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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 25, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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training this summer. >> i'm julie carey in stafford county where these four bus drivers are learning how to deal with everything from an angry parent to someone with a gun. >> good afternoon, everybody. begin with thatreaking news out of san diego this afternoon. a mass arrest ofmarines at camp pendleton. >> more than a dozen active duty service members were arrested as part of a human smuggling investigation. >> a disturbing story and wendy buyinger is at the live desk with the latest information. wendy, what are you learning? >> reporter: the marines were arrested during battalion formation in front of their entire unit. they are accused of being part of an organizion that illegly smuggled people over the u.s.-mexican border. border ptrol agents caught undocumented immigrants jumping into cars near the border.he t immigrants told ncis that investigators that they had paid those marines $8,000 to take
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them from the border two hours north up to l.a. today arrest related to that investigation. officials have not said just how many people the marines smuggled over the border or how long this habeen going on. eight of the marines were arrested and questioned on alleged drug offenses as well. officials say that investigation not related to today's arrest, but a lot going on out west.c bato you. >> and, of course, we're staying on top of this story, and we'll have more coming up tonight on bc nightly news" with lester holt. erika? >> we go to more breaking news. virginia health officials have pinpointed some of the locations where a nasty intestinal illness may have taken place. the capital one building inle mc and the valo park building in mclean and the carmax in richmond.
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there's been 39 cases of psychosurprisies since may. two friends and families ripped apart by tragedy. >> 17-year-old shot and killed rerlier this month. a person onsible in this case was a good friend. malakai person was a budding pp young raer and today his family is still coming to gr s with theteen's death. >> i have to learn how to live ifeall over again without him here. >> reporter: this has become danielle person's routine. >> i come in here every morning and she can see him in the photos scattered downstairs. ♪ >> reporter: she can hear his voice in his music, and what show wouldn't give just to be able to touch him one more time. >> just keep praying and asking
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god to get me through it. it's hard. >> reporter: the circumstances surrounding his death. he was fatallyhot by a family friend where he spent so much of his team. police believe it was an accident. that bullet stopped the music for a young and aspiring rapper who less than a year behind the mic was getting calls from oucord labels. >> y can like hear the improvement, so like two years from n i don't know what it would have been. i know it would have been something great. >> reporter: danielle person had an inkling of her son's popularity and the fan base he was growing through her music but it wasn't until she came here to onewall park after his death that she realized how many people loved her son. >> riding down that hill, i was in complete awe, and i'm like wow, they loved him as much as we did. >> reporter: as she tries to move forward danielle will have to live by one of her own house rules. >> if i want to see my son one
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day i have to for give. >> reporter: it's that grace that has been placed on malakaymalaka malakay's life. >> the shooter in this case has been charged with involuntary manslaughter, but because he's i just 17 are not identifying him. >> now to a disturbing story in the district. a man attacked a pregnant woman out for a walk in northwest d.c. this isn't the first time we told you about the suspect. these are michael's hillia arrest records, all 300 of them. more than a dozen of these charges were for sex offenses. news 4's aimee cho is live now in logan circumstancewell more on this attack. amy? >> reporter: erik,a, police say the attack happened right here
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in logancl cir as the woman was walking outside in broad daylight. police arrested that homeless man and released h from jail two days later. he's now back on the street, and this is tir from the first that this has happened. a serial groper, that's how d.c. police havederibed michael hilliard. police put out this pick of him back in 2017 when he was accused of groping three women in logan circle. theas arrested and released very next day and one week later arrested again for groping yet another woman in shaw. >> it's alarming. it really is alarming. >> reporter: today folks in logan circle reacting to the news of hilliard's arrest and says they can't believehe keeps getting released from jail. >> it's important to find out fundamentally wrong rather thanhi lettinback on the streets to assault women. >> reporter: these pages show hundreds of charges going back to th'90s, one of the charge includes kidnapping and now
