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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  July 26, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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we've been showing you the video earlier this . hard to watch at times here as we're looking at it. a group of teenagers seen beating and stomping a man at the entrance to the hotel near dupont circle. he and a short time ago d.c. police announcehave arrested a 17-year-old boy and charged him with aggravated assault. several other suspects are wanted in this. you can see in the video just how many people were there. police are offering a $1,000 icward for information. the vtim suffered head injuries, but theyre not considered to be life-threatening a >> and were also following some breaking news coming out of glen arden.ri a car slammint into a home on dellwood drive. >> news 4's tracee wilkins just got to the scene and joins us now live. we're starting to see the damage over your shoulder. tracey?a. > absolutely. the good news here is that there was no one inside of the home ma but that da, yes, you can see that they left a hole in the side of this hous when that
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truck slammed into it. it's so lucky that no one was there inside the house sitting in this area when it happened. let me show you what it looked like earlier. this is what it looked like when it arrivedch the suv was sitting on the side of the house. according to glen arden police it came down the hill. they believe the driver had a medical emergency andcould not stop his vehicle, slammed into the corner of the house and then bounced to the right where it see it sitng. hear now from the chief of the glen arden police department. >> when a car hits the house you never know what's going to happen, the house could fall down. someone could be sitting in a chair so we're thankful that nobody is sitting in the house. >> oh, yeah. >> now, as for the man who was behind the wheel of that vehicle, he was transported to the hospital. they do believe that he's going to be okay. there was some bleeding, but they say th's he in stable condition. his mother was able to get to the scene here. she's quite upset about what happened here saying thatelieve medical emergency that her son had. all of th is under
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investigation, but the bad news for the family is t they already got that orange signhat there condemning that house ang it's nilsa arden. tracee wilkins. back to you all in the studio. >> thank you, tracey. sure hope that the driver is okay. >> what a scene there. >> now we go to a health alert about a stubborn intestinal illness that's sweeping through our area. >> yeah. this happened fast. first it was maryland, now virginia and now tc. d. health department is warning about the public about a psychosporea and the outbreak has sickened people in a dozen states. corey smith has a look at how to protect your family. cory? >> reporter: well, adam, accocding to the nearly 600 people have been infected with psychopsoriasis just this year. that includes 95 people right here in the dmv. now spring and summer are a particularly dangerous time for this illness, and when this most
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recent outbreak, the inums are increase, the risk is elevated so doctorse across th region are warning people to watch what they eat. tonight health departments in d.c., maryland and virginia are working together to the source of the ongoing psychosporea outbreak. so far 132 poem in 11 states have been sickened in this most recent outbreak. in the been 13 confirmed cases this year and in virginia 39 cas have been confirmed since ma 1st with the capital 1 building in northern virginia identified as one place infected and in maryland 42wh preeopl e have sickened with all but five cases report over the last two weeks. dr. benjamin schwartz is the director of the division of epidemiology and population health at the fairfax county health department. >> psychosporea is transmitted by fresh produce that is cted w generally it's in imported produce. it generally hurts between one and two weeks after eating
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something that's contaminated with the parasite psychosporea. >> french basiloimped from a company in mexico is to blame. though investigators locally are stilllooking for another source. >> the investigation is really looking much more broadly at all of the produce that cases may have been exposed to. >> reporter: there's diarrhea, loss of appetite, fatigue. the illness may first seem like your everyday stomach bug. >> but the diarrhea may last fon aor even longer and maybe what we call relapsing and remitting. in other words it becomes a little bihebetter and t gets worse again. >> so far the outbreak has resulted in only four io hospitalizatns and no death. anyone experiencing symptoms should reach out to thei t doctr for appropriate testing. now if you want to protect yourself, what you can do is be sureo wash any produce thoroughly. cut away any damaged areas. if it has a hard outer firm
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taping or shell, wash that down and wash your hands before and after you handle that produce. adam. >> good tips there, cory. thank you very much. now to another health alert. you a new investigation finds that leafy greenit tainted w listeria were sold at major supermarkets just last month. "consumer reports" tested 284l samp of fresh greens including lettuce, spinach and kale. six tested positive for the deadly bacteria. six were pre-washed and pre-packaged. sold at several grocery chains including cletco and who od somes.tifomes cling to leaves, if it's been washed. the foods that weonly, bree'edlr take a look at the common swimming pool parasite and why it's so hard to tr k for you to tell t.youea tips foru yofamily.
