehicle there in wood bridge. no complaints 270 at ssmont beltway inner loop and outer loop looking good. a woman is dead this morning after hours she wased pull after the water in the district wharf. she died at the hospital we jusb learned aftereing brought there last night in critical condition. it took divers 25 minutes to find her under the water. police are not sure if she went into the wat on purpose or if she fell. in the meantime, this morning, the search is on for a group of teenagers who brutally
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attacked a virginia man outside of the washington hilton hotel. >> there is video. justin finch is joining us live from there with that surveillance video. it's hard to watch in spots, justin. >> reporter: at's right. this attack here is brutal but police are hoping by showing it that someone out there will likely recognize at lest one of these suspects. suspects they believe are just s teenageetween 13 and 14 years old. police say the attack appears. to have been begun after o teen singled that man out and said "that is him." the video shows a teen boy appearing to hit one of two older men outside of the awashington hilton beforeroup of teens come over, boys and girls. they seem to knock that man down, appearing okick and own on him while he is the ground, unable to get his footing. then that second older man runs inside of the hotel. you may see there that teen aggressively kicking that man in the head before another teen girl comes ov and appears to
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spit on that man as he lies on the gsund helpless in thi case. those teens then run away towards connecticut ae and they have not been seen since. back out live. that was more than ten days ago, july 14th, police say, close to 1:00 a.m. the teens still at large this morning. the man was free throw for injuries, including a bad one to his eye socket. this could have been a lot worse. a lot of people who live and travel here are concerned about that attack and want to see those teens k inside to you. >> trying to figure out more details about that case for sure. justin finch at the washington hilton hotel, thank you. we want to tell you hours of congressional testimony was either the end of the russia questions or the beginning of impeachment proceedings depending on what side of the aisle that you were on. >> this morning republics say robert mueller's testimony was a disaster and it's time to move on. democrat say it exposed the trump campaign's potential criminal behavior.
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lawmakers focus their questions on obstruction of justice. thel former speciaunsel dismissed the president's claim total exoneration and refuse to answeruestions from both democrats andub replicans. >> he does not get into the game of trying to create a narrative or narrate his own report or tell his own in that e, i don't think it's what thera democts were anticipating, but he also pushed back against the republicans claims his own staff was made ut of mo clinton loyalists. >> he warned that russia's actions interfering withur elections creates a deep threat for the democracy. >> trump campaigntofficial bu their strategy, their messaging strategy around those stolen e docums? >> generally, that's true. >> and then they lied to cover it up? >> generally, that's >> the prent repeated his
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claim that the entire thing was a witch hunt, ntiment that mueller rejected. house democrats say they will continue their investigation, d impeachment remains on the table. stay tuned later on "today" for much more at 7:00 a.m. president trump's fight to keep his tax returns from being released is heading to court. mr. trump now suing a ngressional committee and new york state officials. the lawsuit seeks an injunction against a new york law that would allow the house ways and means committee to access the president's new york tax returns. the committee rah requested six years of tax returns and has filed its own lawsuiagainst e treasury department and the irs in an effort to get those returns.t'7:táhe president's at that the lawsuit is an attemphap to end wt he calls presidential harassment. developing this morning, there were cheers and celebrations in puerto rico. embattled governor ricardo
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rossello announced he will resign. thousands of people hit the narrow streets outside of the governor's mansion in san juan overnight. the governor made the announcement around midnight and his resignation will effective next friday. he faced intense pressure also peachment hearings after a series of damaging chat messages between him and his top advisers were relet ed. late lasght, rossello said he would not remain in power. this morning jeffrey epstein is on suicide watch in prison. sources close to the investigation say that he was found injured in his jail cell. he was reportedly in a fetal position on the jail room and semiconscious with marks on his neck. word on his condition at this moment. d suicide attempt or assault has not been rule out here. epstein is being held during his trial for conspiracy aex trafficking. his next court date is set for wednesday. he denies all of the charges against him.
