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tv   Early Today  NBC  July 26, 2019 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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million fortnight world cup event that's -- a statement, an additional eight marines were taken aside to be questioned onheir involvement in alleged drug offenses unrelated to today's arrests.
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>> n don't remember thisber of people being arrested all at once and so it's extremely unusual for a sweep to be made with this number of arrests. >> reporter: with holding specifics as the marine corps investigates, officials confirm the arrests came after information was gained from a previous human smuggling investigation. on july 5th, two marines were charged with transportation of certain aliens for financial gain after investigators say they agreed to transport three mexican tizens for $8,000. with the possibility of additional charges, thear mines say none took part in the southwest border support missio and those arrested are junior enlisted. 16 accused of breaking the law and betraying their always faithful. those marines who were arrested and the other marines pulled aside for questioning are with ncis investigators.s this matter being handled in the military court system, not
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the civilian one. frances? >> miguel, thank ys. >> t morning investigators are looking into several theories after millionaire financier jeffrey etein was found mysteriously injured in his jail cell. sources say he had marks on his neck. thencident comes exactly one week after the accused sex trafficker was denied bail. here's nbc's stephanie gosk. >> reporter: jeffrey epstein was found on the floor of his cell semi conetious in the fal position with marks around his neck. there are conflicting explanations from multiple law enforcement sources. one theory is epstein tried to take his own life. another is that the 66-year-old faked a suicide to try to get transferred from this notorious jail in manhattan. but the possibility that epstein was attacked is also being considered. two people familiar with the incident tell nbc'sew york station that epstein shared a cell with nick tartarlioni, a former police officer accused of
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murder. his lawyer said his client was questioned but is not a suspect. >> he did knowing wrong at all, gnd he's not being investigated for doing anythinwrong. he's not been accused of doing anything wrong. >> reporter: a judge denied epstein's bail after he pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking l charges,ving him locked up until coial. a sharp rast to life in his luxury homes in new mexico, new york, and the caribbean. local zoning permits show epstein was expanding his compound from this island to a second one bought in 2016. virgin island is public property but jeffrey etein made it ear that the rest of this island is not. he's been doing construction here on the great saint jam up until his arrest really. we're told thishite shed was built only a few months w ago. epstein may never be back the rest of his life coulds fe coul behind bars. stephanie gosk, nbc news >> a suspect is in a custodyer a killing spree heldos lngeles
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in suspense. at least six people were shot and four of them were killed in a shooting that took place across three locations here's nbc's mollie hunter >> reporter: the suspect is now in custody after a deadleey shooting spr across los angeles. >> he is armed with a .9 millimeterigh point semi auto. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. teams closing in later capturing police say hwent to an saragosa. apartment in the san fernando brother and father, and wounding his mother raiding the buildi next to me and i just saw ten police officers with guns, rifles and handguns going crazy gas station in north hollywood, he shot two people killing two people and leaving the other in criticon conditi on the run from there, he attempted to rob someone at an atm. then police say the same man boarded a bus tinearby, shoong a 6th person at close range. even asking people for clothes
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as he ran. lice have now confirmt the person shot on the bus has now died after that shooting, police tracked down the suspect walkina on a ny street authorities took him down by tasering him police now seeking to question him in connection with at least four murders across the san fernando valley. >> thankto mollie hunter for that report. >> congress kicks off its six-week august recess today and house members wrapped up business by passing a senate will stayal session next week to vote on that measure nbc's tracie potts is in d.c. with the latest. tracie, good morning that budget deal didn't exactly sale through the house despite support from theresident himself. >> reporter: no, it didn't, because most members of his own party republicans voted against it, particularly conservatives they are concerned about the spendingth, reigning in e spending this is a budget that covers two years that boosts spending for both theilitary and domestic programs