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>> as we gear up for anotr election in over a year, lawmakers are looking into how to shore up security. democrats in the house are also considering their options after robert mueller's testimony, and seeming to walk up to but not over the line on the issue of impeachment, so let's get rigto he very latest with craig boswell on capitol hill for us. hi, craig. >> hi, erika. a new wave of legal action by democrats today to enforce subpoenas and get more evidence from the mueller report. democrats on the house judiciary committee have crsed a threshold today. they filed a petition in federal court to get secret grand jury evidence used in robert mueller's report on russian interference in the 2016 election. >> the committee is exercising its authority to investigate these scandals and to recommend and decide what to do about thel
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which co include articles of impeachment. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi dealing with a growing number of democrats calling for impgschment proceedinays she will make the decision. >> we will proceed when we have what we need to proceed, not one day soon sneer they wantme docunts and forcing the testimony from other individuals including former white house counsel don mcgahn. >> i don't see in your polling respectfully or anybody's polling here that top of the list is impeachment. there's no public appetitfor that. >> reporter: all of this two days after robert mueller's testimony on the president's conduct and russian election meddling. >> expect to do it during the next campaign. >> reporter: now a bipartisan senate reportays election systems in all 50 states were targeted by russia in 2016 and cyber security at the state and local level was sorely lacking. in the mueller report, and now in this new report released yesterday, it's a playbook for other actors who want to mess around with thecan electoral sy.
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the report found states should remain in charge of elections and recommeed paper backups for voting machines. the reportsays no votes were change in the 2016 election. on the version democts say there's no deadline to decide on impeachment as the house leaves for six-week recess today. erika, back to you. >> craig boswell on the hill for us, craig, thank you. meanwhile, there are new developments as d.c. gets ready to begin sports betting, and we now kn some. bars that want to get in on the action. news 4 has learned that duffy's irish pub, the brig and the wet dog tavern have alsosubmitted applications to revive their liquo licenses to allow for sports betting. and that's just the first ep. the bars will also need to apply for a separate sports betting lineup with the city when those become available next month in-person sports betting like at september. mobi betting is expected to be up and running by early nex no.
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the redskins first game less thanwo weeks away. >> it comes around fast, and the team is getting ready down in richmond at training camp. news 4 sports reporter sherree burruss is there. day sherree? >> adam, it's looking good. players are starting to have fun here at training camp. now one of the most difficult positions to figure out right now is quarterback, and at the podium today we really saw them showing theirso pernalities. listen to this as colt mscoy wa leaving the room and case keenumenters. take a listen. >> late in february, we do this quarterback golf challenge, so it's like the last two days, is 30th and 31st of february we do a golf challenge and all go and work real, really hard at pr ctice. did you get it? >> okay, good.
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>> all right. >> been here for six years and never sit up here. >> colt mccoy getting a little bit of a laughter and case keenum was asked about a golf tournament, so making a joke about practicing on february 30th and 31st, but coming up, d diee a little bit of their humor. in "news 4 at 5:00" we'll look at the quarterback competitionth and ho are helping rookied dwayne haskins. >> glad they are having fun. want them to win. want them to be good. >> going to be an interesting season. what do you think, doug? got a prediction this early on? >> you don't want to hear my prediction. the prediction will be nice as they move on through the next -- >>ifferent kind of prediction. >> i predict case keenum will be the starting quarterback. >> that's a pretty safe bet.s >> let'ake a look to show you what's happening temperature-wise, guys.
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w.'re on the hot rightmo no seeing some pretty nice weather the last coue of weeks. 84 currently in that area. take a look at the area across the entire region. 83 right now in hagerstown and 84 degrees inichmond and 80 over towards richmond city. next couple of days, temperatures going up, starting another heat wave this weekend and then looking rather dry. yeah, we'll be on the dry side of things for the next couple of days, how long it be is, hw it will get. >> back in six minutes. >> actually six minutes. better hurry right up. >> got another heat wave to talk about. speaking of the weather, remember the flash flood emergency just a few weeks ago. >> right, and local familiesare still reeling from the dame. >> it' really overwhelming when i think about it. >> still ahead, we take you inside the home of this woman who you saw there nowus j t facing $50,000 in repairs.