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justice for the family of another district teen who lost his life to gun violence. derek desir has been sentenced to 34 years in prison for the murder of 15-year-old malik mercer at a bus stop in 2015. police say desir shot him because mercer and ariend teased him. a political battle is brewing this morning in sea pleasant. eayeier this week this emplo announced her attention to run for mayor against eugene grant but when she got to work yesterday she was escorted off the property. riley said an email was sent to all city employees telling she was not allowed in government buildings, including the city'se police depart where she was an assistant. >> i already knew tt i was going to receive backlash for my announcement. i was humiliated and treated like a criminal beiorted to my car. i'm a resident here. >> the current mayor eugene t gr on his fourth term.
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he told news4 he can't comment on the case bauecause it's a personnel matter. riley is not sure if she whets to get r job back. she definitely is planning to run for mayor and not detred by this. u.s. official are confirming that north korea fired two short range missiles into the sea. south korea's military says the missiles were launched from korea's eastern shore yesterday. this would be the first launch reported since president trump and north korean kim jong-un met last month. no indication that the missiles posed any threat to the united states or to allies. a story here that is totally hard for any parent to watch. a 3-year-old boy in the hospitai after cl onto an airport baggage conveyor belt in atlanta and we learned he had broken bones because of this. security footge capturing the moments. at the put him down spirit airlines kiosk to print her boarding pass and said her ton took off. he ended up behind a closed
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ticket counter and on a moving conveyor belt and the toddler rode on the belt five minutes before landing in the tsa baggage room. >> incredible video there. it was a tearful reunion a metro transit police officer and a 4-year-old little boy. you may remember andrew pamia who has autism. on friday, he had a bit of a meltdown on the metro ride home. a picture went viral showing officer dominique case helping him on the train. yesterday, the two got a chance to see each other again. later on today, officer cas will be honored at the metro board meeting for all of his help with that family and andrew atd his mother plan to tend. england's flamboyant new prime minister made a promise yesterday that could mean economic disaster for the uk. we will tell you about that next on news4 plus, could kim kardashian be doing more work on prison reform? will have that coming up on we will tell you about the visit to a j local d.c.ail ahead here
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on "news4 today." g>> good morning, everybody. thursday mornin means the weekend is getting close around here. if you're going to beach around here a great ay. the weather could not be nicer for the final weekend in july. your forecast coming p. remember previewing the thing a ma jig convention. what young minds can do with le recyclab material and they ae recyclab material and they ae learrni i switched from dodge.
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we switched from ford. i switchedrom ram. i switched to chevy. we switched to chevy. wewitched to chevy. for dependability.
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for technology. for the muscle. and just look at it. adios, lexus. bye, bye, ford. we switched to chevy. and i couldn't be happier. see for yourself why people are switching at the chevy all-star open house. or add another chevy to your driveway. current gm owners can get over $5,100 below msrp on this equinox. find new roads atle yourd come back. kid from all over the area are getting ready for a stem explosion in prince george's county. >> we are checking out all of the great crtions ahead of the thing a ma jig invention
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convention. our molette gen is live upper marlboro with detail thisn moing. hi there. >> reporter: good morning to you. in a matter of hours, about 2,000 to 4,000 will fill up this showcase arena where we are today. we have campers here early with their creations. a rock creation. they used recyclable materials. this is the 25th anniversary of the thing a ma jig invention convention. she made a whole outfit and a purse here. look at her. yes. very fancy. then you made what?a >> per sized backpack. >> with recyclable material. this young lady made a little citof the ymca. that is pretty good, zoe!t haoff to you. look at her tv set. hold it up, baby, so we can see it. the 25th anniversary of this. janice is the brain child. you created all of this.
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this is your brainchild to bring these young mind here people as far as from pennsylvania and new york coming and the dmv, campers from all over. >> absolutely. this is wonderful opportunity for children to use their imagination to just dream big and to problem solve by using recyclable material and to take that summer and toct ally continue learning. >> my goodness. we have a drone flying around behind u they will be learning how to fly drone. a lot of thing they will be learning including working with e american heart association l toearn life saving technique. i've got some young mind right here working on their techniques. you can tell us more, shannon, about whys is important to incorporate this into this convention. >>heoday we are teaching t the life saving skill of cpr to save more lives and two steps. step one, call 911. step two, press hard and fast into the center of the chest to 100 to 120 beats per nute.
