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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  July 26, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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hill still divided after robertl r's testimony. >> plus a health alert that impacts what you eat. new information abhe parasite making people sick in d.c., maryland a virginia. >> and three d.c. bars looking for the green light t start legal sports betting. il'll explain why placing your first bet could stl be a ways off. arting nsive activity s in 2014 and into at least 2017. ohat's the finding of an investigation int russian election by the republican-led senate intel committee. >> targeting infrastructure at both the fed and local level. >> the 6 is-page level finding vulnerabilities across the boards and details recommendations to make election security a virginia's mark warne the ranking democrat on that committee, says those effortsei
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are b stonewalled. >> in the only did the russians attack us in t2016, buty are still attacking us today. we've not put in place common sense bipartisan legislative solutions to protect our democracy. it's crazy. l>ig craoswell joins us live from capitol hil looking into this issue and a new legal effort by democrats in the house, correct?nd >> doreen jim, good evening. a new wave of legal action by democrats today to enforce subpoenas and get more evidence from the muler report. democrats on the house judiciary committee have crossed a threshold. they filed a petition in federal court to get secret grand jury evidence used in robert er muell report on russian interference in the 2016 elections. >> the committee is exercising its authority to investigate all these scandals and to recommend and decide what to do about them which could includearticles of
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impeachment. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi dealing with a growing number of democrats to call for imaeachment proceedings sng she will make the decision. have will proceed when we what we need to proceed. not one day sooner. >> reporter: they want documents relating to obstruction of justice by preside trump. his response today. >> these people are clowns. the democrats are clowns. they think we're going to w so they are going to do everything they can with the impeachment nonsense. >> reporter: all of this two days after robert mueller's testimony on the president's conduct and russian election meddling. expect to do it during the next campaign. >> reporter: now a bipartisan senate report says election systems in all 50 states were targeted by russia in 2016 and cyber security at the state and local level was sorely lacki. in the mueller report and now in this new report released yesterday it's a playbook for other actors who want to mess around with teg ity of the american electoral system >> the report found states should remain incharge of
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elections and recommended paper backups for voting machines. >> reporter: the report says noc votes werehanged in the 2016 . election on the investigation democrats say there's noo deadline t decid impeachment as the house now lees for a six-week recess. jim, back to you. >> craig, thank you. new tonht at 6:00, a first arrest in tt vicious attack outside the washington hilton. we showed you this video earlier this week. it's tough to watch at times, a group of teenagers seen beaang nd stomping a man at the entrance to the hotel near dupont e victim suffered head injuries, but they are not considered nglife-threateni d.c. police tell us they have arrested a 17-year-old boy. he's charged tonight with aggravated assault. they are still looking for several other suspects. dorren? >> if yopreparing dinner right now, make sure you thoroughly wash your produce. health officials are warning abou an intestinal bug making people stick in nearly a does
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states including d.c., maryland and virginia. the parasite is called psychospora. news 4's corey smiths live with a look at source of the outbreak and what you can do to protect yourself. cory? >> reporter: hey, good evening, doreen. yeah, this really has public health officials across the country on ert. nearly 600 people have some down ith psychopsoriasis, including 95 people rightre in the dmv area. now, spring and summer are the times year when people are at the heist risk but with the most recent outbreak the numbers are increasing and risks have en elevated so doctors around the region have been warning people to watch what they eat. tonight health departments in d.c., maryland and virginia are on the hunt for the source of an ongoing outbreak that's spreading across the region. according to the cdc, the microscopic parasite that causes the infection has made 132 ic people s across 11 states. in the district there's been 14
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confirmed cases. in the virginia 39 cases have been confirmed since may 1st and the capitale building identified as one place where people got sick, and in maryland 42 cases have been confirmed, and all but five have been reported over the last two weeks. dr. benmin schwartz is the director of division of epidemiology and population health at the county health office. >> this is transmitted by fresh produce contaminated about fecal material. generally it's an mported produce. the illnessccurs between one and two weeks after eating something that's contaminated t with parasite psycholospora. >> investigators locally are still looking for a number of spores. dr. schwartz says the illness may seem like your everyday stomach bug but the diarrhea may