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>> yikes. >> and then fulles para win visible to the naked eye, and they can make your family sick. we're going to tell you whye thy aro hard to treat and how to protect your kids. >> and bringing the garden indoors. indoors. tips on how to help your own i switched from dodge.
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outside over the nation's capital. going to be a great night to get outside and do something maybe with the family outdoors. doug is going to be back in just akew minutes with a l at when the heat though will ramp back up. >> you know, some people couldn't keep a plan alive if they tried. others have a few, and then there are people who manage to keep hundreds growing. news 4's justin finch spent some time with one of those special few who has grown his plant passionnto new book and a must follow instagram page. >> milton carter not only knows his plants, he knows what you think of them, too. >> this one here is a neon poco, and ty are what you said earlier, these are your grandma plants. you've seen them in your grandmother's home. most likely you've seen this one inr y grandmother's home. >> maybe you've seen your grandmother do this, too. it looks wrong but he's allowed. >> when i come to most nurseries i ask if i can take a few and also purchase a few. i
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that's what'smportant >> you see, can you always find hilton in valley view farms outside baltimore snipping stems to propagate new stems and buying flowers to fill already lush studio spaces. going from up high. >> if you want to do it, you've ladder ull out a big like this. >> and relying on another one of grandma's tips. >> when it starts to die, failing you, okay,e i'll repl with a new plan, but if betty here, right, starts to fade, like oh, no, betty, what's happening? >> hard work he takes pride in d >> for me it takes for all the plants to have, over 300 plants, it takes me at least four to five hours this time of year to watethem. >> it pays off especially on instagram ere his posts have earned more than 200 followers and thousands of likes per pic. hard to believe his thumb wasn't always so green. >> people have said have you ever killed plants before? and i said what type of individual would i be if i haven't killed any plants. >> difference is hilton didn't give up.
4:16 pm
his trials and errors and amazing imrages his new book "wild at home" and he's on tour meeting fans worldwide and convincing friends to go green with him. >> those same folks, can yc ome over and help me with your plants, i just bought these new plants and now they are starting to fill their spaces with plants. >> justin finch, news 4. >> i'm looking for him now. >> wild at home. >> i'll have to follow at home. never thought that growing plants could be cool. >> that's amazing. i mean, i don't know, you feel relike you walking into west elm or something, little shop of horrors. >> i tend to leave the plants alone. ych pay them too mu attention they go wrong. >> that'my experience. >> listen, i think -- i have a problem with cactus so we'll leave -- we'll let him take care of all the greenery. >> there you go. weeks after the flash floods that swept through our region, some folks in arlington, they are still struggling to rebuild. check itut here. this is video from one of the
4:17 pm
homes in the westover area. owner athena burkettays she and her husband have been staying with friends because their house is not livable. the entire basement filled up sewage water, yikes, and they had to throw out most of their belongings here. they are trying to learn how to do some repairs themselves which they say has been pretty tough. >> had to like stop a couple of days and can't think about this at all, and then you feel guilty because i only have a certain i unt of days about work and should be using this time, and it's just overwhelming. >> she says they are looking at $50,000 for the total cost of all the repairs. if you would like to helpe out a link to an online fund-raiser in our nbc shington app. just search flood there. i've got a lot of friends in washington because that storm is no jo he. >> whatve we got, three or four inches. >> that was incredible. >> literally dozens and dozens and dozens of familie from arlington all the way up towards frederick that have been dealing with this all going through an
4:18 pm
insurance process and rebuilding, especially in many basements. >> remember the scene from metro, with the waterng cascadi down into the tunnels. that was a sight. >> quite the storm. >> yeah. >> we don't want to see that anym ie. >> todays much nicer. >> . rgeous skies >> great day today. we're aboutor about six inches so far for the month of july, but right now it looks like we'll stretch into a fairly dry period, and that's not good news for your outdoor plants or grass this time of year which normally does go dormant because of the moisture.ots of out there right now 88 degrees. look at the temperature, 88 currently at the airport and winds out of the southeast at 3 miles per hour. notice everybody in the mid to upper 80s. 85 gaithersburg and 88 in huntingtown and fredericksburg no. 90set easton on the eastern shore did get to 190 but that's about it. nothing on the radar. we're watching a couple of boundaries. we'll talk about that in a second. tack to the mouns, well back towards the mountains, not even in our area, we are watching th
4:19 pm
stock to the allegheny front and backowards garrett county. tonight for us, the dodge remembers 7:05 against dodgers. look at this. pretty nice night if you're heading to the ball game. no problem at all. 87 degrees at 6:00 and 83 by 8:00 and down to about 79 by 10:00. we need to win, of course, but dodgers one of the best team if not the best team in baseball so we'll be watching out for that. what's happening in our region?u not m going on really area-wide. that doesn't mean we can't see storms. the reason we see storms it's because what's around us in the bay and mountains and we get these boundaries that i've been talkin about. first off back towards the mountains. any time that the mountains heat up differently than the rest of the land around them. because of that you can see som storms out along the mountains. that's what's happening now in towards west virginiaand then you get boundaries along the river and boundaries along the chesapeake bay, like mi cold fronts. when they come together they can actually form some pretty good storms and they can actually form them on their that's wh we saw two days ago.