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>> they are pressing hard and fast there. they will get a bunch of prizes too. some of em are on the stage behind me. you see the shiny new bikes? they are ther off to the back there. would who would like to have a new bike? >> me, me! >> pick me!wi >> we have more how this convention works for these kid. >> thank you, molette green. see you then. the uk today will welcome conservative party leader boris johnson for his fuss detail as prime minister. he spent yesterday meeting witel queen abeth, but he also met with protesters as well and he made one thing clear to them -- the uk is leaving the european union. >> and we are going to fulfill the repeated promise of parliament to the pouple and comof the eu on october 31st. no if's or b's. >> johnson has said if no deal
6:17 am
is reached by halloween, which is the deadline, there will be a no-deal brexit which experts say could be an economic disaster. johnson replaces former prime minister theresa may who announced her regnation last nth. a pennsylvania court has thrown out meek mills conviction gun and drug charges. in 2017, a judge sentenced mills two to four years for violating toobation. that decision led high profile support and made him a celebrity crusader for criminal justice reform.he yesterday, ourt granted the rapper a new trial on the original charge because ofal ged police corruption. now the court said he would likely be acquitted if prosecutors retry the case but prosecutors have not said if they plan to do that. reality tv star kim kardashian west is on a mission to fix prison reform and that cause has brought her to d.c. a spokesperson for d.c. jail tells us kim k. visited their onal treatment facility yesterday. they are not going inetails but saying it has to do with a
6:18 am
special project she is inlved with. last year she lobbied on johnson who was sentenced to life a first-time drug offense. president trump commuted that sentence after she spent two decade behind bars. the sun is coming up.da beautiful >> as the sun comes up, it goes hrough different parts of the atmosphere and it changes the color of the sky. a great day to beutside today. temperatures are in the comfortable range this morning. even national airport. all the way down to 65 degthes! at is a rarefied air on july 25th around here. enjoy it. we know it can't last for long and the suburbs are even cooler. dulles airport to 62. 59 in frederick. 55 now down in opal, vi70inia. y the bay in annapolis.
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future weather. the way your thursday will play out. allshine through the morning hours like yesterday. there is a chance for a quick little blossoming of rain shower chaes between 3:00 and 7:00. not everyone will get them and it did rain in washington i yesterday and could very well rain for a brief period of time again mid to late afternoon. by 7:00, 8:00, thing should be drying up nicely. i don't think this pattern will be repeated tomorrow. high pressure out to our westb will a little closer tomorrow. that should help squash any rain chances completely away. it will also be a little warmere ins ofe this morning, everybody will be about 3 or 4 degrees warmer tomorrow. 68 in the morning. 88 high temperature tomorrow afternoon. this big ridge of high pressure is providing that little impulse of cool air aloft and generated the showers yesterday and will do so again today. the weekend ther a of high pressure sits on top of us and dry and warm and summer like but
6:20 am
not smier-duper hu very pleasant for the final weekend of july. back into the 90s on sunday. humidity really start toeturn next week. good morning, melissa. >> good morning, chuck. beltsville southbounde5re powder mill road ride is blocked and response on the scene. chopper 4 showing you this overturned vehicle. thngk you for highlighti that for us chopper 4 on the ride. it's just now blocking the right lane because of the response. it will take a while toat get th out of the way. once the tow truck shows up we could see additional slow downs ere on southbound 95. no complaints on the beltway. 270 southbound 59 miles per hour.
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remember to listen to wtop 10 3.5 fm when you hop in your car this afternoon. a woman got her business off the ground with an ice cream shop. her story is coming up next. aso keep it here all day long. "ellen" at 3:00 and then your "ellen" at 3:00 and then your ews at 4:00.n choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever.
