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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  July 26, 2019 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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to just casually walk out of a store carrying the entire atm machine. now police are hopingou can help track them down. plus, some school lines are being redrawn in fairfax county but plenty of parents say they t are not oka the rules being used to make those new lines. we will break down the debate. breaking news on t road in montgomery county this morning. here is a look at the crash scene on i-270 southboundin german town. montgomery county police say a tractor-traer struck one of its cruisers and pushing it into a second cruiser. the officers were conducting a traffic stop when the cruiser was hit. thankfully, no officers were injured in this. we have a crew headed that wayg rinow. this is a huge reminder that it is maryland law that you move over if you see emergency vehicles on the side of the road. it's 4:00 on this friday. good morning to you.
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i'm ju >> i'm molette green. aaron gilchrist and eun yang will be back next week. e are looking at a very nice t. end to the workweek in terms of the weather that is. >> thank goodness. melissa mollet has eye on the road for you this friday morning. >> but, first, we get started with chuck bell and a nice looking storm team 4 forecast. feeling gu out theood out there now. >> you have your coordinated ress with your coffee cup. you're par more put together than i on friday morning. temperatures in the comfortable range yet again. 50s in part of he shenandoah valley already and 59 winchester and still 71 downtown washington. i suspect we will drop into the six before too much longer. your hourly planner for your friday, get ready for near rfection from the weather department. comfortable weather to get you started and all sunshine all of
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the time those tiny rain chance we have been dealing with the last couple of days i think are outline dried up for your friday and weekend plans. closer look for your saturday and sunday is coming p. >> first 4 traffic alert. german town sohbound 270 before 118 left lane is by the tractor trail versus the cruiser crash. hoping to reopen another lane but it will cause some pain before it is cleared out of the way. here is another issue because of that. that ramp is shut down. >> thank you so much, melissa. a homeless man who has been arrested more than 70 times is now accused of another crime -- attacki a pregnant woman.
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>> police released a picture of michael heller three his latest charges for pushing 8 1/2-month pregnant on a sidewalk in logan circle and shg is recoverit home this morning but heller is back on the streets despite his long rap sheets. police refer to him as a serial groper. the community wants to know why he keeps getting released. >> really important that we find out what isundamentally wrong instead of letting someone back on the streets assaulting wome multiple times. >> heller isxpected to be back in court on august 21st. a man who beat another man to death over a dinged car door will spend eight years in prison. thomas hughes you see here was sentenced yesterday. state prosecutors say he severely beat 21-year-old nichols keith in 2019 and both argued in the bowie parking lot
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after a door was dinged with a key. >> i will never acceptit. never accept it. he died -- he is my only child. >> hughes was on probation for armed robbery when this fightha pened in bowie. d.c. police are searching for three people accused of tealing an atm right from convenience store. this surveillance video captured the robbery on pennsylvania avenue in southeast d.c. about two weeks ago. detectives say the suspected thieves forced their way into the store e rly the morning. once inside, they grabbed that atm and ran off. police are looking for any tip that will lead to an arrest. a disturbing discovery in u loudoun conty. 18 animals found living in dirty, unsanitary conditions.
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they say the conditions in the home were an immediate t their lives and they seized all of the animals. the animals will eventually be put up for adoption. jackie payne jr. and ty reed face animalruelty charges. a shocking found at dulles airport. 175 pounds of this stimulant drug were found in three boxes of air cargo from nigeria. that shipment was headed for geora. last week, border agent seized another -p100nd shipment also destined for georgia. human smuggling and drug related offenses, they were released yesterday in front of their peers in southern
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california. the investigation stemmed earlier this month. in that arrest, two others were arrested. no other information was released. >>n for the first time iearly two decade, the federal government orders executions of death row inmates. attorney general william barr direct the execution of five inmates, all convicted of killing children. onhe last federal executi was carried out in 2003. the justice department announced changes to the execution oc pr. a three-drug cocktail is now being placed. here is a closer look at this announcement in maryland. seven death row inmates in maryland and virginia has two. boton mass a carry killer and church killer are among those on
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the death row list. before school year is set to start, the county is considering altering its school-bound policy to dole with overcrowding but it's the language in this some ed change that h parents concerned this morning. some of that language reed school identified or boundary adjustment shall adhere to the fun fairfax policy and have a variety of elements examined including socioeconomicd/ racial compensation of the students in the affeced schools. some critics are calling than social engineering. >> i beg you toti i and address current hot spots of overcapacity now and stop this ridiculous attempt to manipulate our schools to reflect your idea of social justice. >> the school board chair said in a statement, quote.
