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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  July 26, 2019 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a group of thieves walk out of a store casual with an atm. police are hoping you can track them down. school boundaries are happening in montgomery county. we ll break down the debate. in montgomery county, crews are work to go get a crashed semi after 270 aftert hit a police cruiser. >> we are learning it will take several more hours. megan mcgrath is joining us live from the scene. what can you tell us. >> reporter: we have hit a bit after complication. they hoped to have this tractor-trailer up and out of here but you can see it's still on its side here on the ramp for germantown road. they were trying to atta it to this wrecker here and haul it out, the tractor-trailer started coming apart so they haven't been able to get it onto the tow truck what they have to do is
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off-load the contents of the truck and we are told that that is about 40,000 pound of candy. they will to take all of that off of the truck first be re they can then haul it out of here. bottom line this is going to be potentially be an impact for a number of hours here. 270 all of the lanes have reopened so an improvement from earlier this morning. the lanes alo running but they are open. this ramp to germantown road is still closed and that may be the case for several more hours. this all stems from an early morning accident here. a police officer was doing a traffic stop here on 270, was pulling over a vehicle. this tractor-trailer traveling through the area, the driver swerved and hit that police cruer and then pushed theis cru that was pushed into a second police cruiser and then the tractor-trailer, itself, flipped on its side.
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at times it wasa across the r and lanes of 270. everything is op 270 right now but we still have a mess and ople are still going rather slowly through the area. everything is open at least on 270 but still pretty slow. here is melissa with more on the traffic impact. >>alirst 4 traffic alert cng a lot of pain for a lot of folks. chopper 4 on the scene here this morning. you canee what is going on. megan is down there on the ground just behind the semi. the semi on its de and loaded with 40,000 pound of candy. now the issue is because it's kind of coming apart as they try to move it, they have to offload that candy and get that out of the way. amazingly, nobody seriously injured in this crash. take a look. it is slow and might be open but still talkin about a three-mile backup and ramp to 118 is still shut down for obvious reasons. you saw what is happening there.
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outer loop out of u.s. 50 getting byhat accident. chuck, you m dayt be more calm than mine. >> it sure is. weather is comfortable ts morni and sun coming up and mostly clear sky and that is good news for your friday plans. rainchances remainvery, very low for today and for your weekend. if you're traveling this weekend whether you're going to mountains of west virginia or down to the ocean, really near perfect late summer weather. 76 now in anan police. 60gaithersburg and look at the 50s across parts of the shenandoah valley. a comfortable way to get weyour friday going. no worries about the baseball game tonight. dodgers are in town. 7:05 game. bright and sunny. d-mperatures in the mi0s as you head down there to nats
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ballpark and 70 after a big nationals win. they didn't win yesterday, so let's get back on the track. back to the newsnow. thank you, chuck. homeless man whos been released more than 70 times is now accused of another crime, attacking a pregnant woman. >> police released this photo of michael hilliard three years ago. this latest charge is pushing an 8 1/2-month pregnant on a sidewalk e logan circle and w are told she is recovering at home but hilliard is back on the street and that includes more than 20 charges of sexual violence.p s police referred to him as a serial groper. the community wants to know why he keeps getting released.olice serial groper. the community wants to know why nt keeps getting released. >> really importahat we find out what is fundamentally wrong instead of letting somehee back on t streets assaulting women multiple times. >> hilliard is expected toe back in court august 21st. a man who beat another man
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ca death over a dinged door will spend eight years in prison. thomas hughes you see here was sentenced yesterday. state prosecutors say he severely beat 21-yead nicholas keys in june of 2018. the two men were arguing in a arking lot at the bowie town center after hughes' girlfriend dinged keys' car with her car door. keys' mother saiapshe is not with the sentencing. >> i will never accept it. never accept it. he died two months before his birthday. he never had a chance to be a man. he is my only child. >> hughes was on probation for armed robbery when this fight happened in bowie. new this morning. 6:05. d.c. police are searching for three people accused of taking an atm here you seee on thideo on your screen. this surveillance video captured the robbery on pennsylvania
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avenue in southeast d.c. two weeks detectay the suspected thieves forced their way into the store early in the morning. once they were inside, they grab the grabbed the tam and ran off. police are looking for any tips that will lead to an arst. the . police are looking for any tips that will lead to an arrest. gr. police are looking for any tips that will lead to an arrest. a disturbing discovery in loudoun county. n animals found living i dirty, unsanitary conditions. they discovered the dogs and other animals. they say the conditions in the home were an immediate threat to setheir lives and they ed all of the animals. the animals will eventually be put up for adoption. jackie payne jr. and ty reed face multiple animal cruelty charges. to dulles airport now. a shocking find you see on your screen. fo the second time in a wee border agents seized a load of 175ounds of a stimulant drug. 175 pounds of this stimulant drug were found in three boxes of air cargo from nigeria. that shipment was headed for georgia. last week, border agents seized another 100-pound shipment also
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7 minutes after the hour. 16 u.s. marines are acced of illegal activities, inclung human smuggling and drug related offenses. they were arrested yesterday in fronts of their peers at camp pendleton in southern, califorigia. the inveion stemmed earlier this month. in that investigation, two other marines were arrested after border patr agents spotted ted immigrants getting in their car near the mexico border. no other informatiowas released. for the first time in nearly two decades, the federal government orders executions of death row inmates starting in december. attorney general william barr directed the execution of five inmates, all convicted of killing children. the last federal execution was back in 2003. thedjustice department annou changes to the execution protocol.
