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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  July 26, 2019 12:37am-1:37am EDT

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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza i new york, it's "late nig with seth meyers. tonight -- michael moore, host of "most expensivest," rapper, 2 chainz writer, brian michael bendis featuring the 8g band with fred armisen ♪ [ cheers and applause ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers. >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. how's everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause
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that is great to hear. in that case, let's get to the news officials in south korea announced yesterday that north korea fired two uniden the sea.jectiles into "a guy can dream," said trump, with his two projectiles [ laughter ] reporters have found that a doctored version of the presidential seal was projected behind president trump at an event earliethis week, which featured a two-headed russian eagle clutching a set of golf clubs and a banner reading "45 is a puppet" in spanish. [ laughter ] hmm. somebody doesn't like trump and also speaks spanish, busted! [ laughter and applause according to reports, rudy guiliani is serving as s president trump'wyer for free well, i think we can all agree he is worth every penny. [ laughter ] that'sight guiliani is serving as trump's lawyer for free. actually, what trump said is, "you can bill me all you want
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but i am never going to pay [ laughter ] according to campaign finance records, indiana mayor, pete buttigieg h spent $300,000 on private plane travel, while bernie sanders just asked spirit airlines if [ laughter and applaus every tenth flight should be free [ laughter ] former vice president, joe biden, told reporters last night that he won't be as polite during next week's second democratic debate. added biden, "let's just say that this time i won't be saying thank you after kamala rips me a new one. [ laughter ]t the firsst-tube baby was born 41 years ago today. and personally, i think it's time we let them out [ laughter ]
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my favorite thing about that is he's wearing a tie [ laughter ] amtrak announced today that it will begin nonstop train service this fall between washington, d.c. and new york. so if you're in shington and you want to get to new york in a hurry, i bet i know who you are. [ laughter ] according to a new cdc report, teen birthrates dropped last year and no one is more disappointed in that than executives at mtv [ laughter ] finally, the winners of the 12th annual iphone photography awards were announced snubbed once again, dma! [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonightch [ rs and applause he's a renowned filmmaker and the founder of the traverse city film festival, which takes plac july 30th througgust 4th michael moore is back, everybody.
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[ eers and applause he is a talented rapper and his show, "most expensivest," airs o tuesdaysviceland 2 chainz is joining us tonight [ cheers and applause his writing for the dc comics universe and beyond is the stuff of legend. one of our favorites, brian michael bendis is here, you guys [ cheers and applause before we get to that, the presidenis lying about former special counsel robert mueller's congressional testimony. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." la♪ [ cheers and appe >> seth: yesterday, the man who oversaw a two year investigation into a criminal operation by a foreign government to interfere in a presidential election testified before congress on national television. right off the bat he made adlines when he said this. >> did you actually totally exonerate the president? >> no. >> under department of justi policy the president could be prosecuted for obstruction of justice crimes after he leaves office, rrect? >> true. >> seth: man, he was quick on the draw with that answer.
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[ laughterik it'she's been waiting two years for someone to ask him that question. and do you have the handcuffs picked out yes. [ laughter ] over the course of seven hours, mueller laid out details of a criminal attempt to interfere in a presidential election. a campaign that openly welcomed and encouraged that interference in a series of lies and potential attempts to obstruct justice by the president and his aides. in normal timeed that would be incrly damning and yet we're all so numb to everything, people are acting like because mueller didn't come out and say the words "trump is guilty," it wasn't a big deal. what were you expecting? did you think mueller was going smash through the wall in a monster truck called "the detrumpulator. [ laughter ] mueller's report, in itself,s already damning. we just got to see him explain it on national tv. yes, he occasionally stumbled or had to consult the report, but it's over 400 pages with footnotes and citations. if you asked me under oath about something i said in "a closer look" yesterday, i'd have to consult the script, too. let's see, i'd like to refer you to appendix c, subsection 43b
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where in "a closer look" we play the clip of elizabeth warren saying the words - >> crazy [bleep] [ cheers and applause >> seth: also, it's pretty richt when people who complain that mueller stumbled overag details in a 400report are the same people who are totally fine with mr. details over here. >> this will be plan where you can choose your doctor this will be plan where you can choose your plan, and you know what the plan is, is is the plan [ laughter ] >> seth: i mean, it's very easy not to stumble when you're just using the same five word overand over again [ laughter ] but give him something trickier, like the word lawmakers and en see what happens >> he has worked in both houses of congress, advising law-markers. [ laughter ] >> seth: the law-marker, of course being the sharpie that every
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judge uses to write out their legal decision [ cheers and applause thank you, law-marker. of course, muell's very straightforward claim that he could not exonerate the president comes after months after trump claiming unequivocally that the mueller report completely and totally exonerated him >> there was no collusion with russia, there was no obstruction and none whatsoever, and it was a complete and total exoneration. >> no collusion, no obstruction, complete and total exoneration, keep america great >> total exoneration, complete vindication. >> seth: hey, you know, in this case, you got to believe trump because he definitely read the report, right? >> i h reportread the mueller [ light laughter ] i haven't seen the mueller report as far as i'm concerned i don't care about the mueller report.