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last for a month or even longer and may be relapsing and remitting. in aother words it becomesit better and then gets worse again. >> so far the outbreak has resulted in o'neale four hospitalizations and no deaths. dr. benning hinn gone les says anyone experimenting symptoms should reach out to their doctor for appropriate testing. >> get treatedea ly, see your doctor early and then the infection goes ay. you're very safe. >> reporter: so what can you do to protect yoursel given that we import a bulk of the fresh produce that we eat, you want to wash everything and wash it thoroughly. if you've got something like a melon, scrub the outside to get rid that have parasite or any bacteria. cut away anyof parts he fruit or vegetables that's been damaged and we cannot reiterate wash your hands before and after you handle the produce. >> always. great advice there. cory, thank you. now to prince george's county
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where one person is injuredor injured after their car slammed no this house on dellwood drive in glen arden. the driver suffered some kind of medical emergency and is okay.ed to no one was at home at the time. officials say they won't be allowed back inside until the house is repaired. >> today the justice department gave the okay to combine two of the fourll largest ce phone carriers in the country. it signed off on t-mobile's $26.5 billion purchase of sprint. the merger won't take effect right away. d.c., maryland, virginia and 12 other states are all suing to block the deal, but t-mobile's ceo says he believes the merger will be finished by the end of the year. opponents of the merger say it eliminates competition and raises the price of your cell phone bill, but supporters say it will speed up the process of getting moreople access to 5g download speeds, especially people in rural americ
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as part of the deal t-mobile sprint will sell some of thr wireless network to the dish network creating a wireless competitor. >> d.c. gets set to begin sports betting. we now know t some of bars that want to get in on the action. in person sports betting at bars and venues like nats parc and call at all one arena could begin as soon as september. mobile betting is expected o be up and running by early next year. >> if you can add another reason for folks to come and have fun watching games with each other and -- and being a little bit more iested in outcome, that benefits everybody. >> d.c. police tonight are loing for information on another murder in our city. 17 people have been killed this month alone. the latest victim francis savoie
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was shot on 50th street in northeast. this is neither lincoln heights housing development. police found savoi st multiple ties. the mayor and police chief blame the number of illegal guns in his week and earlier they promised tougher penalties for people caught with them. a massiveew housing development is coming to northeast d.c. and a neighborhood in desperate need of a boost. >> the bryant street project would bring more than 1,000 new homes as well as retail and entertainment to the area near the rhodland avenue metro station. >> news 4's mark segraves shows us how it could transform one d.c. community. >> 60 years i've been waiting for this. >> reporter: jansey jones has seen lots of stores come and go from this lot burks today she feels like her community is finally getting the type of development it needs. with the same types of options that other neighborhoods in the district have. >> i've been here through the bad imes and now the good times. >> reporter: located just off
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rhoen island avenue betwe bloomingdale and brooklyn, when it's complaint bryant street will boast 1,500 apartments with a quarter million square feet of retail, a nine-screen movie theater and outdoor sace that connects the neighborhood rhode island metro station. >> yeah, everybody is excited. everybody is talking about bt. it'snging new life to the neighborhood and a lot of amenities and the best thing it brings the community together. >> mayor muriel bowser was on hand for today's ground breakin and saysthere's a huge demand for affordable rental units in the district. >> we estimate that we need to keep pace with our population growth 36,000 new units by 2025. >> reporter: and while bowser is busy pushing for more affordabll rentptions she's aware that there are a lot of people who want to be able to afford to buy a home in dump c. as as for mrs. jones she's hopeful about the future of her neighborhood. >> it's a beautiful thing for the community. it's growing. i feel that we need something
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like this, but hopefully it's for evybody like they said is not first phase of bryant street development is set to open in2. 202 no northeast, mark segraves, news 4. mayor bowser says homeownership can be as affordable as home rentals and pointed to several first time buyer programs tt the city is offering to help residents buy a home. when we come right back on "news 4 at 6:00" why you'll soon have to pump the akes local highways where speed limits are heading down by this time next week. >> plus spear nancy pelosi and congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez med behind closed doors, and demoats lookor direction after robert mueller's testimony on capitol hill thise we nbc news political director chuck todd joins us to break down the week in politics next. >> it's been a great day today. a high temperature of 90 degrees. we're at 86 right now. 83 hagerstown and 81 in richmond. over the next couple of days