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used in executions is now being here closer look at this in maryland. seven death row inmates in maryland and virginia has two. the boston marathon bomber and man behind the charles ton church massacre are among the high profile federal death row inmates. execution dates have not been set for those inmates. >> parents in fairfax county are fired up over a potential change where their kid can go to >> fairfax county is cons bound idganage ili poo wde hitasal s parents concerned. some of that language reads school identified for boundary adjustment shaladhere to the one fairfax policy. some critics are calling this social engineering.
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>> i beg you to identind address current hot spots of overcapacity now and stop this ridiculous attempt to manipulate our schools to reflect your idea of social justice. >> the school board chair said in a statement, quote. in fairfax county, some say their adult children with disabilities are losing their jobs because of a change in policy. fairfax county used a local nonprofit company that employed these workers to help with recycling computers and other electronics, but now the counar has d the county to a north carolina company and those disabled workers will be out of y eir job. their parents sae county should reconsider its decision. >> a resident and a taxpayer, why my son's job that i worked very hard with him to get is now being outsourced to another state. >> besides the fact we are
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employing people with sabilities and bed besides the fact we e county taxpayers, and we are creating jobs for this county, all that aside, apples to apples, company a to company we are much better. >> the nonprofit company has opened an official protest which fairfax county has ten days to review. the county maintains it made the best decision on behalf of the taxpayers. happening today. a ground breaking for a major i construct project in northeast d.c. city officials will be celebrating the first phase of the development on bryant ee when it's done, they will be 1,500 apartment unitsreand nine-can movie theater and 25,000 square feet of retail. >> i grew up in area. binng on the cema. new details on woodstock's 50th anniversary. the celebration of he festival that changed the american culture and music. nsit could rock maryland itead of new york.
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howard county leader told our baltimore that talks are under way to bring that event here or there. the three-day peace, love, music festival would take over the meriwether post pavilion. half century ago, hundreds of ousands of people flooded update new york but now upstate new york passed on hosting the anniversary celebration. organizers have struggled securi another venue. >> we are excited to be able to have a conversation with the promoters of woodock and with meriwether about the opportunity of celebrating woodstock's 50. >> let's it done because the festival is supposed to happen in three weeks. "the new york times" says the lineup still has not been finalized. >> if theye announcit, meriwether can hold only 30,000 people so get your ticket. >> i want a front row to jay-z and who else is coming?
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>> bring it here to maryland. ext up. safety plan being used in d.c. and a few other cities, now being adopted in prince george's county. >> we will tell you how prince ge ge's county is trying to make streets safer. plus a trip from d.c. to new york city could get quicker but you'll be paying a big price. we will tell you more on this new train route. ponies and sharks and symphost orchera. a lot happening around the dmv this weekend. ommy mcfly has a look what is going on next in "the scene." >> if you're ading to the ocean or the weekend, city and rehoth, what a great weekend at theli coast. sunshine start-to-finish for today, tomorrow, d sunday!em ocean tperature up to 73 degrees. not bad at all. your forecast is coming up.