4:20 pm
that's what we saw yesterday in parts of the region. these storms can then set up otherboundaries, so what i'm talking about boundaries, that's what i mean. not a very big weather system. it's a very small weather system called a microsystem that could give us thunderstorm activity. that's all we have a chce for tomorrow. i'm going mostly sunny, hot, not too humire 90 deg and once again we could see an isolated storm out there. look at the heat. 92 on sunday and 9 monday. hello 96 on tuesday. what about the rest of next week? well, you've got to wait for that forecst. t's at 4:45. >> we'll see you then. three day disease of peace and music has turned into concert chaos. >> yeah. there is a plan in the works though to move woodstock's 50th anniversary festival from new york to maryland. hey,ow about that. we'll explain the reason why and what needs to get done for the show to go on. >> plus the invisible danger lurking in
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avera cost of full-time care in the district is more than $24,000. the most expensive of any state in fact. maryland parents, they are paying more than $15,000 a year, and in virgin, it's about the same at $14,000. experts say rent and labor are the two biggest factors that drive up the cost of care. in recent years, several states including d.c. have expanded public school options to include and 4-year-olds, but reference say muchre still needs to be done. >> mm-hmm. >> hey, the pool, it's cool. it's relaxing on a hot summer day. looks pretty good right there, but it can be deceiving. swimming with parasites that are look researchno from ye. "consumer reports" and a look at the common cause of swimmies-related illnses and how to avoid it. >> repter: when it comes to pools, you never know what may be lurking below the surface. >> e. coli, mpylobacter,
4:25 pm
norovirus. there's a lot. >> the most common cull tritt when it comes to swimming-related illnesses is cryptosporidium, spread through fecal matter. vient has been in the pool business for 35 years. >> if a child has an accident in the pool or there's any time of elination in the pool we know very to treat it right away. >> reporter: that's because regular levels of chlorine won't kill crypto and it can survive up to ten days in pool water it's also easy to catch. the centers for disease control and prevention reports swallowing even a mouthful ofr wate infected with crypto can lead to weeks of diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. to protect your family, make sure anyone who swims in yo pool follows some simple guidelines. >> anyone who in experiencg diarrhea or who has been sick should not swim. have people take a shower at least rinse off before and after they swim.
4:26 pm
>> the only way to effectively kill crypto is to have a professional super chlorinate thelowater and swly bring it back to normal levels again, a proses that can take eight hours. >> it's like super rms, you know. that's the only realaay to t it out of the pool. >> reporter: if you've gotten sick after swimming, a doctor can run tests to see if crypto is the cause. if it is, the cdc says you should wait two weeks before you get back into a pool. >> stuff you need to know. maybe not pleasant to the ears but still you need to thknow. >>'s true. still ahead on news 4, woodstock could celebrate its 50th anniversary in what we lear today about plans for the festival and the big-name artists who might not show up. >> plus, a woman on a mission. one local daughter's effort to keep her mother with dementia out and about. the change she hopes tone spire across our region. >> three fraternity brothers >> three fraternity brothers posing in front of amemorial to
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hello, everybody. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist doug kammerer. anybody ee like beinghe host on the map? probe not. 88 is the host and that's where we are right now. noterribly bad. 38 hagerstown and 83 rich monday. the heat index is a little below
4:30 pm
hi the dryers. side. dew points will inease and the humidity will increase the next couple of das, ande're talking about a nice little heat wave making its way in here. not much going on on the radar. we do havemu cus clouds moving on into here with storms moving back to west virginia. ast of thelantic and northeast on the dryer side. most of the storms mountain-related, elevation-related and then emtracking a syst back to the west and what we're trying do here is more week across much of the country and that -- no problem for saturdais >> it 4:30 and time to get you caught up today with the four things you need to know this friday. a nasty intestinal illness has
4:31 pm
spread in d.c., maryland and virginia. the parasite is called psychosporea. the outbreak has hit nearly a dozen areas and it'sed trac a batch from, are exports so experts say wash your hands. this awake arrested outside the hilton.on police say he's one of the teens seen on a video beating and stomping a man at the entrance to a hotel near dupont circle. sever other suspects are wanted. one person is hurt after crashing their suv into this house in glen arden. ins on dellawood drive. you can see the massive hole left behind. no one was home at the time of
4:32 pm
