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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  July 26, 2019 5:00am-5:49am EDT

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left of that crash alongi-270 after a police cruiser was it. ur megan mcgrath is stuck in all of this or was stuck in all of this and looks like on things are flowing along from this vantage point and she is about to join us in a few minutes with a live update on what is happening there. first up, let's go to first 4 traffic who has been on top of this with melissa mollet. >> th270 souund before germantown road, it looks to me from that camera like wemiingg . before all of that, as you're hittiy father hurle boulevard and heading southbound, a two-mile backup because it is just very low. this happened around 1:00 in the morning and tractor-trailer into a cruiser and that cruiser into a second cruiser. because of this we also have a closure on a ramp. duthbound 270the ramp to 118
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is still shutown because of this accidenlo outer op after 50 in virginia a crash there as yoll. can see on the left side oy, the roadwa that is getting by so that s not too much an issue. megan mcgrath is out on the scene there on 270. megan, what are you seeing? are there twoanes open there? >> reporter: just wthin the last a couple of minutes they startedno open lanes o 270. il peek over here. it was two lanes that were reopened. now looks le we may have three sanes. yes, three lane on 270 now open. what is still impacted by the cra, though, is the ramp for 118. germantown road, they are still working on some of the debris thr is in the aea as a result of this accident. that is still closed but the good news here is that 270 had really been bottled up in the southbond direction right here at exit 15. they only had one lane getting by for a wecle bause of the accident. that just changed literally
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withco the last a uple of minutes. now we do have quite a few delays. a big bakup here so it will take a little bi for this to dissipate so ople should keep that in mind. i believe you've b showing the video here this morning of the accident involving the tractor-trailer. toere was a traffic sp that was happening alongthe side of 270. police cruiser was then hit by a tractor-trailer gog through the area and that cruisered push into another cruiser and the tractor-trailer flipped on its eide. they are in th process of removing the debris and the truck but we are seeing progress. we are just notui qte 100% open at this point. we will keep an eye on it and let you know the very latest here as soon as everything opens up. >> thank you. goods to see the cars moving and track flowing there. >> absolutely. let's switch gears and talk about that forecast heading into the weekend. >> i've got good news from storm team 4.
5:03 am comfortable shenandoah valley in the 50s this morning. humidity levels we suffered through last week are in check. not too terribly humid and sunshine will be here on not just friday but all through the course of our ycounty, virginia. fauquier county and 70 at national t.airpo no weather concerns today other than sun glare. sun up 6:04 an hour from now. highs in the mid t p go forup it! absolutely. dry weather for your friday and your weekend. we will take a check of the extended forecast and the beach weather as well in case you're thinking about going to ocean for the weekend. that is coming up. >> i know you're thinking about it, chuck. >> you know it. a homeless man who has been merested more than 70 ti is accused of another crime, attacking a pregnant woman. >> police released this photof o
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michael hillert three years ago. this later charge is pushing an 8 1/2-month pregnant on a sidewalk in logan circle and we are told she is recovering at home but hillert is back on the street and that includes more than 20 charges of sexual violence. he is charged as a groper and the community wants to know why he keeps g released. >> really important that we find out what is fundamentally wrof instead otting someone back on the streets assaulting women multiple times. >> hillert is expected to be back in court 21st. a man who beat another man t to deover a dinged car door will spend eight years in prison. thomas hughes you see here was sentenced yesterday. state prosecutors say he severely beat 21-year-old nicholas keys in june of 2018.
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both argued in the bowie park g lot aftdoor was dinged with a key. keys' mother said she is not happy with the sentencing. >> i will never accept it. never accept it. he died twoef monthsre his birthday. he never had a chance to be a man. he is my only child. >> hughes was on probation for armed robbery when this fight happened in bowie. new this morning. c> d.c. police are searng for three people accused of stealing an atm right from a convenience store. this surveillance video captured the robbery on pennsylnia avenue in southeast d.c. two weeks ago. uspected s say the thieves forced their way into the store early in the morning. once they were inside, they grabbed the atm and took off. police are looking for any tips that will lead to an arrest. a disturbing discovery in loudoun county.1 animals found living in dirty, unsanitary conditions.
