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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 26, 2019 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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you're looking at new video of this chain reaction crash on i-270. montgomery county police officers conducting a traffic stop when a tractor-trailer lost control and slammed into a cruiser. >> that cruiser then hit another car.ce everyone involved is expected to be okay. it is a reminder to move over and slow down and help save lies.o good morning tu. i'm jummy olabanji. >> i'm molette green. aaron gilchri and eun yang have the morning off. we will start with the forecast in a moment with chuck bell but melissa mollet has nor information on that crash.
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so lucky nobody was seriously hurt here. take a look at the first 4 traffic alert. germantown 270 before germantown road the left lane is blocked by this crash. tractor-trailer into a mur montgomery county police cruiser who went into another police cruiser. luckily, nobody was closed. the ramp is shut down because of this accident. eigan mcgrath is on the way and we are se delays southbound. this worries me because of how important 270 is early in the morning for so many of our viewe a. inner loop outer loop looking nice and clear. nothing to worry about. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, melissa. friday forecast time. wow. mother nature really going to be treating us with great care for our friday and your weekend plans. not too hot and not too humid.
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no real rain chance anywhere from the mountains to the beaches for your weekend traveling plans. temperatures now have fallen into the upper 50s from o winchester t front royal to harrisonburg to warrenton, ni virgia. still in the low six for maryland d virginia. forecast high for today, 89 degrees. a fewhe fair weat cloud building up in the middle part of the afternoon. not much of a rain threat. if you're going to the baseball game this evening 7:05 game between the nationals and the dodgers. perfect weather for baseball tonight. ntemperatures falling i the upper 70s by 10:00 but the sun is not down until 8:25 or 8:26. i guess it can't be setting ice so i need straighten out my graphic. >> chuck, thank you. there is so much killing un going aro the city. we have become desense tiitize o what life is all about. >> sobering words spok to a
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crowd remembering a father and sonunned down a week ago. toni aht familynd friends will gather this time on a local football field where akeel scrubs played. e two were found shot to death in their northeast d.c. apartment last friday. the -year-old's friends willold a candlelight vigil to remember theirteammate at dunbarigh school. d.c. leaders are vowing to go after people caught buying and seing illegal guns used in many the killings. ey for all of those think t can go against the law and put lives danger. know this. we will find you and we will hold you accountable. >> yesterday, the mayor and police chief said most of the illegal guns found in the district come from virginia.m the conwealth's top prosecutor said his state is people efforts to find who buy gun legally in virginia
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and sell them illegally in the mstrict. a homeless who has been arrested more than 70 times is now accused ofpu shing a pregnant woman in logan circle.l michaelrt has been released from custody despite his longetap she and contains t n 20 sexual violent charges. he is expected in court next month. ootock's 50th anniversary be festival could be in maryland rather than new york. the three-day festival is supposed to happen in three waeks aweek and take over the meriwether post pavilion. happening today, a chance to find a teaching job in our area. montgomery coun public schools is hosting a hiring expo start at 9:00 until 2:00 in the afternoon and 30 schools will be the to conduct the interviews
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and at the w ter johnson high school in bethesda and you don't ve to register to be there. >> that kid right back there. that kid. >> step off the bus, please. >> i need to tell you about that kid right there. >> yesterday, the sheriff's office helped train bus drivers to deal with difficult situation, scenario likes intruders trying to get on a bus or students trying to bring weapons on their >> to prepared. not paranoid but prepared:some bus divers say the training is reat and they need it to kee theirommunity safe. the county is considering alteringol its boundary policy to deal with overcrowding but it's the language in the proposed change that has some rnparents conce. reads the t language following.
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some critics are calling this social engineering. >> i beg y to identify and addressent hot spots of overcapacity now and stop this ridiculous attem to manipulate our schools to reflect your idea of social justice. the school board chair said in a statement, quote. wewill stay on top of those ents there. 4:da. to at redskins training mp, the reporters have their chance to top tohree pleters compg for starting quarterback job. our sherree burruss is down in richmond to remind us there are other big story lines coming out of thissummer's training camp.
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>> reporter: this season the redskins are getting back what they hope will be one of their t offensive weapons. running ba running back derriusuice is returning. one player helpingui g return to form is peterson. the two walking in stride out to practice and doing drills and having fun on the rst day of training camp together. >> a.t. is a.t. whether he tells you things to tech you stuff we look up to him so we watch what he does any way. like a sonatching their father, do you know what i mean? but not in that sense but the same thing. we watch everything you do and soaking up so heon't have to say nothing. we just respect him that much because we know he is good. >> reporter: alex smith was also in training camp. he was driven out to the field. there are three quarterbaghs fiting for that starting job. from richard, sherree burruss, "news4 today." hi >> always som with that
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team. four cities around here t make the list of the top placesu in the cntry to raise your family. find out if you live in one of those areas. plus, a piece of our local urstoryd under water. news4 chrisgordon go out on the water to give
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it's a big decision for parents. a new llet hub study ranked the best place to raise a family. the best spot is overland park, kansas! yea! the highest ranking was columbia, maryland. only city in the top 100 in maryland. virginia beach at 41 and chez a eek, virginia, 42 and d.c. was ranked number 80.