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6:14. amtrak is trying to get you to the big apple faster. a new service that will start in september with one train each way every day to start. time wise, though, this seems to favor new york commuterpb trains will leave manhattan daily at 6:35 a.m. and the trip from d.c. will leave at 4:30 in the afternoon and take two hrs and 35 minutes and that saves you 25 minutes from the regular service and an hour and ten minutes from regional trains. price wise, it will cost you about the same as regular service, which is often more than $300 rount round trip.
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we broke all of the numbers forc you in the nashington app.d tri. we broke all of the numbers for you in the nbc washington app. last year, nearly a hundred people died in road-related crashes in prince george's county. vision zero is a safety initiative and commitment from all county residents to be mindful of others while using the roadways.of the kihappened yesterday t the hyattsville transit center. pairs of shoes were on display, representing the number of people who died last year traffic-related accidents. vision zero aims to get that number wn to zero by 2040. if you're looking for something to do, we may help you out he. >> news4 tommy mcfly has found the coolest things you can d across the area for "the scene." tommy, good to see you. what is going on?ng plenty goi on. first we start at poolsville. how about polo? sounds like a lot of fin. >> sound like it's pricey. >> the. s poloociety hope to make it more of a tailgate atmosphere
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and more fun where you can eny and have things going on off the polo field.ea i need to lrn more about it because i don't have my polo on. have a good time and learn about the sport that isn't like super accessible to everybody. en you can make your way down to the wharf. it is shark ek but so much more than that. they have got sharks and bites and brews and a mechanical shark to ride. >> crazy. >> giant shark water slide. a fun flare of .sharks there are no sharks in the wharf water that we are pretty sure about. >> that we know about. >> but people singing baby shark i'm sure.♪ ♪ >> after they get a few drinks in. >> i think some land shark ale as ll. if you want to see a kid movie for the whole family a different way.
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cocoa is being played at wolf track. they have a hge screen there and also the national symphony orchestra plays live throughout the movie! >> cool. >> it is because you get to see music and art and who doesn't love cocoa. >> great movie. >> you can bring your own snack and beverages so fun tip there. county fair virginia wraps up and a festival in d.c. that is your weekend scene. >> thank you for ling that out. lots of option to do all around. >> thank you. chuck, let's t checkt forecast for doi t all ofis stuff tommy has us doing. >> great weather for the outdoors activities this ekend. next weeke, 2019 site hound spree in northern maryland, tommy. so bring your hound up there and put him into theit competn and rabbit hunting and not rl rabbi
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rabbits. a lure course they call it. >> it will be a dog gone good time! >> it will be and dog days of august istoabout start. meaning the dog star up in the sky. weather? i forgot what i was here for! clear skies and 69 degreesand wind out of the north for now. easy going for the forecast today. fis 50s in the shenandoah valley. no weather worries for your mmute today. sun is up. it will be sunny all day long today. quiet weather as well. washed.t car no problem at all. dry weather for really the next coupled around here and high pressure in charge of our weather. you can see next chicago inclement weather and st. louis. a lweng time beforeave to worry about that. gher chance along into the west of the ridge for a stray shower or two.
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no impactful amounts of rain this weekend. ten-day forecast in the next half hour. let's go to first 4 traffic. chopper 4 over this overturned tractor-trail 270 southbound at you approach 118. it is full of candy and started to come apart as they were towing it out of the way and now to off-load 40,000 pound of s candy that i a half of a load of your average tractor-trailer before they can clear things and reopen the ramp on angermwn ramp. three-mile backup heading south and ramp is shut down as they off-loa the candy. crash there outer loop 266 and two lanes bloed.
6:21 am
remember to list to wtop when you hop in your car, 103.5. >> i hope evebothat 70 crash. any idea what kind of candy is in that truck? >> we will have megan mcgrath find that out. finding growth in an unexpected place. >> he is the keeper of hundreds of plants and counting and the author of a best selling book. i'm justin finch here. i'm one-on-one with hilton carter to showcase ways to make your own plants grow. if you're home this afternoon, don't miss nus at 4:. .
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some of you may have a house here or there and some may couple of dozen house plants. >> here is justin finch with one of those special few who has grown his plant passion into a new book and must-follow instagram page.
