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tv   Today  NBC  July 25, 2019 7:00am-8:10am EDT

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♪ breaking news. jeffrey epstein found injured in his jail cell with marks around his neck. the cvicted sex offender discovered asemiconsciousnd in the fetal position. i so wast a suicide attem or was he attacked? we'll have the very latest. also breaking overnight, he resisted calls for his resignation for weeks. this morning, the embattled governor of puerto rico gives in and agreed to step down. protests turn to celeb we're live in s>> juan. fallout. democrats and republicans split along party lines in the wake of the reluctant robert mueller's testimony. democrats doubling down on the key questions surrounding president trump.
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>> didou actually totally exonerate t president? >> no. >> while president trump claims vindication. >> this was a devastating day for the sdemocrats. >> the battle still far from over? >> plus,inal images? police release surveillance video of murdered ole missst udenty kostial. >> and a conveyer belt at the atlanta airport. and trouble in paradise. why dwayne the rock johnson is lending his star power in the fight against a massive telescope in hawaii, today, thursday, july 25t from nbc news this is "today" with guthrie and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." thanks for joining us on this thursday morning.
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craig melvinon alide kristen welker filling in for savannah. >> a busy news day. >> let's get right to the breaking news involving jeffrey epstein, the wealthy financier found injured inside investigators are looking intosi several pose explanations including a possible suicide astempt. stephanie gosk heen covering the story. what do we know? >> good morning to you guys. we know jeffrey epstein is said to be back inai a j cell on suicide watch. the incident comes just days after a judge ordered that he remain behind bars until his trial on sex trafficking charges. investigators now working to figure out what happened. this morning, conf cting accounts about what took place insi jeffreyn's jail cell. sources close to st teihe inepvestigation say he was foun in a secure area of the metropolitan correctional center semiconscious, in a fetal position, with marks on his
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neck. two sources tell nbc news that epstein tried to hang himself. with a third person noting the injuries were not ou may have been an attempt from epstein to be transferred to another facility, but the possibility that epstein wasta ed by someone else is also being looked at. another inmate, a former police officer charged with murder, was questioned, according to a fourth source. an attorney for that inte says his client had no involvement. this week, epstein's attorneys appealed the decision to keep the wealthyt financier a the jail until his trial. the jarge ruling there was cle and convi evidence that epstein is a danger to theg community. a point echoed by two of his alleged vic who spoke in court. >> he will never stop sexually abusing children until he's in jail. house e had fought for arrest at his $77 million new york city mansion. his current home, aporary high-security stop femorundreds luinmates, incding accused terrorists and white collar criminals.
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another former inmate at the jail, juan kequinoa keen el cha guzman described his treatment there as torture and the 66-year-old has pleaded not guilty to federal sex trafficking and conspiracy charges. he faces up to 45 years i prison if convicted. we reached out to epstein's attorneys for comment but have not heard back. >> thank you for that. now to a stunning reversal in prto rico where overnight, the embattled governor announced his resignatio touching off wild celebrations on thed islanfter nearly two weeks of heated protests. gabe gutierrez was there as it all unfolded and he joins us now from san juan. good morning to you, gabe. >> kristen, good morning. it was an incredible scene. thousands of protesters packed into the streets. they have been expecting the governor to resign all day, but rumors were swirling that it might not happen. then came the moment so many
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here had been calling for. overnight, puerto rico danced like it never quitead h before. >> my skin is just like, i can't even describe it. we've been waiting for this for so >> before midnight came the alert from the governor's office that he would deliver a pretapes mee on facebook. protesters scrambled to find a cell phone signal. others crowded around a restaurant's patio to hear governor ricardo rossello announce his resignation, ting effect next friday. word spread quickly. there is jubilation right now in the streets of san juan. ese protesters had waited for word of his resignation all day, and they just heard it seconds ago. overnight, pop star ricky martin posting this video. puerto rico, we did it. and we did it in peace. with no gu. in the lastew days, hundreds