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dozens of ponies stepped off dry land to carry out a special tradition. >> ponies swam during what is called slack tide in a part of virginia. the easiest time for them to cross there. yestday was their 94th annual swim. i've never seen it butto i want check it out sometime. >> the money ised auctio off and the money goe to a volunteer fire company that cares for those horses. the dream to open a new ice cream store m sound sweet but doesn't come easy. >> we talked to one local store owner who put a lot of work into getting her business off the ground but she is not only providing the treats to customer she is also providing lessons to her young employees and she hopes she inspires other people to do the same.ce >> i love iream. i think that it just make people happy. >> reporter: it's hard not to smile when you walk into this small vibrant ice cream shop on
6:25 am
georgianu ave northwest. here is the scoop. re is karen seller's new business, a dream of 15 years in the making. >> i'm a member of the national ice cream association. i've traveled all over. >> reporter: the washington, d. native had been a hairstylist for 20 years but always damt of making cones. being the first black female ice cream shop in this neighborhood was no easy feat. >> it was very hard getting to this point. very tiresome but it was all worth it. >> reporter: karen said it took blood, sweat, and tears and a whole lot of money, but good things happen to good people her father always said and for karen, that good fortune came in the form of several grants including $50,000 from grape ee sfunding and now karen is passing n all of t business lessons she has learned to her
6:26 am
young employees, many of whom are young d.c. natives. >> but i also want to teach a lot of young people how to prepare their sale for that foundation. >> most importantly, she is i creating ecodevelopment and we are very happy and we are going to be behind her 100%. >> reporter: the scoop's menu also features cookies and cakes from other local women, looking to one day open up their own store for karen, pace isn't just about serving the community, but also giving back to it, something she also learned from her father. >> i've gone through the process and i've learned a lot to get to this point and i want them to understand it is possible for me thing as he well. >> welcome to the scoop! so great to see her being able to open that shop in the neighborhood where she grew up and givi back her neighborhood. >> now i want ice cream. >> you can get some in 30 minutes. >> a man takes his phone for service and ends up in ail.
6:27 am
we will tell you about that coming up. and how empty space in your yard co bring in money. no cloud thimorning and we know where to go to get delicious ice cream and you want to getg, this do go to the humane dog rescue alliance this morning. he is a year and a half, almost 2.y he is reado go home to you. temperatures in the 60s this rn mog. great walking weather early
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hello....? good morning to you. welcome. thanks for waking up with us onl thursday, j 25th. it's almost 6:30. >> the sun is coming up over nationals harbor thimorning pap beautiful day on the horizon for all of us. thank you for spending part of your morning bus. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm jummy olabanji. aaron gilchrist and eunang have the morning off. >> we are working for you this morning. melissa mollet istanding by with first 4 traffic. >> thirst we start with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell
6:31 am
who has good on news to deliver about the forecast >> i do, indeed. sun is up and shining. it's a nice day to be outside. temperatures in the 50s in many neighborhoods this morning. may nt to have that extra long walk or jog or bike ride this morning. 61 now in leesburg but 55 in the panhandle of west virginia and 55 in upper montgomery ou cy. 62 in fredericksburg. the good stuff for summertime for sure. here is your planner for plenty of sunshine the first part of the day and like yesterday, there will be a small chance for a quick little shower between 3:00 and 7:00 today. coming up in a bit, we will give you the baseball game forecast and future on weather with your hour-by-hour rain chance planner that is coming up. >> 95 in marand southbound in beltsville before powder mill road overturnedehicle on the ride of the shoulder. tow truck is on the seen and should get it out of the way the
6:32 am
next 30 minutes. difficult because of where it is down that embankment and overturned. we have two and a half mile backup there at 95 southbound in powder mill. brand-new problem here in centerville northbound 25 afterf wesield. police active.>> > new this morning. a virginia man faces charges after a storeemployee found child pornography on his phone. police arrested 46-year-old jose luis torres and found the porn on his phone last saturday. the manager called police after it appeared the pornography belonged to torres was later charged with possession and is being held without bond. the searchis on this morning for a group of teens who
6:33 am
brutally attack a virginia man outside the washington hilton hotel. look at this video ot partsf it hard to watch. lihe attack happened earer this month. one person hit the m and prompting the rest of the group to attack there. the suspect here all believed to be 13 to 14 year old. they violently kicked and d puncheat person. the man suffered injury to his head and his eye. a witness here was also hurt. both were treated at a cal hospital. no word on the motivate for the attack. a quick look a this morning's top stories. a woman is dead hours after pulled out of the water at the district wharf. divers found her after searching for her 25 minutes. police don't know if she went into the water on purfese or if sh. >> jeffrey epstein was found hurt in his jail cell and found on the floor of the jail he's in in the fetal posion and he reportedly semiconscious and epstein is held during his trial r conspiracy and sex