the crash but now officials can't some back until the house is repaired. the house judiciary committee has filed an application to obtain all of the underlying grand jury material from the sancial counsel report, in their petition they write that because doj policy prevents a sitting president from being prosecuted, the house needs all of the facts as they consider whether to recommend impeachment. >> i think we need an impeachment investigation, and as to the results of the investigaon, it could lead to articles of impeachment or it could lead to something else. >> t even as a growing number of democrats call for an official impeachment inquiry, house speaker nancy pelosi says they will not proceed on that for now. i'll be back at 5:00.o guys, back tyou for now. >> we'll see you back hnere. thanks, je. threhite students at the university of mississippi have been suspended from their fraternity after a controversial photo surfaced showing them posing with guns at the
4:33 pm
till memorial. take a look at this picture. you can see the students posing in front of the purple sign that marks the place. the b14-year-old was tortured and killed after accusations that he flirted hith a we woman. sources tell nbc news the justice department civil rights division is now investigating this photos. in >> well, thgs are back to normal in aspen hill after a dump truck flipped over spilling dirt all over the road. check itt here. chopper 4 flying over the scene this morning near the icc. the dump truck landing on its side. nde driver was not hurt, but one person did e up in the hospital. crews had to close off that intersection detouring cars around the crash until they could clean it all up. not clear why that trucka ctually flipped over. >> a semi truck halg candy chipped out.
4:34 pm
unleadind the ca before they could actually move the truck. the truck hit a police cruiser while the officer was trying to make a traffic stop. the driver of the semi had to be cut out and we're being told they are okay. another remind foremove over when you see the flashing lights in maryland. that's the law. >> indeed. look for something to do, news 4's tommy mcfly has you covered. he's scoped outan scene found some cool things you can do cross the area. >>sharks, ponies and the nationalism is any orchestra. i'm tommy mcfly with the weekend scene sunday in poolsville in maryland, it's the polo society and a more accessible look at the port of polo. the congressional polo club will have tailmete, yard g and cocktails.
4:35 pm
they wanto widen the circle and get more people vited about the game. shark week goes way beyond your tv screen and tomorrow it's sharks, bites and brews in southwest d.c. they promise your chance to ride a recan call shark, relay race, a giant shark water slide and, of course, food and bev for the whole family. tomorrow at wolf trap filene's center you'll see the movie on a giant screen and the nationalism is any orchestra will play the sound track plus, you can always bring your own snacksnd drinks to waffletrap. the circus in maryland, the loudoun county fair in virginia d the capital fringe fest in d.c. all wrap up this weekend. for more fun events and activities all around our region go tohe nbc washington app and just search "the scene." i'm tommy mcfly, news 4. >> thanks,toy. beware of the radar gun. >> always. >> we've got a speed limit alert an major changes are coming into some local roads, and we'll up tonight at 5:00
4:36 pm
show you how you can avoid getting a ticket. hey, amelia. >> y, adam, oes hand in handox as carbon diide levels go up and temperatures are goi up as well, but in the united states whe biggest contributor for thesereenhouse g
4:37 pm
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. now to a consumer alert that the justice department is green lighting t-mobile's multi-billion takeover of sprint. the government confirming that it has reached an agreement with
4:39 pm
five stateshehat objected to t deal. as part of the merger t-mobile has agreed to sell some pre-paid businesses and air wave rights to dish. a satellite tv company and t-mobile's ceo says he hopes to close the deal by the end of the year. democratic attorneys general from 13 states have sued to block the takeover claiming it is bad for consumers. >> cyber bullying, actually on the rise especially for young girls, and theew survey shows that three times as many girls report being harassed on line or by text message as boys. according to the national center for education statistics in the past two years, cyber bowling on the increase. >> we' continue to bring you coverage of the changing climate. >> here's amealia with mre on
4:40 pm
the greenhouse gases. >> ia tlk about this almost every dayi at this t. something going on in the climate. yesterday it was the most seconh intensiveeat wave in you're. earlier this week it was about how you can plant a tree to help save the environment and the impact that one tree has. tod iay'm talking about the so actual ces for these greenhouse gases. what is causing the most greenhouse gas emissions?th is for the united states. this graphic being produced by climate central, and you can see very clearly that the top two sources are transportation and electricity, so if yououant to do yr part to help the environment, one of the biggest things you can singularly do is reduce travel, especially ir travel, long trips. you have to take that business trip across the country? reducing those will have a dramatic impact overall. it's one small thing that you can do. so, again, transportation and c electricityome in at the toptw offenders followed by industry. up next is going to be commercial and residential followed bylt agricure out there, and we talk about
4:41 pm