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in fairfaxcounty, some say their children are losing their job because of a change in policy. fairfax used a local nonprofit company that impleed these workers to help with recycling computers and other electronics but now the county has awarded the county to a north carolina company and the disabled workers will be out of their job. parents say the county should reconsider its decision. >> a resident and a taxpayer, why my son's job that i wrked very hard with him to get is now being outsourced to another state. >> beds the fact we areem oying people with disabilities and we are creating jobs for this county, all that aside, apples to apples, company a to company b, we are much better. >> the nonprofit company has opened an official protest which fairfax county has ten da to
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review. the county maintains it made the best decision on behalf of the taxpaye taxpayers. city officials will be celebrating on bryant street ground breaking. when it's wdone, theyl have the following. new details on woodstock'sh 50tanniversary. the celeation of the festival pretty much changed american culture and music could rock maryland instead of new york. talks are under way to bring the event there. the three-day peace, love, music festival take was over the meriwether po pavilion. upstate new york passed on
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hosting thenniversary celebration. organizers have st securing another venue. >> we are excited to be able to have a conversation with the promoters of woodstock and with meriwether about the opportunity of celrating woodstock's 50. >> something that ho happen. the festival is out to happen in three weeks. "the new york times" says the lineup still has not been finalized. come on! we have toet this right! >> they don't have a stage yet. >> i'm there if jay-z is there! a elfeood story of the week. a metro police officer giving a helpi hand to young boy with autism and his mother. yesterday, officer dominique case received a special award and theittle b and mother were there to say thank you. we shared this viral photo from earlier this week. oficer case jumping in to soothe 4-year-old andrew after
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he was having a pretty rougtrgo on his ride home. the officer said he was just trying to help a parent in need. >> i'veever expected any of this to happen. i just thought, you know, i was doing what any other officer would at the time, is just helping others and that is what we are here for. >> that is what it is all about. officer case said he also has a 4-year-old so he can relate. experts say children with autism can have negative interactions with police and they hope ts story helps to change that going forward. >> send a very important message. >> sure does. next on news4, a safety plan being used in d.c. and a few other cities is being adopted in production. >> we will tell you how prince george's county is trying to make streets safer. you'll pay a big price to make a quick commute upnorth. ponies and sharks and symphony orchestra, a lot happening around d.c. this ek
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d. news4 tommy mcfly has a look what is coming up next on "the scene." >> that mean it'so up t the weather department to keep the weather nice. i think rain chances down near zero forour saturday y
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authorities say armed stole a massive amount of gold and othe precious metals from one of the busiest airports in south america. in brazil, official there sayth ieves fooled security guards and using cars that looked like police patrol vehicles. the value of the heist was placed at $40 million. airport officials say no one was shot or injured in thehe ist. one man's attempt to fly across the english channel has been cut short. he was trying to make the journey on his jet-powered hover
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board. he hopes to make a second attempt to crossthe channel instance next week. >> okay. good luck to him. adventurous there. southwest airlines won't fly the boeing 737 max planes until june. the airline is the first to extend its cancellations of the 737 max planes into2020. southwest has more max jets mo than any other airline and all. this could mean more cancelled planes and potentially higher fares for customers, especially during the busy holiday. boeing is testing a fix for software on its 737 max after two deadly crashes. planes to trains. amtrak is trying to get to you new york city faster. they will soon offer nonstop service between d.c. and the big
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apple. a new service that will start in september with one train each way every day for now. time wise, though, this seems to favor new york commuter. trains will leave manhattan daily at 6:35 a.m. and the trip from d.c. will leave at 4:30 in the afternoon and take two hours and 35 minutes and that saves 2 you minutes from the regular service and an hour and ten minute from regional trains. price wise, it will cost you about the same as regular service which is often more than $300 round trip. we broke all of the numbers for app.ithe nbc washingto last year, nearly a hundred people died in road-related crashes in prince george's county. vision zero is a safety initiative and commitment from all county residents to be of mindful thers while using the roadways. the kickoff happened yesterday at the hyattsville transit er