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adding a new charge to the list, simple assault for pushing that pregnant woman. >> that's really, really sad. that's horrible and should never happen to anyone. i mean, i's scary. it just makes you want to be like more aware where you're walking. youyoeed to be aware of surroundings and what's going on around you and stuff like that. >> reporter:he woman is expected to be okay. we've been trying all day long to get in touch with the u.s. attorney's office and try to figure out why michael hilliard keeps getting released from jail. we've not yet heard back. live in logan circle, aimee cho, news 4. thank you very much. a major commuting corridor back e arundel county is open after a horrible crash this morning. take a look. this is all that's left of a ickup truck involved in that deadly crash other in croston. chopper 4 capturing the scene over route 3 north of annapolis road. maryland state police tell us the crash involved two vehicles and at least one peon has
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died. we're working to learn what may have caused this accident. a surprising and controversial announcement toda from attorneneral william barr. after nearly two decades, he's ordered the reinstatement of the federal death penalty, the federal bure, o of prisons has already scheduled the executions of five death row inmates convicted of murder. theirxecutions will be carried out in december and january. a person hasn't been put to death by the federal government in 16 years. the practice was stopped in 200s aftereral lawsuits regarding the three drugs used at the time.under mr. barr's orders one drug will be used. 60 inmates are currently on the federal death row including the boston marathon bber and the charleston shooter. now it a developing story out of new york city. disgraced billionaire jeffrey epstein under investigation on sex trafficking charges was found injured in his jail cell. nbc's danep sheneman rts that
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investigators are looking into whether he was assaulted or if he tried to harm himself. >> financier jeffrey epstein facing sex trafficking cewarges in york. he's back in his new york city jail cell on suicide watch. epstein was discovered injured in his cell earlier this week in a secure area semi-conscious in a fetal position with marks on his. kno the circumstances surrounding theci innt are unclear. two sources tell nbc news that epstein tried to hang himself. hisotnjuries are n believed to be serious. lisa bloom, an attorney representing some of epstein'su accrs tweeted in part, we want him to stay alive and face the justice and accountability which is so long overdue.he tpossibility epstein was attacked is also being investigated. a fellow inmate, a former police oficer charged with murder, was questioned. the inmate's aorney denied the charge. a judge ordered epstein held without bail until his trial
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saying there's clear and convincing evidence that epstein was a danger to the epstein has pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking and conspiracy charg . heces up to 45 years in prison if he's convicted. tan sheneman, nbc news. a fifth fight out of prince george's county shopping mall toer a dinged car door killed a man. ay the person who delivered the punches learned his thomas hu was sentenced to eight years in prison for manslaughter. in june of 2018 hughes got into an argument at the bowie town center with nicholas keys after an open car door hit another car door. keys' family member says he livedth ree days before he pawaed a his mother says she is not satisfied. >> i feel like he should haveg ten more. the second time involved in a
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loss of life and i feel like thn ma is just a murderer. >> tracee wilkins will have a live report at 5:00 with mo. all right. we'll be talking about our weather coming up. we over go the amelia in the storm center. doug is out today. it has bely a re nice day. >> boy, did he pick the day to be at a swimming pool. doug, you're getting in at some point th evening, right? >> reporter: lys. i'll tel you. we'll have so much fun across the area. yes, i'm getting in the pool today with these guys. this is the swim team here at stonegate, and, boy, d we have a great day for backyard weather and more importantly i like it when we've got a pool. i'ming some ofu you guys. yoady? i'm racing this one right here. i'm racing this oni rt here. >> don't pick on the baby. >> she's ready for you, doug. >> all right. doug. we'll check back in with you. we love those really cool text
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to have dinner outdoors. doug will join us live from a swimming pool. an early look at your weekend forecast, too. that's coming up in just two minutes. erika? >> there is a new ice cream store that just opened up in the district, and along with serving up licious treats, it's giving back to the community. news 4 talked to the owner of here's the scoop about achieving her life long goal and helping others to follow in her footsteps. >> i lovecr icem. i think that it just makes people happy. >> reporter: it's hard not to smile when you walk into this smalli vant ice cream shop on georgia avenue northwest. here's the scoop is karen sellers' brand-new business, a dream 15 years in the making. >> i'm a member of the national ice cream association. i've traveled all over. >> reporter: the washington, d.c. native ha been a hairstylist for 20 years, but she has alwaysreamt of disc hot cones for waffle phones,