greenhouse gasesou oftentimes y think of carbon dioxide but it's not jat th although that is the top contributor. greenhouse gas that we pick up out there in the atmosphere. next up is going to be methane followed by nitrous oxide, and basically what this graph is showing is pretty steadyevels here until we hit the post-industrial era in the united states and then it really spiked ups we started to use fossil fuels in a big way to fuel our economy, to fuel our day-to-day lives. now coming up in weather, we're tracking our fih heat wave of the year. we've had 31 days so far this year at 90 degrees or high. coming up, doug and i will break
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antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on rente insurance. welcome back. if you're ju joining us on the heat and humidity. doug and amelia are tracking yet anndther heat wave a it's going to start soon. we'll talk about the timing that have in a few minutes.
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>> if you have a loved one with dementia or know someone who enormous n take an toll on the family. next week alexandria will be the fifth community in virginia to take a public stand attempting to make life easier for those with dementia and a their caregivers. northern bureau virginia chief julie carey explains what's ahead. >> reporter: joan conner devoted her career to changing lives as a business and ecational teacher and now at 91 here's been a big change in jones' life. she's now dealing with dementia. her daughter cares for her in the alexan>ia home. it's isolated and it's burdensome but it's a burden we take on freely, right? we lovee' mom. w happy to have her with us. >> reporter: isolation is one of the biggest concerns both for those facinia dementand their caregivers, but it's something alexandria is about to tackle with a new initiative called dementia friendly alexandria.
4:45 pm
jane king will help lead the effort to train the community on how to better interact with those with dementia, andllhey wispread the word on resources available. s >> the idea io end isolation and bring people out in the community and feel comfortable wherever they are so that's the basic mission. >> the dementia friendly training will start ne month with faith communities and over the next several years will include grocery stores, restaurants, banks, even the fire and police department. >> the only thing we're hoping for long term is that neighbors will start helping neighborhoods, that this will become so understood that the people will lose their fear of the person with dementia. >> reporter: marjorie conner says she welcomes the plan. >>people in alexandria are nice anyway an they treat mom with a lot of respect, but even more is even better. >> reporter: more understanding so more families canue contin caring for their loved ones in their homes n.alexandria, i'm juliecarey, news 4.
4:46 pm
>> and training is aeady under way to make herndon, leesburg and arlington dementi friendly communities. >> that is cool. >> hey, woodstock is marking its 50th year, if youie can bel, that and instead of celebrate peace, love and music in upstate new york, the concert is set to move 300th miles s >> a decision was made to move it to merriweather post pavilion in columbia, maryland. just few weeks before the ay three event begins. >> reporter: it was half a century ago when 400,000 peop converged on this farm in upstate new york for three days of peace and music, andood ack became a household word. two years earlier merriweather post pavilion had opened in columbia, maryland and at the time no one considered mentiong the two in the same breath, and now the pavilion may be the salvation for the 50 anniversary concert. after a planned woodstock 50th well through at watson glen in new york. howard county executive is
4:47 pm
jumping at the chance to save the day or more accurately the three days of the concert. > we're excited to be able have a conversation with the promoters of wood stock, with merriweather about the opportunities of celebrating woodstock 50. >> reporter: promoters say the pridors of merriweather post pavilion are working together on a rather tight time line. the concert will be held august 1618 through the th, a statement that says the woodstock folks are working on securing the arti now and if the band comes will produce the show. that will be good news for columbia residents but not so much for others. >> anything that brings a lot of people into the area and shows what a nice place this is has to be good. >> sounds like tens of thousands of people that will just descend on this small suburban town, so i- i think that's kind of scary. >> it's not a done deal. the concert by the band smashing pumpkins is scheduled for august 17l and it's stil on for now
4:48 pm
and no tickets are on sale for woodstock 50 as of now, but promote remembers positive that it's all coming together in a few weeks. in columbia, derrick ward, news 4. >> pretty interesti >> i hope it works. >> me, too. >> by moving it down here, jay-z, one of th headliners for that, they said he's not going to comp he's not going to do it in maryland. >> supposed to do it up there but not down here. >> because it loses some of its luster. >> i have no idea. >> because youe actually at a >> i think he's have to travel more than a state or two. we're not bussed, only en each other at clubs. >> oh, boy. >> let's tell you what's going onout there at beautiful afternoon. >> 99 problems today. >> that's right. >> out there right now, we've got some plenty of sunshine, nice and warm, too. temperatures at 88 degrees and dropping through the 80s and down to around 79 around 11:00. reallyice evening tonight if you're staying for the nats game.