6:34 am
tr dfficking. henies all of the charges against him. his next court date is set for wednesday. take a look at this scene in san juan,rt puerico. residents there have been reacting overnight to the announcement from governor ricdo rossello he will resign and his resignation he says is effective next friday. protests against him started almost two week ago after private chats were leaked between him and his officials. i stick with the language you. you have in front much it's not in my purview. a matter being handled by others at the department of justice. >> a sample of what weeard repeatedly yesterday. former special counsel robert mueller said in may his report as to elaborate yesterday. >> this morning, both republicans and democrats are claim g victory here. the democrats are seizing on mueller's confirmation that his investigation did not exonerate the president of wrong doing. in the meantime, republicans
6:35 am
insist that the hearing should be the fin nail in this whole investigation's coffin. >> the president still continues to call this russian attack on our democracy a hoch. something that director mueller today directly refuted. >> get over the election of 2016. >> there is no chance that house democrats will drop this issue.g comiup in five minutes we will dig into what their next move will be. maryland is considering major change to its plan to add toll lanes to i-270 and the beltways. >> the state has agreed to conduct a more detailed reviewha of a plan t recommends sending express lanes on virginia's portion of the beltway. our megan mcgrath b live on thetway this morning to explain it all. >> good morning. we aren the 495 express lanes in tyson's corner. lipare going at a very good here but the lanes will end very soon. transportation official are exploring ways to bring toll
6:36 am
lane into maryland. reporting th m-dot will review a plan by montgomery county that would take a look and extend the 495 express lanes in virginia er a rebuilt american legion bridge and into montgomery county. those toll lanes go up 270 to gaithersburg and join the icc where traffic could then connect with 95. now this is not a done deal yet. maryland state transportation officials are going to take a closer look at it over the next couple of weeks. we should know something sool a of other proposals in the mix as well. the whole idea here is to try to cut down on the congestion we see during rush hour. back to you. >> megan mcgrath rolling along the express lanes this morning. thank you. we are hours away from the r
6:37 am
first ptice of the 2019 spring training camp for the redskins. our sherree burruss is in richmond this mornito explain the team's focus on day one. >> reporter: new year. same goal for the redskins. make the playoffs. that journey starts here as now it looks like the burgundy and gold will be trying to do that o thout pro bowl left tackle trent williams still holding out. head coach jay gruden expecting williams to be back, eventually. >> hope is not a wo i'll use. i expect him to come back and he understands what this franchise has done for him and he understandwhat he has done for this franchise. hopefully we get him back soon. >> the plot thickens at quarterback. long time redskins backup colt mccoy is 100% healthy after suffering a broken leg last season and he will compete with nine-year veteran case keenum and this year's 15th overall pick dwayne haskins. >> i feelryonfident in one
6:38 am
of our quterbacks. they have the still set to win football games. at the end of the day it's our job to figure out which onei week one will us the best chance to beat a division rival. >> reporter: gruden has a laundry list of quarterbacks in his starting qb, meaning this battle could extend past training camp. in virginia, sherree burruss, news4 sports. ext on "news4 today," a popular local coffee shop is closing its doors. this will impact a lot of people. we will tell you how much time you have to enjoy dean & delucav >> do you he a backyard? you might want to make extra cash. we will tell you about a new side hustle that is combining both of those thing. our molette green is working for you in the community this morning. what is going on today? >>reporter: thousands of kid, including chris, who will fly the plane. fly the plane, chris. learning about aviation at the invention convention here a the
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
at creative idea that could help ease outage shortage in housing around the country. a new start-up in san francisco, california. experts say they want to use backyard space to build granny units. ehey woulget 50% tncheofom i >> they certainly need to do something about housing out there. we want to tell you new this morning. dean & deluca will close its doors on august 1st i georgetown. it has been a staple on m street since 1993. the first dean & deluca in that area. it is reported they are closing because the building is about to undergo renovation and dean & deluca is trying to cut costs a does not plan to open elsewhere in the district. let's get your cnbc morning
6:42 am
business report.k i'm franlland. samsung says it's fixed problems with the galaxy smartphone and release it in september and device was originally set to launch in april but samsung suffering a major embarrassment after several reviewers reported problems, including screens that broke easily. samsung says it has improved the design of the phone and the phone is expected to cost about $2,000. with your cnbc morning busiss report, i'm frank holland. another great d everybody. games at 4:05 against the rockies. a chance for a rain delay butie a chance for a rain delay butie bel they will able to get i switched from dodge.