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they discovered the dogs and othery nimals. they the conditions in the home were an immediate threat to their lives and they seized all of the animals. the animals will eventually be put up for adoption. jackie payne jr. and ty reed face multiple animal cruelty . charges a shocking find at dulles airport. for the second time in a week, border agents seized a load of stimulant drug. 175 pounds of this stimulant drug were found in three boxes of air cargo from nigeria. that ipment was headed for georgia. border agents seized another 100-pound shipment also destined for georgia. 16 u.s. marines are accused of illegal activities, insmuding human gling and drug related offenses.r they were eased yesterday in front of their peers in southern california. the investigation stemmed earlier this month.
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in that investigation, two other marines were arrested after border patrol agents spotted undocumented immigrants getting their car near the mexico border. no other informatise was relea for the first time in nearlt two decades, federal government orders executions of death row inmates starting in september. torney general william barr direct the execution of five inmates, all convicted of killing children. the last federal execution was carried out back in 2003. the justice department announced changes to the execution protocol. a cthree-drugktail previously used in federal executions isw noing replaced. here is a closer look at this announcement in maryland. seven death row inmates in maryland and virginia has two. the boston marathon bomber and dylan a church killer are among
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those on death row list. justin finch is live with details on a new border change for school. >> reporter: a mention of chang' to childre schools will raise parents' concerns. in this case, the concerned i parents fairfax county want what is best for county schools and students and that is to relieve overcrowding. they met here a lutheran jackson middle school last night where parents voiced displeasure to the language about the school's boundary policy which calls for sev factors to be relieve overcrowding and potentially modify the school boundaries. this he ilude socioeconomic and -- a policy that doesn't sit well with many parents who were here at last night's mreting. >> he we are in july of 2019 and this board has again tried
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to fly under the public's ra and radly ically rewrite the boundary. >> here is a statement from the school board. at this time, the board says there is no vote on this policy set for any time in the near future. however, they do s they have had a series of public meetings on this matter and plan to keep an open back inside tyou. >> people will be following this one closely. thank you, justin. staying in fairfax county. some families say their adult children with disabilities are losinsetheir jobs all becauof a change in policy. fairfax county use a local nonprofit company that employees these workers to helpith recycling computers and other
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electronics. but now the county has awarded the contract to a north carolina com and those disabled workers will be out of their jobs. parents say the county should really reconsider this decision. >> a resident and a taxpayer, toy my son's job that i worked very hard with hiet is now being outsourced to another state. >> besides the fact that we are employing people with disabilities and we are in this county and we are creating jobs for this county, all that aside, apples to apples, company a to company b, we are much better. >> the nonprofit company has opened an official protest which fairfax county has ten days to review. be county maintains it made the best decision onehalf of the taxpayers. happening today. a grnd breaking f a major construction project in northeast washington. city officials will bec ebrating the first phase of development on bryant street near the brentwood neighborhood.
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this project will create an entire new community. when it's done, they will be pa 1,500 ament units and nine-crean movie theater d retail. quare feet of >> bringing a movie theater to that area will be cool new details on woodstock's r 50th anniversy. the celebration of the festival that changed the american culture and it could ro maryland instead of new york. leader told our nbc station in baltimore, talks a under way to bring that event here or there. the three-day peace, love, music festival would take over the meriwether post pavilion. upstate new york passed on hosting the anniversary orlebration. niavga hrrsstlee >> we are excited to be able to have a conversation with the pr oters of woodstock and with
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meriwether about the opportunity of celebrating woodstock's 50. >> they have to make some moves because the festival is supposed to happen in three weeks. "the new york sti ns" ys the ne li we are talking about jay-z. and killers and miley cyrus. >> we have to make thatappen because i'm going to be there. okay. 5:12. coming up next on news4 on, a safety plan being used in d.c. an a few other cities, now being adopted in prince george's county. >> we will tell you how prince george's county is trying to make streets safer. plus a trip from d.c. to new york city couldet quicker but you'll be paying a big price. we will tell you more on this new train route. a lot happening around the dmv ov the weekend. news4 tmmy mcfl has a look what is going on next in "the scene." if you're weekend plans take you over the bay bridge and down towards the coastline, today,
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tomorrow, and sunday, all look amazing. ocean water is up to 73 degrees. a look a ocean water is up to 73 degrees.