4:49 pm
no problem. temperatures 58 and gaithersburg and 86n i reston and currently huntingtown coming in at 80. a lot of 880s, huntingtownand baltimore and dulles airport, warrenton, all at 88 degrees. tomorrow we'll get to a le of storms back to the west, back towards petersburg and west virginia. watch out there. that's about it. nothing around our area though so we'll stay on the dry side tonight. now we started off the week very cool and very cool to the fact that we saw record low temperatures into parts of the south. none of those record lows for us. we stayed on the mild side across ourrea, but it's been rather cool here. temperature wise it's been a ttle bit below averags far as highs are concerned for most us, and here comes the heat again area wide and really before i get to the four-day forest, we've got to talk about the heat building n.amelia, pressed my button a little bit too soon. >> it's okay. >> still a mystery to everybody. >> sure. >> as we talk about the humidity levels though over the weekend, doug, it's really not bad
4:50 pm
tomorrow. on sunday it does start to feel a little bit humid out there. monday, esday and wednesday, it's feeling humid.i here's the thng though, it's not feeling oppressive out there like it was last weekend.n' we really d have that tropical moisture moving in. we do see the humidity levels fall som your weekend planner though is really nice, especially when we think about last weekend. i felt like a lot of us developed cabin fever, you're just indoors because it was so hot outside and not the case this weekend. we start off warm 71 and sunday we warm up a quick mid-80s by lunch time. high temperatures around 70 and es saturday and sunday that's seasonal for this time of the year. mostly sunny skies throughout the weekend and maybe an isolated late day thunderstorm saturday and sunday. best chance would be back over i the mounts. most of us it's completely dry out there. it's looking great for morning exercise. afternoon pool time is going to be fantastic this weekend and an evening barbecue, yeah, it's
4:51 pm
looking really ne. temperatures before sunset will be in the 80s and after sunset in the 70s both saturday and sunday. something new i learned day, our meteorologist joseph martinez from telemundo is saying you can also just call it another name for a barbecue, i'm having a canar sada. a quick look at the pollenor rep. how fun is that. barbecue. >> you just invited me to your house which you've never done li before, ame so i really thank you. >> and this weekend we're having crab so it's even better. >> i've been waiting for that. thank you so much. i will see you saturday, juste tell mnd point me in the right direction. our saturday s on and 22 on sunday and even warmer. talking 92 monday, 96 on tuesday. oh, we're going up until we get to wednesday, and then we're going right back down. that's the good news. 87 degrees wednesday and ethursday. pry good chance of strong storms next wednesday. we'll be watching that and
4:52 pm
sets the stage for cooler weather relative to the heat come in, and really it's more average high temperatures as we end next week so not too bad there. >> all right. >> thank you. >> you know, you can't help but be impressed by the boys-ins this next t story. >>t's right. they didn't need a rod reel, even a net to sco up a giant fish. take a look. >> got it, got it. >> wow. >> oh, my gosh. >> what? >> they caught thatge stur in a creek. >> oh, my gosh. that's huge! >> inap minneolis, minnesota, they caught itare handed. the sh about six f>>et long. what? >> did you see the one kid who iumped in to try to grab the thing. ould have been scared myself but he knew what he was doing. took a lot of videos and pictures and released the fish back into the water. >> that is incredible. stuff. some cool that thing is huge. >> they have a future as a steve irwin sidekick. >> it loks like had a little shark.