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owning the first black-owned female ice cream shop in thisor neighbod was no easy feat. >> it was very hard getting to this point, very tiresome but it was all worth it. >> reporter: karin said it took blood, sweat and tears and a lot of money but her father said good things come toe thos who work hard. now karin is passing on t business lessons she's learned to hire employees, many young d.c. natives. i want to teach young people how to prepare themselves for that foundation. >> most importantly she's creating economic development, and we are very happy and we'll be behind her 100%. >> reporter: the scoop's menu features cookies d cakes from other local win looking to one day open up their storefront. for skin, thipace isn't just about serving the community but also giving back to it,
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something she also learned from her father. >> i've gone through the process, and i've learned a lot to get to this point and i want them to understand that it is le possibor them to do the same thing as well. >> welcome to here's the scoop. >> oh, boy, do i have a sweet tooth now. that stuff looks go. >> here's the scoop is the only hand-dipped ice cream shop in the lower georgia avenue corridor. >> and they are really dedicated to giving bark. every month they will showcase a new baker and feature hisor her story and allow them to sell their baked goods at that ice cream shop. >> that is very cool. >> well, it's kind of like the first day of school, the redskins holding their first day of training camp practice today and news 4's sherree burruss is live here in richmond. how did the guys look down there? >> they are looking good, jim. everyone is just kind of getting into that routine of training camp. right now the guys are gting
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ready for the first afternoon hr walk-tough following this morning's practice, and the loudest cheer coming on day one is when quarterback alex smith was carted on to the field. smith finally in just a brace after suffering grewsome leg injury last year. on the field his teammates kicking off a new season and the training camp grind i welcomed workload. >> it's go time now. this is the start of the real thing, and there's no break out now. straight into the season and everybody decided to hone it in and keep working every day. >> football starteagthree months o and now it's like the big pep rally bore the actual thing. like i said, it's one of the hings you've got to get through before the season gets here. kind of like abe tease re the season gets here. you've got to do it so it is what it is. >> reporter: guice a man of the
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people. coming up at 5:00, why guice says this past was the hardest of his life and who is helping h come back from injury. jim and erika. >> good stuff for day one. thankso much, sherree. from football camp to swim camp, let's head back out to doug. he's at the stonegate swim club towering over the competition. re he's picked a day to be out there. hi, doug. >> reporter: hey, guys, yeah. it's backyard weather day, and somebody said, you know what, it would be a great day to do backyard weather at the stonegate pool. you guys ready for this today? and it wasn't just one person. it was these thhte ladies r here that actually put together a video. take a look at some of the video they put together where the entire team came together. they wanted meto come here to do a little bit of backyard weather and, of course, that also means we're not jt talking backyard weather, we're talking about swim team and getting in theool and, boy,
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we'll have some fun coming up in had a little bit of i've got erica right here and tracyight here and -- >> jessica. >> see what happens when you forget a name. that's what happens right here. ica, talk about why you wanted us to come out for backyard wetter. >> we've been watching for many years and we just thought this is t backyard for our entire community and that's why we invited you. >> reporter: you guys have a lot of people. >> about 180 kids on our team including the pregamers, and we eitherinningest community team in mcsl. >> reporter: that's what i'm talking about. erthat dess some cheers, guys. that's all you've got. i'm excited to get -- to get together with them and do a litt bit of swimming here. what does it mean for everybody to get together in this communi pool? well, we all come together. this is our backyard and we're so happy to have you here whether you're on the swim team or to come and chill out. this is your backyard, welcome. >> thank you very much. i'm excited. who am i racing up against? >> because at 4:45 we're doing a
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relay and i'm the anchor, baby, that'right, that's right. can't wait to see who i'm going up against of the right. going to be a lot of fun. are. >> you know, there's a little contest going on on twitter. >> low haze, low humidity. twister. contest on >> reporter: what's that going on? >> how are you going to dive in, anchorman, going to go cannonball? >> so, there is a contest on twitter and you've got to get on this, too. to let me now. i'm doing it at 6:45. 4:45 we're doing the race. 6:45 i'm actually goingo be a dive off the diving board right over there. should i do a back flip, a front flip or a cannonball! you can go online right now. go to my twitter page, go to my facebook page or nbc washington'sr twitte page and you can vote for that.