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of thousands of people have been calling for the governor to step down. police had tossed tear gas at some protesters. all in the wake of hundreds of pages of private chats between rossello and several close aides that were uncovered and leaked to the public. the messages included derogatory d homophobic comments, even joked about the dead after hurricane mu. rkmonstrations spread from the island to new yo but here, this scandal was more than political. it was emotionabo >> every is very sad with the government because everybody nes, and it's not doing nothing. >> tresa had no water or power for seven months after the hurricane. thisas t moment when the island of 3 million american citizens was ello's successor will be
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juan nuvascaw, the current secretary o justice. she's controversial herself. she recused herself from the chat investigation because she os named in them, but many protesters here the island, they say that this is more t victory over han at temperatures today, 107 in paris. paris will be warmer today than cairo, egypt. that's how hot. it is madrid, 99. even london getting up to 103 degrees. local forecastur coming up in t
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and a very good thursday rning to you. i'm chuck bell. clear sks have allowed for a delightfully cool start this morning. 50s in the shenandoah valley. plenty of sunshine today. there's a chance for a stray tori f retween00 aaindn yor the ada wweekndend either. a little bit of a warming t. >> that's your latest weather. craig. >> thank you. o> coming up, new esimag ofle ss ay kostial from t she was murdered. shedding new lights on her final moments. >> plus, we tak you inside e yellowstational park in the wake of that bisonttack as officials warn tourists to leave the wildlife alone. first, this is "toda
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coming up, new questions about how a toddler was able to sneak on a conveyer belt meant for luggagehe at t atlanta airport. >> also,en one l hanging out with another. al sits down with one and only sir paul mccartney. mota bad gig. >> a dream come true and you'll be amazed what he talked about. tickets. he suffered andractured ha they're wkih>> wngeit start thi
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wiw details on a story we have been follong all week, as investigators gather evidence in the murder of ole miss student ally kostial. a group of her lifelong friends is remembering the young woman whose life was cut far too short. blayne alexander remains in oxford, mississipp i,s with the latest on the case. good morning. good morning to you. we now know more about the way that ally kostial died and more suspect in he main her murder was arrested. but investigators still have a number ofio quest and so do the friends who knew ally be. this morning, for the first time, we're seeing what might be some of the final images of ally kostial alive. oxford police t shiter' bar just off the campus of universi o mississippi where a . she walked to the door but never
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goes in, then leaves. the next body w founeutdes nr away. officials say she was shot ltiple times. >> police arrested 22-year-old brandon befelt monday morning, 80 miles away at a memphis gas station. he was brought back to mississippi and charged with murder. his father says he believes his son is innocent. the now suspended ole miss student ha inrun- with the law. four years hago,e waw cited for underage alcohol possession. in 2017, he was charged with public drunkennessnd having a fake i.d. records show the drunkenness charge was dropped. he's seen with kostial in these photos that she posted in 2016. >> the room would just light up. >> for sure. >> just her energy was so diant. >> for ally's closest friends
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back home in st. louis, it's a nightmare that never expected. >> i just feel like i'm going to wake up and everything isgo jus g to be back to normal. it just doesn't seem real. >> they did not want to talk about brandon, but they say ally had mentioned his namfo . >> she always wanted to look for the good in people. so i don't think she ever thought anything like this would ever hpen to her. >> but ally's legacy, they say, should be her radiant life, not her tragic death. her tragic death. >> she lived her life to the are you going 45? -uh, yes. 55 is a suggestion.'s kind of like driving with his dad. hat a sign, huh? terry, can you take a selfie of me? -take a selfie of you? -yeah. can you make it look like i'm holding it? -he did show us how to bundle home and auto at and save a bunch of money. -oh, a plaque. "he later navigated northward, leaving... progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. but we can protect your home and auto
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try new clean freak from mr. clean. this morning, a hollywood heavyweight is joiningrs proteste gathering to stop massive ion of a telescope on the top of a dormant hawaiian volcano. >> keir simmons joins us with more on the latest demstrazs. their starting to make headlines around the world. >> they are. you know what thi story reminds us? es matter communi even if you're an international scientist looking at the stars. it's like the scene from a movie pitting technology against tradition. the lead actor now played by dwayne "the rock" w johnson is currently filming a movie in