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amtrak is trying to get to you ofw york city faster. they will soon r nonstop service between d.c. and the big apple. a new service that will start in september with one train each way every day to start. time wise, though, this seems to favor new york commuters. trains will leave manhattan daily at 6:35 a.m. and the trip from d.c. will leave at 4:30 in the afternoon and take two hours and 35 minutes and that saves you 25 minus from the regular service and an hour and ten minutes from regional trains. price wise, it will cost you
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about the same as regular service, which is often more than $300 each way. we broke all of the numbers fore you in tbc washington app. last year, nearly a hundred people died in road-related crashes in prince george's county. vision zero is a safetan initiative commitment from all county residents to be mindful of others while using the roadways. the kickoff happened yesterday at the hyattsville transit center. 99 pairs of shoes were on display, representing the numbef people who died last year in traffic-related accidents. it is vision zero niche tiver aims dish initiative aims to get that number down to zero by 2040.
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if you're looking for something to do, we may help you net here. >> ws4 tommy mcfly has found the coolest things you can do across the area for "the scene." >> reporter: sharks, ponies and the national symphony orchestra. i'm tommy mcfly with the weekend scene. sunday in poolsville in maryland, it's the poloesociety. accsible look at the sport of polo. the polo club will have a tailgate, yard games cocktails and they want to widen the circle and get more people more excited about the games. sharkyeek goes wa beyond your tv screen. tomorrow at the wharf, it's shark bites and brews in southwest d.c. they promise a chance to ride a mechanical shark, repy races, a giant shark waterslide and, of course, a foodnd bev for the whole family. cocoa the movie like you've wover seen it tomorrow at trap. you'll see the movie on a giant screen and the national symphony orchestra will play the sound track live. plus you can always bring your own snacks and drinks to lf track. a circus in maryland and loudoun county fair in virginia and the capital fringe fest in
5:18 am
d.c. wrap up this weekend. for more fun and events across our region, go to the nbc washington app arch "the scene." i'm tommy mcfly, news4 >> that cocoa sound up my alley. >> so much to do in this town you should never be he bobored tgood wek when you sat in the shade and poured cold water on yourself. you don't have to worry about doing that>it wl be seasonablyh degrees and a tick or two of mu. cuently in washington a pleasant 70 degrees. not much of a wnd out there. won't be much of are be. if you're looking for something to complain about, if you wanted to go sailing this weekend, winds will be relative light so you may have to do could use the propellor sort of a thing.
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temperatures in the 50s in the shenandoah valley this morning. if you're heading to the mountains of west irginia for the weekend, these cool mornings will stick around. in and around the city, temperatures are closer to 70 degrees. 74 now in annapolis and 63 i frederick county, maryland. here is your planner for five. 6 6:04 and high pressure is moving in from the west. as it settles in will help to suppress the rain chances. yesterday, we had fewer showers than the day before and i think today we will have fewer than yestday. we had hundredth of an inch of rain at national airport yesterday. here is the futu weather. clear skies this morning. heating of the day right around 3:00, 4:00. once again the computer models hinting there could be one short-lived little shower and low impact and not mother you. it's in case i wash my car the one time we will get a few drops of rain.