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weather-wise, a beautiful day for the pool as we talked aboutier. temperatures out there right now sitti in the 80 area-wide we're at 87 degrees, winds out of the northeast at 7 miles per hour. area-wide everybody in the right now. 84 degrees in frederick and 86 .om fredericksburg as we make our way through the next couple of days here, what will we be seeing? pretty nice weather. no rain right now. t that'she good news. not much in the way of rain. can't rule out a shower. a few of those last night. can't rule that out, but, again, most of us will remain on the a dry side we make our way in through the date next couple of days. notice the temperatures around the acountry, agaiost no 90s anywhere east of the colorado rockies. that means for us nice weather all the way through the weekend, though i do thnk we'll start to hit 90 degrees on saturday and probably sunday, too, so heads ufor that. as we make our way, let's go right to the ten-day if we can. we're talking about the next couple of days and, yes, another heat wave that's making its way our way. that heat wave coming in on saturday and 92 degrees ony sund even warmer as we head towards monday, tuesday and
4:21 pm
wednesday. i think the heart of the heat wave and that one was 12 days in a row. right now we're thinking this one should be four if we make it to 90 on saturday and maybe upwardeof five if w do make it on saturday. so we'll see about that. you guys ready to get in the pool? >> yeah! >> reporter: i've got to change. how many of us are wearing speedos? >> good. all right, all right. me and yu. actually just you. burks anyway. we will see you guys at 445. get ready for this. you guys ready to race? let's go do this? >> there is an ageestriction r that sort of a bathing suit, sir. there is anagelimit. >> how old do you have to be to watch that? >> i don't know. my vote is in.nb cannoall. >> mine is for whichever one doesn't put you in the hosp al. >> wi come back, bringing home pumpkin. a maryland man rescues this
4:22 pm
adorable dog. see how this pup helped rescue him in the process. >>and flyer beware. all this week the news 4 i-team is taking a close look at air travel. today passengers with disabilities are talking to them about their we're the slowskys. we like drip coffee, layovers- -and waiting on hold. what we don't like is relying heon fancy technology for lp.we snail mail! ere invited to a y2k party... uh, didn't that happen, like, 20 years ago?
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as you know, every year nbc's clear the shelters campaign helps animal shelters and rescue groups find forever homes for pets. well, a man on maryland's eastern shore just foundew his n best friend. as tim furlong reports from our sister station in philly, pumpkinne and heowner are now inseparable. ♪ >> reporter: crisfield, maryland is a chesapeake bay down known or crabs but this year it's about a dog. >> yeah. >> reporter: and the 85-year-old who just rescued her. look at that tail. that tail is going all the time. >> daniel o'connor saw team pumpkin on the news after beingm rescued fro a home in delawaread and h been at the spca recovering. >> she apparently was left in a house and they moved out and just left her in the house and
4:26 pm
she was down to 32.4 pounds when the spca got her. >> reporter: after she was discord in the home, pumpkin desperately needed food, water, some time with the spca and someone to love her. daniel needed some love, too. daniel lost his wife a while ago and hisrmer dog. his kids are grown and don't live in the area so when he saw pumpkin's story on tv and saw how much she looked like his former dog and he wanted to look into it saying it might make a great buddy. >> d you like it her? >> reporter: the answer is yes. pump kip loves her new best friend and big house near the chesapeake bay and daniel likes that his friend is older because she was already house broken despite the situations in which she was found. animals thousands of like pumpkin just looking for a safe home and someone to share it with. >> isuse broken critical. i can tell you after rescuing mine. it made a little bit of a
4:27 pm
>> great story. >> they are wonderful. so many stories out there. news 4 isng gearip for the clear the shelters event. starts two weeks from now. >> shelters and rescue groups wille participating in this. >> the event happened saturday , augus august 17. >> we've got a map and everything you need to know in our nbc washington app searching clear the shelters. up next, flyer beware. news 4 i-team looks into travel troubles at the airport. >>ignd it's happening rht here in our area. >> what did you pay for? >> inconvenience, finitely not what i paid for. >> passengers say they are getting re-routed fr tsa paycheck because they are in wheelchairs and the trouble to doesn there. >> then extra training for local bus drivers. news 4's julie carey gets an inside look. >> and a new honor today for local officers who helped calm a
4:28 pm
child with au.