7:18 am
hawaii and spent part of his youth there. this morning, the hawaiian government now literally between the rock and a hard place. >> protesters are so peaceful. but they're so powerful. and no on is going anywhere. so i'm optimistic that something positive is going toome out of this. >> dwayne johnson, the sworld' biggest movie star, visiting with protesters tryg to prevent the construction of a giant telescope on hawaii's tallest mountain, land some native hawaiians consider to be sacred. >> it's about respecting a cuure and the people and doing it the right way. >> it's a years-long battle, pitting technology against cultural preservation. >> we are committed to finding a way forward in a peaceful manner. and certainly, it's important to th dialoguend much conversation that will be
7:19 am
required as we move forward. >> thee, telescop stooiss say, could help them look back in time to just after the big bang. the location chosen back i 2009 after a five-year, worldwide search for the perfect site. protesters firsted disru a groundbreaking and hawaiian blessing ceremony in 2014, sparking years of protests. gatherings for this ffmonstration after oicials announced they were closing the road to moving construction equipment to the top of the dormant volcano. the state's lieutenant governor addres the protesters earlier this week. >> i don't want to see anyone suffer. and we will see peopleick and die if they're forced to spend three weeks, three months, or god forbid, three years blocking this road. >> the world is watching. and the world is saying we should take a pause, and this is where care and decency and love and respect for not only culture but for humanity comes into play. >> there are already some
7:20 am
observatories at the site. some workers there he been evacuated and are unable tore rn. guys. these protests now are affecting the scientists' saekt. >> the t facthat the rock is gettingnvolved elevates this conversation. >> and makes it tougher for this observatory to be built. >> do they have a plan b? can't they go to the next best ple? >> you have to find a location -- , t volcano is the only spot they can see back to the big bang? >> i guess they're looking for a plan b now. >> i would not bet that is -- >> that roa is not opening. >> thank you, keir. always good to see you in person. am c here on a thursday morning, al's assignment, sitting down with sir paul mccartney, who admits he has to relearn some of the old songs before heading out on tour. sometimes when you're relearning them, do you kind of look and go, you know, this is pretty good? do. i really do. you know, that's one of the joys of doing some of the old songs.
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[sfx: crackling noise] [sfx: bottle opening] [sfx: whistling noise] [sfx: crackling noise] this is a news 4 "today" news. >> 7:56e is your tim on this thursday, july 25th. good morning to you. i'm jummy olabanji. in the news today, fans canaet glimpse of the washington redskins at training camp.
7:26 am
they reporte to camp in richmond yesterday. sherry is down there covering all of the action. look for her reports later on this afternoon righte her on news 4. now let's get check of your commute with melissa mollet. >> good morning. taking a look at the roads hereu r loop after old georgetown, left lane blocked by a crash. inner loop near 21 an accident slowing things down.hb sond 95, we have finally reopened. that's good news. hbight side blocked by that acnkdent. >> thayou. a check of your forecast coming >>ood morning.
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it is a bright and sunny start to your thursday. temperatures are now starting to recover. sun has bn up for almost two hours. n ire now back to 70 degreequco. 66 in montgomery county now. r your thursday. mostly sunny skies. a few extra clouds in the middle of the afternoon and a small chance at ar stray shor two. tomorrow, that won't be a worry. mostly sunny tomorrow. temperatures in the 60s in the morning. 88, the high on your friday.
7:29 am
both saturday and sunday will be sunny and. warm kind of on the almost hot side. back to 91 on sunday with a little more humidity. if you're head down tohe ocean for the weekend, friday, saturday, and sunday all look fant a safe trip. thank you. another local news update coming up in 25 minutes. for now, b" it's 8:00 on "today."
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coming up, break overnight. jeffrey epstein found injured in his jail cell. the elbillionair hd behind bars on sex traicking charges. so what haweened? e live with the latest. >> plus, health warning. the fda now recalling a popular brand of implants after discovering a cancer.t we'll tell you what this all means just ahead. >> and meet the beatle. >> is it as much now? ar fe younu enjoying it at much you did? >> it's completely different. >> al sits down with sir paulne mccarty to take about making music on his own and his new project off the stage. >> when i think children's author, i wouldn't have thought paul mccartney. >> no, i mean, it was one of my grandchildren one day, sa hey, s kind of cool. >> today, thursday, july 25th, 2019.