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earning. three monierafter the ease of his redacted report, robert mueller and the russia investigation back in the spotlight once again this week. >> but the former secial counsel's highly anticipated testimony seemed to do little to move the needle in anywhere ofrection. >> just part nother busy week in politics around here, and now house democrats are trying it figure out where to go ter hearings thatincluded nearly 200 unanswered questionse
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in t senate efforts to shore up election security seem to be meeting a brick wall in the form of majority leader mitch >>mcconnell. nd the president's attacks on a group of freshmen lawmakers may not have had the effect he wanted, potentially unitg the democratic party, and no more mr. nice guy. joe' biden says h not going to be as polite as -- we're just days away nowfrom another presidential debate. >> joining to us help digest all of this information nbc news political director ander modor of "meet the press" chuck todd. let's start with the mueller testimony on -- on wednesday. he did refute the president's claim that his report exonerated him. >> yeah. >> but it didn't -- doesn't seem to have moved anybody's opinion oneheway or anot on the mueller report. what do democrats do from here? they had high hopes for that. it's always been another moment, okay. wait until the report is
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complete, until we hear from him. always these other moments. i do think that somehow democrats were manleyically hoping he would come in and say i wrote this reportthisay for you to continue the investigation. they wanted to hear him say that, and there was no way he decided i'm not going to be serving as a political -- in his mind he thought that was too political of a decision. we wonders is he being overly cautious? i think we're going to back seat drive how that was done. did they go in the wrong order and all this stuff. you know, we never -- they never presented to the publiwhat we did when we first got the initial mueller report, the different time line and there were ways to animate this report and ithink that they didn't do that. let's set all that aside. here's what is going on today when you saw pelosi's comments and nadler's comment. i think pelosi is trying to a little more time and breathing space and so is nadler. we may get to the point where we never see an artle of
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impeachment but do see a formalized impeachment inquiry. it does look like in order to do the oversight they want to do they may need the power of an the power inquiry, of a grand jury to get this ieormation. fe like that's the direction that they are going and politically a guy like jerry nad er feeling some heatfrom the left in his own district, i think that's where this whole thing is going t p wait a minute, there's no penalty for him opening an inquiry, and i think ultimately speaker pelosi will okay that. >> as we mentioned earlier, thep rlican-led intel committee put out a report outlining extensive election interference on the part of the russians. mitch mcconnell, he's actually blocking that to shore up security for the next election. is that miscalculation on his part? >> bythe way, imagine if the senate intel commit he release that had report onu tday?
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in right. >> the day before mueller which would have helped perhaps -- you're sitting there going oh, you guys knew -- there's no way you didn't know you were goingr to lease a report on thursday. do i thinkt would have added to the larger public understanding. instead, the senate re rt is being overshadowed. >> it is alarming. >> first of all, it's ridiculously redacted, way ov redamaged, and it is -- it is obscenely overredacted in what is not in there, but what is in there is alarming and how tuch infiltion the russians did do basically in all 50 states in some form or another so after you read this report it makes it looks like what mcconnell is doing as more of a head scratcher unless he's worried whatever bipartisan bill passes and then it leaves republicans who roared for it, you got to remember why is mcconnell notging this out?
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not bringing it up -- not going to bring up any bill thathe knows willt pass tha he doesn't know that trump will gn. they are fearful politically and mcconnell is up forre-election in a red state so hca n't tick off trump too badly. ies that the only raonale that kes sense to me here to explain why that is. this is a no-brainer politically. he's sitting here going democrats are playing poll with this. you know the easiest way to make the democrats stop playing i politics, puton the floor and it becomes a bipartisan bill. you know the way this town is, that's what you've got to the ask yourself. trump doesn't even want an easy bipartisan layup. he doesn't want this that badly? that to me should raise -- >> and pying games with the -- with the safety of our elections. >> let's be reali, anything that they ss now it's as if it's going to help -- be implemented by 2020. i'm a little skeptical. >> yeah. >> all this dillydallyingas t us in a -- >> here we are.