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>> seth: i mean, i'm not surprised he didn't read it but it's jarring when he just comes out and admits it.ik he's la guy at a book club whose had a few glasses of wine, going, i guess if i'm being my totally honest, avorite part of "50 shades of grey" was the cover because i did not read it. [ laughter and alause and also, we are out of pinot. [ laughter ] by the way - so for four months tmp has been saying the report completely and totally exonerated him how does he feel now that mueller said explicitly, on national television, that he did not exonerate trump? >> there is no such a thing. the didn't have the right exonerate. you know, it's very interesting. people mention exoneration that was something where he totallfolded because he never had the right to exonerate >> seth: donald trump has a tellev when he goes, you know, it's very interesting, he's about to lay out some five star bull [bleep]. [ laughter ]
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so mueller made clear that he could not exonerate trump because that was basically his only option.ul mueller co't just straight up indict trump because of justice department guidelines that say you can't indict a sitting president. instead, he basically had to say, we can't exonerate the president, now it's up to congress but then republicans weirdly trthd to claim that mueller didn't have the power to claim someone was either exonerated or not exonerated one republican congressman even made a big show at that point using props but mueller wasn't having it. >> mr. mueller, does the attorney general have the power or authority to exonerate? p and what i'mting up here is united states code this is where the attorney general gets his power and the constitution and thennotated cases of these, which we've searched we even went to your law school because i went to case western but i thought maybe your law school teaches it differently. we got the criminal law textbook from your law school mr. mueller, nowhere in these, because had them scanned, is there a process or description on exonerate there's no office of exoneration at the attorney general's office there's no certificate at the
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bottom of his deskle mr. muel would you agree with me that the attorney general does not have the power to exonerate >> i'm going to pass on that >> seth: oh. it's such a bummer when you bust out all your books and the other guy doesn't care [ laughter and applause i feel so bad for the staff that had to get all this stuff. i feel l work out the way you think it will oh, trust me, when he sees the books, his head will explode i will be like, do you remember this one from ur law school! of course, no matter what mueller said, nothing was going to stop trump from declarings victory, which iat he did on his way to an event last night in west virginia, when he once again stopped by reporters for his usual chopper adjacent q and yell >> the was no defense of what robert mueller was trying to defend, in all fairness to robert mueller whether his performance was a
12:48 am
bad one or good one. i think everybody understands that i think everybody understands what's going on. this has been a very bad thing for our country. and despite everything we've been through, it's been an incredible 2 1/2 years for our country. the administration, our esident, me. >> seth: oh, you you're the president well -- that explains a lot. [ light laughter ] later, trump was asked about mueller's assertion that trump aides had lied during the investigation and trump both denied that mueller had said that and also claimed the reporter herself was lying by asking the question. >> reporter: what do you say at that robert mueller said that you're lying >> let me just tell you something. i know, you always have a question >> reporter: lying bhowhite e aides -- >> you mean my white house aides lie? what about his aides what about mueller's aides >> reporter: he said you are generally untruthful what do you say to that? he's accusing u of -
12:49 am
>> he didn't say that at all you're untruthful when you ask -- you are untruthful, when you ask that question. when you ask that question, you're untruthful. you know who else is untruthful? you know wholse is untruthful? his aides. >> seth: why does anyone even ask him questions anymore? [ laughter ] it's like continuing to pua dollar bills in kebox that only plays "achy breaky heart" no matter what buttons you ess. also, can we go back to this >> reporter: what do you say that robert mueller said that you're lying -- >> let me just tell you something. you always have a question >> seth: yeah. she always has a question. she's a reporter [ laughter ] whenhe mailman shows up at your door, do you say, oh, let me guess, an envelope? [ laughter ] would a pizza kill you, mailman? [ applause ] mueller was also asked yesterday about trump's various attacks on his investigation. and his answers were very clear.