7:31 am
>> celebrating a >> from oklahoma city. >> washington. >> and tampa >> we're celebrating -- >> our 23rd anniversary. >> it's my 53rd birthday. >> i'm from prattville, alabama. >> we're the davis family -- >> and we rock. >> and we love you. n this back to "today" thursday morning. we so appreciate you being with us. and also, we so appreciate kristen welker being with us. >> i appreciate being here. >> anytime we can pry you away from the white house. >> we have a fired up crowd. >> we'll get outside in a moment. we want to get to your news because there's a lot going on. accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein is recovering after suffering a mysterious injury
7:32 am
while locked up in new york city. stephanie gosk has been following this one. what do we know? >> still lots of questions. there are multiple possible explanions, according to sources. epstein was found this morning in a secure area center. he was semiconscious in a fetal position with marks on his neck, according to sources close to the investigation. two sources tell nbc news that epstein tried to hang himself with a third tellings his injuries were not that serious and may have been an attempt to be moved to a different cility. possibility that he was attacked is also being considered. another inmate, an ex-cop who ih charged wit murder, was questioned, but his lawyer says his client wasn't involved. and that he andte e epstein is without bail after pg not guilty to sex trafficking charges. his attorneys, who are not commenting on this incident, are in the process of appealing the judge's bail decision, guys. >> all right. steph, thanks.
7:33 am
>> and there were celebrations in the streets of san juan ovo night after puertrico's governor ricardo rossello announced he will step down next week. it comes days after he insists he would not resign. frustration over alleged corruption exploded two weeks ago with the leak of offensive private chat messages from the governor. they contained -ganti slurs and ev jok about the victims of hurricane maria. the justice secretary will take over. >> president trump is declaricc viy, but democrats are refusing to back down following imony by special counsel robert mueller. during five hours on capitol s hill, hed his investigation into russian campaign meddling was not a witch hunt, and he also said it did not completely erate mr. trump of obstruction of justice. however, the president called it a great day for the republican party. >> i think robert mueller did a horrible job. both today and with respect to
7:34 am
the investigation. but in all fairness to robert muelle t he had nothing work with >>emocrats are vowing to continue their own investigations, and speaker nancy pelosi, who has resi calls to start impeachment proceedings, is refusing to rule aoutha otth ter tech features built into new cars can help you find the nearest gas station or your favorite music, but the latest research from aaa finds they canls a pose a risk, especially for older drivers. here's tom costello. >> they're among the most common causes of fa from 2012 to 2017, nearly 20,000 people died in distracted driver related crashes. n no aaa research suggests older drivers may be more at risk from in-car technology. >> stop sign. >>hoesearchers w rode with drivers 55 to 75 years old say they took their eyes the road moreon than eight s
7:35 am
whenr than younger drivers programming navigation, tuning a radio, o using infotainment technology. >> police select your navigation command from the displaye >> gas station. home.lculating route to >> even voice assist programs can cause drivers to losecu fo >> nearby gas station. >> please say again. >> taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds doubles the risk of a crash. >> here is more information for nebraska avenue northwest. >> william is the head of aaa traffic research. while all drivers love new technology, older drivers overwhelmed.t >> it also took them a little longer to do the task as well. >> multitasking >> yeah. it's important to note these are not just age-related differences. these are kind of effects that are overbo and a the general effects of aging.
7:36 am
>> aaa is calling on car manufacturers to make the technology more intuitive for all drivers. while encouging older drivers to get to know the technology before ever heading out on the road in a new car or rental car. for "today," tom costello, nbc news, washington. >> i feel like that navigation gets overwhelming for me at time >> oh, yeah. >> so you can see, you know, if you're not used to dealing with an iphone every minute of every day, it's even more confusing. >> 10 and 2. >> that's right. >> let's get to the morning boost. a big wish came true when this little boy's parents surprised him on his birthday and they could not have asked for a sweeter reaction than this one. >> why are you crying? >> my very own puppy. >> happy hdbirt. that's your birthday present. >> thank you, daddy. >> why are you crying? >> tears of sweet joy. that ltle boy had been wanting a puppy for a long time. and it looks like the start of a beautiful friendship, doesn't
7:37 am
it? >> it sure does. just precious. i love that he appreciates it. that's what's great about that video. coming up next, a warning for women with breast implants. implants ar brand of that's being recalled because of a lin to cancer. you want to hear this. also, al sits down with sir paul mccartn and finds out if he can remember all 1,000 songs that he's written over the decades. that's up next, right aft h n up? can't see what it is yet. what is that? a thatlazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is beautiful. i lo the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad. it's just really chic. i love this thing. it's gorgeous. i this in a heartbeat. i w. that is sharp. the all-new chevy blazer. speaks for itself. i don't know who they got to design this but give them a cookie and a star.