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4:30 pm
i'm wendy rieger. here are four things you need to know on this thsday afternoon. there's been a mass arrest of marines at camp pendleton in san diego. 16 active duty members facing a number of charges including human trafficking. aording to ncis they were part
4:31 pm
of a group smugglingmmigrants over the u.s.-mexico border. a 17-year-old is dead andch death.d in his the teen killed earlier thismo th in what police believe to be an accidental shooting. and because both boys are underage police are not identifying either of them. disgraced billionaire jeffrey epstein was found hurt in his new york jail cell this morning with marks around his neck. investigators are trying to determine if he was the victim of an attack or if he tried to hurt himself. he's in jail on sex trafficking and conspiracy charges. storm team 4 montrng the record-breaking temperatures across europe. uk hit 101 degrees today. this latest heat wave is also shattering temperature records in france, the netherlands,m belgiu the sky-high heat will probably be short lived.
4:32 pm
the heat wave is set to break tomorrow. amelia will join you in a couple of minutes to tell us how our changing climate is playing a part in this. back to you. >> she's standing by with that report. back to you wendy, thank you. we're working with you this vening when you travel this summer. >> millions pay extra money hoping for a quicker quick for security and today in today's flyer beware report, the i-team says they are not always getting what they paid for. >> the fact is there's issues at washington, d.c.'s parent is shocking. >> like this traveler, 20 million americans have some type of mobility issue. as scott macfarlane and the news 4 i-team show us, traveling by air can be a particularly rough ride for people in wheelchairs. ♪ m>> reporter: forillions of travelers, the travel time
4:33 pm
saver. >> i'm the rare person who loves to fly. >> like john moris who often uses his tsa pre-check to get through security faster. >> his story changed six yearswh ago he was left in a while chair and soed cha his other practices. >> people with disabilities are directed to a standard lane. >> whichmeans here in reagan national and a few other airports across the country heet doesnhe benefits of most pre-check passengers. >> the downside is that you now have to remove the ems that leave intoour bag. be able to >> isn't that what you paid for? >> extremely inconvenient. definitely not -- they said because i was-ins had a wheelchair i had to go through the line.
4:34 pm
jonathan says he never knows what to expects so got on his flight. >> three different airports? >> yes, shedifferent airplanes. a tsa spokesperson says items in bags musttill be removed. >> pat-downs can be pretty invasive. >> reporter: heather handley with paralyzed veterans of th america say e rules are not always followed. >> everybody is just trying to get through, and hey don't really care, you know, that you're saying i have the right to have this pre-check experience. >> reporter: she says more traintsng for officers could help travelers like john and says he sometimes still gets a pat-down. >> it's frustrating to have to be the one to educate the tsa officers on the policies. >> and that's not the only challenge the officer faces that he discovered his wheelchair was
4:35 pm
damaged being stored in the flight. how often does that happen to yote >> around times. >> it's happened to hundreds of others. just this year the department of trappings shows numbers in may alone there were 950 mishandled scooters. >> we can see where theree may issues. >> something they continue to push for. you may not need those features today but ithe future you might john morris says current changes are in a step in the right direction to make sure that all travelers focus on the excitement of wre they are going and not how they are getting there. >> i just have an imme se joy that comes from take off and landing. >> report: a spokesman at reagan national says newer
4:36 pm
larger checkpoints are being established and it will beble to accommodate wheelchairs. estimated completion 2021. scott macfarlane, news 4 i-team. >> if you see a problem while you're traling, the i-team should be investigating. well, you should reach out to them, and can you do so by going to our nbc whington app and click on investigations. you c also call or email them. that information we've placed or you screen. technology in your car can make things a whole lot easier, like finding a nearby gas siation, now aaaa tells us it's also c serious distractions for older dive as putting them at risk. >> police say again. >> researchers found 55 to 75 years old took their eyes off the road more than eight seconds longer than younger drivers. the biggest distractions were programming the navigation devices, tuning the radio or
4:37 pm
using info at the same time technology. older drivers often get frustrated with technology and don't concentrate the road. aaa is calling on car manufacturers to make the technology more intuitive for all drivers. local jobs arisk. >> we hope you can stick around wr "news 4 at 5:00 tonight. our drewder is looking at complaints that a local county may be outsourcing jobs of people with disabilities to another state, and he has reaction from theires famili >> misbehaving kids, icy roads, we think of those as the main challenges for school bus drivers, buts today thanko the stafford sheriff's office these bus drivers are learning to deal with the wearos froan y parents to somebody with a gun. and for the second time this year europe is dealing with an intense record-setting heat wave. coming up i'm going to have, why shopping for backpacks...