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80. >> a new reason to visit southern maryland if you love water. wildlife and history. it's part of the potomac river that runs next t charles county and a designated as a new national marine sanctuary. it's meant to protect a fleet of world one 1 ships. >> you can see theen sunkhips in the bay. visitors in kayaks get a closer look and business is booming. >> i know a lot we have to charles county three sundays out of the month they lately have been filling up like crazy. >> reporter: this is was used as a ferryboat across the chesapeake bay built back 1920
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a 1927. called the ghost fleet. >> e ghost fleet is important because it's the largest mercha man rsorine ship in one place. >> reporter: reporting from charles county, maryland, chris gordon, news4. >> time your dog walking forecast. great weather for taking the pooch out and getting a few extra miles this is available for adopon at the humane dog rescue alliance and perfect weather to get outside and enjoy it. temperatures in the 50s and 60s to get your tgif nderway. see you in main with your ten-day forecast. first 4 traffic alert.
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270 southbound big backups because of a tr
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right now, the house is in a six-week recess. this is a look at members leaving capitol hill yesterday and as the democrats begin their time away from d.c., the gop is declaring the impeachment movement dead following wednesday's less than dramatic testimony by former special counsel robert mueller. it's been a busy week for congress and, for some, it is not over. >> news4 tracie potts joins us live wom capitol hill withhat is next for them. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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what is next? the budget. 2.7 trillion dollars. the deal that president trump worked out with democrats and republicans. the house passed it even though most republicans didn't vo for it, they didn't like the price tag. but now the senate has to de with it. while those house members you saw are leaving, the senate is not. 100 member of congress sticking around another week to see if theyth can get done. if they do it means more money for the military and domestic programs that democrats wanted and preventing the u.s. from defaulting on its debt. also left eundone,lection security. that came up in the mueller tesmony that russia still trying to tinker with our elections b theat sene rejected a billion dollars to give states to try to beef up ot their ving systems and do spaper ballot as a backup. republicans said it was not a good bill and democrats said it was ridiculous not to give state some moy so that is left in
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the air as they all head home. >> always talks of y.mone >> yes. tracie potts, thank you so much from capitol hill there. >> thank you. switching gears. developing this morning, three irefighters are recovering after battling a massive house fire in anne arundel county. take a look at the scene above night.hopper 4 last raews raced over to this two-story home on road and loathian. authorities say body was home ring the blaze but the two adults had been displaced. we are looking to learn what caused the fire and we will update more in our nbc washington app. the young person killed on a fairfax county construction site might not have been old enou work. ollapseday the person was killth that mclean constructione sid site tuesday. digs corporation is building homes remain.ab department of told news4 generally that is not construction, rather, excavation but you have to be 18 to doca
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tion work. digs development has not returned our calls. the department of labor is investigating. we are working for your health this mornina the l two weeks, maryland's department of health has seen more than three dozen cases of intestinalillnesses caused by the parasite and they still don't know what is causing it. you could become infected after eating food or drinking water that is contaminated contain this parasite. iit is the sameness we have told you has been spreading in virginia. 40 cases have been reported since the start of may. are workplace cafeteria part of their investigation and you can see here who it includes. there's still no known cause. sympto include weight loss, cramping, and nausea. the rise in teen vaping is a big focus this week for lawmakers on capitol hill. th billionaire cofounder of juul was defending his company
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yesterday. according to the cdc, 1 in 5hi gh school students vape. that is nearly 80% increase over a ar's time. critics say juul is marketing to teens through social media but s jucofounder said that is just not true. >> we are looking at your actions and they are deeply troubling. >> the last thing we want to do is to b confused with any major tebacco company. >> several stas have already raised the age to buy tobacco to maryland also recently upped its age as well. new this morning. two sailors are recovering after a large crane collapsed onto a navy ship in virginia. official say the ship was docked in norfolk when the suddenly came crashing down yesterday. we are told the sailors only suffered minor injuries and were treated on board. no word on c whatsed that crane to collapse. at least one person is dead, another is seriously injured after a fiery five-car crash in illinois. this crash happenedbout 60
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seles southwest of chicago. multiple mitrucks and vehicles were involved in this one. the driv of one of the trucks was killed in a crash and thec ondition of the second semitruckdrivers as well as dooived vers of two other passenger cars in the crash is not known right now. >> here we go. cannonball! >> ts is how doug camera spent yesterday afternoon at stone gate swim club ini ser spring for backyard video. you saw that video at 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. >> that really wasn't a canonball. he messed that up.ew rs were able to vote online how doug should jump in the p m pool. he swam a lap and it's part of his backyard segment. ck get the forecast from meteorologist chuell in a moment.