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you got this. this morning, on today's talker, major health news. hundreds of thousands of american women get breast e implantsry year. now, after a request from the fda, the company allergan has recalled their textured implants because of a link to cancer. >> the risk of developing a rare type of lymphoma is six times greater with allergan's textured implants. natalie azar is here to explain all of thi help us understand this, why specifically this brand? >> the best way to conceptualize this is to have a timeline the fda has been following this since 2011 when they first
7:41 am
discover an association between textured breast implants and ts lymphoma. fast forward to march, and thin lymphoma is most likely caused by textured implants, but they stopped there and didn't specify any particular product. in their subsequence analysis leading up to yesterday's decision, they have determined thathese textured implants and tissue expanders from allergan confirm a six fold higher increased risk of lymphoma compared to the other textured implants available and marketed in the united ates. >> in a statement, allergan said it's taking this action as a precaution, andpa emphasized ent saeffety is a priority. but as you mentioned, they have been follo this link for several years. why theoluntawiry rngecall now? >> per their statement, and i can't necessarily speak for them, they have basically said we have f a manufacturer that appears to directly be related to patient harm and even death. and that is what prompted the
7:42 am
recall yesterday. >> and what are some of theha symptoms t women should be looking out for? >> importantly, and again, thef symptoms ohis lymphoma or the lymphoma attends to occur roughly seven to ten years after an implant is placed. the most important symptom is sudden swelling b of oneast versus the other. pain, masses,umps, rash, or itchiness should be brought to your doctor's attention. >> to be clear, talking about textured implants. forgive my ignorance. why would someone get a textured implant versus a traditional? >> so, the idea behind a textured is that because of the rougher surface, it i less likely to move, less likely to rotate. but the issue there is, of course, that the ideas that it irritates the woman's skin. it becomes enmeshed with the woman's skin, d that could insight a response that could lead to alyhoma.
7:43 am
>> suc importantinformatio >> toearn m ore about that wa recall, by y, you can hd ea ker, good time to check the weather, sir. >> let's start off. fought a lot happening with the exception of florida. heavy rain there. showers are making their way through the northern plains. we have cooler, drier air around much of the country today. st going to be a gorgeous day throughout a lot of the u.s. we're looking at very hot conditions through the southwest into southern alifornia. little on the cool side in alaska. 50 degrees. temperatures in the 50s throughout the state. 80s down in hawaii. 70s in the northeast and mid-atlantic states. buso much less humid. heavy rain in the southwest, somey washers setting up, and ratherarm in the pacific northeast. here's what's happe in your ne
7:44 am
>> and you can't worry if you go to today show sirius x channel 108. >> jbh is here. >> you know what that means. >> let's do it. >>daarson, looking good. >> we're going w to stah jennifer lopez. she celebrated the big 5-0 last night. sheis didn't surpr anybody. she did it in style. she looked amazing as she arrived with alex rodriguez. thedarty h at gloria estefan's estate. dj khaled and ashantiere there. the singer celebrated with a e ten-tier cak and even performed
7:45 am
party.own from the looks of it, she had a really good time. she was rocking out with other artists at the party. n what legendary beatles song came to him in a dream. >> in a dream? >> we should also point out that his book, the children's book, hey granddude, is available in the united states, and of cour, in the united kingdom as oell, on september 5th. looking forward more of that conversation next hour. >> coming up, one of our favorite segments, steals and deals. ji in the house with top tech trends evan y wine opener, a this is a news 4 today news br >> good morning. 8:26 on this thursday, july 201. let's start wit oolissa moll
7:46 am
,d >> g loop center of the road blockedri by on the beltway as w especially the inner loop near 210. southbound on 270, not bad, going 40 mileser hour. and northbound 95, looking a lot better thathat earlier crash ha out of the way. adam. >> thanks. we'll get a check of your forest with chuck coming up did you know comcast business goes beyond fast wowith a gig-speed net. complete internet reliability. advanced voice solions. wifi to keep everyone connected. video monitoring. at t's huge. did you guys know we did all this stuff? no. i'm not even done yet. wow. business tv. cloud apps and support. comcast business has the solutions you need. get start with fast, reliable internet
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sunshine and still very comfortable outside this morning here at 8:28 in the morning. still only 70 in washington. 66 in gabu this morning. 68 inmanassas. no trouble climbing into the 80s by about lunchtime today. afternoon highs in the mid to upper 80s. more cloud cover later in day and still a very slight chance of a passing shower or two. but most of us won't need to worry too much abo rain chances for today. dry weather for friday and the weekend. a little bit of a warming trend. hot and humid weather returns in full force for early next week before we get a little unsettled with storm later next week. >> you very much. reminder, you can get the latest news and weather any time in the nbc washington app. have a great trsday, ev ♪
7:49 am
♪ oh, look. >> wait a mirste. >> 8s ty morning. july2019.