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now at we buy any car dot com and you score the you knperfect outfit?at ross ooooohhhh! game on! no that's yes for less. nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. . paris has never been this hot. parts of europe are feeling recordreaking heat. boy, those fountains are getting a workout and so are the ice machines, too, and our changing climate is partly to blame. amhelia draper is here in studio with more. amelia, they are really suffering today. >> oh, absolutely, jim, and the imate plays a role in the sense that obviously we've dealt with heat waves before here and in europe and across their eure
4:41 pm
these e es are getting more here's why this heat wave is happening right now. it's how the jet stream and an area of high pressure have or yefnted themselves over europe. you can see these areas and we sea this shape, omega. it's with its hot air and location the warm airs coming up from africa. this ise second heat wave europe is dealingr with this yea breaking and shatting records all across europe. record all-time highs have been set today. in france, a pair itst 109 degrees. bell jorlnal the netheds and germany, parts of the united kingdom today, warm to so 1 degrees. to give you an idea london h averages ah temperature now of 75 degreesso they are
4:42 pm
running 25 degrees above normal. again, our changing climate means that heat waves are becoming more common and more extreme. they are lasting longer as well. also cause for concern, this area of very warm weathere hed up towards the arctic where th sea ice is already at an all-time low for the weekend. all right, amelia, thank you. major changes under consideration on ou >> the goal is to ease connection. now a lack at plans to addoll lanes on the nation's busiest highways. >> and we head back to backyard weather. hey, doug. >> reporter: so exciting. >> relay is set up. i'm in lane 3. put the money on lan three. i'm taking the shirt off and putting the goingles on. >> are we going to win yeis? >> >> ha that's w
4:43 pm
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if you are just joining us, a nice night to go out for a walk. doug and amelia are back with how long this brk from the heat and humidity is going to last. >> school bus drivers in stafford will be starting the new school yearso with new skills. today they learned strategies for dealing with some scary scenarios. for the first time e sheriff's office trained drivers on how to deal with everything from an upset p arent to gun on the bus, northern virginia bureau chief julie cay takesea arned t0 >> in her 2 years as a stafford school bus driver gina brown hao never had t confront a threatening situation but after today she will know how to respond if, for example, an angry parent tries to get on the bus. >> being bullied every day here on the bus. >> reporter: brownas among several hundred bus drivers taking part in special t aining from the stafford sheriff's office. >> a time you go hands on and rehearse physically going through the motions it's so much
4:46 pm
beteer. >> repor gina volunteer to role play and a deputy posed as an irate fatherer and put h training into action telling him he had no business on the bus steps. >> back up off the bus. there's a sign right there. >> back ous the b there. >> reporter: when the danger ramps up, what to do if someone tries barge one bus to do harm. >> i'm going put my foot out to stop, it no, and if i have to ve a shoif shove iquick shove a got a lesson on how toeal with the worst kind of confrontation, a person with a gun. >> i f altot of confidence today. i've never had that before. for 20 years i've never had that kind of confidence. confidence and skill she hopes sheon't ever have to use. julie carey, news 4.