12:50 am
>> when donald trump called your investigation a witch hunt, that was also false, was it not >> i'd like to think so, yes >> well, your investigation is not a witch hunt, is it? >> it was not a witch hunt >> when the president said the russian interference was, hoax, that was falsn't it? >> true. >> seth: now, compare that to p how trumacted just a few hours later. >> there was no defense to this ridiculous hoax, this witch hunt, that's been going on for a long time. and everybody knew it was a hoax, wikileaks is a hoax just like everything elseal and of those problems having to do with crime were the biggest hoax of all. it was a witch hunt, a total witch hunt we did nothing wrong the answer is very simple. nothing was done wrong this was all a big hoax. >> seth: okay, i know inu watched the hear but did you listen or did your aides secretly dub over mueller's lines with sean hannity saying nice things about you? >> the witch hunt is officially over the mueller report is out and the presidenof the
12:51 am
united states has been totally [ light laughter ]dicated. >> seth: the president and his allies have immediately startedn lyabout yesterday's hearings because those hearings laid out in clear and unequivocal terms the story of what's happened and that story is incredibly damning. at this point, it's up to congress to do something about it bythey could either stand nd do nothing or they can impeach >> our preside, me >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause we'll be right back with michael moore, everybody [ cheers and applause ♪ se announcer: for more of 's closer looks, be sure to subscribe to "late night" on youtube.
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♪ [ cheers and applause seth: welcome back everybody. give it up for the 8g band rig h overe. [ cheers and applause also, fred armisen has been with us all week. i and fred, itsuch a delight to be around you i just feel, not only are you my friend and i like your companionship, but it's an education to be around you fred. you are a renaissance man. [ light laughter ] are you okay with me calling you that >> fred: it's so nice. thank you. [ light laughter ] musician, a writercomedian, a but the thing i found out about you this week that many people don't know, you are an art connoisseur. >> fred: i am. >> seth: and you were telling me backstage -- you were telling me that you have an art historian's knowledge of every painting ever painted. >> fred: every painting, yes
12:56 am
[ lahter ] >> seth: now there's a chance -- there's a chance that you're lying to me fred and tyot's just somethinve said to impress me and that would break my heart. but i would prefer you to come clean to me right now than lie to me. >> fred: no, it's the truth. [ light laughter ] >> seth: well we are gonna put it to the test frega it's time once a for fred armisen: art affectionado ♪ [ cheers and applause t >> seth: fred,his is david hockney's portrait of an artist pool with two figures fred, tell us about this painting >> fred: oh, yes and incredible piece ts inspired, they say, by some of the older paintings and some of where back then, it wobe a sort of gentleman near a swimming pool. [ light laughter ] and another rson underneath a swimming pool, you know like look swimming in the water >> seth: yes i think we can all see that. [ light laughter ] b >> fred: what i'm saying,
12:57 am
but take a close look at the blue, which is really fascinating. it represents water. [ laughter ] which is - >> seth: this blue or this blue? >> fred: towards the bottom.a. >> seth: okay, gotch >> fred: i love that when i first learned that, i was like oh, wow [ laughter ] and so -- if you look up at the gentleman, the red represents jacket [ laughter ] so, which is great it's just like these things -- it's very impressionistic and very celebratory >> seth: sure. so now that's all stuff you learned from obviously your art education. >> fred: yes >> seth: what did you think it was before you were told that? [ light laughter ] >> fred: i thought it was juou abstract colors, ynow. i thought it was the palette he used to sort of start painting >> seth: oh wow. so you just thought that was green until someone said trees [ light laughter ] >> fred: how did you know that [ laughter ] >> seth: thank you, once -- that's fantastic it's just fantastic how much you know >> fred: oh, thank you
12:58 am