7:50 am
it's not magic. it's the magic of science. courtesy of kate the chemore is. amazing, extreme experiments. >> we like that. >> i was scared for her. >> one of us could actually die. >> tune in for that. >> how about a crowd moment? >> yeah. i'm looking for kellen. oh, that's convenient. >> didn't have to look far. >> how old are you, kellen? >> 11. >> where are you from? >> spokane, >>washington. that's a heck of a drive. >> i know. >> is it true that you have alreadyeen to the plaza once this week? >> i have. >> that's rare that we get the two visits in one week guy. >> yeah, i just love it here. >> you love it here. what do you want to be when you grow up? >> an anchor. >> a news yoanchor? want to sit at the desk? at "today"? >> sure. >> how about we do this? we're going to break you free om the barrier and bring you
7:51 am
inside to sit at the desk. how about that? >> so cool. >> we'll do that after this. okay. don't go anywhere. wait, are you here by yourself? >> no, that's my da >> is that okay, dad? >> absolutely. >>e' wet lll dad have our job . >> he can fill in for the 10:00. we're looking. >> hired. >> we have been trying to reach a younger demo. >> exactly. >> future anchor coming up. >> also coming up, and we cannot wait for this one, our msnbc friend jacob soboroff and katy tur are here with their documentary series about big moneyicn polit and who's behind it all. >> plus on steals and deals, the top tech items you need. at bargain basement prices fm abo flexible keyd to a fitness tracker and a whole lot more. the third ing up on hour of "today," when we say she made it, we mean it.
7:52 am
the woman who is buig dream homes and conquering an industry domi we have more of my interview withy. sir paul mccart >> and the fourth hour, it's thursday, which means we have the big reveal of our ambush keovers and new york's newest dance fitness craze. >> are you going to dance? >> i may dance justo straight the hospital. >> you look great, though. how are you feeling?. >> looking great. >> thank you. >> before we get to all of that, we had a huge celebration this week toark one year out from the tokyo 2020 summic ympics, but we're not the only ones getting ready. yesterday, tea usa athletes joined the boys and girls clubs of america forea the pck games, aiming to inspire the next generation of olpians. even a surprise appearance fro julianne hough that got everye inspired. we expect to see theoungins in paris in 2024. speaking,
7:53 am
>> 103. 109, i should say. hotter in paris than in cairo, egypt. that'sghcrazy. let's look at our closer to home weather for the weekend. well, for tomorrow, it's going to be nice along the coast. heavy rain dtown through asflore heating up in the central plains. look for sunshine in the west coast. sunny and warm out ers and storms through the gulf. hot in the midsection. sunsidne in the me east. sunday, sunday, more humid in the east. stormy conditions through the upper great lakes. and look for sunshin along the western third of the country. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. sunshine, beautiful thursday morning under way. temperatures have now gotten out the 50s in the shenandoah valley where they started out this morning,ow closer to 70. if you're headed to the nationals game, a 4:05 first pitch. temperatures this afterno in the upper 80s. there's only a slight chance at
7:54 am
a stray shower or two toy. no worries about rain for tomorrow or the weekend though. >> and don't forget, you can always get the today show wherever you go,us jgo to w radio, sirius xm, channel 108. comi all right. thank you, mr. roker. >> we're joined now by two familiar faces. nbc nres corondents katy tur and jacob soboroff. they have a big special project to share. >> they sure do. we're so excited that they're here. ing the new american msnbc series, swamp, an in depth look at political disruption and corruption that is makingr ife toughefor everyd. >> the total amount of outside i money spentn2018 ,msdter billion. >> superpacs, 501(c)(4)s.