4:47 pm
>> stafford is one of theirst hool districts in our area to head back to class. school therst starts augu 12th. moms and dads, keep it chill. >> all right. >> lyes. >>'s go. >> so let's go back out live to chief meteorologist doug kammerer. >> he's still dry but not for ol heng,s, he's got the shirt off. in silver spring. hey, doug. guys, i am so ready to go. we'll have a ton of fun. this is great. this is what i did as a kid would you come here with the meets. all the parents are here. take a look. everybody out there. all the members of the swim team out theres well cheering on their team, and, of course, everybody cheering on lane number lane number three. who are my partners here. >> reporter: this is one of the coaches. >> owen, grace, molly, yourself and that's it. >>we o grace and mole. we're going to clean this up. i'm the anchor, and i've got --
4:48 pm
come onov r. come on over. you are all-star last year. your name is aaron. yes. i want you to go as fast as i can. i'm going to try to go as fast as i can and we'll see how this ends up. i think i know how that's going to end up. you guys love this. this is what you guys do out here. how big of a day is swim meet day? >> it's swim fast, have fun achieving awesome things together. >> you guys ready for this. >> you guys ready. >> we're starting with back stroke and go. come on, lane three. this is owen i'm dealing with. >> rd25-ya backstroker followed by molly lang, your br ststroke. >>molly has brest stroke. come on, owen, right here your hot competition, this is alexander. alexander, nice job, alexander. coming to the wall first. come on. pick it up for me. now we're on to bret stroke.
4:49 pm
and on the other side is grace peterson. one of the fastest little girls in the area. she's doing butterfly. >> slle will hopefu give us the lead. >> these relaces are mixed with anywhere between 8 and understood, 9,0, 11 and 12 and 13-year-olds. >> here she comes. i've got to get orville edenbachery. hold this for me. >> caref careful. o, boy, nois con.n me codoug, and he's in. >> look at him cut through that ksater. he loo good. why he needs to race middle schoolers is,ou know. >> boy, he's real. >> he'st feeling good abou that. he's got some speed in the
4:50 pm
school. watch out for lane two. he's got him by a few lengths. go, doug, go. wow. nice job, doug. >> that's impressive do i get a ribbon? how did i do? >> i think the 6-year-old in lane two beat you. >> yes. >> i don't know how much time i have left. i'm out of time, ameli and out of breath. >> doug, i'll help you out here. nice job. ry like what erika said interest, against some middle schoolers, i could not have done that. what a nice night to be out there in the swimming pool. having such a blast down there. 87 degrees right now. we'll fall into the 70s around 9:0 m. another beautiful night. air conditioning off and windows ten out there. a nice startorrow morning. 70 degrees at 7:00 a.m. and we warm to a high temperature of 89.
4:51 pm
basically a carbon copy of what we saw today. a little bit of cloudiness develops through the afternoon. maybe an isolated shower and most of us are dry. it is a spectacular friday out there. here's your pollen report today. i showed you this yesterday. mold spores are cng in high once again and now we have the trees coming in moderate for the we. look at this. most of us are completely dry. 90 on saturday and 92 on sunday and we have a heat wave starting out there on saturday and sunday so, doug, great nght to be out at the pool, and we're going to send it back to the anchors, but at 6:45, guys, doug is jumping off of the diving board. vote on what you want to see him do on our twitter page. >> i've got to tell you. he was pretty veimpressiin the water. >> somewhere down there season angry mom upset that of the he didn't let his precious baby win. >> glad there's no collisions. he does outsize them. >> thanks,li ame. >> well, you have probably seen it by now. this heartwarming picture of a local officer giving a helping hand to a young boy with autism.
4:52 pm
the child's name is andrew. his mother took the picture after officer case helped thean wfter having a rough go on metro. today the metro board honored officer case. andrew and hism were there to show his support. officer case says honors and recognition aside, he would do it all over again. >> it's been heartwarming. i mean, i neveran expected of this to happen. i just thought, you know, i was doing what any other officer would do at the time whit is juslping others, and that's what we're here for. >> officer case is the father of a 4-year-old himself, so he understands what it's like to have an upset child. many people are glad to see how he stepped in to help. they say a lot of times people with autism can have negative xperiences with police, and they are hopefuthis story helps to change that. he's rocking that outfit. go, andrew. >> got the whole uniform.