artist's name one moree? the >> fred: this is - >> seth: i already told you. >> fred: this is a group painting [ laughter ] >> seth: different people did -- >> fred: it's the hockney family >> seth: oh, the hockney family did it retcha f[ o li>>ghyot evlad:ughihtnee] >> seth: give it up for fred armisen everybody [ cheers and applause our rst guest tonight is ademy award winning filmmaker of documentaries like "roger and me," "bowling for columbine" and "fahrenheit 9/11." he is the founder of the traverse city film festival which runs from july 30th to august 4th please welcome back to the show michael moore, everybody ♪ [ cheers and applause a>> seth: welcome back, h you? >> i'm here finally on a show
12:59 am
when fred is here. >> seth: that' true, you have not overlapped >> no, it's great. >> seth: it's a nice reward for your continuing kindness to us and continuing to come back. >> this show is kind to america. >> seth: oh that's very nice for you to say >> seth: the f this every night and speak the truth. >> seth: that's very kind of you. >> in ways that should have you hauled out of here one of these days [ light laughter ] >> seth: i'm hanging on as long as i can you spoke a little truth yesterday to moderate dems who you were critical of putting too much of their faith in themu ler report being their - him being their savior >> yes >> seth: and you wrote a frail old man unable to remember things, stumbling refusing to answer basic qstions, i said it in 2017. and mueller confirmed today. this was a mistake you got a retweet from someone who agreed with you on this. donald trump retweeted you y >>es yes, yes [ light laughter ] h seth: now obviously youave been very vocal about him. w does it feel when aboutou donald trump agrees with you
1:00 am
>> but he's always -- actually his tweets at me, actually he's afraid -- he never attacks in the way -- i did get a nickname from him. >> seth: yeah. >> there's 200 of us i don't know if you're in the club but - >> sh: yeah. >> you have a nickname from him? >> seth: he's said -- third rate about me >> third rate seth >> seth: well not really -- i haven't gotten a seth. i've had marbles in my mouth that was said about me >> i got sloppy mike >> seth: sloppy mike >> sloppy mike yeah. [ light laughter ] so -- yes, i think he's a little afraid to come completelat me.y, because essentiall'm his base >> seth: right >> i'm an angry white guy overi the age of 50 and ve a high school education [ laughter ] >> seth: righte [ cheers and applaus >> so you don't want to go at me -- you don't want to go at me too hard >> sh: right a
1:01 am
>> so itually -- i so enjoy it when he does. i tweeted him back about the part about we where watching a frail old man yesterday. i just said, "donald, i was actually talkingugbout you." [ light er ] >> seth: despite everything yesterday, you still do believe rithat impeachment is the ght pathut >> oh, absoly. i don't know what's wrong with the democrats. you have to, for history's sake, for the children, you have to say, this is wrong [ cheers and applause en presidts cannot break the law. and yes, i know that what everybody says is, "well, yeah, but the senate won't -- the senate doesn't impeach impeach is only done by the house. and it means that your behavior has caused us to impeach you and now we will send you to the senate for trial but you don't say don't do it because there won't be a trial in the senate as we know the detroit tigers don't say, i don't want to go to neyork and play the yankees, we're just
1:02 am
gonna lose [ laugdoer ] let's nompeachment because we'll lose in the senate and we're democrats and our feelings will get hurt! no we need to fight we have to fight, fight, fight you know [ cheers and applause i'm we -- is serious. next year, next year, people realize we could -- i think actually, whoever the democratic candidate is will get 2 million more votes than hillary's 3 million she beat him with. i think we will get 5 million next year and we could still lose the electoral college >> seth: right >> this is a very, very serious thing. we have to do some thingweto make surave the right candidate. we have to have a beloved american running, not a profession politician. we havto have somebody - if you put up a professional politician against trump, e somebody will inspire base the base here of the democratic party, women, people of color and young adults between 18 and 35
1:03 am
[ cheers and applause at th 70% of whose will vote next year. >> seth: right >> 70% of the electorate is what i just described but you need a candidate to where when pple wake up on election morning next year they've got to have that sensevo that if you d in '08 or '12 for obama. you remember hth that feeling morning, you couldn't wait to get to the polls. i can't believe we're going to do this today. who are you going to say that about of the 25 that are running, right now when you wake up a year from november, i can't wait to get to the polls so i can vote for -- john hickenlooper! ] [ laughter or joe biden joe biden! i love joe biden >> seth: yeah. i love joe biden, too. >> we got to win >> seth: but i think a lot of -- i can understands well -- i understand this thought process, which is now - going into 2016, i think a lot of people, you were not this