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otherwise, clear again tonight tomorrow morning and one or tw showers popping up there along the blue ridge. melissa, a slow start to the fry commute. how are things now? >> still have a delay here talking southbound 270 near 118n germwn road. a tractor-trailer hit a plolice cruiser that wen into another cruiser. three lanes open now in the southbound direction. a huge help. closure hanging aro d 270 south, the ramp to germantown road. the ramp i blocked by the crash as they try to get the tow out of the way. outer loop after 50 only getting by because of an accident there. next on news4, finding
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some of us can't keep t.em ali some have a few here and there and others have a couple dozens. >> i have a cactus and i's hard to kill. there is that special few who can keep hundreds of them. here is justin finch with one of tho special few who with has grown his plant passion into this new book and a must-follow instagram page. >> reporter: hilton carter not nows his plants, knows what you think of them too. >> this one here is a neon post earlier, your grandma plant, right? you've seen them in your grandmother's home. >> reporter: maybe you've seen grandma do this one too. it looks wrong. but he is allowed. >> when i come to most nurseries, i ask if i can take a
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few. but also puhad feonw.vall views aintside of baltimore snipprc stems to propagate new plants an using others to fill lush studio spaces. >> if you want v do it, you to pull out a big lad like this. >> reporter: and rely on another one of grandma's tips. >> when it starts to die or fai, yo okay, i'll replace it with a new plant, but if betty here, right, starts to fade, no, betty, what is happening? >> reporter: hard work he takes pride in doing himself. >> for me, it takes for all of the plants i have, over 300 plants, it takes me four to fi t hour a yearwater them. >> reporter: it pay off especially on instagram where his posts have earned 200,000 followers and likes per pick and igure his thumb was not that green. >> they say have you killed any plants bere? and i say what type of individual would be if i had not killed any plant?
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>> reporter: difference is hilton said he didn't give up his. his amazing images are in his new book "wild at home." he is on tour convincing fans to go green with him. am >> those sfolks are like, hilton, will you come over and help me with my plants? or i just bought new pla s. now they are starting to fill their space with new plants. >> reporter: justin finch, news4. >> he has two new followers on instagram. you and me! had to throw that ou a crh on i-270 and it could impact your morning commute. sherree burss has a look at the big story lines for the redskins as they start the 2019 season. chuck? >> if you're thinking about doing any outdoor work in the yard this weekend, both saturday and sunday, typically hot. temperatures around 90 degrees both days. if you're looking for a project, here is a nice idea. (whispering) ever since she got her new havertys furniture,
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chain reaction crash on 270. a tractor-trailer lost control nd slammed into oneof its cruiser and that cruiser hit another police car and everyone involved in expected to be okay. our melissa mollet is standing by to te you how the crash is impacting the commute. >> first, megan mcgrath is live on the scene where that crash happened. what is the la out there. >> reporter: the tractor trail is still across the ramp here to germantown road. they have a wrecker on the scene and tryige to right it and t it out of the way but not theree yet so you'ot able to take exit 15 off of southbound 270. now as for 270, itself, all of the lanes have reopened and that happened within of the last halu hor. still running very slowly through the area because it was closed for a while or wn to one lane for a while. but it is now moving. so good news forolks heading
5:31 am
into town from 270. take a look at the video that was shot early this morning of this accident. now we had a situati where there was a police cruiser and it hadon pulled over a vehicle here on the sideof 270 and mako ago traffic p. as that was going on, a tractor-trailer, the driver went off and hit the police cruiser, damaging the cruiser and pushing it into a second police cruiser. then that tractor-trailer flipped on its side. it was going across he ramp germantown road, as well as into the through lanes on 270. so that is why tey had so many lanes blocked for a period of time here overnight. lanes are 270enave be reopened and still doing the work on cleaning things up orathe mp. fortunately, none of the officers involved in at affic stop were injured. in term of the trfic impact, we send it over to melissa mollet. >> take a look at the atckups
5:32 am
megan mcgrath is talking about. at farther hurley very good news a lot of the lanes when you get to the actual crash scene have beenreopened but the delays started a while ago and have just been sticking around. there is another picture of tt first cruiser going into the second one after the one hit by the .tractor-trailer southbound 270 the ramp to germantown road is still shut down because of the crash and causing delayss awell. outer loop out of 50, left side is by there and no expectation getting by thatoo area t quickly either so allow extra time. good morning, chuck bell. >> maybe another busy start for first 4 traffic but storm team 4, nice quiet weath four friday plans. getting things go on a friday morning. skies mainly clear overnight