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antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance. repeateatly claimed th you found there was no obstruction and it completely and totallypt? >> correct, it's not what the report >> we are diving into mueller's testimony before congress. in that brief exchange with
6:46 am
jerry nadler, mueller said his report does not exonerate the president during the 26 election and plenty to sort through here. >> chuck todd is joining us with momore. good ing, chuck. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, no, look. i think what we learned yesterday is iin nancy pelosi in particular. what was the mueller testimon about? it was whether his verbalizing of this report was going to create a new moment and a new push for impeachment and in some ways speaker pelosi think was -- who is a skeptic on going ahead with impeachment was waiting to ee how this would play. it doesn't appear to me if you're looking for theater to be the way that motivate there was
6:47 am
this dramatic moment that mueller didn't deliver on that front. at the same time what he d deliver is still leaving house democrats with this dilemma. if they are not going to pursue impeachment, was are theybogoin to a this damming report? they still have not answered that question. >> we got a lot going onoron there fsure. how do you see it breaking down as we go forward? do you think this is the end of this or do you think there is more coming up? >> for me this feels a little bit like an epi log like this is it. and this is just sort of your final moments and this will be the period at the end of the mueller report. but i think some people were wondering would tomorrow be the beginning or the end of -- the end of one part of one chapter and the beginning of a new one that began with impchment and i think now, given that congress is about to go into recess and they certainly don't appear to be making that decision before they do that in august, and then come september, we have two more
6:48 am
presidential debates? at some point the presidential campaign may "trump" impeachment >> thank u, chuck todd. see you soon. >> all right are, guy. thanks, adam. police are searchingor roup of teens who brutally attacked a man outside of the washington hilton hotel. >> it is tough video to watch but justin finch is live with thate disturbing surveillan video. what do we know? >> two men trying to ma their way to the washington hilton but they are followed by a group of teens they say.a group that would kick and beat one of those men so badly left helpless in side driveway here. they say it appears that victim was singled out before the s ttack. thiman one of two men who was involved in all of this ndays ago. teen seeming to strike one of those two older men before a crowd converges and boys and men
6:49 am
knocking the man to the ground and stomping him as the other man runs intoh thotel. then a teen boy appears to aggressively k ck that boy the face before a girl comes over and appears to spit on that man as he is lying on the ground. again, right outside of the washinghilton. the teens scramble and run towards connecticut avenue. the teens remain at this att happening on july 14th close to 1:00 a.m. they believe on that video someone out there may be ab to help them fill in the gaps or perhaps even better recognize one of those teen. we are live in the rthwest, justin finch, "news4 today." >> thank you, justin. hopefully, somebody rognize them from that video. >> indeed. you may be using tsa precheck for a smoother travel experience this summer but some travelers are telling the news4 i-team they are not getting what they alwaysfolay . >> scott macfarlane explains in
6:50 am
this flyer beware report. >> reporter: f you're part of a tsa precheck program you spend extra money to make easier to get through security but some travelers tell the "news4 today" i-team the are not getting what they paid hn morris is one of 20 million americans with a mobility issue but a wheelchair after a 2012 car crash morris never thought ld giving up his passion for traveling the wor >> i am the rare person who love to fly. >> reporter: to make things simpler he enrolled in tsa precheck for a faster trip through security. but washington national is one of the a handful airports nationwide are not wheel-cleir accessib >> the down side now you have to remove the items that you're supposed to be able to leave into your bag. >> reporter: often shifting him to the standard line where he says he has undergone the pat-down and slow downs he paid to avoid. not what you paid for? >> extremely inconvenient and definitely not what i paid for. >> reporter: a spokesman says new tsa checkpoints are under completion and 2021 they will
6:51 am
will be wheelchair accessible. coming up at 4:00 today, the iother frequent compla the federal government is getting from passengers with disalities who travel through reagan and other airports th through e country. for now, scott macfarlane, "news4 today" i-team.>> >chuck? >> a good looking thursday morning and getting closer to the weekend. shining ir of the sun in washington. four thing to know about the next four days. today like yesterday dry for most. now there were quite a few of us that got hit by raindrops, yours truly included yesterday. but rain chances are getting lower today and then dry weather returns for the next coupled which is important. radaesover yrday afternoon. not everyone got wet but look at this little burst of rain that developed during the middle th parts of afternoon over washington and over nats park. a big chunk of northern virginia and suburban maryland nev saw a drop of rain yesterday. national airport picked up a
6:52 am
third of an inch of rain. nothing at bwi or dulles. this area of high pressure providing cool air aloft and the reason for the showers yesterday. that will be anoth reasonor a small chance of showers later today. here is future weather for your thursday. starting off here at 6:00 a.m. this morning. clear sikies and beautiful weather. 3:00 and 4:00 a hint of showers here. not severe weather. wouldn't rule out one or two rumbles of thunder but short-lived rain showerand, generally speaking, not have a big impact. you can see just like yesterday, most everybody will be dry. it's comfortably cool this rning. mid-50s in the shenandoah valley. even some of our northern and western suburbs have fallen into the fist this morning. national airport at 65. that is a erwinn. your planner for today. partly to mostly sunny. 20% of rain today, like yesterday.