1:04 am
kind of person you thought trump was going to win, you called it state by state. i think a lot of people, i will admit ito it, didn't think he could win. now i see, and this year, i can understand that people are like just give me the safest candidate. do you think that is -- but you think that's the hugest mistakeu >> it's thst mistake you don't want safe right now. you have to fight trump with whatever our version of -- he's a street fighter we need a street fighter, the only way you're gonna defeat him. you're going up against a bully. >> seth: do you see street fighters how many street fighters, don't name namest buw many out of the 25 do you see as street fighters >> uh, two >> seth: okay. >> two of the 25 i can say>> eth: if you want, you can say it >> well -- look, bernie -- [ cheers and applause i think, if bernie were here now he could take on fred. i mean i think he -- seth: really? [ laughter ] you want to talk about strategy because you, again, you called this last time and talk about what happened in
1:05 am
michigan in 2018 and - >> last november, we michigan sadly went red for trump in 2016 but this past november we brought it back to blue.d kicked out all the republicans in the state capitol and we got the governor, lieutenant-governor, attorney general and secretary of state and we kicked out two republicans, congressman in suburban detroit and replaced them with two democratic women so michigan is now back -- [ cheers and applause let me tell you how we did it. here's how we did it amd we got to do this in states -- especially the swingar states next ye ballot proposals brought out the people to vote last november who may not have voted so we came up with this idea let's get two ballot proposals actually this is carl rove's and bush's idea. in 2004, they got 14 states to put an amendment on the ballot proposal to ban gay marriage and it passed in all 14 states and it bo ught out enough people t get bush elected we can do this this time if we put ballot measures on the
1:06 am
ballots. we did it in michigan with withn marijuana legalizatiwe doubled the youth vote from the previous off year election [ light laughter ] vand the african-americane, which thousands had sat it out in '16, unhappy with the choices, came back to vote last november, because we had a ballot proposal to make gerrymdering and voter suppression illegal, and it passed cheers and applause marijuana passed, and we had a huge african-american turnout and that gave us -- we got democrats elected off it instead of pting all our hopes in one politician to carry the thing, we have to get these ballot proposals on in swing states ted will bring t people to now i tweete trump just before i came out to watch tonight. >> seth: oh wow. okay, gotcha >> you know, because i was going to tell him, you know -- [ laughter ]
1:07 am
he's like -- >> seth: thank you >> i told him to get a bucket of kfc. >> seth: yep >> and he's in his robe right now watching you and i >> seth: yeah, probably, yeah. >> and i said, you got to watch because i'm going to tell you how we're going remove you froma the white house next [ cheers and applause and we're gonna do it -- by getting those ballot proposals in those states to bring out the majority of americanwho are that 70%, women, people of color, young adults we're gonna run a beloved candidate who is a street fighter. all right, i'm serious onlks, if we put up the wr horse in this race we are doomed again. let's not do that. and i'm willing to say -- ok so let's say obviously i love bernie and his politics and all that, but we all have to agree we're going to all vote for the person that isn't just going to beat tru because i think there's four or five candidates now that can beat him. beating isn't good enough, hillary beat him we have to crush trump
1:08 am
it has to be orange crush. [ cheers and applause orange crush operation orange crush, i just came up with that. seth: there you go. you got to come back again we'll check in the operation that's michael moore everybody [ cheers and applause traverse city film festival july 30th to august 4th we'll be right back with more 2 chainz [ eers and applause ♪ so oily and greasy and that it was going to clog my pores. t but what i love abouay regenerist whip with spf 25 is that it's lightweight, it's barely and en i can put makeup on over it if i want or if i'm not working, you know, just roll. it's perfect for me. i'm busy philipps, and i'm fearless to face anhing.