7:55 am
>> labor unions, the most money spen in an election. florida, $90 million. >> missouri, 76 million. arizona senate, $66 million. >> but see, when i look at this, and maybe i'm idealistic, i loon think that money could be spent in better ways. >> and jacob here. great to see you guys. to see you >> katy, you were obviously out on the cam second of it. ou heard then-candidate trump say drain the swamp, what, amil count? >> probably. >> what did you find out in this? is the swamp gettingink? >> no, the swamp isn't getting drained. also, the swamp is not a partisan thing. frustration with american politics and with the government is not just democratic or republican or independent. the majority of americans don't trust the government to do at's right, and what we wanted to do is go and figure out why people felt a that way whether it was warranted. it turns out, it is. >> not to give away too much, but what did you find in terms
7:56 am
of the root causes for that distrust that permeates so much of our political system? >> we tk about it all the time here in our day-to-day jobs which is there's a disconnect erybody's everyday life and the perception of what everyday life is in washington, d.c. there's a hugedistrustf nd so d what well norma do to get out, spend time. we have known each other for 20 years. been friends since high school, to go out on the road, hang out, and talk to peoe about when on television, why it doesn't reflect their everyd. >> it's not just about the mueller investigation or what dona trump tweeted. we're getting out of the bubble, talking to real people and in finng real-life examples of really complicated topics. p can youk up on that point, you have since you were brings somethingu for part of this,eyore just talkingse toes eriach .other.
7:57 am
>> the prius we to drive dround when we were in college getting in trouble in los anles, is the samee today 115,0. >> i have been in it and it smells the same. >> is it aging well? >> no. it's why we wanted to do this together, to go on the road as two friends, not just two reporters, to relate to people in that way. we go to arizona to look athe disconnect between washington and everybody's everyday lives and the quick story about arizona, the sunniest state in the union, but less than 10% of people use solar power. why is that?ns it turut the massive amount of money pour under to the pol system is the cause. >> it's good to have katy tur back with us. doesn't she look great? >> just took the words out of my mouth. >> i'mechnically still on maternity leave. >> technical, but ingratulati >>ove to be back. >> congratulations, and american swamp premieres this sunday night at on msnbc.
7:58 am
>> up next, steals and deals goes high-. >> the same prius since 2009. don'ts they pay you? my gosh. >> stick around for more on that. but first, this is "today" on
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y3g2yy y1jny back now, 8:40 with a brand-new edition of steals and deals. jill martin joins us with her top tech trends. in gadget you'll love all at exclusivescdints. >> i feel like we need a prius steals and deals. but the best i could do is five great products everybody can use. starting with this vacuum. the ready vac vacuum, retail, $199. this is easy, breezy, powerful. that's to get into little crevices. look at this one. turn this one on.
8:01 am
>> feels powerful. >> cheerios on the floor. quick opickup. 40 minutes of continuous cleaning time on a single charge. >> that's like it's got some power. >> what's great is it's cordless. >> how do you turn it off? >> press it three times because has three different speeds. what was that again? the retail, $199. the deal $77. that's 61% off. t as well.r conent because >> this is my favorite gadget of the day. >> really cool, comes in this little sm tech bluetooth keyboards. what i love about this is it's spill proof and water resistant. this will hook up to anything with bluetooth. >> anything. >> except jacob's prius. it will with bluetooth, took up to and you can use it wherever you are. it's like a cordless keyboard and works like a regular keyboard you just have to get used to it a little bit. it has the same setup. once you get used to it, you
8:02 am
adju. built-in battery, lasts up to 80 sphours. l proof and water resistant. >> it's 78% off. >> wow. and watc boys and girls watches? >> this is theyes, but i wear - nersized eewatches, so f free. that's in trend if you want the men's version. the retail is $79.99. aetwo-piec set. it does steps, calori, and s is a sports watch. so it's really just a style you want. and this is used by many professional athletes. we have all the different styles on retail$79.99. the deal, $22. and it comes in this gift box with bright colors. just add a bow if you need a gift. >> my wife and i were loo sng forething similar to this a while back and could not find one. >> this is, i think this is what you're thinking of a splitter n both listen at's not what thi.