5:33 am
hours. temperatures into the fist in the shenandoah valle four things to know about the next four days. near perfect weather. not just for today but 100% om sunshine trow and again on sunday. the humidity of summertime really starts to creep back into the picture by monday. but not so bad this morning. 59 now in winchester, virginia. 64 in fairfax county. 65 now in upper marlboro and 70 in washington. forast for your friday. look at that sunshine. rain chances today downo t 5% range. most of us not worrying about rain on your friday. highs in the mido upper 80s today. a cler look at the ten day and weekend coming up. developing this morning, three firefighters are recovering after battling a massivee ho fire in anne arundel county. chopper 4 over the scene late last night when crews raced over to this home inl oathian. scene. look at the authorities say no one was home
5:34 am
during the time of the fire but two adults have been displaced. we are working to learn what caused the fire. we will update that as soon as we get it in the nbc washington app. >>ere is so much killing going around the city. we have become desensitized to what life is all about. >> sobering words spoken to a crowd remembering a father and son gunned down a week ago. tonight, family and friends will gather this time on a local football field where akeel scrubs played. akeel and his father were found shot to death in their northeast d.c. apartment last friday. the 17-year-old's friends will hold a candlelight vigil to remember their teammate at dunbar high school. it's a deadly summer in the district. d.c. leaders are vowing to go after people caught buying and selling illegal many of the killings.
5:35 am
>> for all of those who think they can go against the law an d put lives inger. ow this. we will find you and we will hold you accountable. >> yesterday, the mayor and police chief said most of the illegal guns found in the district come from virginia. the commonwealth's op prosecutor said his state is stepping up efforts to find people who buy guns legally in virginia and sell them illegally in d.c. hire is a look at top stories. 16 u.s. marines are accused of illegal activities, including human smuggling and drug related offenses. they were released yesterday in camp pendleton i southern california. they say none were in the south border.>
5:36 am
woodstock 50th anniversary could be in maryland instead of new york. the three-day festival is supposed toappen in three weeks. it would take over the meriwether post pavilion. pstate new york passed on hosting the anniversary and organizers have struggled to secure another venue. come , miley and jay-z. we need you here. happening today a chance to find a teaching job in our area. montgomery county public schoolr is hosting ag expo start at 9:00 until 2:00 in the afternoon and 30 schools will be there to conduct the interviews and at the walter jnson high school in bethesda and you don't have to register. are y a new school year comes with strategies.
5:37 am
they are starting off with new strategies. >> that kid right back there. that kid. >> step off the bus, please. >> i need to tell you about thar kid right t >> yesterday, the sheriff's offis helped train bus driver to deal with difficult situations like if an angrynt pare tried to get on the bus or even if a student brings a gun on the bus. >> we want to continue to be prepared. not paranoid, just but prepared. >> we tr to practice as much as we can. >> i like that. prepared and not paranoid. auorities say doing this helps before the police can arrive on the scene. montgomery county is considering altering its school boundary policy to deal with crowding but it's the language in the proposed change
5:38 am
that has some parents concerned. some of that language reads the following. some critics are calling this social engineering. >> i beg you to identify and address current hot spots of overcapacity now and stop this ridiculous attempt to manipulate our schools to reflect your idea of social justice. >> the school board chair said in a statement, quote. switching gears to redskins training camp. today, the reporters will get their fir the three players competing for the starting quarterback job!l >> alimportant job. our sherree burruss is down in richmond to remind us there are
5:39 am
other big story lines coming out training camp. >> reporter: this season, the redskins are getting back what they hope will be one of their top offensive weapons. running ba derrius guice is returning from tearing his acl and turningn his devastatio into motivation. one player helping guicreturn to return to form is 13-year g teran adrian peterson. the two walkin stride out to practice and doing drills and having fun on the first day of training camp together. >> a.p. is a.p. whether he tells you tngs to teach you stuff we look up to him so we watch what he does any way. like a son watching their father, do you know what i mean? but not in that sense but the same thing. hing you do and soaking it up so he don't have to say we just resct him that much because we know he is good. >> reporter: alex smith was also richmond on day one and fans cheering as last year's starting quarterback was driven out to the field. there are three quarterbacks obghting for that starting from richmond, sherree burruss, "news4 today."