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cent 99 pairs of shoes were on display, representing the number of people who doiied last year traffic-related accidents. their aim is get the number to zero by 2040. if you're looking for something to do, we may help you out here. >> news4 tommy mcfly has found the coolest things you can do acrossr the area he scene." >> reporter: sharks, ponies and the national symphony orchestra. i'm tommy mcfly with the weekend scene. sunday in poolsville in maryland, it's the polo society. accessible look at the sport of polo. the polo club will have a tailgate, yard games and cocktails and they want to widen the circle and get more people more excited about the games. at the wharf tomorrow is shark bites and brews. a mechanical shark and relay
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places and food and beverage for the whole family cocoa the movie like you've never seen it tomorrow at wolf trap. you'll see the movie on a giant screen and the national symphony orchestra will play the sound track live. plus you can always bring your own snacks and drinks to wolf ack. a circus in maryland and county fair in virginia and wrap up this for more activies around the region go to nbc washington app and search "the scene." last week we had 110 heap
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heat index enat indexes, this will be a wonderful weekd. 90 degrees oday, tomorrow and sunday but humidity levels not so bad. not much of a heat index to concern your outdoor activities with. stll if you're doing any strenuous outdoor exercises it's better to gethose done as early in the morning as possible cto enjoy thelness of the day. 71 under a clear sky in washington but our friend and shenandoah the valley, what a noise start to the morning. temperatures have fallen into the 50s through most of the i-81 corridor this morning. 61 now in gaithersburg and 68 quantico and 75 in annapolis because of the bay water temperatures in the mid-80s right now. your commute for your friday, sun up at 6:04. rain chance like yesterday only tiny chance of a shower. i'll show you future weather in a car washing forecast no reason to worry.
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really rain chance for the most part are all but gone now until probably the middle part of next week as high pressure sitting on top of us. the last feud we have had that northwesterly flow and that has allowed cooler air at the mid levels of the atmosphere so we have had pop-up showers. i don't think that is much of an issue today. here is future weather. blossoming of afternoon cloud building and about it and i think rain chances are between slim and none. the hot and humid weather is coming up bag next week. right now just the left la getting by this tractor-trailer crash in germantown. it hit a montgopory county ce cruiser and that cruiser went into a second cruiser so remember to stay away when with you see a traffic stop.0 southbound 27 the ramp to germantown road is blocked because of this accident.
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a live report from megan mcgrath is coming up in a little bit. inner loop and snroouter loop nb prms. next on ne4, finding growth in an unexpected place. a the keeper of hundreds of plants and county the author of a best selling book, i'm justin finch here. one-on-one with hilton carter to showcase ways to help your own plants grow. if you're home this afternoon, don't miss "ellen" at 3:00 and then news at 4:00.
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some people who have a house plant here or there. >> have dead plants all around the house. you get those special few who can keep hundreds ofthem. i mean, really. here is justin finch with one of those special few who has grown his plantassion into a new balk and a must-follow instagram page. >> reporter: hilton carter not only knows his plants, knows what you think of them too.
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>> this one here is a neon post and they are what you had earier, your grandma plant, right? you've seen them in your grandmother's home. >> reporter: maybe you've seen t grandma dohis one too. it looks wrong. but he is allowed. >> when i come to most nurseries i ask if i can take a few or purchase a few. >> reporter: see, you can always find hilton at valley view farms outside of baltimore snipping stems to propagate new plants and using others to fill plush studio spaces. going from up high. n >> if you wato do it you have to pull out a big lad like this. ma reporter: and rely on another one of grand tips. >> when it starts to die or fail you, okay, i'll replace it with a new plant but if betty here, right, starts to fade, no, betty, what is happening? >> reporter: hard work he takes pride in doing himself. >> for me, itsof take for all the plants i have over 300
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plants it takes me four to five hour a year to water them >> reporter: it pay off especially on instagram where his p ts haveearned 200,000 followers and likes per pick and hard to figure his thumb wasthnt t green. >> they say have you killed anye plants re? and i say what type of individual would i if i had not killed any >> reporter: difference is hilton said he does't didn't give up his. his amazing images are in his new book "wild at home." he is on tour convincing fans to go green with him. >> those same folks are like, hoi hilton, will you come over and help me with my new plants? he is starting to fill theirs space with new plants. >> reporter: justin finch, news4. fantastic. he is >> i want the ones he has and hopefully i can keep that alive. >> then having the instagram
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you're looking at new video of this chain reaction crash on i-270. montgomery county police officers conducting a traffic stop when a tractor-trailer lost control and slammed into a cruiser. >> that cruiser then hit another car.ce everyone involved is expected to be okay. it is a reminder to move over and slow down and help save lies.o good morning tu. i'm jummy olabanji. >> i'm molette green. aaron gilchri and eun yang have the morning off. we will start with the forecast in a


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