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>> i think he had to do a redo.c he was fo to do a redo, i think. we need video evidence of that. firstup, melissa is following some serious traffic out there. >> first 4 traffic alert. this is 270 southbound before germantown road. before you hit 118 you'll hit the backups. only one left lne gettingby. a tractor-trailer went into a police cruiser and that cruiser hit a second vehicle.t righ now, it is just jammed there southbound on 270. you might want to thinktabouo e bad. because of this, the ramp to 118 is also shut down because of the crash there. trying to reopen a second lane. still the damage has kind of already been done. bottom of the beltway through prince george's county, no problems nor any complaints there. 95 maryland and virginia both looking quite good. good morning, chuck bell. it's pretty out there today. >> it
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another comable morning. most of the western parts of the viewing area have dropped belowe 60 that is three mornings in a row for the lucky folks who live in the shenandoah valley. here and around the city temperatures just a little bit more warmer now. upper 60s to70 around degrees. row is a coupled in a without making it to 90 degrees. so our average temperature now for the month of july is 82 degrees. still carrying about 2.2 degree temperature surplus and rainfall surplus. wow, has it ever been a rainy july. official you had a hundredth of and this inch of rain at national airport. for today, skies mostly clear. light wind out of the north averaging oly 5 miles per hour. graelged t gradually the wind out of the east and cloud cover the middle parts of the afternoon but high pressure settling in ought to keep rain chances down very close to zero. look at those 50s in the shenandoah valley this morning. all the way down to 62 now at dulles airport and 63 clinton, maryland. you can see here on the radar
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and satellite composition that mostly clear skies a the way from basically i-95 corridor toward st. louis and chicaaro. cleailing for your weekend travel plans. long radar loop one lonely 8:00 there about 7:30, last night. that was it. that added to only hundredth of an inch at national airport. for todll, there wi be bubbling up of cloud during the middle of the afternoon. rain chances are very, very low and anything that does happen will be like yesterday about hundredth of an inch and that is it. clear and dry overnight and tomorrow again mosdy sunny an maybe loneliest shower along to the west of the blue ridge but by and large rain chances essentially dried up here for the next coupled. our next good chance of rain medal part of next week.
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you'll notice that the humidity will start making a bit of a comeback as we get towards sunday into monday. not bad for today and tomorrow. but sunday turning a little bit more humid and then temperatures low to mid-90s on monday and tuesday both. with the humidity coming back, that will lead to higher rain chance by wednesday, t rsday, and friday. i think with the added rain thursday and friday ought to be out of the 90s andhe back into t 80s and next weekend, how nice would be that if we could stretchtwo or three dry weekends in a row together? next hour of "news4 today," i'll give awe forecast four beach and boating pla if you're heading to the ocean for the weekend. stay tuned for that. every year, nbc clear the shelters campaign helps animal shelters andescue groups find forever homes for pets. a man on the eastern shore found his new best friend. daniel o'connor saw bump kin ona the news she had been left in a home after the owners moved out. >> she apparently had been left
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in the house. they moved out and just left her in the house! >> o'connor isnd 85 a she is a little older too. now he is hoping someone else can find asuch happiness that he has found with his new best friend. news4 is gearing up for cleare the ers. it's a billing event happening next month. a few weeks away. shelters ll be participating on saturday, august 17th. we have a map of all of shelters and everything you need to know in the nbc washington app. just search clear the shelters. >> this is te ofose events that we really love. so many people here at the station have animals and love them. we see so many people who love animals and they just come out big for this. >> i want to try to convince my husband. >> you might bring home a new vemily friend! >> we will ha much more news, traffic coming up, including the big backups happening on
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see you in a few minutes. role of a car company?
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he already has dozens of arrests on his record but polic sayhe is back on the streets even after an alleged attack on pregnant woman in a popular d.c. neighborhood. we have got t latest on the case. a gsup of thievewas able to just casually walk out of a store carrying the entire atm machine. now police are hoping you can help track them down. plus, some school lines are being redrawn in fairfax county. eylenty of parents say thre not okay with the rules being used to make those new lines. we will break down that debate. breaking news, a major situation happening out on the roadways on i-270. there has been a train police vehicles. we have crews head to go that scene. the good news we know no one was injured in all of >>this. e have been following the developments since before we came on the air at 4:00 this morning.
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ere you see some of what is left of that crash alongi-270 after a police cruiser was it. ur megan mcgrath is stuck in all of this or was stuck in all of this and looks like on things are flowing along from this vantage point and she is about to join us in a few minutes with a live update on what is happening there. first up, let's go to first 4 traffic who has been on top of this with melissa mollet. >> th270 souund before germantown road, it looks to me from that camera like wemiingg . before all of that, as you're hittiy father hurle boulevard and heading southbound, a two-mile backup because it is just very low. this happened around 1:00 in the morning and tractor-trailer into a cruiser and that cruiser into a second cruiser. because of this we also have a closure on


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