8:03 am
>> this is a ptohoneth splitter, $34.99. you get four in a pack. what this is one side, you can listen to your music. the other side, you can charge at the same time because often u have to choose one at a time. >>oh. >> i know what you're looking for. a splitter, and i'll look into that, that you can both listen to. this one, c youan charge and you can listen to your mic at the same time. four in a pack, so if you have a family, everybody gets one. it works with a anything, from an iphone 7 and up. i got rid of my 5, so this is cool. 7 and up. the retail $34.99. the deal, $9 for all four. that's 74% >> i don't explain this. explain it.hi >> twine opener andes prver. $87.99 is the retail. look at this. this -- >> it' >> but is really a win opener. some of these you use, they don't work. this is this. out.s right and then it comes with all the
8:04 am
pieces to preserve wine, and this will take the airt out of so that it willeep and preserve the wine. >> oh, that's fancy. >> retail, $87.99.e deal, $39. that's 56% offa great wi thursday morning. jill, thank you. once again, thes productre vacuums, keyboards, watches, and fitness trackers from everlast, phone splitters from v-tech, and the wine opener. >> you can fin all of these deals and more at so you know, today, we'll make a share small of revenue from your purchases. >> always good to have you. thank you, jill. mr. daly, you're outside. what's ihappening. >> it okay to be downdraft of this? coming up next, we're going to bela png with fire courtesy of one of our favorites, kate the chemist is here. we're going to have fun. to blowy, we're going
8:05 am
stuff up. it's going to be safe and fun. this is "today" . next. this is "today" on
8:06 am
8:07 am
thismorning, we're kicking off a fun series. summer time here to teach us all a thing or two is the always energetic dr. kate, aka, kate the chemist. last time you were here you amazed us with some explosive experiments. craig certain remembers that. >> yes, yes, he does. t>> you're back do it again. >> i am. >> you have such a great personality. you have so much energy you ouing to chemstrast. what do y love so much? >> i love chemistry, especially with demonstrations, you can show people theseun fmental principles of chemistry. chemistry is so hard to visualize. so do one f you guys. >> dry ice. >> this is a twist.
8:08 am
i'm going to have you start for me. >> you're going to dump the dry ice in the bottles for >> just pi it up? >> yep. >> it's filled with water and phenolphthalein. >> they're wearing special gloves. >>are. t >> so it turns it clear. as you add the ice, more and more. as much as you can. as the dry ice goes in, it goes from carbon dioxide to carbonic acid. >> is this something you can do at ? >> this is the only one you ct do a home. stop with ow whatantou t d is th.dt nyou c gloves off if you want. and whate're doing is funneling the gas coming out. we're going to put it in our bubble bath solution. then -- . >> smoke bubbles. .> and then >> isn't that awesome? >> that's awesome.
8:09 am
>> that's very cool. >> cool, >>right? very cool. >> okay, now we're going to go, staying w chiroogenics. we went from dry ace to liquid nitrogen. we're going to d makeping dots. >> the i we're making freeze dre cream. have vanilla, chocolate. i want you to go right in there. >> you weren't lying. >> perfect. now back for a second here, what i' to have you do, can i give this to you? >> reluctant participant. >> trust me, i'm not going to drench you this time. are you ready? t. hold right there? >> perfec >> you guys are horrible dipping dots makers. let me give it a shake, akcraters.e, c>> eat it if you want. >> like popcorn.
8:10 am
>> isn itcool? >> how do ty taste? >> they're good. >> isn't it good? >> and now fire? >> yeah. . fire. let's do >> let me get the paper. >> all right, now we're doing fire. what we have here is -- i'm missing someone. craig, getack here. we're going to open up the little bottle. it's filled with alcohol. >> this is where you shake it up? >> pick it up. put your hand on the bottom of the jug, turn it on its side. now i need you to get hip action. >> oh, yeah. >> most important part. invert it, upside down.ou turn, onceeel the liquid,
8:11 am
turn it backound, put it down on top. palm on top. >> proep anall spilled. is that all right? >> we're going to go down the line. the first one here is methanol. methanol has one carbon. i'm going to come like this. i need the handle and i'm going to go one, tw three. al, you're going to run away. >> got it. >> hold on, let me see if i can get . e, two, three, runrull >> sti going. >> good thing you don't haveir. >> it's still going. can youha feel th at that. >> is that supposed to happen? >> yes, that's supposed to happen. >> one carbon. yoe.u'vewo going >> did you seehe t on e?


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