6:20 pm
>> the -- the last week and for days it seems we were talking about the president's attacks against the squad and alexandri ocasio-corteeting with nancy pelosi today. is this going to die down? what do you think? >> i -- i think i think it's overexaggerated on the left because the right is obsessed story.ying to make it a i think, look, at the end of the door, there's one cable channel that wants to make her the facec of the dtic party so that stuff is going to continue and there are other democrats getting defensivebout it. i think you'll continue to see attempts to drive wedges between aoc, because, you know, republicans don't want to have to talk to trump so it's a lot easier to do them so i think it ll be interesting to see if this -- if this cease-fire lasts. it will last untilemocratic primary season happens, and you start seeing those, and then i think some of this could come back a little bit, but i think
6:21 pm
for the mo part let the intra-party fightg stay to the presidential campaign. there's enough in. >> and speaking of primary season, another round of debates next week. what are you watching for, chuck, and should we aoticipate her candidates to drop out aftw next eek? >> i will say this. when people say who are the high four, biden and if your name is not biden, sanders, warren or buttigieg, you don't know if you're going to make it past labor day, so w have 15 others, five candidates i think will make it to the next -- to labor day. these other 15 may not. what kind of desperation, does that create au hnger games-like atmosphere among the 15? >> this debate is going to beon thing. how does biden handle incoming this time because he is going to get it more than kamala harris. by the way, she's the one person i'm not convinced will go after biden this time. i tink there there's a chance --
6:22 pm
>> she already did it. you don't want to keep doing it looking like that's your oy move but i think everybody else is going to do it for sure, booker, castro, on that stage. is he wobbly again or does he show some bigger in his defensea it's real opportunity for biden. look how resilient his poll numbers have b n five weeks what has been mediocre to bad press. he's still in this shape now, what if he has a good debate? >> that's a good point. >> all right. >> more to come. thank you, chuck, and as always you can see chuck this sunday on "meet the press" starting at 10:30 right here on nbc 4. >> time to get to the nats game. >> nats/dodgers, best weekend of the year for me. >> thank you, chuck. >> thanks, chuck. still to come at 6:00, a a virginin owns up to a little presidentl fake-out. hoe a bogus presidential seal wound up behind president trump thiseek. >> healthy haskins. i'm sherree burruss at redskins
6:23 pm
training camp. two veteran quarterbacks are helping haskins while competing f the same job. >> and doug's full forecast i
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you promised a fantastic friday and you dered. >> all right, good. >> you scared me there for a sec. i still might. >> we did hit 90. >> humidity didn't feel as sticky. i got up for a bike ride and it was great. >> good, good, good. thais great. >> i'm sure you were talking about on the trail.
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>> out there right now, temperatures sitting at 86 degrees and winds out of the southeast at 9 miles per hour. a really nice afternoon. yes, it's hot, but this is july. it's exactly what we expect this time of the year. everybody into the 80s. 88 annapolis and 87 down towards fredericksburg no. rain to talk about least in our immediate area. there had been showers back into we virginia and american parts of maryland.' we see those dissipate over the area. ou can see those again flaring up in and around the mountains. once again for us and along the east, mid-atlantic, not much going on and really not much happening across the country. no real big storms, exception do towards florida and even orlando was down around orlando earlier today. ng can see what's happe right now. orlando, florida, the coolest on the map at 70 degrees and that's because of the rain and front around the area. for us 86 degrees and 91 new
6:27 pm
orleans and 93 in houston and we're starti to seat heat build to the south and that heat is going to be making its way in across the south and in towards our region and that's why tomorrow're going for a high of 90. actually just updated this. going 91 since we hit 990 days and we'regoing 91. mostly sunny and hot and just like today. not too humid. now the humidity does start to increase during the day on sunday. we'll see a high temperature of 90 degrees. monday coming in at 94 degrees. ot and rather humid and heat index 96, 97 and then we get to 96 on tuesday. that heat index is close to 100. talking about another heat wave. we hit 990 today and as long as we hit it today and right on through, a five-day heat wave, a lot different than the 12-day heat wave we were just co ng off. cool on wednesday. wednesday we'll be watching and wednesday we have a chance with thi front just l last time. any time you break a heat wave with a front you have a chance for strong to severe thunderstorms andhat's what we
6:28 pm
look like we have on wednesday and maybe thursday as well, and we've got a lot ofto time watch for that. right now tracking the heat and what will be a hot thank you, doug. two weeks after heavy rain ruined cars a flooded basements the cleanup is still going on for families across our area. next at 6:30, news 4's aimee cho finds out why some won't get any financial help. >> maryland is looking to pick up the slack after plans for woodstock 50 collapsed in new york. what will be left of the concert here?p if it gets >> drivers, get ready for lower speed limits by this time next speed limits by this time next
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big health insurance, inc. how can i help you? speed limits by this time next hello, i'm calayng because i've been ping more for my medicines in medicare and i hear there may be we work with middlemen called pharmacy benefit managers to negotiate discounts. oh, great! so, i can get those at my pharmacy? nope. that's not the way it works. so, you get discounts on medicines, nbut you're nott ssing them on to us? [hangs up] hello? hello....?