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♪ [ cheers and applause >>eth: our next guest is a grammy award-winning artist and host of the show "most expensivest," which airs tuesday nights on viceland please welme to the show 2 chainz, everybody! [ cheers and applaus ♪ ♪ >> sh: how are you i'm doing fine. how are you doing? >> seth: i'm doing really well i'm a little disappointed. earlier this week, i heard your dog was going to come.og
1:13 am
>> yes, so, mys trained, first of all >> seth: yeah. >> and there's not a lot of places in new yorkhat appease to my dog's needs when he has to use the throom >> seth: gotcha, yeah. [ light laughter ] >> so i'm normally making my assistant catch an uber so my dog can go use the bathroom twoo blocksr three blocks >> seth: i gotcha. >> so -- >> seth: and it's trappy, that's yourog trappy? >> yes, trappy this is my - [ audience aws ] un seth: and you -- you fo him doing your show, right >> yes, emotional support for -- [ laughter ] so yeah, i got trappy from the show, "most expensivest. his dad was named micro and i e was doing thow and i was asking my normal questions and they tell me that his dad makes about $300,000 a year. >> seth: really? >> that's what i said. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> i said, you know, "tell me more would you like to sell this dog? and they said, "no, we couldn't sell the dog."f i said, "iyou could sell it, you know, how much?" and they were like, you know, "$100,000.
1:14 am
and i said, "really? [ laughter ] and then, i said, "i want me one. so that's micro's son, trappy, right there. >> seth: all right >> yeah, so i waited until he had another litter [ laughter ]we and e been rocking out trappy is five years old >> seth: he's five years old >> yeah. >> seth:nd now, this show, for those -- it started as a web series on gq and now, it's on viceland. but you just basically go around and you try the most expensive -- basically, products in thet orld >> the mostrageous luxury goods on the face of the earth and, you know, by me being rather on th[ flamboyant side -- ughter ] it's just custom straight for me, you know >> seth: yeah. >> is very improv. i don't know the person i'm about to meet. i don't know what they have that costs so much. i don't know wre the passion comes from i go out there, and then, there's basically a camera filming that whole conversation. so it could be, you know, educational. it's very funny. because i just can't believe some people have some of this stuff and the prices that it costs.
1:15 am
>> seth: yeah. usmean, because it's not j stuff like watches, it's stuff like very expensive hot sauce. >> yes [ light laughter ] >> seth: a lot of things -- a lot of things with gold go it. it seems like flakes. >> everything with gold is a go. everything with gold is a -- i had a hamburger that was $300, had gold on it >> seth: and now, when you're eating the hamburger, are you like, "mmm, that's good gold." [ laughter ]e, >> i'm like, i'm lik'm like -- "yeah, this gold is really kicking, you know." i'm like, "this gold is -- [ laughter ] >> seth: has there been anything you tried at you thought, "oh, now, i need this," other than trappy of course >> well, trappy was something else [ laughter ] well, you know, a lot of the things i think for the most part i've built relationships throughout the show. i've definitely educated myself throughout the show. some of the things that i think i just cannot live without, the next day, i'm okay, i get over it [ laughter ] but -- but, a lot of the times, i actually try to tell the person, that you know, i'm doing you a huge favorld everybody in the wor is watching this, so you should just give it to me >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ]t' >> and tworked out a lot for me [ laughter ] >> seth: oh, that's good you also have three kids
1:16 am
is that right? >> yeah. >> seth: is there that they basically say the same thing to you, like, "dad, you got to get us this for free? >> yes, yes. i have heaven, harmony and halo. and heaven's birthday is tomorrow, so - [ audience aws ] and my mom my mom [ cheers and applause >> seth: all right, same day >> yeah. >> seth: happy birthday to them both >> yeah, so, i had an episode that had popcorn with gold on it >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] my kids love popcorn, so they definitely wanted to try that. >> seth: all right, that's great. now you ought a bottle of -- u had a -- was it a $500,000 bottle of tequila what was the expensive one you haon >> too much. >> seth: too much. [ laughter ] >> seth: this is a $2,000 bottle of tequila you brought f us to try. >> yeah, i really enjoy this tequila, by the way. >> seth: i'm very excited to try it with you. i've got a couple of glasses >> clase azul is the name of the tequila. >> seth: this is classic azul. th is $2,000 >> clase >> seth: oh, actually, i think they told me the top of the bell >> yes, it's a bell. [ bell dings ] yeah [ laughter ] come and get it! [ cheers and applause >> seth: yeah, come and get it there you go anthi know you like yours wi