6:53 am
now let's go over to first 4 traffic. >> chopper owner eastbound 32 after 95. take a look at the track in the grass. a vehicle in the wood. thank you, chopper 4, for that arr arrow there. rest of t beltway looks okay. northbound 95 before 123, a crash there th is also blocking the left side. remember to listen to wtop when
6:54 am
you hop in your car, 103.5. >> it's a great radio station. >> we are partners, you know that? get ready for a stem explosion in prince george's county. >> we are checking out the great creations for kid preparing for a specialconvention invention and molette green is working for you in the community and she has got details. i like that plane behind you. >> they put it back together. >> they did. g thank for styrofoam, right? 2,000 to 4,000 kid will fill this arena today. we are standing by the trophy for the pridential challenge winner. some of the bikes to the some of the rwinne the kids who came in early for us are holding up some of their inventions and their creations made with recyclable ary janice william is the brain
6:55 am
child of this and the kid will also be helping for cpr training. aviation will be taught. a drone was flying around throughout the whole hour and i want to bring in aubrey farad to talk about that. you have a foundation and your whole purpose is to inspire young mind to go into this field. >> we want to introduce the field of aviation and contrary education to our community. i'm an air traffic controller in and i th it's important that minorities and females learn about different careers in aviation. oung ladyer: we got a holding a plane. you can fly a plane. you know that, right? >> yes. >> reporter: all right. in a couple of hours we will fill this up for theng thi a ma jig invention convention. you all y?read >> yes! >> who is going to win this trophy? that's what i want to know. >> molette green, thank you. here are four things to
6:56 am
know. jeffrey epstein was injured last night. sources close to the investigation say he was found semiconscious on the floor of hi new york jail cell. the latest will be coming up on "today." thousands of residents in puerto rico celbrated overnight after the governor there announced he will resign effective next protests nst rossello started two week ago after pvate chats between hi and his top advisers were leaked. gabe gutierrez will report from san juan coming up next on "todoy." rrt mueller testified for hours yesterday on the hill. his report into russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election found evidence that president trump tried to obstruct the investigation. look for a breakdown next on "today. "today..." >> is there a look at today's forecast isolated shower is not
6:57 am
outside of the range of possibility. dry weather for the weekend. bonus! >> looking good to me. looking at the road right now no? >> no. >> that's fine. >> i got -- >>tb easound 32 vehicle off the roadway. thank you, choppe 4. >> thank you, melissa and chuck. thank you all for joining us for "news4 today.
6:58 am
6:59 am
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♪ breaking news. jeffrey epstein found injured in his jail cell with marks around his neck. the cvicted sex offender discovered asemiconsciousnd in the fetal position. i so wast a suicide attem or was he attacked? we'll have the very latest. also breaking overnight, he resisted calls for his resignation for weeks. this morning, the embattled governor of puerto rico gives in and agreed to step down. protests turn to celeb we're live in s>> juan. fallout. democrats and republicans split along party lines in the wake of the reluctant robert mueller's testimony. democrats doubling down on the key questions


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