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right now at 6:30, drivers o will have tump the brakes on some busy commuter routes that rymany of us drive eve day? transportation officials are lowering the speed limits on some roads in montgomery county. it's part of a new push to save lives. >> news 4's chris gordon has more on where theit new lim are and when they go into effect. >> reeirter: motorists are b warned that the speed on bradley boulevard will be reduced to 25 miles an hour between wisconsin avenue andgoldsboro starting next friday. >> we're looking at speed limits, especially in high pedestrian traff areasto see if we can lower the speed limits to enhance the safety for the pedestrians. >> reporter: montgomery county police report this year there have been 14 fatal crashes, six resulted in pedestrian deaths. >> i had two boys and i cannot tell you how much times almost get hit by a car because the speed limit. people go too
6:32 pm
fast. they need to slow down. >> reporter: a new 25-mile-an-hour speed limit is posted on wilson lane, and the speed is reduced to 35 on this part of river road whe three members of a family were killed in 2016 when their car was hit crossing to whitman high school by a iver going more than 100 miles an hour. the state highway administration also plans to slow traffic in prince george's county. the speed limit wll be reduced from 35 to0 on indian head b highwaytween livingston road and the washington, d.c. line. there's been numerous f crashes on this stretch of highway. drivers are warned to watch oute for t new posted speed limits. >> hey, extra attention for the signs, we're going to doing everything we can to aler the public to make sure they are aware of this. >> reporter: police tell us there will be a one-year grace period for people to gets u to the lower speed limits. they will issue warnings rather than citations, but after the gree period they will b giving you a ticket.
6:33 pm
if you want to check out all the changes planned for prince rg geos and month gomery counties, go to our nbc washington app and search speed limits. >> chris gdon, news 4. >> now the speed limitre ctions are part of the cnty's vision zero program. the goal is to get the number of pedestrian deaths do >> a look now at some ofur other top stories and a newly released senate intel report says it found vulnerabilities across the board to our counties election security. russian efforts to meddle started in 2014 and lasted until at least 2017 targeting our federal and local systems. they also detail a number of recommended improvements r including papbackups for voting machines. local health departments warning people about a stubborn intestinal illness making people sick in nearly a dozen states now. it's caused by the parasite
6:34 pm
cyclospora and there's been dozens of cases reported in our area. they have trad it to a batch of basil from mexico. wash your hands and produce to avoid getting sick. >> the justice department is green lighting t-mobile's takeover of sprint and t-mobile has agreed to sell some pre-paid businesses to dish and satellite tv company. the ceo hopes to close the deal by the end of the year. attorneys general from 13 states have sued to block the takeover claiming it's a bad deal for eonsumers. it's been morthan two weeks since the flash floods tore through the d.c.ea but some folks are still struggling to rebuild after their homes were gutt . news 4's aimee cho takess to the westover neighborhood in arlington where repairs costs have been devastated.