1:17 am
pineapple juice? >> yeah, i do. >> seth: and this is very expensive pineapple olice. it's d i think >> yeah. $1.99. >> seth: $1.99 the spanish, i think >> they can't -- [ laughter ]h: >> setre they happy when they give you a $2,000 bottle of tequila, and you're like, "and then, a little pineapple juice?" [ laughter ] i'm just going to have a lime in mi >> so this bottle is cool, right, because you don't really throw them away. >> seth: yeah. >> at the end, they makelike, flower pots out of them and mps. and, i mean, i've seen them do everything with the bottle when you get through -- >> seth: yeah. >> you know, getting wasted. w >> seth:l, look, i mean -- >> be very creative. >> seth: if coors light was $2,000 a can, i wouldn't throw e can out. >> absolutely. >> seth: here we go. cheers, let's give this a try. mmm, it's really good. [ laughter ] it's really good i think you've really figured out -- this is a real life hack, the show you've figured out. yeah [ laughter and applause
1:18 am
>> i mean, going to work is just awful sometimes. >> seth: yeah. t cheersyou for figuring it out. [ cheers and applause thanks so much for being here. 2 chainz, "most expensivest," tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. on viceland we'll be right back with brian michael bendis [ cheers and applaus ♪
1:19 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> seth: our next guest is one of tit most popular and ally acclaimed comic book writers in the industry. please welcome back to the show our friend brian michael bendis, everyone [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ >> seth: welcome back! >> hello hi how are you? >> seth: great you look fantastic >> thank y s >>h: last time you were here, 2015, it was a while ago and we talked about how you created miles morales, that was a character that you came up with >> co-created. >> seth: co-created. >> yeah. [ cheers and applause >> seth: and now, you know, it was a big deal then, bid now, "into the sp-verse" happens. and speak about like how exciting it must be to have a hand in the creation of someone within a world but obviously, a lot of people
1:24 am
have had hands in creating but to watch not just the popularity of it, but just the impact socially having a character like that on there >> really, it's it's what -- it's evhing i've ever wanted out of the entire experience of telling stories.nt you wao tell stories so people can communicate and kind of understand each other and the whole just trying to like expand the idea of what a hero is and what it can be and anyone can wear the suitd an did it in comics, and then, great filmmakers came and grabbed it and did it better than us.r and achieved a higheal, but still stayed within what we were trying to achieve. t and now, i getsit back and everyone watches on netflix and tweets lovely things at us all day. >> seth: that's wonderful. >> it's like hug that never ops. [ cheers and applause t >> seth: and i wan talk because -- and i'll speak about this because you, you know, you write is familiar witheryone you write batman, you write superman you've written so many over the years. but, you also, in li with miles, you have this character, this book, naomi
1:25 am
and speak to that, and the similarities and why it's important for you to keep writing characters like this >> well, david walker and jamal campbell and i creed naomi for d.c. comics. the idea to bring a new character into d.c. and just - she has brand new origin, not connected to anything with batman or any legacy character, but she's an adopted child in the pacific northwest and she feels a connection to superman because he's also the most famous orphan. >> seth: yeah. >> and that connection leads her on a journey that she actually discovers her super power and o her surprisinggin that actually is going to bring a lot of new stuff to the d.c. universe but what i discovered was how hungry some of the audience is for just new characters to come into this existing universe. like, it's superman and batman, but from a new perspective and that has been a real gift, like, people really have been wa and generous about naomi's appearance >> seth: and this is a big deal for people like me who are in