4:53 pm
that is wild. >> next doug's backyard weather. >> there you go. >> guys,ot a lot coming up at 5:00 tonight on a busy friday. there are some big changes coming to area roads in the next week. all part of an effort to make s the stre safer for pedestrians. but it's going to have an impact on the amount of time it takes you to get around. find out where speed limits are actually going down, and the rough road to recovery for local homeowners. how some families are still struggling to rebuild week after the flash floods swept through. >> and tennis sensation coco goff brings he game, her big game to d.c. i got a chance to catch up with he tennis phenom before this weekend's citype. you've got to constantly remind yourself, erika and adam, that she's just 15 years old. such maturity and poise you can't believe it. >> did you challenge her to a game? >> that did not happen. >> if i did, there's no video. >> you're not a bad tennis player. in my day, when i was 15, shopping for backpacks...
4:54 pm
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and you score the you knperfect outfit?at ross ooooohhhh! game on! nothing beats getting now, tthe latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. welcome back. hey, if you're just tuning in, make planso get outside. later tonight it's downright gorgeous out there, but doug is tracking a heat wave that's comi up. he's going to time that out next at 5:00. >> meantime, want to tell you that this summer is turning out to be aar particul deadly one.
4:57 pm
especially when it comes to murders in the district. city lowered and police are makito a new push get guns off the street as they deal with a rising murder rate. here's a closer look at what they are dealing w.11 people were shot and kled in a 12-day stretch starting on july 11th. saturday, july 20th was the deadliest day when three people were murdered. the average age of the murder victims is 29. d.c. police have only made arrests in two of these cases. justin finch has more the latest murder victims. >> sun up and crime scene investigators out surveyg the site of the latest fatal shooting in the district. a man gunned down overnight the 300 block of 50th street northeast. police now searching for a suspect in a sight with tents on his window and the sunroom. that the suff then pulled into the darkness and the victim left for dead at the lincoln heights housing development. earlier this week mayor muriel bowser and police chief peterne wsham stood with u.s.
4:58 pm
attorneys in the district in virginia and a special agent in charge from the bureau of and the group came together to announcegh touer prosecution for buying and possessing illegal weapons in their jurisdiction. turns out more than a third of the legal guns come into the district from virginia. this partnership forced to end that trend. >> we're going to use science to get after that and hopefully make it extremely hard for individuals to get guns and that's our commitment. >> year to year the homicide rate in d.c. is up. this time last year 2018 that number was at 88. the rate is the now roughly 9% higher inching towards triple digits. justin, finch news 4. d.c. police have identified the man killed as francis savoie. he was 37 years old and lived in southeast. "news 4 at 00" with jim and erika starts right now. hello, everybody. first up tonight at 5:00, a
4:59 pm
warning to wash your produce and wash your hands. >> had a nasty intestinal illness isi sweepng through our backyard, maryland, virginia, d.c. all warning the public are psychosporea. this parasite has sickened people in 11 states soth far. e fda believes the source may be tainted basil in mexico. >> news 4's corey smith joins us live tonight with a look at how to keep you and your family safe. cory? >> well, jim and erika, this has health dertments across the country really concerned. nearly 600 people have been sickened by psychopsoriasis just this year. that includes the 95 confirmed cases right here in the dmv. a spring summer are a particularly dangerous time for this illness, but when this most recent outbreak we're seeing increased numbers of pple who have gotten sick and an elevated risk so doctors across the region are telling people to watch what they eat. >> tonight health departments in d.c., maryland and virginia are on the hunt for the source of an
5:00 pm
ongoing psychopsoriasis outbreak spreading across the region. according to the cdc the mack scopic parasite that causes the infection has made 132 people sick across the states. in the district there's ben 14 confirmed cases and in virginia 39 cases confirmed since may 1st. the capital o building identified as one place that people got sick n.maryland 42 cases have been confirmed, and all but five have been r tport over last two weeks. dr. benjamin schwartz is the director of dvision of epidemiology and population health with the fairfax county health department. >> psychosporea is transmitted by fresh produce that is infected with fecal material. generally it's in imported produce. the illness generally occurs between one and two weeks after eating something contaminated with the parasite. >> reporter: today the mda aounced fresh basil imported from a company in mexico is to


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