6:35 pm
>> this couple bought their dream home in arlington. they never guessed that just two years later it would look like a flash flood turning the yard into a river. >> this is what used to be our kitchen. >> reporter: now you're lift to pick up the pieces.k, >> sin dishwasher, stove, cabinets, they are all gone. they were all too damaged to be saved, so, yeah. we just are recovering from that since then. >> reporter: burkett sitting in what remains of the first floor after the front living room. it looks likeis th. this was right after the flood this.w it looks like the second floor survived, but the water took out part of the staircase so to go upstairs i'ua usly get my balance here and pull up. >> and another uphill battle. this was their basement. the whole thing completely cover in sewage water. >> the first uple of days the smell was unbearable and it was also really hot. >> the to make matters worse, burkett says they didn't have flood insurance. their insurance company told
6:36 pm
them they didn't need it because the neighborhood doesn't normally flood. we'll have to replace all the walls. >>hey are looking at $50,000 for repairs. >> reporter: this is kind of wiping us out in terms of savings, and it's going to takee us a long tim to build that back. >> right now she and her husband are living with friends. they are trying to learn how to do some repairses themselv. >> we had to have new circuit box. >> reporter: and they know their neighbors are going through the same thing, too. >> for a lot of people this is so much more than just the cost of rebuild g , like it's also trying torebuild those memories. >> reporter: and as they try to move forward with their liv s theyay there will always be a little fear holding them back. >> what we're scared of every time it rains is this going to happen again? >> in arlington, aimee cho, news >> heads up about an emergency drill happening tomorrow at the pentagon. military officials want youowo knnot to be alarmed if you see activity tomorrow from 8:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the afteryon. it is o drill, and it's not a response to any specific threat, but it will have an impact on metro.
6:37 pm
here's melissa mollet with a look at your news 4 traffic and rails. trains will be bypassing pentagon station. this is the blue and yellow lines we're talking about satury from 7:00 to2:00 p.m. for a training exercise. bus and shuttle service will relocate to pentagity station. buses will replace the blue line between national airport and frank conia station. green line trains planning to run every 20 minutes. taking a look at l redne every 17 to 15 minutes and orange and silver regular weekend service. have a greati' weekend. see you monday morning for "news 4 today. request the. >> the a local community is epping up to help residents dthementia. come up how alexandria is adapting to its growing health problem. >> and i had a chance to catch up with teen tennis sensation coco goff as she warmed up for the city oh. coming up next, how she's
6:38 pm
dealing with suddte fame af her deep run at wimbledon. we're the slowskys.
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it's aar sta nearly every time the president speaks behind the podium. nry the white house is tng to figure out how mr. trump wound up next to a fake presidentl seal. at first glance you may not notice the difference since the president spoke as a young republicans conference early bis week, but when you zoom if you can see tld eagle was replaced with a two-head russian version that seems to be holding cash and golf clubs. a virginia man admitted to creating the mock seal with the ppet.e had a is a p the group behind the conference says a videotape mistakenly grabbed the parody seal fom the
6:41 pm
web. >> if you have a loved one with dementia or know someone who does, you know it takes an enormous toll on a family. that's why next week alexandria will become just the fifth community in virginia to take a public stand. to try to make life easier for those with dementia and those caregivers. isolationis big concern through the new dementia friendly alexandria. the community will be trained how to better interact with those with emdtia. they will also spread the word on ailable resources. >> the whole idea is to end the significant in a toring people out of the community and make them feel comfortable wherever they are. >> training in already under way in leesburg and herndon to make them dementia friendly communities. >> we alrdy knowwoodstock 50 is not happening in upstate new york, but if it does move to maryland how many of the musicians will move witht? i tries 4's derrick ward
6:42 pm
to get answers to
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
well, artists are already starting to drop out of the c woodstock 50cert to celebrate the anniversary of the historic lineup. it's probably because the show won't happen in woodstock. >> instead it's 300 merles clos to us at merriweather post pavilion in columbia, virginia. a look n at the last-minute decision to relocate. >> reporter: it may be to believe since the days of peace andove in upstate new york when a place called woodstock became partof a jen raise's collective history and for those of us who came later a ledge
6:45 pm