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>> reporter: hilton carter not only knows his plants, knows what you think of them too. >this one here is a neon post and they are what you said earlier, your gran a plant, right? you've seen them in your grandmother's home. >> reporter: maybe you've seen grandma do this one too. it looks wrong. but he is allowed. >> when i come to most i ask if i can take a few. but also purchase a few. that is important. >> reporter: see, you can always find hilton at valley view farms outside of baltimore snipping stems to propagate new plants and buying others to fill already lush studio spaces. going from up high. >> if you want to do it, you have to pull out a big ladder like this. >> reporter: and rely on another one of grandma's tips. >> wn it starts to die or fa you, okay, i'll replace it with a new plant, but if betty here, right, starts to fade, no, betty, what is happening? >> reporter: hard work he takes pride in doing himself. >> for me, it takes pr all of tnts i have, over 300 ts planit takes me four to five
6:26 am
hour this time of year to water them. >> reporter: it pays off, especially on instagram where his posts have earned 200,000 and likes per pick and hard to figure his thumb was not always green. ed> they say have you kill any plants before? and i say what type of individual uld i be if i had not killed any plant? >> reporter: dference is hilton said he didn't give up his trials and errors and his amazing images are in his new book "wild at home." he is on tour meeting fans worldwid and sincconvincing fano go green with him. >> those same folks are like, erhilton, will you come and help me with my plants? or i just bought new plants. now they are starting to fill their space with new plants. >> reporter: justin finch, news4. breaking news. crash on 270 that could make you late or work. a candy crunch as well. day two of redskins training camp. our sherr burruss is with t
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players in richmond and she has a look at the big story lines as the team starts the 2019 season! chuck? >> all right! >>as gardening forec for weekend. perfect time to spend time in i. did you know comcast business goes beyond fast with a gig-speed network. complete internet reliability. advanced voice solutions. wifi to keep everyone connected. video monitoring. that's huge. did you guys know we did all this stuff? 'no. m not even done yet. wow. business tv. cloud apps and support. comcast business has the solutions you need. get start with fast, reliable internet
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straight out the gate here at 6:30, thatreaking news in montgomery county, it could be several more hours before crews move a tractor-trailerrom ru270. that tck lost control and slammed into a police cruiser. you some of sho the damage from the predawn crash. wir megan mcgrath is live on the scene and we hear from her in a few minutes. good morning to you. i'm jummy olabanji aaron gilchrist and eun yang have the morning off. >> i'm molette green. will get tour forecast in a moment but first up is melissa mollet with more information on that breaking news and first 4 traffic. what latest? >> it is slow southbound on 270.
6:31 am
the problem is this. overturned tractor-trailer filled with c on to southbound on to germantown road is shut do . a three-mile backup and very slow at this point. you can see that this was a pretty serious situation out there thiinmorn tractor-trailer hit a cruiser. then that hit another cruiser. a lot of issu there as you're heading southbound on 270 because of this accidit's aboutc ut. in those southbound lanes. let's take look at elsewhere. outer loop after 66. eft side of the roadway there is blocked well. now we hader an earli crash outer loop near 50 and outer loop near 66 is the current crash and in the backups there this morning. take a look at the beltway, you can see we have delays heading southbound as well.
6:32 am
not quite as bad a they were here this morning but getting a tad better. that is really good news. let's take a look at what else is happening. add more here to our traffic hit in a second. outer loop and inner loop of the beltway rest of it looking okay so no major other issues. chuck bell, tell me something good here this morning! >> i like your dress! >> oh, thanks! that is good! >> ha ha! temperatures in the 50s in the shenandoah valley this morning. 55 in winchester, virginia. 59 manassas. 76 by the way in anne arundel county and 64 dulles airport and comfortable 60 degrees in gaithersburg. your planner for your friday. oh, friday is here at last! temperatures in the mid to upper 80s today. not much in the way of a rain threat. track the latest of your storm team 4 forecast details our nbc
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waanhington app and find me on twitter and i just tweeted out a good picture of me at anc scie camp and only 12 kids there and theysked me at least 3,000 questions. >> that means they are committed, chuck. developing this morning, three firefighters are recovering after battling a massive house fire in anne arundel county. chopper 4 over the scene late last night when crewsed over to this home in loathian. authorities say no oneas home during the blaze but two adults have been displaced. we are working to learn we t caused thire. we will post more in ourwa nbc hington app. tears and hugs shared last night among the crowd remembering father and son gunned down a week ago today.