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that's something the democrats wanted it's one of the reasons why they supported it this was president trump's reaction to the house passing this budget. he tweeted that it was a good deal, eaat he was plsed to announce it. great for the military and the vets a big thank you. now, we'll seehat happens with e senate the house is going home for six weeks on their summer break. the senate is going to take this up already we're hearing from republicans saying they'll do the opposite of their colleagues on the other side and support it they're going to stick around another week in washington to try to get this done another bipog int, this budget deal prevents the u.s. from defaulting on its bt we were getting close to that limit. phillip? >> alltr right, ie, thank you. >> eye new study suggests melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer has spiked in women. washington university shows rates have increased 800% among women ages 18 to 39 between 1970
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and 2009 thpossible blame may be the continued use of tanning beds which causes more than 400,000 cases of melanoma each year. >> a dangerous heat wave is burning up much of europe. unprecedented highs were record in france, the netherlands, germany and belgium. in paris where it reachehed a 1 degrees, t fountains next to the eiffel tower became a hot spot for cooling o experts are warning that the record shattering heat could cause the damaged ceiling of the neater dame to completely collapse air conditioning is arce in many of these areas making the intense heat all the more dangerous. france reports suggests at leasi deaths may have resulted from the high temperatures so far. >> meanwhile in this country, alaska has warmed twe as fast as the rest of the world in the arst 50 now the summer heat is setting new records in the southern part of the state nbc's kevin tibbles went to alaska to see the effects firsthand. >> reporter: alaska's blue white
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giants are dying falling to rising temperatures in the 49th state. >> 34 degree wat recently melted ice and snow. >> reporter: the guide tours on the massive spencer glacier. >> in 2009 we used to be able to step onto the ice from the end of the trail >> reporter: we have to kayak to thaway himably making our way pasce a icebergs that have broken off. >> perhaps as recently as 30 right now would have been under hundreds of feet of ice. >> reporter: klhe has come to se the ice mass thousands of years old. >> this is the warm est month any year for this regionra >> reporter: anchoge set a new record at 90 degrees forest fires leave a haze that hangs in the air fisheries, a $6 billion industry, are jeopardized. and the ice keeps lting. a helicopter is now the only way
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to reach the top they say the spencer receives 100 feet a yisr. ths a phenomenal place of natural beauty the tragedy is it's disappearing before our very eyes the tour business ascending path is also receding >> i love the esthetic of what melted water creates, but the cause of it is heart breaking. >> reporter: with more carbon in the atmosphere, it's getting hotter a melting glaciers. causing water levels worldwide to rise. >> in many otherlaces, you can't see those changes. but they're occurring. climate change is affecting everybody. >> the glacier is a bit like the canary in the coal mine. >> reporter: monuments from the ice age now in retreat kevin tibbles, nbc news, in the national forest, alaska. >> tragedy is the right word for it happening right before our eyes. we can't see it happening,wh slowly, but a shame >> what a shame. you know, these spots, portage
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glacier, keen eye peninsula, are adtor -- cldhi i'm frohom odanc. and we would drive to these glaciers thinking we were going on vacation. it is a really unfortunate situation. and the time that i spent there, we've never seen temperatures like that. so this is just unreal here. but they're kind of getting back to reality here. cooler temperatures are starti to make their way in daytime highs are slightly below normal but on record, we're going to continue to see temperatures increase throughout the rest of the summer w the rest of the country, we do still have storm systemins tt are flowg through florida here northern florida, you're going to see up to onein to 2 es throughout the weekend but unfortunately, this continues for west palm beach all the way intoaytona beach throughout your weekend. that's a look at the big weather story of the day now here's a closer look at your day ahead. we're going to continue to see sunshine building across central texas, but highs are
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back in the mid 90s. these storms will continue to flow here. for the upper midwest things quiet down for your saturday and sunday so changes in the weather pattern here, and that includes the weekend. i'll show you all that coming upou >> ss good poor florida, though they're just drenched. thank you. if you haven't jumped on the fortnight bandwagon yet, maybe $30 million prize pool can change your mind that's what gamers are competing for, the fortnight cup held here in new york. morehan 40 million people competed in qualifying rounds. only the top 200 have the chance of becoming a millionaire. this event will be giving out the most money in esports history. and if you want to see it, it will all be live streamed on >> still ahead, spex heads back ttho e final frontier and a treasure trove of african-american history finds a new home the rich, hydrating eam is formulated with vitamin b3 and peptides