1:26 am
you moved over after 19 years at marvel, you moved over to d.c. i would say for people who aren't fully in tune with the a comic books world, it's ttle bit like if -- near the end of his career -- not the end of his career, you have years to go [ laughter ] but in the middle of his career, if derek jeter moved to the boston red sox does that seem like a fair analogy? >> well, i don't know sports references, because i'm -- [ light laughter ] reference, maybe i can help you with it. but i'm hearing it was like >> seth: yeah, right >> that's what i heard [ laughter ] >> if late in his career, superman moved to the avengers >> e tctly >> seth: yeare you go. >> i would buy the book in two seconds, so there you go [ laughter ] >> seth: you are writing superman now >> that's the best >> seth: what are --e 'd imagine thst be pressures involved with taking on something like this >> it is it's like the most iconic superhero. i'm a little jewish kid from cleveland. he was created by little jewish kids from cleveland. >> seth: yeah, he was. a deep connection when you live in cleveland, that's all anyone ever tells you. you know, he's superman, you know, so - >> he's on the fnt of most
1:27 am
synagogues in cleveland. [ laughter ] >> so, i um -- but it's a great honor. you really, you feel like this being handedt you're and, what i didn't know is like, the job now is i have to spend like hours a day thinking, what would the greatest person think? what would the greatest person do because if it isn't the greatest, it's not superman, right? so i literally have to like train my brain just to think good thoughts all da [ laughter ] and i was like, what a great way to spend the day like, i didn't know -- and d en, i thought that's kin of the opposite of your job. which i feel bad after [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> but it's so -- but the other thing is you can't like spend thinking nice thoughts all day and then go fight with people at the supermarket. >> sh: yeah, you have to be like, what would superman do >> you have to elevate your game >> seth: and yeah, that's very - so you've been tweeting about this and you've been saying, "long live the legions." >> yes, "long live the legions." >> seth: again, i know what tha. mean or certainly, i know, i think i know what that means you were going to take on the legion of superheroes. >> yes now for people who don't know n what the legio superheroes
1:28 am
are, because they have been off the shelves for a while, this is for people who know, in the know, the greatest superhero team of all time this is -- and also one of the most dense, complicated, interesting books. >> seth: i mean, here's -- i guess, what is -- what were you saying today, 34 different characters >> yes, there's 34 -- it's like wrobert aman movifoe r withople tsuhink terhey've seen it all, like "avengers engame" -- oh, my god. for people in the know, you ain't seen legion yet. >> seth: that's very exciting. and i will say from this photo, ryan sook, one of my favorite artists. it's so exciting >> yes s h: the two of you working together on this >> this is ryan sook and jordie bellaire. i'll put this together these are allethe redesigned onnaires people haven't seen them in a while. we're going to bring them back and what these characters do is that they live 1,000 yea in the future from us it's a thousand years from now so good news, there's a future [ laughter ]-- and that's the good >> seth: that's good news. >> it's 1,000 years from now, yeah [ cheers and applause and all these teenagers have thgotten together to live ideals of the age of heroes. they want to be superman, batman, wonder woman
1:29 am
and so, they're living what they think is the best version of us. e >> seth: well, i think would all take a cue from them >> yes >> seth: and it is wonderful to have you here as always. >> thank you so much >> seth: thanks for being back on the show. >> thank you [ cheers and applause >> seth: brian michael bdis, everybody. 'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ we all care about amazing taste. that's why wstve been making the beayonnaise for over 100 years. hellmann's. we're on the side of food.
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> seth: my thanks to michael moore, 2 chainz, brian michael bendis, everody. fred armisen, of course the 8g band stay tuned for "carson daly. see you tomorrow, everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪n: >> carsoey, what's up, evybody.


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