6:34 am
tonight, family and friends will gather this time on a local football field where akeel errubs played. akeel and his fathere found shot to death in their northeast d.c. apartment last friday. ye the 17--old's friends will hold a candlelight vigil to remember their teammate at dunbar high school. it's a deadly summer in the district. d.c. leaders are vowing to go after people caught buying and selling illegal guns used in many of the killings. >> for all of those who think they can go against the law and put lives in danger.. know th we will find you and we will hold you accountable. >> yesterday, the mayor and police chief said most of the illegal guns found ie district come from virginia. the commonwealth's top prosecutor said his state is nsepping up efforts tfind people who buy egally in virginia and sell them illegally in d.c. >> 6:34. 16 u.s. marines are accused of illegal activities, including human smuggling and drug related offenses.
6:35 am
they were arrested yesterday in camp pendleton in southern california.y officials sae marines who were arrested did notar take p infant south border mission. mike hilliard has been arrested. latest one is pushing a pregnant wan. new details on woodstock's 50th anniversary. the celebration of the festival that chand the american lture and music. it could rock maryland instead of new york. leaders told our nbc station in baltimore, talks are under way to bring that event here or there. the three-day peace, love, music festival would take over the meriwether post pavilion. upstate new york passed on
6:36 am
hosting the anniversary celebration. justin finch is live for us this morning with details on the montgomery county school boundaries change. >> reporter: a lot of parents are ting an issue with this and bringing their concerns right to the county school boara as they did l night and met at luther jackson middle school last night and some say they want a voice in where their kid will go to stool school and howe this should best look. we canell you many took to the podn m as you see oe video there voicing their concerns with the school board members and taking h center stageow best to handle the overcrowding issue and the policy that now stand, a policy many parent say they don't quite agree with the wording of. it includes weighing several factors such as the socioeconomic and racial composition of schools in affected schools. to some parents they say that sound like a lot like social
6:37 am
engineering. >> here we are in july of 2019 pud this board has again tried to fly under the ic's radar and radically rewrite the boundary. this time our public woke up. >> reporter:theschool board chair weighing in here and saying no plan to o augment vote on that policy in the near future. they are also reaching out to a outside consultant to help them on the policy and bring in the community live on this issue. justin finch, news4. back inside to the studio to you. >> thank you, justin. happening today. a chance to find a teaching job in our area. montgomery county public schools is hosting a hiring expo start at 9:00 until 2:00 in the afternoon and 30 schools will be there to conduct the interviews and at the walter johnsonigh school in bethesda and you don't have to recht rempts.
6:38 am
a new year comes with school bus drivers. l they aking to keep your students safe. >> that kid right back there. that kid. >> step off the bus, please. >> i need to tell you about that kid right there. >> yesterday, the sheriff's office helped train bus drivers to deal with difficult situation, scenario likes intruders trying to gn a bus or students trying to bring a gun on board. >> good training there for them. today at redskins training camp, the reporters have their chance to top to three players competing for starting quarterback job. our sherree burruss is down in richmond to remind us there are other big story lines coming out of this summer's training camp. >> reporter: this season the redskins are getting back what b they hope willone of their top offensive weapons. running back derrius guice is retrrning f tearing his acl and turning his devastation into
6:39 am
motivation. one player helping guice return to return to form is 13-year ve the two walking in stride out to practice and doing drills and having fun on the first day of training camp together. >> a.p. is a.p. whether he tells yoings to teach you stuff we look up to him so we watch what he does any way. like a son watching their father, do you know what i mean? but not in that sen but the same thing. he obviously not our we soak it up. we watch everything you do and soaking it up so he don't have to say nothing. we just respect him that much because we know he is good. >> reporter: alex smith was also in richmond on day one and fans cheering as last year's starting quarterback was dreen out to thield. there are three quarterbacks fighting for that starting job. from richmond, sherree burruss,p news4 ts. >> hopefully, they have a good season on tap. next on "news4 today," four localities make the list of the p top 100laces in the the p top 100laces in the seuntry to rai
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a new wallet hub study ranked the best places in america to raise a family. the number one spot is ovanland park,s! no city in our region cracked the top ten. the highest ranking was columbia, maryland. only city in the top 100 in maryland. virginia beach, number 21. chesapeake, virginia, 42. d.c. was number 80. now your cnbc busines report. space x successfully launched 18th cargo mission for nasa. the rocket blasted off with a cargo dragon capsule carrying nearly 2.5 tons of supplies to the international space station. the capsule is carrying research and technology payloads that
6:43 am
concentra on cellular science and it marks the capsule's third trip into space. with your nbc business report i'm frank hold on. temperatures i the 50s and 60s a perfect opportunity to walk a few extra miles. here is an available walking buddy available at humane dog rescue alliance. a perfect walking buddy and he is 4 years old. mid to upper 80s in the afternoon. your forecast is ahead. three mile backup southbound 270 germandown road for the overturn tractor-trailer blocking a ramp. real delays and other problems coming up.