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from cape canaveral, florida it is sending up an unnned capsule with 5,000 poundess of suppli and experiments after releasing the capsule set to dock on the iss satury, the falcon 9 rocket landed safelery back he on earth >> i hope you have a new appreciation after the whole apollo 50th anniversary. a special type of -- >> especially with nickelodeon slime in there, for the younger people >> havfun with a wrinkle a treasure trove of historic photos is on its way to a safe new home more than 4 llion prints from e archives of jet and "ebony" magazines will be donate td to smithsonian national museum of african-american history and culture. four foundations purchased them for 40 million bucks and they announced it thursday. >> the public will be able to see that, share with everybody a dog that was injured in a house fire is now training to help those that share his story. taka was badly burned last october and spent months recovering frohis injuries
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does it look cooler? it doesn't feel cool if it looks cool, that's what matters. >> i broke it. oh >> superheroes, theye just ke us. marvel releasenythis fun blooper reel of avengers "end game" to help celebrate the movie taking over as the highest-grossing film ever >> always stick around for credits after a movie just in case they throw in the bloopers. they're so fun to watch. >> i don't know anybody who doesn't like a good blooper reel >> see what happens behind the scenes as if we don't need another reason to love jason momoa, momoa took the kids inside the studios. d.c. universe at warn they got to see big name props like bat mobile and d.c. superhero costumes including his very own aqua man suit after his first make a wish experience, momoa says htoe wan
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work with the foundation for life already love him even more so >> he's just a good dude, you know, one of those women want to be with him, guys want to be him. >> big hea, as big as he is. >> you can see why there is a petition out there right now to change the date of halloween. it's scaring up major interest online owthe halln costume association, yeah, that's a thing, they want to move all halloween from october 31st to the la saturday in october they say a saturday halloween will allow more families to celebrate duringur daylight hos and it will also allow more parents to tri or treat with their kids t, making holiday safer for everyone as of this morning, this petition has over 65,000 ansignatures >> i cee how people want to do that because it is kind of a two-day event. you have the saturday before or after witharties, then you actually have the day of it's a full-blown thing for some families >> i'm all for that. if they do that, they need to move the superbowl from sunday to saturday. >> throw in that petition, too
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ee what's happening with that? and make election day a holiday, too, while we're at it we have roomor it, all right, the halloween thing. >> all right talk about singer barry manilow who is headed to broadway, but getting the next star to be the big scaten trent, which actor would blplay him th76-year-old was asked what he thought about being a biopic and here's what he said. >> i don't think there would be that kind demand for a manilow story like that. i don't think that would happen. >> brad pitt, just in case >> of course brad pitt we look identical, don't you think? weren't suret in case yo now, his broadway performance kicks off tonight. >> just ahead on "early today," a whole new meaning to helping hand in the life life changing gift f this little girl. you are watching "early today. stay with us wrinkles justwon't.
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good morning. i'm molette green. >> i'm jummy olabant. nexon "news4 today," police say he is a serial groper and this morning back on the streets. investigators say his latest crime involvm a pregnant wo in a popular d.c. neighborhood. chuck bell is tracking your friday from him. >> we are tracking sunshine for everybody all weeke lonand nd
3:59 am
he already has dozens of arrests on his record put police say he is back on the streets. we have got then latesthe case. a group of thieves was able
4:00 am
to just casually walk out of a store carrying the entire atm machine. now police are hopingou can help track them down. plus, some school lines are being redrawn in fairfax county but plenty of parents say they t are not oka the rules being used to make those new lines. we will break down the debate. breaking news on t road in montgomery county this morning. here is a look at the crash scene on i-270 southboundin german town. montgomery county police say a tractor-traer struck one of its cruisers and pushing it into a second cruiser. the officers were conducting a traffic stop when the cruiser was hit. thankfully, no officers were injured in this. we have a crew headed that wayg rinow. this is a huge reminder that it is maryland law that you move over if you see emergency vehicles on the side of the road. it's 4:00 on this friday.


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