endry place that we missed out. >> my dad had friends w whot to the original woodstock up in new york and i wish i could have been there. >> reporter: the 50th anniversary concert was planned for next month in watkins glen, new york. and that led promoters to our area. >> we're excitedto be able to have a conversation with the promoter of woodstock, with merriweather about the opportunity ofi celebrat woodstock 50. >> reporter: merriweather post operators have put out a statement that says the oodstock folks are working on secure the artists now. if the bands come we'll produce a show and looking forward to getting an update as soon as woodstock 50 has one. legend has it that as many as three babies were born at woodstock and two people died. among the 400,000 attendees, so wi the three da merriweather post bring that kind of excitement to columbia? woodstock 50, should it come
6:46 pm
here, isn't expected to be as big. >> no. >> i think people are a lot more aware now. >> reporter: but what about the emtraffic? rber, they had to shut down the new york state freeway for woodstock '69. >> traffic is bad no maer what you do around here, okay, so that's not going to make it any worse than it already is. >> reporter: in columbia, derrick ward, news >>4. and artists seem to be dropping out of concert left and right. jay-z announced he'll no longer perform. for more on the lineupat risk, head to the nbc washington app and search woodstock. >> coco goff burst on to the tennis seenby beating her idol venus williams three weeks ago and this week she's a appearing the city open atre rock c park. she is powerful, fast, focused and determined, and keep in mind, folks, she's just 15. she told me she's lookito
6:47 pm
forward getting her shot at a spot in a tournament here in the u.s. >> how do you feel about this tournament? how are you hitting them today? >> i feel really good. i love the course and i love d.c. and i'm excited to seehat i can do here. >> what's been the funnest part of all of this for you? >> honestly just being at home for a couple of weeks and then finally being inte the sta because most of my tournaments have been overseas so it's good to play a tournament that's somewhat close to home. > we cannot wait to see what she does.y the citen is bigger and better than ever this year. here's a new market square there with gourmet places t eat overlooking the practice court. castle owner mark fein took over the management of the event this year. the place looks absolutely amazing. it's all about the fan experience. we can't wait. >> so fun to get to interview coco goff. >> great way to end my week. don't get those every day, do we? >> no, no, we're looking her a other players out there. that's always one of the hottest
6:48 pm
times of the year. >> yeah. it can be for sure, and it looks like that, too. starts on monday. >> so she will be doing it on saturday and sunday, hot as the real heatve mos in. >> monday and tuesday. i think the hottest temperature is 96. how long does it last? >> all the way through next sunday. >> they will get some relief. >>the first matches will be a little bit tough, guys talking about another heat wave moving t in and started today. we actuly hit degrees and that's what you need to start an official heat wwave. ove through. right now 86 degrees. plenty of sunshine and a real nice afternoon. 85 degrees at about 7:00 and down to 82 at 9:00, and by around 11:00 we'reownto 79. heading out on friday night, it's real looking quite nice. date night, movie night, wha rver you're thinking,ally looking quite good. 82 degrees currently in reston 8d 48 in gaithersburg and 88 in annapolis and in baltimore and 84 down in camp springs so nice weather all across our
6:49 pm
region. we're high and dry and looking beautiful for our friday night. that's why i said today would be a fantastic friday. looking pretty good for our sa rday, too. take a look at the eastern part of the nation. not much happening in our region and really the eastern two-third of the natibi no real storms anywhere. the only storm going on here is way down towards florida. that's the only front that moved to our area. stalled and that's why jacksonville or only ore is only at 78 degrees right now. they are one of the coolest pl mes on thep. that's okay though. that's all right. we don't have any of that rain coming our way for the next couple of days. for us we've been on the cool side earlier this week. tuesday, a hive only 77. that cool air m finallying out, and here comes the heat. we're going to see a repeat of the same kind of jet pattern that we saw. i think we get back there over the next couple of days and we're talking about that.e her the graphic that i was trying to show you a little earlier tomorrow. yeah, you'll need thee suns each and every day.
6:50 pm
always take that, but we're in the green for the full outlook. sunday looking good and monday hot, hot, hot. i think we'll get into the low to mid-90s. it's going to be on the hot side for sure but as long as you've got to pol, the only thing about the pool, llw especia in august. not so much now, but the pool hot and you don't get much blief. down towards theaches you definitely have some relief. water temperature only 74 towards ocean city and that'smf cotable. 48 degrees on saturday and 87 degrees come up on sunday and if you're heading to the beaches, really going to be a nice beach weekend and enjoy that all they rough next week. here's the biggest day here is going to be tuesday. 96 degrees so watch out. we go out each and every day anh riback down on the cold front that moves through that. brings a chance of storms on wednesday with a high temperature of only 87.a 87 ag on thursday and about average all the way through next weekend, so if you're going to go to the city open, yeah, go in this time frame. it will be a-okay.