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6:45 am
z3g2yz z1jnz y y3g2yyny
6:46 am
breaking news. traffic is backed up for hours as crews try to get a tractor-trailer off 270. it lost control and crashed into police cruise which then crashed into another police cruiser. >> amazingly, everybody wll be okay in this. news4 megan mcgrath is live at the scene. she has been following the latest and fin out what kind of candy is on the truck and i'm happy to report, you figured it out. yeah. yeah. with almonds? >> this truck was carrying hershey bars and kitkats and some other candy as well!
6:47 am
there is absolutely nothing "sweet" about this commute. you can see the overturned it's still blocking the ramp to georgetown road. right now crews are actually cutting off the doors to the truck. ey are also offloading this candy and then they can go about the business ofg tryin right the tractor-trailer and haul it out of here. so we are still seeing significant delays through the area because for a time they had all but one lane closed on the southbound side of 270 because of this accident. the truck was across the ramp and into some of those lanes on 270. they have now shoved everything to the right and all of the lanes are open on 270 but still an issue with the ramp. is happened very early in the morning. a police officer was in the area making a traffic stop. the tractor-trailer was traveling on 270 and hit that police cruiser, pushed it into another police cruiser and then theractor-trailer flipped on its side and creating this b
6:48 am
mess here. we have been at this here for several hours but looks like light at the end of the tunnel here. talking to folk on the scene, they say they are able to make pretty ick work of offloading they andy and as soon as do that, they will get out of here. maybe an hour or two before they are able to reopen the ramp but people driving through the area, keep in mind significant delays on 270 and the ramp itself to germantown road is closed so not easy commute this morning but at least we have parting gifts here. >> i think all of the folks uck in the traffic should get a box. >> hand them out as they drive by. >> we have solved the problem r he >> if only it worked that y! >> i know. thank you, megan mcgrath. breaking news w. deadly shooting. a man shot just after 11:00 last night in the 300 block of 50th street in northeast.
6:49 am
this is video from the scene. is was not far from the kelly miller recreaeeon center. a overnight police issued a loout for a white suv with tinted window and sunroof. we will keep you updateds ae learn more. the last two weeks maryland's department of health has soren mthan three dozen cases of intestinal illnesses caused by a parasi and they don't know what is causing this. you could become infected after eating food or drinking water that is contaminated contain this parasite. the same illness we have told you about and seen spreading in virginia. 40 cases have been reported since the start of may and three workplace cfeterias are part of this investigation and here is what it includes. again, still no known cause. symptoms include weight loss, cramping, and nausea. rise teen vaping is a big
6:50 am
focus this week for lawmakers on capitol hill. the billionaire cofounder of juul was defending his company yesterday. according to the cdc, 1 in 5 high school students vape. n that isrly 80% increase over a year's time. critics say juul is marketing to teens through social media with flavors, but juul's cofounder said that is just not true. >> we are looking at your actions and they are deeply troubling. >> the last thing we want to do is to be confused with any major tobacco company. >> several states have already raised the age to buy tobacco to 21. maryland also recently upped its age as well. new this morning. two sailors are recovering after a large crane collapsed onto a navy ship in virginia. official say the ship was docked in norfolk when the crane suddenly came crashing down yesterday. we are told the sailors only suffered minor injurs and were treated on board. no word on what caused that crane to collapse. at least one person is dead,
6:51 am
be another is seriously hurt after a fiery five-car crash in illinois. 60is crash happened about miles southwest of chicago. multiple semitrucks and vehicles were involved in this crash. the driver of one of the trucks was killed in the crash. the condition of the seco semitruck drivers as well as of two other passenger cars in the crash is not known right now. >> here we go. cannonball! >> this is how doug camera spent yesterday afternoon at stone gari swim club in silver spg for backyardwe her. hope you caught that on 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00. >> i was wonderi if he would take his shirt off and he did. viewers i believe able to vote online how doug should jump in the water. >> i wanted a backflip.