4:53 pm
precious. >> we love that. >> wendy, what have you got coming up at 5:00? >> ahead, a business decision in fairfax county that has a lot of families cryg fowl. it's a controversy about a contract, and these families say it's going to force their loved ones out ofobs that are desperately needed. also a piece of hidden history, and it's named a new national sanctuary. chris gordon uncovers the scoring of the ghost fleet. dozens of world war i ships that are partially submerged in the chesapeake bay off of charles county. how ol is that? we'll see you with those stories coming up in just a few minutes on "news 4 at 5:00."ny does ady feel like a potted palm, you know, after doug strengthed around in a bathing suit? you feel like chopped liver? aim the only one? see you in a bit. >> we're swimming at 5:00, you >> we're swimming at 5:00, you and me. i switched from dodge.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
we switched from ford. i switched from ram. ed to chevy. we switched to chevy. we switched to chevy. for dependability. for technology. for the muscle. and just look at it. adios, lexus. bye, bye, ford. we switched to chevy. and i couldn't be happier. see for yourself why people are switching at the chevy all-star open house. or add another chevy toour driveway. current gm owners can get over $5,100 below msrp on this equinox. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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if you are like us then you're loving this break from the community. sadly it's in the going to last. doug is here at 5:00 with moref the community. today a non-stop ride will get you there. faster than the current service. going to be one northbound and one southbound train per day.
4:57 pm
am soundtrack isi conring moving its services to other cities as well. major chains to toll lines on i-270 and a the beway in order to ease congestion. news 4's megan mcgrath breaks it down for us. t you've driven through area and the region you know rush hour could be an absolute bear. trying to cut down on your time and traffic and reduce the amount traffic that you have to travel through. mdot is going to take a look and extend the express lanes in virginia over a rebuilt american legion bridge into montgomery county. the toll lanes would then go up 270 to gaithersburgnd would join the icc and traffic would connect with i-95.
4:58 pm
this is not a done deal t state, transportation officials in maryland are taking a closer look and they are going to be exploring the option over the next sever weeks. now, this is just one of several proposals in the mix to try to improve the traffic situation in the region. we'll have to see where it goes. thank you very much. "news 4 at 5:00" starts right now. >> we start this hour with an argumendo over a car that led to a deadly fist fight at a ce george's county shopping center. >> two punches later a man laying on the ground and a few days later he's dead. today the man who delivered the blows learned his fate. >> our prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins is live that shopping center in bowie. tracey? >> reporter: well, guys, it e happens all th time. you open up your car dore and accidentally ding the car door
4:59 pm
next to yours but when this happed here at the bowie town center last year it ended up in a fight. ended up with one man dad and another man sentenced to prin today. >> i will never accept it. it's not accept football? a year later and renato mincy is struggling with the slept and up expected death of her son. >> he died two months before his 22nd birthday. never own really got a chance to be man and he's my only child. >> reporter: thomas hughes was sentenced to eight years in prison for manslaughter after severely beating nicholas keyes in 2018. the two men got into an argument in the parking lot after hughes' girlfriendinged keyes' car with her car door. police say keyes grabbed back and hughes threw the bat across the parking lot and began punch keys. >> the injury that he received from thflows were exacerbated when his head hit the pavement
5:00 pm
and it killed him. >> suffering from blood on his brai dtors said keyes could not sustain life on his own. his parents removed him from life support throw days after the fight. the victim's mother is not satisfied th the sentencing in this case. >> i don't think there's a sentence long enough when you lose a loved one. i feel like he should have gotten more. >> hhes is a father of thre with a fourth child on the way. he was on probation for his part in an armed robberythat led it a gunman killing someone when it led to this fight in bowie. >> he's been in and out of jail. locked him up and released him. he's living his life. my son is gone forever. there's no justice in that. >> reporter: now because it's possible that hughes violated his probation with the fight that hapned here and the sentencing that followed, he's going to be in court in about a g at the he's look possibility of 12 additional years in prison and looking at 20 total for violating his


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