5:40 am
>> that means fall is almost here with football starting. >> i know. i know. these redskins keep us so on our toes. confused and frustrated, too! >> yes! next on "news4 today," four legal cities make the list of the top 100 places to raise a family in the country and find out if you live in one of those areas. used to. >> a piece of local history buried under local will be preserved. news4 chris gordon goes out
5:41 am
temperatures 2 degrees warmer than average and still having 3 1/2-inch almost rainfall surplus for the month. temperature clear skies have fallen into the 50s for some lucky spots. montgomery county to 60 at the airport. i hope you're enjoying your friday morning. visibility not an issue around town. some of the shelter rural areas
5:42 am
a patch of fog and montgomery county as well but it won't last long. sun comes up at 6:04. all sunshine today with temperatures in the mid to 80s and close to 90. very low rain chances the next coupled. future weather,a no orgnized rain chances any way. nothing but a little pop-up shower or two. future weather here tries to generate one or two quick drops there between 3:00 and 4:00 this afternoon. drying out again by 8:00 or 9:00 so your sidewalk cafe dining plans tonight not likely to be interrupt by rainfall. saturday, another clear start tomorrow morning. just another small chance for a stray shower to little higher chances tomorrow along into the west of the blue ridge up into the mouains of west irginia. by and large, i think mother nature will be playin a little slow pitch with us the next couple of days.
5:43 am
let's go back over to the news. >> thank you. every year, nbc clear the shelters campaign helps animal shelters and rescue groups find rever homes for pets. a man on the eastern shore founs hi new best friend. daniel o'connor saw pumpkin on the news and she had been left in a home after the owners ved out. >> she apparently had been left in the house. they moved out and just left her in the house!he sas down to 32.4 pound when the spca got her. >> o'connor knew they would be a good match. he is 85 and pumpkin is erlittle old too. now he is hoping someone else can find as much happiness that he has found with his new best friend. >> what is the whole goal of clearing the shelters. >> exactly! put this date down in your calendar.
5:44 am
news4 is gearing th for clear shelters. it's happening a few weeks from now. shelters will be participating on saturday, august 17th. we have a map of all of those shelters and everything you need to know in the nbc washington p. just search clear the shelters. now your cnbc business report. space x successfully launched 18th cargo mission for nasa. the rocket blasted off with a cargo dragon capsule carrying nearly 2.5 tons of supplies t the international space station. the capsule is carrying research and technology payloads that concentrate on cellular sentence and it marks the capsule's third trip into space. in baa bit check back in on your breaking news on i-27 it looks like a g is
5:45 am
helping friend move but this is really an atm heist in the district. official say a contract need end to save money so that means disabled people will be out of work. we take a look at that next.
5:46 am
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he has arrests on his record but he is back on the street even after attacking a pregnant woman. a group of thieves walk out of a store casual with an atm. police are hoping you can track them down. school boundaries are happening in montgomery county. we ll break down the debate. in montgomery county, crews are work to go get a crashed semi after 270 aftert hit a police cruiser. >> we are learning it will take several more hours. megan mcgrath is joining us live from the scene.
5:49 am
what can you tell us. >> reporter: we have hit a bit after complication. they hoped to have this tractor-trailer up and out of here but you can see it's still on its side here on the ramp for germantown road. they were trying to atta it to this wrecker here and haul it out, the tractor-trailer started coming apart so they haven't been able to get it onto the tow truck what they


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