6:52 am
>> wow! >> he alsosw a lap. he was doing it all out there and part of his backyard weather segment. hum. fun. >> lked like fun. > we are waiting on you to do it. >> well, you know? i doug a younger man than me. ha ha! >> all right, chuck. sunshine o friday! that is the best news i can give ouubody and y get to keep the great weather arnd for the weekend. couple of days not seeing e 90-degrweather but coming back before too long, unfortunately. today might be the last day elow 90 degrees for a while. july has been warm and wet. 2 degrees warmer than average and almost double our average rainfall. sunshine in town but thick fog across parts of northern an virginia warrenton now visibility down under a mile. so be on the lookout for fog in the shelter and rural areas this morning. temperatures in the 50s where you're most likely to see the fog or temratures that cool.
6:53 am
your planner for today, plan on sunshine and wm weather. up into the mid and uer 80s for today. tomorrow, more of the same. 6 in the morning and probably up to 90 degrees downtown for tomorrow. sigh pressure in charge of our weather mean quiet weather indeed for the next feud. rain chances have been getting lore l thet couple of days and i think that trend will continue. a small chance for just a little pop-up shower or two between 3:00 and 5:00 and quiet and dry andher friday evening plans dry start to your saturday. tomorrow afternoon maybe a stray pop-up shower or two along and to the west of the blue ridge. humidity not too bad for thend weeut gets increasing humid starting monday into tuesday of next week. rain chances back for wednesday through frida as it looks now we get a dry
6:54 am
weekend this weekend and next ekend looks dry too, melissa. >> thank you, chuck. first 4 traffic alert. chopper 4 over a major mess. 270 southbound as you're approaching germantown road. mi8. a three- backup. overturned tractor-trailer that lost its load. they are now off loading it to get out of the way here this morning. we are talking about candy on board. oaershey's candy on b and i can only joke about that and say dang it, because everybody is okay. had a backup headed southbound. right now brad freitas is up in chopper 4. how have things developed here, brad? >> we are getting a good view o this fromopper 4. it looks like the front of that tractor-trailer that they have tried to hook up is just not in a position where they can lift it so they have started to unload that candynd hopefully before that truck turns into this righted.get it's on on the edge of an
6:55 am
empanicment so can't tip it back over on its wheels. you can father hurley to -- we have always have something going on the beltway? >> big delays on the beltway have just reopened. outer loop here on the left side after 66. a crash near 50. then near 66 and both out of th wayd thing looking a lot better. rest of the beltway looking pretty good. volume not so bad here this morning on they. beltwa zooming in. southbound third street tunnel after new york avenue a crash in the middle of the road so that will slow you down a little bit. 60 miles per hour onceou get by the hershey truck on 270.
6:56 am
remember to listen to wtop when you hop in your car today 103.5 fm. four things to know. litary officials say 16 u.s. marines are accused of illegal activities ranging from drug-related oenses to human smuggling. they were arrested yesterday at camp ndleton incalifornia. nbc news will have more on the "today" show. haimswacdn masre ofar another crime. pushing a pregnant woman on a sidewalk. michael hilliaswa eael r custodp sheet and he is in court next month. a massive house fire in anne arundel county. flames engulfed a two-storiy
6:57 am
ho home last ynight in loathian. stay with us for the latest. woodstk's 50 anniversary could be in maryland rather than new york. they are trying to bring the event there because new york turned it down. more details on the fallout in new york in the nbc washington app. a busy morning. no cholate kisses for those folks either out there on the road. all right. thanks for joining us.y" "toda show is coming up next. >> we will see you back here in 25 minutes with 25 minutes with i switched from dodge. we switched from ford. i switched from ram. i switched to chevy. wewitched to chevy. we switched to chevy. for dependability. for technology.
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good morning. good morning. marine mess. a growing scandal for the military. 16 marines arrested in an early morning sweep from law enforcement. facing charges involving human smuggling and drug offenses. here marines are now being questioned as t investigation widens. >>tc suicide jeffrey epstein back in his cel this morning as the mystery deepens around what happened around the financier. his cell mate denying he had anytng to do with epstein's injuries. so was this an attempt to take his own life? we're live with the latest. or>> no m mr. nice guy. under attack from the other 2020 hopefuls,


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