6:51 pm
jim handley there everyay. >> i'll tell you y2k thgo have t some ac out there and plenty of adult beverages. >> thank you. >> coming up, a washington redskin let's our sports team getp in his grill. sheeee burruss joins us liv from training camp. >> here's lester h with a look at what's ahead on nbc ghtly news. >> rising concerns after a man is killed by a rare parasite in fresh water. what you should know about how to protect yourself. also, the grim discovery, closure and new questions for closure and new questions for the family of a 12-year-old girl i switched from dodge. i switched from ram. i switched to chevy. we switched to chevy.
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camp day two s we still search for a quarterback. >> and sherree is still smiling. must not be as hot as it seems up here. >> no, it's actually a pretty
6:55 pm
nice day for right now. but i think the forecast has it hot next week. we're still talking quarterback situation here. still going to be questioning the quarterback situation until there's an officiale start only day two of training camp. no closer to choosing between the three options of colt mccoya sey keenum or dwayne hllkins and a three trying to prove they are the guy who shld be leading the redskins in weeke. on now this is haskins' first training camp, so he has a lot of learning to do. as for mccoy and keenum, the two combined for 17 years of nfl experience. they are mentoring the rookie, and since the off-season, seeing improvement. >> the limited thing that i saw in the spring to where we are right now, you know, he's fully embraced it and working hard and -- and, you know, not making the same rtstakes. nly walking through that with him. just playing quarterback in the
6:56 pm
nfl, it's a different -- it's a different operation,nd -- and it is - than it is at any college. he's got the learning curve and he's attacking it. >> one rep and series at a time. easy to look at the angle when to play, when to start, but that not the picture. the bigger picture somebody ready to play and that's what i'm working on. >> on defense the team looks like they should have one of thn best ihe league on paper. this off-season the team added safety landon collins from the new york giants and former teammate from thewl meadods defensiv back dominique rodgers-cromartie known as drc. he's looking to fit in on his new team andshares how he plans on intimidating opponents. >> well, it's always different, but the transition has always do well. i know a couple of guys already just being around the league a long time so that makes it a lot
6:57 pm
easier so it's been a smooth transition. >> can youe explain th grill? >> i'm a florida boy. >> you going to intimidate the opponent? >> yes, ma'am, course i am. that's a florida thing. >> that's a florida thing. didn't you have florida connections? >> where's your grill? >> i'm a gator and i've seen gators with teeth, just not like that. >> that's pretty wild. >> i did find one jewelry store in d.c. that sells grills so we can hook you up with that. >> i'm there, monday. >> like to seeon that e. >> all right. there you go. >> one guy who also has connections with florida also going to school there bradleya bel. the wizards reportedly offered beal ath ree-year $111 million max extension. today the is t first day they were eligible to do a sond it's not known whether beal will sign the deal. he may be eligible for a much
6:58 pm
more super max deal if he makes one of three all nba teams. he has until october 21st to sign this current offer. the nats open up an important three-game series with the dodgers tonight. the best team in the national. league that's tonight at nationals park. they hope to continue their ho momentum after winning 13 of the last 17 home games. l. comes to town sporting the second best record in all of baseball. washington sent anabel sanchez to the mound tonight and usually we see anabel sanchez in the dugout. he's rocking the yellow tinted sunglasses. he'll probably have to put those down when he takes the mound tonight. >> sherree, you're telling me ra that bey beal can go somewhere else and make more than $35 million a year. >> that's crazy. >> i mean, yeah. this contract they said is about $111 million so he's been on the trade block, according to reports. he's always mentioned in trades so we'l s have to what brad wants to do. he has said in interviews he wants to stay in d.c. so we'll
6:59 pm
see. >> wow. >> let's hope he stays. >>
7:00 pm
tonight free at last, inside the release of the american tourist held hostage in syria reunited tonight with his family after being held for two months, why the0-year-old blogger was arrested in a war zone. >> an entire team of navy seals ordered sent home from iraq after allegations of sexual asslt and misconduct just a day after8 marines were detained in california on human smuggling and the cold case discovery, 34 years after a young girl was aidnapped when she was homene, her disappearance even drawing attention to child abductions. now after all those years her remains finally discovered. ng>> the not knowi breaks parents' hearts.


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